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MN. $ 1884
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learnthat ur yong 5thendf
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Sws mid hwisew samea Ti
? h eodsimn theykhave made
-iasn. ecre plasd h t e
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woke ouWld Oet themng
arrived~r tha or and~ propos,
. ora,t~ e an ordgen-afro
NzerCottn 7a to everay
whaaws il the co s ae ay.keni
1te ernd bhpet temy havembes
thi eason Who pleaed theati
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-h psteir oeits a resoe
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raz. * was any
Iand typographical bro.,
P. Jacobs, announces in
S number of Our Monthly,
--of February wvill be 'jug
4 "This is right bro. J.,
~ ~ jAi together, there is noth
ngto the careful, econo
e e than a continual,
et things. It wil
.tb p~leceof a Job. The
will bare a good time
It hugely. Cakes and
'will be served on this
Sev 4. %liton, NewberTy, Jan.
~ 14 peplehave received us very
Larg conregaions yester
da,-mrnlgjand nigt. I had a
.piadkbO'(Iof Steward's at Spring
Srt,with the true and noble Thos.
A,Is nst as chairman. Ihbave a line
jgoigboard here, and they have de
.*.lflfllthings for the present
). R oyd, Clintos Jan. 15 ;
~people have given us a cordial
weeome to this naew. field, and I am
4aned to work more faithfully
Master than ever before. We
~O&comfortable preacher's home.
A.lbuild a soon. The
- has:been by two breth
SThis will be a part of our work
SIs comi'ng, and It $1l1 be terribip;
u5Iyhowever1 no one will be hurt,
-~.r.M .In to
a ove from-hs i store wlth as little
j0gtas possbe offera his wfater
So of goods at branprices. He
desi- mrsto oeaupy his egatnew store
eha ner stock, an iltherefore
mthe old almost at your own price
e:~ bave not heard from Kennedy
2~$~1 gttln~r) of this stock
personaly appeared before me W. H.
Hunt, C. A. Swan, Wm. Johnson,
N. S. Abams and. Slas J. MeCaugh
ti who bdng duly sworn testify that
W ' b I of eight
n pers of
indraiths' GardenSeed Iat the
bi4ds of W.-E. Pehan.
Sworn to before te this 17th day of
-anuary, 1884.
W. H. HuNT,
C. A. BOwAN,
N. S.Ana
X.*, of S.C. LSI
Newberry, C. H., S. C
5-tf. January,-17th, 1884.
Theamanuseript containingthe names
of the "SparklingBerry" Society, pub
Isbed last week, unfortunately did not
Contain tit of one of its brtest and
tuost -mpoat members,iss Mary
Qugpwu, th. Treasurer. We t
tht the name of our dear little fiend
was thus om4fted. It was not inten
tional Miss Mary.
Four additional names to the society,
,rd: Duncan Wallace, Sherard Met
cbant, Tommy Smith, and Miss Dennie
(aor; The TreasAry reports $160
collected. The next meeting will
take place, Sunday week Feb. 10th.
Mr. E. A. Scott.
. The card of this gentleman was han
dedin at such a late hour last week,
that it failed to receive the notice it
deserved. . Mr. Scott has a long ex
perience in the line of' business-In
snaue-ta which he is devotin his
ittention, and is parti,larly qual
for it both by education and an agree
able addresa. The companies he rep
resents-are all rst class, and reliable,i
so that it is altogether safe to insure
In them. The Equitable Life Aesu
ence Society is one of the first societies
in.the country. W* cheerfbllyrecom
mend Xr. Scott to the business com-4
Mnity, feeling assured that he will
give satisfaction in all of his transae
The 9otpa atry.
We took a stroll around and through
the Factory building the other day.
We-were surprised at the rapid pro
gress made. The weather has been
unfavorable for some time, yet
the bulding has been gradually grow
ing. -Betterwalls we have hfidly ever
qwe, in fact every prtlitis Apost sub
satia. ,'rom tbe 'iasive look of
the wals and material used, it would
look like there could hardly be the
sghtest jar when the -c..vhinery all
gets In tin. The one who
rated the pkn and those who have
cant ed out the designs are all :nasters
of their profession. If we could have
bad some one to pilot and explain the
different parts, we would have enjoyed
our tramp much better. We learn that
Messrs McCatughrin and Mower have
effected the purebase of all the ma
chinery to be used, either -propelling
or manufac and that it will all
be here early in t summer.
-The walls are over half up to the
'window frames of the third story. We
are beginning to feel proud gi og~ fat:
tory2 and our aleo re beinguiing
to feel proud 'o 'when a stranger
comes amon as tefactory is the first
sight to be sn. It is the first but
we hope it will not long continue the
single pride of our County.
Prosperity 'twiqklings.
The News wants to know who Geo.
Win, is. He is the boy that the gilleft
behind her, and who threatene to tell
her mother.
Will says the sand packers club of
B. F. C., is too utterly utter. I guess
he means they are too fresh.
"Will" desires Sniffles to tell him
why it isthat the gils are expectedito
do the courting in leap year. He says
that he is a married man, and they are
bothering him. We are sorry for you
"Wil" but give the yon hlde's your
~usiess boonmng.
Oats 65 cts. and stiil rising.
Uncle Bill of Smokey Town says he
Is going to go to "eutting up," to get
notied (by the town authorities.)
Several prisoners have made their
escape from our Guard House jeeently
but ".Unceb Semug~' hias the happy
nack ok putting hempen braceletseon
them,' and they are' so well pleased
th them that they are perfectly con
and happy (!)
Stylus says in the time of Sam
w of an ass was a mighty
ence, but the progress of
.omatyen us a far-more-to
nendWose in the jaw of some
ide r e 11a some young
he Sth1us.- - em an a
Rev. J. Croll Rau . I of
ea' Lutheran church) o
preached in Grace church Sa.
evenig and Sunday morning to a fu
houe. It was one of the best sermions
to which we have ever listened.
S.day afternoon1 Rev. M. Bushnell
preached the funeral discourse jgi Mr. J.
M. .Bwers. This was ope of the 1best
discourses this pour pastor has ever
preached. The remains of Mr, 8owers,
was followed by a large crowd of
sympathizers to their last resting
Rev. A. J. Bowers the popular pastor
of the Columbia Lutheran church,
preached Sunday night to a large con
Cotn 9). AYTCH.
More Valuable than Ever.
We call our readers' attention to the
value,.usefulness, and direct profit of
supplying themselves this. year with
the Amenean Agrieudttriat, the cheapest
as well as the most valuable journal im
the country. Every number contains
one hundred eOamI1s of origintairead
ing miatter, by thle leg.din~g writers of
the country, upon aU topics connected
with the Farm, Garden, and Household,
and Dearly one hundred engravmgs
made specially for the Amenicanrin
artist. The paper, now in its 43d
year, is unquestionably more valuable
than'ever before. Each numnber brings
fresh evidence that no time or money
is considered where th.' interest of the
paper -is at stake. Its house plan
and Improve ents, piofusely" illnistra
ted,are o ' orethan costly archi
teetural 'works. Its persistent and
fearless exposure of Humbiags and
swindling schemes, is of ~et value
to the whole country, pa r4y~tIl
farmng eqmmnuiity iusot b
setggodand valuable for every
body. O ng toa specialairrangemen
with thePub4ishes, we are enabled t<
offer. the HUnAn and the Aaee
Ag hitfor oe yar, and the En
'oes or riends ?"" and "ih
the w for$3.10 (10 cents fo
pacg n osage__ -t
Mr. and Mrs. Connor of Laurens
were in our city this week.
Miss Minnie Wortham, of Richmond,
Va., is on a visit to Mrs. L. J. Jones.
Miss Carrie MeMaken, of Spartan
burg, is visiting Miss Alma Werber.
Rev. S. P. Hughes, formerly pastor
of the Lutheran church in this place,
spent a few days in the City lask week.
' Dallas P. Western, grandson of
Judge H. K. Boyd arrived last week
fromi"ississippi, and will spend some
time with Mrs C. D. Reid.
Col. M. J. Verdery, Prest. of the Au
gusta & Greenwood Road who was at
Newberry Monday, was forced to stay
over in consequence of an accident on
the Laurens Road.
We are pleased to know that our
friend J. Hart Blease who has been so
long confined to his room, from rheu
matism, is so much improved as to be
able to walk about his room. His
friends would be glad to see him on
the -street again.
Messrs John and Harry O'Neall,
brothers, who whiloin lived in New.
berry, are now nicely fixea up in
Washington, Ga. John is now a mar
ried man, and the happy husband of a
beautiful lady. Thet are both doing
well in business as ia other respects.
We are pleased to hear this.
Horribly Mutilated.
On last Friday morning Joseph Bow
ers bought a ticket from Prosperity to
Newberry and return. He attended
to what business he may have had, but
in the meanwhile gave way to drink,
so much so as to have missed the down
train that evening. He still remained
in town until a late hour. The down
freight passes here after2 o'cloek a. m.
He left some time after 12 o'clock say
ing he was going to walk to Prosperity.
Nothing more was known of him until
next morning when Mr. F. McCleland
came into town and reported a man
dead on the Railroad about a mile and
a half from town. On repairing to
the place, a sight of 'horrow met the
eye that was enough to appall the
most hardy. The body was torn and
smashed, it might almost be said
ground into a shapeless mass. - From
the appearances he could hardly have
been walking or sitting in the middle
of the track. Had he been there the
cow-catcher would evidently have
thrown him off to the side of the road.
In whatever position he may have 1jeen,
he must have been on the side of the
track between the rails and perhaps
lying. This would seem to be indica
ted from the fact that the first sign was
where the right foot had bien smashed
on the rail on the left side of the road.
Here the sock from the right foot was
found. The shoe was found beside the
track some distance off. The right leg
was mashed into a shapeless mass, and
looked as if It had laid lengthwise on
the rail and the wheels' had run over
it in that position. It was still united
to the body bf shreds or 'muscles. The
left leg was cut smooth off close by
the hip joint and was not broken up
as the other. The liver Jiad fallen
through the near side of the trestle,
the heart a little farther on, while por
tions of the in$estjnes were found on
and under the trestfe. The body was
carried entirely across the trestle,
where It was likely drawn by.the left
arm, which was cut or torn from the
body and has not been found. His
papers and return ticket were found
near the body. His brains were scat
tered on -tie $ies on the trestle, his
eyes and teeth were knocked out, so
as to leave the mass as hardly recogniz
able. The remains were gathered up
by friends and taken to Prosperity fo~
Mr. Joseph Bowers was of good
family. His father was Samuel Bow
ers, and no better man lived in this5
What a lesson is taught by this sad
event? Will it cause any one to pause
and think, or will Ephraim still re
main joined to his idols.
gniffnes nut Cracking.
Different Cracks and Cracking.
Some nuts are much harder to craci
than other nuts, and I don't like tc
pester with that kind of nuts this' i
the kind of nut I am asked to crach
now. It is hairder than a pig nut, but
much larger. Before' attempting t(
crack It,'I thank the friend who has
asked me to do so, it ?hows that he has
an exalted opinion of my ability as a nut
cracker, at the same time however -J
would much rather he had done his
own cracking, even if he had cracked
his knuckles in the attempt. - Iam not
obliged to him.
There are a gpod many thigs o.fa
cracking chara-t'er that like-bietter,
while there are many I don't like sc
well. F'or instance 1 like to cracka
nd I like better~ the man who can
deone ;I like the crack of day, anc
two bed, between a pair of blank
tweenhghi c kng pretty girl (who
ton thi -the crack be
er forget into suif1 pat o
Jupiter &dhurt. doI m
being c o*n the head with a hi1
ory, or .indof stick, its not pleas
ant. I 'like being called a "crack
head," or a cracking fellow. I might
say more on this head but think the
above sufficient, .for I don't like too
many words in any subject, and thinl
that there is too 'great prodigality It
this respect all along the warp of every
day life.
Well now to the point in this- nut I
have undertaken to crack, and whichl]
fear failing in. A Jalapa friend ha:
asked me to give my opinion as to th4
redness of the sunsets. This is a poser
and a et'acking big job. I have igeye:
traveled over imto the regions of th4
seting sun,afitiggh Ihave been al
most eyer here else, and consequent
ly must gnided by my thoughts
"Sol" has a long experienee in boti
the rising and the setting of the sun
and yet be liable to- mistakes in his
work, and who is not ; it may 'be thal
he has been experimenting, so as t<
keep up with this age of improvement
and has got his apparatus ogt of gear
Pebubs' mjea hote was set fire by
gdm ~ ~ wfhe following the errat
ic fighto ecomet May be "Sol'
is clearing apleee of ew ground for :
tater patch; or it aybe the resul:
of oandthegof althi
q beweejhI.an '~s ('ld wo
dhan1 his anger imparting an extr:
- tinge of red- to his rubicund visage
Who knows? It may be that the peri
pheries have colided 'with a nonentity
and that the co apsed particles hav
- catastropild and scttering over tl
k ~ity of the atmosphere in phos
- u~1tU'th nlidestb sit
Unfortunately we iwere not a par
ticipant in the "German" on Thurs
day night last, and we are reduced to
the lamentable strait of reporting sec
ond hand, or as told by those who were
more fortunate. Well it was just
splendid, said one gushing youth. Yes
sir, you missed the top party of the
season. After expressing sorrow, the
question was asked, how did the girls
look, were there many? You had bet
ter believe it sir ; the elegant rooms
were just running over with them, and
they were beautiful, (we knew that be
fore and have been ready to stake our
last tack on that point) and dressed in
the most bewitching manner, some ol
them were gorgeously arrayed, and I
would like to name a few of them
Hold on there young friend, we can
not allow you to mention any partiou
lar stars who shone on this particular
night. What we desire Is general
facts. Well sir, as a Leap year party,
the German was a most >eautiful suc
cess, and reflects the greatest credit
on the young ladies who started it and
carried it through to the end. They
are entitled to wear the hearts of the
young men on their sleeves during
this Leap year and for a day after, and
I for one would be rejoiced if it could
'be repeated. To zlve an idea of the
popuarity of the lnee there were at
least fifteen sets upon the floor at one
time, while the tremulous movement
of very many little feet, in dainty dan
cing slippers gave manifest signs that
others would have joined In had the
size of the Ml Room admitted of it;
then the music was enchanting, the
best that Newberry dancers have been
blessed with for a long time -back
Take the German all through, "up the
middle and -back again," it was the
most delightful occasion ever enjoyed
by the youth of this town. We ag-aiu
express our great sorrow in not being
one of the many who enjoyed this
treat, and more especially because ol
the cordial and earnest invitation by
several of the young ladies that we
would attend.
Korespondent from Cipress.
Fite at Manasers.
Editur of Herald: I hearn that you
wanted lots on us, that is we the peo
ple, to rite for your little nuse paper.
Well I believe I shall rite you some
thing bout the big time we had up to
Kinloek, on the twenty fust of July,
1883, long time back, but you know a
good time is never too old to numer
ate to any one. Well I tell you I had
a mity nice time on it. They said it
was to commersurate the big fite at
Manasers, whai Kinlock didn't fit and
blede an die. As we had got dun
hoein taters, dr.dy said I r;out go, and
go I did. Nor: this here Kinlock is a
place; there's three stores thar, whai
they has lots of kaliker, and otbei
fixens, and thar ar a dram shop too,
whar they has tumlers what cusin Bill
says make him think of goin to skule
an learning rithmetick, about threc
skruples makin one dram, thats the
way with them tumlers, and more sc
fur three ov em wont make one dram.
Not like we cipress fokeslike to take, we
dont skruple at all. But I'se bout tc
furgit I started to tell you bout goin tc
K., well-as we had dun hoein taters, I
went. It wur Saturday, and I put 01
my best, and when I got thar the faust
,man I seed war too wimin. and heir a:
I was in for the day I hitched on to one
on em, the yungest. She was rail
purty. I believe her name was Rosy;
Can't~ toll all we said ; my joyment
with Mis Rosy was misfortunatly fated
to termenate early, for a good looking
man with a red hed (I believe it wur Mi:
Rosy's dady, an he dun it,fur spite
come along and coiled out for all th<
wimin to meet and kongregate an gil
together at the store whar thar was
-little flax heded chap staid. The met
had mostly all dun gon over to the
little three skr-uple shop.
And as this were a military occasbun,
they got two fellers with old fidles,an
they skrocht and sawed, and the wim
in they all got into a strate line too at
too together, too at a time, and th4
too. fidlers an the red heded man wark
ed fust in frunt at the hed before the
wimin. The men all corned when they
pleased, an a heep ov them didnt pleas4
to go till they had took a smile at the
little shop before said. When the fid
ler.s and wimin i'- 4 got to the place,
th'e red heded ni ' tole them to sol
down an said snmnbody woud spe.ek,
but there wosnt na speekin. Sumi met
g-ot up an thort th- y wur goin to. tall
bout patriotism na~ the big fite a'
3fanassers, but they only said they
had samthing to say, an wanted every
body an the rest of mankin to vote for
them.- I thort if Mis Rosy wgul vote
for me, I wudent er ~a straw whc
voted fqr'them' men. When they go:
dun speekmn, the red heded man want
ed eyery body to boiler bout sum luge,
but nobody wudent holler. *Mis Rosy
looked at me an smiled so purty that:J
wanted to laf rite out, I felt so good,
but I was awhamed, feered I would
sturb the sol'mnity of the occashun.
-Then the red hedeci man said the wimn
in miist all get in a strate line an-go te
diner; this is the part of the occashur
that ripresented thme fite at Manassers.
The wimin skirmished a little, sum o'
well, but the men, t
t 'arged agin, and
-I tell you no
lers that come
vile (they- swell li e it wer Agusta)
they is sum at this kind of a Mainassers
fite, they is what I calls sum on sheep
and they tote their liker with em.
Them chaps didnt sute Mis Rosy.
Arter they wer dun eting, they all;
mostly the young folks, went to a man's
house to danse, a long hungry looking
feller th y called docter, said they
would trip on the lite fantastic toe, but
I thort aNo XI shue filled ful of fool
kudn't trip ye lite, thar wur a heep of
this kind, WeL tha got too-fidlers at
went to that house an you should haa
seed them. The thermomiter wus al
100O. Me'anMis Rosy wepitc in.
Mis Rosy-face got mity red, I sal it.is
warm, Mis Rosy, says yes, it makes ml
expire very much, an she axed
dldnt think them sheeps the felt
so much of wurbad to jhinp, for ll
men-jumped riItly when they:dans
I said'yes, an the wimintoo. And
dansed an they dansed, an rite
-they closed up the commenseration o
the fite at Manassers. Now Iam in f
the town of K., tha fed ., gity ywel
them elle g re mity ,. erehaps;
cqsin Silf'says that too ov eni wur uj
to.his meetin h'ouse tuddsr sunday.
- said he didnt know if they got lost oi
- went thar on purpos, they looked kin,
der lost. One had on such nice kaliker
shuse, cosin 'Bill -sals you otter
how the.old wimmin an little boys
gase at them kaliker shues. .
~ Now thisi is fas% thee e
fur a nueae~dIdont ko
I. t;ok . jI1~tou can
tIte,Va'by youorttpt it t
t this'when younnt tin ygur p
Various and All About.
.Attorneys are busy "rounding" up
for court.
Almost everyday there is a rush at
Winburn's Gallery. 2-tf
yaluable personal property will be
sold the 11th day of January, at the
residence of Baruch Duncan, deceased.
Rev. Joab Edwards, of Leesville, has
accepted the call of Bethel Church,
Newberry County.
Some of the prisoners in our jail
were aroused up pretty lively one day
last week by the burning out of one of
the chimneys of the jail.
The Coroners jury in the Laura
Kinard case have not yet rendered
their verdict. Some trouble in getting
the contents of the stomach analysed.
The impression among farmers and
planters throughout our county, is
that oats have been very considerably
injured by the late severe weather.
A team that is used to the harness,
always do the best work, and it is prop
er to keep them at it. Vide the City
Council.~ ds
Pretty little Annie Pixley will shed s
the light of her countenance on a New- c
berry audience ere long. So says the cc
News. a
The word success meets the eye of
tener than any other in the language. a
Without success what would be our
fate. c
Mr. W. S. Joyner, Charleston, S. C., f
says: "I have taken Brown's Iron Bit- ul
ters for heart disease and am now n(
well." R
Orangeburg is having some of our ex- ju
perience with incendiary fires. An
other on the 21st inst, making the third Be
fire in-less than a month. at
We are now getting our back dues vi
in rain. Some of our merchants think at
that if those indebted to them would Ii
do like the weather, they could float Ji
in the tide. b(
This reminds us df the tide in the tt
affairs of men, advertising. Take it at bi
the flood gentlemen, and this is the Sr
time. g1
The most successful business men of s
the country attribute their success to
judicious advertising-at the right time, fi
and in the right way. ti
Printed Checks, handsomely gotten l
up, can be obtained at. the HERAn fu
Book Store. They are put up one
hundred sheets to a book.
Bill Kibler was committed on Situr-, n
day by Trial Justice 19, S. Davidson st
for dealing in cotton, by the bale. v,
Capt. Wis. Gary was victimized in the ri,
operation. fr
The chief cooks in leading hotels In ti
Philadelphia, Pa. receives from $3,000 tl
to $36,000 as salaries. Better be a 3M
Philadelphia cook than a South Caroli- p
na Judge or Governor,
Some complaint is made of great
dullness in trade. The Stationery and
Book sales of the HERALD Store, h
however, have been increased during m
the present month.
Messrs. Burton and Wheeler are
home again. They are looking well, b
and can tell you all about Florida. G
The cold wave a jured the is
Orange crop, urs" P
are safe unless 4< ; y
We feel sorry
ladies who cone
in the country
of going to-eh
their horse and -
walk three mi
Ercie.s ,ben
'Consumiptives c
what. is claimed for Brewe .
Restorer. Improvement begins after n
a few doses and continues until their B
health is fully restored. You absolute- G
ly sign your death war,rant when you
hesitate to take this great remedy.
IIf you do not see Tom, please call
for BOB. This cabalistic postscript is
attached to T. Q. Boozer's advertise
ment. Those who are in doubt as to
its meaning will inquire at the corner
and get an ezplanation' b
About forty gentlemen were throwas 3
inito agitation Wednesday afternoon; C
cause-a ten cent chicken making its
escape from a coop and flying into Mr.a
Scott's yard. The premises of Mr. S.
were surrounded, and the commotion
was great. Can't we get up something
to create a first class sensation?
Some men think that a notice of one
Soaar, inserted one time, will do the
business for them. This is a mistake,
however. The first time it is not notic
ed, and not untilithas appeared several
times, does it meet with proper atten
JOB Printing ! Did you ever thinig of
the poor old fellovr. Ue ha been
printing for centuriesi- and is eager to
go ont printigg. Come and see him,-.
He h;s'been engaged at the EERALD
office to, do any hind of Printing in
trusted to him.
Dark rings around the eyes indicate
the existence of worms.. Hasten to
use Shriner's Indian Vermifuge to ex
pel these miserable pests. It is a safe
and reliable agent. Always use jt e :
cording to the directions, gad it will
do its work- well. po sale by Dr. , ,
F. Fant -
The Lord Mayor of London was only
a l1rter in a warehouse,' but he perse-L
veredin the.face of all opposition and
.rose' rapidly. It is only persistency
.and merit that* has made Dr. Bull's
h Syrup the greatest family
for cogsand colds now
the sufe'n public,
on on us, an Educational Journal -
pearan es, published under the i
It is prin e Newberry College is N
is $1 per .It is quite neat in ap- g
our best w, d will be issued monthly. te
Te at the Obserer office, and s
wares num in advance. It has
ing to uis..
who is not sAL manac elins the
Do not sp ise. This is very gratify
The man 5 No man or woman exists
get one usceptible of a little praise.
wolTth ecad it too thick dear friends.
The who has not yet seen it, can
aper~ the HERALD office. It is
apers times the price asked for it.
nar . ta C'onstitut ion whose card
the HERALD is afirst class
ts Weekiy has beeni greatly
and is now the fullest and
ky prin$ed in the South. Its
tialities,. "Uncle Remus,"
," and "Betsy Hamilton,"
excelled, and their letters
cliie~cotinued tirough the year.
edris, andjsutseribe fW ik
on itmas. :ries in Enpa, Fl.
w&airelons, cucumbers,1to
ns, early potatoes and
'-Wil, just to thInk, we
s, ng better than to make
on0ast turkey, pig, christmas pie,
ke,ad then had to be contenlt to
nfor better times' r
unM..tius E. Chapmn and a~
anond otechild are yet
trs. hapman a o as f Lake g
enjo ea ~rejoiced at be ti
of elg'aWe Oat 4 2ere is no founds
We were pleased to see the venerable
Jncle" Mark Boyd, in our city yester
y, looking well. We asked him to
ay over night with-us, but he said he
uld not, as he had to marry three
uples on his way home. A busy
an is "Uncle" Mark.
The preliminary hearing in the case
the State vs. Hart Caldwell for Per
ry, on affidavit of Henry H. Blease,
me up before Trial Justice Peterson
Monday. The evidence was heard
r the State and the case was taken
kder advisement by the Justice until
,xt Monday, when the case against
H. Blease for subornation of per
ry will probably be taken up.
Messrs. Johnstone & Cromer have
cured a new trial for Coleman Hicks
Ld Charley Graham, who were con
eted of burglary at the June term,
td sentenced to the penitentiary for
e. They were brought before Trial
istices Fair & Reid on a writ of Ha
as Corpus and admitted to bail in
e sum of $500, each, the amount of
til being fixed by the Solicitor.. Mes
s. Johnstone & Cromer have used
eat labor, energy and professional
ill in the management of this case.
We thank our friend "Jack Snipe"
r his contribution to the HERALD
is week. We do indeed want all the
telligent help we can get, and It
oks.to us that if Jack chooses he can
rnish somethirig to help the "veels
> Tound." It must be apparent to
I thinking men that one editor has
t the genius or versatility of talent
ifficlent to fill up his paper with such
Lriety of matter as will please a va
ety of tastes. Write therefore, good
iends, write, one and all, At the same
me we take this ocasion to thank
e genial Sniffles for what he does,
ay his shadQw grow no- less, and his
mcil never lose its point.
o Grease for Him.
"When Greece her knees-Greece
,r knees-Greece her knees," stam
ered an embarrassed schoolboy, for
tting the next line of his recitation.
rhere is no occasion to grease any
)dy's knees," shouted his teacher.
o and study your piece." Neither
there occasion to grease your hair.
arker's Hair Balsam is aLh the dressing
>u want. Restores the original gloss
id color to gray or faded hair, Does
soil the linen; not .a dye; good
lp; prevents falling out.
H ..C., Jan. 19,1884.
ti~rs for week ending
o Mrs Little
ooser, Jessie s, Anthony
aliman, -Thomnas Wi n,D. Q
Iggins, Mrs NeUfe Wright,W G
>hnson, Irerson - Workman, Henry
Parties calling for letters will please say.
ader ised. U. W. BOONE, P. N.
Jan. 15, 1884, by Rev. Z. W. Beden
augh. Mr. J. McK. WcIE to Miss
[AJmETTA DAVIS-all of Newberry
ounty, S. C.
'Jan. 18,. 1884, by Rev, W. M. Hardin,
the residerico o.f the bride's mother,
rs. Sasanna Thomas, Mr. A. G.
vas to Miss M. A. THoM.As-all of
nion, S. C.
. .wL.E a8ei
on,r- isth an
herooticgrli andCo tiuoast
1 efRnefoNCiTSis 70
/ mbAI.WaI. o. AOsTans. a
A noI~ n o f thezest Tne
0.C. FLY
De~ I F
Offers t6 his friends and customers "of the past,
for their patronage, believing that so long as the
ronize him they show their appreciation of him asW
to be found'at FLYNN'S entitles him to a front -
mercantile sphere, and in order to retain this Pos
still merit the confidence and patronage of the
Newberry and surroundings, he
in this announcement to lead the town.in LOW:
during the present year as in the past.
is not intended for an extremely fancy reor-it
tisement,. but it mea.ns STRIOTLY BUSIN~~
if you would take care of Number One, go wherey
get the most goods for the least money,
to your own interest, and bear in mind that the same
~'onorable dealing which characterized FLYNN'S
ns of the year just closed, will be obseired by lp
te year we are just entering. His constant aimhs
to sell the people good, and reliable go'ods,
And if success is the measure by which to judge, he
that he can justly claim it, as his business has incr
remarkably since his appearance in Newberry.
And in this connection, it may not be improper to ream4
my patrons that I have on hand Ladies' Cloaks, and W~
ing Jackets 25 per cent less than New York cost.
Ready made Clothing regardless of cost.
A number of heavy over coats, regular prices from *1
to $18.00 now $8.50 to $14.00.
In fact it will pay you to call on FLYNN first.
The Domestic Sewing Machine takes. the cake for vanetF
and excellency of work, and can be bought at veryre
ble prices.
Tendering my sincere thanks to the Country peopleo
berry for their past support I heartily pledge myco
efforts in behalf of low prices.
CH AS. J. PURCRnu4 Managr.

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