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General, by a majority of 18 over Col. ' ((
Duunovant, his opponent.
There has been two buildings for
Comptroller Qcnernl, mid no choice yet
On 2nd balloting ?T. B. Cully had -10 j |
votes, T. J. Pickens A.Sbnpkins 3'2, n
w. uiles 25. Thw.c were 3 other cntidi- I su
dates, er.ch of wl>om will probably with* ! (jt
draw before the next balloting, and the
ruce will then come oft* between thcthrec j)f
highest candidates. nn
Tho committee on Fedcml Relations re. jzj
ported a bill to the 7/buse requiring the ai1
Governor to convcnc the Legislature in cc
the event the Wilmot Proviso passes p,Congress.
This bill we think entirely unnecessary, \y
inasmuch as the Governor has already an
he right to call the Legislature together at IX?
his discretion. K. tel
tn ? i ca
Dkckmqrk Hd,
The House met at half past nine o'clock ^
i e *
miu luruiwiin proceeded to form ft pronn
cession nnd march to the College chnpcl, ^
to wuness the exercises of the commence'1C
ment of the College
A Bill to reform the criminal code of
this State, nnd for the purpose of cstab- ?n
lishing a pr >tiary.
The Bi' m introduced by Mv. Perry, to
and provides for the location of the Penitcntinry
in Richland District, and that "n
an anoronriation of StiRonno i.~?i
a # g. WV|VW UU IlltlUU y
for that purpose, and goe \ on to enumerate
the crimes to be. punished by confine- S?
raent therein. The Bill bus' not been
loncf enough before the house to elicit, any m<
decided opinion for or npninst it, b\it sl<
there will be nothing done on the subject ai'
this session.
Notice was given bv Mr. Reed to I"
amend the Charter of the Keowce Turn, ,n
pike Company.
Col. Thomas, who is the Agent of the
Cherokee Indians located in North Ontolina,
is here, and manifests a deep interest an
on tne suoject ot opening the road from J'1'
Pickens C. II. through North Carolina,
and Tennessee io Sevierville and to Knox ('r
ville, Tennessee. Ool. T. informs us that as
charters have been granted bv the Legis- cr
latnre of iVorth (?aro1inn, and a large sum
of money appropriated to the opening
and building the road through that State. ur
There is not more than 8 miles of the a"
road that vrould be turnpiked on our side
of the mountains, which the Ool. thinks 0,1
can he made on a grade of not more rise t'1
than one 4oot in fifteen; for about six thousand
dollars. ^
Tht amendments to the charter are nn
very inconsiderable?it is proposed to ')e
have the books orxMv'd ind ho road to In|
belong to a company instead of an indi- ''
vidual or individuals, so that the people av
of the country will be permitted to take
stock in it if they choose. A? this char- nn
ter may be a private company or may he sl'
vested in a company, nt the discretion of a
few individuals. If the road can he completed
successfully, we shall then have P*
an open road through the mountain country
from Annerson C. II. by Pendleton 1,1
and Pickens C. If. to Knoxville Tcnnes- *'
tee; and by means of this roid, the above ' nv
plaeea W6uld be greatly benefited by the s Pc
irnvol e ir ??? '
|/.n?utg hum i^.uhiuckj, Tennessee
and North Carolina, bringing their pro |in
duce to our markets. 18
A notice was posted on the State w<
House door and on the corners of the
streets this evening requesting a meeting i *es
of both houses of the legislature to night (
at 7 o'clock. They met in the hall of the ''8
house, and organized by calling Angus
Patterson to the chair, nnd Mr. jWartin, vri
clerk of the Senate, to act as secretary.
J/r. filli'AW rtf Mm Xfrt ?? !-??J *
?- ?uv M?4vuijr nitrouucea
resolutions on tlie slavery question, appro
ving of the resolutions of the .Mississippi 'ie
convention on that subject, and proposing ^ '
to appoint four delegates to represent the ^
State 3n a Southern Convention, to i>c an
held at Knoxvillo in June next. Daniel'
E. Hugor, fwn the committee ot. Feder
? vppvopu mu nrsi puff* of the
resolutions as proposed by Col Carew.
Mr, Kcitt made aom* vehement remarks
in support of the resolutions. Mr.
Meramtnger made a few remarks, ami Ai
moved to refer the whojo matter to the m
committees of the two houses on Federal Cr<
Relations, which was unanimously adop- ne
t?4, and the meeting adjourned at an ear. hri
ly four, and in good order. N. J
11l 1
At* wadding in Albony recently, the 'n v
hritfeWake excited gencial admiration. ! rm
It cost $100, and war n l>emitiful temple, 1 n(\
nine feet high, of the Grecian and Italian w
&tyle of architecture, I m,
7orrcsjxmdence of the Ivtowce Courier.)
1 laving left j'our Village for Columbia
way of //amburg, Bmnchville, &c.(
propose to entertain your renders with
few brief general remarks pertaining to
ch facts as comc within my obscrva
>n en route.
On reaching Pickcnsvillc 1 found a resictablenuraberof
the Sons, of Temper*
ce Assembled for the purpose of organng
a Division at that place, in which, 1
i informed, they were completely sucssful.
H'e wish " Division great
osperity there. Old Pickcnsville is ev?nt1y
on rising ground, and we sincerehope
her course will still he onward
d upward in the scale of intellect, mor5
and religion, //er citizens are social inlligent
and energetic, and surely there
11 lie no ni'""1 1? - "
viuw iui nur retrograde. |
Thence to Hamburg the roads were iu !
ie order, which together with the pleas.try
and social good humor of my having
companion, W., rendered the joury
altogether a very pleasant one.
In Abbeville Distrir' we travelled a
nsiderablo distance along side of the
ulroad, and were agreeably surprised
sec nearly the whole of it already j
aded and ready for the timber and iron;
d I am told that the whole of the road
>m Anderson C. H. to the Newberry
e, except a few miles, is entirely graded,
that in a short time we shall realize
at which, not long since, appeared a
are phantom, viz: the passage of a
jam engine from Columbia to Anderson
d Greenville C. If.
The weather has been much milder du'
jg (lie fall, these lower Districts, than
Pickens ai i Anderson. In the South,
n part -of Abbeville, vegitation has not
:en injured by severe frosts, the cotton
ives and potatoc vines are still green,
id farmers anticipate a mcro abundant
eld fr m their cotton crops, by reason
iu ?ui-A H
..miKiuii! inn. >vr. passed several
ovcs of hogs on the way-r-(hcy arc
king 4 cents per lb. gross, but the buys
are not disposed to give it. The
lowing ones say tlint pork will be lower
is winter than usual, owing to ths greatnumber
of bogs coming from Kentucky
id Tennessee to our markets. And
rfl\nin?A?'A ?!?.?* J **
mill urovers or are almost
itirely dependent upon our markets for
e sale of their pork.
We took passage on the railroad from
amburg to ]3ranchville nt 5 o'clock a. m.,
id had the company of several momiRof
Congress, on their way to Washrjfon,
among whom was Mv. Calhoun.
ie old patriot is perceptibly wearing
my in the service of his e mntry; his
1 / I 1 ? * " "
inu x?:eia ury mm bony, his face wrinkled
id rough, but the fire of his oyc is still
larkling, nnd exhibits a towering intelct.
At Branchville the passengers are comdled
to wait 4 or 5 hours for the train
C)l.rn')ii, and n most tedious,
csome nnd uninteresting placo it is.?
le nrinfinlp .. *
j ...? |,uuuuiuuii uuiiMsia oi an
nricious landlord and half a dozen imrtinent
servants, both of which arc
3ll calculated to wear away patience
I destroy pleasuie. Howover the fare
very good, and but for that, the delay
iuld be intolerable.
The cars were crowded with the Chariton
members, and persons reluming
>m the Fair. Every body seem* debited
with the Fair, nnd it bids fair to
of great service to tl mechanical
To-morrow the Session of the Lcgis,urc
commences, and from what I have
cn able to gather from the wise ones
re, quite a stormy session is anticipated,
mpposc the absorbing topics will l>e
o Hank question, the Slavery question,
(1 perhaps the Penitentiary ouestion
* A
it more of these things anon,
Yours, N.
Sin John Fua.nkun'h Expedition.?
/Sir John Ross hfl? returned from the
xtic sens, where lie litis been engaged
a Bearch for /Sir John Franklin and Ins
JW8. . ' f * . '' t<.
It is given as his confident opinion that
ither Sir John Franltlin nor any of his
ive companions are eastward of nnv
!- ! *
..s?ino puini in me Arctic regions, and
here be any chance of their existence,
is the supposition that he proceeded in
reaterly direction, and in such case we
ft only expect to hear from tho missing
venturers by the Mackenzie detach**
;nt, on her Majesty's ship Plover, Contender
Moore, bv wnv; of Russin.
' ? k'
Sir James traversed at least 230 miles I
on (he ice, the bergs of which were frightful,
much more so than nnv of tli<? I
^ -
rtenced Arctic voyngers had seen before.
Sir James and his party penetrated as far
as the wreck of the Fury, where ho found
the old tent standing, and everything uhout.
it in a state of the best preservation.
At this poh.t Sir James deposited a large
quantity of provisions, and also the screwlaunch
of the Enterprise. The march of
Sir James across the boundless regions of
ice is truly stated as a most unparalleled
fcPt of exploration. We are sorry to find
however* that it was in no way successful.
According to tlic Hunts Telegraph, the j
first business of Sir II. ftulwer, Envoy to j
the United Stntcs, on liis arrival, is "to j
know wlmt encouragement, if any, the
United States give to the attempted with- ;
drawnl of the <7nnadas f'om Hritish ivile.
It is understood that he has full powers i
to resist energetically all at temps at interference
on the part of the United States
in Nicaragua affairs."
It is said that government has intimated
to the Governor of Canada that no
coercive measures will be adonled to iw.
vent annexation to the United States, if
the popular will be decidedly expressed i
infiivor of that measure.
Hambuim, Doc. 5
Our cotton ninrlcct continues active, i
sales made at 9 (o 10 1-2 cents; there i
appears to be more confidence among j
dealers that the present crop will not ex |
ceed 2,200,000. Should (his be the !
fact, present prices may bo maintained,
and nerhans a further nrtvim?v* ??. >?
? - *""3 I
realized. |
Coffee is very scarce, worth 11 coots, j
No change to notice in any other artir 1
Suffnr 7 to 10c j
3/blasses 28to37^c
&ajt $1,50 per sack.
Iron, Swede 4 J to 5c.
Corn ct meal 50 to 62^c
Bacon to "7c
Flour $6,50
Tallow 9 to 10c
Beeswax lfic
mjk IS R 1 KD,"
On Thursday the 2fMh nit.. by O. E.
Barton E3q., Mr. Alfred McCrary of N.
C. to Miss Rebecca Heaves of this District.
By order of W. 1) Steele, Esq., Ordinary
for Pickens District, will li<*
Sale Day in January next before the
jSThcriffs Office, within (lie legal hours; a
tract of Land belonging to the Estate of
Thomas Bryce, dee'd., containing
230 ACRES,
Lying on Ooneross Oieok, adjoining lands
belonging (o the Estate of Col. J. C. Kilpatrick,
and others. *SV>ld for partition
amongst the Heirs of said deceased.
<5?old upoji a credit of 011c and two years,
except the cost, which will be required
in iiuviincu, pcrcnasers giving bond with
approved Security, and a mortgage upon
the premises if required hy the Ordinary,
to secure pnynient of the purchase
J. A. DOYLE, 8. r. n.
Dec. 8, 18tO. 30 ty.
Will he sold at the late residence of Mrs.
Klizabeth Stiibling, deceased, on TltursJ
it ...
uuy me "/utli inst., all the personal property
of said Deceased, consisting of 17
Negroes, young and likely. Corn, Fodder,
Oats, Wheat, Horses, Cattle, Hogs,
(about 20 fat.) 15000 pounds seed Cotton;
Wagon, Ox-cart, Smiths'Tools, Plantation
Tools; Household and Kitchen furniture,
and sundry other articles;?on a
credit of 12 months.
Also, the Plantation belonging to the
Estate of J/i-s. E. Stribling will be rented
on day of sale, for the year 1850.
rn ir n rrri ?
jl. M. Oi iviiijjiisG
Dec. 3 '49 2 in9 Adm'rs.
Mason Burdino and Willintn 7/iuit,
having applied to mo for 1.-iters
of Administration on the Estate of
Henson Hunt, Into of Pickens District
deceased. The Kindred and Credtors
aro cited to appear before me on
the 14th December, to show cause if any
they can, why said Administration should
not be granted.
OlvAn nn/lnH mt? 1 1 aa.I 1
v..v.. uuuvi m> miiHj mm scai .jum (lay
of November, 1840.
W. D. STEELE, o. r n
2 ins.
l\'oticfi to Ilisiril?iitc 8.
The Heirs of Elisabeth Hendunton, deceased,
nre hereby required to appear in
tho Court of Ordinary on the third
Monday in January next, for a final settlement
of said Estate.
1>_ t TV* * ' * *
jvicn uistributee will bo required to vonder
on onth a schedule of their advancements.
Demand* against fetid Kstntc
must, be presented before thnt time, or
they will he barred hv tfie
Nov. 10. 1819, "6
li bd ^tafrnuplmm ? iii . iiijmt iii, iii
Will he sold ut tlio late residence of
i \ ik? - ! "
iwis. jftiiuiDciii carndine, dee d., on Tuesday
tlic 11th December next, four head
of Horses, 1 yoke Oxen and Cart, 1 two
Horse Wagon and gear, '20 or 30 head of
Cattle, 26 head &tock Hogs, 16 head of
fattening Hogs, 1 Hutch Fan, Household
and Kitchen Furniture, Plantation tools, i
drc. vfce. >STold by order of I he Court of t
Ordinary under the Will of V'homns Cnradine,
Cash will he required for all
sum* under thrcti dollars, of and above
thai anount, a ercdlt of twelve moths
will he given, and note and good sccluitv
For \VM. G. CARADlNR KxecY.
P. fl. The Plantation of the l:it<* TW?c
Cnrvdine will 1)0 rented on the same day,
and several negroes hired.
jYbvciuber 10, 1849,
1 take this method of informing my ,
friends and the public generally, that I 1
have just received a large and well se- !
lected stock of
Fall anil IVinier ttooda,
fresh from New York, of the latest styles; ;
consist in Dart of fhn fni!. *;.* 1 1
? v"? ,,u",cu i
uvticlc.s Broad Cloths, jSaltinctts, Vest |
j patterns, Ovci'-C!onts, Fancy Print#, Alpaecas,
plain and silk striped; Home- |
spuns, bleached and brown; Ginghams, 1
white checked Muslin, Jaconet and Printed
do., Flanm-'* Apron Checks, iVc., Ac. '
Bonnets, iT-ua and Caps, of almost
every shape and style; Groceries, Hardware,
Crockery-ware, Shoes, Saddles,
Bridles, Medicines, <fcc., all of which I
will sell low for cash oryooti names ; and
1 flatter myself that my friends who have
patronized me so liberally in Hamburg,
will extend their patronage here likewise.
1 hope, at least, that they will call and
] examine my stock of Goods before trading
Any amount of Beeswax. Tallow and
Seed-Cotton will be taken in payment for
I 1 Tsv11? TV.11 TV i
. u.ij urn, l icKens wist., iNov. 21, 18-19.
28 -It
ALL persons indebted to the undersigned
either by Note or book account are
earnest entreated to make payment between
now and January next, (1850,) as
I am closing up my business in Hamburg.
After this notice, and payments not
niaur wimiii inc. lime mentioned above, I
hope those indebted to me will not think
it unfair if they find their notes and accounts
in hands of proper officers for
P. S.?Should I be absent at any
time, my Books and Notes will be left
in the hands of J/essrs. Hrindley, /Rosamond
A Smith, to whom payment may
he made.
J. J H.
Hamburg, Nov. 17, 1840. 26-1 m
A 11 r? 1
xiii i ursmiB uaving demands against
the Estate of Sheriff Hayncs, deceased,
will hand them in legally attested Those
indebted must mnkepayment.
Noa. 17th Ordinary <fe Adru'r.
W/)// t
wvui/ i
A huge and well selncted assortment of
ltooliM nnd stationary, consisting
of Histories, Family and Pocket
Bibles, School and other Books.
A Lot of Iron, Nails, Castings, &e., Sic.
at th eStore of
Pickens C. II., Jluy 1, 1810.
rkn/MiT-nr^ 1 r"" - - -
iui'J ? i A L MOIN
roil sjiIjE.
This place, situated in Pickens Disti ict,
on the Oconee Creek, 12 miles North of
Pickens 0. II., ni.d immediately on the
road leading from the latter pl'icc to Clayton,
Oa., contains 1000 Acres of fertile
Land, which will he disposed of on terms
the most advantageous to the purchaser.
As a grain and stock farm, the Oconee
possesses many peculiar ndvantages; its
fields producing abuntant crops of Corn,
Wheat, Rye, Oats, and PohHtnrx w1?51a
the hills for miles nround are covered
duiing 0 months of the year with coats
of the richest grasses.
On (lie premises there are all the necessary
buildings for a well regulated Farm,
including a two-story Brick Dwelling.
The narrative of this fttation forming
as it docs, un important chapter in the
earlv history of our State, is well known
to every Carolinian, and it is equally celebrated
for the purity of its atmosphere,
the exuberance of its soil, and for the
beauty and romantic wildness of its
Persons wishing further particulars will
please communicate with
Pickens C. H., S. 0.
&T The South Carolinian, Pendleton
Messenger, and Laurenaville Herald will
please give th? above three insertions and
favwRrd tktiv Himniti to thii
c jr?
A B5 Y51.^ 1ST)* \ T6U
HIkf iJU.
Will be sold at the lute re?-id**cb of
Mm. Elizabeth C;*rodine, decWisoc, on
Tuesday the I lib Di'cembcr next, nil the
personalty ofniiid ('.recused, consisting ot
u quantity of flood Cotton, Corn, Oats,
Ac. on a credit of 12 months with,
note and good security for all sums of and
nborc three dollars?under that amount
J. U.K. CAItADlNM, Adm'r
>2 ,v?* In I o i
i'Ult 1 Up 19YVi
j\ xi u eok <;*:,
I/ir i t/i a //1 7 \iil o /%
Worm respectfully inform his friends
mid the public generally, that he has on
hand a Kink Vaiiikty of
SaTINKTS, Twkki)?, Kiktvckv Jkans, ao
An Aesoktmknt -y Ukady-madk
which he will sell cheap for Cash.
The public, arc un ited to call and examine
his Stock, before purchasing elsewhere.
Pickens C. II May 2r>, 1ft40.
vi/ yk m/ * ."! "?.? ?
dfJL JL'j X. !
ALL Persons having demands against
the KstaU fMaj. Hamilton deceased will
present tlicm to me duly attested Those
indebted to the Estate w ill do w*. 11 to call
and pay np.
' A. M. HAMILTON, Admr.
Nov. 1?, 1840. _
Application will be made at the nexfc
Session of the Legislature, for a Charter
for a Ti.rn-pike Hoad from Pickens C. H.
] through Jocassce Valley to the Whit*
j Heater Falls.
September 1S49.
N?TiO;jK."" """
1, Nancy Cant roll, wife of John Caivtrell,
a fanner residing in Pickens District.
So. Co., do hereby give notice of
my intention to trade as a Sole-Trader,
and to exercise all th? privileges of a
Free-Dealer after tha expiration of one
month from this notice.
Occupation, Weaver and Seamstress,
August 25, 1819. 15-lm
A Fresh Lot of Gent's Boots and Shoes'
???? \r: at:
j/uyo ut>,, ^uuk o bk? ju fotfl'd IJltf/jSUn
and Tits; Gcut's and Li lies' Sad'
dies, Bridles, Whips, <tc., etc.
Iron, Castings and JVails, cheap for cash.
Together with a full supply of Dr. D.
Jay ties' Family Medicines; Dr. Rogers'
Compound Syrup of Liverwort and Par;
Jew David's Hebrew Plaster or Pai*
Killer, o
As an inducement to the buyer tho
subscriber will take in exchange for
Good*, Beeswax, Tallow, Raw Hides, <fce.
S. R. McFALTj.
Pickens C. H., July 14, 1840. 9
[ll. L. JKKKKHH,] [w. S. C C.UHi*
Coiii2t>i**ioii iflcrchants.
Market-Street, IIambiko, S. C.?AVatkrvroov
McTnt<wh-S(reet, Ai?i?ta, Oa.?Finrpnoor.
Take this method of informing their
friends and the public generally, that
they still continue the Wahkjioi sk and
Commission business in this place and
Augustn, On., where they offer their .services
to Rkckive, Sionv: ok hkj.l Corrow,
Fi.oi h, Bacon, <to., Rkceivk and Forward
Mkkchanmkk, Buy Goons, for
Their Warehouse in Augusta is ?n
Melntosh-streU, in the centre of the Cotton
Their Warehouse in this place is safe
from water and isolated, therefore nc(.
exposed to fire.
As they will be constantly at their
post, promoting the interest of their
friends (which they are aware will add tt?
their own.) They solicit and hope to
merit and receive a full share of that lib
I eral patronage heretofore bestowed, and,
for which they now return thanks.
Liberal cash advances will be made,
when required, on any produce in ttore.
Hamburg, Sept. 1st, 1840. It
8S&3CH13AF (>iOOf>?.
Clic?p a# flic J'tirapcul!
Tub subscriber respect fully infoi mi
his friends and the public generally, that
lift is reryii inf t short infervsilfi a
Dry Goods.
a K OfcC K ?i BKN,
llnnhvaro A; Cutlery,
Drugs and Medicine*,
Ac. Sic. A'-o.
All sclectod expressly for this uintket and
will be sold positively as cheap as th?
' beapfc** for co.?/i.
<a r? \/~v * t r.
Pickens 0. IT., S. <\ )
May lfi, 1H40. f 1

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