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The Newberry herald. (Newberry, S.C.) 1865-1884, July 03, 1884, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn84026909/1884-07-03/ed-1/seq-3/

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special and Local.
':DE: TO \Ew A>Vt.r.fl,LMENTS
M:il;: COW fl-.r '.th..
.1' . F~ra: e.i - " . i i:1,= ,_n, w\ i(11o( I., -
v I.L ;'iig: t,", di "d J liti -:::-t.. :1'"l
i; v ". t' .
P &T E i :lta m rriv.i to \i1. 1.l. ii
RtY AU"t.I.. :at the bs-ui of tho .h.'
tij:a"er. Thel( hap1,ty cl' h:n1,! lla 1 ony:
to J b on ill, F :..a iw;illi:'p1td
the- 1irzt part of the,ir" h,:wy'-moon ini
the La!:l of Flw"er.
Mr. A. If. Kohn,
Of r'o.pe ly t J41 I:ti lh. i trf In
ar :e it e .44 i ne 4't tIInh' ! 4.4 i h.
N t'b rr Col,e:.I 't:.i 1 l Th.
1,b)l o igi!al Inhlia':t4at,. c f h111 ,:ola --
ti it .inlg the it 41h( . li:ti 1:a111l, (,f (,'o r
Stat . T1 h'I .ti i how. : hu",L tl1:( -
l' i 0it :1 rewlt arVl h. .\Mr. I\~hln
l.oia sg odw r :tl: anl1(- :',t i't liun ay. l
Mia: 1L.ni llil( r:i iu,l hMin la-t
it.i. (ai~ ti:o he hile :ivy :ii11
St ( d the )11: in1; i.t 11elay (, " tr.1ii1,
,11L1 " :bl a rou4gh 1 1tri- t n41 1 her t -
i~ . .1 Vir i i W - i hll hunl t 1 .h"-it I
vocea: t .
New41err'-: inai: proinent IILI" . i
attiti i eir e w .t'i ('V'!twl l I
"11 : lt'tr11.Who doe,; 1,1 kno:It:L' ,i . S.:h,.-r
of4. New rr " th Ti) Iotin" i a-:k" I
I,t .ir. Livini on o fi t1t i(rlboro', u; ho n
hr .iinate,' Ilh:lt geruil:Inl :- a 11:"
egat1 .:t large t'1lhi' N:ition: ic):i !
t i W e - w e r e l e a( " L e d t o : , ", M e( ": r . J .
G. I:irtin an:l J. N. }-'ow , of Gi
h1,rt Hollow,in to nl tl thS w'ee. i
"\Ir". R. W . it Bo " i1 ai' :it at hi
Durham Toba"o C., of D )urh:un,
\. C., claimrlz to be the l:rgte tll an;
fac4tur.-r of Smokiinr Tobulac,O in: t!1
w orild. The r1ptati,n of :"l:-U wel'e
G:nuin Bul ltllurhan tok inl; T.
i:ric.1 ii too tirly (tablidhe d to ee r
an' 4ome nation at olur h:ut r . Ile
auitthor colnumn our re:a(lir u \ii tt~
Iie their new dLivertisem jgLet which is
oi i te:, to all lo r"' 4 o ihl w("td.
Ti'l: coinp1,:uty" I' :i , G p.ie tly' res n -
bl i mi 11.1 et0 } tey (an I:o'1 - that
they w oabilg i :twi . i; L i n I i'h. it
1i i ; =ared f: t i t they i:a n ut:
S:'attterIn; B3ride'.
The 1 ir:dhes olt r.:in lh;at h:l< falle, in
New11r rry inl mtany yearst'. t:1n1 Thltr -
..tit iiht l:t, it r.tined hi ab lit thro
:nd 11 hf hour witihour. tit 1 in..1 :d
cau;t'i Scotts creek to ri-P, till it w
tht h,i:he-t ereek w1 ver i ' au. It
1loated l the bilg on ald (welU stri.-t
ini t fl t1 ( o . 'ope's reidlenve (1ou-. i
W down. "..-},t Colig stret. ta e
wate w:s u to tlw4 jaililat. Ai f:un-i
to be p:erddlel :t:n adeagon lt-y
thy oTl!to'. get ntofthe hon-:dies10
keepfro be''&ingVi dotned;.iWhen tle
l'htin w~ o.an Ilah it wasI very)ta
plinye.. to hat'l soiwy h1'u tuna-dsi
; e --hing-e l&!Y; a dcimbe, ' hrug
(,1h nl; 4terU hous'e. T~ he lg'n
:ight w:::: antti o!'I w ola: 1r:in.e o
s .tcorer of d th 'h::eits!'8 1.:ib in
k-r arm-: :u-dOIja lt u:a r :.bgut '
fee tro hert.'1' tryi:n ( )1f or . l the
uof the frill hein hal i l tti
pia-- w~:ta littlen it 'Ar. fthr:d
he ,. e'.. i : a irt ! l:1411 1 ni l :11 hi:Ll
LO. Xa'. way,OIl~ toh nIH hLa-h toS Iarry
LA w1.lii In hi srX t~ '- jr'b
he itw th I:1 )oftour ihi- ot W . :i
aVe SropII. toiitg tt
. Alex.' Web:h i ~tie n,: that he
- Xi hetill be r !i- 11d1 t ab., u e .
It . trom' W n w h.ch hIiC ia-!il 11:1'
P t l l c> ('tOj ra~il s \ ar hic:.l
drowidc, ermitted thok lave he
heds and wa. nSi~ ud
boearae. Litl Rlad so.o
I: . lI1 ip n lttr 4.. ).)a: .1 .I, d :" ::. d it.
ha:1 ac'.pi -d/ th+ pom1. it:o: 1 l (,I r,": (Itp
tiont i cler! t.r i);. Faut.
II \''} r b i \.' i. lwI inl
l,i lhl.,
I.tt 'ri L w W:i- a 1ivei l.\'v fir
NehiN eI.! ai uI lt i1 h. hand
t:"'iu oI 1Tiuril.:- nighi t. th t' ""lti
Imtnl inent BA i lI .Iit" bI y t1h:L
t1-; i!lib, a i .:, ti d I i ' i'< :-k
1r'ri; I l rn'd i ;. i i hb It'. ;tw "
New be)tri'. R-e thtl a..ott leb :
li- r, l ai U llit" . :tlilll.
Y ( ; t . ia ini itl\"i I n ii' i iat
( ..t I t i i tl . I 's -t iii ii. diV.
fi1: 1 e t uf tht, w\:l-lhl.ii - :l4n1r
thl. (;rt'ttl'\it' a:,li C.',lttttih:tli-ir:
la-t Thuilr .l:l. a,itl F'i'lay, t ;.",
nI:lany .i t ur h" ' -:i. to r',tna : ('"' r 1 ..
t:ill ' ir.:a v. p1ti::=11:'
i.e t t i lti.: 1 -: .il l t h :i a h'
f :.o-ningi1V i- .hoo pai i,e a o
iht ii (d al'. tl h i " .: h id' n:,i. n it. 1f
, ni: i d'e- au- ei-no:4 t Mi'. i'n A .oln
('l Iiit' llre fa 1,."''A ):.i u.
hlil.ry, . - allrl to a' , 4no .- :tl 1h,'.ithtl -
m ii.'.:.' : '.'! : hl'br aI.t. T1 hit't' ill ni:tl :4
.t!i:d'" : . iii :h - t ."rt i1.i1: ti :
I I.' ''ni' I ai 'i l'd 1 tll' :t ii'.'I :1
r.dnark.htl, dul ,. tf proli1i n i r.
m l l : i - : 1ra ch of tiv ::- :h.'
fa, inl a 1rit hl ti.. Til.im fl -a. .- r. i- r.
ce-:,. :n l 5,. tiW- eL albh -i''
rtrl1 '! ' i! tii i . i i.lti 't:,tl. i!4 f I :. ' .
li. ' :ll ii i Ltt i:4i L '.ii it" . . ' r
'I'I" I:11("4d 'd \1 i' ':i :Ii I 1I ".- -I2 1 Ij: I~~' td
t e :i', it N.i- a ".- ll ilt._ine .lol4 h: diii
t . I'1 I 1 - ate tr na t)) di t 1. d r -
t17 r 11.1. - a d .ort ::.re"~ ,; sll- -ib
i i.t "'t .h n 1 i. .t n 'lhol, i '. :I ' \v.:1
t! . 11 . t , " !. Ibl l"w :1. . . .\ . ' -i
.: :nd d t tre t iN t -p\
t al :
I the Thini i. )-:!' ul il i e'tt :at
S -I (.1 .':t (" dl h - ir 1Leib w d:h in
A gu . Th.-" .ilitli,"i.l ('nvet!it,n uf
th i- \\il. u : lI il."tt :11 1 1iut1.i .ltilty
_ '.. 'I i1. -.ut4a . lP d t dii
ITh i .'ui ilran ''ml t"ifi ''n." t.i Il l
pit, ."i until Friday be,fure' ihe tiithl
1 i l:t I : ut l I-t.
'd> Ilunl: iiI .:Ill I: in .- p l i r f
:ih- ate eii' o fih l l'tty 1..1 4'e .o.:k I
Tihesh. o il 1i 1eni" at Mr. . I. W.
'c.tt', in N' a'I l-ot i.
till .Saturdil. ..Tuilt ah.
l :tpt. ltifert :1::1 11i . ('....aL" ( ritlil
have been"i r etlte.it(l t,':wI, .., i -.l"
The1N r :r.h-l? tin'-(t,'}hout t.url collut y
are' thel beSt we 'tver :tw-Ve\ :.b
are plenltifuil.
Newhletrry Pper thll Iatt :intvehy
in ~ a Coa o wr 1 'll--bl, P.'ti . t .'.'
Thell R ev. .T. A. Sli..h h:.i rilti watt-r
ma:'kn : 1:a t 1r.:liat..Juu.w -"th.
le"ai:t'd (ltirini te hetavy' ratinu , :Il
zollit"of hi-: --codi. wereIA. oty
if ti;-mtotrt'rw i a fair ii::\, the( (':t:
i,ilatec wtill I.(' ., l:.t h Pr*. " w.rity" ihar
bet'.nlt inl full forve
A1 he:untifol :;mg; or Incinasnenit:ll
N o o einill t.z.- I th: i.:s (i ::I:f :
pl.i: in~ ~;i Noharey ihi the i t
ory I-f the to i :h1. it: ::
evi- ao 11in"h t.LdI(' 1, (,r lott,kedi
fo rward t with sueh h:ppy ait:t ii
Pation.1 aiqt th ltr u tc tm t 1..:
wiihth ian Iti have taken ph: , ,ii
t':. 1 !hor a: t itrig t. No :I: c,r an'
U. p1I ':':hadloha.n jpared by Kvh
inn miei n f thet' 1 lt il (th ti1
wiake t Oh. f :i4,'n, 11:1 ii- int'
1i_ritt11 . hrillia :t :ttl;::unapipro(:n-ht
h:t, i, .:t tt a1tv i r l
T h . 1:I.,-ra: i h.n!] pvfit !!::1 l-;-I
tot e i withi a l: tIih . titl i o,i
o,''r wh'ilh thl: lin t ini iptei 1 -
ic"t _l't ";ti - it'a wast' in at t n ti t
w11!we : . i :t:l:i l t' ruiitw: u 1
111 I. t av'i , h 1i1r I iin' 1::IS :1 -
te: il:t-t :liIne l :t:tn-. in o he1 : { i
t!\ ta: - of (,! w hmi "11 ., th" e:
:11) the chi:.l :.
ii t 'n;i{t.hh rin I n i i wi i it, r' le . 't
t l ri1 " I : h l lt : hhIn' r t h
ti - l i.lt . t. . tii ! 1 : !"Iw
b iht an tiip: I 1as wer <hii.
:, I ii n l , t it i
l li ii t'\'t", llll,i I i I itt.
In' -i ttt-. Iit': 'I' %il ! 'Ii'ti : tt,',t iita!' <1, It.I'lr
il l t;l i N' ri n l til l 't'l.
A hu11 iN t 0 '- t )'"e-k a mli+i . dl
tit.l :i 11 t i til t (~ !.t1."i(1 :ll Ilt It :Nt iittttit!'i
.n :t id 'i r ll it n ' O
itaf t- D ltj -lua l.' t li t e- e .
iI . A t ' the1 :jt it 4 ti, tiiilt i.
iti b l t h e u l 'i,ii ltei 1 lt: ttl: L:t
-t l.", t l a lld: tu ey s . ; no,tt w : l -) j:.I
1.:: 11 I ih e :i \s 1e b o f, :I-, l l i -
i e i l t h \ ;it . A i : r i l l ian t
arra\ riie f:icr s tiuletll t l.!: ,torm
R'hil,. frtomt t.li- h':Unlti ont t' -d i '
iqu1id ti c,dy oif "-- 'twe"t. \'iu:l'I:.
ut,l fr.;au thlt ::l!r a I Iligt e',
In:e - l lke dItwnI ulpt, htw
say w:t;-at. yo pitllase' abouit bt:int y
iy .i:t l ht hii 11. i':r t:tir' \i' r t.1' ,
a:l tt fa: -r .\t'wherr'i ; ;,b.)I I!!t"'
t" of( : ni.).Iwes as l11,n;
.C-_, SiiC:- a- dtazzl.in:. and11I b
untl arltl. ttf al >-nowy wh on-o, :
I' r "..h liet: 4 t .h: al eb:11n h-Ii -r.C
li-w\illrtd al cnt-h:nt.d th1 1I
Culhit'r onl that morn'tillg.
Mot)tt of thIlni:-'iniu'
11 11p tll: \- ('I thel \tl 'i. I t ;"- w . :' in r et:l ,: !1i:i1I:' :: , t "
S re:nlr 1:i! c t no hI . h. r.
not nli:"'?'rstandrl '.l t!b: t tt't'" \ ,\
e:e-"Wt" will no1t, alte:n',ti ::1\
Ilt :tr'ittionllof dr t :' 11,r tit w ' .:1:on:
al: \ve ' i\ velt, i:l_ :l .: - t"'L.: \
tl:l't t:i Ire thet "'a11i1i111 - iI
yt-v e.'' 1t! writin'; upI a ha:ll. :t tl ht
t"nt:;t no4 --m iltiner's in tl\ll(ry" ,i
w h:t Ii lwit." ttiftiI wv 11t!i (l ~1 ('l:111
'i\"e the i'ainltest. i"(nc''ttl)n f 1itw
I, et, h( r lolinll.: pr!1 1f:In ;.
1 ; .t - 7
I .l n ci n i si.
!n '":! i: 1.:1:1 :' . . ' i' ih n
,t i. .h-r . t
It l i t ! :I l -'It, - i" .ll '
i t tin '" p li t ir
Is. t . :hvn-,i i: ii.. he w
rn-; r: .Vl :ii l i'Z tt:' an
' ( :iI.'1: ilail : i i ' : Is I -i i ,
s':l 1 t. I :4 -:": l ' t Vi':Lllt
. ii :' I -I ' rii :i'li I t i ni b 'rn
:1 - 1 -: n t i :. ; I n:1: i'nt
I. l he -: trt ''ri Ns 1 rI i' t hi
C.\t !: rl ti . t. ! l iit ! iil'
!: enl 1-nt. I hui , . 4 it i v
:izy" ";! : . . ;)I; I11 i Iiri ' . t
,i' t' l I ti't i-r - ' t. ii ui tt iin ':
,:: . t till! Ina t ! ', :
;t: ll ' 1 i, It L :i i t - I L t'
tm nt,'I l h- w It :':l lt: \\al1.1
. I x I : : 1 th 2 --i:i 'I:: i' b:l.l n
t ! 1'. i 't n m iit,ll t"u. i :-d
tlt' It . L .tr :hll . ' 1 r r i+( :. bit l ':tt
i ' : ill. I. i t ( ' il . i at.11:. w j ' i -
I t h,. r h ! :I i.. hr e +-(b. :
i he esio' r: elo :i bte.. i-' :11 i :lJ
!-t .\'' 1{t t ' ;itt il r %\ nl : i' l " l s"
' n at ,a i.it l i; i. * :li . it' lt"h: v ew :
alte s pI"ealrs wre ,anr. pro
:Iltl - It i n n-i' r 1". I i r- ::' iit I !
l dt.:! : ll ( !t . W ',.- l t + ell'1.
t in:. ttI1: n Thel(l.I ::II n).s"r.'l
. :t t . IIItr ('r Id O 'e i i l t i 'lll i
! i n: a1e ti'' aiatitit gl'
iilti , r L.I.J i:,nah!!:' \'tha ter
I' bl !e n l,th: -!,wr \.!r( s tIIp J n i;the
AM n.. haf Ow ..ennu orn.
I -Jl"C\! nam 1:1 I O n;ntWu e \' a:: iU 1 -
1 :1 lllr r : 1 l . -. i tIh y:i +lt - na \nl"
.:;f I1t inS I, t l \' ' "a 1" t= :n > I t l 1.ll
-:I, r w ail! . t'r!ltliru r"t'rt -
;.;.Ii't b 1:1:i1' lt.'i: t::1 - 5:e:hfa
\\nt,-reako ths war Clevelhn
enawt i 1at li ay b.- il: e :f1cu ll
is 'I1 ain.s1 t " . rm 1an.-r :lelil -
Id, " ont 1: he c; ti ry wasttc t pr t E t."l y1
ve l at pt:i.; t and! cll' tt. orS: .1 r-:,\
ill al :;ay bII hlas fulI ly{m " the(ir
tihS t,i!(n licp (tat-I(US. St) f,:t h:.
1Ivl rt-solv&i not to sulh
pott (uiect iina ! Ie me ., an1 it tu"h
atrP iii>:ni1t1e t;he y are fiIlt' re
> t1 t-1,t. in tl fichl a strunc
l r r l ,:k ft of their own an l
"",ta.^t11 up and ie Ionutel." So
1 th-- (:nlt xav f.,r tihe1 )iDeocrat; to
.-eire ti e fill advanta:e of the re
volt a:rainst Mr. Blaine will he for
thte t put fortcard canudilates of
in irn - Fl r.putatin and of 11n
In ir::ed clara, t,"r and ilii.i .
4in cer.-ly" hopln"' tlh"ia may i' n:
I *? 4t. \ 4ir; trn!\, p. 4:. I).
I .hit We See, :ane W hat W e t Wo lit
Like To See.
"ny, the. 0:1 on..
i yunt:; lady inl the fullln:s 11
her !.iri-h<n>t d saytv' she in t.eyIingl!,
Iwr'-at de li',htftlle a,i the rinkl.:Il
inl a:tet'rnoo,n wa:tlk.. but sh:' is :a
way ::t hom::i in tinil to it eh,
mthtierI." ( )t ;irl:;, hlt:w this 'la I
dens oiur 4l heart. 1I tiime to
-ilj inothl r.' I low full of th.ught
i! this exjrpres ioni . IL :;ho\-.', Ahe
d1 1i " of tlie chiefest virt ue"
t t'!!- o a love. W ho> is the"r.- t
li b.:i4' tha! nl. t lt-r
'[: L.w,r i!l"ar iuullber. tlb.' ti-t.1 i l 1
S iw -i i w:' . 1.1 hed: by t hy bU111ihV
, ~' I--l i11 Ile '1 - )I it ,", 4 It
Ital: w\ i:llilir,I ,i;ar- 1l iV 11-t-Il
f Chler!ish th; m1 th :ti rlii'. 1t, hint
I I i'i'll ':'tl t ul have tlan vo r
ton 'it at. : tr i n.tler.
-I :ant tne oi il t I.,' to wh(;Iln thel
mtakinl: a:pi-it:mau", with a goUt~I
b(,ok lnmt) bcom(-t :e :t real mno v1nt
T'hie few good hooks whicb have
Inla(dlt a (eep ilpre ssiio nl4 ni in
the ('u11mrsek (f my}",life have leve'lop
t.d the Iewc lgoi,d ij}Ialities I plos'ies
A book has always be(enii to mne a
triend analdvisi r. a calm andt >lo
<lul'n1t. co'itforter. whose resctl"uices I
wcoi i r.t exhaust ton gia'kly, and
Icpt. oj,r th:' ri:^ht ue('sst:io --:."
' Il'):-'SI r '- I.
:".ia I'. i 'al ; ' ;I;1 I tt~ ~ .! r'
T 11 ionli-!il t44. :' I i 1 ,.i llh 1 .tulin'
T h.- ' L.iri,. r Ilit 't lh thi -r"tili/' -r !iath
f u44' er..w :I'. tatt,tt tt . I ir :1.
Ti:: :;r'ul d-h:;t givtIh :1 !'r -if.iI grin.
:lu } w a' H it' 1, .::ttil t : ib. 'o
f;l WVict. 'e.
-tndt, has k !Whar lthe' h:ll I'Wbl:g
H O- of Ih.: l.rr''il it ; b:::,!I-11;r .l
"'Thi' ;rI-.h ::'. . t"en: h . :t.i !in !the
r :". ;-r il.ti , bt. t'.i 1 b l Ihe !iltkitlg
1 .l t Ii - 1 . I 1":llt:I :re " liiIi f - I it ill ( ;
Th! bi 'hir p''a:liit .-hap('tl
X ti t;" I hu i* 'altI ll 444 Il 44'",lil,,; a
p.rt :.t hw r h t ibi; a l
; Ili a t':l t i tll tinl i Il n 11 h-t
i'"I t. 1. th-- llm(on reiouts tl\'.
"O.-ip 4 ' tI e 'hir ?.f t hea chIi'n*:
et b i h I4 m.?rge't - in hi.-r ii.'-!
I 'inl:l th. p1''j .2.ttit pl:ltel6 II 4 - 14?
4: ..r th i ,.j.n4int.ra:; i.,: to
:'* m4:i':n Ina:rk1'?b her'4 in .tiar
br44u n Illi a brI;l,ber% holiln~i-l.4
\V il 1i. p .i boo:i.h l t:'e' I)4 ex
Itent til::4 Ihe4 w:4l4--:t-.41 hilr-I
i:~ re-!--e to' :,ihnol 2 e.-:t a '4.
4.44r? 11.'
We4' i woI nti have :4.1 the i44li.'?ePut
thie idala.r cam' fronil 04ll teclo444!,
bra:in1. TIo ano:the1ir bor'-?powier i"
it ?14?. w?' are not4 the t:lloan'tdlea.
44.:l-'~:.\s T..L FN.44'uli -.\ND~ WE
NF'Vi-'It Q.\ 4.4' NI: P T fA .\' . WA: NOr-'
At.l 21' 2. 44,t -n very
Thei~ Mep' hal 'up fom the4 hl:
81h' M-1 . !w littleIi f-tir*.
My1- :1ui..;re ''- n:-de holing,tt~
:?.\ 4i? itit!.rh n -A.~the I 5 Li le pir-i
T' he la i ?I:: i- 't.e. -14:11r ihlin.Ik:?'v
4"ea B ill e 1 it- i :1ti' ivat2-. 1 le. (
''.4.- t1iall ' els e4'1 were .ii~l:i ' l .J.
T I44 It.'Ve rA.44wl1 frial ba'ieI1
.l 14i. ( 'all lseI . I e,i i' e sonV
".In- " 't'll .noug h is -- it',my 444r Wt
he~a ~it, a lid threug the las
'tlnne bi'U1 t AHoule :i utujsn'
41 ,4 44'le. with 4~i' :un Sinetan faint~'
j trfrm :1l!I~C .4.44l4gt
h(1t4'. there nee wer' .tnine-d:so lie,
Iba;?:''hl0AC - tDi'.4 at4O4tlas
44444v.l E. ):.' otarie lt fomer-44
ly areslien o this city, met with
a \ shoek4aing an' probably fatal4 ae-4
uta44 '44t Raiad Iielt .to the ny~LIiL1l
tra44i atiVarnille,44 iand? on leavinl
the411 tri atf~! Allendatlehe miss1ed
andi fr'la. whn ises were th town
hea a1th i'thea t rain.Thes wheels
honi. :!'?- thlei. rinws in h:Xuily4
4iur . ed '. th a nughtoneil b
Fjcme will loe bothhn. e n
(A.inni i :. 1db Mi. . ih ic '..,e .i
.h rh iihr, li '. haS ti
ih,' 1t. r l. r '. . . iai '. i -
Lia'\im: to.L -- rau: E. I+
M. ,all ofLar,.i S. C'.
Ii n. e rain, rain. Gr"a>:, ia
,ras3-T e utm.: raii: (of' ini,t
an.1 in Ipree i, tc im e diono
co(,idi crah - in j'ry t(, thie g tro tinr
Itrn-hn- :' 1 t(, tli b i sapI., ini ,"~ t( n1
t ot ,; '5n . :t , sh i,tl ! it tur 3it
' rV l.Ol. wv'l l serit tt i!t : et tV. h eir
'rowth.. BLt 1looil: tv.-li Ino)wt and,I
we Iho,, ) t io t .e 3.3
iorn in hi:;hott,m:n" vrtiiwt.'i wire
dunrin-r the. twelt -ipell. Thr wt:iter
sll,t : 1s e ,' r (i11o hi: a,ri
fI>r :;e rver:t! (bt s T hl., r".-":!t i, :1
tuta! 'os-: i ' t'I,:h! part il h.i' (i1.
Mr ess. W ,aln:tn &.. lr . 'rti -
I t i;"ttr.; of l )'oia:ria . iii, ll ave
connIlu le-(d thelir t,uunn:'r ;rinin u:
in < arn st. -l hit ri:ll :dl tiv
:1114 a .trieat p)(rtion1 (if 'he nli'-ht.
Thuw aii i:k?' (\e,ieell+nt I vcw ',. a-; "."
l(Wo 1 al l ,an - iy T e rain (rop)
is op fuly hm .b d.hllt. I'a l,nt
f'1r: (l. :li ttrip , i1 i":i . li:ti :)c Ell
terle arlat'i :of- .:;h ha'f .i:
rtund1 sl.bwk :eo: I:h atoIus sp:, s.
Ln-anse of the r:ain. I t. r t ntli
all the -Whi.-afi>teh- Im.
.\lr. I. R. itipo ll" ha ;'- to '
his broth:er .him. inl th. ir %'wh.
.is lying,,i: anel>ua ly ill oftph'
inlarial fe.-eor. Ile ha:t h''n ->i4-k
for sr > S' we'e s
A. er'ct -a in clerical .M . I ). is ; >
( 'i. uri:ant sitiee enmi n "e,1Ilte-i
that I 1 s: el : a::; 'inai to
.'' yl iln bret,hillf. alid his f'rienls;
are :arehte'n,si his n('tilncula
Iinay tlrO<lu(e ,eII lf e rue"tioni. lie
say s his girl sat dlown on hiin th.,
nighit Of the 1t'eeptiont :.t the0 C:,l
leg by taking anothecr f<!llow's
:armi. Cheer up . ol O, r.'ummh.'ur
there are "a:: ,:l fish, c'.. &. '
M. Jae(A .1. Hipp will I "(he a
ro;usii1 hirs!. :s bar'l: at h,iS
ouse tn . t ;:.Jlily. '. t:ult
:(l the can.didattes t, ) (ctlm. pre
pard to eovter theIdsnhveh; over
witih lorty and ote us their vist"v
O!nm t)O-tint(lq)estiont.;. M r. Iliipi':;
former 's(' are' al sntli:.n t _t n:ur
ant'e th:at this mn , il ..- all that
L1 l;th mos .atidhiusl (Ould ,l('ir.
1'o;iaria is tenlivenetl by the
prese ni of .\issR Anie llhn:i.
.\nnie tast :tel Fannie IIo:il:u1
of Oraun ebtirg who are A
fiw dautvs with ra Iesand riendt
Thpy mIlakle thling:fs lively- heil.recer
t3Lyi go.r ewgr.In n'
Sar or( S. C. .bnlw :1 -The
fiarmw-rs are 1t1i. i int
gL loow. A few lay h :ago s. ( 1,:;
looked priin,l stfic"ieltt r:\ins
ion ani ~.' impitu ~as(ts:u)) f hini.'
ulles of the yello1. 331"I' d'rain were4 li
sho ke. i the t I i.: d3 an< h1- ar
iir's heart was)3)"' glad.' To\a Ihe IIA
ano of)13(dl a 3oo<l-wa ' <1 t rr.t r
The raien has niade:': v.ein! hav'oe''
in<leed. Not nly prosperou cr.
hTeawy for th rabisto e
14)n. Car1!hdl 1i1 burz1 :113nee h1is I
purpois tol take the. -um atd
\>an i th ensing Add) i3 u
ni'nt of! e U: 'man 'ill atia t l
li .hik Gov i3C dli l rl 31nh
ca.23dly 1arr bNew fork . 1.3i3.'.\.
ce rfli su ;-,r le eln'.lay
ad'. o n odmi a l
1).mst miv WHEELER. th:.
Ano~the cefrmDah
som aram
i s lvi p l!m ut t hf "J *6i 1E
n muh I :t t be hi:ad by the 30ti l day of J une if goods at
lhalf price can be any ituceemer:t. We are willing to lose
a 1.500 on the act ti:l New York ast of the 'oids and still
miake oney. On the firt. d:n (of Jnly we can buy a ba.k
rupt. stock of . 11,027 67-100 ftr 5.0f0t) in cash down and
in that war we make our money. If this plain statement
d:es not eonvince the reader a careful perts:ll of the follow.
ingt price.s will elrihtenl h1im and get him to thinking that
a, cyclone has strntek Flynn's :a1nl torn it all. to pieces, and
nJo iw ctmes tn thunder fta our prifes that is bound to carry
torror to our competitors:
2 dmz hiattns Ior le. 12 d,. 1or .
2 do 4o0d buttun" i;r 3 c. 2 diz bitttms : worth 10 per doz.
1000 doz button 5e. worth I5.. 100) doz 10 worth 25c.
..h. 15 401.
hlirpi'1i1!" he. 1):r pa,p:'r. ,1 r tinec P I1w-th t11ns 1le. eaeb1
Jerey a.1'r's. extra long.. -it, a ter-rible sacriflice.
2 p.tp' .'Pis for 5. : billk S.- ing Thre:al for 5v.
i':th i.- ;. t. 4 12 5, 0 1-4. re lced from 5. 61-4, 7, Sc.
A Sweeping Reduction in Dress Goods !
lticneI) Dress M\Iuslin-t h -. r:d,ccd roi 1' 1-4 e
F~iine' C;unri Muslin. tin- colrs IC- re~.idneced fromn 15.
linp)ort!.i( )raiieis latedt styles 12 1 -Se 18e.
S '!!d )elared Worwsfedl 1 ih neaW shl:1les ait 1 Ie. former
pricO 15e. Ft:'-y l8rochi's all thc laitest d'.,jin< 1.5. 17 1-2,
anid 2(Y- e st I7. 2;). 2: 1 l-2.' Suner M\ohair in fitnv
mtixed Shad cs rednaeed fro 4511 1c. to -.;5c. I:(PLac hiing fl~
redineed f'rom 2-> to 15e. iL:l1na Wool pl!aidls reduced from
(15 o.0 :N Luis \'iling~i In i nwest I int:: al 17 1-2, 20.
M) I-2e. redlneed fnna. 25. :10.k :15.. Sil1k Poge at 4 Ue. re
Ini blacke a.ihi !)>tirlIii)'' .gods theI' i: gl-later is~ imin euse, bl.ack (za-in
andl 75e.
lIla ck iIeu ruttal r. du.,..t lenan I;5 and :n c. to 40) and 5 . Linatina's and
troe;y to tnatcha :aI)lt DJr.a Go.
sweep) inl Laces, Hoinbuirg edlging~,
Insert,ing, Lac A Co llars111, iehueslC ties4.
Corsets and H( Losi ery, these goods a1rn
condemIiInd to go il 50e. on the dollar
of1 the formner pries~ will sell them.
25. :nal :;0. Il ambiir.; edgin 2. :1. 4. . . s. 10, 1iS. 25 .. :W. :85. 4th.
-5 S , 0an.1 7iY. redu:-al frmn t.. fl. s'. in, lI:. 1. ld . :. 4 0. 5), i'.
75.. 0,W 1. 1 !5 an i 1.5;'. La..' collars, ti:'s aul tijaht':3 in stock at
halt t.h:'ir iormel.r pria.s. Coirsats are bou:a.l to go if 45>. oa the dol
:ar wil clear them: it isLrang.~ ha. a tis can be~ d1one bu.at we aire d Ieter
mn ad to .In it and clear th.- deks to ga.in onr point. V hit- lawa 4s
inches wide marked down fron.a 150. to S ~. fine wh.ite lawas at 10i. 1i(
v. ss :85. 41) anl 5). from 5i, 75 and I1.l IIoUiry in plIain and faney
colors. full and r.;anlar made at a for.-ed sate reductiorn this mesus busii
Ini (ClIthing we mtake compeRt itors stanid from iinder. but
as ou r space is limited we e:antnot quoi:te the prices. Cassi
miere::.3 Ulach inig, iTo wel s. Tale L Iinen, Shoi es, Shirts, ('ol -
lrs, Ties, an' lb 11,et every tingi thiat con,p1lotes tesoko
a first class store 1') he fhinnd on our coun ters, at the same!; pro
poriIon of S1;aUillte'r prices as the above mnention,ed goods. If
enstom)ter's will see- to thiir ite arest they will call at once
wheitre ther cani buy :as manl1i ("oO,s fhr a ten doll;ar note as
can. be. hadl elsewvhpre lor *$!ISOt.
Respeetfl I .
jOhas. 3. Purcell,
-AK.A~15TA (~-Ti -

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