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nv rev. j. x. rnioAvx,
"In fe&s&tg nJoWg the National Road,
near tlVe foot of Laurel Hill, mid alxmt i
10 miles east from Union, the trnveller !
will observe nsign (a plain shingle) placed
on a tree, upon winch is painted 'llniddock's
G rave,' with an index pointing to
n clump of trees about 200 yards from
the road. This is the only monument
that indicates the resting place. <?f the
]>roud and brave, but unfortunate hero of
the old French War,"
T>?c morning buh ncrcnety hIioiio,
Hie iiwmjbg iiir pure mj:<1 still;
All Nfttwc n cftterful tone,
Around tlvofoot of laurel llill.
Our filiige-coatfa vhirlcd nlong tlio w nv:
One- {Kissing gkwee was ull we gate,
Where n small bonrd was nailed, to n*y,
' Ywitler'* Braddock'ii bluwly grave."
I"i?r from tlic Im*1 |>e culled liis own,
kv. r-: i- ...... -J.<1.*.- .... i.:?
A Knu,P Puresth trees alone,
Stand seittiuels around Jiis deep.
Yet)tallowed l>e hi* Initial sjxit;
For lie was generous proud and brave;
And worthy ofu happier lot,
11 tan here to fill a nuuioiess gnu-e.
Why lies he then unhonored here ?
Not in dishonor did lie fall,
Ami ftituro lair renown was dear
To him, as it is dear to oU.
If by his native land forgot,
I5ocuuso in western wild." lie fell,
Mid ambushed foes and sccret shot.
And frantic rout and savage yell:
My country! why nliould'st (JM>u forget
The gallant chief that crtws'd the sea,
Thy ruthless foes in battle met
And poured his life-blood out for thee ?
Look not upon his fault s alone,
(I., l.nal 1.. I-- 1... .. .
V/II mwij w y?u^ lie fjjuhi* ;
The glorious f?\me of Washington
NcwiIh not im odious foil like this 1
On thoughts more juat .a,n<l generous hent,
I In tordy gratitude nrise,
And rear some <&tt'vng monument,
To mark the qpot ,where Iliad (look lies,
T^?f flu) f?r/?ni Wpflt nl loncl lin Suci
Let Pittsburg vindicate his fame;
.Nor longer leave with common dust
Her lint defender's generous niunc!
What though mixA rtuwcsiC'lovo biiu down,
Upon the soil ho came to save;
Tnfce not away the just renown
Due Hrnddock iu Jiis bloody gra Te!
The exploits of Faunon, the famous lory
partisan of North (6'unoiiiuv, would
make n body of facts more interesting
than any talc of fiction. He was a reckless
fellow, bloody-minded as the hounds
of linyti. lie sometimes slew the helpless
and innocent in cold blood?fhe coward!
liut he had that instinctive tone
nnil hom-inrr of untliniilir <1mt. L-imt liic
feople witlnn the metes nnd bounds of
is own despotic will, lie and his party
were one duy resting themselves by a
spring, lounging here nnd thews en the
green gross in the slmde ?f the trees.
One of his subordinates, a big, strong
man, had got mad with him. llis rngc had
been boiling in him for several days: and
some fresh affront at the spring 4md
caused his anger to become ungovernable?he
drew his sword, and was resting
with his elbow on the ground and his hand
under his head, lfis devoted followers
were aronnd him, nnd heard the click of
their locks as they cocked their rifles.
iiT 1.5? -1 . '? ! ? -1 V* ... %
jji't nun muiic: cnuu rem 1011, in nis
quick, sharp tone., lie laid still, calm
and self-possessed, with his keen, dark
eyes fixed on the raging lieutenant, as he
made a tremendous plunge at his breast.
Hut when tho stroke came, its object
swerved away iike ft snake, and the baffled
man plunged his s\\ ord into the
ground. Quick as lightning Fannon's
sharp blade passed through his gigantic
e a iti 1 ?i t ? -1 -i
iwiui. - i iiud uiiu urns i pumsn uiose
disregarding my authority!'?juul his eves'
glowed and sparkled like ? serpent's. The
man sunk to the earth forever.
But i'annon's mare i? written at the
top of this sheet; and she is the her? of
the present writing. Achilles had his
X tnthus and BhIuh and Podargao; Alexander
had his Bucephalus; M\f)onnld
had his 8elin\. JKwnion was a man of
blood like them, and like them he had |
hiit favorite nnd trusty clunker; and Fnnnon's
more was wortl^' of her owner?er
even a better man. IIo wiled her the
Red Dot, from her resemblance in colour
to a deer. She was a rare animal?licet,
powerful,.intelligent, docile us a lamb?
and her owner valued licr, I dare say,
above king or country, 01 Oho life of his
own fellow man. A'lio Imv him proudly
and firmly-in tho bloody skirmish orvtfto
quick retreat. When he stood in tl*e noicil
of his partisans, or in the silent ambush,
the laitKfttl brute was by lus side,
everready lo bear ihim whithersoever he
would, But Fannon lost his maro..
Down on.thi 648'of Wttle River, the
pflnbMin nn? gome four.or - five of Ins f(,r
fowors one day explore!! iimmo by (he '
nnmc of Hunter-?:i whig from the conn- 1
try about Salisbury, N. C. This was
sufficient cause of death, and Fannon told
the man he should hang him. Hunter
was evidently a mnn of the time; but
wlint could he do, alone and defenceless,
with a dozen bitter enemies? It was a
case of complete desperation. The rope
\v;m rendv and si stixw old oak threw
? j n
out its convenient branches. 1-annon
told him he might pray for liis lime wag
come. TIk" poor man kneeled down and
seemed absorbed in his last petition to the
throne of mercy, l'annon and his men
stood by, and the trusty mare stood
among them, with the reins on her neck.
They began to lie impatient for their victim
to close his devotional exercises. But
they soon discov'rd that there was more of j
earth than heaven in Hunter's thoughts;.
f.... 1 I. V !
iui iiu Miuuruiy *,?ii 1 miiiiuii r? niaiv, i
Ixttvod liis head down on her powerful \
neck, pressed his heels on her flanks, and
darted away like tire -wind.
The tory rifles were levelled in a moment?"shoot
high! shoot high!" eiied
Knnnon?"save my mare!" The slugs '
all whistled over Hunter's hack, save one ;
which told with unerring aim, which tore J
and battered his shoulder dreadfully. :
][<? vnnlo/1 nn ilwi ciwlflln nml nf !
heart; but hope was bef?>?e lam, death beIrtr.d,
imd be nerved himself for the race.
On lie sped, through woods and ravines,
did that powerful mare carry him safely
iUid swiftly. Ifi:} enemies ware in h?t
pursuit, They followed him by the trail
of blood from h!s wounded shouldc*.
He come to Little River; there was 10
ford; the lwuik was high, and a deep place
in the stream before him. But tlu; foe
came: he drew the rein, and clappcd Iris
linnlc fn lim* cwlnc nn/1 flint nnll-mf in?irn
.V, h
plunged recklessly into (lie stream. She
snorted in the spray na fftrc rose, pnwed
the yielding wave, arched her beautiful
mane above the surface, aiul skimmed
along like a Wild swan. Hunter turned
her down stream, in the hope of evatting
his pursuers; and she reared and dashed
through the flashing waters of the shoal,
like lightning in the storm cloud.
But Fannon was on the trail, and rushed
down the bank, with all the rough enumfrtxt
fltnf ilin Iauc nf liic fnvnnto n/uild in.
spire. Hunter turned the mare to the
opposite bnnk;it was steep?several feet
of perpendicular rock?but she planted
Iterself on the 8he>o;.ta hound; and then
away slic flew over the interminable forest
r\C ninAa + oc nn orrAif ilifii nrlmi
rablc marc!
On and on did the gcnorons brute bear
bcr muster's foeman, till the pursueir
were loft hopelessly bel/infl. <Lnto linithe
cveiiing TTunter rode into Salisbury, bad
the slug extracted from his shoulder, and
rffterlingering some time with the effects
of his wound and excitement, finally got
well. And that gallant mare, that had
liih) QAi'vInn l?n bn?f nn/1
cherished till she died of old age.
A few years ago, in the interior of Alabama,
there lived a blacksmith who used
to whip every Methodist preacher who
was sent on that circuit. At'last the tor
ror inspired oy 111m was such, that it was
found difficult to get a preacher who was
willing to go upon that circuit. The conference.
however sent there n large, double
(listed mnn, whooa tho mwne of the
blacksmith could-not terrify. It was not
long itftcr he went there, liefore, in order
(o fulfil an appointment, he was obliged
to pass the shop of the pugnacious blacksmith;
as "he approached the shop be
was singing in a loud voice,
"I'm on my way to Canaan.!'
As? he approached the shop, out came
(he Ulacksr.i'Uh, wlic" tlic fallowing analogue
took jflace:
Ji?I suppose jou are the new preach
er on this circuit?
P?Yos; the confewncc has sent me
here to preach this year.
15?Well I have been in the habit of
whipping every preacher upon this circuit,
and T suppose 1 must-whip you too !
P?Why, my friend, you had better
not do it; this fighting is a very bad business;
come, let me go along.
J5-. No, 6ir;ymi must get from your
horse and lot me whip you.
1> VV^?ll !Ft . :? T
* .r v-aif H J*. U 1UOI.7K It) 1 IS II J) pose
I shall hnvo to do it.
He accordingly got from his horse,
took oflf his coat, rolled up his sleeves and
at'it they went; hutvit was not lomg before
Vulcan found he had got his Yfjultch;
the preacher soon knocked him dowfr; nnd
mounting upon him began to sing,
"I'm on my'way to CUiwuw."
After pounding him most effectually
he said to him: "Now, my friend, I am
going to preach to-morrow four niilos
from hero, and you must promise to
concm U> meeting. Tliis the blacksmith
refused to do, till at last the preacher bv
dint of hard knocks extorted from liim
the promiac that ho would attend the
meeting. 'Now,' said the preacher, when
you have, said the Lord's prayer you can
get up.' The blacksroftb ^protested that
he co\ild not, and would not do it, ns he
did not know a word of U. '\Vcll,> said
the preacher. 'I will learn ;it to von- rn
pent it after mo. 0\tr .fiifher which art
111 Heaven' (thump) Finally the prayer1
was repealed niul the blacksmith wasal
lowed to rise?and from that time tlie w
J/etliodiat prcachcrs liaivo been allowed lit
to ride the circuit uumolcsted.? Jrankte Ui
Jilaile. Mi
?? tw
We. copy tlie following from an ex- Inl
nniwir Tt will bo Keen tbat tho
article referred to i? advertised for sale ia
our paper, bv John C, Siiuor.s, 2'2G King s^'
street: * th
fifakr.t Potent F ire-proof Paint.?\Vc 8,1
would cull the attention of our readers to tl1
an ndverticemcnt in another column, of P
this most singular and valuable substance.
Mr. Blake the patentee and proprietor, *n
lias reniov. (I from Ohio to this city, ami co
established a depot at No. .3 Broad street,
for the purpose of brtngflng his patent in- I
to more general use In this section of the
country. Wc lmvc no doubt hut this article
will work ii radical change in the
mode of covering the exterior of our dwcllings.
It is a singular phenomenon an the
gncat works of nature?being composed ?(>
of silica niumina, pro oxide of iron and 1,11
magnesia, with a small mixture of lime n
and carbon, all of which , after being
mixed with oil and spread on, harmonise
and combine in their natural state, form- :?
iiig a complete stone costing, impervious
to the action of the wenrther, or tine, and
..J n ja . i i I w
ikk". longer on, mc nnraer nnu more per- .
manent it seems to become. Wc have !.m
seen the pigment ns taken from the myiCj *
n id it veaBv is a most Angular swbstnnoe: *
it has the appearance ?f the finest indigo,
a.nl may easily be mashed between tlic (?X!
fingers; but the exposure of a few days P1
turns it to a hard stone. The examining 1
committee of the Fair of the American 'n<
Institute flield in th'is.eitv last fnlH renort
ck that it was nn article superior to every !\?
thing that had previously been presented }
there as fire and weather proof covering, J1*
and awarded to Mr. /?lake a medal. The ?
Fair of the Estate of New Yorkv(heldin K?.
HuiTalo) also awarded a dipfionw. The
agents of all the Fire Insurance com pa*i
? ? -v! ! I mt
iiuaiu AKion, vjiuo, wncrc vnis panu is .
'bestknown, have issued circulars to the
e'flfcct that they will in-.urc building, the 11
i?oot.<*ef which arc well covered with this ?
paint, at much flower premiums than
those covcrcd with tin or iSnc, as they ^ J
oonsider'ita better fire proof. The choc- jC
olato is just .hi- fashionable color of the 1
day for the sides of our dwellings, and it K'
forms a complete stone coating, through
which not a particle of moisture can pass;
ltiiuvcr pccison, nna cannot iauo, as it is ,
the natural color of the substance. It .
will be well for those interested to see 10
that they buy of Mr. Blake, the patentee, ,u]
or his authorised agents, as there is said
to be any quantity of worthless counter- \
feit stuff in the market, called tire-pr.oof ^
paint."? Char. Courier.
T r_.f n'l - n i /*h
j ii'/imutts iakk.? j iic uosion enrono- J
type gives nn account of a new combination
lock, perfected after years of application.
The proprietor, J. B. Prince, pro poses
to place one 'thousand dollars in an M
iron safe, guarded by one -of these docks, ?J
and give it to any one who will unlock flic ^
safe, having the key to do it with. Any pr
one (says tlie Chronotype) needs only to
examino the interior of the lock to see 1",
that the owner of the money is perfectly
safe in tho offer. A man with the right tli
key might work a million of years and not OI
stand any chance in a thousand millions
unlocking,it- Indeed the h'linmcss of
Clio chance of opening it, without 'know- ^
ing how, is equivalent to an impossibility.
Yet with tho rule before .von. tho lock Si
is oprned with facility and despatch.. It
also gives you noticc if it has been tarn,
pored with in your nbsence. And should Kn
you suspect that nny one hns become posscsscd
of the secret of opening it, you
hnvc only to turn a screw??r to and set h"
t to new numbers, and knowledge becomes
perfectly useless.
rni - ii ~ *
l nc iopk cannot, oc easily operated on ??<
by gunp<y '!cr, for no key hole lends into
its interior., r.nd if n hole were drilled ni
in, and the powder injected,iit would only
blow off, or rather in, a plate which is ni
entirely independent of the works. The
lock would still be as good as before. 2'
A Novki. Mahmxok.??he II?~yi;c n1
vttle<(Ala.) C'hronSvlc, contains an Account
of a marriage in that town, which lnu a ^
novelty nbout it that Avill be (piito charm
mg to those young Indies who are partial
to runaway 'mutches rid the like. r,he a(
Chronicle wivs:
"The denizens oi.our quiet village,
were thrown into some little excit ment ^
by the arrival here, on Sunday last, of a ^
runawjiy couple from a neighboring coun- 111
fty. The news soon Rpread through towi.,
and a number of persons assented at the V1
corners ot ,?ic streets, anxious to wjtnea^j ,s
the result. Application was wade to the
leek-of tho-?ount\ jor.rt for nilicenso,
hut owing to the Htringent provisions of the
law, tin such cases made and provi- *
rUcdMie application won refused. fllero
AvasfiTUrcdicament. Hut the parties un- C
jaunted by opposing baniers, were de- In
icrmineu upon tnc consumntion of their fr
wishes. Like the heroes and her-'nea of fo
romance, neither locks, bolls, nor thtf oft- fu
posing obstacles presented by the law, to
were sufficient to dampen their spirits or
chock their .desires. After consulting 8
with legal gentlemen, u happy expedient en
was hit upon to crown their labors with fo
success, wluch was carried out in a be
uning and graceful manner by (lie par's
concerned. The crowd were politely
vjled to witness tlie scene in (be drama
k! me nappy consummation 01 mo imp- i
lis which was performed in tlic follow^
manner: The gentleman taking tlic
uy by hand, repeated the marriage
remony in a cloar and distinct vcico, con
itutlng them man and wife, to which
e ladv assented; After which, amid the
liles and congratulations of the crowd,
ey took their departure, doubtless well
eased with the happy termination of
e affair. The parties are very ro.-pecblc
people, and reside in Montgomery
unty. The gentleman's name is Todd,
d the lady's Hrusscll. We wish the
ippy couple a long and prosperous
"By n decision of ihe Supreme Court,
e ngrcement of the parties before witsses,
to becomc man nml wife, const ites
them such to all intents nml purpo- j
s; and hence we conclude the present
nrriage, though novel in its character, is
egnl one."
What Has I Ik Ukkn??-What is th it
you? It is of no consequence if he
is been one of the most abandoned of
L*n. Hi} i:; not r>> now Wo not
lilt evil a man litis done, provided lie
s heartily repented and now strives to
e nn upright, consistent life, instead
looking back a dozen or twenty years
knmv what a person is, you should "111iiro'What
is he now?' What is his !
esMit character? If you find that his!
formation is sincere, and that lie In- I
?nts his past errors, take him cordially I '
(4ie hand kr?A'Vint Kim God-speed in Ins j '
blc pursuit. We arc no friends to j
oso who would lake up pnst sins and
cos, to condemn one who has resolved
be upright and virtuous. Many a peril
is driven hack to the paths of vice,
10 might have"Weome an ornament to |
"'ety, but for the disposition, too com- j
iu among men, to rake up and drag to
c light, long forgotten iniquities. We
ivnve nilmit'Pfl tl*A rnnltr nf n /lmwrlWor
" V" *TV
licr father, who was asketl respecting
young man of her acquaintance, 'Do
>u know where he comes from?' 'No,'
plied the girl, 'I do not know where
; comes from, but I know where ho i*
ting, and I wish to go with him.' That
right. If we sec a person on tlio right
ick?exertintrn </ood influence. it$?
~~~9 ; " o 9 \ % 7 "" "
fncicnt without inquiring wnnt lias
en his character heretofore- If he lias
formed, what more can wc desire?
id what benefit will it he to its to uncovnnd
expose to the Jight^. deeds .t>f
liich ho is heartily ashamed, and of
hich he has repented in dust and ashes?
^ at FI7BLW SAJjE, ,
Pickciis Court iioiiNC.
On the first Tuesday after the fifth
onday in Oct(/hcr -next, several tmcts "
valuable Land, appertaining to the
state of the Into J. E. Colhoun, lying
i tlie Twelve Wile and Kcowcc Rivers,
the nieghborhood of Pendleton Vilge,
to wit: ''
Tract IVo. 2,-containing 524 ncres, on
ie Western sido of Twelve Mile River,
i the road lending from Pendleton Vil
gc 10 rickens Uourt liouso, adjoining!
lelands-of J. and K. Laurence, F, N. I
nrvin and others.
Tract No. 4, 432 acres, on flie*Eastern
:lo of Twelve Mile /fiver, (called tlio
\\v Mill tract,) adjoining lands of John
, Sloan.
Tract No. 5, 134 acres, adjoining the
one, Z. Powers and others, nod also on
c ,nrl4i c road.
Tract No. 0, 548 acres, the central
Tract No. 7, 4'20 acres, ad joining lands
J. IP*. Crawford, J. 0. Calhoun and
Tract No.8, 201 acres, within 2 1-2
ilea of Pendleton Village, adjoining
mds of Mra. J. P. Lewis, S. Maverick
id others.
Tract No. 0, (Waugh Branch tract)
20 acres, lying on the Eastern side of
'welve Mile, containing some of the
tost valuable low grounds, both on the
her anfl'Wnugh liramih, to be found in
ic upper country.
The above Lands arc well known to
o valuable and advantageously siti
ted, and particularly adapted to the culire
of cotton.
Terms of sale will be a credit.pf One,
wo, and Three yearn, to be secured by
cmda and mortgages on the places, with
iterest from dnte.
In the mean time applications forpriito
sain will bo received by tho Admintraliix'nnd
.Sent. 11. IR.tO
Iciiry Harrison Mnmiltoii,
Formerly of Pickens District, South
arolinn, will find it to his interest, if
Zing, to make himself known to liis
icncU; and should he havo died, any inrmation
respecting him will be thankilly
reoeived. Communications directed
i this office.
The New Orleans Piwyujie, llfoutfon
far, and fiepublican,, ij/iMtfhftfl, ^v|)l
ch #ivo three .weekly inxcrfionft nnll
i wnrd their nccounts io?this Oftlce.
Oc(. (1S, 18+0. 22?1 in
AdiiiiiiiNlrntor'N Sale.
Will lie sold at the Into residence of J,
P. Archer, deceased, near Piekensville,
on Tuesday 13th November next, all the
personal property of said deceased; con*
srsting of Four Negroes, Cattle, Hogs,
Com and Fodder, Oats, Wheal, Cart
and Oxen, Carryall and Harness, House*
hold Furniture uikI Kitchen Utensils?
and other articles too tedious to mention;
onn ?redit of twelve months for all sums
of and over three dollars, with interest
from dale, with note nnd approved seen*
ritv?under three dollars, cash.
I). V. MAUL DIN, Adm'r.
Sept. 14, 1849
vtll persons having demands against the
Estate are. requested to hand them in,
legally proven; all indebted arc request*
ed to make immediate Dnvmcnt.
11. F. M.
JWcrchan t Tailor,
Wot"l.o rosnet'ifiillv inform his frionils
(?i?l (lie public generally, that lie 1ms ou
hand a Fink Vabikty of
satiskts, tsvkkds, kbkltc'ky jkaks, ac
ax a8soktmkxt ok iikady-MADK
tvhieh lie will sell cheap for Cash.
TIk1 jrrtWic arc invited to rntl nntl exunine
lils Stock, before purchasing elsewhere.
Pickens C. II May 25, 1849.
ihi:ai? 565555^
Olicap as tlic lien|)??l!
Tiik subscriber respectfully informs
his friends nnd the jmb'licjjrpiwndly. that
lie is receiving at sliort intervals a
Dry Good*.
Dardnarc & Cutlery,
Drugs nnd Medicines,
X.n -!r? -tw.
AH selected expressly fortiusmarket nn?l
will be sold positively ns cheap as the
cheapest for cash.
Pickens C.1I.,S. C. \
May 18, 1840.. j 1 If
The subseribcr having more Lands
than lie 'Cim 'cultivate, offers for sale u
valuable Plantation, situated in Pickens
District, on Fuller's Crouk, waters of
Conneross, containing 000 acres: about
150 of which.is cleared and mostly frerffc,
?there is a large quantity of bottom
land "ditched and drained. The Plantation
is $ood tillable and productive
ground,.as any in the up-country, under
good fence and in a 'high state of cultivation.
On the premises is a good Dueling
House, Kitchen, Negro House, Coton
Gin and Thrashing Machine, and all
necessary out 'buildings.
lie will also soil 272 neres of TI"oo<!?landJy.ing
near the above tract, situated
near one ro.Wl lending from Pickens O H.
to C'arnsville, Oa., by way of Bachelor's
Retreat, the other road leading from
Andersonvillc to Clarksville, On., both
loads running through the tract. On
said tract is a small improvement; the
I...1 11 i! 1 .1 1?-1 *
iiiiitiuuu tvni iimurruu iimu?lllC gl',caver
portion of it good farming lnrifl.
Persons desiring to purchase would d?
well to call and judge for thenjselves.
Terms made to suit purchasers. ApTHOMAS
Au^t 25, 1849. 14-tf
Application will bo made at the no*;
Session of the Legislature, for n Charter
for a Turn-nikc Road from Putliniu II
through Jocftssco Valley to tho HrlijtC
Water Falls. %
September I, 1840.
J, Nancy Cnntrel), wife of John Can?
? f. s_ iv i iv
UUH, it Milium i^HHiig 111 i iciicns 1'IStrict,
80. Co* liercby givo not icq <*f
my intention, to trade n? a Sole-Trader,
apd to exerqise nil the privileges of a
Free-Dealer after the expiration of one
month from thin notice.
Occupation, Weaver inul ?SV?in?tres^.
August 25, 1849. 16-fm
A Freth Lot of Gen?* Hoots aw1 Shoe*,
Jhijn do., Latlie# and Minse# Slipper*
and Tit*; Gent's and Jjv/ie?* &a<**.11^
/? ii . "? *
uirs, jtrunr*, >rnipn, riv., <fr,
Iron, Cusijyxrf* and Nails, chrapfior ran ft.
Tog#t'?er with ft full supply .of Dr. D.
Jnyne*' Family Medicine*; Dr. llogers*
Compound My nip of Liverwort nnd Tnr;
Jew David's Ifebrtw Plaster or l'mn
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PrekensO. If., July 11,1840. 9 ?
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