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Special and Local.
Mr. L. S. Bowers, postmater,atProsperity,
is our authorized agent at that place.
Mr. A. H. Kohn wil also receiVe and re
ceipt for subscriptions at Prosperity.
This pa rmay be found on Wle at Geo. P.
o owell & o Newspaper Advertising Be
reau (10 Spruo 8..) where advertising con
traeto mav he made for It In New York.
awSabr will confer a favor by exam
ialg thedates ifated ixt their -am s, and
if the date is n right they wil pleas inform
s ofit. -a.takes will ocur sometimes .
Clinb'ag the Spiral Stairs.
Notice-County Commissioners.
For House of Represeotatives-Democrats.
An old Face in a New Place-B. H. Love
Blackwells Durham Tobacco.
Died at her residence In this city on
Tuesday morning, April 1st, Mrs. Eliz
abeth Fallaw wife of Dr. W. A. Fal
law. Her illness was of short duration,
but was very severe from the first at
The News & Courier
Can be cbtained daily from EUGENE
GRENEKER, the regular News Agent for
s that paper, immediately on the arrival of
r4Cars at the Depot, and after that at the
I have taken Swift's Specific (S.S.S.)
for Rheumatism, and found perfect re
lief. It is the best tonic and Blood
Remedy known to science,
apr 1-Im Attorney at law Atlanta, Ga
Cure for Headache.
More headaches arise from a disor
dered stomach than any other cause.
Use Norman's Neutralizing Cordial to
correct your stomach and you will not
be troubled with this painful malady
which has become the bane of your
existence. Try it.
One Hundred Cents.
Messrs. Zimmerman & Johns, Drug
gists of Westminister, S. C., in their
ast order.purchsed only the dollar
size of Norman's Neutrailizng Cor
dial. , Those who try the 25 cents size
always buy the larger size next time,
thus its use advertises it merits.
q4deoR Wedding.
Our very worthy citizens Mr. J. K.
Schumpert and wife celebrated on
Tuedsay April Ist, their golden wed
ding. Mr. Schumpert is yet a vigorows,
hale and hearty man, who looks as it
he would pass, at least. half of another
golden eyele, and we hope he may, and
his good lady too.
To owners of Steam Gins etc., I will
exhibit in the town of Newberry on
Wednesday the 9th of April one of the
Taylor & Cox Steam Fire extinguish
ers, and invite all parties owning steam
power to be present at the exhibition.
Agev& for Newberry County.
Nearly -a Fire.
Some wretch, without the fear of
rope, before -his eyes made a bold at
tempt> to set fire to law range on
Thursday morning.. A lot of.conibus
tibre material was piled up ixrthe -pss
age between the offices oe' W. HK
liunt, jr., and Moorman &, Stmkins
and the lot saturated with coal ol, and
set e'n fire. Mr. Ed. Evans and some
other gentlemen happening to pass at
the time 'discovered the fire an~d gave
the alarm. Had no one been on the
street a most disastrous fire might
have occurred.
Ruin Wrought in the Forest.
How.depressing it is to me acres of
trees cut down in the midst of a noble
forest. How saddening it is also to
see that thin spot in the midst of your
otherwise abundant hair. Stop it at
once by the use of Parker's Hair Bail
sam. For actual efficiency this famous
article stands at the head of its class.
Elegant for the toilet, delicious in or
dor, and restores the original color to
gray or faded hair. Econonmical, as a
slight, occasional application keeps
the~ hair and scalp in perfect order. I
Prosperity Twinklinys.
On the 17th the following municipal
ticket was nominated by the citizen's
mass meeting : Intendant, R. L. Lu
ther ; wardens, W. A. Mosely, A. G.
Wise, T. L Schumpert and E. C. Red
gell. The election will beheld on the
14th; managers, A. M. Wise, J. L.
Wise, and E. P. Cromer.
The house occupied by Nancy Wheel
er caught fire this morning but was
soon extinguished. The roof is now
tern off. ATCU, Jr.
. eligions.
On Sunday morning and also at
ight, Rev. W. M. Grier D. D. preach
ed most excellent sermons to large
and very attentive audiences. Dr.
Grier has shown himself to be one of
the most able divines of the State, as
.uell as a superior pulpit orator. He
held the attention of his hearers
throughout both exercises.
-Rev. W. D. Powell, Missionary of the
S->uthern Baptist Convention to Mex
ico, will deliver an address in the Bap
tist Church to-night (Thursday) at 8
o'clock. The public generally invited
to attend.
Fire at Jalapa,
The dwelling of Mr. John B. Camp
bell was destroyed by fire Wednesday
night the 25th ult. The house, one
* story, with four rooms, together with
his wearing apparel, and a kitchen
room with all its necessary furniture
were destroyed. The above had an
insurance of about $300. Mr. Camp
bell's wife had only given.birth to a
child three days before, and barely es
caped with her life. Mr. Willie Sligh
-one of the first persons on the ground
says he is satisfied that the Aire was
the result of accident, and caught from
the stove. We are pleased to say that
Mrs. Campbell is doing well.
The State vs He s Pitts carrying
pistol eqcealed, pleds guilty, sen
tencefj to pay a tre of $en doliars or
one month in jai-.fine paid.
The State vs Aaron Milling burglary
and larceny, guilty, recommended to
mercy-no sentence.
Th~e State vs Robt. Gallman, Forni
cation, guilty-no sentence.
The State vs Win. Golden stealing
grain from field, guilty-no sentence.
The State vs Bill Kibler grand lar
cency, p leads guilty-no sentence.
The State vs Tonm Wilson, lareency,
pleads guilty-no sentence.
The State vs Wiley Stewart, quilty
-no sentence.
Almost everyday there is a mush at
Waan'n anre. -.
Now on draught at
Public Meeting.
The Republican County Convention
meet on Saturday the 29th tilt. and
was called to order by Henry Kennedy
Chairman of the County Executive
Committee. On motion S. H. Chap
pell was elected temporary Chairman,
and Z. W. Mclorris was cho-en See
retary. On motion Mr. Chappell was
elected permanent Chairman. The Con
vention then proceeded to eleet dele
gates to attend the State Convention
to be held in Columbia on the 15th
inst. The following are the Delegates
chosen viz : R. W. Boone. Z. W. Mc
Morris and Henry Kennedy. The ob
ject ol the State Convention is to
elect Delegates to attend the Chicago
Convention. The Convention then ad
journed. Z. W. MCMORRIS,
Hot Supper.
The hot supper for the benefit of the
South Carolina room at Mt. Vernon
came off on Thursday night, as an
nounced. It was indeed a splendid
affair and the ladies did themselve
great honor in the manner of pre
paring the Supper, as well as in the
variety and excellence of the viands.
The many nice things spread out In
profuse abundance are enough to
tempt the appetite of the most obdu
rate dyspeptic, but were served by so
fair hands and with such winsome
smiles, that it was too much to with
stand. A rustic well, in one corner
of the ro-m, in which hung, not ex
actly the old oaken bucket, the iron
bound bucket, but fairy like hands,
that brought to the surface cooling
draughts, attracted much attention.
The proceeds of supper amounted to
one hundred and twenty dollars.
Recollections of a Long Life.
We print to-day an extract from
the manuscript of "Recollections of a
long life," by Edwin J Scott, of Colum
bia, S. C. This extract it will be per
ceived relates to the notorious Luke
Manning, a sketch of whose life the
late Judge O'Neall wrote in a series of
papers entitled the Druwlkards Looking
Glass. There are a fewmen still living
in Newberrv who can narrate some of
the dreadful acts of Luke Manning.
We will next week republish another
extract_ from Mr. Scott's forth coming
volume,-an anecdote which appeared
in the Palmetto Yeoman. This work
of Mr. Scott will be highly entertain
ing; and we bespeak fot it a liberal
patronage from Newberry, as well as
Lexington, both of which will be ex
tensively mentioned as affording an
ecdotes of ther oldest citizens many of
whom have passed away.
The Floral Exhibition.
Mr. E. Roehe, the Secretary of the
Agricultural Society of Charleston,
makes his pleasant annual announce
ment of the Floral Exhibition, which
will be held in that charming old City,
commencing Tuesday, 15th and clos
ing Fridav the 18th of April. This ex
hibition is one of the most delightful
of Charleston's entertainments and to
Mr. Roche do the people of the inte
rior feel largely indebted in rendering
It so universally popular. In no city
of the union is it possible to make such
a display of .fiowers as will there be
seen on this occasion and we hail its
announcement with unqualified grati
fication, and extend to the polite and
attentive Secretary our thanks for the
opportunity of enjoying so rich a feast
as his programme offe.rs. The Pro
gramme its elf comes to us on an ele
gant and beautiful Floral card. The
rail roads too offer a reduction in rates
of fare, so that none may be dlebarred
from attending it.
The Excelsior Anniversary.
The Excelsior Literary Society
scored another success last Friday
evening when it celebrated its quarto
centennial anniversary in the Opera
House. As is usual on similar occa
sions, the audience was large.
An introductory address, on Elo
q uence, was delivered by the Presi
det .M Henry.
J. I. Goodman, essayist, gave the
audience some interesting thoughts
on the subject, Compensation.
The question, "Have the ~Crusades
been beneficial to Europe ?" was de
bated by E. Olin Henmtz a'id Monroe J.
Epting. The debate was animated
and interesting--we may even say en
tertaining. The audIence not only
sat silent during the debate, but lis
"'Michael Angelo" was the subject of
an oration by T1. IL Dlrdher, The sub
ject is out of the beaten track, and the
oration was ref reshing.
The speakers are all young, but, in
spite of their inexperience int public
speaking, they did themselves and their
society much credit.
The Military Operations of General Beaure
gard in the War between the States, 1861
to 1865; including a brief Personal Sketch
and a Narrative of his Services in the War
with Mexico, 1846-8. By Judge Alfred
Roman,formerly Colonel of the l?:h Louisi
ana Volunteers. afterwards Al4e-de.C map
and Inspector-Geteral on thbe StaffofG' n
eral leauregard. In Two Volumes. Svo,
Cloth, over GO00 pages each. Prices per
vol. : Cloth, S3 @; Sheep, $4 0; Half Mo
roeco $5 0; Full Morocco, $7 W--paya
ble on delivery.
Without being autobiographical in form,
the work has all the best qualities-and es
pecially the authoritative character-of an
autobiography. In substance andI effect it
is Gen. Beauregard's own account of the part
be played in the war. It has been prepared
under his direct personal superkision, from
materials furnished by himself, and It bears
his fullest authentication in the form of a
signed preface, in which he makes himself
responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy
of all its statements of fact.
Active, Intelligent agents, men of charac
ter and energy, can get exclustve right to
territory to canvass for Get'eral BEAURE
GARD'S HISTORY, if application is made
in time, It is, in all human probability, the
last history that will ever be written of the
South's great struggle for indepen4ence by
one who was ; leading aptor in it, and this,
In addition to the fact th it it reveails so much
of the inside history of the Confederacy that
has never before seen the light, makes it a
work of Intense and lasting interest. Its stile
will probably surpass that of any other book
upon the wair.
Applications for Agencies should be ne
compamied with good endorsements, and
should be addressed to
General Manager,
8 Broad Street, Charleston, S. C.
We are pleased to add that Mrs. Maggie E.
Tarrant, our townswoman N the Agent for
the town of Newberry, whom we cordially
commend to the reading public as in every
tespect worthy of consideration and patro
When you come to town go to Win
burta's Gallery and get your picture
takan.' a-+
Mrs. A. C. Jones and daughter are
visiting the Senior editor.
Mis M. E. Sligh spent a few days
of this week in town visiting relatives.
Gen. A. C. Garlington came on Tues
day and spent a day with his friends.
Miss Claude Norris returned Mon
day from a short visit to friends inl
The Senior Editor of the HERALD
returns warm acknowledgment of
thanks to his lady friends for their
visits to him during his long continued
illness. Also to the gentlemen who
have kindly called. Their visits are
highly appreciated.
Mr. C. C. Chase has for a few days
retired to the unretiring shade aid
rest of the region of Hendersonville,
N. C. He will be back again ere the
HERALD is distributed to its hundreds
f readers, refreshed, revived, rejuve
nated, restored. There is no telling to
what a degree-of-you-know-how-it-i.
yourseli-kind-of-a-feeling a man is re
Luced after a hot political campaign.
Various and All About.
It is unpleasant to be sick.
Capt. 0. L. Schumpert is nominated
is a candidate for the Legislature.
The Rev. J. A. Clifton preached for
;he Helena people Sunday afternoon.
Be sure and read Cloud & Smith's
.ew advertisement in this week's issue.
Base ball is a great rage among the
roung men of our town.
The County Commissioners give
iotice of two bridges to let.
The town election comes off Tues
There was three burials of colored
eople in this city on last Sunday.
Yesterday was cei tainly the windiest
lay of the year.
We take pleasure in calling atten
:ion to the advertisement of Mr. B. H.
Lovelace, in another column.
The Clerk and Treasurer of Town
Douncil is out with his report this
Our merchants say that trade was
>risker, and the cash flowed free on
ruesday last.
There was quite a number of our
riends from the country attending'
ourt this week.
The wind on yesterday blew down
:he stables of Henry Kennedy, of this
lace, fortunately no stock were in at
the time.
Our pushing young friend Mr.
John Crosson informs us that he has
,orn up ready for the plow. Good for
Fou, John.
Tuesday was all fools day. It was,
Pre believe, conceded by all that the
;upply was sufficiently large, without
naking any new ones.
Many of our people did not sleep
well on Tuesday night. It is now so
hat every time the wind blows hard
mnough to shake the sash, they think
:ylone, and open the cellar door.
Good style is good sense, good ener
ry and good will, but a bottle of Dr.
Bell's Cough Syrup is a good benefac
ion that suffering humanity has al
endy learned to appreciate.
In the late cyclone in Greenville
ounty, Mr. John Crotwell's outbuild
nigs were blown down, and his dwell
.ng damaged. He also lost a mule.
1The engine which runs his gin wvas
blown over. He is a brother of Mr.
Alfred Crotwell of this place.
Mother, think of the battle that is
being wvaged by worms argainst tihe
life of your child. There is no night
af rest with them ; they fight to kill.
Shriner's Indian Vermifuge will annii
rilate them. Only 25 cents a bottle.
For sale by Dr. S.F. Fant.
A kite that is a kite has been made
it New Haven, Ct. It is 12 feet high
by 15 feet wide, and is christened "~P.
y. Barnum." It is madle of red cam
bric, twenty seven yards of which be
ig reqjuired to cover its immense ribs
rhe 1200 feet o f manIla cord used is
run from a reel the size of a steering
wheel of a steamer.
We had the pleasure this week of
meeting in our sanctum Mr. Jno.
Lethem of the Empire Publishing Co.
af ew York, while getting up quite
in extended notice of the lives of our
eading men and descriptive history of
the business concerns of our town, for
i large volume, one of a series upon
the "Industries and Resources of the
South," including the history of promi
ent meq, the mercantile, commercial
and manufapturing resources of So. Ca.
Ee begs thrQugh our columns to express
bis high.. appreciation of our city and
i;izens, his all too short a stay among
them, and the universal courtesy and
support in the advancement of the in
terests of So. C., he has received at al
most all hands. The work lhe expects
will be out convenient for the fall
Another Rescue from Death.
In 1831, while sewing on a machine,
my wife was taken with a severe pain
in her side, which was soon followed
by hemorrhages from her lungs, se
vere cough, fever, and she could nueither
eat or sleep, and in a few weeks shre
wa reduced to a living skeleton. Her
stomach refused to retain ainy food
and the physician thought one of her
lungs was entirely gone. At a final
consultation of two physicians her
case was pronounced hopeless. I tried
Brewer's Lung Restorer by advice of
one of the physicians and she began
to improve after the third (lose. She
continued the medicine and is now in
excellent health, and is better than she
has been in several years. I believe
Brewer's Lung Restorer saved her
life. BENJ. F. HERN DON,
Yatesville, Ga.
Sweet Gum.
When we considler the medical au
thority of the world recognizing our
Sweet Gum to be the finest stimula
ting expectorant known, and that the
proprietor of "Taylor's CTherokee F,em:
ed1y of sweet Qum and( Mulieini" has
the (grmula Qf the Cherokee Nation
of incorporating ihe sweet gum with the
teA of the mullein plant of tire old
fields-which many of our readers will
romember our grand mothers making~
under the direction of the old family
physician for croup, whooping cough
and colds--it is no wonder thrat "Tav
lor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gu~m
and Mullein" is producing such effee-.
tive cures in Coughms, Croup, Whoop
ing Coughs, and all bronchial affec'
For sale by all leading druggists,
250. and $1.0:).
Manufactured by Walter A. Taylor.
Atlanta, Ga., proprietor Taylor's Pre
mium Cologne.
Winburn keeps making those peau,
timi illotographs, come and be taken,
Your Strengthening Bitters has been
of great remedial service to me and
For two years I was sick from Dys
pepaia. Indigestion and accompanying
dirorders, such as loss of appetite and
(general depression. It is the best
medicine I ever used and I gladly state
2.t CZ'nton. S. C.
A War Rcniniicence>
Some time ago Mr. James J.
Lane, of Philadelphia, sent us the
following application for Leave of
Absence. and the two accompanying
letters which explain the manner
in which it came into his posses
Camden, N. J. Jan. 12, 1884.
Mr. James J. Lane-SIn: I set
by to-day's press that you are from
Newberry, S. C., this called to my
mind that I have a Leave of Ab
sence that was granted Lieut. J.
W. Hill, Co. D., 13th Regt. S.
C. Vols., of Pickens District, who
enlisted at your place in 1861.
This paper was taken from the
Haversack of a man who was killed
May 12th, 1864, in the Angle at
Spot3lvania, C. H., Va., and is
stained with his blood. I have no
doubt but that the body was of the
man mentioned in the Leave of Ab
sence. The dead at the Angle all
fell into our hands and were buried
by our men. Probably his family
would like the paper as a reinem
brance of that sad day nearly 20
years ago. It you know any of his
family, or will s-z that some mem
ber of it gets the paper, the writer
will gladly send same to you.
Respectfully yours,
Camden, N. J.. Jan. 16, 1884.
Mr. James J. Lane-Dear Sir:
Yours of yesterday to hand. I send
by bearer the paper mentioned in
my letter to you, of the 12th inst.
Writer served during the war in
Co. "E," 10th N. J. Vols. After
dark on the 13th of May, 1864, our
Regt. was advanced and stood firing,
until nearly midnight, at the ene
my that occupied the Angle. About
daylight the place was evacuated;
we soon afterwards advanced and
writer, like all others, was surprised
at the number of dead behind the
Breastworks. Out of curiosity, to
ascertain what the enemy lived on,
I examined a Haversack. It con
tained a lot of corn meal, a piece of
bacon neatly wrapped in cotton
cloth, and the within paper which I
have kept nearly 20 years.
I would deliver the Leave of Ab
sence of J. W. Hill in person to
you, but I have not yet sufficiently
recovered from the effects of a
broken leg to admit of going about
this bad weather. Hoping the fam
ily will soon receive the p)aper, I
Very resp)ectfully yours,
lioBT. M. HILL3MN.
The application, which is on Con
federate paper and is distinctly
marked with blood stains, is as
Camp Near Orange C. H., Va.,
Dec. 28th, 1863.
Major Taylor-Sir:1I respectfully
ask a Leave of absence for a period
of twenty-one (21) days, to visit my
family in Pickens District So. Ca.,
on very special and important busi
ness. My wife has lately been
very sick, also her child (which I
have never had the pleasure of see
ing.) Again, I lhave-never had an
opportunity to 1 ocure for myself
any clothing (whicTh I am almost
destitute of) since I was appointed
Lieut. in July, 1863. And, again,
I was in the mt rcarntile business
when I volunteered in 1861, in the
village of Newberry, S. C., which
business now stands open. I wish
now to see to it as all the par ties
are at home. There will be two
commissionedl officcra present in
this company during my absence.
I respectfully remain your obt. ser.
J. W. HILL, Lieut.,
Co. D. 11th R egt. S. C. Vols.
To W. H. Taylor-A. A. G.
I respectfu'ly ask that the above
furlough be granted Lieut. Hill.
He has been - a good soldier, and
has not been home for nearly
twelve months.
Jas. Y. McFall, Capt,
Co. D. 13th S. C. V.
Endorsed on the back of the ap.
plication for Leave of Abscence, is
the approval of each commanding
officer to whom it was forwarded.
The endorsements are obscure, but
we can trace the names of Brock
man, Taylor, Wilcox and Ander.
Capt. McF"all recognizes his sig.
nature and pronounces the paper
We publish these papers with
the hope of bringing the applica
tion for Leave of Absence into thme
hands of Lieut. Hills family, who
could not fail to appreciate it, as
well as the kim1d and generous
spirit of the Northern soldier who
preserved it go long,
We noticed last week that the
journalistic war between our Laur
ensville friends of the Herald andl
Farrmer was waxing hotter, and as
we have received neither of thieir
papers this week we look for the
worst. The two offices have doubt.
less engaged in apitched battle, and
we fear that editors and, typos, dev.
ils are now welter'ng in tbeir gore.
It is too awful to think about.
Since the above was put in type
we have received a copy of the
Merchantt & Farmer, two days be
hind time, and see frotm its con
tents that the decisive battle has
not been fought, but that the war
wasn urogressing briskly.
Our age hardly entitles us to the
privilege of giving advice, but if it
did not we would say to our esteem
ed friends, to "drop the controversy
immediately and for all time."
Newspaper disputes afford amuse
ment to the readers,just as a dogfight
on the street would call forth the lur
rahs of a crowd, but awake no more
sympathy than if the editors were
inhabitants of the planet Jupiter.
It don't pay to quarrel, unless one
can do so and not get angry.-Sum
ter WVttch)nat amd Souhrn.
After careful reading of the quar
rel, we have concluded that neither
of the gentlemen have mistreated
their customers. We thought from
the beginning that each of the edi
tors were gentlemen, and now we
know it, since each have certified
and proved the rectitude of the con
duct of the other. It is a good time
for an armistice-if not for peace.
AbIecille Press 4. Baoner.
We like the view of this dispute,
taken by our sensihie fricnd, Mr.
Hugh Wilson.
MESSRS EDITos.-Please pub
lish the following piece in regard to
road working, as I think that it is
time for the County Commissioners
to be notified of the condition of
the roads in our Township, No. 4.
The public highway known as t['e
old BumeomLe road needs attentin
especially along through Liberty
Hall section; all along the Calmes
place there aro so many galiies thal
they cross each othor. Now there
are two that will soon cross the
road, one just above Mr. F. N
Calmes' gin house and the other in
front of his dwelling, and if they
are not soon looked after the Coun
ty will be put to a great deal of ex.
pense in the way of building
bridges, or buying some land from
Mr. F. N. Calmes' for a road' which
he could not sell unless he move s
his lot yard and dwellin.. If he
did so he could not move it far be
fore he would be in another gully
I do not remember ever seeing so
many gullies in all my life, as are
on the Calmes place along the pub
lic highway. If the one in front
of Mr. F. N. Calmes' dwelling is
no looked after very soon it will
be across the public highway; also
the one above his gin house. This
should be looked after so that our
farmers can come to Newberry
market instead of going to Laur
ens. Z.
April 1st, 1884.
NEWBERRY. C.H., S. C., Mar.29. 1884
List of advertised letters for week ending
Mar 29,1884:
Caldwell J. C. Moseley Uiss Mary P.
Civil. Jno. A. Muckle Tho.
De Hines JJ C. Maffett Pressly
Egan Wi. J. MitchellUrs Chaney,c
Eichelberger Paul Mathis Mrs Anna
Golding B. S. Matthewes John
Hill Miss Anna Sligh Mrs Josephine
H ill Lewis Steaven Claycnr
Hair Samn'I Starling Tusten
Johnson John W ilson Mrs. Rosa
.Johnson Mrs. Lina 1Williiams Mrs WVinnie
Partieq calling for letters wilt please say
if' advertised R. W B1OONE. P. M.
. EITOR: Wewoul resect
i ul oiae R ER*S
vaie pratia an weleuipdi
lFitor the os t of R Lgiseatore.
fulynointeMANY VERS.
I hereby forbid and warn all persons
from hiring or harboring George Hel
Ier who is under contract with me for
the year 1884. Any person hiring him
in any way will be p)rosecuted to the
fullest extent of the law.
Clemnmon Jenkins who is under con
tract with me for the year 1884, has
left my employtnent. All persons are
forhidden to hire him. And any per
soni knowing his whereabouts will ob
lige mec by informing mec.
Hf. K. T. BONDS.
The South Carolina Medi
cal Association.
The Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting
of this association will be held at Flor
ence, A pril 22nd.
18'-2t Recording Secretary.
Having made final settlement upon
the personal estate of William F.
Schumpert, deceased. I will apply to
the Probate Court of said County for
my linal d.ischarge as Admninistra.tor
thereof, on the 26th day of April 1884.
IAdministrator of William F. Schum
pert, dec'd. 13-50
When Lovely Woman!
Smiles we naturally look for that
row of pearls so fitting to fair features,
how often wve are disappointed ever3
one knows. Those brown stains anm
tartar deposits can be removed with.
out injury to the teeth by uising
Wood's Odentine which does
its work harmlessly and eff'ectu,allh.
Try it at once 2i5c. a box.
Wholesale Ageu't, Columbia, S. C.
Ft una in te ra y. Mar. 12 21
84r INI
I respectfully announce that my
-Is now ready for inspection.
Suits in Broad Cloth, Worsted and
Cassimeres of Latest Styles, Finest
Made Garments-and the very
A choice line of Handsome and Servi
ceable Spring Clothing for
Noted for Its make up, Newness in
Designs and Cheapness in Price.
A handsome line of Furnishing Goods.
Shirts, Collars, and Cuffs, Silk and
Linen Handkerchiefs, Hosiery In al of
the Fashionable Colors.
The Latest Novelties in Men's Neck
Wear, made up in an elegant variety
of New Silk designs and Shapes.
Correct Styles-all sizes, shapes and
colors for Men and Boys.
FAUST & Son's.
Celebrated HA ND MADE Shoes,
(Every Pair Warranted.) In Congress
Button or Lace, and Lowquarters for
Summer, with any shaped toe. These
shoes have no superior in Fit, Style, or
Also a nice line of Trunks, Travel
ing Umbrellas and Walking Canes.
E. P. Chalmers adm'r.
Jno. B. Crooks.
The creditors of Thos. C. Crooks
deceased, are hereby required to
render and establish on oath their
respective demands before the on
<}ersigned at his office, within thir
ty days after the publication hereof
-to wit: the 12th day of April
Master Newberry County,
Master's Office, 13th, March 1884.
And other Fertilizers. Tons
genuine German Kainit direct impor.
tation, and all Fertilizers,
For sale by
Let me send to you a tape measure
and instructions for using it, and
for $3.75 I will furnish the best
material for 6 shirts-cut but not
made, and guararntee a fit, or for
$1.00 and $1.25 I will furnish and
make. Ladies can now make shirts
that will fit.
J. C OX.
Registration Notice.
My office will be open on the first
Monday in each month until the 31st
of October inclusive, for the registra
tion of those who have arrived at the
age of 21 since the last General Ele
All those who have lost their certifi
cates can get them ren'ewed by proving
to the satisfaction of the Supervisoi
that they have been lost. Applica.
tions for lost certificates must be made
at least thirty day s before the next
General Election.
Supervisor of Registration.
Jan. 31, 1884-6-tf.
-rle Artice. Rstore growth, colo
IAristocratic families o1 Great Britlan en
Idorse itElegant drsin . Frgat
3 ~sgs.for 3s lid, or 76 oe. In U,
Offers to his friends and customers of the past year
for their patronage, >elieving that so long as the people pat.
ronize him they show their appreciation of him as a mer
to be found at FLYNN'S entitles him to a front seat in the
mercantile sphere, and in order to retain this position, and
still merit the confidence and patronage of the people of
Newberry and surroundings, he
in this announcement to lead the town in LOW PRICES
during the present year as in the past.
is not intended for an extremely fancy or acrobatic adver
tisement, but it means STRICTLY BUSiNESS, and
if you would take care of Number One, go where you can
get the most goods for the least money,
to your own interest, and bear in mind that the same fir
and honorable dealing which character-ized FLYNN'S trans
actions of the year just closed, will be observed by him upon
the year we are just entering. His constant aim has been
to sell the people good, and reliable goods,
And if success is the measure by which to judge, he feels
that he can justly claim it, as his bu~siness has increased
remarkably since his appearance in Newberry.
And in this connection, it may not be improper to remind
my patrons that I have on hand Ladies' Cloaks, and Walk
ing Jackets 2.5 per cent less than New York cost.
Ready made Clothing regardless of cost.
A number of heavy over coats, regular prices from $11.00
to $18.00 now $8.50 to $14.00.
In fact it will pay you to call on FLYNN first.
The Domestic Sewing Machine takes the cake for variety
and excellency of work, and can be bought at very reasoria
ble prices.
Tendering my sincere thanks to the Country people of New
berry for their past support I heartily pledge my continued
efforts in behalf of low prices.
CHAS. J. PURCELL, Lanager.

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