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Special ana Local.
ri. rA. 1%pers Postumter,amPooerity,
is our 1_2hoied agent at that plae
Mr. . IL rohn win also receive anil re
ipt for subscriptions at Prosperity.
Ths rmay beAopadon21a at Ge.
owell& Newspap4r: A n BU
mean 11(ou St -*bere~advertisin oon-|
tracts mav be made for It to New Y-r|
AW1kIbs vM eocfhr a favor by esam-i
_.*he d&twXjq yts aM theirsnameL, and
0wtis ima mg* they Vi1ibtf
o rit. istalas will *rmdmas.
INDz To Nw ADvaTnsrE rs.
Notice-Town Council.
Notice-W. P. Bowers -
Notice Gin ae-G. G. Lane.
When Lovel Woman-W. C. Fisher.
Notice-Final Discharge, Wm. Lester.
S. C. m se Assodatio-John Forest.
For the HOUSd of Repreentatives-MaInY I
Blackwells Durham Tobacco.
WiHt & MIV , Vtta BrIken.
Good Ordinary ---------
Strict Good Ordinary ------
Low Middlng ----- . 9f
Vidd1M'gk ---- ----- a
ood Middling' -- - - - --- -O a
rket very firm.
ipts since Sep't. 1st,1883.15.824B.
ts for week ending
th,184. -- - -- -243 B.i
t. Charles, W. Sims, of the
hern portion of the County, died
n Wednesday last of Apoplexy.
*He had left home to go to a frieud's,
and was found by the road side insen
sible. Capt. Sims once did business
an thisplae, and mad,zna%y.frIends.
AImp everyda is a rush at
FL CANE. Apply
of Atlanta, Ga.,
-orma's Neutra
family for d num
sider it a medicine
- pt pardb"e from me
'Lwaiecific' S. S. S.) has
- Ne rnn. Swyge
Alice C
T. No.
41"uRnOgof the tee, to
townwas held Mon- fiet, T
st Parsonage. Besides Marc
ce.the Rev. Mr-j. -M. i
linton Baptist Church 9
he proceedings, which
resting. The Rev. Robt.
at Laurens.
og M. ila an-F day
column. It .404a n, large a
though nearly dead it on 11- The
Mham's Bitters rest'ored h m perfect prope
ion every.where istlinto a .tions.
and truswostthy-etIsel.- He N J. L
merchant at Clinton, S. C. sa ori
No :t- a - he prei
The Taylor & Cox Steam Tfr scope
tinguishe: we are pleased to see has hea
an agent in our~ town for the exhib)i- than ]
tion and sale, and~none other than ourRse
young and accomplishe.d friend Mrserl
Geo. 0. Lane. He is the m.n to i
speak of lts merits, and will do so to then me
the satisfaction of all who consult him. thoe n
e can be found at the store of Mr.her
.P. Boozer. ne.ver
The Corpse Kicks. -of eacl
A meeting of the Republican Party
of the town was held on Tuesday thujec
niiiht, for the pumpose of appointing TheI
deegates to attend a County Conven- uThe
tion to be held here on Saturday next. it
T wenty-two delegates were appointed. a es
The- object of the Convention of Sat- sep
urday is to select delegates to attend scipts
the ~State Convention to meet m~ Col- Del
umnbia on the 15th cf April next. the 2
HaD. '- - the ev
*Our toilm anda leki ~ iv visited Alt
by a .very'sere haiLs~-n Toes- Sn)ee
da-afternooli. 'the baUl # y T &e fu
ly ~the size ofgUieOiegZs. i0ii A.W Eelsm
Mill the hail was more ahnia c on c
ering the ground two or three inches -The
and very large. There was. ltle or arnme
n wind ioprlsg,. * 'the dawmage tpterest
wndowsirQtild.htve beeji grfat. ladin
Statistics Prove It. - cp
The Awieretrddnot intend subje<
that half the children born should die intere
der five years of age. But correet tiani
sttistics prove this to be the estimate. "Chri
Mothers just think of it ! And how Satun
many of this number from strong, per of
giping and poisonous medicines? op Ca
Echoanswers, how tuany? Norman's Aboul
Neitralizing Cordial contains not one to Th
harmful Ingredient. An infant just. g.3
born can take it with Impunity. moeie
tiele <
Religious. aketel
There will be preaching at Smyrna "''e
church on the 5th Sabbath of this Cn
ioth by Rev. W. G. Neville of Nine- od
ty-Six. And on the 1st Sabbath in temp(
April by. Rev. E. G. Smith, of Mars
Blf', S. C. beisd
The Rev. E. P. McClintock preached. Wid
an ezeellent sernnon ill the Met-hodist""
Church Sunday night, to a large andHen
attentive congregation. - Gei
The Rev. J. A Clifton preached in
-e colored Methodist Church Sunday by ac
umeonaandene.. :systhatNe- "Aov
de pacedeasier or fre en
In the Baptist Church on next Sun-.P~~
day, there will be preaching only at.If
nih,as the Patrwill be absent inSte
the morning, attending the Unin er
Meeting~ at Mt. Zion. substr
Rev. Dr. W. hi. Grier, President of nb
rkirne College, will preach in Tho'uin Anot
n Street Church on next Sunday.
~ wo~,qe -my v
- e e a by b
3 a= 8 ' 3 eat
g - e - es i iwasa
SL ~ ~ a-3 9I cons
r !j case
--3 m toi
~ ji L1 ijj~j~ I
s exce,
* jias-.
Your Strengthening Bitters has been
of great remedial service to me and
For two years I was sick from Dys
pepsia. Indigestion and accompanying
depression. It Is the best medicine I
ever used and 1 gladly state it.
23-2t Clinton, S. C.
Road Working.
We often hear the expression, "the
right man in the right place." This
seems quite applicable in the case of
Capt. W. W. Riser, who was lately,
much against his wishes, promoted to
the position of Road Overseer in his
road division. There had been great
complaint made of the roads. The
Captain vowed they should have a good
road, and to effect this he had all his
available force ordered out. Upon in
specting tools they were found short,
so lie at once made a detail and sent
to the County Commissioners for an
additional supply. A wagon load was
at once dispatched to the scene of
action. The road was at once attacked,
and when last heard from the Captain
had taken the first line. and in four
days hard fighting, had advanced not
quite half a mile, with forces all in
Food order. The loose dirt thrown up,
in that road, is up to the bed of a wag
on passing over. Capt. Riser is still
confident and says there shall be a
good road if "it takes all Summer."
A friend while passing cast an eye
over the tools, and says that in the lot
he observed two side saddles. As the
Captain is making snch a good road,
it would be well to have him explain
the use of the side saddle in such work,
for the benefit of other sections of the
Transfers of Real Estate.
March 7- '84, John Dominick to F.
H. Dominick 126 acres, T. No. 9, $200.
W. B. Chaplin to Mattie E. Pass
more, et. al. 60) acres, T. No. 3,
March 3, J. C. Wilson-to F. H. Dom
inick 67 acres, T. No. 9 $652,50.
March -i, Jas P. Adams to Anna H.
Adams 55 acres T. No- $85.
March 8, F. L. Boozer to J. 0. Meri
dith 48 acres T. No. 1, $1050.
March 3, J. B. Fellers P. Judge to
Silas J. Cromer 70 acres, Township
No. 11, $54>.
March 3. J. A. Lathrop to J. P. Ad
arad;126 acres T. No.
:Mireh 8, J. 0. Meridith to James
Gauntt 35 acres, T. No. 1, $50.
Johnstone to Wm. P.
ob1, $410.
4acre T. NO. .
4 1, Fannie C. MeeW L
. Chapman to J.F. Todd I acre, 4, G.
LI $2,00 - Jack
18, R. L. McCaughrin, Trus- L M
Alice C. Chapman, 967 square
, No. 1, $1,000. Tobe
h 21, D. B. Wheeler, Sheriff, to Mr
Vheeler et. al. 52 acres, T. No. inatic
aid t
renakosmian AnniversarY. Schu1
wenty-fifth anniversary of the The i
Lkosmian Literary Society was Th
ted in the Opera House last
evening in the presence of a Pr(Pc
udience. cline(
President, J. S. Wheeler, of tione
rity, made a short introductory Pool,
Sshowing the history and ap- J, g
teness of anniversary celebra
Bowers read an interesting es- W ari
"Spectrum Analysis" In which lace,
ented some of the important and ford;
rful revelations of the spectro- Ed. E
question, "Resolved that Greece 3, 0.
reater impress on the world E. C.
rome" was discussed by S. T. T. Q
on the affirmative, and H. F. Geo.
y on the negative. The ques- Th
not entitled to a place among a
dern inventions ; but the debateas<
interesting. We have often lowiI
te question discussed, but we rnl:
heard a more satisfactory pres- derm
n of the argument in support War<
rkness-then Light" was the C.
t of an excellent oration by Ar-- Gild'
ibler. Orn
exercises ran smoothly through- ing
ch :speaker was master of his mous
and there was none of the dis
ble .drawing of concealed mnanu- Ml
so often seen on similar occa. kowih
ghtful. music, was furnished by.
rewberry orchestra; the audi- R
ias quiet and attentive during. tenai
sing. pres
gether the celebration waat the
- *ofd&
agzn their
April issue of the Belectic Mag- publ
marshals a strong array of in
n - and well-selected articles,
the way with one by Cardinal Utes
an entitled "The Inspiration of. the t
Lre," wvhich professies to give the licat
of the Roman Church .on - this
't. Other articles bearing on the.
its of religion are : "The. Chris- ing
evolution," by W. S. Lilly, and
stianity and Politics." from the
ray Eerier. A semi-religious pa- G:
remarkable interest, is by. Bish
rliske, and is called "Thoughts
Aparitions." "An Invitation
aner," by Andrew Wilson, F. R. Mar<
and "The Germ Theory of Zy
Diseases." H. H. Stathem's ar- Th
n "Mfozart" gives an admirable Yorl
Sof that great composer. The tieled
s, "Tonquin and Anam," and rend
GuiQf, " by Cap...R. on it
A I. E. bear on important eon- blose
>rary interests. Suggestive and a cir
ale papers on literary topics will mak
und uder the heads of "The of a
iu-df Goethe," by Prof. Blackie : the
e Polish Portraits," from Con orna
aazin; and "The Last Dave of men
ih Heine," from the Pall MVal cont
e. Phil Robinson is represented Mr.
other of his unique papers'on an- tend1
in poetry, entitled "Bears and Gar<
is." There is a capital story, be n-?
Adventure in Southern Italy," coll(
Blackcood's and a trenchant O.s
f,rom the same monthly, "Pessi- ties
)lished by E. R. Pelton 25 Bond vant
t, New York. Terms, $5 per ao
single number 45 cents; trial ject
iption for 3 months, $1. dept
ly s
her Beseue fromn Death. shoi
1881, while sewing on a machine, qui
'ife was taken with a severe pain As
r side, which was soon followed Flo,
ermorrhages from her lungs, se- time
mough, fever, and she could neitherb
u ep nd in a few weeks she u
educed tQ a living skeleton. Her s
sh refused to retain any food o
be physician thought one of her As
was entirely gone. At a final ma
ilation .of two physicians her a
was pronounced hopeless. Itried ann
er's Lun Restorer by advice of.
of the pysicians and she began d e
prove aftr the third dose. She
kued the medicine and is now in
lent health, and is better than she the
en in several years. I believe our?
-r's Lung Restorer saved her two
' BNg. F. BEBNDON, lng
TtkaaIm. Gn. hi
Maj. N. T. Wardlaw, of Abbeville
was in town the first of the week.
Miss Chrisie Sligh is in town, spend
ing a few days with her sister Mrs. T
F. Greneker.
Mr. M. A. Carlisle has been quite sic
for a week or two, and has been con
fined to his room.
Geo. B. Cromer, Esq.. has been ar
pointed a member of the County Boar
of Examiners.
James H. Rice of Ninety-Six, wa
in town Tuesday.. He is of the laN
firm of Benett & Re of Abbeville
and was here on professional busines.
Mr. John R. Sondley was prostrate
last week by a stroke of paralysis, bu
is improving. Mr. Sondley's healt
has not been good for some time.
Col. J. N. Lipscomb's friends wil
be sorry to learn that he has been con
fined to his room for some days. He i
improving somewhat; but is still unabl
to be out.
Senator Thos. C. Brown had
stroke of paralysis last week. an,
suffered very much, but we are gla,
to know that he is mucIh better. W
shall hope to see him out agaim
usual health.
The information yesterday was tha
Dr. Brown was better, that he wa
rational and could move his paralyze,
limb slightly.
NEWBERRY, March 25, 1884.
A meeting of the citizens wa
held in the Opera House at 5 o'cloc
this afternoon for the purpose c
nominating a council for the et
suing term. On motion of Mr. Y
J. Pope, Dr. Jas. McIntosh wa
called to the chair; and, on motiol
of Mr. 0. L. Schumpert, Geo. I
Cromer, was elected Secretary.
By request of the chair, Mr. Pop
'stated the object of the meeting.
Mr. Schumpert moved, That
committee of three from each warc
and three from the town at large b
appointed to nominate a tickel
Carried. On motion of Mr. Pop
it was decided. That one colore
citizen from each ward and on
from the town at large be appointe
as members of the committee.
The chair appointed the con
mittee as follows: Ward I, Ja
Y. Culbreath, B. H. Cline and San
Chappell; Ward 2, I. N. Gary, E<
hl " and Jack Thompsor
S. Mower, W. H. Lane an7-ir
Whitener; town at large, R.
Caughrin, W. T. Wright and reac
Dawkins. sufi
Schumpert moved, That nom- fire,
ns be made- in the meeting to tena
he committee in making selec
Mr. Bass moved, That Mr. the
npert' a motion be tabled. Lost. ley,
aotion was then carried. tulte
following gentlem6n were eral
ised, a number of whom de- '
as their names were men- A
1: Mayor, Y. J. Pope, J. P. b*
W. T. Tarrant, J. E. Brown, by
Johnstone, W. H. Hunt, and slin
Y. Culbreath; Aldermen : the
1, B. H. Cline, W. H. Wal
. M. Speers and Geo. Lang- exc
Ward 2, 0. B. Mayer, Jr., and
holtz and W. H. Hunt; Ward are
C. Chase. C. A. Bowman and moi
Jones; Ward 4, J. K. Gilder, to 1
Boozer, A. M. Bowers and Op
cWirter. T
committee retired, and, after dial
-t absence, reported the fol- O
ticket, through Mr. McCaugh ele
ayor, J. M. Johnstone; Al- mos
en, Ward I, B. H. Cline; tria
12, 0. B. Mayer, Jr.; Ward 3,
Bowman; Ward 4, Jas. K. eve
r. din~
motion of Mr. Pope, the meet- giv<
atified the report by a unani- impi
vote. hen
C. B. Buist offered the fol- ma
g resolution, which was adopt.- ,
oved, That, by their main- the
ce of the public peace and the hor
vation of law and order, and tot
-igid and impartial discharge stre
y, the present municipal ad- Far
jtration deserve the thanks of
fellow citizens, as faithful '
servants. Tb:
.Pope moved, That the min- Un<
f the meeting be furnished to sch
tree local newspapers for pub- dr
n. Carried, thei
motion of Mr. Pope, the meet
djourned- mo
Chairman. cas
o. B. CROMEn, lf
Secretary. 2t
Ladies Eloral Cabinet New Pr<
,has among the illustrated ar- day
in Its March number two that of
r it especially attractive. One, ciel
first page, of a -searlet Lily. the the
oms of which range themselves in the
le at the top of the~ iower-stalk, wil
g a gorgeous crown. The other the
E'loral Arch, ilbi trting one of
ways by which' telawn can be
mented aside frotnddding arange- ore
s. Various interesting papers are th(
ributed by well-known writers. be:
Wn. Falconer, formerly superin- A
ent of the Harvard Botanical min
ten, describes how a garden can WO
ade beautiful with hardy flowers cia
eted from the woods and mead- lar
F. Lance tells us of the novel- mn:
among Roses grown both in this
try and abroad. E. D. Sturte
has some interesting facts to give
"Yellow Water-Lilies," a s'ub- he
rn which he is an authority. In the O.u
tent of Home Decorations on- siL
ch novelties in fancy-work are
nu as are easy of execution and re- th:
small outlay for materials, a fea- my
which commends it to all ladies. W(
he season is at hand when Spring an
er Gardens must be made, it is Cc
ly to say to our readers that the ,
ishers of the Floral Cabinet send fi
year, post free, to every yearly Ti
eriber, T wo Everblooming Roses, or,
n packets of Choice Flower Seeds- ha
before stated, any of our readers A:
have a copy of the Cabinet for ex
ation at half price (six cents), by ti
tioning this paper. Address, La- ni
'Floral Cabinet, 22 Vesey Street, be
York. fo
any persons wish to subscribe for be
Floral Cabinet in connection with g
own paper. we can furnish the so
-including the "Two Everbloom- ~
Boses," or the "Ten packets of C
as 3WaV'n..tfQ 41o.9t
Various and AR About.
The spring time is coming gentle
_ Register, if you want to vote for
The Sultan of Sooloo is deacd-it was
not known generally that he was sick.
- The Senior Editor of the HERALD
is still sick-has been contined to his
rjoi for three weeks.
j So soon as the ground has sufficient
ly dried, it will be safe to begin gar
dening in earnest.
v You might wish to vote badly, at
the municipal election, if you do not
register before the first of April.
Winburn keeps making those Beau
t tifhl Photographs, come and be taken.
h I 2-tf
Vote for the nomineeA of the town
1 meeting, and let there be no cutting or
- splitting.
The weather is becoming delightful.
and the prospect for gardening is de
cidedly better than in several weeks.
Too much rain falling now, be pre
paring for a dry summer and when
you do plow, be sure to plow deep.
A When you come to town go to Win
burn's Gallery and get your picture
t taken. 2-tf.
If you can not do all the favors you
are asked for, do the best you can,
you do not know what is ahead of
Jurors, witnesses and all who have
sinned against the State should bear
s in-mind that the court of General Ses
a sions will meet on the 31st inst.
f Anthony Hennely, who accidentally
shot Soney Young has been committed
in default of bail to answer at the court
S of General Sessions.
a Geo. S. Mower, Eiq., is nominated
as a man mozt fit in every respect for
a seat in tIhe House of Representatives.
e subject of course to the Primary.
We mean what we say-sutYerers by
the recent cyclone sh'all have a twelve
anmonthis !ubscription to the Newberry
HERALD ou giviing their names at this
e oflice. Several have already applied.
The farmers were beginning to look
cheerful at the prospect of getting to
d work by Monday, but Saturday night
e the rains again, came now the ground
d - is too wet to work.
The Doctors tell you that hot Sup
. pers are not healthful. Do not be
lieve them. The Supper, to-night, will
not be so awful hot, but it will be very
nice. Be sure to attend.
Our Jalapa correspondent is revel
ing in the delightful region of the
nd of Flowers. We envy him much
- iit to Florida is a treat, at
last Thursd..T
hed us that W. 11. KulI news
red the loss of his dwelling b
but welearn that it was only a L M
,nt house. S. I
e regret not-having mentioned at _
proper time that Prof. C. C. Dud
Principal of the Kentucky Insti
for the Deaf and Dumb spent sev- Can bi
days in the city with his relative GRENE
W. E. Pelham. that p.
week, or ten days sunshine will Cars al
ailed with gladness at this time.
ry one's feelings will be improved
the generous, glorious glowing
e. Think of this, yeu who roll up *
be citizens of Peake pay no tax,
ipt one dollar a quarterstreet duty,
a liscense for bar rooms. These
the only i:ems of tax. They have
iy in the treasury. These ought
~e a happy people. Do not try an
ra house.
he HERALD officee extends a cor
invitation to friends and patrons gm
ring in a portion of the Job Print
now or ab>ult to be done. We can
ute it in first rate style. and at a
t reasonable rates. We ask a
gns of imnprovemnent are seen on
y side of our county, new buil
7, dwellings, barns, fencing, &c..
evidence of thrift, energy, and FA
rovment. We like to see, this as
every one elke. It is a sign of P
ith. In the town especially is this
lifest. At
here is a com..tant warfare being
:ed between t :e various species of THE N'
animal kingd mn. Think of the
ibleness of th : army of worms RICI
ming the citadel of life: A dose of
iner's Indian Vermifuge will de
sy them.- -For sale by Dr. S. F. The
it. our ni
just ei
le News st ates that a citizen of this existe:
sends si ven children to school. and in
.t is good. but we remember when ings.
le Henry B. on the first day of Garde
01 sent thirteen and told the chil- nish tl
r to tell the teacher that he would two I
e sent more but his wife wanted Frien<
n help to cook. elsewl
he Republicans are beginmg to for Thn
Te preparatory to an active cam- cents
n this summer. This being the tubes
our County Democratic clubs gravir
a begin to show some signs of
.The State Convention meets June
i. Every club should be fully or
tized before that time.
iite a sti ong delegation from the Sa
perity High School was up Fri
evening to attend the- exercises
the Phrenakosmlan Literary So- on
:y. We will venture to say that Mon:sz
members of the society, in fact all Joui'
students of Newberry College
I at all all times be pleased to meet inelud
m, at any aiid all publie exercises. editloi
)ur thanks are extended to our col- the sa
d friends for their subscriptions to "I*ntt
Newberry HERALD. Quite a num- NEws
-of names have been lately receivedl. party,
vast improvement is thus shown pary
their desire to be informed as to the dlent<
rking of our county interests, so- either
Iy and politically. More particu~- tine"aZ
ly do we notice this about Whit- of the
~e 's.ductic
'Why, what are you putting that on Spe
feet for," asked a man with a una.
vy cold, "Why, to draw the cold edited
of yorhead." answered the coni- an t a
erate nurs2. "The deuce you say, moa
could rather have it stay where it is and p:
m be drawn $lhe whol~e length of MOa
body." At any rate there is a tto
re pleasant method than that, go suppi
I get me a bottle of Dr. Bull's Theths
ugh Syrup. yeart
Fhe Newberry Rifles met for the Day
at time in their new Armory, on dy
tesday night. They have the Arm- Daily,
E neatly fitted up. They will soon (lay
ve the finest hall in the State. WSzE<
nong the items of business acted
on on Tuesday night wvas a resolu
>n to have a'dance on Thursday
ht at the hot supper. The mem
r of the Rifles wil: appear in uni- II~
rm We hope every one will remem-rii
r the object for whici' the supper is
sn. No better opportunity will offer when
on of doing honor to the metmory of disb
asbington and to the name oi Sonth prep
iolina; two words dear to all of g
Mr. R. LT. Greneker has bought the
right for Charlestop County to the
"Wagon Jack &c-'' Our friend knows
exactly which end of a case to go to
when he sets type, but how about the
"Jack."' We would venture to sug
gest to him that he be very particular
and not take his "Jack" to the end of
the wagon that the mules are hitched
to unless the mules should be turned
facing the wagon. A mule possesses
great raising powers someLimes.
A colored Adonis, in endeavouring
to secure the affections of a colored Ve
nus, found saiae means of inserting
his fingers into her purse and of ex
tracting three dollars. This not be
ing in accordance with the views of
morality entertained by the Gravel
town Venus, she gave him to know
that if the cash did not soon appear,
a criminal prosecution would. He
finding his cash account rather short,
gently suggested that compromise
might be effected. on the basis of a
sudden marriage. This being agree
able to Venus, a, marriage was at once
had, an( the parties are now happy.
Married Monday.
Sweet Gun.
When we consider the medieal au
thority of the world recognizing our
Sweet Gum to be the finest stiniula
tiug expectorant known, and that the
proprietor of "Taylor's Cherokee Rein
edy of Sweet Gum and Mullein" has
the formula of the Cherokee Nation
of ineorpora ing (he sweet gum with the
tea of the mullein plant of the old
fields-which many of car readers will
remember our grand mothers making
under the direction of the old family
physician for croup. whooping cough
and colds-it is no wonder that "Tay
lor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum
and Mullein" is producing such effec
tive cures in Coughs, Croup, Whoop
ing Coughs, and all bronchial affec
For sale by all leading druggists,
25c. and $1.03.
M uinfactured by Walter A. Taylor.
Atlanta. Ga., proprietor Taylor's Pre
mium Cologe.
NEWBERRY. C.H., S. C., Mar.22. 1884
List of advertised letters for week ending
Mar 22nd, 154:
Adams. Miss Susan IIendrix, Geo P
Abbott, J B Johnson, Mrs S C
Anderson, M A Johnston, Miss F G
enjaman. Nelson Kindare. Mrs C
iand, Julius Keene, Fred W
13cuford, Mrs Jordan Murray, Mr I N
Burton, Charjote(col) Massaian. Miss I
Brooks, E A Ruff, P W
Chalmers. J C Russell, Seymour
Duncan, Eliza Snowten, Miss Irene
Davenport. Philip Steabin. Miss Viney
Edington, Samuel Sams, R O-G D
Grazier, Mrs Nellie Williams, P A
Hibber, Jerry
Parties calling for letters will please say
if advertised. R. W BOON E, P. m.
March 25, 1884, at Kinard's parso
4 ,by the Rev. W. H. ArIal, Mr.
ie News & Courier work
obtained daily from EUGENE Als
KER, the regular News Agent for ing U1
Lper, immediately on the arrival of
the Depot, and after that at the
IILLER'S respe
ty d~
ice 10 cents per copy -to
INGS, ALL FOR 3.10. -
American Agr.iculturiset is one of f
ost valuable exchanges. It has
tered upon the 43d year of its
ace, with varied improvements, An
ore reading matter and engrav- genu
It is invaluable to the Farm, tatio
r and Household. We will fur- Fo
ie American Agriculturist and the Hu
is ?" and "Inthe Meadow,"
iere described, and the HERALD
e year to any address, on receipt C B
*ee Dollars and ten cents. Ten
extra for packing in substantial
and forwarding by mail the En
annah Morning News
FOR 1884.
the 1st of January the Savannah
G NEws made a new dej riture in Let
1sm in this State, on that ate beganan
I a paper, D
ing its mammoth eight-page Sunday mt
i. "to eve subscriber to its daily
i." The gsc ription priee remains mad
me, viz., $10 a year, or $5 for six
e future as in the past the MORNliNGma
will support the National Democratic
and avocate the principles of that that
tl lee, as It has been always, indepen
f all political or' personal clique,
local, State or national. It will con
o advocate a reduction of the tariff
i it belleves that the best interests
people will be served by such re.
n. In its colurans the latest news
11 parts of the world will be found.
ii attention will be given to the
>f this State, Florida and South Caro
Each department will be carefully OFF]
,and the aim will be improvement
higher standard of excellence.
xpense will be spared to make the
:NG NEWS the most readable, reliable Ma
ogressive newspaper in Georg,ia. The MI
[NG NEwS is the only paper in(beorgia
tthe Augusta "Chronicle and Consti- of (
alist" -yhich takes the r and tion
imental Associated Pres d ce.
Mrlc ES will be fuller th nti.
an ever before. Al
TrMas- cate
,by male or .city delvory, 7 to t
...n.he.week .............. $ 1008 that
and Frida'y, or Tuesdy, Thurs- tioD)
and Saturday....... ..... 5 0 at I
L NEWS. ... ..... .....------------ 2 00 Gegt
J. H. ESTILL. Proprietor,
Savannah, Ga..
manFor wound.disease or ot
3IlI her disability. Widows,
kI1minor children and de
pendent parents entitled
death resulted. Claim reopened, res- Toile
on, inceassbouny b y and go
I respectfully announce that my
-Is now ready for Ingpection.
Suits in Broad Cloth, Worsted and
Cassimeres of Latest Styles, Finest
Made Garments-and the very
A choice line of Handsome and Servi
ceable Spring Clothing for
Noted for its make up, Newness In
Designs and Cheapness in Price.
A handsome line of Furnishing Goods.
Shirts, Collars, and Cuffs, Silk and
Linen Handkerehiefs, Hosiery In all of
the F..shionable Colors.
The Latest Novelties in Men's Neck
Wear, made up in an elegant variety
of New Silk designs and Shapes.
Correct Styles-all sizes, shapes and
colors for Men and Boys.
FAUST & Son's.
Celebrated HA ND MADE Shoes,
(Every Pair Warranted.) in Congress
WB___on or Lace, and Lowquarters for
hn' 'mer, with any shaped toe. These
anship. M-Amr.9r in Fit, Style, or
a nice line of Truittv,'
mbrellas and Walking Canes.
AS. . in
E. P. Chalmers adm'r.t
Jno. B. Crooks.
creditors of Thos. C. Crookd
ed, are hereby required to
r and establish on oath their
ctive demands before the un
ned at his office, within thir
ys after the publication hereof
wit: the 12th day of April to
Master Newberry County, act1<
ster's Office, 13th, March 1884. the
5t to s
other Fertilizers. Tons
in German Kainit dirct impor
sale by
R LE STONl, 8, C. that
giEEifDRzy my
ne send to you a tape measure
instructions for using it, and
3.75 I will furnish the best
,rial for 6 shirts-cut but not
, and guararntee a fit, or for
and $1.25 I will furnish and
. Ladies can now make shirts
will fit.
J. C X The
gistration Notice. b
Soffiee will be open on the first
day in each month until the 31st
tober inclusive, for the registra
of those who have arrived at the
of 21 since the last General Elec
. those who have lost their certifi
ican get them renewed by proving
be satisfaction of the Supervisor
they have been lost. Applica
Sfor lost certificates must be made
east thirty days before the next
eral Election. W .Y AR
Supervisor of Registration.
andsofitness Reore Dandrf~
Locratic f.fmilies of Great Britian en
med E''e ietof ~ sbion, A
ges tr e la,ora g g?. Ii
Offers to his friends and customers of the past year
for their patronage, believing that so long as the people pat.
ronize him they show their appreciation of him as a iner
to be found at FLYNN'S entitles him to a front seat in the
mercantile sphere, and in order to retain this position, and
still merit the confidence and patronage of the people of
Newberry and surroundings, he
is announcement to lead the town PRICES
ig the present year as in the past.
t intended for an extremely fancy or acrobatic adver
ent, but it means STRICTLY BUSINESS, and
a would take care of Number One, go where you can
he most goods for the least money,
ur own' interest, and bear in mind that the same fair
honorable dealing which characterized FLYNN'S trans
ns of the year just closed, will be observed by him upon
ear we are just entering. His constant aim has been
l the people good, and reliable goods,
if success is the measure by which to judge, he feels
he can justly claim it, as his business has increased
.rkably since his appearance in Newberry.,
id in this connection, it may not be improper to remind
atrons that I have on hand Ladies' Cloaks, and Walk
fackets 2.5 per cent less than New York cost.
ady made Clothing regard less of cost.
number of heavy over coats, regular prices from $11.00
8.00 now $8.50 to $14.00.
fact it will pay you to call on FLYNN first.
Domestic Sewing Machine takes the cake for variety
excellency of work, and can be bought at very reasona
endering my sincere thanks to the Country people of New.
y for their past support I heartily pledge my continued.
rts in behialf of low prices,
[AS. J. PURCELL, Manager.

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