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Special and Local.
THURSDAY MA Y 22, 1884.
Florida Lands-.5. P. Sg.
Shilris -Daniel Miler &C.
IIrz. Elizabeth Sligh died very su11,
denly Tuesday niget, May 20th, at the
home of her son Mr. P. if. Sligh. She
was a very estimable lady and was
highly esteemed by all who knew her.
Mrs. Minnie Hendricks, the oldest
laughter of Mr. Walter Barre, died on
S Sunday the 18th ins,taat from the
etets of child-birth, about two weeks
ago having given birth to three chil
dren, who all died within a few hours
of each other, and not long after their
birih. This is the saddest dispen
sation of Providence within our ex
perienee. The deceased was quite
young, and had been married only a
few years. She was amiable, affection
ate and piou.4 in character, and her
early and unexpected death has made
:i void which only time and a resigaa
tion to the will of the Divine Ruler
ean fill. Her family feels her loss, but
to the dead one this loss is only gain.
'he has already found her loving mo
er on the beautiful shores of iminor
bliss who proceeded her a few
.rs ago. Mother and babes now
t sweetly in the bosom of the
The La D,w Harrow is the best, see
F. A. Schumpert & Co., before buy
Transfers of Real Estate.
May 10. 1834, Ida ff. Gary, Eva 11.
Gary Sarah L. Goggans, to Jto. S.
Gary, 5-10 acres, Township No. 5.
PAY 31E!!
I am tired dunning those that owe
me, and unless the parties in my debt
settle the same within the next THIR
rydays, I will place theiraccounts in
hands of an attorney for collection.
18-It T. Q. BOOZER, Agent.
-Laurens train was jog
ethree or four mild's
y afeinoon, four
pgine and
Book & Ladder Co.
We were invited on la:st -. oA.
ter-oon by the director of Suad No 1
Mt1e truck to go down to their head- i
rters. We were iuch pleased with I
.appearance of every ting. they
ve a very good house, but it would
>e better if they had a house .hat would I
be a little more convenient to get out
of in bad weather. They take a.great
interest in their company. WC like to
see tid.
We returnthanks to Mr. W. J. L:g
ford for an invitatioll to attend the
--First Grand Exenrsion of the season
down the Hudson," Tuesday, May 23,
1S, of the Eastman Practical Bax
uess College, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y'
We also extend thanks to our
young friend Jas. A. Campbell, for an
invitation to the Celebrations of the
Calhoun & Preston Literary Soeie
ties of Wofford College, Monday and
Tuiesday, June 9 and 10, 18SI.
Visit to Prosperity.
We made a pleasant visit MIonda~y
aifternloon last to the lively and pro
gressive town of Prosperity and pitched
our tent for the night at the cosy resi
dence of Mr. W. A. Mosely, a member of
the firm of Wheeler & Mosely,a most de
lightful and refreshing showver of rain
greeting our arrival, and putting the
mabitants of that burg in most agree
Ie frame of mind. We regret that
or lack of space an account of thuis
visit and the impression made on our
m'nd e >n not be iz:d ilgedl i.1 in this issue
oif the HERALD, next week however it
shall. be dione.
Mflss Wood's Readings.
We confess to mortification and dis
:ippoinltment that our commiunity ex
hibited so little attention andl we may
ay synTpothy for this -very amiable
and talent<:dl young lady Thursday
night last. We expected and confi
iently looked for a full room--but alas,
the people did not turn out. Perhaps
the price of admission was too small.
only 25 cents. The entertainment
was worth 50 cents, and we regret for
31iss Wood's sake that this p rice was
.2ot charged. In manner Miss Wood
1-is qutek attractive, and her rendition
of the various pieces showecd her to be
mistress in the art of elocution. The
selection given was good, and those
who failed to honor her with their
presence missed a treat.
We Don't Like it.
We cannot account for the fatality
that if a paragraph is copied from the
Newberry HER ALT., it is either credited
to the News, the Obserrer or some other
paper, or receives no credit whatever.
'The HERALD seemis to have become
obsolete, and a paper which has no ex
istence. We have borne with this until
patience has ceased to be a virtue, and
we sincerely ask that a practice so repre
hensible be discontinued. The only
time that the HERALD has been noticed
of late occurred last week, when the
News 4 Courier in speaking of the Press
representative credited Mr. R. H.
Greneker of the News as of the HER
ALD. We dislike these things.
Godey's Lady Book
For June opens with a fine steel en
graving of Alfred Ward's portrait of
Helen MIathers, the celebrated English
auitboress, whose new story, "Dreeing
of the Weird," commIences with the
109th volume (July issue) of the maga
zine. This announcemeet has created
:a flutter of expectation among the
readers of Godey's, inasnauch as the
forthcoming serial is said to be the best
thiing Helen Mathers has written yet,
and the success of her previous works
wvouldl therefore justify great expec
tat ions. The present numaberof the mag
azine contains a biographical aketch
of this taldented young authoress
that will be read wvith interest by her
many admirers. The story of "Tam,"
by Ella Rodman Church and Augusta
De Bubna, has a happy ending this
month, and fultils the early anticipa
tions of many delighted readers.
--Tam" is a bright, taking story of a
pular typ:-, anid has mwade quite a
.i or the magazine. The "Nut-Brown
Maid" Is also approaching a climax.
We are p)romlisedI next month a sketch
of Agatha by a' clever artist. Godey's
for June contairSs a great variety of
other Interesting articles, besides Art,
Notes, Fsashionms, Household notes,
Work Departnrent, Arm-Chair, Book
Table gnd Becipes. Every subscriber
will receive a copy of the steel-engav
eneg "MEle Mastb."
How True.
That "the race is not always to tl
swift," was proven on Thursday evei
ing last in front of the residence <
3r. Z. L. White. Mr. W. is a man <
resources, if he cannot do ta .hiu
he will try another. It was a fo<
race this time, the parties, hinse:
and his son-in-law, Williamn, terms
the race a distance of 100 yards, Wi
liams like a good son giving the fathe
40 yards the start. At a given sign:
the racers started, Williams put fort
every nerve to overcome the 40 yard
lo, but the old man notwithstandin
his great avoirdupois caine in ahead b
ten steps. It is said that he fell Ihm
iug the race but we doubt this. II
says that it was the tightest thing I
ever tried, and lie cannot now see hoi
ie got his feet up off the ground. I
is wonderful to us-his weight bein
Florida Lands.
Mr. S. P. Sligh, of Sumter Co., Fla,
makes an offer through the HERAL
this week, to which we cheerfully cal
attention. For seventy-five dollars li
will give a government title to 4
acres of No. 1. Florida lan!, on whie
there is no swamp. There is no eate:
in this. no wild cat scheme, but
genuine, honest offer. Mr. Sligh is
native of Newberry, and a brother c
the Rev. J. A. Sligh, and since pitcli
ing his tent in Florida has met with
most wonderful success. The sam
chance i6 open to others, and the oy
portunity atforded through this sal
may prove a golden one to sonebod3
"There is a tide in the alirs of mer
which taken at,the flood leads to foi
t une"-try it reader-in a year or tw
these lands will have quadtrupled i
value. A map of this land c:* be see
at this office.
The S. S. Picnic.
The advent of Chriztmas is a gre:i
"eve-opener," and this expressio
is not ti -d in the 12ar-room sens(
eithr, but to ,how what an efKe
Christmas morning has over peopl
inelined to drowsiness, or to a littl
more stretching of the limbs in slum
her sweet. 3ore people wake early oi
that morning than on any other in th
3-*5;son .e through choice,others throng
necess*y, for the merry shouts of th
children would arose the seven sleepers
Next to this time is the occasion of
pic nie and a rail road jaunt in th
early morning air. The Picnic to th
sequestered glades amd shade of Wil
liamston was one of the rare occa
Sions when glorious slumber was ip
ped in the bud. We reckon that inor
pe*Oe Nere awake, and on the qu
ri6e, and at an earlier hone last Fri
morning than in a nmouth of Sun
befdot and hurried werc th
atiensA made, elaborate ioilet
be dispensed with, anl break
lowed without chcwing-thi
equsite to health bein
M12 the'ears were reache4
seats secured. Hox
nstp t erowd did worl
,h! jthink so. At si:
heu-at - ne who couli
4elok sha hand, and t<
et ther-, in tin out fron
the minute the ti of al
the depot with its li - me
ges, sizes and sexes,
wav for fair Williamston a
joy 'und pletsure. S-veral ta
failed to reach the train in tim
with these we sympathize ; it was tie
own fault however, time, tide and rail
road trains wait for no man or wonmar
By AYTeu, Jr.
Mr. P. L. Langford who is thm
operator at Blackstock is at hom
enjoying himself "hugely." Hi
brother D. M. has gone over t
work in his place for a while. Pic
we are glad to see you at honm
"Nameless to true'' and yet kin
readers of the H ERALD, the follov
ing is true, though it seems a litti
incredible. The last account<
the churn dasher was that in tw
minutes butter had been churne
out of cream. The above was hant
ed me by a citizen of Edgefield C<
The quill driver for the Obsemv
is getting up in the pspers. Nc
contented with having plenty <
chickens and other fowls or 'fouli
around his place he has managEd b
some hook or crook to get a haw
through the mail. iIe thought ti
tox was for Dr. R. but alas! hi
joy was cut short when lie saw hi
name on the lid. When opened hi
discovered that it was dead, dea<
Mr. Walter Fulmer has been sic
for several days, but is now up an
has gone on a trip into the countr;
Ebbie led a calf through tow
with a rope to each leg and one 1
its head. With a little more rig c
one might have thought we wei
having a menagerie.
A few of' the young folks took
ramble Saturday in the woods au~
-hroughout the fields hunting wil
flowers. They were very succes
Messrs. J. S. Wheeler and J. ]
Bowers are at home preparatory 1
getting ready for the annual exe
cises at College. They look heart;
hale and healthy.
The ffrst check Dr. 'Ridge!ll~f
ceived for the purpose of assistir
in building a Baptist church wt
from Dan'!. Miller & Co., deale1
in Notions, Baltimore.
Since then Dr. has received se
eral from other Northern merchant
Messrs. Kohn and Birge have ju:
returned from a very successfi
trip in Laurens Co. They spes
very highly of the prospect for tl
coming crop.
Our girls next door above om
habitation say they are just havin
a "fine large time" now. Nothir
much to do and plenty of time 1
wlk around. I notice though the
are very careful, for they are ros
and healthy.
But still it cannot be attribute
to the exercise they take. An
for the walking part they do not g
any where but in the yard an
Last Wednesday morning whi
looking out on the street one coul
see nothing but men and broom:
and could smell some of the mo
disagreeable smoke in the "seve
States." All the merchants ha
determined to clean the streets, n<
ly of paper, but also of all othe
trash. Three cheers for our me1
Ti bes briand had bern.
The Run of Squad No. 1.
e Mo.iday afternoon at 6 o'clock
- was the ime set for squad No. 1 of
the Excelsiors to beat the time
made byv Squad No. 2 last week. 1.08
t The rain was gently falling when
f the squad appeared on the pub
f lic square a little past six o'clock, I
but as it struck the red hot ardor
of the Excelsiors it hissed and
fried and glanced oif to their
s uniforms which, being less iper
vious, soon displayed the muscular
Y development of' the boys to the ad.
miring spectators that lined thei
e curbing below the Court House.
v The engine was fired up and the I
t coming squad went prancing to its
place in Boundary street, under the
escort of one of the judges. and nu
inerous yells that actually rent the
clouds and sent them scurrying with
: their rain.
I We have it from good authority
that runners were placed at the :
starting post and the corners along
the track, by Squad No. 2, whose
A business it was to run paoi passtl
A with No. 1. and see that there was
no sharp practice.
The engineer signaled that lie
was ready; the judge at the starting
- point flagged the "start;" and Squad t
B 1 just flowed down Nance street as
gently as any stream you ever saw.
The accoipanying runnirs set off
at a 2.40 dash but soon found that
something was wrong. and when
they came down the home stretch
they were running like potato vines
in iry weather. The squad came
t steadily on with damp, unbroken
front. It was passed on the track
by Maj. S, who gave it the encour
aging Assurance that it was makin&
L dashed good time. The wheels of
the reel split the mud-and all was
excitement at the grand stand.
3 The running squad. believing that
i the race was not to the swift. made
B haste too slowly, and failed to get 1
- to the end of the hose ahead of the
water. Here they made the serious
mistake of trying to screw the noz
- zle on a solid stream of water. The
- undertaking was hazardous. The
~ stream was not properly threaded
' and it began to spurt in all direc
- tions in search of dry clothing. The
- director was drenched several fire
men loked as if they, like "drown- c
ed honor," had been dr.aged up I
from Scott's Creek by the locks;
and one of the judges was knocked
I out of time, and his judicial aspira- t
tions dampened beyond recognition i
Time, three minutes.
Squad No. 1 had a "walk over,
but made a foul at the nozzle-in
fact, two or three genuine feather
1 less water fowls. Squad No. 2said
it didn't propose to be walked over,
if it was muddy, and that it would
not accept any such medal; squad
o- 1 said "you're another;" where- t
the matter was referred to
t '1N oges who had not been put
ju solid stream of water.
Ant - deliberation the medal
was pr 1 to the President of
the comnpady, for the company;
and this is' convincing p)roof that
Ssquad No. 1 was right in supposing
ethat the medal is not always for
sthe swift.
DWe think the whole thing was
Sunfortunate. The medal. which is
e costly and handsome, was offered
by our generous and public sp)irited
council-and the most liberal spirit
d should have charactenzed the con-1
Stestants. The ground was muddy
e Mondar, and the members of Squad
'1, say they could not run-but were
o expected to run and had to go over
Sthe course. No. 2 says they were
not obliged to run; and so the
-. matter goes.
F. A. S::humpert & Co., wvill mnake
tit to your interest. to see them before
fbuyin~g your harvesting machine.
k Mr. Burr .J. Ramage arrivedl home
e yesterday.
s hiss Laura Vance leaves for her
shome in Greenville, to-daiy.
e is Mr. J. N. Fowles, of G ilbert Hollow,
*Dr. Jas. Mcintosh and Mr. R. Y.
k Leavell are back from Florida.
d Dr. W. E. Peiham made a short run
7up to Ashville last week.
Mr. McLucas of the Merchant 8' Far
Smer', paid us a visit Tuesday.
0 Miss Mfamie Bamilie, of Augusta. Ga..
n i-; visiting Miss Mamnie Holbrook of
e our town.
We were p)leasedl with a call from
the Rev. J1. C. Bushnell, of Prosperity,
a Monday.
d Ere the next HERALD is unfolded to
dl the breeze, the senior will have taken
- his departure North-wvard, in quest of
the greatest of earth's boons-health.
.May he find it.
Miss Holbrook's northern friends,
0Miss M. Lowell Richardson and Mr. E.
r- B. Gillis, left Newberry yesterday for
,their home in Manchester. Ne w H1amp
shire. They seem to have cuioyed
their stay in Newberry.
0- Miss Chr-issie SlIgh after two weceks
g- of the mnerry-go-roundl of visiting and
Sbeing visited-the latter largely pre
dominant--has returned home, and her
' place is nowv filled by her sister, Miss
Ella. And thus the world goes round.
i- Misses Mamnie McCaughrin, Loula
s. Baxter, and. Katie Rutherford, went up
ato Abbeville yesterday to attend a Mili
ltary Hop, v-hich is to take p)lace to
niht. They intend rem.'ining in that
k city until Suutrday.
e We had die p)leasure of meeting Mr's.
Holbrook for the first time last week,
r anid found her what we chad hearin
lady and lher daughter, Miss Mamie,
are acquisitions to the society of New
berry, of whichi we may well be proud
y of.
d SEwBER~RY, C. H.,S. C., May 17, 1S&:
List of' advertised letters for wee.k ending
d May 17, 18e4:
Brooks. Mrs. Emma tMafrett. Miss Amelia
d chnpel w. . Mets. a.
Grimno,?Miss sla . aery has.
Glasgow, sam'! (c) E iley.W. L.
Gallaway. Miss Ada Speake, Miss Mary
e Gantt, s. W. smith, Miss Mary
d Holly, J. V. Iwalnace. Jno. A.
Johnson, Mrs. Lina Wicker, Miss Maggie
4 Parties calling for letters will please say
it if dvertiused. R. W. BOO NE. P. II
d Dr. Darby, President of the Col
>t umbia Female College took his girls
r last week on an excursion to Char
. leston, and it is said that they made
eineswriei fly.
[7.\ 1 _N--CIfIi LDREN'S DAY--F0LK'*.- TA LIZ L
May 10:hi P81. g
A h'eautiIll rain ag:In on thik Mon
!ay er r..vivingr th:e hea:rso0 f:irun.-.
o Mnrz. Dr. Fo.il
O(r three -ev ilruiter-r is no-xirl-, o
wr oit :.5 eat :1 day, 11.1 h 11h- hop %v
0 .Zhip vit!h ri;e pe:I(h(,S, 0:I 3;1y 2!t. :
o mote it !:e.
IIIrV Mille. a 1 1!.o:.r -f Mr Wi. W 1
.Sligih, kilda1ips ae1fr :l
0 incihes long, it was a mion..tr. and I
he lonlge:st sna hke I ever :iw in N '- t
erry 11
Firmer:4 are bly4nilmt. fi:e tIAI. .t,
-ood ;ztandfs of cotto-l :ind !CI-r', 1i:we
arde s. ideilidwheat :111( a1,1an( t
.0 _k hI pro4pe' t of fruit..: 1f a1l1 kilvd b
Ie rs. Ja. I I., and Wtn. B. A:U
Bros, are tnow repairi:g Pie-ter's
,ill. th:t they puii:ased. putting il F
iio$t all new timbes, be-tSies ai very
arge Twlbine \water whee. They vwill
omiplete tieir mill. Nvithin tIT(re t(
veeks. Mr. Gilliam Pitt wiH still be
he tmiller. E
Children's day, at Tranqi-ii hrchi
;:tiitrdav. va]well attended, al] at
I 'cloek the line of procession wa
oriled, at, it. head w. a s1itar* hn- ei
icr of about 4 feet, with the followiNg
nI-zeription "TranquIlil S1(:da S".hool. j
rallmeld, 1S27. by Za"c.iH'l Wrig-ht al
ud1 Abalom Glasgow.'' Trinquil S. Il
., led the froit while Jalapa S. S. \
vIl her large num"Ibers, uniformed
vith their protty blue ro-wttc., follow
dI next, forminle_ a lon- linl. I hazt sm
."C-emne.Re.Al delivered IIhe. 0:
Idrei: of w1elcoie. It was iAitened t
. vitlh deep attentiton-i n 1ice be
tn felt that the speaker wul.l1 iianidle M
is sih.iect inl an able inmaner. We
vere tnot di,appolIted. tho wlc oti1.
ddire. was :)lendid. f. \ter I a beia;; ti
tl sotgr, Dr..J. Wim. Folk wis next a
nitro-lrhtved and began by saing he o
V:S lnOt prepared, and( we thoui.-ht h t
onild sowl take hi- -e:t, but 1 Said:
hat when von see one ting a1 S. S- e
pecl. he iay be co: aied a it- ar
idate that was nit applicable to h'm.
Lt last lis sub.iet wasanu ed"IIew fi
0 the linte i,t the chips fall wherc
lihev ma." and all were turprioed
:n tinit sch a speccli coild !c madc C
xtempomnously, b inexprien- vb
(I speker. iIe elo-ed witi somei ppro t(
rialt e vers. The othr speake s aui- b
(hiunlcid, failed to put in an appear.-. ti
iwo, aiid te xercipLs came to a cloxe, e
fter somie nozt excellent singit:g, and 2
he most interesting part of the pro- C
Tralmie. to vouirhitilb.le writer. dinter t
Vs ant1notun1ced. Iow oil earth tie ICa
ies could p:epare O abIIdalnt and -
xceedinlgly nieu a fea-t, consisting of
ch variety of meats, wuh a. chicken, .
riedl, Slothiered and baked. tmut ton.kid, B
teak and roast beef. strawberry pies, a
emlion pies. atnd other kinds, besides t<
>ouid atnl jelly cakes, we will never
:now. Provisions are said to b. so
cao at ahirs season of the year, and y
lis proves it. N. C.
irlous and All About. 0
Our town was visited by au refreshing r
iower of rain Monday afternoon. d
Lula HIurst will give a performance l9
n the Opera Hlouse, Saturd'ay ni-hit.
One of otur phtysicianis has a c apit al ~
~ardeni and he works it himself. C
Dysentery hias been prevailingI in a
mmber of places in our County. C
A erowd ofi fotur went toh Salatda 1
Iuesdav fotr a two or three dayts sein- tE
1g. ~C
The Old Met's Democratic Club will 2
neet Friday atf:ernioonu. at 6 o'clock, ini a
he Court IIouse.
Mr. Thios. Cook is nlomin tedCl for i,
heiff,in aid M.. Thoma.s S. Mormuan
or IIouse of Representante.
Girls don't forget that this is the
-ear for- you1. If you give a fellow
lippers, give him tits.
'l'he uipper part of the County was
visitedl with a heavy wa-ing. r.ain,
Mondaty atfteritconl.
?lub will mecet in iib Newvberry Riles
irmtory to-night
F. A. Schunmpert lint a fine pat ch of
barlev for Dr. McIt: 0-ih, w~ithi his realp
er an'd binider, Monday afternioon-.
We noticed 4 treshers at the depotr
last week for dliterenit farmu-rs of ottra
The colored schiol at Tranquil willr
hae .their p'enie Satiwilay. fTere
will be severat!liaddresses made to time
The Saluda Biridge commtittee met
last Moniday, and adjouirned till next
Monday night--the attendance being
Redmonid, tl.e North Carolina Moon-e
shiner, who wats brought from Alibany
to Coltumbia a few mionthIs ago, hias
been pardoned.
A womani sayvs that vetry few men
have the slighitet idea howv to hold a
baby. Very few of them show anuy
tesire to learn.
The tman who marries a woman
whio has more sense than lie has ist
never allowed to lose sight of the
A Georgia editor says that Sive men
in the Southern States nowv ;eadl the
newspapers where o:ie man read th(m
ten ears ago. Four of these mieni we
ventire to say readl borrowved papers.
The Sunday Schools of our town
were uncommnonly large last Friday.
We prediet that they will not he soe
large again, until the next union piee
te excutrsion, or Ch:.isttmas tree. e
Oar next Court will mneet on1 the
first Mondar of J-me. No criminal
busiess will be t ri.m aeted, and the re 1
will be no jurie-. J ydge Aldrich will
Those of our subscribers who have
any change in their pockets, anid
wvho knuow the fact of their indlebIt
dness to as are earnestly a-kedl to
make a small dIeposit at this otfice.
Demorest's Portfolio can be haud at
the HALID Book Store, Also Moody
& Sanky's singingbooks, 1. 2, 3 and 4
combined, and I and 2 separate, bc
sides many other atitcles.
The Greatest Enemy to cihildren is
worms. Shrit er's Indiani Vermiftuge
will save theim from ruin. .Only 25
ents a b)ottle. Try it. For sale by
Dr. S. F. Fant.
Five hundred men and children at
tended the Sunday School pie nie, and
they enjoyedl the occasion wvith at zest.
which only the emancipated can feel.
Te sweet tnd substauntials carried
to Wiliamston on Friday last wiere
enormous, and sumfiient to have fed
twice that numnber, and yet the cry
go.s antthit thete Is nrthine to eat.
It is said that Mr. Z. L. White was
ne of those! who failed to get to the
Oepot Friday last. It must have been
w-iII to his race the night before.
[ik Lg- gave out. He is better on a
i6h'' than anythinrg cle.
W hen 0::r excursioni-ts realhed br
Dilliamnton, Dr. Lander and "IIis %
is had go onIan excnrsion to the fra
ountaii. Our bys would have o1
-en in a -orry plight but for the mIl
S"oml of th W(woIld t excurs.ionii-t- i
ached,th Owtation lat Frviday mlornl
.i Mt i lime t' '-' th t rain imove
T- but. 1ge to say tIIh)-e Vho
ere lft. d. aver. that they "d:;n',i m
Ire :o :O any how- n
Thie high pric% bu:.;ht by the l:} i
;Ch:pp -'t in!.t hat the% ari. a
io;4e v:11 e.jpect t.; i :: the i lace.
tli will Iput a1 briS ' aro.- Sdha .
! at
ie pOetWitir,ns will mo:mt to omn- :
)inl. t V W he f ..1 hmow,-V:. tat
l l:t, :e: ,o L al I 1. tW e
'We lner that otr Iho vwnpt::v will i ac
r lt.I to Colniitlli on :u lim' I m Ii
r take Wa r i ai t'w t hni r:f-ar t S
'ill 1:i t:k cit her heir :Ie.s or I
>ine. T Clinba n un1 & CoLimbh :.,
are been . ki;i: a-: to : 1C 0 loan
eni a reel to rIi with.
We k-'.Ow a fe. men. con-tant read
who hi not i spent a niAle for
eir r-eadin i-, 1n twenltv-five years.
e know whereo . * ' " ,ak. a:IA dare 0
IliII it. PlA v tell is thru1;uh.11 tle
ALL Wh.e:c 0. the;. Il land I,
hien IhIe vn v-y ,. of life i- t-I,.1!- .
bui: A . w A f'rA the nexi thr.
o th-:. v .it 'H w Xiiol f it I li o A A 14 t A
tSir. w Vyn Ai"\ e, 0 1: '.. !i': d A IT
Oit ht n t l::: t It!r- P
.at a -s lo i l,i(ltfarIil A' itAntil mt
m o It. Cotton b iniIg tho iain
I (lCd ik~' : )):r.o !% f1"iiId iie
set we n,11es, p eror .inl our Le
ings :li1 por s4 our sni4 wi-ithi
MIr. 0. lettriier :u:d-o:hvers- en.ioycd
ucesu id-entor-ialfr1oli:-lasi week
- u iver. W ait th a t(:ii tle' Ae t
tis', he.11,1 hlab 1,t 1ia A. ,)A:~ AT
to k I nt o f thi lie w At ( v en , : .11!1(1
iI)s of 1i1h. a1n 1 mong the variy' a
pe of tbollt. This wle a
mIc:el like a oale of , oln ine,i
-hen succe-. oftener swarded th
4h1.l th: th failure.
Wetre t l t tc hey frost ti of A
tnaldls Townhi. ha.. orastlnid a sA
Igh ball elit :s teat tha gr:o:et
> take the hine oft te oNwbrry L
:se-balli+s I a match _ame: whwn
ley hAyeAdotio so. and the Pr, -lwrity
xapafiy hat takns the shiNew o L he
'eoberry Centera Neblrd will be a
iod Opening for some littl- -hine'en
p sIr." LQ
Married. Moy 21st, wer, at t red4
enee of the bride's brother, klr. C. O.
.zhardt lin Nowberry Co., S. C., EV. A
. A. Gilbert of the S. C. Coiftewc
Mis, Mary A. Buztartt, siser-is-law
the officinting nitor, Rev. J. ' A
raywict, ollickatied, a-4iied by Rv.
[atming Brown. a
- _ _ -_ -I Le
ight and had bee feareid toa great
aiae was o neto ft Etioce l
ATwo ateih t as madte tNewb
lrk Centralo Rird otline Lat L
iten Cant Ctton Sat. ry mrne- i
ge last ae octve hous fifen
arstlme were deasent and bde
eade ash ldesroed Twoe
ar one or he watteewl kill n
ner. Teonrenl wasr frihted,-A
ndi oa by rak .a bly injugerd.
At Roberts. Pa., sizeday mhot-gn,
ug tlast oeaopen w iht scar A
lle ithe traube. Oe odieseofntw
os age bouten tydedi ears,E S
lci eg ani.hy er
Thel resserd. Atton of theulir
lothineepingicate wopany wxChefe
nyd haod D.Bieenrshe oto leavth
o bitsnftigac tan frhile the L
rain i rvehas ninernfoundn.n F
heihus fo tei'li Rofet din au-ea
roesentere d the retrou ofe theA
ttlemes werse sent and dueig
nhandrdtat:te frodie shldogive
ehie. Te negros wth arigten-f
d Vo byhMr.e E me dyuhe of e
iJr.a oble. hoseining t shtun- -
'etgm they hem emuwithot healur- ~
tile teasiureine or thue ofe
:os hason beselge in jitl.-E.r.i
n Rches Lency oueodsulhw Th-:
ThGngera attorny of the l- ant
rustcelO. Ak och ruggi, or heri.
antaturd Dr. Waler cou. alor,ve
trorietter laev thanmius Soughen
Veeyfrbie fetos n n
T1Hi t BaLhhATCneve Y on any
hig o qalDr Miger'Sothr
BLmdyfoCte HeieEodarh<a '
letryadtherPEstrto ENAMEL
u'm and 3Iu Doen, cobeningte istio
latin expetoran principlte besthe
weet gum wihos thte letrahe.ln
ne of theTmule,Matenure f
roup MARKETn coTg, clds'and
owe Ask yor drugginwst for the.
Maactu~-rdb ale . alr
ae Thousand Acres of Land and
'Right Smart of Bears.'
)n the dcek of a big Mississippi steamboat
>od an iged Southern planter. Indic:t in
a sweep of his arm the waters the b5at
s passing over, he said to a passenger
M the North: "When I was twelve years
I killed my first bear on a new plantation
father was theu cutting out of a foreat
Ltt grew directly over the waters of i's
il. i.a: was a mighty good plantation,
I hor right w m,rt of iars there, too.
I illhz o;c tn,l 1!jd acre of land went into
Misis'ipn.i year' ago."
t is i!-ting m strain opon the figure to
h.it great forests of youthful hope, wo
mily b2:iuty :nd manly strength are swept
th: sane way every ye.ir into the ireat,
-bid torrent of di<4ease and deith Yet it
Mid i : 1Uie o. Tiiat it is so is a disgrace
Ll as a loss. Peopic tire largely too
ele:-s or two stupid to defead their own in
ests-thte most preeiotus of which is health
at go-ie, all is gone. Disca e is simple,
to rck!essuess or igrorarce the simplest
;:gs mght a well be comp!ex as a lropo
iont iU Conic Scetions. As the huge Wes
n riv, rs, which to oftea flood the cities
ing their sho:es, arise in a few mountain
rin a so all ottr ai!nents can be traced to
.e b!od tnd a small group uf disorder
t'motefietive an:1 irclu-ive remedy
ldi,eae ls PA RKER'S TONIC. It goes to
sou:ces of pit and wealkess. In res
nbe tj its :iction. the liver, kidneys, stom
bI :und hear. begin their work afresh, and
case is driven out. The Tonic is not, how
u in,oxica:t, but cures a de ire for
otig idrik. Ha.ve you dyspepsia, rhetimo
mn, or troules which have refu.ed to
Id to other agents? Here is your help.
Rail Roads.
lumbia & Greenville Railroad.
CoLUMnIA. S. C., May lth,1M.
i aud alter Sunday. May ]I, ISS4. the
SSENG ELi THAINS will rut* as herewith in
ated upon this road andl its branche
Daily, except Sundays.
are W.. C. & A-. Junction . - - 12.35 a In
ave Columbla,A - - 12.50 a in
Alston, - - - - 1.55 p In
New berry, - - - - 256 p In
Ninety-Six, - - - 4.38 p i
- lodges, - - - 52 ipm
Befton, G.- - - 6.3 p M
rive Greenville, - - - - ( 0 p In
are Greenville, - - - 9.56 a In
Belton, - - - 1105 p M
" 1odges. - - 321 p m
" Ninety-Six, A- - - - 1.43 p
" Newberry, - - - 3.12 p m
" Alston, - - 4.14 p In
rive Columnbia,r . - - 6.25 p m
ive W.. C. &A. Jonction. - - -- - - 5 30 p m
ave Alston, - - 1.i6 pin
Strother, - - 236pm
She:tou, - - - .5 p In
Santuc, ,- ---- 339p in
Uion, - -. - - 4.20 p m
Jonesile, - - - 4.49 p in
ive Spatanburg, - 47 p In
ave Spartanburg, It.& D. Depot, U 11 50 p m
Spartanburg, S. U.& C. Dcpot,G 12.10p In
Jonesville, - - - 1.04 p m
Union. - - - 1.55 p M
Santuc, - - 1 47 p m
Shelton, - - - 3 t5p In
Strother, - - - 3.31 p m
rive at Albton. - . - 4 10 p m
aveNewberry, - - - 3.30 p m
-rive Laurces C. If., - - 6.45 p M
ave Laurens C. H., - - 9.15 p m
rive Newberry, - - 12 26 p m
ave Hodges. - - 5.30 p m
-rive at Abbeville, -- - - .3 pm
ave Abbeville, - - - - 11.3' p m
-rive at 1ioges, - - - - 12.30 pi n
iLUE altDCE nl.lOAD) .\Nii ANDERtSON
ave Delton G.38 p mn
' Anderson 7.12 p in
' Pendleton 759 p in
ae Sencea C, 8.52 p in
irie Walhalla 9.15 p in
are WValhalla, - - 8.40 a in
are Seneca C, 0.u7 a mn
' endleton, - - 952 a in
' Anderson, - - 10.42 p mn
rv at Belton. - - 11.15 p in
ave Rlelton 6.15 a m
" Williamuston 7.10 a m
"' Pelzer 7.37 a m
" Piedmont 8.25 a mn
~rve Greenvlle 1.25 p mn
ave Greenville 4.15 p in
'-Peidmnont 530 p mn
''Pelzer 6.15 p mn
" Williatmston 7.00 p mn
rive Belton 7.10 p mn
With South Carolina Railroad from Char.
With Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta
Railroad from Wilmington and all
poin ts North thereof.
With Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta
Railroad from Charlotte and all points
Northt thereof.
WithI Asheville & Spartanburg Rail Road
for points in Western North Carolina.
With A. & C. Div. R. & D. RI. RL., from all
points South and West.
With A. & C. Div., R. & D. R. R., from At'.
lanta and beyond.
With A. & C. Div., R. & D. R. R., from all
points South and West.
With South Carolina Railroad for Charles
With Wilmington, Columbia and Au gusts
Raitroad for Wilminuton andthe. Not.
Withi Charlotte, Columin%a and August.
Railroad for Charlotte and the North.
.With Ashteville & Spartanburg Railroad
from Hlendersonvil le.
.With A. & C. Div., RL. & D. IR. RI., from
Charlotte and beyond.
J. W. FRY. Superintendent.
M SLAUG utTErn, General Passenger Agent.
D CAPRDwaLL, Ass't General Passenger Agt.,
>lubia, S. C.
lut Carolina Railway Company.
On and after Mlay 11th, 1884, Passenger
rains on thtis road will run as follows tun
further notice:
eave Columnbit' *7.5'0 a m t5.E p mn
rrive Chtarlest on 12!O0pum 9 55 p mn
eave Char:estotn is.I$ a mn *4.30 p m
rrive Columbiti 12.38 a mn 9 22 p tm
t Daily. *Daily except Sunday.
cave Columbia *7 50 a mn *5.25 p in
iive Camden 2.25 a mn 8.25 p mn
ave Camden '9.00 a mn *4 00 p mn
rrv Columibiat 12.38 am 922p m
*Daily (ecpt sundaiys.
cave Coumbia *7.50 a mt *5.25 p mt
.rrive Augusta 1L20 p tm 8.l0 a in
cave A u"usta *7.15 a mt
rrive Co%umbiat 12.38$ p mn
*Daily exep~t Sundays.
Connectioni made at Cohlnmia with the
otlumbia and Greenville Rait Road b)y train
iriing at 12.38 P. M., and dleparting at 5.50
.M. Conntection made at Columbia June.
.on with Charlotte, Columbia andl Augusta
all Road by samte traini to and from all
onts on bo0th roads with thbrough Pullman
!eper betweetn Charleston anrd Washing
an. i Virginia Midland route, without
ban;e. Connection mnade at Charleston
'ith steanmers for Ne w York on Wednesdays
nd Saturdays; talso, with Savannah and
harlestotn Railroad to all points South.
Conetions are made at Augusta with
ergia Itailroad and Central Railroad to
nl from all poinxts South andt West.
Troitgh ticket-s can be purchtased to all
oints South and West, by applying to
D). MCQUE EN, Agent, Columbia.
Ii. C. ALL EN, G. P.&. F. A.
JoHN B. PECK, General Manager.
sheville and Spartanburg Railroad.
SPARTANBURG. S. C.. May 12, 1884.
On and after Monda--. May lIst, 1894,
assenger trains will be run daily (Snndauys
ceptedl) between Spartanburg and Hen
ersoville, as follows:
eave hR. & D. Depot at Spartanburg..00 p mn
rrive at Htendersonville.........930 p in
cave irendersonville..........-8.00 a mt
rrivc RI. & tD. Depot, Spartanburg.11.30 p nm
Both trains make cotnnections for Column
i and Charleston via Spartanburg. Union
nd Columbia and Atlanta and Charlotte by
G nt's Furnishing
A1l the Latest Noveities of the
For BhePiff,
i11os. CooK is hiere~by announced
ais a candidate for the office of
nm Sheriff, subject to the Primary elee
Niiv ROK tOT 4tereues of Many Voter.i,
Hellehe Ro ERFiSO A. .SLIGHI is a canidi
-OPPOSITVE- r1he many friends of the lioN. JonN
T C. WILSoN commend him as a can
didate for the Senate from Newvberry
T HE COUR HO . County. Subject to the actin of the
School Books, Pens, Inks, Flue For the H0use of BepresenitVe.
and Cheap Writing Papers. THOMAS S. MOORMAN
Is a candidate for nomination for
Seasides, D aily & House of Representatives.
Illustrated week- T announce myself as a Candidate
SfrteHouse of Representatives,
ly N ewspipers. subject to the Primary Election
SCofield, Petty & Co., T :i&Dis:
Lltefolr-eecio tMteaegdlt,e
HadBls,ide s miy tagtowr ~ant
Birds Heeips, Blankdwthhs bltyad xe
And considorttaontofnthenpeopleiof hi
prnigwihmyb cale Weor;d rspe
guarantee thr theoLegsstatfre.ioo.seot
Ca,lipt s, Blank'1fitdfrtejotinfLgs
Forms APT HEHo. .. HARDY is ereb
And ; sortanyhi inthelin ofC anoned y hiscfriensaas aoeande
printng wich my becalledftr foIeeeeint h legislature. H a aln ode
guaante te umot stisacton,bohiads alys ee straght orwar cindute
as regads thecaof thSa. h as ability and -
,II ~ ~ ~ rence cmen him to aueadmitain favorgh
~ bleponsideraion the theci peoplte ofahis
t~eP~ie! of nsatveCounty. D3CAS
Cardsand nveloes. , R.E EDITOR : PlWe aounc rhese
Giveme cal ad se fo yorse fuly name nt of . GEORGET as.asial
T. D GENEER.canide .for the iegi ofum Contyr
ratier. Thictis on willouipe in
Noticeof Finl Setle-slc that ae he will sev he eopler a
tply fi fr si the pasit,o Legihtr
ment. take th.O L CUMETis liet fpooighnaere,
legisl:~ tatu He willa gaceat icsier
Juiie.andShasatl10yscbeen,zaalin..in tie
estae o S:mah I. Vhoiias de ca se of the State.__ He has ability and_
i~m themProbateumourt, mnintmiedaately
threftr ppy ora inm!dichr p osiio inth ouncoft he d t ate,
and fullyuproectaatialoftiesithesright
PRECOUS . TOMAS (I. o. S. native s Conty. .~e a
Shveinstck a lnissortent of a F Candidtfo AudIto N.
Maydin, 1Ball and nvit tio Paper,

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