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Special and Local.
THURSDAY MAY 29, 1884.
Telephones-Telephone Co.
Wants Money-D. C Flynn.
Shirts-Danicl Mliller &Co.
F. A. -S:hmp -rt& CO., will mn ik(
ic to vour interest, to see themn btefor
buyin g your harvestiig machine.
The Male Academly school und4er th1
iupeinteidenev of Mi,s L.R. Coleld
will have its pie-lic In the Academ:11
grove to-niorrow, Friday. June -ifth.
The Excelsior Steam Fi Comnp:1
Iy met Tue,,day night. and accepte(
the invitation to attend the Touirta,
mneat in Columbiac, June 1I & 19. They
will take party in the reel contest. Th(
running squad was selewted, am
Louis a. ouael elected Captain d
th se S di:].
I bre:tkizzg~~ 'i etlg eo !
On last Satrday afternoon about
h:df past six o'clock, while Lang De
Walt (col.) was <hiving a wan out
ie Newberry Hotel Yard, tile horse
camei frightened a he was about
If vay out of thle gate, and made h i
ek start, throwing the driver out
b breaking, his left leg, below the
ee. The wagon% was uot broken, but
thw horse and shafts got loose frmc it.
lStartling Announcement.
l Mr. D. C Flynn is out this week
with another double columin advertise
fent, iiwichr he offers his entire
t oek at a sacrifice. Hle wants $5,- 0.1
by" the 1st of Jly; and offers his goods
i a miee trifhe, read his ad. am see
atz s oods are quoted at. Just
ujnk orit, 12 doz. buttons for 5c. &C.
ofl d e Mr. Chas. J. PIreell, the po
len1anagle, a bl be eonvinced o tihe
Tn ( implI)bete iusiness Register,
a ,w ich M r S hackelfo rd is th e
- et ioS the best and most Nai
mdo bn hes. ,n that we
an syeesten. It conitainls practical
atic forn for kepin a
stimmary recerd, by which the b rsiness
a , mn101th Or ear can be
seen at a gjance, enablin 'n to de
tenrine his liabilities an or
oIr- omoments, at any time, to which
o ieLutabes of interest rates, stan
"te meaSUres buiness
S ilt adit on'ra Periodof ten
dtard we h o see this reg
to ~ ~ ~ "to or.i ttuin
law, &e., arran-_,. :uhro
ve:,r; from any dae .
i,,ter is to lik~e it. and
nompiler of it d entitled t et t o
of hls claresi of bs Fidaey . The
w or tmal, bu-eighugy in~ et
peof them to is ook, wh only $3.75th
ctoarative small when its exceed
WIf Wait o l tie citizas of N twberry
anul will be happy to present the book
to their attention.
o They Have Swelled.
A fiend pulled up at few bects ot
of hi. gardem last Friay. Tle roots
were Smal, bt being hungry for beets
i 1ve itie m to his cook, with the or
dcer bet, carefuil and not lose or waste
'N4y, of them. IIe was; afraid that the;se
bit.z wvould be lozt, or run into the
inihtey were ofagod oile,rse,table
a she edud o tate the beation ofi
t)ling themuinta bag.. Hwen wasnot
Jinn e. tie sotlenithaam n,i ad
he beets eune iadstag.ta
heywerey olleg goomarereetabl
aTsie fqullwn io th ro of thewh
a:zul conntt e o im.to Nwer
'ol lege:
ne 22nl1, at 10.30 a1. in., Baceahan
.e 5ermioni by the Rev. A. C. Wede
Id, D. D)., of New York City.
June 22nd. at 8 p. mn.. Address to the
tudenits by the Rev. Ellison Capers.
of Greenville.
.June 23rd, at S p. in., contest for
Medal in Oratory.
Jlune 21ith, 10.30 a. im , Alumni Ora
t ion, by the Rev. Wmn. Stoudenmire,
of Oakland, Md.
.hinue 24th, 8 p. mu., A(ldres; before
* th~e L'rary' Societies, lhr President II.
E. Shephetil, L L D)., of Charleston:
June~' 25, 10 a.m i., Annual Commienice
-lne', 8.0p. m , Reception aut the
LC(apt. Bally Heard From.
A letter reeiled by a friend in Col
mnb'a states that Capt. Ed. Baily, well
knrwn in Newberry by the Quid Kunes,
and by whom he is held in lively r'e
menmbm aneC, has pulledl up the stake
which hie h:ad pl::iited ar Boston. Mass.
and 10o-ated p)ermanently, lie thinks,
in Florida, about four miles below
.Jackso::ville, otn the ehamming Saint
Jlohnts riv'er. We don't blame him
for leaving the Hub, and do envy
himi his present location, where lhe
.avs it. is his intention to spend the re
mainder' of his life, Hie savs the~ fish
ing is .inst splendid, and thait all kinds
of the tinny :ribe reward the exertionsm.
of the anzgler-siuch as has:, sheep-head,
trout, black. and even the homely and
less esteemed cat lishi. What a good
tizine lie will ha:ve, to be sure, lie is
wvith a brother-in-law, the husband 01
Miss May, of ha:ppy memory. Miss
Gabe thle other sister is also living in
Fiorida about one hiiudred miles dlis
ant froim the above place. atnd ma:r
('lub Meetings.
The Young Men's Democoraitic Club
met and roganize'd last Thiursdayv
night. A nmniber of newv names wer~e
enirolled, and the following oflieers
were elected: Pres., Jan. Y. Culbreat h;
let V. P.. E. C'. Jones: 2nd V. P.,
Thlos. E. Epting: Sey., .Jas. L. Blease;
TFr'as., El. S,choltz; Executive (Com-.
mittee, 0. L. Schium pert. D3. 0. 1Her
bert, .J. K. P. G oggans, F. Werber, .Jr .
and W. W. Hodges.
llThe Ol Men's Decmocratie Chllb was
reorganized last Friday aifternoon wih
the following oflbicer-: Pres., Jas. Me
Initosh: 1.t V. P.. WV. WV. Hlouseal: 2nd
V. P.. WV. TI. Trarranut; Seey., Jas.
P'~ack'r: Executive C'ommittee, C'. B.
Unzist. WI. If. Hunt. C. C. Chas.', M. A.
('arlishl'. and S. Pope.*
The following members were eleced
delegaites to the County Conventio:
SS. Pope, Jat-. M('Intoshi, C. hB. Buist,
Y. J1. Pope. WI. Hi. unnt, C. HI. Sauber,
J1. ('. Wilson, .J. WV. GCary. Ja-. Packer.
J1. P. Pooh. J. F. J. Caldwell. T1. S.
M>oriman, S. P. Boozer, A. .J. McCatugh
rin, WV. T. Tarrant and J. D3. Smith.
Alternates: J1. Y. MeFall, WV. W. Hlons
cal, W. J. Lake, R. L. McCanghirin, C.
C (.tCha-e and J. P. Kinard.
The Executive Committee was in
structed to meet the E xecutive Comn
mittees of the other clubs of this town,
sip , and apportion the number of
delegatres to whih It is entitled among
the c'lubi offni to twthaMp.
Laughing Lula and Her Cane-Bottor
Lula Hurst, the phenomenal Ge
gia girl, gave an exhibition of her wo!
derful d >oelr, in the Opera Iou
last Saturday night, and lie has bee
the talk of the town ever sinee. Notl
ing so wonderful has iappeared in Nev
be--ry "since the great flood."
Drs. McIntosh. Gilder and J. 31
Thompson, :ind Messrs. L. W. Jones
W. H1. Wallace, J. E. Brown, Frau
moon, Ed. Evans an( J. C. Wilso
took seats on the stage, by reqiest
and the show opened.
A young man in black mustache
who spoke of the large crowd of spe(
tators as an awvlienc', and must tiere
fore be the elocutionist, told hov
much lie didn't know about Miss Lula'
mysterious gift, and then introduce
the Force to the "andience '
The Force, a fair coutrv lass o
somue seventeen suiner,, somewlha
above the iedium sizeand luhit. cani
forward. and her father handed he
a small umbrella. She raised the tum
brella. and Mr. L. W. Jones took hi
place under it, by her side, to aid ii
controlling its movemltents. It was :
sickly, innocent looking cotton ml
brelia that had a tired look about it
The picture presented by the coupl
and the umbrella was pretty enough
but suddenlv it seemed that a torniad'
had struck it. That umbrella becam
the most animated object oa the stage
It turned in-ide out and began t<
thrash about the stage, eidangering
evervboly's head. It made a furiom:
lunge at the editorof the Obsercer, whi
dodged behind the scenes; then dashe
savagely across the stage and strueLi
a happy medium - Mr. Moon
knocking him oil' his chair. While th(
Force held her hand on it, that um
brella could not be controlled-no
even she could control its direction
and it often rapped at her head. Omt
man after :mnother tried it, but with in
better success-it was like trying t<
carry an ojp. n 1umbrella in the face of
a cvclonle.
Thie Foret brougLt out a comni:
bllard eue, and a.-Aked somebody tu
hold it for her. Mr. T. C. Pool volun
teered to do her that favor, a"d tool
hold of the cue with both hands. liv
thought he could handle a billiard cue
The Force simply laid her open hands
ul:on the cue, and the wild work com.
menced. The stage is not a gool bil.
liard table, but that cue played Mr
Pool aiazingly. It shot him 3againlsl
1 panel o; scenery, lie caromed and
st iruck a ehair, caromed and -decided
that tie eue was too inmtch forone man
Others tried it. but nobody could hold
his cue-bad players.
The Force then introtueed a light
cane-bottomed eha, aid was a.xio
for somebody to ,old it. It did1n'i
Seem to need holding: it sat t here look
ing as harmless as the trivk mule in a
-and Mr. Moon t hought he could
' It. He took it ip, placed tl
against his body, passed liS
back -;*und and firmly grasped the
arms a seat with both hands. W'lic
rim of th d Alittlechair! rhe Foret
couldn't ho e open palm of onc
lightly pl ce- ie chair, and the
hand on the sea Ii a trice Mr.
ther on the ayou'v
Moon begaI to steady . -
seen a fellow do wlen . tring tc
hold up a lamp post at 11 P. al.; thel
the chair began to plunge like , Mus
tang pony-but !r. M. hield to it. f'
ter it hail waltzed him around t6k
stage and introduced disorder amonig
the other men and chairs, the Force
told himii to punt it downi. lie thought
it best to put it down, Ie threw all
his weight upon it , but lie might as
-well have tried to put a goat's nose to
the gromud. Th'le Force simply held
lier hand on that chair and it wouldn't
Tihree strong men took up the chair,
anmd, after it had carried them all oveli
the st age, t i'ied to piut it dlown, bitt they
couild not force it to thme floor whil
Miss lHarat held her' hanad on it.
The chair was theni placed on thi
stage and Dr. Gilder was invited t<
taike a -eat on it. He did so. Thu
Force stood behind the chir and light
ly laidl an open hand on eh post.Th<
('hair seemed to make up its mind that
it "wouldn't be sat down on." It ros
clear from the stage, mad the doctom
was tumxbled out, regardlessof appear
A relay was called for.r'. Drx.
S. Pope anid Messr's. 0. L. Schumpn)erit.
J. R. Matthewes, andl T.hos.F.II:n
went up, but the chair was one 10<
many for them all. While Miss Hiurs:
h1:ul her hand on it ther' could neithei
hold it still nor putt it down.
The force exerceised by MIiss Hur's1
is surpninmgly wvonderful, and nobod)
understands it. 11er father statet.
that she can do other uniaccountahi(
thxiags, such as making her: bed talk
walk and sing, and that lie will "'in.
stitute'' them for the sage when thu
present priogr'am enses t > pa him as
well as it does. lie has e vi :nly cal
culated the money value oi the Fonrce
Miss Hurst affects per'soiis thrtoigh
inanimiate ob.jects, and she e xereise:
iio muscular force. The perform nm
d.oes not tire her while it exhauist.
strong mix. She seemed to en.ioy Ilho
entertain ment, andhlti her n-r laugh
ter' often ripphx-d fr'om t he stage, t<
mingle with the upr.ar of thme spect a
It is exceed ingrly u iiy to see a sick
ly um:brellIa run away withI a stron;.
nian, or thr ec strong men fail to hob
a ebiri-butt that is what we saw.
T1his is a list of the n:unes of thie
peri'ons who belonged to comipany G
of the 13th Reg't. but are niow dead.
Adam Counts Joseph Denis
Andersonitedenbaugh Jtohn M Bowers
A Ui C Dominick Jiohn Morris
BerlIy Bobbi Los-on Fetters
Burr Boozer t.uthecr Ilobt
Ber-jamrin Mathews L E ye
Chartey Wilson 31 V B D)aIon
Calvin Sinaly Piens 1Rei<
Cain Grifthl Ph ilip C Cook
Frank Sheaty P'eter Counts
FeLrdin.and Morris Pierce Countis
Georze Livin.;ston Plierce C.ook
Hi C HI Hartmanm Pceer 1 hawk ins
John McCullough R~ i lMoore
,Ja'-ob Bobbi Wikon 1Reidl
131M Smith Wa rr:xn t2isor
.Joseph Mathews n W m ea!y
Jouhn A Rikard Wmr C Aull
Johnn kikaxrd [ilev Stockmiaui
John Smnith WmNobles
.Jonas Boland WmU McNinth
Ja~mes W'yse i Chapman
'John D Shea!y foun;g Brown
.John Duncan pimneon Qu~attlebaum
Jamecs Shmealy
.PIt ,iaed,
Maiy 20urh, by Rev. .J. C. Boyd, Mr'
all of Newb)rrv County-.
May~ 19, 18s4. byv RLv. .J. C. B,yd, a
thme residence of Mir. Levi Q. Fellers
Il11l, Laurens County. to Miss ADI>U
SIMPSO. of Newberry (otyt.
~EwvBEERY. C. Hi., S. C.. May 24. 1SS4
List of advertised letters for week endint
Mar 24, 16&4:
Anderson Mrs Sallie James L
hobo Thomas Jackson Mrs Rlachel
Burdeu Thbos Moon Mrs Betty
Brown Charley McCul;umnJ R~
Cannon Amnanda Nance Willis A
DeWalt Miss Eliz Oxner Daniel
Du-ican Mrs Eliza Rteeder Mr Jas
Speaks Aleck ,Setton Jacob
Gautt Mrs Jamima :Williamas Ambrose.
Grnittia Antony;
IParties callIng for hlettrswih lhease saj
#t ?dAea. 1U. V n
NE\V C -[1t1l - WVHEELER &
0 I :3:ivs-w I; : -ON, &e .
Az proiiised in the last IIEtA u
give n.11 account of whal we saW :n
heard in the prosperou. town of Pro
perity. As a part of the body of Nev
berry it has ever had a large 1lc, i
oure et evi. A v;sit there ili wa vs :fLlo<I
Ils plea-lle. There is an i-lnergy an
a vim abo::t her ptople quite refreslhitn;
None of that feeling" "every m:mi f<
hisi-elf and the devil take the 11.na
most" is ever exhibited there, but i:
Stead a ki-dly bearing to eaeli oth.
arnI an interest in eafh othirs atiar:
-lw.s Shvn. Prosperity prOlic
That is tile town :lill cotinty, seemit
be actat by a1 feiliig 0f one--ne.
particuilarly xvratifying. If any1hin:
of a publie charaer i started in1 th
r lowi. t le count V l'!Ids its artive syln
pth I,and izilppo'r". :uad So it i h-twvei'
county aild town. They take hold
nnythiIng witl vin and eniergy. "Whn
is vverv in.in*s buisi!:ess is nlo linan*
bI*lis is not tilt, S(1!nti ilnt - whi'"
preAails aoltn114' her vitizens. We loo
upon Prosperity Is a "happy family.
Thle Academy has the symp:ithy an
ood Will of tile entirecomuliiity, :il
under te intelligent adifiniist ration <
Prof. Cork. and his assistant.. Prof
Comlillsand Missz Boulwarc, i.s emiliJo
ly successin'l. On its roll there are o
hundred and twenty pupils, of bot
Sexes, ani of all nge-, ant tli lat"
numb-r nre under excelleit dis-i1p1li
:Ilnd control. PIrcparaitios :re no\
being made for the Aimnal Exhibitio
wii,Ii will colwe oil' inl Junle, and thil
promise is that it will be interesting
It was our pleasuro to attend tlle oper
ing exercises Tuelsy iornling of las
-week. All of the puls1 assvibling I
the maini large 1om11, the roll wva.
enlled,N which was followed by realin
of the Scriptures and prayer by Pro
Cork ; this dIone, tile lasses separaiely
by solilnd of the prilneipal's gavel. sit03)
facing the door and at alother signa
imarchel to their respetive romin
The Prosperity Acadeiy is an ist it u
ti of whi the people of that sectio:
may be prond.
A new church butilding li:s bee
erected since we were 1a6t there. I
ik ciite neat in apparane. and o
gool size, betweeln fifty anld sixty fee
im length and abot thity-"-ive feet W
breadt h. It is inpaintUd and if a,
lowed to conitinlue inl thait condition i
will relleet discreit on the 31etlo:lia
delolillat ion.
Speaking of painting. we notice(
that our goml friends. and very en
eretie nlercalltile frie nIds, Mlesrs
Whieler, 3Mosely & Co.. are subjetin;
tli,.r large store-rooi to several. coat
of ;aint. This is right. The lpropi
Sasoi for painting is the stunier
when busi-ess is not in the way. Thsit
entlemen hiowevcr always have
gratifying run of business. and evel
now are ;;etting a pool sh:re of trade
We learn that they are investing large
ly in Florida lands. through the agenc;
of 3r. S. P. Sligh.
Messrs Wise & Son have a fine larg,
store, full of goods, and they vonmplaii
that trade is good, and that they hay
no time to devote to the frivolities
The Son is one of the most active io
we now; lie reminids its forcibly o
-Lthe Frenchmian's ilag. lie can:mot keel
vill a iminute at a tiie. H1e is here
thikeL aiilevery where, but nioverthele
heC ne 'ecr isses ani opjportlity t
dirive atrld.
MIr. A.1 j' ohn: is a vo ug mierchani
of intelligent~ anid activityv. U rsidt
devotinig a large; port ion of his t ine t
mIeehandlislig, and the providinig ta
.breadl for ai wife :ii1 two chtildreni, hi
tind- timle to contribute to sever:t
I:ewspa.ii.rs. This is righ:-.. ma1
ctught niever to idelo his light uinder
ft. was wvithi great plea1sure that w
wuerCe.nin:ted to a manlt oif whom1i ant
commultinity mnight well be ptroudt. W
ailludte to MIr. A. C. Stockmnan. A ima
wh1o, to useC a (otuntry expessio
*lives att hiomle:'' tha:t is, rtaises every
thingi lie n ieeds, anid of his abuulanec
has always to sell. We like tois
1u1h ni:en, and1( it is a pity there a
hlOt more of thiem,i but for the mat:tte
ofi that, we kniow therX a1re umore U
the saine sort.
To sumli it upi, Prospetrity is a g'oo
p)lace, anid a ma:11 nmighit go a di1t:mie
antd prIosperityV to hter.
3Iisses /Llu Ellai (ary :i J1. 1
IIernidoni are visiting 3Mrs. JT. S. Fait.
was inl townl 01n buiniess latst weetk.
MIrs. JTos. ImInter spenit the lirst t
the week int town. withI her relatives.
MIrs. W. E. Wairner, of Prosperitg
D r. 0. B. M1ayer, Jri., is at Spriln
Pre-identt IHolland retuirned1 ham~
SIonlday in time to at tendo thle Syno0
I iiteb 1sOl. Kber f h
315 EuIgenlia Barre, of Lexinlgiur
Ieturnii d hiomei Satuirday. Shte haL
b eeni -t iag MIrs. W. B. A utl.
Col. W . Hi. Iiint left Ne wherry fo
s'.onal bines51i. i! wil1lIt be away ses
eral days.
D)r. Steek andt 3Mr. 1). B. Whoelk
attendled the session1 (if the0 8.(
Synod which met in Cihuni,i Tue:
(lay eveingli.
(Capt. R. W. Boone has gout to) thi
grandit Republie:mu po-ww He he]
thle pot,t ollite in thle keepin1 g of 3Mess
.lu.o.liIawkinsi an 1W V.G .1loiuseal--gi
A'. torr -iondenit of thte Xeres is re:
pitniiilet for the staitemenClt that thier
ire moret; thain four iliili bric:ks
tie fa:ory.
the strett?e hait week a1 to whithet
thanti ly the (anildites, this year.
'The Rev. J1. B. Traric~ik ptait its
pop1 caill Wedniesd1ay* l-it. lHe hail jits
Rev. A. A. Gilb-rt anti 3i-s Buuzhardl
wvere the halpy ones.
A MIethlodist brother whoi ti ed
hold Luht Hur-t's eanie-boi:ttomi ebtail
is seriously pondilering Ilth. qu1- io
whether thle church cain ju,t ly hay
htitm til for duriag. HIe "didn't Inca:
to do it."
tor B.R J. R:miuge,Jr., hia<retturne
go next week to Europe. lHe expect
to spend soime time aut HIeidlelber an
learn somiethiing about German stuiden
MIr. .Johnu Dia!. of MIississippi, whl
ha:s ben vikiting htis old1 friends i
this County, paid uis a short visit hlt,
Thursday when on htis way to tak
the train for home. lie said it h:o
been 65 years since he was la-t here
but lie could still see some old han'
marks that hooked familiar to him
His father used to be a resident of thi
County, and owned the place nov
kniown as the Duncan planitation bt
. Various and All About.
Plenty of rain, for crop. this week.
3Mr. F. Weriber. Jr.. had fine ril.
I.:hes the Jirmt of this wek.
'ITh11 laII 4 entertainment took i
.1:N. of whith tihe. Co)v vuil got -M-S.
T [he Prospewrity VilunteerIs pa;e,e
thi in:4pectionl TImIrsday.
Governor Tho:np-wo:1-a r.-filsed t
intorfere with the netvce of Wi
C e '- in th" caL e of M r. U'. l". \l hi
Sp:t. i e - W. IN r h 11 i .tl el
- he ho. race. : 1 w.i;l rI un for th'
_ 111y yom. r t :i wry atiIgi ad-Quai
t rS.t :i at Ilt k he 011i- Pu > W A Sk 11t
S ock:" good, vaill-] and1he::i..
Er oun nrt- jus
b . :it teii i t th" :n. b o'ir 11
T wo young 1leih .rnt,bo!
vr7z. think thy will makex S.IWO bull wl
of :Ms and 3M or -4H0 IMabe of whoat
f .it s wil! 60:l b bo,ut g t On "le ma.
et for Slv. With the 1:rgc cr,t]
md the prif_e shouLl bo low downl.
kNew tOmr will son tile tie p:llt
We do not bct to hli k-ind of ticki
Hn.2n:. a11.1 canl bearl :111y amo:mit of it.
1 The farmerc... arebuyhrsi:
fi their wheat. There's music in til
- ;rokeS of the Swvinging S iyth:-.
Ltl a G or..e Jo:wc hall on!- of hli
fr'o::t teeth k NOCked ('ut V6hileplyn
b:inl MW:NNlY.
A few llighits ago, zfte.r Ohe rainl
tmiebiody LO rrowe aI bakiet oif poa'<
"ip"fn>mil Mr. Smlithl Livingstone
-'withou.t Ik co:lsenit.
We are told that g:e Adami laer
l vy is a caqi6iat for the L: tgislature
inl L- tuiens Counwy. I:' renl4i lvi' 1:t
het imanl.
Baxter & PvrdIl:- ar, puttingi .ph
. on tlw Sinllgley cl)lr.::er., :1ie to il
will 'it be long cre the ifi.h0in.
tou e!. will b,. givenl.
It is well Ilhat busine"ss is shaek liow.
for the ho, weather promivt!s lzns
No on ~sce:ljs to c:ire m to worl
Who is going to gi;ve th.- fi;st
T cel? Pina lea it h kow, a, lalm
ls s lt e where it will ih..
Everybwo y p:to liv.: this I
m-.as .-oon a lwinm uw el fruvir erof
beins to rpma. T e gumd time wil
c ~ ouil.
tone thvnr.i 1-"'
3MWses 31alli-p and 1,-Sohe W. Whvekl
- wil p l mpt our Ohak- for .ui :
-vitation to the Cetk. twtln tht
Ilagierstown Soeifrinary, . -In4th.
The Trvamurer rode 1 rfles to Cro.
mer'?z Nwhvre et 1 -te no!vc ! ll) t:axes
unI 18 miles to 3Uaybnion m w re h<
gaVe out., two receipts.
T wenty years agofish wVerv :1h:1an
ill olel stre-Mm but it lit t e e I cas(
- now. The -umbvr (of l ha
gi eene to t su h :ulli ell t that il
excevi the inumber o ) t r-h.
A few illort. ca hsusrbrar
wanted forthwithi at this ollice. Dt
not be afraid to make your deposits
the inveteilln will :. god, aun w1i
I ,Q ayYOU.
M: iss luiiri t gave a private exhii)1ti,)
in te parlor of the Nvwhery litne
alIme. icuigapece rtw
The Amite'sl)'' oilee will btod o4e:
of the iiT.wn Clerk,01( uii the1~th Co
tili!Ie, to rec iv :1 rIttetr ofI propirt
for:L t.atiII o:t I~!g it o
nata, a4 to rfu! it lot buy4 ne'hbotith
11f: IS in's I':iVermifue wheiu !
heko(i lilorsaedetoi
- Th Exutvaie Commt'litees ofi th1
meeitin te Cot llue. trdr.i
i mng othir e'4: 1 B .o.'
'(I(yXithy d'idn S'tr beauie lir panII'
.l tac(ha! haI s coni (:Ia hatirt :isI a ) :
- -
well,e twy ha- reo': lil:ite4. t'ill'' tO
- up( 4't newtoe of7! ''2 s Cimmi.ale
i7t.8k le~ .. Withe i rea e Df ;
'~1.The Ige) Cmite has been't cil'on
thate teret aVi''4 tontrard (tf esm
whtl'it Vwould :t to br4) th 'Iie OftIi
daato fxind' ou wha V 4 )t at Elge.
i:11 il Ius aro 11 -. til rivfr arwllli
iIf.Olwn )ogannso
othe kind of1l printing fon ie IOlme' ae
the i 't:. n 'N O i I t, wher I' fIan h
dIabe:mt iflaki +tmn tiot. l wi
paer~h1 of ' fl :i w ih tnvelo1w i.
. ma th. W'thli ti' invtaion~vs pitea
! infst tclask aVlt:le. fAo\ o:11a
Thiie town hlal se l Club) was '~organi
IIi 3 Ih a-ernioton. :i tiwh forllow
~ Pres:idet; I. d. Puree i l,10 CataiCnt
- will ell Voon hAlt a it s iwha
The0OI rl~ 41 e.,:te o New1Aie ta
)10. Thoe incrae tot' due Jato the farC
drmii~ ill'eeniew as'd to the volu o h
- st)ame~4 property.
1lon'!. Y .. Pope- at t 'ourt at
Clhetertill thik week, for thi purpo e
of aiding in the dehins of Col. Cash:
c bput, for o oreason. thet .olicitor did
not halnd] out a bila agail-t tlt prison-r.
S.11. Le. BcIggan Ca'1-41,: pal. was
tridfor nggraate asn"anud I~
feoulod by Melvr". Poqq. Kall :and
1 Watt.
SThere w%a- a lit rial iii Ie'm caw4'
> Some tinue ago a N,-wb,-rry man
Swho hohd,:111 :lc-fpImIt :1gain: Gvor
.m ia man. :.t him a 1 nte fI. the
all:-111t Of th' dIbM and adikd 111' o
S:':! i:. T'he te if) :f w e!
10-:11ing- ia. having a . hO!V:l l'e
bar of Wren ob!igations before hi
yus, sent the Nrwberri.a thi4 laeonic
. answe ri: "-I dog goiied if I' l .gn
TId iniformliatio:i wa. oblainel t.iom
-Mr. Ah11 MA'rary : 'Yo:nlay after
i noin of h st %ee w :ek tvrrille hailAtorn
pa.:sd thoughSpartanhil-r ony
le:l Cro:. Antc1r. The p:th 4 i Ie
S!orml w:0:aout a mih-we. ando tho
"oWmllg eIroI. Wer LHiWo-t iuttelyV ik,
- Iroe in pl1avS. TIrves wer'. Strippedl
- a in winti.r. InI o efoi tld
tilt" lay u1>re tha a foot
d -11 aid inl drifts they were several
ME in dth. LMAt Wee SoMel Of the
Sullcrer,: wer of1 (rin.g oll- dollar a1
buihel for cotton f oed.
One Ilighlt la1-.t wee-k. ;ine of the eol
lege boys too! hargt of t! cAllegv
hell, wCh%t-1 fall(an th is e grolu ld,
and roihl-d it awav to Ihe fendce that
oneloes a te c Tmhp . The as igis
abo!lt o p00 . Cand they dark
thoujht they wvro ha1ilg Nil. Au
thil re in.s Is aff ae .xington boy
Who forit.rly ath-ndce Newbwl rr
nll fodn<ly ma allcd himr1-:eri at
"tell -at." .. sid. "One o ur
neighbno iown home had celealr a
ne.-round :ad harodt rtik ready to
fnce ! in. Wel. ee qight, JIs/ /'
f1w. ah lot f rS orys wet there :wid
enn dcrin h:1 he-gr, ::ad s.
the i onil- on tipittonyna*t
.Tl. D.mw Iadrhowa is he bv:t. .sen
uFd. . S-hlpert Co. before biy
Thle D)emocrats of' Chesterfield
Couty ;re in favor of mkinr the
State nminal'tionls in Junp.
oThefa o old hirse ridMretln
G(-n. Ctister in his Indian c:nni
paigns died at Vincennes.. Indtiana.
onl W eeslay Ilight. ole was the
)property of Dr. Carver, the marks
LONsO, May 2 1 Pll 1tall
G(Iz~//o Says: Genl. Lordl Wolselev
Wfil command an expedition in the
0erlY atuln, hlich will land at
Stakim and march to Berber. Pri
vate contraetors of t or a office
will bk-in in Jmne to construet a
military raiyh acro.ss the desert,
Which is coidbered quite indis
The diistrict-attorney ofrseattie.
Washington Territory. where wo
:itin scrve oin the juries, says,
--there is only one spittoon in the
eourtroo and that is sAnlot
eused Just s0o; hae no spit
aonsa inourbn corrombt 70pe et
don' eaease the ay moe ana
lhey to at j)Satle,5 wye iiu onfh
f'tlo. ak IN en ny0W
Mrs. Leios. th wiow nofed
i) ooLewis. fi-ures i the New aYorke
- netwspaperslas a heroi tramp,i i
tind.ing Mrs Lewis race n n15.'. thel~
dwelitog, wlke into thde i nig
served' wthe hore like ae gete
man. Mrs andisr for ae,o rather
-' int th cobl.( i5 coll world.)te e
4) 'l n th talilshmenti orects
Item imot. than~ tweton yeas asg,en
Ic I nint Ni al bae,ks hae ftads
- d dtelsstcreitr hs o
annuti al lsen at t70 per cent.
in toech cae Thee aveagoednnua
los to desitorsbyte fainlur of
Nattrisalir,s hatsd been onlyoe
1 thentiethortcat of thperSount
WoIno vat spciu 1111show wiidow of
slowthy ahouse. tthe isam horse
wetlein that 'I'ldn old xhibiio is
the t e.bratdre mos ue
orunlletn iho tas mOade' hisd wie
wonl vo.Te ors isiu vaelnedmor
I:I.0011 . and ft for( ts.l. S. rather
- he is bevin g posedio to tile buyer!
of clothinl who rn~Li 0usw hi orrec1t
witht.Io .ti Fuleto is as gen
tl ti':Llin as ;itI, a babe. as1 he standts
inle h st ll ancing a tt tIpsers
. Chei- uloti' olnien men, atm'Onge
01 1tho e o lhve been' men''ti'ne oS
prolde11 llt'l Democrat Icand'iates
I- or th0 Pridener141 ar0:le wiamutJ
i ol.e aii ThsdI'aar. h
latteris 1disi guisedr puTalr.
. worl)t. andi we" fecnidnt oloat
Ati:t we b leta. idn,oda ei
ToD RA.ISF S1*'PLIES FollT],1111l..;
Y j-..tit A. 1.. 18 4.
De it Ordained bv the Mavor and
Aldheinn of the TowN of Nejwherr,
S. C., in ouincil assembled and by the
autloril y of the same
SETIrN 1. That a tax of twenty
(entS o11 eVerY ilindred dollars in vai
lie 4-f aII real anld perisonal plop.rty
of everY dis r;pt lon ownied an a'se-,eil
'i th' Town- (if Newlb:-ry (except the
pr(.erty* of clinmelws at institutiois
of 1ernin). ishall be levied and paid
into the TreaStIry of the Town of
Newberry. S. C., for the current ex
pn: -CSof said Town of Newberry. S.
SEQ. 2. That aI tax of on:! dollar up
0:1 cll do, Wthill the limits of tile
Town of Nowbierry. lill be levied 'Lid
paiid into tii Trea-ur or the 1on% i of
Newherr%. S. C.
Sic. 3. Tl:it a lax of live dollars
:bll b - levied and paid into the
Trea,urv of the Town of Newb:rry,
S. C.. upon any w dgo, (ray, or car
riage drawn by two hor-es, hat shall
b- used for hire or piblie cinpOvieat
withi"n he limits of the Town of New
herry. S. C.
SEV. 4. That a tax of two dollars
a l ifty cit. shldl he levied and
paid into tie Treauiiry of the Town of
N'wberry. S. C.. uponl any wagon,
hriy, carriage or bugg drawn by one
1oIe, tha sImll 1 be U.ed for hire or
b eniloyit within the lifiits
of the Tow ii o' Nevherry, S. C.
Sc. 5. Iha! eaic :h tationeer within
the limit; of tle Town of Newberry
-hill 1e required to take out a license
Lefore exercising his business as aue
tione!r ; aln shail pay into the Treas
ury of said Town for said license the
-zun of twenty-tive dollars.
SE'. G. That the proprietor or pro
privtors of each billiard or pool table
Lpt for profit within the limits of
:iid Town shall be required to pay in
I o the Treasurv of said Town the sunm
Of tiftt Olirs as a l.icense therefor
a11d the proprietor or proprietons of
each billiard er pool table kept for
protit within the said Town in excess
of oie sneh billiard or pool table shall
be required to pay into the Treasury
of said Town the snn of twent3-five
dolla rs for each of snch billiard or pool
Z31lAeS inl ('XCe-s of one.
SEc. 7. That the proprietor or each
ten pin alley kept for profit within the
limits of said Town, shall be required
to pay tle sui of twenty-five dollars as
a license therefor into the Treasury of
-aid Town.
SEc. S. That the proprIetor of each
UPgatelle Table kept for prolit within
the limits of said Town shall be re
quired to pay into the TreazurY of said
Town the suIn of Jifteen dollars as a
license therefor.
SUc. 9 That the proprietor or pro
I retors of Taverns or Saloons where
-piritou- liquors shall be sold inl quan
iies le-s than one quart, within the
limnits of the Town of Newberry, S. C.,
-hall pay into the Treasury of said
Town is a license therefor up to and
including- the !ist day of December
A. D., 18 . the stun of four hundred
SEC. 10. That the proprietor or pro
lrietonrs of each Tavern or Saloon or
other plIe where spirituous liquors
a oid(1 in (juntities more than one
qitart shall pay into the Treasury of
the Town of New berry. S. C., as a
hiceni-e therefor up to and including
the ::1t d:ay of December A. D., 1884
lie sum of t hree lin:dred and sevenitv
live dol!ars.
SEC'. 11. Thaxt for th~e purpose of fix
ing the atssessment of p)ersonal prop
era v for taxation. the clerk and ticeas
ume'r of said Town of Newberry shall
be required to keep his office open eachi
day, (Sunday exceptedi) from 9 o'clock
A. 31., to 3 o'clock P. 31., fromn the
fifteenth day of 3May. 1884, to the
tifteenthi day of Junie J884, to receive
on oath the returns of the owners or
agenlts of the owvners of all personal
property within the limits of the Town
of Newberry, S. C. And in case of
the failure to make returns of said
pecrsonal plroperty' for assessment hy
lie owiiers or :igents of the owniers
thereof. the clerk and treasurer of the
said Tlowni of Newberry, S. (7., shall
ax e- the same.
SEc. 12. T1hat tihe taxes and licenses
h'erein p)rovided for shall he paid to
th.e clr in] treasurer of said Town of
Niwhr1y 5. C.. ini law ful moner of
th I'nitedl States.
I- 1::.iTat aill thle taxes herein
levied 4hal het' pauid within thii ty~ days,
I einning onl the Ii fteenthi d:ay oif Junie
a i eniinug on1 the tiUitth day of
.Jnly 1'.
S m:. 1.1. T[hatr all l icences herein re
qu ired to be paid slhil be duie at once
andl paid by thle person or persons
ll'eeted t hereby, in audvance, exeept in
ho-c ca-e- where a l icenuse was issued
by the preceding Town Council, and in
-uch easts, the samel shall be due and(
p)kaable at the expliraition of the daite
fixed by th e preceding couiicil.
SEC. 15. That all liceinses herein pro
vided for, ecept licenlses for the saIe of
plirit uous liquors. shall be of force for
thle sp ace of t welv~e mth s after t he
same14 are i-5sued.
SEC. i10. That any xand every per
soin li:ih!e to dIo roa11d iuty withiun thle
limits of the'Town of New4berrr, S. C.,
may be relieved therefromi by the p)ay
mienlt of one4 lollair at the beginuingi of
eacehItl qurecr oif the year. reckoning
fro it lir.-t day of .Ianiarv 198.
-). line :In 1- atilIed uiler thle
LS- Corpoi:rate -s:al of the Towni of
- Ne w ber. Sonut h (arolinia, on
this the lirsi da'y of M1ar, ini the
yeari of onr Lord one thiousandl eighlt
hiuudredl and1 eighuty-four and in the
one14 in:ndrted and0 ei.:hth year ofi the
Soverimyt and hailependencee oft'
tlnitedl St ate- of Am~nerie:i.
.iaav.r ot thle Town of Newberrv, . C.
,Jtihn S. Fair.
C. & T1. 'T. C. N.
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found afull andl comp)lete stock of
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FoP ShlePIf,
mhe many frinds of CAPTr. W. WV.
IR would repectfully announce
him as a suaible candidate for Sheriff,
subject to the result of the primary.
HO.CooK is hereby announced
Sheriff, subject to the Primary elee
FoP the sente.
-OPPOSITE-_____ ____
ST the request of Many Voters,
date for the Senate.
--HEAD)Q'ARTE.RS FOR- - he mnany friends of the IHoN. Jouix
TC. WVILSOX commnend him as a can
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and Cheap Writing Papers. Primiary elcCtionI.
Se asides, D aily P or the House of RepPesentatives.
Illustrated week- TilOMAS S. MOORMAN
ly N ewspapers. is a candidate for nomination for
House of Representatives.
_____________I anmnounce myself as a Candidate
for the house of Representatives.
subectto he rimryElection.
THE Hox. W. D. HARDY is at
~ i)nnneed by his friends as a candi
(~LL~~ S (ate for re-election to the legislature.
1jj~JjJ,His manuly, straightforward conduct,
coupled with his ability and expe
Circlars Invtatins, riencee, commend him to the favora
Circlars Invtatins, ble consideration of the people of his
Hand Bills, Dodgers, Co"nty.
Cards, Receipts, Blank M I " E*ITO": ewd." Er eet
Forms, MOWER.'for the Legislature. Conser
vative, practical and well equipped in
And is s.hort anything in the line of all that makes the man, lie is eminent
p)rintinig which may be callcd 'for; I ly fitted for the position of Legislator.
guarantee the utimost satisfaction, both MANY VOTEES.
ns regads theAPT. 0. L. SCHUMPERT is hereby
Sannounced as a candidate for the
W I legislature. He was a gallant soldier
and lhas always been zealouis in the
cause of the State. He has ability and
qiialitications such as would enable
him to assume and maintain a high
position in the councils of the State,
4and fully protect at all times the rights
and ~ ~~eo f his native County. OCA.
I ha:ve in stock a tinec assortment of FoP county TreasuPNP,
Wedding, Ball and Invitation Paper.
Give macall an i ee for yours-elf. aU imeo JnD MT aauial
T. ED GRENEKER. candidate for the oficee of County
____________________________ reasurer. This is done without his
knowledge or consent, but feeling as
Notice of Final Settle- St"rC( that.he will serve the people a
the people in future as inthe past, we
meOnt. take this liberty of proposing his name,
O.i Thursday, the t welfth day of -t rithat he will accept if chosen
June. 1884. at 10 o'eioek, a. mn.. I will yg
make a final settlzeent of the personal MAYVTS
estate of Sarah HI. Thomas, deceased. -~- - --
in tihe Probate Court, and immediately '1.
thereafter apply for a linal dischmargePP 0DfAd0.
as aidministratrix of said estate.
PRECIOUS E. THOMAS, noL.. Jo. S. EEID is annonaeed as
Administratrix. .,a Candidate for Auditor of $4#t.
M&e1,1SSL IS-G bm..r .....

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