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Keowee courier. (Pickens Court House, S.C.) 1849-current, September 08, 1849, Image 1

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iDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1841). NO. 17
3| mi MP i ii i ni !??w?? ? nn? i '
!~i a lone
.'to tlio.se
'e testnreceutly
on f.om
to the
tvers of
ition of
> have
1 history
for his
y, been
One of
>- imend
i-iing up
d ? done
- ftcraiiiHt
I,? XII.,
i of the
>f princes
ivras an
ind the
n ?'?the
i, nan sosnr
I, (111(1
in her
- fed by
Ho !*J>t
nf 11 \
Vl *'?r
.. ;rcforc
,f I - ,
ifiKir.n i
of the
9. _ ,
- mi 11:IJ
t)f the
lie fall
" ;.le tojish
r r ?,the
. 1 I
0 , ??:?
in he:e,
ic k
3 aacity
j stnima(J
,t ed ho
^ much
1(1 j i
-o ed to
t'lhivo- 1
vc P ' ,
or e are ,
iot to .
Prn.rt 1
* >rced 1
bthat 1
lat so 1
>e ac- 1
,n lidcal
it f ope. 1
' great 1
'ie was *
: | a ?d 1
who '
of fgln :
ln- Ic> 1
he <
>n" Fake 1
ff'Chui. 1
lu- e- <t J
i a by 1
10 who !
)n" tat- J
' 1,11 '
J fou u
,x. inpst :
ur- h-e ^
on. leered
?cll hidEs-1
! -OD
of | rom
^u" J oraf8"
! o of
res ,ery
I (HV8
>nd |
' n-1 i
oflen when ho clouds are blackest, and
the tempest i? fiercest and hope is faintest,
a "still small voice" will be heard saying.
"Come hither-?you are wanted," undaii
your powers will find employment.?
Theiefore tiike heart, young inan, lor cie I
lnni* "trAii mill Ka *?.????-%?! "
?v??g J vu uw n amcUt
Wife Sold by her Husband in Georyia. i
?Not long since, a lute merchant of 1
Stewart county, took a fancy to the wife
of a citizen, in his neighborhood, and desired
that she would accompany him to a
distant clime. But how to get legal possession
of the prize was a problem of no I
easy solution, yet solved it was, and by ,
r ? ??""'
A bargain wan efleeted, whereby tlx;
merchant, was to pay the bercaccd husband
$160, on the relinquishment by the latter,
of all right, title and immunity which he
held in the porson of his spouse. No
oiiwl *!? ?" J ? ? ? rtw.
nmiivi wnu vutm uuno. i no money was j
paid, and the wife removed from the custody
and control of her husband and de- i
livcred into the safe keeping of the purchaser,
who has taken his newly acquired
piece of property with him to New Yoik !
We did not learn whether the seller put
a halter urround the neck of his wife and
led her out thereby, as is practised in old
England, but we think it quite likely that
HA KV Htuf oiiIA I.? . ? 1
wj uiutgaic, ou|r|;t:u ins UWIl I1UCK OUl
of a very dUugiueuble noose that had
been thrown mound it.?A{uxcoyee Democrat,
1(J th (& ?*,
Vessel Burnt.?The Wilmington (Nf. 1
(Joii'uILK mill I if TllHKIlMV Wivw VV u
/ - - J' ""J" learn
from ('apt. Murslmll, ol tne steamer ;
Wilminyton, that the brig Samuel l'ol- j
tir, Capt. Douglaa, from lliU port, bound
to liio de Janeuo, (cleared by DeKnsbet
& lirown, with a eaigo of 73,000 feel
Lumber, 24,000 feel limber, 18 bbls.
Ho^in, and 6U bbls. (Spirits Tui pontine)
look tire while lying at anchoi opposite
Smithvillo, on &und?y night l>?st, about
7 o'elocK, and wus hlili burning when
C'apt. M. passed hei on Monday morning,
27th in>t. olie was biunt nearly to the
Wlllnt 'tl ixliri' f.'lfltt mill I " ""
6?. ~ . i'-i f V?t
yi"g saved. We liaw nut learned huw
uie tire OMginuiud."
An English writer u&es the following
language la reteience to the conduct oi a
daily paper:
"In iisell it appear nothing. The labor
is not oiunilesi, n il is it tiielaloi, but
it is Lite conunual attention which u tojui<
e?. 1 our Jiie oocouies as a Were, tlie
[?uulica(ion. Uiio p-iper is no sooner corected
and printed* man on uoures unoth^
^r. it is tne stone oi fc>i?yphus, un end-4
less repetition ot toil, a constant weight
upon the nnud. u continual wealing upou\
Lne intellect and spnits, tiunianunig ^1
Lily exCi uon oi your lueuliieb, at me saifce
nine litul you are compelled io uo Ule
severest diuugeiy. 'i'o wnlt j or a paper (
\u very well, bat to edit one ut 10 conati/tnA
journtlj to slavery
There is so much of Uuih in this te- <
rvkUt&r thif ur?? rtimn/vt n.-ho,... ? .*
W| %UUV n V VUIIUUI *UI UWI ^j1>ulo 1W a
place in our colnmus* i lie leudeis of i^
iuily journal are unconscious ol tin; iniaaeuse
labor of body and mind required '
io produce the sheet that utloids linn the
opportunity of learning the occurrences
:>! ilie day?that gives nim the intelhjeuce
ot the pi ogress ot events in all
quarters of the world?that makes hire,
tiOin knowledge Obtained thiough that
medium, a convertible man on matteis of
general intelligence?that instructs hi.n
do subjects connected with his daily uvo- j
cations?in tine, that conveys to hu? u ind j
meas iuui woum not oinerwise ever enter
his imagination, exercising u large in*
lluence in rendering him really iiited to
net out his part ci editably on the eat
theatre of life.
The toils, the labors, the anxieties and
troubleit of newspaper conductors, thei-,
should be considered by those who reap
such advantages from their perusal. It
is important to all to have nccess to the
columns m u ncwHwipcr?it is a unit/ 10
compenaate, libermly and promptly, the
publisher who issue* it.?Charleston Courier,:
Appropriate Epitaph.?A lndy who
had died of cholera in Sandusky oity,
and was Itid out by her friends, was found
the night following standing at the cupboard
eating cucumber pickles; whereupon
the Louisville "News" says:
Thoy left hor "ft laying' in white,
Prepared for the grave's quiet Hlambcr*,
but thoy found her the very xnu^e night
A laying'in picklo.l cucumber*.
Non-resident debtors, it uppenra hy
the new code of New York, may be held
to bail, or in default, imp. i-oned, on the
making an affidavit of fraud aguimHt him.
The law applies to citizens uf other States,
or perbons coming from ubioud.
Overseer Jvillwt.-r-A gentleman from
iho neighborhood informs us that a most
aiclaiicliolly occurrence transpired in the
lioiniiy of the JJmnt Factory, Spartanourg
District, on last Fiiday, which re
uiu u in lUe death ol Air. Henry Ferguon's
overseer. One of Mr. F's negro
lcllows hud l>een in the woods some days,
and tho overseer?whose name we were
unable to learn?went in pursuit of him.
Upon coming up with the boy, he was
found to be armed with a large knife, and
refused to return home. The overseer
endeavored to force bjm, and in the scuffle
the negro wounded him so severely,
tiiat he djed on Sunday last. The negro
*iov.?pi;u uv um nine, out we trust lie hns
been taken ore this, and will receive
promptly the punishment his atrocity
rneiils.?Laurensville Hcra'.i, 31 st ult,
A clever female writer, speaking of the
physical training of girls, observes:
1. * . ?
iwiu cultivation 01 ine intellect, earnest
exercise of the moral powers, the enlargement
of the mind, by the acquisition
of knowledge and the strengthening of its
capabilities for firmness, for endurance of
inevitable evils, and foi energy in comb
ingsucn as may be overcome, are the ends
which teoaule education has to attain;
while, o the other hand, weakness, if met
by indulgence, will not only remain weak
rions, but become infirmity. The power
ot the mind over the body is immense.
The physical unhealthy and morbidlydclicute
piedicament of thousands of
fi'trwilpvi miaou f?Qm tlifi H??rlrrL rsf
the homely uduge, ' Keep your children
busy." it is a tauil mistake to allow the
mind to prey upon itself, and ruu to waste.
The compiler ol a' Present for an Apprcn
uce lnuoauces un opinion somewhat
siiongly, in advising his young ward, if
he would avoid fulling in love, to lieep
cmplo ed ; for he obacrvoa, "nothing fosters
love so much as idleness." Now,
without subscribing to ttic full c&lent of
that opinion, as a rule, ii. is quite certain
that idle, scmimentul yoong men and wo*
men, aie cxtiemely apt to mil in love, if
their passionate attachments deserves the
name; ana generally tncir attachments
Hie <>i any chiuacter but that which bids
inn lot lasting hapineas in domestic life.
Who uie the girls that foiget themselves,
and form low, improper alliances ? Rot
the iridubtiiouh, the happily employed.
Mo, ua a cl.iss, they are moa;ly the deli
cute vie I mis oi luaness, and beggarly,
pioud, i'jJ.se, gentility. In a word, the
grand misuike of the present duy, as we
take it, ia the cultivation of the intellect,
to the exclusion ol the moral sense and
the affections"
Eilcnxut C<n\f.a.yration.?A trerucndou
li e occui < u il.ib. morning between
. w/\ i n;i i '.vk?< rvn lnrrrA
on t,.e iJdeware river ut the lower wile
^>1 iWj c. liocksiak Creek, in the Northern
JLiUii tics, which laid in ruins the extensive
ttonc suwii.g and planing establish*
?iciu, known us ' Patton 's Planing Mill,"
i 1 i r\a/. a/wk 1* a. _ i* 8..
uiui coiioumcu i,uuu,wu kjo* 01 ousquehdfiuu
und Carolina lumber.?I'kiladcl*
phi a Hulietin, 24th ult.
The Emperor of Russia has sont a suck
of wheal tJivos.-m.th, and desired liim to
count the gruina. Kosiauth wrote back,
saying, j;Xhrt! tack Isolds many grains, but
i have three hawks and three 1 uvens who
will pick tlu:m up." The hawks are &up
posed to be Bern, Dembinski, and Georgey*
the ruvena to be June, July, and
August, when the fevor generally rages,
Japan.?The attention of Government,
ia being directed by tho mercantile interest
to the settled erapiie of Japan. That
country U said to contain over forty mil
I-- ? -- ? * ^" ? 1? ' !*.? ? ^At? 4mt/V kcin/lnAfl
years isolated thomselvcs from all nations
but the Dutch.?Carolinian.
Coming Sutler of the South.?At tho
late dinner given by the Virginia Legislature
to til wood r'isher, a MivGogaToz,
...i ,*? ?ha
Wllimi 11/ 19 MltCIIIU id < ivjwvhv ,.n,
island of Cuba, toasted that muah-lalked
of island as "the cortuning staler of ih?
South?the future ytm State of the Un
FATAL ExplobiobhHRM
Sun contains a despatchfrom Eiie, SlT#-?
dated August 27, in which it
that in fling a salute from thet^ftd
Steamer Michigan, that agoi ping, m Uodot
of Vice President Fil.H*or?, a oarrnon
used upon tho oooa;i n ?i<foriunt44CK ?*
ploded, by which a irum named Gilbert
whs killed on tho *pot, thvr# others
blown oveiLotud, m d another h?d fcoth
iiandu blown oft, who is feint* 1 epoiUtf to
iuive died.
6ilcncc Ls tamelirret more fipni$?sot
lhan tho j&oet exjpri^MTf ?loj?*eftC<
J i'*

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