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The best pasturage i- aflorded by
a moderate grade of uplaud with a
close, strong sward. The soil
should be firm and naturally fertile.
Pastures are often spoiled by
turning on stock too soon after
seeding. The grass roots should
have time to become firmly set and
in vigorous growth before the grass
is cropped. The fibrous and deep
rooted varieties of grasses are the
best for permanent pasture.
Care should be taken irot to over
stock the land. An area that will
support a certaii number of ani
mals in the most favorable season
of the year imay fail to furnish
enough pasturage for the hot and
dry months.
It is the best plau, $here possible
to have different fields enclosed and
separated from each other. so that
a change of pasturage may he had
at different times during the.season.
The animals will be more thritty
under such circumstances, the land
retains its strength longer and the
grass will not run out so soon.
With the best paaturage it is
needful that dairy cattle should
have an abundant supply of pure
water on their range, casy of access
There is scarcely authing that so
quickly af'eets tke character of
milk and butter a; water from star
nant sloughs and mud-ho les.
-At a reaent meeting of the Sum
tPr County - eorgia' Agricultural
Society, the weevil was a subject
for discussion. The opinion pre
vailed that light and sunshine pro
mote the iucreaae of wecvils; hence
dark cribs are preferable for corn.
Two members who had expe-ilment
ed with using salt-water on corn
while storing it in the crib, at the
same time ciuStif it with lime,
reported freedomi fru:ai weevils. A
farmer who l ad used sassafras and
China leaves to prevenIt weevils in
grain. weommend!14 the same as a
lprevenitive. Another farme-r gave
his experiecfle with peas; pea that
were ni(vely clean.'d were hadlyv
damaged by weevils, while those
flailed out on the gruound, ando stored
with dirt in them. were free fromi
Almost every wol'mn who has
kept house for sever years has stair
carpet that is badly wrmn; in many
cases it is worn ouit withi the excep
tioni of the border. Th'is may he
used with go,od elleet. After it is
careful ly cleaned, eut the h r&1rr
or?. leaving a margin oif the wornl
.eentre pat for a se:ni. theni use4
this foir the bor,ier ofmats; madle
oft pieces of carpet. A large~ mat
which willI do Jood servi.e andi will
look well, too. (can be~ miade by
sewing~ two bread ths: tog'elber and
then putting the border on. I1mip
enm the seam anid p'ress it. on the
wroJng. side with a het: iron. -J//may
Ar Eastern farmer s:ay to rje
stroy euack graiss he plows the
land, just before the planting of any
er< p. nine inches deep. which puts
all the quack roots four inches
underground4 theun spreads plenty
of ma nne, harrows t horoughly
with one~ of the (fhicient new lhar
rows. muakinhg the .1rrace as mellow
as possible for the new seed
lbed. The crop is cultivated
vers thoroughly till it completely
shades the groundi. Cahhage or
corn 1odlder aniswers well. The
roots piowed uder. having~ no
breathing. w ili not and enrich the
To wash succssfully the stiledo
cotton undershirits so universal lv
worni. pult salt in the water- in which
they are washed. salt ini the rinmsing
water and salt ini the starch. 1Do
not have the starch boiling when
they are put into it.
Prunning a ku while dort
miant will tendl uro o promote a
growth of wood than the produc
tion of fruit. Prnnning after the
tree has come in full foilage pIU
motes fruitfulness. by, giving a
cheek to the growth. just as root
pruning does.
A mixture of sulphur and lard
ia safe and harmless remedy for
the extermination ot lice on eattle.
Rub it along the hack and brisket,
aend anoint psets Kre and there
whtid n&dhatt'
ArL.nsaw Traveler.
A deputy United States marshal,
who had been sent to an upland
county to investigate the business
of illicit dis;illing, while ziding
along a lonely road, came upon a
party of men following a wagon.
Observing that the wagon contained
a coffin, the marsh'"! asked:
""l" nneral proe-:-"ion, is it not?"
"Yes." repliol a man who car
ried a hymn-book.
"What is his namOe" pointing to
the coffin.
"John Ryeco'n."
"Where did he live at the time of
his death?"
-,1fidn't live no whar, fur be was
"1 mean did he live in this commu
uiiy when he died-'
"No, he was dead."
The driver was very careful in
selecting smooth places, and they
were all so soletn, that the mar
shal would have gone on, had there
not been a difliculty in passing the
wagon. After awhile he said:
"I suppose your friend was a
good man."
"Best in the neighborhood," re
plied the gentleman who carried
the hymn-book. '-Best man I ever
saw. Could tlin anyl'odv down
the best two onten three falls I've
know'd strong fellec s to rassel with
him an' fur a ti-ne it soiter 'peared
like they knowded he would down
'em. Mighty easy feller ter get
along with tLonglh. Never pestercd
nobody lesse; they pestered him."
"Where are you going to bu y
"Did -low ter bury hi i in the
gronn' summers. '
"( )f course. 112ad he a wife at
the time of his death?"
.,Never been married, I suppose?"
"Oh. yes."
"Wife died aometime ago, eh?"
"Noah. The woman what he
married is still erlive."
''hen he had a wife when he
'.Noah, fur uhen be died she was
a wildy."
TIhe d]eputy,. tinding a place
where he could pass the wagonl.
rode on, and not uutil he had gone
some distance did the peculiarity
of the affair- strike him with full
force. H is acquiain tance'( with
squatter life caused hi:o at first to
give the eccentric funeral but. little
thought, bat after' a while his eyes
seemed to be opened. Tiur-ning
aside into the thiekl woods, he dle
ided to wait and watch the vec'leht
come along, and. just after passing
hi,i turnied into a narrow r-oadl al
most overgrown with wveeds and
bushes. Dismountinig and lying
his bridle rein to a sapling, the de
ptly m;;rshal caut ionaly followed
the wagon Tlhe funeral pror'e -
sioni decendeltd into a creek bottomr
rossed the stream, entet edl a ski: I
of t imber' andti 5oppE(. A numbler
of men, working in a clearing,
c-ame for-ward with: unusual brisk
ness and gathered atonnd the
coffin which w-as take'] from the
wagon and placed cen a stumpil.
i' cups tlashied in ihe sunulighit, and
as the deputy mai shal,now eraw'ling
on the gr-oud, drow near-, lie sawv
the men dip thIeir Ciupa6 int~o the
ofn. The oddt funni-al wals thus
of easv solution. A coffin tilled
with wh'lisky had been brought
fromt an illicit distillay :0 make
co,vivial the work of elearinglIand
nd it seemed that every mian in
that community had been invited
ihe oflkicer knew that his life would
be endangt recd should he be discov
red ski;lking airound, andi reco'g
nizng the difj:.iety of crawling
away untseeni-for' it wan only by
h mer-est accident that lie had r-e
mained so 1long unobserved-lhe de
cided to walk h:oldly' up and lake
his chances, for he l:nc'w that the
crowd there were men who were
not illicit distillers, and who, should
vioflce 1 he med~it ated wnl attempt
to reveni t sne.h an outbreak. W h:en
within a few yaids of the codin,
some oneO clapped on the lid, while
others begzan to sing a doleful air
A grave had been dug, and thr3
were in the act of lowering the box,
when the depnty marshal said:
"H old on, boys. Pat the corpse
on the stump again. I am an Ar
kansawv man mnyse'lf, and lawv or no
law, hanged if I don't help you en
joy yourselves. Here's fun," and
tey all drank. The odd funeral
was not reported at court.
It is peculiar how sound a mnan
sleeps when his wife crawla over
him on her way' to the kitehen to
make a tire.
ld n. thno hillo - Tfre U'lles
One Thousan<d Acres of Land a:o i
On the deci of a big Mi-;'i<ipli tiuit oat
stooal an aged Solbera 1:lantcr. kidl:eting
by a swep of hi; arm the wators he bat
was pas;ing over, ie said o a i t .tgCr
fromn the North : "'When, I tws et.evt: . s
old 1 killed my first hear oa a ne.v i,antatin
my father w.as then cutting out of .- for,-t
thatt grew directly over the wvaters of tbis
bend. That was a mighty good !i::tttation,
and thic was right -mart of L-rs :lI, to.
But that one thou tiIntl aesr; of l:n ' ent i ,
the Mi issi;;ipl'i years :ttt.
It is puttinf n.o strat) tiponf li:; ib:c to
sa' that glcai. fore-ti of youthfuII litt.e, wo
m:nly be.:"! and mianly sttt i :i:c Sw'pt
iu the sate :av eveiy year in:o It ;r:at.
turbid to:aetit of tiio'a'(" and te-lt. Yet it
shold not ,e so. That it i; so i a d:-gr:c
as well a, a !oss. People are bly t%
c.relezs or two stiit>id to deh-:"ad ih ': :t a
tcies,S the inOSt lrt eiull; o w' l :i Ialtih
That go l ne . I i a-t t ri1 r I. ' ,i
but to) IC(k'lessne"! or hmuc n'
thing rli_ht as weI l:' b tlonplt as a i.rl.t
sition in Collie St ("lltn;. A; th.- hugte 1 "
ternt rivt 5, which o often flood tie ti c
alon.- their shotc":, ari,e in :11n te'.'.'in:uno
springs, so all tn' ailents c('an I ti(cd to
ittipture loottd andt' L -inttl '*n>n9 0 o,s".cr
t'he most ('fle:'tile and .i:w: rt'medy
for itie:te is l'A IK1:['S I :tt'. I it "t,ts to
the si.urces ol' p.iin an.1 t eakne . In C;
ponse to its actiotn. ilh. li'tr, L..int'y , ;iin
acit and hear' ho:gin thei:r t".ti L at:s b, andl
disease i. dr'i ten .t:'. The ITonie i -t, h .
ever, an intoxicant, tlt! e : a ei for
strou. tthink". II tvt'via drprlIii, in:'a
[ism, or tionhl,! w!te t'! .l:o '" !t-tUtet to
vield to otter :tuen ' Iere i . ' t ar help.
From these .sonrces crise thr(odourhs of
the diseases of the lh mlia rae. 'Thiti
symptowns indicate tliei: extste:,-a : Luns of
Appetite, Bowels costive, (iderk IYsci
ache, fullness after eating, aversion kt,
exertion of body or mutid, .Eructation
of food, Irritability of teaper, Low
spirits, A feeling of having teglected
some duty, Dizzines, Fluttering at the
Heart, Dots before the eyes, bhitly col
orel Urine, CONSTI PATIOi, and .e
mandi the use of steincttly that acts <the-cty
onthel,iver. J.a.Liver i lmc<eine TUTT'S
PiLLlS have no t .tuaI. Tt.t ir x:'!:ii on tt ."
Kidneys:m<dSkit is:ttso pr,m ippt; :c:ov":.:
all inpuriti"s through t1tes 'e " s<a."
engers of lho systein," prc."c!"(cl;; ::pii
tite,sonni ligtesI n, r(;"uhitr '.A,e *f, i"':::
skin and:tuvi~orn:i btdy. TID"_ 'L.tI
causo no n.sea. or griping Le' into't r
with dally work anti arc a y erftoot
"I havo la<d Dyspe'psia, with Cunst!ia
tion,two years, andl have tried! t. diltt<erc:m
kinds of pills, anti TLTT'S ort tbc tirst
that Wavo done mu ny good. 'T'hety r:e
cleaned me- out nicely. My i:.:petitc is
splenil, footd digests retdlity,andu.lna
have natnral pa-;sages. I feel fi. a liea'
man." W. P. EIWARI)S, Paluty'ri, t .
Suldeverywlerc,25c. Oit ,-"11tMmySL, N .
tantly to a (ILOS3V IIIACK br It sitrgic tlt.
pliatoit o- titt l-ra:. Sold ,y Dru;gi:-ta
or aent bytxttr.s otn re-eiptof !.
Otnece, -4.tutrray .et er, .w Y r.ark.
TUTT'S MAP!LAl Uf !1? t !rr PT' FRU.
Jully 19,l 2---IV.
Torttfy the System.
All who have' e.perienced'i awi witnC'red
the effed'e of iIostette'r's Sittumach Eitte-rs
'cima ot' dyvsl*ieia, liier n cnl.l':ant,
fever~ ants atgye. rhtetittnim Lrvit t de
bility, or Prehtna .:!''tt, I thati in i
this supren'iiii- Ionic anti .liLg;:-it:ye~ there
exisi.s a spreille principle wthoithrd i htta' pt
very soure of the t.rttuble, aptl eik-cts; 41
abolute anli in-rmri:im-ui t enIreL.
k'or sale! 'y alt Druiggl.t.: ajti Pealers
th.tnlion':t:. Impi: t lak. ili-ttit
Wheni it .tii hn < ipp o ftartn-i'
li ict- tIIt I/ty :lin' : t Io- I t-t
Iat'ei "a tio: he-na a' f i<wh
proved ih;t 't he ilt . 1E :O'l:a itl
b; it ultibi :-.::;hIll itit in t t't t pell
in's it t I It I i i o:, . l 'l* il. ol dt be
ditt' w'ilt tin ith tlijt topl
:uhliii''o 3 to il t i s a r s
tt Inali. 1.1 . lit w:i di'ovr
th: i \ -on' X lie wI - in' thA..! t
stg.:o .mnpt".2 e u.
conhin in-- ani v :-3 .ioa
-'th feltjne. Afe l !e
th .4 - "en :S :i r ' if
he r .ioat r- C tery Tia i o
wh "b,i-'i ind- idt ee'
Long R-torer.
-.W.H .NR
Ma-on Ga.
Bree l.nn ebrr apr
W. J.POl.LAIl) .JAS. L. 1RITiZE0N.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants,
No. 731 Reynolds Street, AUCUSTA, GEORGIA.
Manufa turel: rInd General Agents for the Followin: Ma.iinery. Con
siting in Part,
100 Fairbanks Standard Scales,
100 Thomas Smoothing Harrows,
100 Acme Pulvirizers and Clod Crushers,
100 Reapers, Different Makes and Styles, (single or c:nbined)
25 Hublurd Gleaners and Binders, (Independont.
25 Th-cshers and Separato:-s, (various sizas and s:yles1
25 Watertowa Steam Engines. (all Piz-s all stylos
'4 C. & G. Cooper & Co. Steam Engines, (all siz:s and styles
10 O:eida Stoama Engl:ecs, (all sizes and styles)
75 Z-' is 1Iand-Power Cotton and Hay Presses,
50 Pollard Chatpiot Gins, Feeders and Condensers,
25 Neblett & Ccodrich IXL Cotton Gins at t2.00 per saw,
10 Nebl+itt & Goodrich second-hanid IXL Cotto: Gins at $1 50 p.r saw, in good order,
5 Kreibl Engines.
Wt ti) VOt.kI N( .lA('liNi.RY (:11 kind, FL.O'IR & ('ORN
-111LLS, & 11 L1, LMA III"NEliY.
O(I( tiil.:11 (;:1, EStn .1:n-, l:::. :a ii-tl+rl :.tl -:. D>:n Stte:lln P mnp111 .
.,li1i 1'r, Tilll(l'r i-:i-t G;ins F(e(,1er ui. !11 or,1+l i ur rs, (-arrer'1 ,,'t' (';t ton
\,lean1 Cr- eel(ot ton ,.-("l I11ullters :u1( S+"I:tia,lr (-"h',1%w((ert
('ulnI 1're . ISh:i:in l'alb-y\ and1 II:titer-, Stt:ant :and W:Itl'r pipes,
Fit tin g-. tc". P."lling, La:t:ing:. 1f+, . ttt.
A full line of Ml:t,-hinellry of all k itul: in .xttok :1:A for t:tl," low. ll1 and
examlint beforr l,ur.ch:I it: , :lul savt" mtOney.
Selud fil-r t:'+ t: l . ('t!rI, :I::tllt 1,lee >t,li(I"i l ::I41l,pr(ll: t1 :i R 1t(t *o
Pollard & Robertson, 731 Reynolds st., Augusta Ga.
w. '1. <m l:n , . I r" D-c.x , S4. C.
M ar 19 -lv
('G:i ;A 1AI i G 9) S 'F. F. JAFJK $0N, M f:lllle r,
1I M( ain Street. - C'tlumbllia. S. C..
A f.VAYS (N U1AD A -l'L.
--STOC 01'
I..nli(s :nti G I a - l '1" lltr tin met u ,
110slEIY, CA RPET;.
Cancer.PU I
The devel ; ime t (f the treatment of ( ic Ber
with Swi:'a S;cific el nt so 'n h'rlul, i t atI ,TCULEY
0 alifite d shiouI!ldv i. TRPLs.A E
(:AN(FI tur 14 Y1'IS.IOCEAI-LN.
Spaunburg, S. C . 31archl 14, iSS4. O
I have fo.r 14 year; bi.en ai ;u&orr frini si nin-EMLS TB
C)1c8K : I hv , ri (P:nn wi t h otetti f m:ilIP E -I E
ine nid .f- t!dn Ri Iief. .4houit fopr monithIi
a' oI buh n biuj olC leI ot' aw~ifst's .eith: fro;
01he.-.M. ha.ve ake L it. itu t he lly ha ti reCla~)ll'~'~d in
I lieel I,e feti se:v h:I- i ten lineu . n' nihU8,4it h ray
e:nii. ' our- thuilully. El-l!/.A TlI-2h - ~LTHEYMnfr
M r. n F l'.tria. 11I e,. A rk.. A,tv'. tl:d et 'I0tMA K T T. '.ada
it- .1a:, . 4: -- hau' e uI. tak n fve l.oll les .1 1rielivfrfl~ ffCZE gn
g S;t. sa :-J.Cili : : i e-i oih toy t emple -:ii t IoI ~ x I -,
be a ~ en.cr. I I.ave i. In n oIlte.riit!ty benititedi
aint wili9;1 a b e aL wel :al.1 '11I------------------- -
.41 r \\ 1 1R t l<, iion .) :Id.bero. ';a . write Lvr dcxe.t~ :dI T~ut~
under& ilati .Jan 3. 1.:4: aim ye'&tting oli linfly,
the idlt s :-:lidly hialinig I feel thial t o 1-: lPl4~lliI1 l- V'ilV ,
Snilta spriliplaill .. t. tbeiErs,rrible c.mtget
whc bio 4 I m n feed Ci iir his n.:te fii r u' it2ltL ( 5 l7to'u. ot. 3.$.Ii
.\i r.i -t sf; illertt d !bo .l.u-i t:'. nl.v . % lO 'u -'VAa\~ .t IN u u
"A gain: i ;nei . \3.i oIs ne:lI r th i:: tid y s
itni. nw4tllY h is tid Ii:i be uii Oli ..t:,m h:o a 1 A l uld5
ex tllded l 'i p titi lit h:i ttie:i-. ly e:cllii . n iiieyl.
-I: caer v.:ai a tighs:uu a!he1iitr
eaIi. -r o loo sth - t o u: h th. ' i; iht
atlt.ny IlltiPIdrop 1i0t. 114 hits been 1:tking
t Se :-bEND woernL PIt h:I.e INiri.:enEthe
poN :s - Jn bi: (:-tnt th4c2-e:h :d -:d
CIIe ne - hETN C I~ N
T:st. r 1 x'io:n .: WAis in:iileg fra.~h~tthlb :ttllv
1'F ii| WN.' .JJW'.E) L II 1lt'CO..:!111 il~jIt t h
N rtt .l 0e1-. \VUSTi. R.ECEIVipEDit .
Wathmain an Rpaiin I c-~.. oksal indse.rG,xs
~c~-o ag-hout it.Trd
Nov. 21, 47-tf 308 MAcRKETn ST.c, Phillt'a
_________________wr_ lit ,ane giltmef.nertAet
MEny lo'..-allkid.
10MMHAI RESDRE~BRET EBUStToethr, wit snry ot01cr aicle
rieih-t Articleinys.nr--: gImph,re blood, oes:-1e Stabiwele,
k~irregul- r:td gelite. sotRr helchin:n. paing.in
Ari+:aera.5 .fsmrliforow rre.tchilb:.anevers,
loreeof nowegrn. ir:rgyisight.lFor ihetz-3trln' Cs
pD l'Hiniby Thi",r,5ets.... -or 1.nn.iAd
,in.3 ars ls.t u . F\ A 6\R.& NEhiKl:. la
.sol1 b 1 erin; i-14.-l a . A 1.V
Rail Roads.
Columbia & Greenville Railroad.
45~4 -. 1L- '
Co(.UMBrA..S. C., .JunP _11th, ISSI.
On and after Sunday, Ju:nc J, ISS4, the
PASsEG E-:R TItRAINS \vill run as herewith in
dietted upon this road and its branchei
U:tily, e.x cept Sundays.
N.0. I:t' PASSENllt.
Save W. C. & A..4t.etion - - - - 12.:;5 a m
Ltave Colltubia,A - - 12.LOa in
Alston, - - - - 1.5'fp It
Ne. berry. - -- - - 2 55 p In
" Ninety-Six. - - - - . 4.13 p in
I1ol-.e, - - 5 7p in
" Ilton,u, - - - 6'22 p in
Arrive Greeuvi!!e, - - - - 4.5u p in
Leave Geenvi;le, - - - t1.5- a It
l(oilto . -12.34 p n
Ninety-Six, - ----------
Nevb-rr3, - - - 3 m
Alston, - - - 4.12 p in
Arrive Colunbi:I.F - - . 1, ft
Arrive W.. C. A. Juntin.. .5 ---- 151 p In
Noa. 5i. Ut' t'ASSEN';I.lt.
Leav'e A!stou,------ ------ Lrzpn
Strt lt, - - - 2.: p m
Shltona , - - - - . p n
Sa.tuc,----- - - 3.13; p n
t:t:iutt. - - - - 4.r. p in
Joneville,-- 4.41 p in
Arrive Spart:a.r&. n - 5. " p n
l.a' :ttubraltir. lt. S u). I)eput, II 11 :,+ pt in
Spjnrt:mbhur-, S. t". & C. 1tr..t,C; 12.l111tian
J1uuacs\ ilte, -m .~pU
Saleto. - - '. p In
Strotler. - - - ':1 p
Arive at Alrto. - 4 07 1, m
Ltae 1 \ tbrr y. - - - ".5lfl p m
Arrive L.:,ui: - C. It.. - - 6.15 p) m
I-avt L:aurrut C. H., - - : 1. p m
Arrive Ne%Iw.ai ry, - - 12'1 pmf
Lav' Ilo+lg> - - .' p nt
A rriy vaat Aix"vil;, - - - , aop in
L.ive.a At .e\ ille - - - - 4.41 p I.
Arriv rt taIn , -- 2tt prn
1:Lt.t : Hi (a ; 1*.A1I .:uAi . ' .a.. tnOV
No.52 :DOW PSit. lt
An,:-r..,nl ,1'-1 m
t'cn,11("ton 75! p. m
I.t'ave Sel C:it C. . e .De p i
Arriv .e 1 al l a -.I- 1 in
Leave ;al!allan. - - 4 ma i
eave Saneca C. -a in
- I'rull, - - - : n n
" An hr. -, - - 10.42 p in
Arrive at AL ltou. - - 11.15 1 ipn
FIE( Ir . AS$E: :En C'A CltA.w T (.I.Y'
.: rv( LrIel C.! .5 a in
.\'tI.: LL :: 7.3; a: .at
'i, tti . t i'."-:i - a n
Arrive 4;.at nville. - - 2- ISi
I.'aiv. t tOa'U vil!ar 4.15 It int
I''i. IT,tnuait !Ii1 p i it
L im li:-A a tol -.-L- - p r
A rr:i- :(ltl t; - - - - 1 In
A. ilt South Carolina Railroad .ro. Char
Withi Wilminto~an, Coluintl,ia and Augusta
L airoad 1o n 1ilmiugtoe and -nll
pointr North theareof.
With Chacrlotte. Colur.bia and Augustyi
Railroan tro Charlotte and all points
" orth ?eruln
It. With Acaviewt & SparC4. 'Jg Fil Itoad
for points' in % ea teru Noth Carolinta.
C. With A. & C. Div. -. & D. R. I., from all
points South nd 1yet.
1) Witha A. & C. Div., It. & 1.1 f. Ht., from At
lauta:lt,ttl teyun(Ia.
K. With A. & C. Div., R. & D. Rt. 11., from aUl
oints' South and West.
F. Wi'th $!ltJi3 C;troliua Railroad for Charlea
toll .
lt;tilr,:t itr WVitniitSLou atat.. e taortli.
lWith ('h~arlotte, Culuwitaa and Au u;ta
Ralroad for Charlotte and the oth.
G. 11it'i Asheville & Spartaiuburg Rauilroad
t'rolt 11cn;luca.1:Atiln.
11. With A. & CI. 4)iy., it. P 1). it. 11., from
C'harloti^ anti b.eyod.
M~ SLAUMV1t LCk. Gen~ieral 1taSengaer Agent.
I) l AIt,\\"bLL. A-'t t;eeslaiI'asseuier A~t
12 Itti liar1itapim
At- ie :itilai ~ a i s 24 :p mi
t.':''( aaatata;i '.5ta -a '52 a in
-; 1i.42 p3.m
A rrve t i it . -S' - 11.15 p in
F:E,itT.tiac tcuIlNan: C.ttetlji wrTA t tE1
";i \fl~al ti':ttttt 7.[n n ita autt rnl
"a3zt5 n'elI.at r aa:l7.37tIh-til 'al 11it
" Plir hutnan'at (1::t Matiaa l:.'5aim
IAn ':tV rri i ai il 925llnl uil, pil mu
(..-: e ir evll i1iat otl 4.154 po It
('ttt'C 'e-t.' nt it:aihctAuut t lt
-n. Wrtiallnmtont! Souh n p ma~
A With Sha C arl Railroad. hr
W.~aiat Wiminton,ai ClaOiumi aid ASuutaay
t.taplro: d I ttw:an Wpiliton andit. oall
al' pttai on. Nort tai hereo' .
Wi.ath 1 ) h alt t Coluba Ias and.uti
A l t ai lronadi frmhalotean all'..... '.; pints
A1 Wit h: A: Iyelle , Sp)artan'urti ilJt ond lJ~p I
folIr pts intlt Western0( ith ( Caolinau.
C.d Wt a. & C.ll~-ta Di. R.i & .-Riaut. frtutall
F.. WihA- .Dv,R . R. R. rma.
Rali . rWili; u and te' 'th
Wih 'hrlte,Coumi an uut
J.W 'l Y y,l r-tedet
M Sr.Aucunal itau,-t Cenesra P:n';.sener~ Agent*.
Pct'a OfltA t r.> .a. t m1nr:) l)m;:r.A gt
SOti il ~ Caol).ina Rai.lway it Copany.
ta :MOd after MIayWIh,1J. Pe alrsr
i-al ftOer not.iltVf'- fcla:anl
1ak 0 4NARU U no AI.EST EoBT
la. e o 'f 1:i h i:trat' I)i~ ant m o .9 t p mli
A inrrin y:h:riown St.te op otu ti 'ayrjn
i.ae hrlo C.A.Sa 0 4C.0,
Tlal. 'thtly. exetSnhy
-m~ I.u l> n.: ca.d1 it f-: '. Py
Go~ootl. JtNo AS, cpta o
A riv r qamraln It -at 25 It yo wan b5 p
Leaven~ or'amden 'Otk 00ti paym +4 t-th
A Wive bz Colmbi 1:2.3i aoL m tt2 p m
'Dail eiept :-39tO . t. e1I
Out of Jaws of Death.
This gentleman who outlines his case be
)w his is a man considerably advanced In
ife; undt is noted for his sterling lnwrgrity,
his post-office is Yatesville, Upson county,
t. The tollowing is
;r. John Pearson'l State
In the Spring of 1SS2 I was attacked with
.very b:,,l congh, which continued to grow
rorse until fall, wlcu I got so weak tbat i
ou!'l not get about. I tried a great-12any
icals of medicines but continued to grow
rorse. I wa. notified tbat'l bal coutump
ion and would probably die. Dr. Ii lloway
nally told me to try Brewer's f l
torer. They Eent to Ward's Store an got
bottle and I commenced taking it'-right
way. After taking two or three doscs;I bt
an to improve, and by the time I hd:used
p one hottle I was able to get on my faet
gain. I amt now in eV2elkntViulth. - I-,+n
onfident that the Lung Restorer saved.my
ifc and my neigh bors are of the same opinion.
t i' the best 1.ung Rtemedy ever made.in pny
>pinion. Dr. 11. promised me that he oahld
rrite to the manufacturers arnd tell them of
he wonderful cure it maie In my cae.
4tatement of Benj. F. hearn
F.arly in November,-158t, while sewiPg on
he machine, my wife was taken wirh a
evere pain in her side, which was soon fol
owed by hemorrhages from her luigs end a
evere cough. Fever eomt'enced,sbe-cou
wither eat or sleep, and in n few weeks
as reduced to a living skekion.' The
etuling physician told me that he thou t
ine of her lungs wrY entirely. glpete e
ould not retain thu most elicate no tsh
nent on her stomach, I then agree wij . r.
iulliva,, my family physician,-to r.
Iol!oway in consultation. They ade a
ial examination of the patient d pro
rounced tht: es)se hope;ss. Dr. Ipl:and
hen suggested tILe Brewer's Lung Restorer
is a last resort, I sent for a bottle a~d.ga.ve
ier a dose. I found that she erd trca n it
in her stomach and aft.er abut ,be1juArd
lose, I began to notice some imrove% nt
n her condition. I continued the medleie
egularly and by the time she had tinfir tivO
ottles, she was able to walk altiot- the
iouse. She is now in better haaIth tbau-she
as enjoyed for several years. I -bClieve
he Lung Restorer saved her life. We Jatve
ave a niiy of six children, corme of thetn
:rown." -
Mr. Ilearndon' post-office Is Taftesifle,
Ipson county, Ga. fTa is a tpor gly-rp
hblc in:in in every paftifular.
Fe b. 2S-1m.
heU Rau UDE
u etc .,
-1 6 r r e
LA .E " t4 R
be-c. Si. tt.
t-r T
j,t- -i0,~tntfAp.r1
l - ni it 21 Llc r dla lt Co dt-tC .
'i, whthrin-I c 1ict6r-caI I Y i evin
tIt mln..t and-~ Tj-ar dps..4 2.g:!ber
a te. P i-a lypamada r eMataep
- - c c 2 -2 - -
Ne wnrk ffle 70Mieo#ait e.
lAYN,t E'S t Otforla CN r%Aolt~ing.'
oite rigt zrrcs ent e10. ft.eft 3Ketoga luu.
r .nwner a) g
1.:4TR-L1 :t4 19 pow %
1 f.-:taJic>.4tyt tun5 ano cau .
.....c Oa 00 Ifr wat.
* 1 iAS.kTiWrated e; . 12, to
..Y 'SInfoet.h as.--fct n .
'oual,e ngit. agc OUori f. .Blga PIar.
M-ty 17, 20-1y -
Ul Th1at,'Breast And4, u Ar to
re b .teod-tabilshe :-oW. YNE'S
A re. y gogo oaF ,a,nar
eg foorrpostageyr
ia It usor 'h an
..., thau ... t-rotna a Lth e a -nd _o
1884 THE 1884
TitI D.ur.r CoNrTITUTION has come to 1
be a nece4'ity to every intelligeut man in
the rangc" of its rire"nl:ition.
For tlie tet. year it will be better than 1
ever. Nearly $Ie0u.ex u Is now being invested
by its prilrietors in a new huilding. pres
ses and outft. in which and with which it
can be enlarged to ineet its increasing bnsi
ness, and improved to meet the demands of
it 4 growing Coit it ency.
Ti i": l)Ali.Y ANi SUNDAY Ce1NiTITr'TiON for
le.a will be het te":ant tailer t h:in ever. and
in every senese the be sit paper iI the reach I
of the ptople of the Southeast.
One Year $l, e Motiths $5, :t Month- $2:. l
1 M1ont h $er.0f
starts the new year with 13.t 0 subscriiers
who pronounce it the largest. best and
eltenpest paper n ithin their reach.
It eon'ists of S, 1to or 12 pages (as the de
n :u,l o,f its hn:-inezs or the news iay ill- I
reel ) tiiled with mnatter of the greate:,t iiter- ]
est to the fi:rimer.
thi s t-:.t budget ii ie ws:uni goip~l wV illilhe
sent to yotr tinside to entertain every
miemnber ot your household,
One Year...........................$1 5O
Six .loiths.............................. I 00 :
In I 'li:bl rf Tenl, cach. ............ . .. 1 2,
In Cilh., of Twenty, ach......... I'm
. ith :ui ext ra pi:iper lithe Ztetter nil of
the" clib.
THE Y1 i;Al. OF 1-St.
will be one of the most. important in onr
history. A Pie-oien. Conigre'ssmnen. Sena
tore. r o vetrant, Legilattiie --are all to be I
1ery imiportant isuets are to be tried in
tle .:itiom an d State electtions. The ( on.
s1it utien in its daily or weekly edit ion will
carry the fullest and freshest news in best
shape to the publie. and will stand as an
earnet .hatltpion of 1 ineocrat is principles.
Chroficle & ConstitutiooaIist,
for one year at $;:.50.
The Augn.ta CunosICi.F. AND CONSTITC
TION.U.IT i thie largest weekly r.ewspaper
in t he Stite. it Is a ten page .seventy column
pelt<r. It cottains all the important news I
of the week, and is tlled with interest ig
ar,e instrnetiVe rendimer to the fIirimer, me
cainie. bttsiies anl professional man. Its
Washington. Alanta and Columbia letters
with its full telegrtpi!c" service, market re
ferts, eitltori:tls and general news make it
one of the nmort readable and one of the
hest new?paper in the South.
'T he ClilNtt:.E AND ('o.1sTIl17TiONAi.ST
can he read in any honsehpld. It is Iree
fr nmti sensatinialisin.
Established 1819, and for more than a Third
of a Centuty under the eams
the DAIRY, the POULTRY YAR D. etc, etc.
Special attention is paid 1o Fertilizers and
Manures. including those or cotmmeree and
the ta;*,?,.
Reports of REcpresentativo Yargers' Clubs
are a notal>le feutnre of its issne:1.
There Is a Home Department, with charm
ing reading and practieal suggestiott for
the ladiee of the larin household.
The most competent. successful and cx.
perienced r.en and women have a;4arge of
theseveral department;.
No Farmer in the Atlantic States. from
i elani. 'n ierois. "can -tir.trd to be
without" EEMS '0"d Kt.e1 pci i,ei;:iser and
Cuide on farm V'ork.
The American Farniir is publi-hded twice
eve"ry 1110n111, (40- lle 1-t and11 1n.'11,It Is
beautifully printed on tine white paper In
clear type. $1.'4i a year. To clubs of live
or over, $1 cJ ear.
Handscme. Valuable and Isiftul Premiums
are given to all tlore who will take time
anid t rouh: to ellleet subibithers.
NAli'.- NANIilS & SON, Petblshers.
The itt:.Iur.n an.1 thi American Farmer
nI ill bei eiinbhedl togerther andt sent to any
addrt-.s for $:l.tt) tor one year.
Augusta, Ga.,
will lie fnruished forI1S& a? *7 00
'-i oN A t.ti' is the largist an'IliheapeSt I:tilly 1
niewsp:per in the South.'It contaisis eIght
t honuiand words ei telegraphi .pr diy fromnthe Ii 1
Ne'w Yo: k Associ:ated Press. - This s'rtk(' is
mpipleumenited by full .sipcial trout .Atint*, -
Ciilarnhia aned W:ulhinigtoni. .\s a newspap)er,.
Itle Clln'tNicLt.: is one of" thle be-st In: the
sonth i tis irway,.' progressive.. reli:tble :al
hie( fr0in t he lerto--aliz iagi da ofi tL C
- w'ilI he'~ ia', one yAse~ to itn.
adde-, on i n-i:pt of $:t50 whIeb shtaM e 1
-ii lt Ito the ptubtlir theb itAi.D.
Is reeo-iizted .as the leadinig Fa::h on atnd
[iane S'agizine it: Aiur'h-a. 'Ih6'le-ading
at l rii(t io's fo' 1-ut n'e. it.- 10l.1 ng
UJ, cutted by tliw P'e.nch pro(eean, represen
ing tiht PtVailing~ faLshtnim in botihj
st yles ant d ol. rolduced espec-ially.for
and pubilishedi exelive 41ly in, (001mY'S
.;nisPlatto, of' -ashlitns 1 iblc and
-whie, llu trig leaim n styli's.
1 -)Finey' Exected i eel l F. ngra,vinlgs by
-the best arti-ts, tmdde :or GODEY's
L AI) l14J4)OK.
I9Egae Portrait.s 01 Ex-pro.identeie f
th U. S. w 0hifr -a pr of' what is
known in GOIDE US Ai haDUS1X00,1s he
PRESKIDENT[Ap Portrait Gallery,
each binlg aceomniid by ri shotf iogra-.
piif sket (Ih..
1 50 )"ages "li"''"rat i 'i"g ""s"os"*t*":ti
.1plage- of A rebitecturael Desiyrs Ahowin
-pais andt per-spect u:e. oI lioy:Jtee and
rti"tlN~ t.e Ct l-1.et a ersA-n: With full
ii h piei n t r ''it i t t .
Cetlehrm.ted hoiiurhoeld dotinig rece.itt.dachli
haviing hbeli tested by piractit-aI hop~ekeeli- '
*irs lifore publishhig ''''- '' i
BESIDES r emrcingareha.nay-ofHIl-ra
adie Poems,' by emnre-nt writers,' among1
wlthnm are.
CilluTl IAN ltlI:; D, M s. 01EFF EYV lil'Elt ,
aICs .\ tlhir of "U:n.rty- ::ipet '
hlIe I'rt Y'ejirin'erit w f be iiider t'he di.
re-ct iont of W mi. Mac-Io-d, Gurtte of Cort'oran
Galle-ry of Art, Washin;;ton. I). C. A I! other
l'-par'tuCents uinder equa:liy competenlt di- g
Fo im hit.ier iniliitornmt on 5 ued i>r circular
empl~te copi~y ofi GO)DE'iS IA iOPS JSOOK
ht. t amips taken.i To avoid erirors writeI
plily youir addhr' s., givIng Couty~ antd
1000 Chestnut StreetPhiladllhYa, Pa'
9 .: -* 4 -
e li .I

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