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SpOcial and Local.
li1HI)AY MAY 8, 1884.
Mr.14 I. 10owere, posit0ster, at l'r p a Ity,
IG sstu awh boreol 1tnt "I that place
Mr A. I. lit s, will afit% Je41iVO ant r4%.
1111 fhur sltuwrlpitiiia at 'rooloority.
Th10 1kok v Illay hot' A t ott til at i1. '.
OW01 *MUn's Nieipopt' AsIvo-nil"stlig Ilu
riolt til atwotusm. i *here towivortitinc itO
troet t 1-w ith3f%rOt It In wo-w Yetrk
W1heriber, will soarer a favor by exm
talag thW date. priatilk met their sames, and
it the de it iket right thq will plean itors
e of It Uetake will sear Iftettmes -e
WIl, Wm, M, 1'tl 111h ded4 nt her
ho1mi In this t'o1ut1 ott S.ini.adY, the
th Iist,
Williat 'in knwttlev liirl11 dilel at hi%
1tillole Wn No. 1 T 1,n1hly onl Monl
dlA thlt h11 11101 .
Mrs. Vtmtle it'uh, tmtither of Mr,.
Jl. liflt twell 11ile1tq% div'd at hter resi
lllt.vs near Mmilt Willig. lgelleld
it\*., on Ilhl Nil 111111, hirv. 1111.1140 re
veoll' #% tviogmukn 41 FrIday mvenlinig
h0ilgitth and iformation, anid
w flt h llitinltler" wont over to
fAlttt 11h0 N1Iua 01 Skit,V
'Nthto it 011wrbi-ra
Wo leh o bll prompt, juist and
ottlolt with thtile who give us their
1%okine and% w It pla.ronagegn, anld we ask
al 1ntitn to lit following:
Wo have io dlesirv to force the IJER
A 1.til ttRny ottl', tit it Is our eustonm
tW Ptil It, tt1til t'\ylieit instruct Ions are
Rhl to stop it.
If, for any reason, you wish your
pAper dkeotntinued, "settle up," and
the wipih siiall be promptly complied
If you are in arrears, please do not
illivet your postnamter to write to us
that the paper le "refused because you
do not want It any longer;" but be just
and courteous to us, and pay arrears
and th paper shall be stopped.
It you cnnnot pay what you owe,
'tmt can certainly write and let us
A eard from the Postmaster does not
I-elleve t sub!criber from his obliga
tion1 to the Publisher. 3t.
I am tired dunning those that owe
I(, a41il unles the parties in my debt
e"ttte the same within the next THIR
T Y days, I '%IIl place theiraccounts in
faoda of an attorney for collection.
I-t T. I.I. BOOZER, Agent.
r t will beCommunion in Thomp
'- . reh on next Sabbath.
soll ' Zin on Siturday I
The E . E. P. me
at 11 o'cloek on the ee
Clintock will be
casion by Rev. W. .
ChUdrea's. Day
At Tranquil will be en the 17th of U
this month. Rev. Z. W. B-deitr.gh fa
and G. B. Cromer, have been invited it
to address the children on that ozkca- p
slon, which will prove, we are sure p
to be a very pleasant affair. Thanks ft
for a pressing invitation.
Fire. C
On last Thursday afternoon about
half past six o'clock, the alarm of tire
was -gven, and the fire was soon
found to be In a one story house
occupied by a darkey, on what Is
known as "Pool's Row," on Friend
Street. The fire was not discoveelA
ntil one house was enveloped with
nlames. The fire company was soon
at their post, and by the time the.
second house took fire it was ready for
work, and did its work well. One
building was entirely and another part
ly destroyed. The loss was about $300.
No insurance.
" Renting of Pubice Market.
The stalls in the market were rent
ed as fol!ows, for one year, at so
much per month:
No. l.-J. S. Hair $ 13 50
2.-S. P. Baird 13.:0
"3.-Riser & Davis 13 00
"4.-W. H. Blease, agt. 13 75
5.-J. B. Danials 9 25
- 0.-James Singleton 5 0J
7.-Farmers Stall
3.-Hcker @$300 per stall 9 00
-not rented
Total Rent 76 50
Preacher's Meeting.
The following' ministers were pres
ent : E. P. MicClintock, R. A. Fair,
J. Steek, Luther Broadus, J. A. Clif
ton, R. F. Bradley. John E. Bush
nell, J. C. Boyd, N. H. Turpin, F. R.
Wallace, and I B. Jones. Many beau
tiful "skeletons" of sermons were
given, and the meeting was decidedly
interesting and profitable. Rev. R. A.
Fair's divisions and commenta upon
the great missionary text, "Come over
andi help us," were quite suggestive.
B. F. Bradley's sermon from the text,
"Prepare ye way of the Lord," judged
by the analysis given, must have in
terested and edified his audience.
We Are Indebted
To the Mutual Aid Association, No.
1, of Charleston, for a complimentary
ticket to attend their pie-nic which is
to take place at the Sebutzenplatz, on
M ty 13th, and we hope to be able to
attend as we expect to be in the City
at that time.
Also to Senator M. C. Butler, for a
copy of the speech of Hon. James B.
Beck, Senator from Kentucky.
And to the committee of Invitation,
to attend the 109th Anniversary of the
Mecklenburg Declaration of Indepen
dence, to be held at Charlotte, N. C.,
on the 20th.
A Cancer.
Jimmie Kinard, son of James Kinard,
of the Ob,server, has been suffering with
a painful rising on his foot for some
months. It finally became so painful
and wa swollen to such an extent that
amputation was deemed necessary.
The opperation was successfuly per
formed last wveek by Dr. 0. B. Mayer,
assisted by Drs. J. M. Thompson
and J. K. Gilder. The amputation
was made by taking off about half of
the foot. The patient is suffering
greatly yet. Upon examination of the
portion amputated the sore was found
to be a cancer. The fear is that it
may reappear.
The "Rifles"
Arc the finest looking body of young
men in the city, or country. They
have the prettiest uniform in the
S:ate, and they know how to hatndle
their guns and "take the step." Why
not invite the "Palmetto Rifles," an
other splendid company, to come up
and( have a joint drill or inspection.
No doubt the arangemient could be
made and would be agreeable to the
Inspector. It would excite great in
terest and enthusiasm and work to the
interest of both companies. We would
like to see Capt. W. double quick.
Rev. J. A. Clifton the Chaplain of
this company will preach them a ser
mon next Sunday night in his chuirch,
they will attend in full uniform.
VIre ExtIngulsher.
We were prient last Monday when
the Taylor & Co's Fire Extiguisher
w.i t4sted. A fraine building was
cret-ted for the purpose out of dry
N)IIl4,1 and oi the Inuide were cotton
aidl shaviig >atturated with kerosene
oil. Thei hilbiing was set on lire by mir.
(I. I. Lane the agent, nnd in a few sec
01n(d1s the lwhole frame wa, in a blaze.
and was In a burning way. When Mr.
I.ane yelled out to the getitleneni who
was to start the extinguisher to work
to "t1n It on,'' he wa% afraid the tire
had got too great a headway, but it. was
two found to be under (ontrol. The
extingiuher works admirably, :nd
we think every farmer or person who
haK any need for anything of this kind
shoultI not be without one of these ex
tingt ishers.
The County Executive Committee.
Thv Committee mnet on call of the
Chairman on Monday; nembers all
preseut from the different Townships.
The resignation of L. W. Sinikins
as Secretary, was accepted and Col. iW.
H1. lunt Jr. was chosen Secretary of
the Committee
Oa motion it was ordered that a Con
vention of the Democratic Party be
called to assemble at Newberry, S. C.,
on Saturtay tL.e 1!th day of June next,
at 10 o'clock, a. m.
On motion the Chairman and Secre
tary were directed to apportion the
Delegates to the County Convention
among the Eleven Townships inI ac
cordance with the requirements of the
last County Convention.
On motion it was ordered that this
Committee express to the County Con
vention, that in its jndgmet it is in
expedient for the State Convention in
June next to select candidates for the
different State offices, but that onj the
contrary, the State Convention should
be c)nined to a re-organization of the
party itn the State, the selection of dele
gates to the Natiotal Convention of
the Denocratic Party, and the nomtina
tion of Electors for the State.
Help The Fatherless.
The harder the year, the greater the
sufferings of the poor, the more urgent
are the appeals to Charitable Institu
tions for aid. The T11ORNWELL OR
PHANAGE is utendowed. It depends,
lay by day, for support on the gifts of
those who have a heart to feel for the
sufferings of others.
There are now in the Orphanage at
Ulinton over forty inmates. They are
!lothed, fed and carefully taught and
trained In useful industries, are pro
.ected and aided, and when able to
:are for themselves, are helped to se
:ure good situations. All this is ac
.omplished at an expense of about $5
L, month for each orphan. Would you
e the helper of the fatherless, for a
whole month caring for one of these
idren, send your five dollars to'The
['ornwell Orphanage,' Clinton, S. C.
rhe gift of a barrel of rice or of flour
of molasses would be the very way
feed these orphans from your own
- And Now is the best time to do
Vj *r inst now, the Institution is
- through trying times and ap
MMlt - tllf friends of the fatherless
als to i
r aid. toy postal order on
Send yo.tr . v. W. P. Jacobs,
aurens, C. .
linton, S. C. '. -
alapa Items.
Messrs. Aull Br's., fine saw
ow sawing some excellent lumn>e.
(r. T. B. Chalmers' Sloan place.
Hetnry Sheel and Silas Glenn color ed,
eft a week ago for Florida, writinig
ack to thteir kinsmen tat they receive
ne dollar a day for their labor. Four
tdult negroes have left this place for
Florida sittce January 1st, many oth
ers wvilI follow soon.
Our Jr. M. D. on patssing Mr. M. M.
Batterwhtites with his barefoot htorse.
was halted by the above gentleman,
who kindly offered to shoe the Doctor's
horse, furnishing htis noble animal
Dexter for the Doctor to ride while Mr.
Mack was shoeing the grey, an excel
lent ditnner was prepared in the mneani
time by Mrs. Nannie, Mack's fortunate
wife, and whben, "how much do I owe
you?" was asked the reply was "not a
cent," but one man in a thousantd
would be so kind. Thtank yon Mack.
We were again in luck, for on pas
sing Piester's Mill on the 3d. we re
eeived a kind invitation from Misses
Mfattie, Emily and Gertie Piester,
Emma Neel and other young ladies
besides Messrs. Eugene Longshore, B.
2 Henry Aull, Clyde Senn, Pope Man
gum and others to partake with them
>f a most excellent pic-nic dinnter,
which we did, as we knew an extra
ditmer awaited us. Well yes, fried
thicken, baked chtickent, atnd other
meats, best of rolls, bisentita, lenton
pies, lemon cakes, sponge an:d pond
rakes, besides many other delicious
viands too tedious to mentiont. We did
full justice for ourself attd ag:tin
thought of the sick editor, tell htitm to
conmc u.p and s-journ with us, and htelp
us to enjoy the hospitalities of these
mahy kind people.
Col. Cannon has a field he has plan
ted 37 consecutive years in cotton and
the land improves in fertility each
year. N. C.
Excursion Happenings.
It was a big excursion, that which
went over the Colnmbia and Greenville
Rail Road line Thursday last, or in
other words many people taken with
the cheap rate afforded by the man
agemnent availed themselves of the ride
of over a hundred miles for 9 >ets., and
the opportunity of a ramble over the
beautiful city of Columbia. Eleven
coaches full reached this dlepot at 10
o'clock, and one hundred and twenty
five citizens, men, women and children
joined this already large party and
steamed away for the fair capital.
Going 'lown this joyful and jovial hu
man freight was as happy as a cheap
ride, Sunday clothes, lunch baskets,
and a delightful prospect of sight see
lng could make them. Coming back
however was not as happy as the ring
ing of marriage bells, all was hurry
and confusion; somne did not know the
time of departure, and the consequence
was many reached the car too soon,
amnd had to wait until their patience
was nearly exhausted; som3 barely
made the time, it was ntip and tuck
with them, better late than never
however; some few we learned failed
to get there atnd had to remain over all
night-onte lady we heard of got left
she was telegraphed for by her dis
consolate husband who failed to get
the tidings so anxiously lotnged for.
We are happy to say shte htas been
found. Another accident occurred int
the disappearance of a child after the
train reached Newberry. Lontg and
diligent search was made, attd at
length when hope was about running
In to despair, the little fellow was found
in the embrace of a negro man, who
was saving him for his parents. We
pass over the joyful meeting andi the
nto less joyful finding. These two are
among the many happenings resulting
from excnrting at a 90 cents rate to
Columbia and back. We like to go to
Columbia, but not in this hurried way
nd fn s ble a arawd.
Ab'>t 53 tickets were sold at th
place for the excursion; pretty we
doir for this time of the year.
Brother Ilayne says he will go den
unless she says lie can go ahca:1 of a
other boys with her.
Dr. J. B. Simpson has beeni ver
sick for some time. He is doiig ver
well now. mending slowly.
Mr. Slaw-o: again paid our tow:i
visit. We are always realy to we
come himi and his wife inl our midst.
Golumby looks like an Irishma
when he has on his plug hat, cor
screw coat and black di:agonal nee
tie. A genuine article.
Mr. John F. Logan of N. C., a ma
coitri(tor let out the iotte from Ul
well to Columbia to Mr. Jolu S inmm
at $300. a year.
Again we are blvs-el with geni
slushinle aild plenteotis rainls. Th
farmers should endeavor to pill i li
crops im now.
Mrs. Dr. Lawgford ail lr-. .. i
Kohn have been sik. Thuy ar ii
and about again. M1r. Sebhmsidlit I
up also. lie has a1huoi rel-4#a Il fras
his stroke.
Last Siallay n11ght aw- i- v.-r:
(uietly with all le one girl, w lwt.
a boy came lit -he 1tilid up, gaIt i.)
cited anal came near Ieavig ha hl -1
but t aking a s Aiti oho vug l he
eludel to stay Iltil "Ill' clotilli ri1
by. "
Nlrs. Sallie (G'rahai has returnivi I
her home ta Lexington. Shi- Ihlim hee
0.1 a visit to her Fat he41r's, )r. I law kin
M1s Kate rIce haIs alo return
homie. She has be-cn visiting it
brother Wallie at Kingville. Sh
Speaks very eiicouiraglu,;ly of tl
Boxes are iow in great detmant
more espeeially with the Prof's. all
the lady assistant, They are afral
some one may be senldlig nitroglycer
Ine through the mails. They are a
skittish as kittells,and try to be as wiS
serpents. But the epitaph inscribei
is failure. A complete failure.
Various and AU About.
Saleday was quiet.
Old books were sold at a sacrifice
n front of the Court houze Monday.
Quite heavy rains in some section
Ihe County Saturday evening.
The Helena people have organized
Democratic Club.
The ladies and juvenile missionar
;ociety will meet Sunday afternoon.
Mr. W. R. Davis, has his cotton offlic
>ver the Law office of M. A. Carlisl
The Excelsior fire company is sooi
'o have a big parade, and a reel race
between Squad i1. and Squad 2.
Prof. Smith's singing school close<
Monday night last. Thlere were se'
la speeches, and some good music ren
M. nk Baxter has begun to clea
iway thealebris preparatory to th
sonstruction of the remainder of th
aiollohon Row.
We had laid on our table Tuesday;
radish,the root of which measured .3 fee
in length, it was grownlon Mr. J. C. S
Brown's place.
The Carolina Democratic Club wa
re-organized Tuesday night. The ol
rfficers wvere re-elected, and some fifty
five new members enrolled.
Messrs. W. T. Tarrant, J. E. Brow
and J. N. Nartin, the board of assenm
ors have been busy making asses:
muents for our town, the past week.
Wheat and oats are looking ra
markably well. Some of our oldes
farmers say they never saw a bette
prospect for wheat than what it is thi
The number of persons in tow
Monday was small. No legal salesc
property. Mr. Thomason, auctioneet
sold a lot of books furniture &c.,c
Dr. Wardlaw.
The Woman's Christian Temperanc
Union opened a coffee house, an
ice cream room last Monday, saleday
rTey seem to be in earnest in thi
good cause. Hurrah ! for the ladies.
What a number of white ribbor
were seen on the streets Monday, thi
coffee house must have done a goo
work. It was a very pleasant placet
moto. It will be opened again Satmi
Mr. Os. Wells is busy fixing the co'
ton office formerly occupied by Mr. II
R. Davis, for Dr. Peter Robertsonc
Charleston, who is going to open.
first class Drug Store, Hie wantst
get inte it by the lst of July.
On account of the extreme illnessc
a near relative, Mrs. Wightman wn
not able to meet her appointment i
our city yesterday. She hopes to b
able to make some future arrangemen
with the ladies in this great missionar
Assist the child in time. Do nc
wait until an army of worms have bee
recruited and the health of the chil
destroyed. A few doses of Shriner'
Indian Vermifuge, the infallible reme
dy, never fails to do this work well,
used according to the directions. Fc
sale by Dr. S. F. Fant.
The local desires to express ver
many thanks to Miss Fannie Johnston
for the exquisite and tastefully arrant
ed waiter of rare and beautiful flower
sent to cheer the sick chamber at hi
home. Those flowers accomplishe
their mission. they did cheer and ma
tile fair donor ever be as happy a
those flowers were beautiful.
It will be seen thlat the Executiv
Committee have called the Count
Convention to meet on tne 14th (lay c
June. The Secretary of each elnb wi!
send to the Secretary of tIle Executiv
Committee thle names of the delegate
and the alternates appointed to attem
the Convention so soon as they are ap
pointed that tile Secretary can have;
complete roll made out before the con
vention meets. It will save time.
"What is the matter with your mer
ehants,' is askedl by different farmers
"We come to your town to get corn
mad have to return withm empty wvag
ans, we want to know what they ex
pect us to feed our stock on, until the
oat crop is ready." We think if tha
farmers would plant a little mori
corn instead of cotton they would be
independent, but as it is now, whei
the merchants cant get corn for then~
ihaw hate to in elhot
May Ist, 1884. by the Rev. J. 11. KIL
erly of this place. to Miss. A. SENATII
s E. WRIGHT, of White Plains, Green
Co. Ga.
Perso nal.
d Chas. Hunter is home again.
11o,. J. N. Lipscobill. of Cohimi:1
aV:.s in town this week.
y The Mis.e,. Grifli'l. :ie %i-iling ir
y B. F. Gi iflin of our tow:i.
M ti-s atte So : vi: I ViS*' - ii:-; r..
We were pleased 1it s. . t C:pi. .J.neiiiS
Lii.sco bll, S;-(. of . ioa-. in i r towln
0n1 Monday.
Mr. W. lioail :lld 4I'r.5i-4 Mar,
ha1:ve bwien vi.ting ill >w filr P,,ine11
31r4. I.: am l
fro I,:mn-n ville lhatt .t
som ei tilin nA hherli elt i .I.I-I,I'sCiv
r "1'11-hi" Iireib- lIl l . n ' l'tin a
[Ill. hit l'. IAll ,,f I;1 I e - I. ilifIg
fri-lill Ilil n i.rlihilf , 1,& W - r
Ah-: 1,111 %% I herr sof V larb--:oi ap, it
t ,,% i nila NO $ii, r n ih h:-r'
fi 4 liv l Al lzlIii M . i e -rI .1, I14l
1;1 1:f lil-sit 4r eil siPt siliprf-iitil,
Nie ia4ri ha iarl.e'I buit w"s-k
jifier illi ili ga absorl thiii- in 1,iairen .
1 h' i wr o l it s i x f o r t h e co i b d ie l i N ' y -
v,l r1 - f I I t-- f,il lt i 11)',k of -orjin iof
41111l, s-1 1IF friaf-1111 4' '4 1k 4mr .* ,i
Til -nyths , 1jl%v ogiethr-r %iith her
1a111s, filtli friv-i lf, havr Il u e 01njoyl-r ill# -
VI 14 fl'.. II oI lid (Isi1a gho-r, Mi-,Y
Imlhy, h illy 4-xpre-lAMP 10r1-1 ti.
hflni. intolligo-lt, milab - n l kind ii
S h111411 Ipif lfl." hi to all finl r
1'l J ,. If-oker P're:.leitia Nationial
IaNIk of Iarliigtonl S. C., alolnd I,,
l'rI.I IfieI of 1114 11ottoll Fvl ory il IJ
priwem of ervetiom at- that plav-e. alo
i. ph ' Ir <-of the! firmn of Lock
"(nPod a1111 11revne, I'ovde . .,
Ar1it'-t, Will (;ell. A. Shie'bL of tll
Colilliiia S. C. l'o ildry areq al i i
e the vit V o?l Iolsilw.e ; ef'llielel with 1i
e the Newbherry I'oltoll Milk .
A ln. EDrron1:-As maiy of my t
I old friends are desirous of knowing u
- what success I have had in the -9
s poultry business, in Kansas, I
egive you my experience. Over a t
1 year ago I made two very crude e
batchers designed from some good r
points of several I had seen. I
filled them with eggs, and they ,
worked fairly well. I kept them a
going from Dec. Ist, to June 1st, t
clearing from them $650, over andi
above everything and that too in
spite of high price of feed and the
fact that my chickens were all mar
keted at low prices, the highest I r
got was $6 a doz., and the lowest
$3.75, during that time I attended
to my regular business, believing
this was a good return for the t
amount of work. I began to look
around for a more perfect hatcher
and my attention was directed to
the Common Sense. . In June I got
directions from J. M. Bain, New 1
Concord 0. He is Sec. of the N.
-C. Poultry Association and will C
B end directions for making this
hatcher to any one sending 3-2 cent
r stamps to prepay p)ostage. I brd
e one made that held 250 cggs, cost
'. about $7, may succ,:ss with this
hatcher was :ll I could wish for and
a I immediately had four more made.
t From these five hatchers I have just
-taken 1,030 fine chickens out of a
little less th;n 1200 eggs, I believe
I am placing it modestly when I say
that I hope t-> clear $2500 b)y .July
next, and still pursue my usual
business. T1'iere is no business as
profitable as tIhis is, p)rovided one
-gives it thme attenktion it deserves,
and no businaess requires as little
.capital to start on. Thlere is no
t necessity of men trying to hide this
r business or monopolize it. the field
s is the world and the world like Oli
ver Twist is cr.' ng out for more.
11 There are thousansds of young men,
'who are teacher' and clerks who
look forward to the time whmen they
can get a start in some lucky way.
e This way is here open for them if 1
they will only improve by it.
.Thousands of young women too who
s feel dependent on some father or
brother in (one year could place
s themselves ab',ove any dependece 'f
e they only would. Get directions
:1 and make youmr hatchers imnmediate
ly as you can mnake them your selves.
Respectfully Yours,
L. L.J.
N EwBERRY. C. 11., S. C., May 3. 1S84
0 LIst of audvertied letters for week end1ing
May 3, 1684:
Andrew Allen. 'Lockwood, JB
Coun1ts, Miss Lizzie Lazenberrv, W W
S Cooper. Monroe Mathews. Jieng F.
n Carwlle,Washington Moore, Mrs Aigail A
Chapman. J. W. Moore, .J WV
ee alt. ae Smith, Miss Easter
t Duncan, Josh Teague, Miner
DeWalt. Jos A !WhitmireMrs Francis
liogg, Calhamn Williams, D W.
Kingsberry,E E
t Parties calling fr letters will please say
if advertised R. W BOONEF. P. M
s Don't Spill the Milk.
~' "here is no use crying over spilledl
r inilk," says the old] saw. If you are
not only bald, buet have no life in thle
roots of your hair, there is no use cry
ing over that, eithe'r. Take both time
and~ yourself by the forelock while
there is a forelock left. Apply Pa:'
ker's Hair Balsim t' your hair before~
matters get wo4rse. It will arrest the
S falling' 08-of your h.dir and1( restore its
original color. gloss andit soft ness. It
is a p)erfect dr. ssing withal, clean, rich.
ly' perfumledl, c'ools14 a-llheals the -calp.
May Ist.-Im.
V Another Rescute fromt keath.
InIi 1 8S1, 'whi 1- se wing on a machine,
a my wife was takene with a severe pai:k
in her side, whiceh was soonm followed
j by hlemorrha:ge1s from her lungs, se-t
..cvre cough, fever, and she cold neither a
eat or sleep, anmd in a few weeks she
. w~as reduced to a living skeleton. Her a
stomachl refun;d to retamin any food I
and the phyi i:ian thlought one of her
- lungs was entirely gonke. At a final'
.consultation of two physicians hecr t
,case was pronunmecd hlopeless. Itricd -
- IBrewver's L4ung Restorer by advice of
- one of the physicians and she began"
to improve after the third (lose. She -
continued tihe nmedicinke and is now in
excellent health, and is better than she 2
has beeni in sev'eral years. I believe u
IBrewer's Lum g Restorer saved her 'I
I have been entirely cured of a ter
-ible case of B!ood Poisoning by the
ise of Swift's Specilic (S. SS.) after
rying e-erything known to the mnel
eil people without relief.
lay im. Silanianca, N. C.
Lo.s of ,leep sustained in the anxic
spent in r-ing the lit larlin' so
'lwlV nI pt]fully w tV away7 by
drain,g,- nio., n syotemit from the
1Y--et,M of eeth-1in11, early unfit. you
(,r btsinc-. We teiggept that if oa
ill lry a bott le .f )r. Bi;,ger.,' Solith
rn Rome iy you will have a pan:weca
or all pow--l tro-ub,--. and ls. of 1 lee, p
od xick-w- ill be l!ki,,wn in your
01-1. Thio, with a b,w ti- of Tay!or'.
;herok it-nReiedy of Sweet C'mim an1d
r-r-lorant priniple of th- -weet gum
sith the hialinrg o:- of I he mIllein,
or iie ii- of vrouip;, whooping (-ollgh,
-4h, :tIld on,1 -1m1Ption1, PrsNAt!A a li:
b- MD:ICIN- CAM-:rST no houlseholld
botild b - wi:itr for tlh sp-edY r-lief
Ff .11- 1 al dagero. a:t.cks of tihe
mig- and I)on. ek-. Ask y.our !ru.:gist
or I lit-il. Xintif:acttired b)y W aler
\. Taylor. ):oprietor Taylor'.i Preni
11m (;4l1o ii, A!t lanta, Ga.
North Carolina shows the great
-mt increase in the nunbierof cotton
nills, no less than forty-three new
ijills, with one hundred and ten
houisanl five hundred and ninety.
ive spindles having been added.
;eortgia las ardled twenty-two mills
vith i agregate of one hundred
Md thirty-nine tl,ousand one hun.
Ir-i and fifty-six spindles during
lie year.
A Bijm)> Fisi.-Somne days ago,
)r. J. W. Thomas, of Warrenton.
raught a fine blue cat-fish in Little
fiver. It weighed five pounds and
ras a good sound fish but had no
yes whatever. Dr. Thomas made
particular examination as to the
yes Several gentlemen present
1j"nde like examination. There are
lind fish in the Mammoth Cave but.
his is the first one we ever heard
,f being caught from an open
tream.-Abberille Medium.
The Eagle and Phonix mill in
he south, will pay a dividend of
ight per cent on its capital of $1,
150,000. The success of this cor
oration has been remarkable. It
ras reorganized about 1867, and
ince then has paid $1,370,000 in
ividends and built out of its earn
ngs a new mill costing $1,000,000,
nd has a large surplus besides. It
s now proposed to still further en
arge its operations by erecting a
ew mill at an expense of $960,000.
It is reported in Washington that
len. Arthur would be pleased with
he nomination either of Lincoln or
,resham, as then the nomination
rould go to his Cabinet, and that
Qaine makes no secret of saying to
is friends that the arrangements
,ust be begn at once to secure the
omination either of Geni. Sherman
rt of Senator Harrison as soon as
h complimentary ballots are taken.
'lhe election of either of these would
lace Blaine back in the State De
Summons for Relief.
Complaint not Serv-ed,
E-tacia Wedaman, Plaintiff,
ran k E ichelbherger, Adam Eichelber
ger, lIda E ichel ber-ger, Henry E ichel
berger, Jolhn Eichelberger, Margaret
Meetze, William Eichelberger, Geo.
A. Counts, Susan Gilbert, Permelia
Folk, Polly Slighi, George Ruff, Hien
ry Ruff, David A. Cannon, J1. Hair
imon Cannon. John1 D Wedeman, as
the Adinistrator of Elizabeth Sligh,
L'o the defendants above named
You are hereby summoned and re
uiired to ans~wer the complaint in this
etion, which was tiled in thei office of
lie Clerk of t.his Court on the second
lay of April, A.p. 18S4, and to serve a
opy of your alnswer- on the subscriber
mt his otfice, at Newberry Court House
n the State of South Carolina within
wventy days after the service of this
unmmon- on vou, exclusive of the day
>f service.
If you fail to answver this complaint
vithxin the time aforesaid, the p)lain
iff will apply to the Court for- the re
ief demanded in the complaint.
Dated April 1st, A. D. 1884.
ttest Y. J. POPE,
PlainititPs Attorney-.
C.C. P.
To the defendants Frank Eichelber
~er, Adam Eichelberger, Ida Eichel
>erger-, Henry Eichelberger, John Ei
helberger, Margaret Meetze, William
iehelberger, Susan Gilbert, Permnelia
olk andl Henry Ruff. Take notice,
lie foregoing summons was by order
iled April 8th, 1884, dlirectedl to be
erved by pulblication upon each of
ou as absent dlefendants.
Dated A pril 8th, 188S4.
Plaintifis Alloorney.
I have moved into the store next
loor to M. Foot wherec I have a variety
-I have in stock
'lour, 1e:il, Bacon. Sugar, Coffee,
ireen and Black T1ea, Grits, Rice,
aard, Mackerel. -Herrings, Cheese, Ten
essee Butler, Eggs, Apples, Oranges,
Vhite W inc and Cider Vinegar cheap.
ailso have a large stoek of Can goodk.
'he Spooni in Can Baiking Powder,
oap, Starch. Candles, Cigars. Chew
ig and Smoking Tobaceo. I propose
u keep the best goods that I can get
ud wvill always study- the interests of
my patrons and give thenm full weight
uid nea.-ure and sell cheap and only
or Cash.
Mr. A. D. Lovelace is wvith me and
ill be happy to see his friends and
[e pulic genertally-.
B. H. Lovelace.
oliet Article. Restores growth. color.
toss. an' softness. Removes Dandruff.
ristocrat c families or Great Itritian en
orse it Elegant dr-essing. Fragrantly
erfutmed. The favorite of fnain. AL
Fop the Qlaiate,
A T the request of Many Voters,
(late for the Senate.
T he many friends of the HoN. JoHN
C. WILSo-N commend him as a can
didate for the Senate from Newberry
County. Subject to the action of the
Primary election. *
Fop the Howse of Peppesentatives,
I antnounce myself as a Candidate
for the I-iou-e of Rpresentativez,
*ubject to the Pinmary E!ect ion.
ri HE so. W. D. HARDY is an
r nounced bly his fienIds as a caind1i
date for rv-el-ection to the legislature.
ills anly, straightforward conduet,
voulpleud with li! ability and expe
rienee, commend him tto the favora
ble eo!sideration of the 1:eople of his
t. EDITOR : We would respect
.l fully nominate MR. GEORGE S.
MoWER. for the Legislature. Co;iser
vative, practical and well equipped in
all that makes the man, he is eminent
ly titted for the position of L-gislator.
APT. 0. L. SCHUMPERT is hereby
announced as a candidate for the
legislature. He was a gallant soldier
and has alwavs been zealou. in the
cause of the State. Ile has ability and
qmuIdications such as would enable
him to assumne and maintain a high
position in the councils of the State,
and fully protect at all times the rights
of his native County.
For County Treasurer.
M R. EDITOR: Please announce the
name of J. D. SMITh as a suitable
candidate for the office of County
Treasurer. This is done without his
knowledge or consent, but feeling as
sured that he will serve the people as
the people in future as in the past, we
take this liberty of proposing his name,
trusting that he will accept if chosen
in the Primary Election.
Pop County Audifor.
oL. Jo. S. REID is announced as
Ja Candidate for Auditor of New
berry County.
Whredi yoOe htn itn
NWr dridnognt that nie fittin
they came from?i oh! yes; you
had them made by your Tailor of
course, John, I thought you would
say that, I went to Kinard's Em
porium of Fashion to see the new
Spring Stock that he is advertis
ing so extensively. They were so
kind, polite, and atientive in show
ing me some fine cutaway and sack
suits, and at last pursuaded me to
try them on, well they fit so nice
at.d were made up in such
that I could'nt help huying a suit.
I saved fro-n $10 to S15 on the
Well John if you can save that
difference in price and they certain
ly fit you as well as your Tailor
can make them for you, I would
advise you to continue to trade
(Jno.) Yes I will and glad that
you are pleased with my purchase, I
think it is folly for a man to have
his clothes made, where you can
get as good a fit and have so many
to nelect from.
if you want to keep on go >d terms
with your lady friends and be ad
mired, go to Kirard for your Tai
lor Miade Clothing that fit and are
handsomely trimmed.
Emporium of Fashion,
Thec Great Events of History in One Volume
Shows how nlationsi have been made or de
stroyed in a day-Ho .v Fame or Disaster
has turned on a singtle nntest. A Grand
Book for (Old or Young-Saves Time-Aids
the Memory-Gives Pucasure and Instruetion
-Maps anid Fine Illu=trations.
Send for fuli! desceripr ion and1( terms Addre-s:
J. C. McCURIDY & Co , Philadepthia.
T1he Proprietors- of this Celebrated
Watering Place respectfully announce
that it will be opened this Season on
the 1st of May under the same man
agemnent as laust year.
Arrangements will be made for the
transportation of guest to the Springs
from Spartanburg.
[email protected]' Special attention given to ship
ping of Water.
tee PanenRITamm.
0. P. JACKSON, Manager,
120 Main Street, - Columbia, S. C.,
L:Itles and Gents Under Gairments,
188 0l -ml88
Gent's Furnishing
All the Latest Novelties of the
Cotton Factors andl Commission Merchants,
No.731 Reynolds Street, AUGUSTA, CEORCIA.
Manufaicturers and General Agents for the Following Machinery, Con
sisting in Part,
100 Fairbanks Standard Scales,
100 Thomas Smoothing Harrows,
10 epers, Dfeet Ka an tles, (single or combined.1
25 Hubbard Gleanersand Binders, (Independent.)
25 Threshers and Separators, (various ses and stles)
25 Watertown Steam Engines. (all sizes all stylesi
20 C. & G. Coopar & Co. Steam Engines, (all sizes and atylia)
10 Oneida Steam Engine,:(all sizes and styles)
75 Smith's Hand-Power Cotton and Hay Presss,
50 Pollard Champion Gins, Feeders and Condensers,
25 Neblett & Godrich IIL Cotton Gins at 82.00 per saw,
10 Neblett & Goodrich second-band IlL Cotton Gins atli1.5 per saw, .n good ardor,
5 Ereible Engines.
Otto Silent Gas Engines, Hancek Inspirators, Dean Steam Pumps,
Milburn Boiler Breast Gins, Feeders and Condensers, Carver Seed Cotton
Cleansers, Newell Cotton Seed Hullers and Separators, Colt's Power
Cotton Presses, Shafting, Pulleys and Hangers, Steam and Water Pipes,
Fittings, etc. Belting, Lacing, Hoes, etc.
A full1lie of Maher of all lki:s in . tock and for sale low. Call and
Send for catalogues. Cc.rrespondence solicited and promnptly attended to.
Pollard & Robertson, 731 Reynolds st., Augusta Ga.
W-e T. GAITLLIaARD. Agt. Ne'erbe.*ar , a .

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