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Special and Local.
RSDAY MARCH 6, 1884.
... &Bowerspostmaster,atProsperity,
authorised at that place.
1. L Kohn also reive and re
6 for subseriptions at Prosperity.
ThUs paqer way bo found on Mea at G46. P.
owaU RCo's Newspaper Advertising Bu
reau (10 SpruCe St..) where advertising eon
traeIts ma be muadA fr it in Now Tark
*Uszaibes will onfer a favor by ezam
inathatwprized net their na , and
fG date is notright they will plassinfoin
airit. muea will lcour snethm."eu.
hastreek an old Soldier-Hiscox aCo.
AdmIrnistrctor's Sale-,ohn C. SlIgh.
0danee1*-Town Council.
ACard-J.T. Pool.
QGod Ordinary --------- - (
Good Ordinary -----
iddling - - --------- 9*
!1g -- - ---- -- -- - -- 9,1
Good 3'kdling, ---------- 9
Receipts siice Sep't. 1st, 1883.15.213 B.
Receipts for week ending
h. 4th1984. ----------- 334 B.
j1most everyday there is a rush at
pi nburn's Gallery. 2-ti
1tyou want a nice Ferrotype made
go to Salter's Gallery. He wil make
safor 7Z&. four for 50c. two for 35c.
fie for 25e. 9-4t
W1000 would not purchase from me
what Swift's Specie (S. S. S.) has
eg-eted in my case. It has cured me
of Malarial Rheumatism.
Springfield, Tenn.
Mar. 1-1w.
The high wind on Wednesda.f night
last, caused a great scare. We have
heard of a number of people leaving
their beds, making up fires and sit
tin up until the wind subsided. The
cyclone of the previous week was too
vividly fresh in their minds to allow
of their quietly sleeping.
ITFe nd of Flowers.
Mrs. M. -R. Donnely of Arredonda,
FL. says: "Norman's Neutralizing
Ocrdial is a splendid medicine. It has
eured me of dyspepsia and I sleep
hder than I have In twenty years."
The above comes from a lady who has
lived more than her "three score and
Broke Jail.
Tom Wilson, sent to jail from Sala
da Old Town for Cow stealing, made a
bold strike for liberty Tuesday evening.
While buckets were being passed out
!o get water for the prisoners, he burst
'ot, ran down one flight of stairs, and
leaped from the window of the second
stry. He was i1mediately pursued
and -captured near'J. C. Wilson'S.
Look out ginners.-C. E. Horton,
6 ar hig nt will call on you and sell
you a ;lor & Cox Fire Extingnish
A house in which cotton lint, shar
insand straw were stored, and which
wssaturated with Kerosine oil was set
on fire on the 9th-inst. at Williamston
and was put out in two minutes by the
A Free Herald.
All persons who sustained loss in the
destruction of their buildings, stock,
&e., by the recent severe cyclone, are
cordially invited by us to furmish their
names, when a subscriptiou of twelve
months will be furnished them, free
of cost. Do not hesitate to give us
iour names, for we will gladly fur
nish the paper. 3t.
Wht25 Cents Will Do.
The small sum of 25 cents invested
S i a bottle of Noinan's Neutralizing
Cordial w$11 save you many hours of
pain and suffering, many sleepless
ights and many Doctor's bills. Nor
zn'.s Cordial is sold all over the land.
E ydruggist and cross-road mer
,ehant can get it. W'e are shipping it
.eve rywhEre.
1Fland Sales.
The Probate Judge sold the Polly
Xopp place to Silas J. Cromer for $495.
In the case of Precious Ellen '1. om
as, Adm'r. vs Nancy Carter, et al, the
FMaster sold a tract of land for $3000.
. Bought by.Wm. A. Mosley.
~The Chapman & Meredith house
*and lot was sold to J. F. Todd for
The sales of property was very limi
ted only the few lots and tracts_ men
Miss Garlington.
We are sorry to learn that Miss Octa
si1a Oarlington has been compelled to
solicit a leave of absence as. teacher in
the graded school in Columbia, on ac
count of ill health. She is suffering
from a bronchial affection. She expec
ted to return to her duties on Monday,
but her physician thought it imprudent
to do so. This is quite a disappoint
ment to this lady, as she has taken
great pride in teaching, and feels a
great interest in the success of the gra
ded schools.
Not Happy.
L.aureua County people must be do
ing well. One familyhas sorghum mo
lasses made during the war. In
.another family "an old lady" has just
gnade up a cotton dress out of cloth
Swoven during the war. Another has
an iron candle stick over one hundred
years old. also a wooden churn, that
-was brought from Virginia with the
candlestick and it has been in use ever
since. Another man has swapped his
mule for a fiddle. Still another has a
cow that has been giving milk regu
-larly for seven years. The grain crop
Is looking well, and yet those Laurent
people are not happy.
More of the Storm.
WVe learn that the section of county
in which Mr. D. S. Graham lives was
also severely visited by the storm.
This gentleman's house was raised up
seerIfeet and let down again with
out-damaging it. He had four acres of
oak timber l1terally cut down, besides
much pine timber destroyed. His chim
neys were also damaged. His st.able
and tenant houses were unroofed.
Mr. Robt. Cromer near by also sus
:tained damage. A tenant house was
- blown down, and the wife of a tenant
~was badly hurt, besides much timbe:
Andrew Cromer, had his gin house
-lwn downf,tohr with his screw,
sad uchpineandoak timber d
.troyed. _______
When Winbarn came to Newberra
'he d ogepCt totay but a shori
Ana ad h thJ mebut wBm
Mar 7 10 4t
To Repair Damages.
Dear lady, there is probably no use
telling you that fashionable life in a
great city is a rough one on your
beauty. Late hours, loss of sleep and
mental excitement will leave you by
and by shorn of those beautiful tresses
which drew lovars.around you in-other
years. Artificial substitutes can never
pass for those rich and glossy leks.
Parker's Hair Balsam will stop your
hair from falling out, restore its nat
ural color and softness, and prove
cleansing and beneficial to the scalp.
Mar. 1-Im.
The Cotton Plant
Grows in importance, and is now in
its ninth number, reaching out and ta
king deeper root in an appreciative
soil. We are pleased that its energet
ic proprietor, Mr. W. J. McKerrall is
making a success of the Cotton Plant.
Its exceeding low price, only 60c. a
year, puts It down so low that the man
who heglects to take it, ranks himself
among the unpardonably indifferent.
We can give no better advice than
this-send 60e. to the proprietor at
Marion, S. C., and secure the best and
the only agricultural paper published
in the State.
Speak it Aloud.
"Tell it not in Gath, nor speak it
in the streets of Askalon," for what
good will it do the Gathites. or they of
Askalon, or what' will it benefit the
individual we design to honor? not a
speck, not a mite, not a shadow. But
shout it aloud inthe streets of New
berry, of Prosperity, of Pomaria, of
Jalapa, or any other of the priucipal
cities in the county of Newberry. Yes,
breathe It, speak it, shout it, thunder
it, from early morn till dewy eve,
that C. F. Jackson has withdrawn from
publie gaze that dilapidated garment
which has beci for so long rotting on
the historic bush. It was a sorry piece
of clothing known to him and to many
others as credi. He now sails under
the broad pennat of eask, and the
smallest of smal profits. The foundation
of his house is now of solid rock, and
not as before of sand. See his card.
Another Rescue from Death.
In 1881, while Sewing on a machine,
my wife was taken with a severe pain
in her side, which was soon followed
by hemorrhages from her lungs, se
vere cough, fever, and she could neither
eat or sleep, and in a few weeks she
was reduced to a living skeleton. Her
stomach refused to retain any food
and the physician thought one of her
lungs was entirely gone. At a final
consultation of two physicians her
case was pronounced hopeless. Itried
Brewer's Lung Restorer by advice of
one of the physicians and she began
to improve after the third dose. She
continued the inedicine and is now in
excellent health, and Is better than she
has been in several years. I believe
Brewer's Lung Restorer saved her
Yatesville, Ga.
Preacher's Meeting.
The ministers of the town have be
gul a weekly preachers' meeting at
which they exchange views and dis
cuss questions connected, with their
preaching and pastoral work. At the
meeting last Monday morning the fol
lowing resolution was adopted :
Resolved, that we the pastors of the
several churches in the town of New
berry do hereby express our sincere
and profound conviction, that indul
gence in the modern dance, on the part
of professing christians, is detrimental
to their religious influence, hurtful to
their spirituality an<i tends to moral
evil; and we do, therefore, most ear
nestly and affectionately urge the
members of our churches :o abstain
from this worldly amusement.
Our Bull Dog.
We neglected saying in the last issue
of the HEEALD that tfhe dog bor,ght by
Suimes and presented to us can be
seen in the Book Store. We have
never before seen a dog of this species,
so marked in its characteristics, so ut
terly utter a Bull Dog in look, and
yet so gentle, so kiud. Thbe expres
sfon that butter will not melt in the
mouth, never found a better applica
tion than in our dog's case. Could
we trace his pedigree back we feel
confident that a kin-ship could be es
tablished between, him and Old Dog
Tray, he who was so gentle and so
kind. Come and see our dog reader,
we are satisfied that you will be pleas
ed with him. To save unpleasant
feelings, do not try to buy or.beg him
from us, we tell you now that he is
not for sale, nor can we part with
Sweet Gum.
When we consider the medical au
thority of the world recognizing our
Sweet. Gum to be the finest stimula
ting expectorant known, and that the
proprietor of "Tiaylor's Cherokee Rem
edy of Sweet Gumi and Mullein" has
the formula of the Cherokee Nation
of incorporatinig the sweet gum with the
tea of the mullein planit of the old
fields-which many of our readers will
remember our grand mothers making
under the direction of the old family
physician for croup, whooping cough
and colds-It is no wonder that "Tay
lor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum
and Mullein'1 is producing such effec
tive cures in Coughs, Croup, Whoop
ing Coughs, and all bronchial affec
For sale by all leading druggists,
25c. and $1.00.
Manufactured by Walter A. Taylor,
Atlanta, Ga., proprietor Taylor's Pre
mium Cologne.
Teachers Association.
The Teachera Association of Newberry
County met on Saturday, March 1st, in the
Female Academy. The attendance was fiat.
tering, much larger than at any previous
meeing. Several Teaehers indicated a wish
to become members. The question previous
v selected for discussion at this meeting was:
"What is the best mothed oftschool govern
mnt" The discussion was opened by the
President of the association,Capt. Pifer. He
maintained that the prime object to be ob
taed by the teacher was the attention of
the pupils. He said that punishment should
be rare, but certain and immediate. Ho
said he would emphasize the remark that
irmness, kindness, self control were the es
sential requisites of a good teacher. The
farther discussion of the subject was partici
pated in by President Holland, Profs. Welch
and Cork, and Superintendant Boyd. and
Mr. Banks.
The question of corporeal punishment was
incidentally brought into the discussion.
On this point, the association seemed about
equally divided, some maintaining that there
was mnch vir tue in the rod, while others
hogt it worked an tnjury.
The next meeting will be held on tie first
Saturday In June, and the question selected
fo d-cussion is "The best method for teach
ug English Grammar." The diseussion will
be opened by Prof. J. C. Cork of Prosperity.
Every teacher in the County should make It
a point to attend.
bd' n get youltt.
Or two as for sme-Principsly abou
Xuio-&ivgers and not Singers-I
Pad Sorry-Flop but never
Fly-True and Fals .
Voices, &a.
I love to think of the past, and
good many things have passed, con
quently there are good many things
think about some, pleasant; some n<
I am Imaginative, fond of musing;
have an ear for ihusic, and this is o:
of the things I will talk about; why
is said that a man has AN ear for m
sic when he has TWO is incomprehe
sible to me. Both of my ears are m
sical, tenderly so, and a false no
grates on them with horrible discor
7-contend that there are singers, whi
at the same time there are not singer
and strange to say, those who are n
good singers pride themselves on ben
the best. Do you know that there a
men and women who have no music
talent whatever, and who yet by a elo
training acquire a theoretical know
edge of the science, and sing and ph
BY NoTE,. who are yet ignorant of tl
divine sense of music-that is have i
ear for music-who are of that cla
the bard Shakespeare had in min
as being without 'music in their souls
I feel sorry for them, a great sorrov
and yet I feel as sorry for those wl
have musical ears, when those ears a
lacerated by a discord of false sound
One can listen to a melo'dy, and tl
sweet sound enters the ear, the bra
feels it. and he can reproduce it wit
delicious effect. Another has no ea
he hears it, he tries to repeat it, but I
can no more give you the sweetness (
that melody than he can fly ; he ma
flop his arms and reach out to the ci
cnambient air, but he fails to ris
Music indeed hath charms, and happ
is the man who hath music in h
Music is an essence-a divine, a i1
ing essence.
A dozen men and women form them
selves into a club or a choir, and sit
scientitically, and by note, but one (
two of them may have false voices, c
are false in someparticular note. Wel
they sing, and the consequence is, the
produce discord. To a sensitive ev
this is painful. They sing from t
book, and they sing with the Voice
givpn them by nature, but nevertbele
their singing is all wrong, and pain
given where pleasure onlv was' intel
ded. Diminuendo or crescendo niak
no difference to them, they sing lou
when it should be soft, low and swee
Some voices are coarse, not bass; the
is a difference between coarseness an
bass; some voices are shrill, and pier
the tympanum like a two-edged swor
Oh that I might flee to the mountain
and listen to some sweet diapason (
the grand old woods-pature's orche
tra-at such times. I donot blame at
man or woman because they are ii
gifted with perfect, sweet, natural va
ces, for God has made them just wh
they are, I only attempt to show th;
there exist all kinds of voices, voie
false, voices true, voices soft as Aolia
harps, voices harsh and rough as cro
cut saws, and that there is sush a thin
as a natural ear for music ; that the:
are singers, while there are those wi
are not singers. There is no remed
for this, at least none that is easi
available. It might be remedied t
some master of music selecting the m
terial for a choir-throwing out tl
false, and retaining the true and tt
perfect. 1 have written this simply b
cause I have an ear for music, or a pi
of them, and to show, so fai- as I kuoi
a little of what there is in music, a:
not in the spirit of criticism, or with
disposition to carp, and far from a (1
sire to wound. I have not a word
say for or against any of the choirs
the difl'erent churches of the tow
they do their best, and are entitled
the gratitude of 'the public, bu-I st
say that there are voices, and there a
not voices. True voices, and fal
An Brror.
The advertisement inserted ini tl
HERALD three weeks .ago, by our mi
conception was made to say that ti
County of Newberry had adopted ti
Books of the Appleton Publishing C4
Newberry was not included, and a
supposing that .the omission was:
error on the part of the advertiser, 3
Nasi, inserted it on our own authorit
It has raised a hubbub between our ho
orable Board and the Book ager
but we are happy to say that the m:
ter is now amicably settled, that :
coffee nor pistols will result, and ti:
our Board has adopted the Books.
Dr.R. P. Clark.
A friend called on us Wednesd
evening, and we discoursed. Our frie:
was in a happy frame of mind, he w
just from prayer meeting. We tout
d upon the past, and among otli
events and persons, we talked of was o
good and mutual fi-iend, Dr. R.
Clark, of Jalapa. -What a good m
he has ever been, what a good man
is yet. It was a pleasant theme-'
esteem Dr. Clark. Everybody w
knows any body knows Dr. Clark. I
said friend - I have known him, I
these many years, and i'll tell you o
circumstance which is written on r
heart. My wife was sick, very si<
sick unto death. I sent for Dr. Clai
He lived a great distance off. T
very mention of sendling for him see
ed to revive my wife, her eye glisten<
she lay in expectation. At length t
sound of a horse's' feet was heal
blessed sound, it gave new streng
and life to my wife. She grew bet1
from that moment. She always si
after that, the sound of that hors
hoofs saved her life, so great was I
confdence in Dr. Clark.
Jalapa Items.
Since we last wrote you the wi
has been quite tempestuous, soi
hard freezes preventing ploughing
the mornings. Some large flakes
snow fell Saturday night.
The plants of the early gardene
have succumbed, as we previously p:
Your townsman H. H. Bles, Esa
has selected a name for a new b
who arrived at his house-in honor
two of our most distinguished citize
-boy's name "Cannon Gary." M
he ever be as useful and as good a ci
zen as Col G. S. Cannon, or Dr. Ji
K. Gary, for then we predict no pc
tion in life too worthy for him.
Capt. W. H. Hammend of Helei
an old engineer, now runs our ster
horse on Laurens Railway.
An extra force commenced work
the stringer track of the Laurens-Ri
way Monday morning and we predi
that the road will be put in first clh
order, and run offs will only be knoi
as things of the past.
Rev. Arial pregehed an able serm
at Tranquil yesterday, on "Though
be dead yet ,speaketh" reminding
that children Imitate us, and that <
deeds live on and on, &c.
Colds are numerous in many far
While in your town on the 1st,
was surprising to see the many hi
dred persons there obtaining prol
Ions, truly to be a Grocery merehi
Ia your town is,more tobe desiredtk
the PaeMeaoy of the UnitedBtS*uI
Various and All About.
Gardening is at a stand still for the
Mr Z. L. White's red doors and win
dows make quite a show.
We are beginning to be hopeful of
fruit, of apples at least.
a Who will we nominate for Mayor? is
e- now the leading question.
One of our Trial Justices has been
stirring up defaulting jurors.
le B.tH. Lovelace expects to open a gen
it eralstore soon at Mann's old stand.
Wiuburn keeps making those Beau
tifhl Photographs, cone and be taken.
B i F 2-tf
J. Bricklaing on the Factory had to
le be suspended for several days because
s, of the intense cold.
)t Since Thursday last, the weather has
,- been excessively cold. Late sown oats
0 will fare badly.
c Hon. George Johnstone has placed a
I- mill on his farm, and is cutting fine
y lumber by the million feet.
e Mr. W. T. Wright has improved the
appearance of his place by giving a
s go-d side-walk along the front of his
lot, and erecting a neat fene.
, It rained, sleeted, snowed and clear
o ed away all on Saturday night, Sab
e bath marning was bright and cheery,
3. but cold.
e The fish Venders have been shouting
"shad, "shad" on our streets for some
time-the price and the shad are not
)f A young girl in Philadelphia who for
y three years has been a patient sufferer
r- with sore-throat, has been el'ectually
3. cured by using Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
7 The Fire Company was out Monday
i with their Engine. They piumped out
the Cistern in rear of the Court House
to find another leak.
- An old saying has it, that if March
g conies in like a lion. it will go out like
>r a lamb. This March suit-ly began
>r enough like a lion to end up with a
1, lamb.
If any person wati to be sou.idly
L cu-abused for a year and a day, let
e him get elected one of the town officers.
s We think we know several who have
had some experience in that way.
I- A little stir was made Friday eve
a ning caused by the burning out of a
d chimney in Mr. L. W. P. Riser's resi
t. dence. Some one yelled "fire," but he
-e subsided after one faint yell.
d The preliminary healing in the case
e of the State vs W. H. Blease arrested
on the affidavit of H. 'R. Blease for
"Subornation of perjury." There be
ing no evidence whatever to sustain te
charge, the defendant was discharged.
)t A red bot despatch has been received
which imparts the pleasing intelligence
it that the Wizard's are on their way back
it to the green pastnres of Newberry.
s We extend them the best welcome in
n our power.
s Mr. Frank Baxter is progressing fine
g ly with repairs in the Court room.
e He has the Ventilator near about fin
o ished. Would it not be well to have a
double lined Ventilator fixed up in each
y jury room.
a- A dashing widow contracted with
te one of our citizens, that if he would or
te could assist 'n capturing a furniture
e- dealer, who was supposed to be a wid
ir ower, she would give hinm, the citizen,
v. a split bottome~d chair.
id Mr. Boone, post master received a
a telegram yesterdamy from rrof. Remnen
eyi, th iolinist, asking that his mail
be forwarded to Knoxville, Ten n., at
once. This w< uld indlicate that lie will
not be here as advertised.
11 Some talk of R. L. McCaughrin pur
re chasino the corner next to the 0old
se Pratt <Trug store and building on it.
Hope he has or will, as e~ -know lie
would erect buildings that would be an
ornament to the City.
J. B. Heller is of the opinion that it
ie would be well for every family
s- to provide a cellar to stow the family
te in when a "Harrycane" is coming; and
i then go in with thema, and lie says if
'you don't go in quick you need not go
re at all.
:r. The "boys" killed one hundred and
y. seventy-four robins Tuesday in the
n yards of D. W. 'T. Kibler, and Dr. Mc.
it, Intosh. Mr. Silas McCaughrin laid on
it.. our table a great luig of these deli.
1o eious pie and fry wtkers Wednesday,
at Judging from our pile he must have
killed immensely. Pretty good boys.
The Herald notes :he following mnem
bers of the Bar pre. cnt fronmNewberry
1 at the late terms of the Laur ens Court.
id Viz. L. W. S'mpkins,. W. H. Carwile,
a Geo S. owe . L.J. Jones. Gen A. C.
h- Garlington. We were not aware thai
er we had a W. II. Carwile a member o1
ur the Bar.
SQuite a number of persons were.ii
etown Monday, and mule and horse tra
yding was qu:te livelyf but did not
amount to much. Several cases o
i 'over..hilarious.'' Some movement
!among candida&tes. They do not seen
eto be bold yet, but will likely soon gel
over their modesty..
k. An old citizen who was in the mids
k. of the cyclone and who suffered greal
e damage therefrom spoke of the tre
n- mendens noise that accompanied the
d, storm. He was asked to describe it
he and said that if all the noises he hae
d ever heard was put into one noise, il
th would be nothing like it.
ir Adelicate child is more subject t<
,dworms than a healthy one, as in the
s economy of nature, one animal Is mad<
erto subsist uponi another, and th<
weaker goes dlown. At the first indi
cation of worms administer Shriner'i
Indian Vermifuge the infalible remedy
ad For sale by Dr. 8, F, Fant,
in The ease of Anthony Ilenwick v'
mJno C. & W. L. Ducket was tried ba'
ofore Trial Justice ReId on Thursday
The jury gave Plaintiff a verdict foi
8~ 20.75. This suit was for damages I:
failure to saw logs for Plaintill, an.
has been in Court for near two years
being first heard Jno. L. Eppa. Tria:
fJustice, from wvhioe judgment ther<
ns w an appeal.
ay One of ouir citizens In the Easterr
ti- part of the conty and living just or
0. the edge of the track of the lat4
si- cyclone, hearing the noise and seeing
the almost constant fiashes of light
2, ning, ran out to see what was the mat.
.m ter. Soon he came running back int<
the house, almost breathless, and said
on "Mary, it is judgment day, and, atndl'
l- not prepared," and. Mary hafl hart
it, work to quiet him. He says thos4
iss storms do stir a man up~ awfutlly.
hu Mrs. Hunnicut of Anderson, wai
ur burned to death, on the 3rd inst
Her clothing . took fire and th<
11 hiames were communicated. to th4
house which was consumed. Odil1
.n a portion of the lady's body wai
is- found in the rmine.
Th lue Ridge mountains art
a entirely covered with snow. Snol
'Ia GrenSood and Andetsman
Pleased to see "Uncle" Mark Boyd
on 7he streets Monday.
Miss Leila Reves, is visiting her sis
ter Mrs. Wm. Houseal, of this place.
Mrs. C. Mower left for New York to
purchase spring goods.
Gen. A. C. Garlington gave us a call
Mr. Oberdorfer the relative and
guest of Mr. Foot, left for his home in
Charlottesville, on Tuesday.
Col. I. F. Hunt, now of Greenville,
on his way to Charleston, stopped
over to see old frIends, kin and famil
iar places.
We are pleased to meet 31r. J. Ham
ilton Hunt, now of New York, but a
native of this county. He is looking
J. D. Smith has returned from the
"blue grass" country. Drate knows a
good horse when he sees one, but then
lie can't shake hands with two voters
at once.
-Mr. Vans Raixlall, brother of Mrs.
Silas Johnston is in the City on a vis
it to relatives, Mr. Randall has for
many years been a resident of Liver
pool, Entgland. le owns a farm in
Florida where his only son resides,
where he will go after visiting here for
a short while.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Feb. 15, Silas Johnstone, Master, to
Mary P. Livingston 179 acres, T. No.
1, $3500.
Feb. 15, Mary P. Livingstoue to B.
L. Dominick 179 acres, T. No. 1, $3500.
Feb. 26, E. D. Gibson to G. B. &
Joseph Caldwell 199-100 acres, T. No.
2, Love and affection.
Feb. 26, James Moore to Maybin C.
Moore 27 1-10 acre, T.'No. 11, $271.
Feb. 19, C. S. Wells to Robt. S'mp
kins j aere, T. No 1, $35.
Feb. 19, Robt. an! Jane Simpkiis to
31. A. Carlisle I acre, T. No. 1. $105.
Feb. 10, James A. Caldwell, Exo'r.
to Eliza P. Caldwell 56 A acres. T. No.
1, 8700.
Feb. 19, Efliot E. Taylor to Bush
River Baptist Chnreh 25 acres, T. No.
0, 8150.
Feb. 20, C. & G. S. Mower to James
F. Todd 2 lots T. No. 1, $1800.
Feb. 29, Marv L. Coulter et. al. to
Elliot E. Taylor 25 acres, T. No. 6, on
Feb. 20, C. H. Suber to Tench C.
Pool 1050 8-10 square yards T. No. 1,
Feb. 19, A. J. Gibson to C. H. Saber
interest in 167 acres, T. No. 2, $300.
Feb. 20. Mary E. Harmon to C. &
G. S. Mower 7 12-103 acres, T. No. 1,
Feb. 19, Jno. P. Sloan to Caroline L.
Sloan 294 acres; T. No. 1, $2500.
Feb. 1, Euphenia E. Sehumpett to
J. W. C. Taylor his interest 6} acres,
T. No. 9, $2000.
Feb. 18, D. B. Wheeler to F. N.
Calmes 82 acres, T. No. 4. 81400.
Feb. 18, Sarah E. Scott and Maria
E. Brown to T. C. Pool 15 acres, T.
No. 1, $20.
Feb. 1S' J. W. C. Taylor to Euphcnia
E. Schumpert 56 70-100 acres, No. 9,
Feb. 18, R. W. Kibler, Extri'x and
D. W. Kibler, Exo'r. to E. H. Kibler 2
lots, Prosperity, T. No. 9, $75.
Feb. 18, D. C. and Jaities Dennis to
Irvin Dennis 45 j acres, T. No. 8 $500
Feb. 18, D. C. and James Dennis to
Irvin Dennis 55 acres, T. No. 8, $350.
Feb. 29, Trustees of Newberry Cir
cuit to rustees of Newvberry Station,
Parsonage } acres T..No. 1-E xchange.
Feb. 29, Trustees of Newberry Sta
tion, to Trustees of Newberry Circuit
1 aere, T. No. 1-E xchange.
March 1. Silas Johnstone Master to
E. R. Hipp 200 acres, T. No. 4, $510.
March 1, E. R. Hipp to E. C. Briggs
200 acres. T. No. 4, 8253.
March 3. J. G. Williams to F. H. Do
minick 160 acres, No. 7. $315.
March 3, Henry Boozer to D. L.
Ham, 67) acres, No. 9, $810.
March 3, Henry lloozer to Emily
11am, 21} acres, No. 9, *258.
March 3, Lydia C. Derrick and A. P.
Dominick, exrs. to E. R. Derrick, 121k
acres, No. 9, $959 85-100.
Folks Store, Colicton, S. C.
Gentlemen Editors.-I lande.1 in'this sec
tion on the 19th. inst., and have located at
Uncle Wesley Folk's. This is a delightful
country, and the people are so clcver that
they make one feel quite at home. These
people a all well to-(lo, live good, and
seem to be happy. Uncle Wesley has a
good. nice little wife, who only weighs two
hund:ed and eighty-flye pounds. And he
seems to love three hundred pounds of her.
This country is level, and easy to cultivate,
they make good crops here when they get
Seasons ; from S to 2400 pounds of seed cot
ton. per acre; 10 to 30 bushels of corn, rice,
and all other crops in proportion. Potatoes,
peas, sugar cane, anAt all kinds of fruits do
well, oats also do well, but wheat can't be
raised on account of Eust. The ponds and
streams abound with fish and alligatos I
have had fish nearly every m'al. The
game is deer, wild turkey. rabb..:s. coon,
oposum, quails, larks, doves, and sach birds
as we have in Newberr.
some of the farmers Ijre have planted
corn and sugar cane, anf all have their land
Inse i te Coleto Press, that Newber
ry has out several candidates already. I
know it was gettinir time to sow in the gar
den, and plant Irish potatoes, but thought
it too soon to plant out Candidates. I
thoughtlI would be a candidate, but I will
not get home in time to start even. so I
will nominate Sniffles in my place. I miss
the Herald y much. I lhke to read i
amazen well, (.ousin Tom Greneker, and
sniffles have so many funny pieces in the
paper. Tel lDit, your Jalapacorrespondent,
that Uncle Wesley is all right, and as hap
py as a june bug.
The weather down here is windy and
frosty, we had a heavy frost this morning.
but warm and cloudy while I write this
evening. The storm between Eamburg
and Midway can hardly be described, it
was so sudden and terrific. More Anon.
COt. JoHN T, SLOAN, SR., is a
candidate for Secretary of the State.
All right. We do not endorse
much of what Colonel LrsCoMa
teaches, but if he is to be made an
object of attack, let us open the
fight all around. No one element
or set can rule this State. Col.
LrsCOMrB is the solitary represen
tative of up country farmers-the
men who do the bulk of the Dem
ocratic voting-in the State House.
If he has to leave, let us have a gen
eral leaving and changing.
We advise the very astute and
distinguished gentlemen who are
managing the party and the State
to nip this movement in the bud, lest
a hornet's nest be stirred up-Green
vile News.
Nawnsaay. C.H.,8. C., Mar.lst, 1884
List of advrertlsed letters for week cnding
Mar lst.1884:
E nfr, Mrs. Rosa |Brown, Miss Gennet
Riser, Mrs. Fannie (2) Carwfe Washington
Strother. Anderson Doga, I. F.
simmns, W. A. Gilt, J. P.
Sinakins. Pallien .G .nAMsslBettie
Scott, Miss sallie Glymph, Emma
seward, Win. T. Hare, Henderson
Thomas. JT. C. Herbers,, Mack
IWalsh, Denis Jackson, Joseph
Wimlams, Moore Jbohnson, Mrs. Lina
Wilson, Mise Carrie McCowans,Mrlfarnt
Youg, Miss carrie S.,Murray, The.
Nanee, ?1ss Texana
First Class, Best Quality,
Wines, Liquors, Brandies,
C an ned (3oods,
And all articles in this line.
These Goods are Cheap for Cash.
If you don't find TOM,
Call on BOB.
The business heretofore conducted
inder the name and firm of T. C.
Pool & T. Q. Boozer, was dissolved
>n the first day of January, 1884.
rhe business will now be conducted
bv me at the old 4aud. corner of Friend
Jid Pratt streets. Thankful for past
lavors I respectfully solicit a continit
tnee of the same.
Jan. 31-3m.
I am agent for the Taylor and Cox
Steam Fire extinguisher, for,
Newberry, Laurens, Spartanburg
and Greenville Counties.
The most useful invention of the age.
A life time insurance for the small
um of 035,00 or 040,00.
Will put out your gin in five minutes.
Worth what it cost for dampening
your lint room. Any man can put It
up and run it. One agent made in
one day $150. One man whose Gin
house caught fire last fall says, he
would not be without it for five hun
dred dollars.
An energetic man can..make M5600
in one year selling this extinguisher.
This is a South Carolina invention
and is no humbug.
Send for Price and Circulars to
I would respectfully call the atten
tion of my friends, patrons, and the
public generally to the fact, that I
have just returned from the Northern
markets where I purchased an elegant
Stock of
Men's, Youths, Boys and Children's
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Boots and Shoes, Trunks, Va
lises, Umbrellas &c.,
(In store and still arriving)
Black and Colored
Worsted Coats and Vests,
'and Fancy Cass Pants for Dress,
Colored Ca.ss Business Suits,
All of the latest fabrics and styles.
Especial atten~tion Is Invited to my
line of
of style, finish and color that cannot
fail to please the most fastldious,
The pulc Is respectfully asked to
examine my stock and prices before
Registration -Notice.
My office will be open on the first
Monday in each month until the S1st
of October inclusive, for the registra
tion of those who have arrived at the
age of 21 sInce the last General Elee.
-All those who have lost their certifi
cates can get them renewed by proving
to the satisfaction of the Supervisor
that they have been lost. Applica
tions for lo,st certificates must be made
at least thrt days before the next
General Elee .
WM. Y..FI,
un owfegsrall
Offers to hiq friends and customers of the past e-.M
M A**NT7wT l' AM2T
for their patronage, believing that so long as the people
ronize him they show their appreciation of him as a
to be found at FLYNN'S entitles him to a front seati
mercantile sphere, and in order to retain this positiol'.
still merit the confidence and patronage of the pe
Newberry and surroundings, he
in this announcement to lead the town in LOW
during the present year as in the past.
is not intended for an extremelt fancy or acrobatic
tisement, bu.? it means STRIC?LY BUSINESS,
if you would take care of Number One, go where you
get the most goods for the Iast money,
to your own interest, and bear in mind that the same faii
and honorable dealing which characterized FLYN8 .ans
actions of the year just closed, wil! be observed by hijp.
the year we are just entering. His constant ainghas ITe
to sell the people good, and. reliable goodls, .
And if success is the measure by which to judge, he
that he can justly claim it, as his business has in
remarkably since his appearance in Newberry.
And in this egnnection, it may not be improper to
my patrons that I have on hand Ladies' Cloaks, andW
ing Jackets 25 per cent less than New York cost.
Ready made Clothing regardless of cost.
A number of heavy over coats, regular prices from $11
to $18.00 now $8.50 to $14.00.
In fact it will pay you to call on FLYNN first.
The Domestic Sewing Machine takes the cake for
and excellency of work-, and can be bought at very
ble prices.
Tendering my sincere thanks to the Country peopleof Nw
berry for their past support I heartily pledge my continne
efforts in behalf of low prices.

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