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I THE abide the certain infliction of the ucnultv notice is ir'ivAn imt > ,l""" " ''"r
!j<& n A hf V '? H'? R'j * <5 fi'? K It ,
1'IUNTI.lt AM) rVnLl?ll];D \V) I KI.V IIV
.T. W. NOJIRIS, Jit., )
K. M. K KITH. J lwUlw
Ti's.'ii* -wmt-'
ii nuiik
Oiw D 'V.nr ..ul 1 "itiy f'cnt.s fur one year'*
fubierip'fon when paid within three months,
Two dollnr.s if payment is delayed to the clone
of tlu' Mib.'eription year.
All niih-criplions not clourh limited, will he
eon it m.ulo for mi, indefinite time, and
continued till a discontinuance i< ordered aud
all arrearages paid.
AdifirtiMmntt* inserted at 7f> Cents per
> quart) lor the lirst insertion, and 37 1-2 ct*. for
each continued instfrlion. Liberal deductions j
made to lho.;o advertising by the year. I
car All Communications should be address?
' o 1 to the Publisher post paid. (
From the Clmrlcstown (Va.) Spirit of JcfFcrson- J
The movements of this great man '
seem to be narrowly watched, not only j
by the Democrats, bvtt by the Taylor i
whUja j:1.so. The Democrats, however, j
c;m feel but little anxiety on the subject, !
us he has lonj^ since ceased to bo an ob- '
jcct of any dread to thorn. They look I
at his course now only with a view of dc- |
termining in advance, if possible, the j
plan of operation which lie may have
chalked out for himself next winter. But
the Taylor Whigs have a deeper interest
in ti.e matter. Thev cannot bear the
loss of Mr. Clay and his friends, llcnco
illC'll I'li'Mld (O - - - v ttlt Ui UI1U ou^
port of the Kentucky Senator. They
hnvo given to all the friends of Mr. Clay
jov-eiy thing he has asked for them, and
bis. tnft. Jlf. tbft OTnnncnftf ft"!"!""' ?
' - ~ K'J"
lor men. A feeling of gratitude might
therefore prompt lum to give "uid and
.comfort" to the administration?unless,
indeed, the recollection of the "sidings
and doings of the "national slaughter
house" at Philadelphia, in 3S-18, should
interfere to drown every grateful emotion.
No such result, however, do we I
apprehend. We have 110 hesitancy in |
expressing it na our opinion, that Henry
/ II.... -...I ?!-- * ->?i-!-'- -'' *
\_Kiy mm vuw .'vuiuiiiibliauon Will 1)0 to- ;
gothcr. If he come not to the support
of Tuylor, Taylor will go to him. The
Lexington platform laid clown by Mr.
Clay, bucked by his letter the Free Soil
Convention, show a purpose on his part
to go with the North, and Northern predilections,
it must bo admitted, are emphatically
in the ascendant in Taylor's
directory. Clay is now on a tour through
tUn Kni'tlinvn . - i
1.11V ^VIIII>-1>1MWIH?| wivuaiuij' W ilOUOIllpany
his son to Boatph, where he (the
tson) talies passage for Portugal. There
is something a little significant in this
movement! Surely his s jn does not need
his protection. The ONjmse for the father
is, that he is going to '\isit Newport for
his health, and paay probably attend tho
.Agricultural Fair at Syracuse. No doubt i
lie will go to all these places. But who ;
cannot see that his proposed line of trav- 1
el is marked with a wondorful deviation
from the direct line. And this fact of it^ ;
M^^jj^fwould seem to lend plausibility to the
teence, that bis aspirations decav
?:-Li _< Tif. .. - 1
jiui. vrim mv ?uign'i ui Jems. >> c may j
jlo Mv. Clay injustice, but wc cannot help i
thinking from his recent avowals in the ;
letter referred to, followed so soon by a
trip amongst those very persons to whom
lie must owe his election should he over
be President, and fov whom lie has been j
battling for tbe lust forty, years, that he j
still hopes and looks forward to another .
change for the Chief jVagihtiaey of the ;
Union. This rostlessand ambitious spirit
hardly becomes o?ie of his yoare, apd one
who h<?8 lost. 60 VOUuy i ACeS. liut 3p
puimuiccs are nov io oc regaroea oy mm,
8a tho gorvl can be r#a*hca. This wc sincerely
noj>e and blicve be will never do.
fttay has always been, at least since 1816,
n most objectionable politician, and,smc^
his virtual coalitiou *ritli the Free Seller
lie must certainly have rendered fumself
still more objectionable, and even odious
to his own party in the A'outh, for Southern
men, though Whigs, could not
think now of supporting Henry Clay for
" V ??
' v- l &*. I * \ * * 7.,, . . i I
We copv the following Proclamation
and reply from the Mobile Tribune:
To the Ofllcera and men of the Expedition
at rendezvous on Round Inland:
IT ft Mrmiuto w.? w?? *
w. V ? IftTJil; f
Off Hound Taland, Aug. 17, 1849. f
I am direotod by the otftcw ii&'imMtend
of the naval for<j?a assemble* in
ibis neighborhood, to call your attention
to the proclamation of the President of
the Republic, made with regard to the
expedition for which you arc assembled;
mid I warn you to di*p*iae at once, or
oi t tie law.
In rase you do not disperse by Tuesday
| (to morrow) night, I am ordered to cut
' ?>{T your fsuppheaof provisions, for which
purpose ample means have been supj
^ Von will fiiwl it t- -
....v ?v iui|/voou;H: iu Ul'pari
R)u the expedition. Your sleaiucrs will
: tic captured, or sunk in the attempt, it"
j they arc even permitted to leave Hew Or1
leans, which is \ery doubtful.
I All outlets to the Gulf arc watched,
i and a force is rapidly collecting round you
' that you cannot dodge.
You are therefore advised, as we'I as
I warned, to disperse at once, with the
.SOllMrm nutnvonnn
w..?.?..vv, uuiv iwwiivur unpleasant
it may be to be called upon to act
against you. our sense of duty is so strong
that all feeling will unhesitatingly be laid
aside, and that nothing shall deter us j
from carrying out the orders given, in the ;
strictest manner. I
I am.
Your obedient servant,
Geo. M. Tottkn, Lt. Com'dg.
To Lieut. Tottkn, com'dg. Steamer Water
Round Island, Aug. 20, 18 49.
Sir,?Your communication of this
morning was duly >eceivcd. In answer
wo have entirely to disclaim any inU^liort
sucq as is embodied in the proclamation
of the President of this Republic' towhich
you havo called our nttcntionVWe
arc^a body of men inenlisted. unarmed.
and unwlfing to do that would in
ftny T?nnn?r compromise "our citizenship i
or liberty. < .
Circumstnces ninv nrvantnur<lor?ai*i.iivA'L
* 1 "I >'
from this island as early as you may* Bug-'
gest, as means must be provided which
are not immediately at hand. jTill such
provision is mwle there will be no attempt)
to transport to us farther supplies.
Kessectfully, '
Your, obedient servant,
JoliN IIabeins, Pret>iuent.
w v 4
?' v vitnou^} WVJCIUIUI J ,
From tho New Orlennt JPicovuuo,
Another Battle between the Indians and
the Yueatccos.?Wc are indebted to Mr.
Thomas J. Brownjohn, who came passenger
in the schooner American, fivtt days
from Sisal, having left on the 17th inst., i
for the following news:
Great excitement and alarm prevailed
at Sisal and in tho interior on account of |
a letter having been received thcro from
tho Mexican Consul at this place, stating I
that Oo\. Wliito wn<i nlmiw ?i-?
_ >f/wuv vv/ IllTdUU blic j
country with n large armed fotce, as was j
supposed, for the purpose of forcing them J
to pay tho amount due Col. White and ,
his sofdiors, who fought for thorn before. I
Five hundred soldiers were sent from j
.A/erida, the capital, to Swal, for the pur- ,
pose of opposing their landing.
Oil the 1 Oth a diligoncc cauio in from
Aferidn, staling that after tho troops had
left, the Indiana had attacked the JJ/exicans
and driven them into tho citadel at
Bacallar, when after a fight of a whole
day the Indians rotired. Eight hundred
Mexicans remained dead on the field.
tapi. Kc:iy, who had previously gone
down with Col. l^hitc, and who was in
command of a company of eighty of the .
Louisiana Volunteers, was reported to
have been killed in the action; also, one
of the best officers of the Yucatan troops
is reported mortallv wounded. The Indians
afterwards raptured ft convoy of
Mexicans, with provisions for Bacalar. af
tcr a ecvoro conflict, in which thoy killed
forty men.
Tho United States schooner Flirt left
on the 15th insfc., for Pensacola?all well.
The English brig-of-wur 6'app'no aaiiod
the next day for Vera Cruz. s The daptain
of the Sappho had his at m broken
while exercising the guts of the ship, by ,
tho rccoil of one of the piece*
Virginia Credit System.
At the lato extra session of the Virgin- A
ia Legislature; some important changes
wore inado in existing laws, the ofleet of
which is to curtail tho credit system, i
Thoy are thus noted iptho. Charlottesville
i. Tho 5th section of chapter 107 provides
(in substance,) that any person ontitled
to recover money by action on any
contract mav aft.ArnlTf.ir Zinv* *?? ??*?
r .-:r' -ttr-j ? rrf - "VWW, W/tain
judgment for the same by inotion In
any Court of tho County in which tho
debtor resides.
Tho provision dispenses with the writ
(if the plaintiff prefer to proceed by motion
rutnev than by an ordinary suit,) and
of courac aaVtoa ihe cost of the writ tax
and fee to the shoriff for o^ecuting the
writ. If ho defence bo made, iudcrmem
will be obtained on the day to \fhich the j
O* ' * ' '* *,,V1 v
it may b<" hoard and decided upon in a
summary way by the court, or if either
party desires it, a jury may be irapaniiel*
ed to try the issue joined.
2. The now code dispences with bail in
ei\il eases. It' the plaintiff, cither upon
the institution of his suit or at any time
uuiore judgment, will make affidavit thiit
he has good cause to believe that his
debtor will remove his cfl'eo.ls beyond the
juiiadiotion of the Court before judgment
can be obtained?he may sue out an attachment
against Hie debtor's property,
commandinrr f ! #> c.:~~ ??
^ 'I.v.uii iv illlU. MIeuro
the same until needed to satisfy the
judgment or until replevied by bond with
security, io have it forthcoming to answer
that end.
The abolition of bail has, of course, rendered
necessary a change in the form of
rhc writ. It is no longer a capias, commanding
the officer to take the body, but
a simple summons to answer the plaintiff's
cause of action.
o r - ... -
??. imprisonment lor debt is abolished
by this new code ; and in lieu of the ca. sa.
various provisions have been adoptod,
designed to obtain from the debtor a discovery
of all his property, and the delivery
and conveyance thereof to the sheriff. 1
To this end, the debtor may be summon- i
cd to appear before a Commissioner in i
ajphnncerv. and required to answer on oath,
me interrogatories of the creditor. If he
'fails to appear, or refuses to answer, the
( ' X '
t w.u.iiiooiuiiui is iu report, mm to Court, '
and if he still fails to appear and answer. !
lie maybe proceeded against as for a con- I
tempt. And having made known his cs- j
tate, if lie refuses to convey or to deliver
-it up, he may be committed to jail by order
of Court.
4. A judgment lien under the new law
will extond to the whole of the debtor's
land instead of to half only as gt present.
The creditor may extend the Hi yd upon a
writ of digit, or lie may file his bill iu a
Court of Equity, and have the land sold,
if the rents and mofits will not. nnv
x ? r*v v"v
debt in Jive yeni*.
The new Code will not go into cftcct
until the 1st, of July next.. It will be
published abojwtf the 1st oj^J^nuary next.
d /ll'^
This i3 tho title, says the "Literary
World," of an address by Bishop Donne
before tho Trustees, Teachers, and Students
of Burlington College, on the last
anniversarv of tho "NTntionnl
j ? jhiu\.|;VIIUOUV/1;. |
It is u succession of brief, pithy mnxinis, i
rinsing blows on the anvil, exhibiting the i
union of every honorable, manly quality j
with true Christianity. These arc its concluding
"And for tnc marks of men that are to
make a State. I see them in the ingenu- |
ou8 boy. Ho looks right at you, with his [
clear, calm eye. Tho jjlow that mantles
on his check is of 110 ktn with shame : it >
is but virtue's color, spreading fron bis
heart. You know that boy in abscncc, i
as in presence. The darkness is not dark
to him; for God's oye lightens it. He is
more prompt to own than do a wrong ;
and readier for amendment than for either.
There is nothing possible, for which you
may not count on him ; and nothing good,
that is not possible, to him, and God. 1
"I see tnem in the earnest boy. Ilis
heart is nil a-throb, in all his hand would
do* His keen cyo fixes on the page of
Homer, or of Euclid, or of Plato; and never
wavern, till it sees right through it,
and has stored its treasures in the light
of his clear mind. His foot has wings for
every errand of benevolence or mercy.
And when you seethe bounding ball fly
highest, and fall farthest f. om the stand t
and hear the nnging shout that is (be
signal of its triumph, you may be sure
that it was his strong arm that gave that
ball the blow*
"1 set them in the reverential boy. Ho
never hits where elders stand. 11 is head
is novo jjovercd when superiors pass, or
when his mother's sex is by. lin owns
in every house, at every hour of prayer,
ft present God. Inoenuous, earnest,
nEVERENTiAT, Boratheso are our marks
of men io make h State.
. . !
,MWli*tf .institute* a fji <ite ?
Not high raised battlement*, or labored mound'
fliick wails, or ruoatod gate;
Not cities proud, with spires and turret*
Not baya, and broad-armed itorto,
Mri Jl. t
\n unre, iuugn?jtg at tno Htorin, rich navion ride;
Nov starred and spangled courts,
Whore low browed uwenoas wafts prefn:ne to
No. Mou, liigh minded men.
* * * #
Men. who fhoir duties know,
But know thoir right*; snd, knowing, dare maintain;
Prevent the long aimed blow,
And crush the tyrant, while thoy rend the chain:
Thc?c constitute ?^|tato."
I ix'ierjraphcd for the Charleston <"<?/ >/ .]
Rai.timoiu:, Rent. t.
The steamer Washington Vrrivi-.l
She loft Southampton on the '20th in.-'.
Her accounts nve two days later than '
those received by the Caledonia.
Cotton.?The sales at Liverpool were
K),000 hales at former 1 1
J, 1/V/V-f IJ - i V
being on speculation.
British Funds were reported rather1
The Washington bungs a report that
a sanguinary battle bad been fought at
Oroswardeu between the flung .riai > "nd |
Imperialists. No particulars are known.
The ITllliirni-i'iMi! Kiifl or\nr\
ik<vi tmen ?jngHg(*Cl.
Cormoran remnined in the same state.. >
at last advices. Latest accounts ' to
that Presburg was occupied bv the Hungarians.
The Russians acknowledge '.heir
defeat in Transylvania.
| 7'he Russians, 30,000 strong, under
Luders, was beaten by Bern, with an inI
t'erior forco.
I Letters from Vicuna state that a battle
i was fought on the' 5th August between
i fi,o J u-?
?u<?ii>iia'ww. ?iyijfKrians near Mycdon,
lasting uiui^oMaiptedly several hours,
(.when the Magyars were be;rten, losing
five pieces oLartillery jfnd 400 prisoners.
Accountapfrom Koine have been received,
which state^nat the people are
very dissatisfied with the despotic proceedings
of the ecclesiastic rulers; and
that nothinfr but fotoinm Imvnnnfo
0 ?. 1,.. ?J ~?> r.^-,
vents an insurrection.
Led) u Rollin has returned to Paris to
attend his trial.
I Orders have been forwarded to Gen.
J Qudinct to postpone His return to Paris.
|. The Pope still refuses to return to Rome,
notwithstanding tlio urgent entreaties of
General Oudinotr.^i,
' v' Baltimore, Sopt. 5.
Fresh rumors are rife respecting Louis
NapolcOn's intentions towards aspiring to
a crown.
Prince Bonaparte has been taicd and
fined two hundred francs for striking M.
I Gasthicr in the Assembly.
Mahamct Ali died 2<i August.
The following interesting extract from :
a private letter descriptive of a bingular
optical illusion on the Catafcill .^fountains, '
is written by an eye-witness.
"The afternoon, (Tuesday Aug- 14,) I
was a memorable one of the mountain. I
The optical illusion of last JJ/bndny week
tvOC lx*?# ? A?? 1 1
tu-j/xniuwui L>ui>iiiuiu iransccnuuiHly
beautiful than it had ever appeared before.
It is the third time in twenty years
that this extraordinary phenomenon has
been perceived. Mrs. A. and myself
were sitting on the rook in front of the
piazza, when she suddenly exclaimed;
"T.nolf. T.rw.lrt" T ,i;,l '
? ?WW... ? V4.VA 'JV| (1IIVI tliu ? I1U1U (
hotol was surrounded in the cloud before ;
\is. The whole house was assembled
immediately, and we ran out to the poinl j
of rock fjom which the phenomenon of
last Monday had been perceived. TTre
were scarcely there a minute when a
beautifully arched rainbow was formed
in the cloud, exactly in the centre of
which was seen the entire group, precisely
as they stood on the ledcreof tl c rock. 1
.too im mu'v;iy HIWirBIlUUOWS, UUl 1110
entire form of each persen in the group ;
vffis distinctly visible; each person saw
tho whole group, not merely the reflection
of his own image. This lasted about 1
five minutes; when the rainbow disap- !
pnaved, and the phenomenon of J/ondav !
last succeeded; enoh person saw his own I
shadow of bugo dimensions, reflected on '
the cloud and surround* J by a halo of !
liftht, but was unable to see that of his
neighbor. I shall nover in rav life see
anything of the kind again, and if I had
T >.1 A. -- r
nw( m uii i , i tuuiu linvt-: n,;:r.sa no en- 1
ception of it? effect; it w;w perfectly j
thrilling, The poems of Osnian, the !
Children of the Mist, the Death Fetch |
of the Germans, tho Spectral Phantoms,
that were fearful visions to less enlightened
ag.?.,, weie all realized distinctly and J
palpably before u??. This visit to thn j
Cat-skills has revcalved in mo wirtv? of!
tho wonders of nature than all olsc that ;
I have seen put together,"
rians phenomenon occurred at the <nrm of '
Balvullioh, on the estate of Old, occupied
by Mr. jlfoffat, on the evening of tho 16th
mcf Trv* ? ' '
tiiqvi Aiuiuv/uiawi^ (UtUi UI1U U1 till? IUUU" i
est peals of thunder ever heard there, a
largo and irregular shaped ma&s of ice,
reckoned to be nearly twenty feet in circumference,
and of a proportionate thickness,
foil near the farm house. It had a
beautiful crystalline appearance, being
neaVly all quito transparent, if wo cxcept
a small portion of it. which consisted of
hailstones of uncommon size, fixed together.
It was principnlly composed of
small sqtnre*, dnmond snnpod. of from
! one to tluoe inches in ^izo, all firmly con.
j gealed together. Tlie weight of thi.s
large piece of iec could not be ascertained ;
but it is a most fortunate circumstance
that, it did not fall on Af> l/oflat's house,
or it would 'nave crushed it, and undoubtedly
have caused the death of some of
the inmates. No anmvirunrn.
u "
of cither hail or snow was discernible iu
the liurrouftding district
Corrc.yvnrfcnce of the Churlcston Courier.
Washing-Ion, Sept. 3.
The result of the election in Rhode
Island, by which the Whia* Vmvn
?rv' v 6,MIIW
one member of the House of Representatives,
encourages them to hope yet to scout
e ! majoii;. of tlint body. If they
can secure the organi/.ation of the House,
they expect carry 0 rou^h it a number
of importan' awt to a ^reat extent populur,
inea uivi s relating ?o H\ ince, the tariff,
and internal improvement*, which the
Democratic mni/n-iiv . ?<" *i??
IWT U1 till' UCIIUIU Will
either agree to, or bo obliged to take the
responsibility of rejecting, As the matter
now stands, the Whigs have a nominal
majority of three, Hut they will probably
lose two members in Maryland,
which will give the democrats a majority
of one. Should this be the result, the
Southern Democratic Taylor members,
of whom there are two or three, will hold
the balance of power in the House.
Notwithstanding the ridicule thrown
by some opposition prints on the late
proclamation of neutrality, and their denial
of the existence of any enterprises, on
the part of our citizens against the Gov
1 -en. 1 ... -
i/>umv:atv>i V^uun, Sil CXpOCliiiOTl n iiO>tile
character has been so well plannedthat
it will be only delayed, and not frustrated,
by the interposition of this govern,
mcnt. The first design was to land in
Cuba only fifty men, as officers, with a
good supply of arms and munitions, the
w holo to be under the direotion of Gen.
Lopez. They expccted that as soon ns
the revolutionary llag was raised a large
jiuruon 01 inc people would rally around
it, and that even the army, which consists
of fifteen thousand Spanish soldiers, who
are treated ns slaves, would refuso to
serve against them.
This plan was, however, abandoned by
tho leaders, after finding that very efticient
aid could be obtained in this country,
by giving the enterprize a moro American
character. Tho oxisling design is to land
twMltv-fivMnin.lv ! mnn ?i?l
equipped, with a good supply of artillery.
Arc., and under an American commaeder.
The landing will probably be made on
the south side of the Island?whero their
force will be immediately increased by
the accession of large numbers of young
and enthusiastic CYooles, If they meet
with much retistance, and ^et into a perilous
position, their friends in the United
Stales will, it is expected, raise an irresistable
popular clamor, In their behalf, and
irom every port, in u:o union, thousands
of volunteers will then rush to their relief,
as fast as wind and stoam can carry them.
In this way, Cuba, they spy, is to be revolutionized
in a single campaign.
In one of the counties of Kentucky,
some of the voters have addressed a series
of questions to one of their candidates for
the Legislature, among which are the following
: jii
" 1. A re you in favor of the next war ?
2. Do you believe the Imh com? over
in ihe same boat with Noah?
3. Do you believe Eve's eating the forbidden
fruit causea the knot in a man's
neck called 'Adam's apple?'
4. Are you a 'gradual imnginationist?'
5. Do you liquor?
G. If elected, do you pledge yourself
not to ?0 to Frankfort ?
7. Not being caucused on, do yea
pledge yourself not to be caucused off?
but run until the 'last day in the evening'
-going through the polk liko a 'dose of
A vcnl .at youth from the country was
recently Uirmsscrt by a young damsel in
this city, on ih< ground that sho had been
udvisod to avoid everything arccn during
the. protvaliinoQ of the. cholera,
A young lady returning hite from h
concert, ns it wam v.'iininfr, ordered tho
oc ji fo .hive *o the f-idi;walk, but
was still uiiiihlo : ; ; cross the gutter.
"I can lift, you over>.oid coachcy. "Oh.
no," said sln\ ''I'm too heavy." "Lord
marrn," said John, "I'm used to lifting
barrels of fiugar."
' My deftv," sa'd a printer to his ladylove,
"permit ine '2 when tfi*
termi/jiant immediately niado a at
him, und planted hev ?& between his
ii, which put h'w iik \i) into ri. "This
conduct," said tho gallant tvpo, looking
fi af W "Is v.;tM:-.| i ?" *

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