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From the Washington Union.
8t. Johns, July 20?noon.
The jS'tcamcr Caledonia, Cnpt. Lec' o,
nrrived nt Halifax about 7 o'clock on
Thursday evening.
The C/aledonitt has 45 passengers for
Boston, exclusive of 18 of the 42 survivors
of the ill-fated barque Charles Jiartlett,
of Plymouth, J/ass., Wm. Bartlett,
This vessel, on Wednesday, 27th ult.,
at half-past 8 o'clock, p. m., about 700
miles to the westward of rape Clear,
was run down by the steamship Europa,
and sunk in three minutes, wiih i - J
her passengers and crew.
Tne catastropho occurred during a
dense *bg, nnd although the boats of tbe
Kuropa wore instantly lowered, and every
possible assistance rendered, only 43 out
of the 176 souls were saved. The captain,
mate, and ten of the crew are among
the survivors. Tho TCtimna is acquitted
of nil blame, not only by tho survivors,
but by the unanimous voice of the British
press anrt public.
llaron Rothschild 1ms been re-elected
to a sent in Parliament by 3000 majority.
The City of Rome has surrendered &
the Froncli troops entered on the 2nd
inst. When this intelligence Avns an- I
nounced in Paris the funds rose one per
M. Lamnrtino goes as Ambassador to
St. Petersburg, and Avill protest against
Russian interference in the Italian nues
Another great battle is reported to
have been fought between the Austrian*
and Hungarians at Flume, in which the
Austrians were defeated with a loss of
10,000 men.
The results of tins week's business in
Liverpool are highly satisfactory to almost
every branch of trade.
Gov. Wood, of Texas, is addressing the
people. Ho contends for the light of
Texas to Sante Fi\ He states the public
debt of Texas nt $0,000,000. The
financial affaire of Texas are prosperous.
Gov., Wood thinks that the debt might
be discharged, by the stile of tho public
domain at very low prices. We see from
this th'ut he understands the theory of
population.' The crops of Western and
Southwestern Texas are Vxiry promising.
Tho sugar' and cotton never looked better.
Col. P. II. liell and John T. Mills
are also candidates for GovdihOr. Gen.
Houston is delivering temperahce addresses.
We are glad to hear this. The
cholera has broken out among the Camanchcs,
and must be extensive in its ravages.?Ibid.
JfAdoN. fGeo.} Julv 18.
Conviction and SctUence.?Klislia Reese,
arraigned for the murder of Mrs. Pratt,
after a f?i? and impartial trial befor? Bibb
Superior Court, was^n Friday Inst, found
guilty. On Saturday, Judgo Floyd pronounced
the sentence of the Court in the
presence of a vast asscmbliigc. The prisoner
manifested no feeling whatever, except
that of apparent Indifference to his
fate. He is to be hung on Friday, the
7th of (September, between the hours of
8 and 4 o'clock.?Journal and Messenger,
Wonderful Escape.?During the severe
thunder storm on (Sunday aftuttibon
last, the wife of 3/aior Hcnrv Wood, who 1
resides about half a mile from the city,
on the Houston Road, made a most re*
markable and Providential escape. She
was standing in the garden, near the
hoube, having on her porson at the time a j
gold watch, with a gold guard chnin,
which passed round tho ncck. The elec- '
trie fluid struck the ultiun, melting it entirely.
From the chain it passed throu*
the watch, partially destroying it. Thcnce
it escaped do'.vn her cloUnor. doing no further
damage until it rcflcliwl slmnu
o, ' vvyw,
which were literally torn to pieces. Mm.
Wood was, of couioG, knocked senseless
at the time, but under the usual remedies,
soo rj after partinuy ^covered, nnd is doing
woll. iShe was severely SUUiuicd around
the neck, immediately where the
chain rested, and was also injured in one
of her feet; but, in other respects, escaped
unhurt. We mention particulars in this
case, as it is unquestionably unorc remarkable
than any we have ev#r seen upon
, m ' p||r?
Advices from Florida inform u* that
<Jovernor Mosely, the old Demoeratic
executive, still holds on to his office; and
intend* iu? #111 flnJ/iluiK nnvt fl^%r
Titos. Bi'own, Whig, who vrcw elected last
full, has quaUtled. The reason for continuing
his executive functions Gov,
Mosely ?tUege? to he the clear understanding
of the liCgfclature at the time of his
installation. A? soon as the time expires,
however, hetxpresses h{s willingness to
surrender to his t>ueces*or the Seal of
State and all the papers belonging to his
' department, ana afford him all the
information qf which he to pottfessed, to
enable him enter updn his duties fr*e
from all emharraKsmente.^/7?*AJ?'-"'??
"" T ^ '
1)uoll Ukpout.?A committee of the
Rhode Island Legislature; on investigating
the nflaira of tho Hank at Seituate,
report in conclusion?"Finally, the committee
arc of the opinion that a machine
lias been placed In South Scituate (purporting
by its issues to bo located in North
Scituate.) extending its pipes to Wallstreet,
in tho city of N e\v-Vork ; and had
not timely precaution been taken to prevent
it, might have been so inflated by
I 4i.~ -j ? - -
iuu iiuusiun ouno gus ot tlie Merchants'
Bank of the city of Providence that if ignited
in tho former city, it would have
blown up the Hamilton Bank in Scituute
with a tremendous explosion."
Singular Taste.?There is a gentleman
in Cincinnati who i? worth &100,000,
or more, who boa.sU of never owning an
"umbrella" or a "great coat," and never
"having subscribed for a newHimnnr"
r rw*
AY ho enves him ?
Rkcipf. to Cook Uiok.?A correspondent
furnishes us wKn the following recipe
" Soak your Rico in salt and water for
7 hours* and then put it in fresh water
and boil it?only 10 minutes after it bogins
to boil?then empty it out in a culIcnder
before the the until it <1 rains and
dries, when you will Had n delicious dish,
and every grain separated?answoring J
tlin ' 1
, t-Hijjvsc ui ? iiirge munocr oi vegotaI
bles, now laid aside as unfit for uso.
I Hot.?At Tnrrylown, on Friday, tlioso
who wcro engaged in laying down the
track o > the line of the Hudson river rnilroad,
were obliged to suspend labor becaxise
the iron was so hot that thoy could
not handle it.?- AW. Post.
Coi.n.- -The editor of the Salem Gnzntto
\vflK infrtrmiwl l?f ? r ?
?/jr < K'niiin irum
the White Mountains, that on Monday
Inst seven gentleman entertained themselves
Of Mount Washington, by snowballing
cnch other.
A writer in the Journal of Commerce
estimates that 75,000 Germans will arrive
at New York alone this year, and '
that, on an average, each person will bring
$40 in coin-making an aggregate of three '
millions of dollars.
(reported Fon tiie keowkk courier.)
IIamburo, July 18, 1849.
Our Cotton Market in quite firm since our (
la?t report. Quotat-ons of lust week have
been fully sustained. Thou/rh from the ox
ceedingly light stock on hand, transactions
have been limited. Wo quote as lost week,
Cotton 8 to 9 1-2. ,
Corn, . - C?2 1-2 a 70 per bu
Meal, 76 a 80
Beeswax, 1ft p-or pound.
Tallow, 10 " ,
Bacon, 6 "
Butter, 15 to 20 "
Yours, Ac., 11. 1
" MTRRIed7 "
On Thursday ovoning, 19th inst., by
Rev. A. W. McGuffin. Mr a
Adaik to Miss Eliza, eldest daughter of
Mr. James Ferguson, all of this District. 1
On the 22nd inst., by Wm. C. Lee, i
Esq., Mr. Jons Davidson, of Anderson i
District, to Miss Pkrmklia Golden, of t
this District.
Sons of 'IVinpei'aiice.
The Celebration of Pickens Division of
the Sons ot TcmpCrahce has been postponed
from tlio 20th August next, until
the 19th of September next.
Wt H. Trimmier, r. ,
i\ d. s. t.
July 28, 1840, 11
The District Meeting will be held at j
Pickens O, Hi on Wednesday tafore the ,
3rd Lord's day in September next; instead
of the 3rd Monday in August, as
on that day many persons will be en8aged
at a Camp-meeting aild drilling for
[egimental Review.
July 26, 184?. ll
DR. J. W.
Tendkrs his Professional Services to
the citizens of Pickens Villnge and the
District. Ho can always be found at his
Office, or at the residence of Maj. W. L.
1/ %1 ?
i\r,iTH, unless proiesxionaily engaged.
He has received h fresh assortment of
Drugs and Mcdicines, which he will sell
Pickens C, H.> July 28, 1849. 11
July 11, 1849.
ALL Communications addressed to
His Excellency, Governor I3EA1JROOK,
should be directed to Columbia, until the
1st October next;.
Executive Seo'ry.
J John Lukeroy. two miles Edst of i
IU4<k* 4-11- i--* "? 1
V..VIIJ o unugc, ivnis UCIUIV HIV H l>l?y
Mare, 10 or IT hands high, and supposed
to be 10 or 20 yenrs old, dim star in
forehead, wv brands perceivable, collar-'
marked, right eye out, Appruiscd at
fifteen dollars.
J. B. E. r\RADINE, m;fr. t>.
Pickens Dint., J ivTy 6th, 1840. 10
Regimental Order*.
Ohdek No. ?
Tho 2nd Regiment of S. C. M. -will
parade at Hall s on Tuesday tho 21st of
August next, by 10 o'clock, a. m., for
j Review and Inspection.
I Commissioned and non-commissioned
Officers will assemble on tho day previous
for ilt ill and exercise.
Officers and Soldiers arc ordered to
appear armed and equipped as the law
JUy order of Coi... A. Bnicr.
K. M. KEITH, Adj't.
2nd llcg't. S. C. M.
July 28, 1819. 11-tdp
[Conrad Zinck.] [II. Hi-oiies.]
The subscribers have entered into Copa
rtnerslun in the Cahixvt M *???.? n?
_ ... *.?nnmVT UtO* |
inkss; mui will keep constantly on hand i
51 variety of HlirenilN, $|debourdN,
LadieH' Toillottrs,
Tables, fancy or plain.
Together with a {general assortment of
J>lain Furniture, which they will sell low
Furniture of any description
made to order with neatness and dispatch,
with prices to suit the times.
Repairing done at short notice.
^ - - - -
i icnvus Vy. ii., .IUl}r VI, 18'*??. 10
Charleston, June 18, 1849.
The following Regiments will parade
for Review and Drill, at the timos and
places following:
The 10th Regiment of Infantry at
Richardson's on Tuesday the 81st of July
The "i th Regiment at the Old Wells,
on Tuesday the 2d of Alienist.
The 2d Regiment of Cavalry, at Long
Myers, on Thursday the Oth of August.
Tho 8th Regiment of Infantry at Morrow's
Old Field on Saturday tho lltli of
The Oth Regiment at Lomax's, on
Tuesday the 14th of August.
The 4th Regiment near Varennes, on
Thursday the 1 Oth of August.
The 42d Regiment, at Mint oil's, on
Saturday the 18th of August.
The 2d Regiment, at Hall's, on Tuesday
the 21st of August.
The 5th Regiment, at Hunter's, on I
nn 1 * *
xnursday the 23d of August.
The 1st Regiment of Cnvaliy, nt
PicUcnsvillo, on Saturday the 26tli of
The 3d Regimoni of Infantry, at
Toney's old store, on Tuesday the 28th
of August.
The 1st Regiment at Breton's, on Friday
the 31st of Aygustv
The Commissioned and noncommissioned
Offices, will assemble the day previous
to the review of their several Ttorri
. ~ o~
ments, on their respective parade grounds
for drill and instruction*
An inspection of Arms of every colnpany,
will take place immediately after
the review of each Regiment*
'fho Major General Will, with his staff,
Attend the reviews, olso, the Hrigadier
Generals, with their sUiffs, in their respective
brigades, and are further charged
with the extension of this order.
Bv order of the Commander-in-chief
I W. CANTEY, Adj. a In. Qen.
Julie 27, 8
C om in i ioiier'? Sa lo.
fearah Curtis )
vS. f Bill Air t?niThos.
Boone, ahd others. j ^on ^
By Order of the Court of Equity in
this case. I will sell at pubi' j out-crv at
l inl/nnu . ii r? -* m
*. ivnvifp vuun iiuubi', Qii ino nrst JYion(lay
in August next, all the lloal Estate
of yr.liicu Natlmh Boone, Esq., died
seized and possessed, situate in Pickens
District, on lvcowco River, below and
running up to the Village, viz: No 1,
or ilomc Tract, whereon the said Nathan
Boone, Est],, lived up to the time of
his death, situate on Kcowee River, adjoining
Tracts No. 2 and 8, lands of Sam'.,>1
t?TiJ 1*-- ir ** ' - ' ?- -
uui jlvviu, ?<3m{., xuat. w. Jj. Keith and
ltcv. Joseph Grisham, containing as is
supposed, Six Hundred Acres more or
leay. t
No. or Foster Tract, whereon Elijah
Foster now resides, adjoining lands of
P. Alexandor and K, M. Keith. Eoqrfe,
the streets of the Village, and the other
two tracts of said deceased* containing.
as is supposed, One Hundred and Ninetyfive
Acres more or less.
No. 3, a Tract of Thirty Acres in the
woods, adjoining both the tracts, and
lands of Maj. W. L. Keith.
Tracts No. 1 and 2 havo upon them
Comfortable dirollinrm. wiili
out buildings, and farm? in a good statu
of cultivation, and each contain n considerable
quantity of river bottom.
TERMS. -(V,.. ,.J . <
A sufficiency to pay costa will be required
in cash, and a credit of one and
two years given for the remoinder. Purchasers
being required to give Bot\d with
rrnon iMiiirtu' u?'l '?
O -f' J ?'** j' ,1*"* ,v"
titles, which are to be executed but not
delivered until the payment of tho entire
purchane money, Possession to be given
the 1st January next.
MILES if. NORTON, c. b, p. p.
juhc25, *840. j 8~ida
Remaining iii the Tost Office at 1'ukcun C
H., Quarter ending SOth June, 1840, which if
not taken out within three mouths will be Kent
to the Poxt Oifiec Dejnirtinent ft*, dead letters.
Daniel D. Alexander, .Jeremiah Moody,
Sani'l. Albert-oii, Hoy. A. A. Moi*e, 3
M. Chandler, James Morgan,
Daniel Alexander, Jr., Stephen Nicholnon,
Joseph Huriw, Wm. Newton,
McKKra M lli?ml......l ? ' *T 1
?_,?.vxiivuua VHUIVn item;
Nicholas Bacon, Ginens Nix,
Watson Collin*, Jesse Oglesby,
Ja.?. E. Calhoun, John Owens,
Leonard Cain-hart, Mrs. Mary Stephens,
James Doth), Mis# Harriet Bpillor,
I j. A. Edge, Col. M. O. Tali nan,
Win. Gusawny, 2 Charles Thompson,
Ja?. W. Grnv, Alexander White,
Mrs. (fc Wm. Howard, J. K. tl* R. Williams,
D. H. Kennomore, Hubert Wilson,
Jacob Lewis, Mrs. E. Wilkinson,
Hiram L. Whilworth. !
1'. ALEXANDER, 1'. M. I
July *1, ie49 ___ I
W - Vk *
uusi jfceccivcd I
A large and. well selected assortment of j
Book* and Stationary, consisting
of Histories, Family and Pocket
Bibles, School and other Cooks.
A Lot of Iron, Nails, Castings, &c? <fcc?
at the Store of
Pickcns C. 11., July 7, 1849.
licap as the Cheapest!
Tim subscriber rospectfully informs
his friends and the public generally, that
he is receiving at short intervals a
A J wun?
IlardivniT & Cutlery, 1
Drugs and Mcdicines, ?
&c. Arc. <fcc.
All selected expressly for this mnrkot and j 1
will be sold positively as cheap as the 1
cheapest for cash. I
S. U. MoFALL. 1
Pickens C. H., S. C. ) 1
X*..-. in
iiiuj 10, ioiy. ) 1 tf
JLast Arrival!
which wo will soli low for Cash.
Juno 00, 1840. 7-tf
aininuajl. fair \
, ? rt ? ?" '
For the Promotion of Arts, <
Mechanical Ingenuity l
trnd Industrie ^
^ J I
ISie l^isnr Annual t'ain of the above
Institute will beheld in Charleston, commencing
on Wednesday-, iVth October
nnvf '
Specimens of Art, Ingknuitv, Mf.oIianical
Skiix and Industry- of every u
dcscripiion, is solicited for the Exhiln- e
tion from all the Southern States, and
t*RKMit'M8 will be awarded to thoso pre-- h
sentlhg the best specimens^
As this is the first effort made in the
Southern States to advance the Mechanic
ArU, by means of annual Pairs similui to
those that proved so beneficial to the .
Northern Mechanics, the Board of Malingers
earnestly solicit the co-operation of
all who feel an interest in the prosperity of .
the South, and appeal to every Mechanic,
Manufacturer, ana all ]>ersons engaged j
in pursuits of skill nnd indusfrv of wlmi.
ever description, to solid some specimen 1
to this Exhibition, mul they hope that
every district in this State and. of our sister
States will be represented at the
All those who intend sending articles
for exhibition, will * pleaso give notice to
L. M. Hatch Chairman Commitieee of | T
arrangements^ at as early a clay as pOssible,
and every specimen sent win be
carefully attended to and returned after
tlifc Exhibition.
Wm. Orego, President.
Wm. KiRKWoot), 1st Vice President.
4ir. ** r - ? *
yvm. al. ijawtop, va vtcc 1'resulont. *
E. C. Jones, Secretary. .
II. S. Qrioos, Trensuror pro teirl.
.Toscph Walker, O. N. Reynolds, .Tt\,
1II. toylor, B. W. Edgerton, W. G. Be 1
Saussure, L. M. Hatch, C. D? Cnrr, it. .
1). Wnlkct, V. J. Porcher. D. ft. ffitosh,
C. Y. Richardson, Wm. Lobby.
jar Tho following Is a list of Pnnmilmh
to be awarded,
For the best Snfceimen a Silver Mrd?1
and for the next est a Diploma. !
For tfyw Inventions a Gold Medal, at .
the discretion of the Committee.
Articles of ntt kinds not primed heTotv .
will be'received, arid premiums'awarded <
for the same. .
Architectural Drawing, 1Design
for Diploma for the S, C. Institute,
Painting in Oil, <
Pointing in Water Colours 1
Miniature Painting, Pen Drawing,
Pencil Drawing, V ray oh Drawing,
Sculpturc, Penmanship,
Best mode of constructing Wharves*,
Best Press for Packing Cotton,
Best Biye Thrashing Machine,
IJest Cotton Gin* host Refrigerator,
Best Plough, Churn, Washing Machine,
Stone Mason's Work, Carving, iu Wood,
Carpenter's Work r?y hand,
I Carpenter's Work l>v MnnUnnn,
Model of a Ship?spcclmons of
Boat Builders Work, Ship Jolnors Work,
Pump and Blook Making,
Mill-Wrights Work, Coopers Work,
Four Wheel Cni finge, Bugglv,
(Jig or Sulkey, Cart or Dray,
Steam Engine, Fire Engine,
Turning in Brass, Iron or Wood,
Blacksmith's Work,
t..? ? r>
s...U..Hg 111 JIUII KJl JL>Ii|t>3,
Iron Railing, Fence or Gate Work,
]3rnss or Copper "Work, Locksmiths work*
Bell Hanging rind Gunsmiths Work,
Instrument Makers Work,
Lamp-makers and Jewelers Work,
Silversmith Work, Silver Plating;
Die Sinking, Lithography,
Engraving on Steel, Copper or Wood,
Mechanical Dentistry, Cutlery,
Clock and Watch making.
Ornamental House Paintintr.
Ornamental Sign Pointing,
Cabinet Work, Fancy Printing,
Book Printing, Fancy Binding,
Ruled and Bound Ledger,
Paper, Side of Sole- Leather,
Side of Harness Lcathor,
Calf Skin, dressed fov boots,
Carriage Harness,
Buggio or Sulkcy Harness,
Cart or Dray Harness, Biding Saddle,
Beaver or Silk Hat, Cloth Cap,
Military or Firemans Cap,
Pair of Boots, pair of Shoes,
Pair of Laidies Gaiters.
Pair of Ladies Slippers,
r?iloring, Umbrella or Parasol,
Hair Dressers Work, Gilding,
Stucco Worlfr Modeling in Plaster,
Tin Work, Plumbing,
Basket or Wicker Work, Wooden Wore,
Eyeing in Wool, Silk or Cotton,
Jpholsters Work, Mantau Making,
liJdinory, Shirt Making, Quilt,
Embroidery in Gold or Silver,
Embroidery in Silk or Worsted,
iVrtificigJ Flowers,
Jrnamental llnir Work,
Raw Silk, not less than 1-2 lb.
Manufactured Silk,
iVcaving, Hand Loom,
?Vonvii ^ Power Loom,
Specimen of Cotton Yam,
?air Knitted Stockings, Socks or Olovos,
jimp. Fringe nnd Ornamental Weaving,
2oach Lace, Confectionary,
defined Loaf Sugar, Pottery, Glass,
iYrcught Nails, Gray Bricks,
^ress Bricks, Fire Bricks,
fallow. Rnnrm wwnv
soda Water, Cake Making,
Starch, Flour, Cheese,
Jutler, for winter use, riot less than 10 lbs.
Cur^entine, manufactured, Soup,
Manufactured Iron, Cut Noils*
June 30, 1840. 7-4t
Will continue to practice in the Courts
f Law nnd Equity for the Western Cir-'
Business entrusted to his caro will
aeet with prompt attention.
Okfick at Pickens Court House, 8. C.
May 25, 1849. 2-tf
Br. J. N. liawrcncc.
Will attend punctually to all calls in
he line of his profession. Unless absent
ih p' ofosslnnal business, he may be found
t his Office, or his private residence in
ho Village. lie also, bus on hand a
foneral assortment of mcdieines which
i0 Will furbish to customers at reduced
Pickens C. H., 8. a )
Mny 18,1849. \ 1. tf
I OFFER fovsnlc 8000 Acres of Ferllo
lahd, lying on both sides of Twclvo
tfile River, and on the road leading from
'^cndleton Village to Pickens Court
House ; being part, of an Estate selected
vhen tbo whole country w as vacant , cmjracing
the most desirable portion of it.
'JTiese Lands are well timbered, and
iut 18 miles from the terminus of the
Railroad now being constructed.
Application to be made to John T.
91onn, Pendleton Villago. '
If 1 r riAT tTAtTW
in. x?i". vAJijuuun.
"Laurensvillc Herald" will please
opy ancl forward account to this Office.
June 30. ' 1 tf.
jmr RVcmvEn~i~~
A Fresh Lot of dent's Hoots and Shoes,
Boya' do., Ladies and Misses Slippers
and Ties; 6/ent'f "nd Ladies' $a(f\
dies, Bridles, Whips, ci'c^
Iron, Castinys and Nails, ehegpfor cash.
Together with a full supply of Pr D.
Ta^ qes' Family Modicine-S 6r, Kogcre*
Compound Syrup of Liverwort and Taj-;
Jew David^ llohrcvr Plastor or Pain
Killer, ifee . Ate...
As an ipducc^cn/, to the buyer tbo
nubsv.tfbrr Avlll take in pxchnnge for
Hoods, BecfcXvax, Tnllrw, Raw Hides, &c.
*, ?- K- W<*ALL.
Pic^csift 0, H.,: July 14, 1810. ' p

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