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THURSDAY MAY 15, 1884.
Xrs. Rhody Conner, the mother of
Wr. Thompson Connor, died about ten
o'clock, Tuesday morning of Typhoid
I)ysentery. She was 80 years of age.
Mr. John Dawkins, one of the oldest
citizens of Prosperity, died at his resi
dence, near Saluda river, about eight
wiles from the town Sunday night last.
"Leaves have their time to fall," and
this old citizen, ripe in years and good
S Works has been gathered to his father's,
to make one more in the harvest of
I am tired dunning those that owe
me, and unless the parties in my debt
settle the same within the next THIR
TY days. I will place theiraccounts in
hands oi an attorney for collection.
18-3t T. Q. BOOZER. Agent.
Newberry College.
The final examinations of the Senior
Class of Newberry College were finish
ed Thursday last. The graduating
lass nuimbers five, of which Mr. G. S.
iser of Pomaria is the first honor
an, and Mr. Arthur Kibler of New
rry, second.
The Sunday School Excursion will
leave the Passenger Depot to-morrow ]
morning at 6 o'clock. They propose 1
to have a 7nion pic-nie at Williamston I
and there will be one lady appointed
from each School constituting a com
mittee of arrangement whose duty will
be to supervise the table.
Cheap R. h-ding.
The C. & G. R. R. will put downI
their fare on the occasion of the Tour
nament at Columbia. From Pomaria
for both ways it will be $1.25, Prosper
ity, $1.60, Newberry, $1.93, Helena, $1.
9), Silver Street, $.15, Saluda old
Town, i2.25. Chappell's, *2.35. and so
Reading at 3Newberry Hotel.
Miss Clayton - Wood will have the
hosoriof iving a series of Serious and
Eading at Chase's Hotel
tj eda t half past
e d,gen
erouIs a -o
to us with
amiable cbara;
Memorial Day.
A goodly nnmber of our #itizens as
sembled at Rosewout Cemetery last
Saturday to celebrate Memorial day.
Prayer was offered by Rev. J. A.
Clifton, after which beautiful fiowers
were strewn upon the soldiers' graves
The Village Cemetery was also visited,
and kindly hands laid sweet flowers on ti
the graves both of the "blue" and w
r." The Confederate Monument te
%Va14not fergotten. cl
Plantation Lays, &c. a
We have been favored by the author, d
Mr. Belton O'Neall ToWnsend, with a l
co)py of the above mentioned iteet-~ a:
inig book. From a short biographical is
sketch accompanying the "Lays," 1 f
ecparate foran, we learn that the athor a
was named after the Chief Justice by a
his lnther, Maj. B. 0. Townsend. The ~
contents of this book are as varIed as a
interesting and show that the author d
is no mean friend of the muse. We r
shall read thme book more at leisure. It 1
is beautifully printed by C. A. Calvo,
*of Columbia, and neatly bound. Thea
price is not named, and( we presume
that it is for sale by the booksellers of e
that city.1
Painful Accident.
Edward McIntosh met with a painful
ceident last Friday afternoon. He
had some powder, and a few fre
crackers in a box, and while handling ~
it he dropped some fire in it some way t
and it blew up in his face, burning himn
very badly. We are glad to know
nothinig serious will come fromi it, hist
eyes are all right.
Mr. Eduardl Sehqltz met with a sima- t
ilar accident last1 -ednesday afternoon.
HIe was wvorking over a lamp of explo- :
sive matter when it lew up and burn- S
ed his. face very badly, but we learn h~
that it did no serious damage to him. r
Both of these we are glad to say aire v~
doing well.s
We take pleasure in acknowledging ~
a card of invitation to attend the Fire- :
man's Tournament, to be held at Ol
umbia. on the 18th and 19th of June.
This Tfourna:ment no doubt will be a
grandl atiair, as the arrangements have
been in progress for several weeks, and
we judge of this too by the names of
the commit tee of arrangements, they
aire all good and true men and under
stand business. The prizes to be award
ed State Comnpanies and Tfeams~ outside
of C'olumnbia and Charleston amount
to $3->0. The round trip ticket from
Newberry to citizens will be $1.90 to
Firemen in Uniform $1.40. Prepare to
attend the Tournament.
Preacher's Meeting.1
Rev- J. C. Boyd preached last San
day from Lnke 7 :37. He gave these
marks of christian character, viz:
faith, contrition, and love. His ser
mon mast have been interesting.
Rev. McMorries occupied Rev. Me
C'lintock's pulpit and p)reached an ap
propriate sermon from the text : "be
haold the Lamb of God." Dr. Steck's
analysis was exhaustive and beautiful.
R v. R. A. Fair evinced thought
anid res?arch in hais method of pre
senting the imnportance of "fruit.-bear
Rev. Luther Broaddus, who is at
rendin;g the Baptist Convention ini
Baltimore, w a uch missed.
Close Up At Six O'Clock.
This is a question which has for
sonmc time occupied the thoughts of
the young meni who are engaged as
clerks. But few of our mnerehan:s
have given thoughat to it. In our opini
ion it is a reasonaable demand on thec
part of that class of cur community,
and( we would like much to see it ae
ceeded to. The (lays niow are longer,
and most of taaese yo.mg men go to
their respective stores att six in thec
nmorniang, and are !9ostly on their feet
actively~ engaged until 7 ina the evening.
which, taking out the dinner hour,t
makes a continauous dluty of heelchurs,.
Some evean are reqjuired to rew.ina Ion
wer. Is this fair? All that they ask is
one hour's time to breathe the out door
aar, and take a walk or a drive with
- thecir swveethearts, or, may be,, at tend
to some little duty of their owan.
Think of ';, employers, anad give your
faithfual, hard i orked clerks thl4 brief
respite from labor, We haope in our
next issue to have the pleasure uad
faactl hi ~ca from
The Parade and inspection of our
fire department Tuesday afternoon was
a splendid affair, and the Excelsior's
may well feel elated at the admiration
elilited. The Hook and Ladder too
looked fine, and as a body reflect credit
on the town. The Excelsior Steamer
and its two Reels, as well as the Hook
and Ladder, were handsomely decor
ated with evergreen wreaths and bright
colored flowers, and looked a4 hand
some as hands could make themn. Tile
procession started at 5,30 and was
made in the following order: first the
splendid steamer, crowned and almost
overed with floral oferings, and
drawn by four large grey horses, next
followed the two reels; the number on
parade was about fifty; then followed
the Hook and Ladder, beautifully d&c
rated, the number of men is not
known, but no doubt the full strength
Df the company was represented, thus
through the principal streets the march
was made, to the admiration and de
Light of the crowds of ladies in their
sunday dresses, and the gentlemen
nd children who occupied the side
6valks, doors and windows. This was
he first regular parade of our infant
ire department, and great was the sat
sfaction. The town of Newberry is
)roud of its firemen. After the pa
(ade the line stopped in front of Court
Eouse for inspection by the Town
'ou1neil, then took its place on Market
treet to contest for the two medals
>ut up by the Town Council, out of
heir own pockets, one to the best time
nade by Squad-, 1 and 2 of the Ex
:elsiors, and the other one to the two
iquads of the truck. By some mistake
;quad 1 of the Excelsior's was not
;imed and the contest for the medal
vill have to be run some other day.
3oth runs were good. The test of the
mrgine was fron the thne the smoke
ame out of the stack until a solid
trein of water issued out of the noz
:le; it was just five minutes and thirty
econds. The medal offered to the
look and Ladder was won by squad 1,
naking the run in one minute and
hirty seconds. Squad 2 made it in
mne minute and fifty-eight seconds.
['he run was 300 yards, erection of the
adder, mounting of the agile member,
>lacing his hand upon the top round,
lismount ing and placing the lader back
ipon the truck. This ended the first
.nnnal parade. Our sympathy is with
he brave fireman who carries his life
a his hand as it were, and who in
pite of fierce flames, erpmbling, top
Ung walls, and falling roofs rushes to
bp rescue of life and property. Let
i cherish the fireman aid ever ex
ibit our admiration and esteem.
Jottings by the Way.
ATtrY, &C.
Out of t1 ee of the heart
,e mouth sd sometimes
ise sometimes . a its In
rances. n a
The most notable si, v a, tra -
ler as he emerges from t d
able depot of the C. & G.R the
ride of several hours is the m i
inous, ever-present-and-ever-wake 1
ick-drivers in point of number the. -
re legion ; they are numerous ; there
no end to them. They are voiceless,
>rtunately, in other words, are dumb
ad consequently only open their
touths as in their frantic efforts they
esticulate with both hands extended
ud grasping their whips in their en
eavor to attract the attention of the
assenger, who sees nothimg but a
yng extended sco of ftees.open mouths,
aring eyes, and waivin~g hands and
rms. What a sight it is. and we are
:st in wonder how it was possible to
olleet together so many of this pecu
|arly unfortunate class-so manty dumb
rivers. And then too by wise enact
ent of Columbia's cit y fathers they
re not allowed to get over a certain
ne, but to stand still andl occupy
ne position. Just think of the conse
uences were this not the case, antl
a the other hand they were allowed
o go for~ the luckless passenger, why
ey would pull himt to pieces, in a
soment, in the twinkling of an eye;
Lie places which knew huiii once would
now.him no more forever. Sometimes
be number of passengers is infit~ely
inail, not more than one or two.
pasmodie are the efforts which are
tade to secure the unfortuniate,a.nd get
im into the hacks. It is iodeed a
iture. And this is not all, the poor
isitor to the city as lie traverses the
treets is beset on every h.u:d by these
mipresent never-out->-thle-way Je
u's. To spend a few dayvs in the
ity in peace and quiet is lut of the
nestion, you .are met at every turn,
very crossing, every spot w h..e it is
.t all possible to get a position for a
ack to stand. To a nervous man this
s an initolerab)le nuisance, and we
onfess to beingone of that kind of un
ortunates, we are nervous, fearfully so,
nd this continual besetting puts us in
fever of excitement, and we fly from
place rendered unbearable by its le
~ion of hzungry, cormorant-like hack
Irivers. (Can not hing be donle to abate
he nuis-ance?
But this is not all, and pity 'twere
t so; there aire many delights to the
ransient visitor ; nor the least is
he hospitality with whi ch, you are
reated. You are dined. feted and
nade much of on every hand. The
itizen)s of Columbia are noted for a
arge and open hearted generosity of
nanner, atnd in doors you are mIade
o forget the outside Bohemians who
o for your qua.rter with a perseverance
orthy a better cause. We dined at
hat elegant hostelry Wright's Hotel
mt Wednesday last, on invitation of
Ls polite, indefatigable and long-time
lerk, Mr. Carr. The dinner was worthy
f the palate of the most fastidious epi
ure. Our delicate health forbade in
ulgence in many of the de'licious dishes
et before us, btut we enjoyed what we
te nevertheless. We met there Ira
tones, Esq., just on the eve of dhe
>arture. Mr. E b. Blease has an abiding~
lace in Columbia, andl we found himt
vel dressed, sleek and contented. Hie
ys that he is licing, which means that
le world is using him wellI, or that he is
nakinig the wvorld subservient to his
leasure and his well-being. Happy
The Rev. Oliver of Spartanburg and
m Evangelist from Virginia, are try
ig to wake up the symnpathy of the
inner of Columbia, by a series of
treet preachings. Quite aecrowd, hiet
~rogeniously mixed gathered on the
o:iners of Plain and Main Streets.
ttraceted by this to them novel waiy of
vaking people uip ; we do not like the
node and( thought that Mr. Oliver cer
ainly was wiser than he has shown himi
elf to be on this occasion.
rransfers of Real Estate.
A pril 3.), 18S4, S. S. Paysinger, to R.
. Paysinger, 160 acres. Township,
o 8. $1500.
May 5, 1884, Mary E. Bowers, to Jno.
. llowers, 2 acres, Township, No 9,
May '7, 1884, R. A Russell to J. S.
On invitation of Mr. Holbrook, the
polite Superintendent of Newberrv
Cotton Factory we were on time TueC
day to see the Engine started and the
immense. Fly Wheel set in nio.
We reached there at 2 o'clock, ai'A at
2.5, Mr. A. B. Ctllinz, asisted by
Misses. Malie MCCaghrin and Mamie
Holbrook, plit life into the bealutiful
machiner% and at once it moved with
the ease and grace peculiar to the Cor
lis engine. The engine is not
large as might be expected looking at
the great w>eel, but it is of immense
power, some 3'0 horse. It is not liml
ited to this head of steam either but
can be run at npieh great,-r powerl.
The rea=on why the wheel is so larg
is that it is purposely designed to ae
commodate another engine of like size
as the present one, when it is deemed
proper to add to the factoiy or to build
another. The startin:r of the engine
was simply to test it and see if it weir,
all right ere 31r. Cullinz returned
hiom. after the labor of erecting it.
Thus the beginning has been inau'gur
ated and to our fair young townwe
men is (ue the credit aId the di;tini
guished honor of being the first -ngi-i
neers to start the great work. Two
small agricultural engines outside ftr
nished the steam on this occasion. We
noticed the President 31r. Roht. L.
McCaughrin on hiand with a couite
nance beaming with satisfaction, be
sides a large number of equally pile:sed
ladies and geitleien. Hurrah again
for the Newberry Cotton Factory.
Ramble through Laurens and Newberry
Farmers andi their Work-Things st
Goldvillc-Tliornwell Orpbanage-A
good place to bestow Charity
Uncle Remus expects to go to
Camp-Meeting, &c.
PROSPERITY, S. C. May. 12. 18Q4.
In a ramble through this and
part of Laurens County. I saw
much to interest one.
The small grain crop is looking
Gine with very little indications of
rust, 1 think the crop is better in
Laurens than this county.
The farmers are behind in their
ork of planting owing to rain.
Some are planting, others are chop
ping out or thinning, and all are
pushing to "catch up." We met at
Jalapa one of the substantial far
iners of the upper portion of this
ounty, Col. Cannon. Le is a
Pioneer veteran.
At Goldville we were taken
harge of by Dr. 0. B. Evans, a
ising young physician of that
lace and enjoyed his hospitality
is dispensed by Mrs. Blackburn.
We return our thanks for kind
esses. From Goldville we went
to H. K. T. Bonds, one of the sub
ntial men of Laurens County.
th d his son Thos. J. know how
ut --care of and provide for the
us4.C ller. "Cousin IIughey"
we are%s 6er many obligations for
iour kin ss, and general infor
mation ga~en us as to the country,
From "Cousin hlugheys." George
Williarp and myvself wvent to Clin-.
on to the anniversary of Thorn
well Orphanage. This was a day
>f rejoicing to the little folks, and
af good things generally with the
grown folks. The exercises con
sisted of speeches fromn the boy.s
ad Sunday School exercises by the
We visited the grounds of the
Drphanage but were sorry the build
ngs were closed in part, such as
were open were visited. We found
everything in tihe best of order,
which showed that the childr en are
~aught to have a place for every
~hing, and e very thing in its place.
Fhis is certainly one of the best
places to which the charitably in
~lined can contribute their means.
[t is an honor, to the memory of
~he Rev. D)r. Thornwell. WVe hope
o be able to again visit the Or
We were sorry when the exercises
ylosed and we had to leave, but
everything must come to an cnd.
md so did this anniversary.
We noticed a quantity of small
birds devouring the oats and barley
from Jalapa to Goldville. They re
semble the Bobolink, and are called
'Rice b)irds" by some. They are
certainly doing much (damlage to thle
grainl in that section.
Our town is quiet, trade fair, far
mers are pushing ahead with their
work. Cotton is looking fine, and
all are hopeful.
Mr. Frank Schumpert has return
ed from the Kentucky Uriversity
Business school. Frank now has a
The boys are ready to show GenI.
Maigault how they have learned to
keep time on May 27. They will
"ont angle into line" for the Genl.
Uncle Reimus is getting along
fiely and says lie and "Peleg
Charley" will be "gzwine ter camp
meetin in augus."
Geo. Win. is on the carpet, he
met a young lady who lhe says, lhe
is willing to go in the "'Caroini" (g)
business with just as soon as she
M. II. Gary, Co. Treas. was in
town this week collecting tax.
Several other interesting (lots
from this correspondent are neces
sarily left out for want of room.
A T1eachier's meetingt will be bhl ait
the Hloge School house on Saturday,
the 24th inst. at 10 o'clock, morning.
A full attendanice is regniestedi.
NEw BEREY. C. HI., S. C., May 10, 154
List of advertised letters for week coding
May 10. 1854:
Brooks. Geo, w. -Hawkins, Dav'id
Bowen, 0. E. Hecrber., Georgecj
Cromer, Ledford !Jackson, John
Cannon, Eva Jackson Matilda
Counts. liachmnan Lessene, E. Rt.
Davis, Giles Lindze~y. Mrs. Zena
Gray Mrs. L. Longshore. E. It.
Glenn. Miss Emilia Mathis, wilson
Glenn, Mrs. E. G. Owens, J. M.
Hubbardl,Mrs. Ularriet:
i lluisciing for letter Wtlji af *
Business is very dull at pres
with our Merchants.
Farmers are working like T
jans. some nre having cotton hoo
The Onlapa leinoeratic c!
meets in our city on May 31st
send delegates tc the Convention
Newberry on June 14th.
From experience this year I fu
Irish Potatoes worked will yield
days earlier than tiose covered wi
pine straw.
Mr. T. T. lay has long since
justed the claim on Mr. J. B. Can,
bell's (welling. allowing Mr. (
policy to be paid in full.
Dr. R. P. Clark. though in I
seventieth year, enjoys good heal
and has a large and ative practi
that his good health allows him
The trio of Jalapa Willies spe
a day at Piester's mill pond fisi
during the week; one caught a gre
froo, another lan eel, and we belie
the other a little cat fish.
We have usic nearly all day. I
the barly bird songsters,who sing
lightfully, though frequently frigi
eued by the sportsmen who wi
bird pie in mind await their comii
G ardens are looking well, we ha
never known so many cabba
plants transplanted, so early in ai
one year as at prese-t. Some a
now having, lettuce, onions, pe.
Irish potatoes, and strawberries.
Mr. E. P. Matthews has alrea<
planted his sweet potatoe pate
Ezekiel, Lell the many readers
he I:nAm how and whcn you p
your potatoes in-bed. having the
to transplant so early.
Our town is small but tLere
mple room for growth, would th
he time ofimmigration would ble
in on us. t!en would we bloom am
lourish like the rose. and not lil
the historical bay tree so ofti
There is a good deal of sicknes
>ur M. I)s. are kept quite bus
Among the number are Mrs. Sall
Longshore, Mr. Carey Johnson, M
1. N. Dobbins, babes of Mr. E.
Matthews and Newton Boozc
Judge J. B. Campbell, Mr. John
GInN, Mrs. Rhoda Coinor, 31
Siber IZeeder and many others.
Mr. Win. C. Sligh has a very fh
ohacco patch some one fourth
in aere, I t:ust he may be succe,
rul. and that our well adapted lan
nay be largely planted in tobace
ie an acre of tobacco will yield
nuch money as 3 acres in cotto
Farmers, try tobacco culture in co
ection with other farm products.
An energctie citizen of our to
ried to chantcr a train. en the l0t
:o run an excursion fromi Newber
:o Clinton, to allow those at a di
tance to participate in thme Am
versary of the Thornwell Orphana:
bt the ( & G3. R. L. asked $87 f
ii engine and two coaches. I
rould not see that hut offered Si
which was ref used.
The neat cover or sh'ed over tlI
well on Publie Square made in ti
hood old time lhas fallen. renderi;
the riocuring of haer imposSii
or man and b'east during the cot
in hot wcatl>er, but we hope soi
to see a new cover. as we are sati
iied the eniterp1rising owner of sa
well, will not allow it to continue
wreck. It brings on uis cold spell
thinking a cyclone had felled it.
Children's day at Tranuquil chur<
aext Saturday will be a large :afa
and some good ood will weig
Elown a long ta. 10. .Jalapa am
Tranquil S. S. ' 1l be p)resent
ull force, each nu ubering some
scholars. Each v..ll wear a roset
to designate his schoo!, this w
be a pretty sight; one hiundri
and fifty schmolars with rose-tt
marcbing. TIhe following gent]
men have bemn invited to deliv
addresses : llev. J1. A. Clifton. Rl
Z. W. Bedeni! augh, Rev. Arial.
B. Cromer, Esq., G. G. Sale, Est
Dr. J1. Win. Foll., and Mr. Wmn.
Mr. Editor. or rather Mr. ex-L
itor, or rat>. r Editor on-half-pa
andin-luxurv - of - retiremen?. I
gret my frequaent allusion to t
good things so) :bundantly shower<
uonl me, for I now begi to see hc
pain f'- must ie such a subject to o:
who by reason of ill health has n
a stomach such as I have. I will c
deavor to hold my horses in futu
and treat of ye good things be twe'
omIIself andl thme donors.
D)o come and see us old at
ried friend, for you are assur<
of a warm welcome from all of t
inhabitants from Dr. R. P. Clar
and Col. Cannon. dlown to the hum
ble writer of these (lots. We wv
fisKm you. feast you, frolic you;
will more than tolerate you.
will treat vou; in short we wi
transfix you with joy, jollity, ever
hing shall he as you wish. I
c-ome, and st and not on the ord
of your coming.
Saluda Bridge.
Thew commiti: e appintedl to dem
th Bridge dei nn:ed oIcommod
te~ traveling publi of E: lg(Iied a
Neberry met on "Monday: anu pi
eeeded to t wor on i h.mud. TI
commhittee co1 i-t- o1 ci/.i!ui w
known for their - enegy and th
strong bucsium . an ud nono
their decision w ill gv s:iatica;
neting link has long heenm felt to
a ant. Th'le help) to Newvberry a
Proprity will be incalcubible.a
will also be to t he p)eople of Edget1ic
al amlong andl about the river, int
abiliy it will an'orJ them ini linidi
neri market.- for their cottiOn a
other crop)S. We a?re pleasedl to0
that the deto-nminatiion to buiild
Bige is ev:de-nt. We hope is
unnecessary 1 lay will be shownm a
that the Saluda Br idge will sooni be
[email protected] I:-ot
Sunday Night at the Opera House.
Agreeably to expectation a sermon
was delivered by the Rev. J. A.. Clifton.
Chaplain to the Newberry Riles,: Sun
day night in the Opera House. This
line body of young men, the pride of
our town, in full unifornh met at. their
nt Armory and from thence, acwcompanied
by their Chaplain, mareied to the
building chosenI as a tit place for the
ro- exercise of the evening. The RitLs
d iwenity-our in iuimber filed in and
to ok the placLs as-igned Ihem ri.lit
atl left in the pario:tt. It wa- a
to pre'tty and an intere.ting siht the
at iandome tniform slhowin, tad
vant ige on the maily forms of th
2d youthful soldiers under hie bright lghts
10 which retlected1 all over the lin
bilid*.in. Thet sermion wai; a h;appy
UlT,0t of this ditingui-hed acher,
anld e!li:'.tvd tile deep attention of the
- 4i ar4e auienc. and was m1o1t appro
pr1:;t,! to te oceaioii. We congrat
itlti- th i1*11es on le thought whih
s gave ii-t' to the delivery of this ,er
moln. and : e that it uight very
,s :Ijp1ropr1-i:tely te re%eated froti tilie to
ce Personal.
to Capt. Uridgl.s, of ('ohnabia, w.is in
town this week.
nt .no. lonalute. has ta LkeI Wm1). JoiICS'
g plae' as elerk :it the Nedw werllv If tei.
. Mlr. Tios. V. Pritehar ,as in o r
towni la1.t S"und!ay and MIonday. .
3r. Silas Johnston . went down the
l uoad Ttes-htv.
~t- fr..J. P. Blodget. is vi-4ting his
relative-; in this IlLIe'.
3Mr. Delfon agent of the i N 'rs Cwtn
rier %--as ill town tli,; week.
Capt, N. B. Mnz:yek hIs gone to
(Charhlto:1 to attend lie Epi-opal
IY ConIAventionl.
31r. SanuelIs is on 1i v-isi! to Nvwer
ts. rv ami; is at tie hioie of his fattier-in
law. 31. Foot.
3iiss Carrie B til, tile relative aid
h. g-st of Miss 3aIie IIolbrook. left
of ye-terday for hoie.
Lt 3r-4. IZ.ora Dun-,an, of Liberyk Iall.
mn rettuirned huoiuw from G;reenviil l:ist
is Wo were p1tseil to receive A viit
onday from our very stimable agnt
M. L. S. Bowers.
I Ir. Fofer 31. Ilamilto:i. the son of
our old friend Robt. Iamilton of
Hotel fame. paid us a visit tile first of
n the week.
V mn. T Jo;es, one of the most efli
cient and( accommodating. as well a:
y. polite lotel clork': known to the tra
ie eling publie. left us list 'litrsday.
s. le goes to Spartanburg a-z clerk of the
P Merchant's Hotel of t!tit place. We are
sorry to loose "Will." btit liop lie iay
win as mnyn1 good friends inl his new
. hiome, as lie left bellinl.
r. , ,
Various and All About.
ie The ice cream saloo.ns of this place
:f are at last inl operationH.
s- Mr. II. II. Blea., Trial lJistie, h::s
Is a A-ery comnfortable and well 1itte:1 up
, otlice.
Is The yoting people had a pleasant t'me
n at the skating rink last Friday night.
n- Mrs. S.uin. Caion. ha- Ia Iiine niule to
die. abmi,t a week :igo.
7i Tlue Sligh Bro;.. have a sweepstai
h, thriesher fot' use this~ sC:ason.
rx' Last Fr'iday' in th;e ,iinity' of Dr.
s. Kenunerly's, a ma:d (tog bit !ive dai'kies
d. before theiy miang:d to kill h% Y.
'e. Th'ie meeting of the W. C. T. I'. wats
or tut slimuly attended Tuesday afternoon
helaist. The lad!es di-like thi-.
*3 D)rtummer- 5:'y they~ saw Willie .Jonie'
nameI& registered' at Gr'eenvilte as "thei
oriiniiV Bill .Jones,"' "3Mer'h:iiit's llo
Several ei the' Stor-khohilers of the
-leh:' go:ne to attendi meet ings of the
. Th youing ladies were very'~ kind on
l'.'lat Tuiesda:y ini idecoratinug thue Fiire
E ngine and Reels, they deserve a
ai great d'-al of credit for their work.
s'. P. Pool our1 great brick mn. ha~s
lately burned t wo kil ns, of br'ek, aiid
:his no' onW 1 the third, he will slOoi have
r. another big pile, IIe is a "good briek.''
ht The barley hirds are at work. We
id hear t hat th'ey have comnpletiy devas
in tatted a paitch belong.ing to 'J. Y. CJul
ill 'iTie cii;niuicd arrivals at New
h( erry il lot el are-Taney, V not the chiecf
instice; Grant-not I'. S.; I I:uniltoni,
es 't Alexander' thle G.reat; Orr,' not
e- Jaa. L. Isn't it remairkable to have so
er mnany g.reat men iln 0our id(st ait one
:V tii.
MIr. IE. II. Shigh hias the pirettie-t
-- tield of wheatt that we have seen this
-' spinig, we,' walked through it andu to
<mr i a-ton ishmnent it was as high, and
din somie places higher thiani we are. We
have seen a patch 01' two as good but
I lnot a liebl , tie also hi:i somie oats that
'e :ire hardi to b:at.
te A. large am!i excited cirowd in front
Sof 3MeWhtirter's enlgaiged in the slaungh
wV ter of a (dimninutive r'at, which tiredl of
ue living on the outsidie of MSla'kereCl bar
at rels sought to pr'olong life by takinigto
a china ber'ry treec. iIe was dislodged
nand killed. 'M3cW. is iio heathen chii
Baxter & P~erdtue are down to the
bot1tomi of the 01(1 Singly foundation,
'nd brick arie unearthed that have not
~d sen thle lighlt of day~ for3:5yvearIs. From
ie the appearaLnee of thle exi'avation it
k. looks as if the new w'all well be set in
n.a little, maihking the walk widher. We
Il like this.
V0 We suggest to the propr'ietor' who is
r. having tile building~s ere(cted on the
11 Singley' site, that thiey be uniformi
with the Wr'ighut neCw bumildings. Thiu
~'will be emiinently r'ighit,We will theni
Sh:ive a nuew~ 3iol lohon which will re
*i' tIect credit on Newberry. andu a P~h
nix will have ar'iSen! out of the nahes. of
wieh we w;ill be pro.J(1
- he Junnior publlisher' hiavinig takeni
the' mailnlgemen.'t of the I lERALD into
his and. me repxtfllysol!icts
-r-th goo will oIf tile pol~ li i aShareli
o1 of 0ork, andi ailso an increase of i
ti I ubteription i I-t. A pri iV is madiue
il that no effort~ will be spJar'ed to iiake
'- thetI IIALD) worthy of t he pattronagZe
bue g'iven it. Thir large. thte stubscriptionu
llist the better' caln we a!Tord to make
a. 3Iornings and evenuings are inow de
ni- flciouis. Rain andc cold ha:viing giveni
be way togenit!e spring, we are enjoying
ad jthe singinig bird and the open inlg of na:
it tture's Iloral kingdom. Never before
1, have tiewers l okedl h::lf I o beauitifutl,
tie nor smelled -o f ragrant. Ge:nutle~ spring
ig at 1ast has bur-t upon us, and we~ re
ud joice as natulre leeks the world ina1
cc sweet and I mvely' panly;)3 of gr'een
he verdnl'e and blo;iing rose &c. Never
no lbefoire hiave we felt ~o gr'eat a desire to
lud pioetize, the gift alone is lackinig. Par
aui don us therefor'e.rea4r if nio such ef
The Buffalo Mead is a most delicious
beverage in warm weather, it acts as
a tonie also. and the man who haz a
niekle in hIs poeket cannot do better
than invest in a drink. We are ialfp
in being able to direct. the fortunat~e
holder of this very limihiitive etirren
cv to Dir. S. F. Fant who will be de
lighted to turn his fountain open for
hiS benefit. His soda water also is
quite refreshing as well as palatable.
Try him ye thirsty.
'1. it right to hire :in inlidel or an
unbeliever in Christianity to sing in a
ehurch choir? Does hk singing what
he s:-offs at and does not blicve have
a tedencv to lead sinhers to Christ
This seems to be a question for each
church to answer for itself. In our
judgment it is no advantage to have
the singin doie by such persons. We
do not blieve that God will bless it.
ldialla 1ptixt.
S.ys the Chriitian Uiou: Choir Sing
ing' ik excit ing thle mlind of thle Public
to a large ext-nt, anll very rightfully
is it so. In our opinion the above
query his iui *ignificance. We do
not think th:it any but mieinbers of the
I-hurlch should be in church choir.
rho Conveniences of Domestic Life Essential to
,he Refinement of the People-Povarty no
Excase for a Lack of Neatness-A few Gen
tle Hints which Carelese People would do
well to Ponder.
l'RosPEnt'ry, May 2.-The trade
3f this section maintains a steady
upward tendency. Competition is
sharp, but short profits mean quick
ales. Close attention to business
brings sure success. Merchants do
not play marbles and pitch quoits
efore their store doors. Live far.
ners do not loaf about town-even
3n Saturday afternoon. This means
[)ush-not poverty. Men and wom
n here work hard and live econom
cally, but they grow better and be
3ome happier every day. The mor
il and physical health of the people
s promoted by fair employment.
Fhe increasing demand for ile fab
ics shows an improvement in the
)ublic taste. The old fashioncd un.
)ainted and uncarpeted house, with
ts time worn pine tables, split bot
om chairs and plain looking bed
3tead is being replaced by a ne.t and
ittractive house, with finished fur
iiture and multiplied convenin
,es. The colored people have be
,un to whitewash and furnish their
iouses, making them more and
'nore homelike. On a recent trip on
.he Charleston and Savannah Rail
-oad from Charleston to Augusta I
wvas pleased with the neat appear
ince of things. The home life here
s more primitive than in the region
ibout Charleston.
Education is bringing about a
xonderful change. Our school
building is unpainted and poorly
rurnished; but the training is excel
tent, maugre matters of taste, about
wvhich we dare not dispute. Boys
and girls are taking a full classical
ourse, including Greek. Industri
al training and art culture is, how
e:er; sadly neglected. As a result
nf the growing literary taste, every
nome is being sup)plieJ. with current
literature of a healthful sort. D)aily
papers are in demand. Home en
tertainment is bringing the loafing
place into disrepute. G ad-abouts
bave a small audience. The home
circle is becoming the chief joy of
parents and children. Business and
social progress have joined hands.
Poulation increases with the dle
velopmient of business enterprise.
Building lots are in constant de
Trade, manufactures and agri
ulture keep pace with intellectual,
moral and religious growth. Comn
mon sense culture is a matter of
public concern. The public press
may picture man ners as well as mor
als; hence a notice of village life
may be in order. Industry and ed
ucation belong together. The edu
cated man must work, and the work.
ingman must be educated. Indus
trial education is the need of the
times. Education must also mean
cultur-e and reiinement in the home.
The public taste should be so culti
vated as to demand attention to the
beautiful. We expect a certain
neatness in dress. and the same
principle applies to every (depart
ment of social life. A gentleman
will evince a proper regard for the
taste of those with whomi he associ
ates. So a citizen may properly
consult the pulctse in the gen
eral applearance of his property. A
dilapidated house in town is a grea
ter offense to good taste than soiled
and1 raggedI clothing with unpolished
boots in the~ parlor circle. Poverty
is no excuse for the lack of neatness.
This does not reqluire us to imnport
foreign airs with our clothes. Ilome
spunlf refinement is better than the
Good manners in travel, neatness
in dress. and good taste in the home
circle are p)oints which interest the
passing observ-er.
Prosperity is moving toward the
mark. X -News & Courier.
There is a considerable boom in
th D)ivorce market, 117 applica
yons for relea5e from hyvmenial
bo-.ds are to come before the May
term Gf the Massachusetts Supreme
.Jdicial Cour-t. No report from
If t.he litt le dairlingt. i- spending such
sleples nights and slowly and pit i
f l wa-tinig away by the drainage
u;o: its sv.stVm fromn thle effect of
teeting preurea h)ottle of Dr. Big
gers' -.outhierni Re-medy and( tinld what
m:mi other-i mo thier- have by~ its u-e-a
comilplte cure, as it will in att bowel
atkectionis in both young and old. This,
with a bottle of Taylor's Cherokee
Remedy of Sweet Gum and Mullein,
combinIng the stimulating expecto
ranit principle of the sweet gum with
the deulnuIt hiealinig one of tile
mulleinc. for tile care of croup. whoop
ing couighi. colds and consumiptionl.
preentls a little MEDICINE CilEST 1no
household sholdl( be without for the
speedy relief of sudden ot dangerous
attaels of thme lnngs and bowels. Ask
your druggi-t for- them. Manufactured
by Walter As Taylor, proprietor Tfay
iri Premirnn Cnilne Atlantft. GLi
' mm -mmm mm
Gent's Furnishing.
lthe kest 1ove1ties of the
'1jE2 FoP the Senate,
A Tthe request of Many Voter-,
GOdate for the Senate.
N Bo Str.T ay redso he ON JOHN
didate rteSnt mNewberry
Couny. ubjct t th acionof the
Primary election. *
-OPPOSITE- For th Hos of 00 llpNeta'v
THE COURT OvUSE. foth osofRrenaie,
Scho Books, Pens, Inks, Fine .oncdbhifresasacn
and Cheap Writing Papers. Himnl,trghfradodc,
Seasides, Daily &blcoidatinothpeleflk
Illustrated week---[T:Wewldrpet
ly N ew'spapers. OE.frteLostu.Coe
C ofiel, Pett & Co I a nounc mak sele ma,hs emiendat
_____________________________ y itdfor the osito of esator.s
HE A N. . . H ARDY is ereb
nounced b i rd as a candio-h
deiatuorre-eleto was ah glelantulir
T ~ ~ anhs alys e str algt orwar condut,e
b F Ii-'i P11'IIN cauped of th tt. h as ability and -
-~ n., . rience o m i to asuea ithen favoa
SPle onsidertion th on of the p e, i
Fom ,r EIou: Weawoudresp t
prining hic maybe clle ffullyH EITR Pleiae annun thEORE
:15 eg:rdsthecanidWE for the oegisctue.o Conter
Trasuer. paTis ian witoute hin
~ sare that ewlse the e set
eple fite fr si the pas, wegiltr
r hu in toc 'r ue 's-otmen ofMANY YOTEBS.
TA REE.R.O. oL. SCMEID is ercebya
Uanone s acndidate for toroe
Notigielature.nal wastaegallant soldier
andhs paerways beefun n elus in theP
mnik fnl etlmnto t& ro a ue heState He as abyzand
itttS.irhH To~. -dcasd himteassmpnr itint*utteru. ang
inth1 r bu rt, md niedat10 ly piftete n i h the y n il pleahe State,
tliee:rer ppl fora tu:uldiA a n fullprt c atae ll trimems .igt
an : dtrtx ofBilS eDtae r of iS. Botier ont aloseiy
Pd CIsh ortnthn in theS l ine o rubrzdgeta bI U
Anrneeteu mos tratrisfco both i . I L meofJ. . I Ta a tbl
ce regad h addte o Ab Iteo8f?iicof1Cty

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