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Local and Special.
THURSDAY. AUG. 7. 1884.
SPECIAL NO fICE.- aoines+ uutires in
hk kcal eolen are Ioserfed at the rate ut
15 eeats per line each insertion.
Obfttaries, notices of meting+, comtnoni
dotion3 relr-lng to personal interests. tributes
Mf re-seet &r , are charged as regular adver
+enenb a' $l per -aquare.
;Nati-e- rf e.tmi,i,l-arian, and other eil
'4pes, ubitarie?, tributes of respect and
Metiee3 of meetings, a, well as cotnmunica
ttans of a persoual chare'-ter tunt be Paidl
for in advane.
The subscription prie of the ItALD is
$2.00 for taelve noDntbs. $1 00 for %ix
asiths. 0 ecuts for three montbs anJ 25
cents for us- month. in advance. Names in
'sare aill not be placed on the tuhsecription
bo*s u..til the cab or its equivalent is paid.
7' All communications relating to pcr
snard interests will be iuserted at regular
= advertising rates, one dollar per square, catah
Ib advance.
40aflisribers will eonfer a favcr by exam
$ isg the dates printed next their names, and
- the date is not right they will please inform
- d it. Ybtakes will oeer sometimes.-t>
Mr. L. S. Boters, posttna'tcr, at Prosperity,
out aethorized agent at that place
Mr. A. H. Kotan will alo rwecive ail re
,aieipt for mnbscriptions at Prosperity.
-Election Tickets printed at the
E2ALD oflk-e at lowest price, either
colored or white paper. Candidates
respectfully asked to give us their
We are prepared to do any and all
kade of job printing at this oflee, aw.
aieot work. The promise Is made
tht work wtll be executed with neat
neosand dispatch. Prices too will be
A share of the Job Printing of the
town Is re-pectfully solicited. Pr'ces
mod -rate, and executioi guaranteed.
.D not forget the HERALD Book Store
friends. You will find in It many
a eded articles.
Subscribers to THE NEWS are, re
lncantly to us. given a half sheet of
THE HERALD this week, for the rea
san that our arrangements are not all
completed. The next week's paper
will be a full and complete one.
We print a number of extrz c.>p'e:
of the HERALD every week, for the
aceommodation of such reader, as fail
to get their papers, a: well as for sale.
Call at the HERALD office if you need
a ptDer.
As the campaign will be a lively one,
and in order that every man in the
County, andl out of it as well, may
keep posted ou the news of the day,
an.l as they cannot be informed with
out a newspaper, we offer the Herald
and New until the first of December
for ->0 cents. Ca-h must in ever. in
stance accmnpany a name. 2s 2t
Fifteen percen'.
All po=tmasters are authorized and
requested to act as agents for the
HERALD AND NEWS in getting sub
ocri.tionts. Fifteen per cent. will be
allowed on every cash subscription.
No paper and no per cent. unless the
e::sht accompanies the namte. No tron
ble attaches to the soliciting of a sub
scription and on the other hand fifteen
per cent. will be yours. Will you try
it, and make a little pocket money.
For the News'Subseribers.
No doub;. there are some names on
the subscription books of the NEWS
who have been getting the paper free,
all those after this week we will eut
off, and it rests with themi to say
whether they wish to receive the
HER.tLD AND NEWS in the future ; Sa
will cause it to be mailed to them reg
ularly. We hope to have all such as
pertnanlent, bonafide readers. Others
iagai'a are enbscribers but uf.tunate
ly in arrears, and we hope that these
subscriptionis will be paid to the old
pr.>prietor oft the NEw1 S, and the IIER
ALD AND NEwS receive a continuance
of the subscripationt. TIhitnk of it friends,
anid be up and doing, time and tide
wait for no mant.
Every bottle of Shriaer's Indian
Vermtitage is guatatnteed to give .satis
faction if used according to (iree
tions. For sale by Dr. S. F. Fant
The Second Game.
An exciting gamte of baseball was
plhtye'd here last Frid:ay mnornting be
twv -en the Greenwood Club and the
New berry Club. It was witnessed by
a latrge crowd, with great interest.
'The resut of the game was offei:dly
anntonineed as follows: Greenw'.od 35
and Newi berry 14.
Various articles at C'OST~ FOR 30
DAYS, in Fancy Goods and Notions,
jy 31 &:
TIhere will be a protracted meeting
at C unon's Creek Church, commenc
ing on Saturd-iy before the 3rd Saub
lath '1i this mo~nth. Dr. Sloan, Dr.
Grier aid R.-v. J. T. Chdlmers arc
expected to be in atte:d:mnce.
A ..pceil meeting will begin on
next Saturday at Soule Chapel, con
duncted by the pastor ande assisted by
Revs. M. M. a:d. G. M. Boyd, and per
Iaps others.
The union m;eetng of the churches
o.f the town will be held in the Pres
byter:ani Church next Saday ntight.
P~reatchingz will be by DIr. Steck.
Miniters and Politicianas before ad
dre;sing~ an: audientce, should take two
gooAd dses of Brewer's Lung Restorer
and they will Iind that their throats
will tnot become parched and voiees
'I he CaptaIn.
We are pleaisedl to know that our
friend C'apt. Geo. Meredith, who has
been running on the old Laurens line
for ages back, and' whlo has been
throulgh divers wrecka, colliasions and
rna orRs with but slightt damtage to his
body, has been transferred to the po.'t
ti,tt of passeniger aondnet(or on thte
(Coliumiat atnd G reeniville Road. Hie
hmas outr conagratulation, with the ad
led wi..h that lhe iad his pasgenagers
m valwvays coine on't right side up
wi:hI care.
CL~OCKS ont easy terms at
jy 31:;t R. C. WILL.IAMS'
Opening the Fountains.
In nsumberles; bulbs beneath the
skini is secretedl the liquid substantce
which gives the ha:ir Its texture, color
andI gins-. When this seeretion. stops,
the hair beic .ns at oce to b)ecomne dry,
in-t reless. h : ttle ad gray. 1= that
the (conIIhI iu,i of vourt hair? If so, ap
ply P'.arker's lI air I dki:in att onceP. It
wvill resttore thle col. -, glow :ad lie by
reneingl tIhe at;,, osmsf inatu re. '[hle
Balsai in moat anm ?0I, no't a dye. biut an
eleg'tnt toilet article, highly appreeia
ted because of it.a cleanliness.
jW 2711 hI
- ---.----.s
Loui.viNle Exposition. ti
We have i.eien reqested to correct 1
an erron mis impres-ion which exists a
in re"gtrd to charges bwing muade in u
Conity Exh:bits by the Louisvi;le 1
So:hern Exposition. No charge is L
na le on this class of exhibits or any t
other artic!e embraced in them. The a
E xposition is doing all in its power to v
assist and encoarage the Exhibition of t
Kentnek' resourees. Tht se exhibits
t:.o will 6e tran-ported free under I
arr.tng.m -nts made by Prof. Procter,
S.at:e G:olog'st.t
Tne Eldridge "B" S wi,g Maehl:o I
leadk the world.
R. C. WILLIAMS, Agt. e
Next t.or to Z. L. White's. a
jy 31 3t
Adjutant and Inrpector General A. I
M. Ma'igaalt dil I not come to inspect a
the Newherrv Rifles last Monday, J
owieg t> his having to meet the Brard
of a:itors of the South Caroliaa Mili- (
tarr Aeadenty in Ch::rleston on the l4
fol.wingr tay. The Company was i::- a
spected, however. (tnd passed eredita- h
b;y) by Co!. O. L. Schimpert, he hav
ing reeeived his commis'.ion from Gen. .
Matiganit to perform that duty, there
bein:g no other line officer ont-rankingc
Col. S humpert, and the inspection f
having ;u be by a superior officer. The e
Rifles numbered 31 men.
New Crop Turnip Seeds, just in at
Pelhan's Drug Store. Buy of us and 1
get Landreth's which are the best and
most reliable. 2r. a
The Dorcas for August
Is an unusually good number. The
magazine improves with age-and is
just what every lady needs and should
have. In addilion to ten handsome il. e
lastration=--howing designs for square s
for pincushion, barred lace, Grecian u
lace, crocheted collar and cuffs, an t
elaborate chemise yoke, and darned t
lace pat terns-there are directions for
knitted slippers, ladies' knitted under
vest, knitted boot for baby, fancy t
stitehes, knitted lawn-tennis cape, a
crotched shawl, mnargarite mat, etc., d
The Dorcas magazine is published at t
8$2 Broadway, N. Y. Price, $1.00 per h
y"ar; 10 ce:tts a single numbnher. Sentd s
for sample copy. h
Durham Tobacco Co.. of Durham, '
N. C., claims to he the l:argest mann- P
facturer of Smoking Tobacco in the V
world. The reputation of Blackwell's ~
Genuine Bull Durham Smoking To- t
bacco is too firmly established to needt
aniy commendationt at our hands. In '
another coltumn our readers will no- I
tiee their new advertisement which is 0
of interest to ail lovers of the weed. t
Te company :are p -fectly responsi
ble, and when the.y annonnee that '
they will give away $11.930 in cash, it
is an assured fact that they mecan just g<
what they say. ii
Endowment of Newberry College. g
Luther Memaorial Enudowment Asso- ~
eatons have lately been' organized in
this county as follows: Bethlehem *'
Churh-President, .J. B. O'N. Hlollo- p
way ; Vic-Presi lents, Misses Fainnie 1I
Set zler, Minmie Ridh-hubher. Kautie Bo- n
nest and Carrie Hentz; Seeretairy, P.N. 0
Derrick ; Treasurer, J. D. Wedamnan. ~1
Beth Eden Church-President, Win. a
B. Anli; Vice-Presidents, Lamnbert s
Chandler and Jnao. M. Folk; : Scretary n,
and Treasurer, S. B. Anll. Colony et
Church-Pres., Jacob B. Fellers ; Vice- E
Presdts., Misses Alice Crosson and ~
Pamela Ch:apman, Jacob Paysinger
and Lnther M1. Fellers i See., Arthlur e
Kihler ; Treas, Thios. D. Buzhardt. J
One dozen small bottles of Swift's 'r
Specific (S. S. S.) cured meC souind and d
well of a bad Scrofulons aufYection E
which had baffled all treatment, l.elnd- ti
ing Hot Springs.
J. H. R AIFF, Denver, Col.
"B." writine to the Charleston Ii
News and Cour$rT, front the Valley of a
the Roanoke, Virginia, among other
thinge, says :
Amo:lg the South Caroliuians of my
acqaintiance wh'io have formed a hap- C
py life-companionship here, I recall a
the following clergymen: The Re'vs. d
L. E. Basby, of Leesville, Z. WV. Be- u
denbangh, of Newberry, A. J. Bowen, I3
of Columbia, J. P. Hawkins, ofOrange- b
burg, E. A. Wingard of Varnsville, 31.
. J. Kreps of Lexin::ton, J WV S.
Shepard of Helena, aund others. I may
also menttion that Pres ident G. W.
Hollanud and wife, of Newb'rry Col
leg', are fromr the Roanmok.e Vallev.
Mrs. Holland is the daughmter of the
distingiished Dr. B'ttle, whose sne
eessfni~ presidency of Ro:ike Col- 1
lege comimanded public attention froma
Mayland to Mexico.
Swift's Specifle (S. S. S.) has emned
me entirely of bad Blood Poison. I
went 100 'miles to get it, andi it made ~
me as sound as a new dollar.
J. W. WEVaEs, Meadville, Pa.
Junie 1-1m.
High Wind and Heavy Rain.
Th'lursday afternoon this section ex
perienlce(d the highest wind( and1 heaviest (
rain we ever remembewr to have seen.
[nm a nfoment, almost in the tw inkling
of an eye ; the sitorm in all its fury was I
upon ne, every winidowV of oulr office 1
was open and it looked for a monment
as if the roof, if not the whole build
lg would be wrecked. The windows
being loweredl as quick as one might
sv, Jac:k Robinson, we looked out
the heavens were covered with a vail
f inxky bl'ecness, while the atmos
phere wvas filled with dust, paper aund ).
things ; in the mecantimne the wind
blew fearfully, trees, signs and1( all
ontside thing's swaying andl banging ~
to and fro as If their ends had come. g
he storml seemed to be of the chuarae
ter ofacyclonle, mn uny trees were blown
own and( mneh other damage was
entiirely vegetable, and we challenge
the worl to produce anythinmg1egnal i
w la tarml h rot and Tzwng DTsasesa )
Kbenezer Camp mctlng.
'T'he timi):-honoredl camlp-neeri..g :it
>id E!enezer commenced on T':a r -
l:t la-t anid cIlliinlated o11 innla
,iih the largest crow.1 of visitor'; ev -r
eittbe.etl to have met thcre ,, f< r.
.t an early hour in the wrnin'; \ -
ieles of ail si:sp)e-. :iz . Linl- and
ges, lnyut of the:i of ahuost ante
liliivianl mlade. soine of whiebh 11-d not
eein moved since la-it camu;;-mueetin-".
or it i.; well known that everything
.1 \ hls, eYv'.t a w1heel-harrowl , is
IO:1ghIt i11:0 r"equ1isitonl on th<le ovva
iuns began to roll out to the scene.
'ur hour, the tide of travel c, nti: ieiI
until th ro:il was pulverizedI ati
rounded and stirred up into tine dust,
overiug the camp goers, vehices and
arness, horses and mules into al
lost unrecognizable forms, atd pent
rating windows and doors of houes
long the road. They all reached the
rround at lust, however. when it was
stimated that the number nigl.t le
et down anywhere between t e-ty
,ve hundred and ihre twlhou-a::d. A
rge aljority of Ihese perso.is wee
etuated no doubt by curiosity :inl the
e-ire to see an,t be s'e:, Lu: we
:tve beent tollI the conduct of this
irge and proncicuu: erowdi ara n -
larkably orderly and attentive. We
re pleased to learn this, as we tl
avs prefer to have a good re"l>rt
ther than a btal one. The 8 u'cloc
ermta Sunday moring by R1ev. W.
r. Kirkland was one of a nust trl:ing
lil,, it w%as so pract ieal aitl p aii
iat all were pleased, al.! edile.',
his sermon and that of Rev. W. V.
hun,al: at 11 o'clock are mue:h tulked
bout, the latter o(cuplel one hour
il tifteen Iinut:tes li dtlratlo an0ud
reied a p!ofotnd iUpre.i n. 'lhe
rbor wa- completely taken up by
The pr."achers in attendance were
,evs. Kirkland, Brown, Elilwt 11, M.
I. B. yd, Duncan, Dickson, Mlaolo ,
)arby, Coke Sm:th, tLe brothers WIhi.
ker, and Richardson, the latter from
There were several accesslons to the
hurch as well as conversions. We
-arn that the Centennial collecetio
mounted to between two am:+l three
inired doll:r.
Remarkable Cordial.
It is a well known fact that gum
anphor it one of the b"st Iemielic
or howel troubles, and combined in a
ordial with peppermint an( the active
,rciple of the hucklelesrry. it pre
ents in Dr. Bigger's Huckleberry
'ordial the GREAT SOUTIIER N
[EME)Y that restores the li:tle one
uthring from the efIeet< of teething,
tud cures )iarrhl:i. Dysentery and
11 bowel troubles. For sale by all
ruggists at 50 cents a bottle.
'he South Carolina Railway
Have been selling since June 2--th
xcursiou tickets from Columbia to
nilivaui' Isl:n at $7.75 and on Sat
rdays at $3.00, the former being good
ill Oct. 31,t to retura and the latter
ill the following Monday ; and pas
enger's going to Chariesto: via the
Old Reliable" route have the advat
:ge of stopping 15 minutes for supper
t Branchville (which the other line
oes not have time to do) and arriving
t Charleston on same tine. the dis
snee being eight miles shorter. It
as not been necessary to quicken the
peed, which for the past two years
as been four and a half hours run
ing time between Columbia and
harleston, and two daily tlains each
ay. Thue new route has recently
ut ona these cheap tickets to Sulli
a's Island at the rattes the S.). Ca,
'v have been selling them at since
' New Brighton BotLd op)ened. As
te C. & G. did not place tileir rec
ned rate tickets ona sale .over their
le, persons can only avail thiemselves
the low rates by paying local fare
> Columbia.
he August
Ibsue of The Eelectic Miagazine presents a
odly list of importanit and interesting
ticles. Among those to which special
tention may be call-d, the following
isy e~ designated: "Le Style C'est l'Homt
e, by Lord Lytton. is a charmingl.v written
udy of the personal elements which cnter
ito good literary work . AMr. R. Brook'a dis
asses "Poetic Emot Ion sod Affinities." in a
aggentev manner. "The Pe.or Man's Gob
ml" from the Contemporary Review, by
ichard Heath, is a fresh and pungent treat
et of a subject, which in some one or
her of Its phases is now attraating more at
nton thtan any other. The article on the
rincss," sketches a noble and sweet life.
d is follof pathetic toucher. Mir. Justice
Lephena presents the argument against A2
stil,m so powerfully advocated in onr re
nt numbers by Herbert Spenceer, F'aederick
arion, and others, itn a strong paper bear
g the title "Thre Unknowahle and tt.e Un
ow." Other articles of more than usaa?l
tierest are "The Russien Pesuants Before
ad Ateer tbe'ir Emancipation," by C. L.
hnsone'. "tUndr the Shadow of the
phnx," "Body and Mtind," by Andrew
ilson, F R. S., "Aur and Life." by 1I. D).
,and "The Mahdi and Mohammedan Pre
tons Concerning the Last Days," by C.
Stein. The latter paper from the N ine
ih Century lb specially significant In view
the important events now occurring In
gpt and Central Africa.
Pubished b" E. R. Peiton. 25 Bond Street,
w York. Terms, 55 per year; single num-~
mrs 45 cents; trial subh.cription for 3 months,
Sill there is some hope left. Brew
r's Ltung Restorer has saved thousanrds
ad why not you? Wil you, can yotu
oubt its eftleacy when there are so
iany who positively and unelquhivocal
assert the fact that they were cuted
y it ?
August 5, '84.
Ers Herald -Times "are mnov
ig along on leaden wings," this
ot weather.
Candidates tare plentiftl,. which
aakes the hot weal her more uinen
arable. Oh ! for some g aiet nook,
here Candidates and gnats are
The P. V.'si, have eballenged
be N. Rs, and when greek meets
reek, "then look ou t for some body
> get beat.''
Dr. Steck preached in Grace
~hnreb Sunday morning.1
Rev M r. Williams preached at 4,
m., in the Methodist Church and
2 Grace Church at night.
Rev. Mr. Bushnell is still in
Loe Va.
Seveal strangers are visiting
ur town.
Mr. Lawson is nearly ready to
egin work in his black smith shop.
Crops are needing rain, a light
huower yesterday has done some
Fine rains have fallen during the
ast week, and farmers and crops
re both revived.
Don't buy a coach in order to please
our wife. It is much eheaper to make
... a it ealkt'
Various and All About.
A. we to to press a :iWte 'hower of
rain is falling.
La"t M.,u Iay w:ts a i.l sal".-d:y.
N4 p:1lie sales.
'lie ntw hea iug Tir IlEuAL) ANt
NEws has been .eut for.
Bro:udlhiin'; letter appears in .au
o:her cobunnu.
Read ihe c.:n<ji !ato>' "ohun:in and
p rp r l :", %our . i I s oi r h. 19;h Inst.
The thie .raw- near-a - .t "t Tus:iuy
w.-ek i; th.- day fur the ti-st prirti.t y
e:e -titll.
Th'ie weather is warm. intd the tnua
qulitte is ptu:ting in hi, l,e-t.
El.etlon Tikrts will be 1,rlited at
this oflice at the .aume rat.-s per thou
sand as elew here. Don't forget this.
There will be a pie life at M. Blu
ford 1! -trv's a: Cli -to 1 on the 5th of
Au.:tst. Everybo.dy i4 invited.
'The .ae,ir .1: trance ega i1 it- foarth
volum e w"ith it- I.st is-nte. It c",tnttin
tes to 1) a first rate p:tpe'.
Sti:.d 1y up to 1) u'Iotk 1 t) v hiees
p .; d :htrough Pr os, erit y on the way
to tailj -:uectiag.
There w% re to.> mualy vi-ito.rs l.,
town during catup-meeti:tg for 1s to
The Iarberue at C' oner's %I I I.e
give,t4l I'nFidty he 15 t:, instead of
atl urd tv the 36;. of A-i;uit.
Mr. G try Ctoeraa, ciering for Mr.
M. Fo o, ,!i,ica etl one of h: knees
on Ma ,nlay by jn.ni,in.; ftrom u wagon.
Two large high:and mitoee:si}as were
k lied at the camlp.-mieetiu. oet' in the
t.nt of M:. A. S. Kiig"re, and tie maIISe
in the tent of Mr. Jacob S:im,t.
AttOiion is e.dlt :u the card of the
G.eenville Feiatt Colle;tge, of whieh
Mr. A. S. Townit 1s the uca"ccoumplished
p.esitl:dn . It is 31 tirst class Ilstitu
Wells' lion on the fri ant of the build
itn for )r. It' bertson 's drug store is
t1 rat'ilnlg much attentinll. It is well
Provide yotreIf with a little strainer
beo.' -u ont hei i she ,pet.ri: I of! p.t
ting up irai: ; it is so much more satis
factory to dip w:ti.
We stee it annouI:ced that M:s. Eliza
Aiken, daugh:er of lon. 1). Wyatt
Aiken, Ias been elected to the t osi
tioi of muisit: tachier in the Pietliiiont
Institute at Greenvill.
Daring the sto;rn last 'Thnrsday ay -
ternoa.! Mr. J. A. Kinard went into
his engine house to get out of the rait.
Just as he go: in the wind lifted the
r..of frot the htiil!iuig and left our
fri,nd exposed to the raging elemleits.
It is said that the Postmaster Gene
ral has i-sued an order again-t post:ug
Cr hantgii.g of any alvertisemet in a
postollice. ie t:inks that newsp a
pers are the pr,per neditums for ad
The following delegation left New
berry Ttlesday to atteui the Congres
sonal Conlventiou at Seneca City
Mes-rs. Y. J. Pope, M. M. B:tf",rd, J. K.
Gilder, II. C. Moseley, Ja-. K. P. G.>
~aus, Jo)hn C. Goggans, E;tgenae L.mg
shore and Alan J)hnstone.
Mr. Stephen' Thom.us, jr. and brother.
of Clarlezto -, have kindly sent u. a
large an! splendid Lithograph of our
noble standard bearer, the honorable
Grover Cleveland, the mmt who all.
win the Presidential race. ThIis en
;erpriing Jecweiry tirai will accept our
hearty thsanks.
This is a new mont h, and the last
motth of the extremity in which we as a
h'uaiess pe'ol.lu have all been floun
drring. It is hoped that September
will see us safely thinough all of these
Lread ful, harassing and soul-stirri ng
E-omlicarious. In short that we will
be out of the mund, with money int our
Tis reminds us that money Is very
iearce not only with us but a nmaori:y
f others, but ihere is a thought which
foats thirouigh our minds to tnis efl'eet.
that there are a few who are biessed
with umney. If these owe uts, we me
mpectfully ask them to pay us. Think
af th is friends.
bow the weather it is warm
And the mnaids lwgin to swarm
Around the ntloo.-herie soda water;
riy dearly love vatnilla
With cream or sair .pa).rilla,
And often drin: more than they
really ou,;ht .r.
Hlaving overha:iedA our ofleh.: and
nade fasvorabl. i.mp -ovemuents, we are
ow prepamred to <xecute any and all
kindas of Job P4 aintg in ft-rt clas
tyle and at to.est possibsle rates.
iry us if you have any dloubta existing
*n your minds. We are determined
tot to be under-worked.
Correspondent' are urged t') consider
the lajims the IIERALD) has upon
themn. We nieed weekly contributions
i any and all suibjiets-thtey make
newspaper racy and interesting; per
on:ul connunti. ations however will be
hargd for. Please remjember this,
imd cOmle pr -pared to pay for all
We have received fi-om the-Thorn
well Orphanage a very neatly pringed
atalogue of Clinto-i College. 'lis
work was don.e by thme orphan typoa,
na is a very creditable job indleed.
T'he Rev. pri. eipal has our congratu
ions on tine matner in whIch he has
rained his boy- i the Art Typograph
A red hot D)emosratic paper is the
Post the first number of which just
published, is on our desk. It is brim
ful of good, de mrt eratic umatter, besides
being full of hot shot against thte Re
publican palrty from Blaitie and Logan
down to the l-ast of them. For sub
sription~ address Guy's Hotel, Phil
delphiai, Pa., with 30J cents.
Our good and pirovidenit housewives
ure o doubt caniniig all surplus fruit
and vegetables; if not they should be.
Reenber di ar l.ndies the long, hard
winter before yot:. and the appetites
of husbands a:td ch.ldreni, not to say
anythng abbout the taste of the any
visitors, with sweet teeth in their
head, who will vi'it you. Be up anid
T. E. Eptinig, W. M. Lane and wife,
anl F. B. Lai.e have returned from
Montezuma. Ga. When the party
reached Augursta on1 their outward
bound trip they registered at the hotel
all right aus they thought, but imnaginie
their surprise the next mnornting whenl
they read in the paper that W. McLaw
and wife and TV. E. Eplins were the
arrivals from Ne wberry. Frank's namte
appeared all right.
All kinds of crops give promise of
alundant yield. This is cheering not
only to the fanner, who will have
sonething to eat as well as to sell, the
merchant something to buy and the
acrinug protits, but the rest of main
kid, who will have a inger'in the pie;
and( after all is said and (lone, if there
is aythinig left over, the p)roprietor of
the IIERALD perhaps will comie in for
a share. He fe'els wonderfully hoped
up, indeed hie does, and would not haYe
).os imanha leiteewr
Lieutenant t. D. Smith ht:ts ben
el"tailIl bv Capttaint 0. L. S<l-humlpert
to drill a d ine at (1C men) of th
Newberr Rifles to pr.-p: r". for it cou
te<t with th P'alttie"tto Voltinteers at
Prosperi:y on thr" 15th inst. The date
has bpeu changed from tle 13th, as It
was found to be imnpos,.ible for all to
get off on that day.
Mr. Shel:on Lai :for.l a!itl fa:i' v
have gone mnounttlaiwar,I.
MIr. G. A. i:opp ha.s b.-u very lmw
w;th bilious fever.
Maj. C. B. Boist has r.-tur.,eel fi.'nr
a visit to B:iruwell.
Mr. II. C. Moses of Sonmter Is on a
vi.It to Newberr,.
31r. St. Armand, the sot -In-i.w of
our fellow citizen, II. II. Blease, Esq.,
Is on a visit to New% berry.
)ir.. R. C. Land. f.arm;rly Mis; A
nes Kingsmore, is on :t v:.4t to New
We h:ttl the p;ea:mre of a visit l.r-t
week fr.ita Mr. J. If. lIo4an. the ':t!
eete,l ael geuial e.ii.o- of the livi ly
Gr,-e"nwi.ol .woul la ryas.
We had tl" le:ite:"e of a vist last
Wedloe,;d..y fr. t Mr. N. C. Walker, of
Charl-sto, wb,> is with the harltai:r.,
store of P. Mo. :t.
Mr. Gei.r1, W.al.er of Ie..inaf.,rt, ho
-lerwedl i e N,- h, r: i l:r-e" years :aG -,
has returte-I .nid nacylte'l i po..it:et
in tl store of .\. Foo:.
We were pl aseiel to reelveu a cistit
front J. Darliit toia, E,q., the you.ig
atitd disting!Iishei lawyer of Wit-lg
toil, ). C. (I. Is no a visit to hi. ti:ant,
Mrs. IV. T. Wright.
Gen. Y. J. Pope and Major J. K.
Nance were invited to atdlress the
Survivors <f Co. C, 15th Re"irne.t
S. C. V., at their reu:to- at lb rt
hlollow, Lexingtun Co., oil the , :t
Short Seissoriugs.
It is elained that the Cattle 1interest
of the United States repre.:ents over
.',- o,0:.0 hea,l of live etoek.
Seven negro couple< are suing for
divorce before the M.idison Couttty
court Lainispi
A dasily a:tii bV:ween '.V York
ana Lotdon is one of the problabilitie>:
of the ne:ar future.
TIe latest sto:-V abou: Mrs. L:tung
try is that she is g.,ing to E.iglanad to
obtain a d'voree aaid will return atal
marry Gebh:rdt.
Although Frenchmen were the orig
inal frog-eaters,' it is as-erted that
more frogs are now. eaten in New
York alone than In all of France.
The State democratic eieentive
cominittee has resolved to hold me, t
ings In all the counties, b -gin.ni:g
after S.ptenber 1st.
The 'ravares Herald says: The out
look for the orange crop this year is
splendid. The reports from all parts
of the State are not in, but all those
he.tard from report splendid prospects
for a large crop.
Capt. F. W. Dawson, of the News,
and Courier, publishes a card i.. which
he denies tie.- truth of the s:orv titat
he is ambitious to succeed tfenat.or
Hiampto!a. lie says he wo':ld aecept
no public ofilce.
Lieut. Garliangton's~ Attorney, Mr.
iden, has repied to Chtief Sigsal
Officer, IlInzen, refutti-ig his assertmons
that Garlington was to any wvay re
spottible ;for provisions niot beinag
(atched for Greely on its retre.it. The
Court of inquiry exonorated Lieut.
The theory thtat thte average length
of life is inc-reasing, I< borne out by
thec fact that there are at present as
many survivors of the war of 18l2 as
.here were fifty years ago.
C:apt. A. M. Byrd, the treasurer of
thie Greeanvillhe annd L4atrens Railroad!,
reports th:at tifte.nx nmiles of the road
have been graded. a:td says tliat withi
in ten days eighteen miles, haalf the
dstanice to Greenville, will be com
I.,0)0 Kentucky democrats gathered
t ta barbecue at Lexington ont Tues
ay ; on the samea day the deuznoerats
f Sant Francisco ratified Clevelanad
with a procession a mnile l.>ng and tre
rnendous eantiusiasan.
Rand~'all Dial, a young negro about
23 years old, waamdered away fr,>m lhis
ome onl the Camnden roa,d, about
welve muiles erst of Columbi:a, on
Studay week, iIe appeared at the
ouse of a neighbor on Monaday week
and sai'h th:ut lie was going to raettrn
ae. IIe was rather weak-minded
saml subject to epuileec le fits. Thie body
was found nou molire thtani a ie from
a house, anal wa< decayed andi hord'
ly niutilatedl by buzzards.
P'usr UFk'lCE,
NE W5 a aa C. H., 8. C., Aug. 2. 1884
list of advertised Ioners for wuek cudling
August 2, 1S84:
Byrd, T bos. Weds Young, S. Mic.
lo d, Mrs. Sussu ISpearmana, lierbora
Butler, Hemasy jWsts 'n,M rs argart
auanon, II. ii. Wright, Ur,. Ella
[Dsvis, Mrs. Charlotte jW iler, Dsn
G.ymph, Mrs. hiarriet
I'ur-. eai.aliaig fua t.tte;i wia. pleaze .ay
in August, 181, na-arly three years ago,
y son, who was at that time living at
ClIInton, Ga., came over to see me with 14:e
sad intelligence that his wife was in the last
stages of c.>naumptiont anid that her physi
ian had pronounced her case. hopeless. I
ent immiedilately over1 aud I felt that
nothing could be done. i,he was coughing
and spitting incessantly, and at times woould
discharge from her luangs a large quanti:r
of pus or tmatter-could not sleepa or retain
nyhing on her stomiach, and was. in tact,
in the last stages 0: the aliaease. Thl b was
about the time you began to advertise
Brewer's Luntg Restorer, and as icy son ox
pressed a desIre to give it to his wife, two
or three bottles were procured and with
scarcelv a vestige ot hope we commenced
ving It to her ini small dos.-.s gradually
nereasing the q:tantity until the prescr:bt'd
dose was reached. She began to ituprove
after a few doses and contha.ned to dto so
daily. until she was finally resatoredl to hIe
and health, and is to day perhaps in. better
health than ever be-fore. she is subject to
colds, but a few swallows of Bre wer's Lung
Restorer (which she is never without) ire
lieves her immnediately. I considler hur
restoration to perfect headlh a mn raele, for
whch shte is indebted to Brewer's Lung
Restorer. My son is almnost a m niomnae
on the sut>ject of Brewer's Lunig Restorer
and never lets ana opp)ortunity pass where
he thinks artch a maedieine would! be reqnir
ed, that he does not speak of it in mzost
glowing terms. Not long since a Northern
gentlemaa on his way to Florida heard of
this cure and was induced by my son to
give itto lils invalid wife, and she was
cured as if by magic."
Mr. Charles Eden. of Traiidad. Colorado,
says: Seeing certifleBtes of the wondertul
cures made by Brewer's Lung RLestorer. I
was induced to try it ont myl little soan. whto
was troublod with lung or throat affection,
prononnced by one physician. consumnp
tion. It actedl wonderfully on him, aand by
the time he liad taken one bottle of it the
cough disapu.earedi. I am now ott a v isit to
my parents in Georgia. bet will return in a
few dlays to my haome andl v.d certainly
take some of the Lung Restorer with ane.
Macon. Atlanta anda Albany, Ga.
Brewers Luag Restorer containus tno
(Sp.-eial Dispatch to the I fernl. )
SE"NECA 'IT; , Atl -. G, SS'
Ni.itth:bail. t ha. beon t:ak"-t. J b-"I
stti""- thirt"t e t. Aiken thiri..- e . NItrr:v
tenl. fI-.m"- s. Fet"ling-lr..::g. A\.1
.:our-:,d till thtre"e-thirty this 1. 1..
M. M. Ii'FORJ1).
A 1101:::I:t I)lsi:A-;.--fTh" -ar
,% (4 ,LL thr- ( 'tt y h:ospitai 1.ve
ur,:i.-r tr.:itinwnt :.: i hie::--.t. a Me
.Mtrl hy. 27 %.:irt t : as - , t i
.ut"rir,' f'ro:m : t rrtl.i" .L: 4.:1;:
whlitch .ltalt t+ a"ttl., al!.i is I:it.'Wn
r.s -lumpy jaw." It i. in th form
of anl absteas. on he.r jatw. utl Wastt
at fir.t. su;>itos::tt to) be an 'r.inutty
ab$cess, hutt mit:roseoica:l examli
n:atio:1 prowes the cont.rary TPfte alh
s ss was t' und to c4,t.tiln Vteet:t
le. )arasil.tes. il.tical with ti.ose
5ound. in :lbsct'ss S ofi iattle. It ia
Stlipiose I to I.av.e b.-en (auSei by
eating thte meat o, cattle having a
tlis. :ts'. A tpi .-ration will h, per.
'irmtled on I uds ihev i. xt The case
exYites s.n11, int.erest, as it i" t,he
tir. t on:- r jorted in the L;t1.1
St:at.-s. t.'oitn'h t,imtilar case-i ha-;u.
b ---n :tr'.sady r'etor1 .1 in Ccr:t:tv.
1.a SO1l a 1,L.;--!t t5 i.l
that in W,Ih ah>f f' Lnk:-. 'Xi.c"rt
h . h.v ti-h %v. i lHne, ' it'1
,n.t taln I use"" ' .1.) ht. .:.s .,n at
ia". ()rt- entcht gen rally rea!iiz.:
2,00) i.hl. T he -.'i) O ho. k. iar
tb.i.,.J w i:hl pit"ces of tmt a tt ttl Io-IW
ori d to tie Ib torn. It tak-Es tW.ll
tv l.a: with two t 3n n3 ill teh to
h>u( al .r thi b ii! .-:te'.:,. Mo tst of
the list, tak;n fIul ti:tn 1nak.: are
.turgeon:., weighing on anll averiac.
seventy ponn.i1.
Where the Fire Is Out.
Magic no more a mystery--see
from across the world.
-iladr"!t or A! -po.," onl.I Sir Philip
t,)rr".,. "ha.! nit.r.,r-" every sec.e i u.:
lure which Ils. s.b er no :: c - ' t" t.tlt.m.
He di,cov.-red) tl.at thte true ntct or hctliti,: iv
to sui: :.t:tt-e t" +h:'.w off the dif.ej-w
+u-tnm."-i t, i: w-r.-. v-ie ah.!e vy.t:}r to
jeCr- the e.)efuy *h t hap. r-s:elie I 4in ii 3 t t.
1 i pror..es all iue u led :he reittvigurau".n
of the priuciple of life "
1:1 thi, the E.ttertt ..!g": uier-elt vuticiputed
the or:ti-v of the be.: t hvairian> t 1 to-JdSa.
WJ:it'fr it.elf i., u""h-,dy kue." theu--nu
li ,jy k o.t v utw. 15-it we hav.: le.red
sumthl3iug ""r the reun. wh y thte nt. doriuut
tide ri.v. s.d -ill. I'roviJ.d .i g:v;it
orgiini of the t"wly are utt irrep:atatlY d
tr"yvd. t.. diiCl eiiec can a.tWay. rieve,
aud often suve. Y1:t 'so repOtht a phy.irit
cow adberev to the barbirt"u. a::d tulid
pruees.e or d""ptetion, tiuch Uli htICuding. bi
which it wa. attumpet d to cure diase by
rudacitg Lhi pstieut': ability to relit i:.
NOw-a-tgays we do not war do-.vu the fort uw
help the gar i,ur- "-e strengthcnt it.
In tis InllIi;ent 3n3d b,-nefleut %vork, it
is conuce.e i thi '.AitKEi'S l'ONIC leadl till
other onedicelue Aun ianvigorJut it are.
htmediitely uunl powerfully upon the cireu
Iation and the :rg.iu: or dige.truon thud
giving Nature the, aniatic.e she call. 11 r.
It followd that all ai!tnenit" of the .t",nacth,
ki.luvy. aud Itvu ..r. a u0oce -reievvJ or
e No othJeN im-e:rratio n cmb."1ie nre
).uc qJslitie. or produce. .i!:ildr retul:.
It I. dee;ou. to ue, and the best knowu
uuti-iu tu.:cJtt. P t.Je 5 S: u t li.c,
& Co.. Ne Y.k. July, 31 37 lua.
Election Tickets,
And all other kinds of
l)one at tis Offlee.
At Low Prices for Cash.
S ITIUAT1E inl Aiken a'nd Lexington
Couuntie, and3( havi:ng four distinct
settlments On tra1ct. Landls are tr;.
versed1 by a bold andi conltinnhons streamf.
npon wIiCih ist an1 excellent mili site.
In3 this territory is conitained 200 or
uipwar'1 of acrest of tine pastulre lanids
ill a hoirv, wichl mnakes it the best
openinfg tor a1 stoek farmini 13 i1th. r
county. For termis and1( further par
ticultr., appyii to
jul131-.3m Rlide, S. C.
Unte tae O ovrn ment
Apropriated by the Gerala Governunt.
Cot.riuted by the Cities of Ne w Orloans.
Appropriaterd by the Stt of I.ou.ianJa.
Apropriated by the City of New Orlesans.
From $5000 to $25,000,
appropa.ted b h lunnwr.Ible st:atea, Citieg
and i'origna (ounh re.
Eey State and T.uioy in the Union rep..sented.
and nearuy aU the Leadung Ijat., and
Couintes of the wouod.
The Biggest Exhibit. the Biggest BuildZag and the
Biggest Industrial Event in thme
World's ilutory.
eyvVK; 332Cp '-aM etti a ui:3.a 0 rl.Hv6aIk'rY
jfr .3t.30J3T 3T a n *.V aSY
kX3'OMITIO8N 2.31.t ,t1.3.3.
'31. he ch.it' rat3e, e.i :rne,. e..r -.ann
the iII.inn. 'i tr.m90 :i..t n se192 u.. i a 4
Fornafrinue . e 3e 593
i), .?o .,aij. '.- I. A .CF..
YNTeding MOrNET!
SO,M- 6Plin Uil
ti th6 PeMie
And mcst be had by the 30th day of June if goods at
half price can be any inducement. We are willing to lose
$1,500 on the actual New York cost of the goeds and still
make monev. On the first day of July we can hay a bank.
rupt stock of $11,027 07-100 fur $5.000 in cash down and
in that way we make our money. If this plain statement
does not convince the reader a careful perusal of the follow
ing prices will enlighten him and get him to thinking that
a celone has struck Flynn's and torn it all to pieces, and
now comes the thunder of our prices that is bound to carry
turror to our competitors:
2 doz hutto,,s fir Ic 12 doz for 5c.
2 doz good buttons for 3e. 2 doz buttons 5 worth 1; t doz.
1000 d.)z buttons 5(. worth 15o. 1000 doz 10 worth 25:
- S. " 20h. ' " 15 " 40c.
l:i irpins le. per p:per. 500 fine Palmetto fhns le. each
Jersey Glov c.. extra long, at a terrible sacrifice.
2 papers Pins for 5c. 3 balls Sewing Thread for 5e
Calico 3 3-4. 41.2, 5, 6 1.1, reduced from 5, 61-4, 7, Sc.
A Sweeping Reduction in Dress Goods I
Fancv Dress Mluslins 4&. reduced from 61 4 c
-c. " " 8c.
-- " " 61-4c." " 10c
Fine Cambric Muslin, fancy colors, 10c. reduced f'romn 15o.
[mported Organdies latest styles 12 1.-2c. " '- 18c.
Solid colored Worsted al[ the new shades at 10c. tformer
price 15e. Fancr Broch's all the latest designs 13, 17 1-2,
anid 20e. cost 17i, 20, 23 l-2e. Summer Mohair in fancy
mlixed Shades reduced from 45c. to 25c. Lace Bunting
reduced from 25 to 1.5e. Laml: Wool plaids re-inced from
65 to 38e. Nuns Veiling in the newest tints at l'i 1-2, 20,
22 1-2c. red uced from 25, 30. 35c. Silk Pongee at 40c. re
duaced from 65c.
In black and mourning goods thle slaughter is immense, bilack Cash
mere marked down from 00, 70, 75, 90, 1.00, 1.25 to 35, 40, 45. 50, 60
and 75c.
Black I lenruttal reduced from 65 and 9%e. to 40 and 55c. 1:nings and
trimmings to match all the Dress Goods.
Read oni, for we have madec a clean
sweep ini Laces, Hamburg' edging,
Inserting, Lace Collars, Fichiues ties,
Corsets and Hosiery, these goods are
condemned to go if 50e. on the dollar
of the former prices will sell them.
Laces and Crochet edging at le. per yd. 12 yds. for 10e. Laces at 11, 2,
3, 4. 5, 63, 8, 10, l2.), and 15c. reduced from 3, 4, 6}, 8. 10.,12I, 16., 21).
25, and 30. 1 [amburg edging 2, 3, 4, 5,.6}, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 3o, 35, 40,
45, 50. 60 and 70e. reduced from 4, 6. 81, 10, 12}, 16j, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60,
75, 85, 90, 1.0)0, 1 25 ani.1 1.50. Lace collars. ties and nehuues in stock at
half' their former prices. Corse.s are b>uwl to go it'45c. on the dcl
lar will clear thmemu; it is sitran4~e how tbis canu he done hnt we are det, r
mined to do it and clear the dlecks to gain our point. White lawn 48
inches wide marked down fro:n 15c. to 8j, fine white lawns at U0, 121.
15, 18, 20, 22k, reduced from 18. 25, 3), 35, 4i an.l 50. Ladies Under
vests 35. 40 and 5'), fromu 50, 75 and 1.00. Hosiery in plain and fancy
colors, full an I regzular made at a forced sale redoction this means bust
In Clothing we make competitors stand Li:o under, but
as our space is limited we cannot quote the n'rices. Cassi
meres, Bleaching, Towels, T[able Linen, Shoes, Shirts, Col
ars, Ties, and in act every thing that completes the stock of
a first clas~s store to be found on our counters, at the same pro.
portion of slaughter prices as the above mentioned goods. If
customers will see to their interest they wvill call at once
where they can bny as many goods for a ten dollar note as
can he had elsewhere for $l18.00.
Chats. 3. Purcell,

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