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The H3er-ald.
THURSDAY FEB. 28, 1884.
The HeraldIs in thehighestrespectaFam
yNewspa ,devoted to the Material in
terest 0- the People of thias Cointy and the
StMe.. It circulates extensively, and as an
AdvertiO medium orers unrivalled ad
Tantage.- Tor Tfrmm.see first page.
The curse of American politics
is availability, or, more properly,
that which subordinates capability
and integrity to mere availability.
TheLtwo great political parties of
the country are nerving themselves
for the approaching presidential
canvass, and are scanning their
ranks with great scrutiny and not a
little concern, in the attempt to
find available candidates for presi
dential honors. Men there are, not
a fw, who are ready to assume the
grave responsibilities of the chief
magistracy of the country, but who
are under the curse of un-availabili
ty. The judgment of fifty millions
of freemen, unclouded by party
spirit or partisan prejudice, would
not long be at fault in selecting a
candidate worthy to wear the zwn
ors and discharge the high duties
of the presidency. But the coun
try is rent by factions, and party
politics hoids the lash over the
backs of the people, ready to
scourge them into obedience should
they chafe beneath the yoke of
party tactics.
It has been regarded as note
worthy by foreign students of our
political institutions, that the states
men of our country who bear the
stamp of personal integrity and are
endowed with a high degree of wis
dom and political foresight, are not
the men who are called to the pres
idency, Calhoun, Clay and Web
sterin their day, and Blaine, Bayard,
and Conkling in ours, have gazed
wistfully upon that high eminence
always reserved for men less able
and less deserving than themselves.
The men who have shaped the leg
t islation and nfoulded the destinies
'~ of the country are not available.
It has been so almost from the days'
of his Excellency, George Washing
ton down to the reign of his Acci
dency Chester Arthur; and the rea
son is simple enough. The strong,
positive aggressive characters make
> enemies-they serve the country
and make records-they open their
mouths and, :as the phrase goes,
"put their feet in them"; they are
not available.
Each political party is looking
for a "light-weight champion" who
has no "surplus" record to carry in
the race, but who is backed by a
heavy electoral vote; the first, and
the last, question always-Is he
available? Other questions which
serve to test the availability of any
*proposed candidate are these-Is
his record right on the tariff ques
tion? Is he able to carry New
York, the pivotal State ?
So the matter goes, and the pres
ident of the country is a creature of~
expediency-a man bearing the
* stamp of availability. We long to
see the day, which we dare not hope
to see, when the president of the
United States will owe his election
to the fact that he is a manly man
conspicuous for ability and integri
ty, a man who, in the serv~ice of his
country, can look the devil and the'
politicians squarely in the eye with
out blinking.
W. B. Cash, son of Col. E. B. C.
Duelist Cash, is not disposed to let
the public lose sight of him. Last
Saturday he invaded .the town of
Cheraw, and without any reasona
ble provocation fired three shots at
the town marshal, one shot passing
through the lungs of a by-stander,
and one taking effect in the lungs of
the marshal. Both wounds were
serious. A warrant was issued for
the arrest of Cash, but it was inti
mated to the Sheriff by Col. E. B.
.C. Cash, that his son would evade
iinmediate arrest, as he judged that
public opinion was too strong
against him to warrant his surren
der. We take it for granted that
Cash will not escape the penalty
prescribed by the law for his crime,
and we trust that the indignation
of the people will remain at fever
heat ntil his arrest, so that public
opinion will at any time make it
personally unsafe for him to surren
der. The Cashes are not ordinary
offenders, tho' they seem to have en
joyed extraordinary Immunity
f!rom punishment; and the law
unahMidewaa 1tA as
For several weeks the County
Commissioners have called the at
tention of landowners to the law re
quiring them to remove from the
running streams on their lands
"all trash, trees, rafts and timber
during the months of March and
September in each year." This is
by no means a new law, though the
fact that it has never been enforced
may make[it appear so to the "land
owners," and the effort of the Coun
ty Commissioners to have it ex
ecuted is praiseworty.
The channels of. our running
streams should not be so choked
with brush and trees as to impede
the flow of the water, and it is im
portant that the timbers and trash
already accumulated in them should
be removed. But the law says "in
March and September." In March!
Ugh! The very thought of wading
in Duncan's Creek, which needs
especial attention, in March, pro
duces a chilly sensation. Its wa
ters do not get warm enough for
the seiners, till late in the summer,
and any law that requires laborers
to remove the rafts of brush and
timber from it in the month of
March, is simply preposterous.
The following appezr4 in the News and
"The party who was killed in a
private row at the Vaudeville Thea
tre last night during the perfor
mance has been identified as Warren
Davis, alias James W. Walker of
Newberry, S. C. The verdict of
the jury pronounced it a case of
suicide. The deceased was about
twenty-two years old. Some time
ago he left Georgia having had
trouble with some negroes, with
serious results to the latter. He
went to Hendersonville, N. C.,
where he found employment as an
engineer, and again got into trou
ble, from which he escaped byjump
ing on a locomotive which he
abandoned after running it several
miles. Returning to South Caro
lina, he obtained means from his
family and came to San Antonio.
He anticipated arrest and was con
tinually on the alert. While in the
Vaudeville last night he learned
that Detective Hughes was in the
building for some one, and went
into the private box and remained
there until the curtain was about
falling on the last act. During the
day he informed one of the fe
male attaches of the theatre, with
whom he was familiar, and vowed
he would kill himself before he
would be taken if an attempt was
made to arrest him, The presump
tion is that the deceased concluded
that the detective was after him,
and seeing no way of escape, as
the performance neared its close,
put his purpose into execution.
There was no one in the box but
himself when the report of the pis
tol was heard."
Col. John T. Sloan, Sr., will be a
candidate for Secretary 0f State.
Liquor is sold at only two towns
in Edgefield County.-Edgefield
and Trenton.
Dr. J. M. Klein, Walterboro, S.
C., says: "Brown's Iron Bitters
have given universal satisfaction.
They are famous."
On the 24th, inst. there was a fire
at Johnstons in Edgefield County.
Three or four buildings were de
stroyed and the stocks of goods
lost. Partly insured.
The National -Dem. Convention
has appoinfid Tuesday, the 8th day
of JuIf next, as the time, and has
chosen the City of Chicago as the
place of holding the National Dem.
The latest news from Africa is
that the Zulu King has the croup;
this news is doubted by many, but
notwithstanding, the friends of the
king hate sent him a case of Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup and conse
vuently know his cure is certain.
The New York Republicans are
in an agony in their effort to strad
die the Prohibition question.-Ex.
We would say don't straddle at
all. Just move quietly along by
the side of it, if need be, first on
one side then the other.
The bill for the government of
Alaska has passed the Senate. It
simply creates an Executive and
Judiciary for that distant land. It
extends the laws of Oregon over it.
Jenkins says those Oregon laws
must be awful elastic.
A committee was on a hunt yes
terday afternoon for the new pants
for the policemen, but had not
found them at dark. Register 20th,
This is indeed an astounding an
nouncement foi- a City so famed
as Columbia has always been, for a
due regard to nll the rules of pro
priety. Do put pants on them or
keep them in doors.
Strength to vigorously push a busi
ness, strength to study for a pro
fesion, strength to regulate a house
hold, strength to do a day's labor
without physical pain. Do you de
sire strength ? If you are broken
down, have no energy, feel as if
life was hardly worth living, you
can be relieved and restored to ro
bust health and strength by taking
Brown's Iron Bitters, a sure cure
for dyspepsia, malaria, Weakness
and all diseases requiring a true,
reliable, non-alcoholic tonic. It acts
on the blood, nerves and muscles
ad regulates every 'part of the
Fon =z HERA..
To the Readers of the Herald.
This is election year. Already
the busy candidate has begun his
hand-shaking-his extra politeness
-his scheming-his wire pulling
cajoling and his taffy-has donned
his stale, chronic smile. May we
hope for any, amendment either in
the selection of candidates or in
the conduct of the campaign and
electig"ns, or in the final service ?
Alas T that this should be an open
Now this is a Republican Gov
emnment, the people are supreme,
and it is through the ballot-box,
and through the ballot-box alone,
that they can be heard, and make
their power felt. If they fail to ex
ercise interest and discretion there,
their hands are tied and their voices
hushed, and there is nothing left
them but to go around and grum
ble, all of which amounts to noth
ing ot course.
The men are in office by our
suffrage. We have voted for one
man because we liked him person
ally, he is a whole souled jovial
fellow; we have not enquired, even if
he is at all qualified for the position,
much less if he is the very best
man available. We were under
some obligation to another, noth
ing more or less-we voted for
another because he was a lawyer
we voted for another because he
was not a lawyer. And I could go
on and fill the whole side of this
paper with such examples with our
simple, childish whims. In our
every day, home affairs we are not
governed by such caprices. If we
want a very particular work -done,
we do not go to some one who has
nothing to recommend him but our
individual liking for him, because
he is simply this or that, or is not
this or that; but we employ the one
who is best qualified to do what we
want done.
It is a matter of very great im
portance that we have good laws
enacted by our Legislature; and
that we have faithful, competent
officers to execute them. Then by
all means let's select the very best
men we can get, not simply the
best man who solicits the place,
but the best man available. But
one asks: How are we determine
who is the best man for a partiou
lar place? I answer that we can
not always do so, but very certain
ly, when we have tried a man and
he fails to develope the requisite
qualification we can drop him. Al
though what is a much better thing
to do, is to qualify ourselves for
judging of such matters.
Very truly we can not recall
the misspent hour of our boy
hood days, but we can take, and
read, the newspapers, and keep
posted on the current news of the
day, think over well, what we read,
and st6idy its bearings. Watch the
doings and sayings of our public
men, and learn to look beneathL the
When we were under the Radical
yoke, we had to resort to question
able methods and trust questionable
men to get from under it; but now
we are out of the woods, and we
want good, clean work done.
The Constitution needs altera
tion. Our statute-book needs pru
ning, (we have had enough childs
play and blundering.) We must
have skilled workmen if it is to be
well done.
These are homely ideas, crudely
exposed, nevertheless, they are the
ideas of
per says that the colored people are
full of enthusiasm as to their edu
cational progress. It seems that
they esteem their present teacher.
If they had had but the two teach
ers at Tranquil who performed
their duties, I-hope that the present
teacher will try to cultivate the
minds of their pupils and teach
them to consider that this country
is their home. Of course they are
naturalized here, and have lived
here so long, and have raised their
children, sand were enfranchised
here, and are parallel with the su
perior race in every thing. Teach
them more about Texas and Ar
kansas, and all other barbarian
States. Teach them to love their
country, and don't let any and
every man come out here from un
known parts and take them off. I
hope that education will be a great
speciality among the colored people.
Mr. W. C. Sligh, and Mr. S. L.
Kennedy, or other men like them
ought to be all over the country,
and probably the negro would learn
something. GET
News and Courier.
NEWBERRY, February 22.-A ne
gro by the name of Frank Jamison
stabbed and killed another negro
by the name of Suber near Gold
ville, Laurens County, last night.
It seems that Suber had eloped
with Jamnison's daughter and mar
ried her. When Jamisou next saw
Suber he attacked him with a knife
and killed him almost instantly.
Jamison has fled and is still at
We learn that Jamison has been
arrested and lodged in the Laurens
NEwBERRY. C.H., S. C, Feb.23th, 1884
List of advertised letters for week ending
Feb.23th, 1884:
Anderson, Miss Nola ILewie, Miss E. A.
Anerson, Charlie IMcCallough. James
Blcke. 8. P. E eed, Mrs. P. C.
Cpbl,W. A. IRsynolds. 3. B.
Clin, Miss I. E. IBook, Aaron
Dikert. Mrs. Bete Rlutherford, Cokly
The March Eclectic
Contains as its principal articles:
"Religion; A Prospect and a Retro
spect," by Herbert Spencer; "the Sou
dan, and its Future," by Sir Samuel
Baker; and "A Visit to Philistia," by
Sir Lepel Griffin. There is another
instalment of Ivan Turgenieff's prose
poems, "Senilia" which will be read
with great interest. A very remarkable
short story is "Old Lady Mary," from
Btacwood's, by Mrs. Oliphant, one of
the most original and uniqne ghost
stories ever written. A very vivid pic
ture of mediaeval Italian life is given
in "A Florentine Tradesman's Diary,"
which will be completed in the next
number. Other *triking papers are:
"Earthquake Weather," "Tragedy in
Japan," "Personal Recollections of
Gambetta," "Scraps from the Chron
icles of Venice," and "Old and New
Cynics." The poems are from Swin
burne, Tennyson, and Browning.
The magazine, in its entirety, is of
great interest, and contains more va
riety than usual in spite of several
lengthy papers.
Published by E. R. Pelton, 25 Bond
Street, New York. Terms, $5 per
year; single numbers, 45 cents; trial
subscription for 3 months, $1.
3 3
For the Cure of Coughs, Colds
Hoarseness, Bronchitis,Croup, Influ
enza, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Iii
cipient Consumption and for the re
liefofconsumptive persons in advan
ced stages of the Disease. For Sale
by all Druggists.-Price, 25 Cents.
April 1-81.
Tcn the chlren to cut out and smve the comic
silhouettc pictures as they appear from iFi-uo to
issue. They will be pleased with ho collection.
This space is owned by
Of coure we mean the fanr.ous ani:r.l appearing
on the label of every genuinec p=.ckagre of Bllack
well's Etfl Duham Smoking Tobacco. Every
dealer kt e-: this. th:- has umoking Tob=cco mrde.
Nor.e genuine without trade-mark of the Bull.
" 2-G. W. PEARSON,
-3-C. C. CHASE,
MESSRs. EDrroEs.-The above nom
ination is made without the knowledge
of the parties but, we know that they
are all staunch and patriotic men, who
will not decline a duty to the people
when a majority so desire. We feel
confident that the above ticket will
give general satisfaction-a good mu
nicipal government,-and will be
strongly supported by
Newberry, S. C.
Call at his Gallery over
Leavell's Furniture Store,
E xamine his work, and procure some
ice Photographs. He uses the In
stantaneous Process making a Picture
n one second. Hesitate no longer to
carry the swes babe for it's Picture.
Copig and enlarging from Old Pic
tures done with Artistic Finish.
Feb. 9-8t.
Dissolution of Partnership!
The mercantile partnership hereto
fore existing between B. H. CLINE
& W. A. CLINE, under the firm
name of B. H. CLINE & CO., was
dissolved by mutual consent on the
20th day of February, 1884, the lat
ter beinig compelled to withdraw on
account of feeble health. The bus
iess of the establishment will be con
tined at the old stand by B. H.
9-3t W. A. CLINE,
There will be a State Convention
of the Future Progress Societies, at
New Trinity Ch:mrch, Newberry, Co.,
S. C., Wednesday March oth, 1884.
Each Society will send four delegates
to represent in said Convention. By
order of State Executive Committee.
Secretary. -
rouet Article. Bestores growth, eIej
&stojo um1e of GMr~ Britia eni
0, P, JAOKgoN, Manager,
120 Main Stree.t, - Columbia, S. C.,
Ladies and Gents Under Garments,
DR. S. F. FAN'T,
S WBEIaR~, s. C.
flBrugs anud 4Ghemieas
The Prescription Department in charge of 0
Can always be relied upon, and all Prescriptions.
A courately Compounded.
Wines & Uduersi.
Out of Jaws of Death. W. T. 0GAFFORD,
This gentleman who outlines his case be
low his Is a man considerably advanced in
lfe; and is noted for his sterling integrity
is post-office is Yatesville, Upsov county,
a. rhe following is
Inth Srigmeit. Maker and Repairer.
In te Spingof 1882 I was attacked with
a very bad cough, which continued to grow AT GILLILAND'S OLD STANI.
worse unui fail, when I got so weak that I
ould not get about. I tried a great many Having just commenced business in
inds of medicinies but continued to grow Newberry I respectfully ask a share of
ion and woulduprobably de. Dr. oo ay tepbic patronage, and promise to
fnally told me to try Brewer's Lung Re- give general satisfaction both in price
torer. They sent to Ward's Store and got and work.
bottle and I commenced taking it right
away. A fter taking two or three dos:is, I be
gan to improve, and by the time I had used wr-~m~,-~ a
up one bottle I was able to get on my feet ~ y ~ Ij~ )i
again. I am now in excellent health. I am
confident that the Lung Restorer saved my
ife and my neighbors are of the same opinion.
It is the best Lung Remedy ever made in my
opinion. Dr. H. promised me that he would B
write to the manufacturers and tell them of
the wonderful cure it made in my case.
Statement of BenJ. FI. Hearn- iI an now prepared to furnish First
don.d Class Board, without lodgings, to
08. , .young men and old men. Fare good,
Early in November, 1881, while sewing on and charges low. .Dinner furnished to
the machine, my wire was taken with a I,country men at 25 cents each.
evere pinI in her side, which was soon fol-1
owed by hemorrhages from her lung and a iFIRST DOOR ABOVE
ethercoathor sle and in a fe weekcos Tshe' GROCERYSTRE
was reduced to a living skeleton. The at- L ~ ' .
tending physician told me that be thought . C ~E~K
one or her lungs was entirely gone. She i
ould not retain the most delicate nourish- :4...tf
ment on her stomach. I then agree with Dr. __________________
Sullivan, my family physician, to call Dr.i
EHolloway in consultation. They made a !STA TE OF SOUTH CAROLINA.
final el:imination of the patient and pro- iNEWEREY COUNTY.
ounced the case hopeless. Dr. Holland
then suggested the Brewer's Lung Restorer IBy Jacob B. Fellers,Probate Judge.
as a ln,t resort, I sent for a bottle and gave WHEREAS, John C. Sligh hath made
er a dose. I found that she could retain it Isuit to m ogathmLteso
doe Iegntom notice som e lnreend Admiist4ration of the estate and ef
n her condition. I continued the medicinc fects of G. S. Sligh, deceased.
egularly and by the time she had taken two These are, therefore, to cite and
ottles, she was able to wa.lk about the admonish all and singular the kindred
ouse. She is now in better haalth than she and creditors of the said G. S.
as enj.'yed for several years. I believeSig,dcae,ttthyb an
he Lung Restorer saved her life. We have: appear decoese, tha they Cour and
he a family of six children, some of them pprobeforbe he, ateer Court o
Mr. 'Ikearndon's post-office is Yatesville, jHouse on the 4th day of March, next,
pson county, Ga. He is a thoroughly re- after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
iable ma~n in every particular. in the forenoon, to shew cause, if any
Feb. 2$-Im. Ithey have, why the said Administra
Stion should not be granted.
10Given under my Hand this 18th day
of February Anno Domini, 1884.
A ~A KIl~ 03' P~i1IIAJ. B. FELLERS, J. P. N. C.
Should be seen In.a pretty girls mouth, 8-2t.
et how often do you see dark and uin
ightly ro-:s of teeth showing a lack STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA,
f care which is inexcusable. WOOD'S
DONTINE will not make teeth NEWBERRY COUNTY.
gow, but it will and does, clean them Fal&Stewi,
nd prevent tartar from accumulatingvs
n them. It is harmless and effient
s thousands can testify. 25e. a bottle.SaieFBog
W. C. FISHER, B iteo neeuint edrce
WTholesale Druggist. inteboesaecaeIwlleiatN .
Columbia, S. c. bryCutHueo h is ody(ae
Yor sale in Newberry. Feb. 20-1m dy nMrhnx tpbi ucyt h
PLEAS.all7&SSatterw it.
Precous llenThoas atn'vsvs
2inthheec.ov833,aIedillssell atlpuslic atLNew
berryerrrt,Hooseonethe rst Moodyd(yain
March 1d84, allMthat tract of landicyintcLyBtoAthY
containingdder, OnedGoddaWatchfandfone
ards f A. . Croer, HakinsLen- ia d nlike the old esid forf SallF
thasemone, an to scurethe She iff'ms OIeVFb.2t, 1884.Llm
Nand cy r a rtr a other.
Byuorde of th Courtherein dated
4th.Dec.,1883, I will sellDat public
utr,bfr th7or Huea
fewbery, n th firs Monay i
O~wate Stocklus Go!
For the next CO days we will
sell all heavy weight
As every one well knows we have the
larest and best stock in Town, and as
we have [since our opening] always.
led in styles and prices, we still pro
pose to keep up our reputation and*
we feel no hesitancy in saying we can
discount any bill bought in Newberry,
provided first class goods are taken
into consideration.
We also have a JOB LOT of
Which we will close out at and below
COS T. These Hats are.allright in
every respect, and it is only to make
room for Spring Hats that we close
them out at such a great sacrifice.
Call early before the best and most
desirable goods are picked over.

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