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1**^^?mJUL'-1 ? "." 'IS?. U L L_ "'".J' .. I J J .L A'--, 1 1J. 1 - J - 1 ' "
J. W. NORRIS, JR., ) ?
K. M. KEITH, t Kihtoi?.
One Dojtnr nn 1 Fiftv Cc-nts f??r ono yonr's
*<ib*cripiion whoti pni-l within thron month*,
Two lo'.' ir-" 'fowincntWdoltiwI to the do e
?>f the subscription year.
All subscription* not elonrlv limited, will bo
C*>n-?Hl*ri}ll 1'? mil In f?ir n>' if
_ .... .... idi i iiu nine, nnu
continued till a di'continuance is ordered ami
all arrearage* pai 1.
A'li'rrHxf'nsn'.* inserted at 75 cent" per
?qn:\ro f<?r the fir<t insertion, and 37 1-2 ct?. for
esch continued Insertion. Liberal deductions
made to t.ho<c r dverfi-in-x l>v tlio ve-ir.
sir AH Communications should be addressed
to the Publisher post paid.
Bv li e niival Ht New Oilcans of the
steamship P. ^onnrd, fiom O lveston,
wo have received the News and Civilian
of that port, to the 2d inst. inclusive,
with other papers from the interior of the
The following is nn abstract of the new
Governor's message to the Texas Lecris
Intui'O at Austin, which wn Ulko from tin? j
Civilian of the 1st inst:
Tin* mosspge of Gov. I3??11 wns present
ed to 1he Legislature on the 20th, nnd
occupied two hours in Vending. It is <
sjiid to he verv explicit, nnrl free fioni
nqn-coinmittnli.'-m. It hud not been
I p'iqtcd when ihe mail left ylustin; hut nn
_L1? - ' *
omiarjntr correspondent fuinjuriw* us with
the following nnstrnct. 'its content0. It
commences hy recommendici? the immedi?toorir?nizniion
of (lie counties pet oft"
i the distiict of S :nl? Fe, nnd 1 lie sending
of n commissioner the?? for the purpose,
nnd if neepssnry, nocompnnied l?v
such nn nrmed force ns shall ennhle him
to reduce sedi ious citizens to obedience
to our Inwsj nnd to notify the Execut ve
?!.? TT?:.-.l O.-A-- -<
v.. i.iv ^ i n "u own us 01 qui purpose and
determination. It also proposes n very
decided expression of the opinions and
wishes of the State in relnnon to the slavery
question; the sale and cession of so
much of our territorv, with the juiisdiction
thereof, to the United States as lies
north of MO SO, and of the sale and cession,
without iui isdiction, of that portion
lying north of 34d, are piopon-d to he
provided for, contingent on a negotiation
wun mc united states. It recommends
t tie payment of the public debt at its value
nt the time issued, with the interest ,
in the lands of the ?Stnte. The alte ration
of the constitution, >o as to permit the
nale of the school hinds and investment of
the funds in n permanent fund. Thenecuiitv
to colonists, under the colony con
inters, mo titles (o their lands; the granting
? right of way for a road to (lie Pacific,
with the appropriation of lands for
the purpose; the payment of all taxes on
lands in the counties whoie the owners
reside; the maintaining of a regimen' or
pnrtx>f ii regiment on the Indian frontier:
the extension of rights of citizenship and
head-rights to old settlers on the Rio
Grande, the settlerr.ont and eonfrmati -n
ftf (111 ir lllloa 5"
u > <mii mniiiui ?ii country: n
a provision f<?r 1 lie officers of the lute navy
oi Texas, and the heroes of the Texas
revolution, by the United States, and n
speedy settlement of ail old lard iHo*.
A correspondent of (ho Civilian wri
ting fiom Austin in efercncc to the subject
of slavery says:
An intelligent correspondent writes;
"Several resolutions on the subject of
slavery are before the Legislatute, all of
inem nearly copies ot Mr. Calhoun famous
resolutions. 1 shall not he surprised
if an Attempt ;s irwde hefoie the
, close of the session to censure our <Senav
tors for not inning the Southern add ess:
hut 1 do not believe anything of the kind
will pass the Senate,"
It is repotted in New Yoik that Mr.
Clay is about to introduce a project for a
compromise iariiT, it) which specific and
ad valorem duties are to bi? mmliinwl
>t h' not intend"**, (<o the authors of the
report say) to raise the present rcule of
duties, hut only to substitute ajreitin for
ad valorem duties wherever it ear he
1 We are curious lo^oe n plan by which
ttich u difficult remit can bo obtained as
tliat of convening ad valorem info specific
dutjeftf without changing t'ie mte *. A d
t ?*> ? ?awy reieir.gce to quality
?li<J value; specific duties to quuntily and
number, In the ono case, a certain proportion
of the imported article is taken for
the use of the Govern uent; in the o?her
Government fix * tho amount in money
which must be paid cn the article, without
r*ferenA.o to its co3t or value, A ynrd of
cloth, for example. paying Ivrentv-five 1
per cent., ml vnlo em, U taxed one doll o-1
when its nssessed vnluo i- foii'* dollars !
the vnrd. Hut a tnx ?>f one dollar (lie j
yard <>n nil elo'hs could never be equ- I ti> |
and ad vulo-em law of twen'vfive p?M- j
cent, except in ilm one case of the elo'h ;
valued at foui* dollars. On nil other clovh* 1
;? i f ~ ? ? > 1
V .T willVI >111 \ 11 (nil III1C (111(1(1 If (I pC'riMH.
on coirse cloths nt n dull i>\ to viilv ten
p??r rent, on nc. if there ho soeh, nt ten ,
doll i>s. Now, the utter impossibility ?>f
pissintrn spccilio duty thnt shnll he, ns - ?
rule, ?quiv.dent tonn nd valorem du'v, is
palpihle. The i ndie d pi ineiple is different
in the. two. nnd everv nt'empt to reeon
i.e them, in to rn, involves n nic e
juj/j^le. ?S'ueh w is the minimum system
uwier mo old t?r lit. INumhors who winled
to deceive their re'idor* called the mi
nimnm svstom u combination of (lie mi
valorem with (ho specific rates of apportionment
It established ?' ? "d valorem
rate of taxation, hut fixe im arhitrnvy
v.due on the article taxed y<? as to mahu
the duty reallv specific. /Ill cottons, for
example, co-unity twenty cents or under,
were to pay tl.iiy percent, ml valorem,
hut .".II cottons costing le.-s than t\v. my \
cents, we. re t'> lie taken and charged at
t wenlv cents! 7'l.e re d natuie of the
rate was a specific duty of six cent - a yard
on all cottons, worth fiom five cents to
twentv rnnlw ilmi on .wl - j?i ?
... ? , . .... , ...... . - (III c*vj >1 Ml. I III II14I V
of from thi'ly tornoie than one hundred
poi rent. If is as though the Counril of
the St ootid Minicipnlitv should assess an
ad valorem tax ol two per cent, on every
house worth $5000, and deel ire that no
house should he assessed at less than
$3000. It would follow that the house
worth ?f)000 would pav ?100, and the
ouse worth $1000 ?vould ?d-o pav ft 100
?iu the one cise two per cent and the
i other i?-n per cent ad valo em.
Now we lit/.?
imv tw nrr Mil* UMlJl'i'l
| hv which a fnir sy. torn of spccftic duties
could he iMTiini/ed as u suhstitu'e for ??d
valorem, so tin t the rates would not. he
incrcjipcd! Mr. Cl-.v enn don groat msinv
things * hich few others can do; hut
when lie eontiivcsa system by which two
iivoiiiinuiiMll il lilU lllingH ('Mil t '
I miidc lie nlwsiys coincident, \vt* sh: ll
next oxpoct to hoiir of his squming tlio
circle, inventing ) crpptind motion, or making
n mnjo-iiyof tins peoplr protectionists.?
Ycstordny morning, i<l 7 o'clock, n snj
lute of thirty trims was ti cd in linnn nf
the Americnn Fli'g, n gun for each State
represented hv n star in l)io flag. which
was displayed at (he mastl end of the
new liberty pole erected on Canal
7'he morning wns thick nnd hnzv, nnd
wnon (lie hunting was run up. n feeling
of anxiety seemed to prev>iil nmong the
crowd of spectator? for lew th t the e
would not lie sufficient.>ii- Stirling to di>- 1
plnv the 'stars nnd sliipes.' Hut as
soon as the hunt hud reached the truck,
| it was pulled loo<e. u hen 5t fi-ll
tiiul festoons nnd being ?might hv tin* !
breeze, the thirty st?irs shone forth in nil
their splendor. Asitwns g.'GCted by a
shout of m?ny voices, nnd the booming
of artilloiy, our mind involuntinilv reverted
to those beimtiful lines of Dnike: |
| if hen freedom from her mountain height j
Unfurled lier wd to tho nj-.
She tore the nzurc vol e of night
And set the s'nrt* of glory the e
She mingled with i!s go-genus dyes
TT.e milky hitldiic of t1 e skicn.
And ftiiped its pur<> e??le*ti ) white
With stvenks of tlm morning litfhl!'
Tl... -J -!- I " ' - -
I x nc uiiyiiiiM li'ig <>i mc United mates i
' was composed of thirteen stars and thir- i
! toon stripes. and was adopted hv a reso- !
lution of the Continental Congress* on |
the 14th of June, 1777. On the Inth of |
January, 1704. aft'r two Now Elites!
had been iidmiitcd into the Union, the j
National Loiri-lalure iris od an :mt. nm. I
\iding that the stripes and stars, should
on n (I iv fixed, he increased to fi "teen
each, tocom?oit with the then number
of States. On the i Oth of December,
1817, Mr, Wcndovef, of tho //ou-e of
Representatives, introduced a resolution
to inquire Into the expediency of nhe intj
thu flag of the Unite i States, //?? jjave.
it as Hm opinion that the tl itf would be
e wetili illv iiiiimwl l?v - *
?J I'll "It
iho name p uu ipJo as that which hud
been adopted, viz: of inurciu;inK thostiipes
and tin* stars, and slated the i ic meruit v
of tho fl ifjfn then i 1 genaral use. not a^rco
ing with tlio l iw, and greatly varying
with each other.
I i'he resolution w as referred to n select
! commilii>n u'liiiM, ? *'?
I. uniuii ii ii'|iuri> ??n iiic
Oth of January, 1818, accompanied hy n
bill to nltor tho fl igs > ?s to rod Urn the
| atripos to the original number of thirteen,
I to represent the number of'State* then
contending for nn a happily achieved
their indopendenee, and to insert tin*
s?i>r- to citnesjond wi'h tin* number of
State* then iii llie Unim, and thereafter
toiidd onesliir to the tl ?ir whenever a
new State should !:e fully admitted,
which wiis adopted.
On the 20th of .September following,
<1 ~ r.
.Mini" -in- Minn ii ,-inii\crsiii v OI UK1 I :? t tic
of tin* l)?it*Grn. Aimsttonj/, at Fnyal,
hv o'-dor of iho Swotnrv of tho Navv,
tho now (1 lit was di- plavod fo.- thu ii >t
limont tho N'avv Yard. Ohaile.stown, and
on ho nd lh(! national <hips of war in Bo*
l.m Ivivbo", and was snlntod '?v etch vessel.
.Similar honor was paid on its b?in?r
hoisted at ail iho Htmion*?/V () P><
ylninn^ the legend* of Mw onlv
of i-m i ..i inii > . i- ?!!? M-sp.cf M'1'4 lln' Tilly
l'icrcs of Silver, which .Indis rpcrived
for l-etmvintf hisnvirtr'-. uv! lie brought
bnck to tin' p i"-i?-v,wh<,n ho s iw .1 su<
\v:is pniidi'mnml' (!>< <? i.: 1 .1
- .... |nr'c.'? >?nn:il 111*'
p ii'sts would not vercive heonusn they |
s; id 'it was the. p ire of I>1<> id,'and wliicl. j
they rould not restore to the pnMic tre-isnrv.
heeutse i' would he drilled l>v lliem:
tlioye thirty nieces of -ilver were emploved
!o hnv a fi *ld to hu"v strnnifers in, and
railed the 'Field of Blood.' Thi* fatal
?i :i i ?
..iim nurni MHIT IS Ilftl, m'IMV'dinjf lO tll?? }
legend, a common and o-dinarv coin. It
IismI i's o i?rin -md f liality, When Cain 1
fled after tin* murder <>f Ahel, hi* sons I
inven'ed the arts, ihtve in-trunvnts and
punishments of t ho passions of man. and j
Tuhidmin. the eldest, snn of
, - ... -V-W. - J
crod tin- 11 rt of ens'intf inetaK It was
he who stn ck (hose ihi ty c.ur>cd pioco-s
which ;i> fi st p id the ivo'hers of Joseph i
when 11vi?v sold him to the Kijvp'hn mcr |
chants, and which down through lho j
niJ?? . ..... '.. .f. T 1
m i ? iii^ iuv i Know not how mtny '
tioiisons and c. imcs, have reached at l ist '
?becoming each day more cursed and
fnt; 1?ti e hntids of Judas, Ov- who<e per I
tillv tliev were the reward. The mvst - ,
lions predestination attributed to these
piece* <>f silver, which p issed thus from
Cnin to Judas?this pi ice of the Mood of
?iM the jn-t?foiled by the. son of lite
murdoro1* on o u i'h?:;ii ihis is prrc:tt
. ;nd bo "Utifni; tlii-s contains i $/ ?? .-it mop'l
idc."?fortlvro me few gtvnl poli ical in\on!ions
wlidi do not contain some
ipoilt mo ill lo.oKOII. Tlw?ci? "
- 1""^
of >ilver of .Indus, tlii^ fntiil money, Ins
bad its use in i he history of nil mankind:
these pieces do not belong meclv to the
history of .Jo-eph or .lesu** Clnist; 1 liov
ar?*. ?o to speak, S ifnn's treasury upon
oiirtli. When the Maid f Orleans wuh
sold to the Knixli-li by !l:e Burgundians,
it was those tbirtv nieces of Judas' silver
imn r.ngl uul p licl for her hi o:l. Paris
If this idea is correct, the woild mt'V
he. thankful that the bunk above numru
hns not had n larger qusmtiiy of coin in
' * -S* ?? *
t uyi u/ /if u jnr rne ' uroitniatl.
Rai-timouj-?. .1 :n. 1C, 8 p. m.
Noaddi ional ia'elUgenec has Icon received
of I ho maike'.s.
The ncftoun's from India are of a most
rhee inir char e. or, and la'tfe orders for
roods have e.ome 1>ut for the manufaclui
i ilt di-4< ids.
The movements in Onnadt in favor of
annexation to the United S'afes o * sottin?;
up an independent irovernmont for
??/\ 4 - -1
. ?m* n-^nuiMi ?is very unimportant
hv England.
An exton ivo rnn^pi-aov is s>?i?l to ' o
ft) lui'iir at Mo-cow. the n' ji-crt of w'licl,
is to cflvc' 'lie dfnn Hon of tlx* |i c cut
dvn tsty of Rom :n ff, l?y n chip <h ma'n
lg'insttlte Cair, to come off on the 1st of
Rll-J i:l n nnft iij .11
... j. , , V/.IVA l| (I | (I* |l Ifjy "I* 11VI
lovce* on tno iron'ion u! Tu/kov.
Tin* /lust i in jfirti-JMii i*> nolnnd hnvo
revolted, whilf similar (Iffcc ion-i n o going
on in Comoro;
The Pope lias refused to return to
Dele fiat s to the Sooth em Convention. 1
?The K?i:field Ifrnrid mention* tin? J
name*of Col. J. S. Pro-ton. of ftioM >nd,
and Col. M. Clinton, of Line inter, as del- ,
oi( iU'.h to the N idivillo Co ivention. uul
Col. M.in't'ntf. of Suintor, nnd Col. Jas.
C'liesnul, jr.,of Kvr sliiw, as cscrvo delegates.
Wu Ivivo no objection whatever to any !
of l.lio irmi" linvirtti ..i........
^ ? ?i ii urn ii
would nil iL-p e-?ent ilut .Stale with honor,
hut w? luive he.ird it remarked tluit the
appoinment of members of the Legi>lnture
would perhaps he impropo;*. If
th'u objection he valid, nnd tihliikes u>
is having some weig'it, there are othe.
IVlini'H we h ivr> Iiimii'iI ainiiiiim?i/l !.? "?'
ncction wirl* thcs?? ;ippC'ol.
Hr<ulc I lump o i, sr., ol ilin district,
Hon. J. P. Rielmidaon, of Sumler,
| C'ol. C'hcsnut, of Kershaw, ns suggested
above, to^i.tlu:r with Col. Clinton, would
lie four names, fither of whom would reflect
honor upou Mie State in this important
Tl. - U !./' I I 1 ?
i in.* v i ll u?*iu (ici?'g;iii.in, \vn notice. I
rpcomnicnd (Jiimflen ms tl'.c most rimvnient
point for the meetin-f of i'.;e tiominsiting
convention of di t ict delegates. I
Gov. Biirliour, of Vi ^ini i, in r>n rid* 'i
.... :
.... .. ..f w in it.iiikit 11 1 ?oii - v, s:iv.?:
' I.et ovotv nvw h ive the forl'tude tohiok ;
hi-wiflfiivs in lhe I-ice, lokeopim iicemin' ,
of his dehts sitid items of exneadi'u e, no
mutter how lon^ or 1 >1 m'U the 1 i -': if hr? \
don't look in'.oit.his neighbors will; and
moi'C, let him show it to I i - wife, if he
IWoOr.o. If i n~U I on I worn in if will lw>
of scrvic.o: if imprudent, ii will rl<> no
lvinn. Hut tin*vo m* <* few <if tlie lU'o>\
nti'l I olu'ovfullv Itoir evi-lonco. in the
carp >ind uconornv of wnm m \Vh,-n in
n si'unrinn to obsorvr. T r-m * "*
tint I never s i\V n wonvin l?*ft to the cirp
of an pmlnrrassod est at,that did not
extiicatfit if it was po-sihl .
\foy or the new Am~ricctn TCm iilnm.
?The New Y<> 1c TC\|vpps. of WVdne-dav.
h ,; thp following In: the.- pirag-aph
oti tH< suh'pp':
"We learned in co-ivo-. * >!iVin with a
gentleman recently from lirazil, that various
pe-sons suppo-pd to hp Orleuii t
agents, have been di persing mourn* mo<t
lihi-rallv durin?r 11?o m?at ??>n
# l'"w% " '
thronofhout I hut cmpi'e. which circumstance,
with the fact that an exerodinglv
largo number of French officers have
recent I v hecn recei\cd in the N ival service,
i> thought to'r've color to the report
of Mil important arrangement between the j
Piincede Jotnville and his v ung hroth- j
< r ni-iMw. ii i-? undoubted Unit the Rm- j
pernr wns heavily indebted to the King
! of ihc French.
I Sla ver t/ amour? the Oreonn Indian.?
| A correspondent "f the Tiibnne, wii'inif
j from Fort Ni?nu:dly, Oegon, re porting
1 tho Oregon Indians, mukcs the following
j important nnnonneonvnt:
i ..* - - -
: \ on w:ii piolwMv be snip i.-od that
I slavery so generally prevails among these
Indians. This system e.\i-ts among nil
I lhe tiihesin everv poition of Oregon' I
j have boon among the Iudi ins as n traveller
or upon business in most section see1
lions of this tevii'ory, and my personal
observation confirms the statement which
1 have made."
S!n?er>/ in th* District.?The New
Yo U Tribune iriei's ibe following fior* a
letter written at JPhsbington on Tuesday:
7he<e was some talk .9 iturdav among
the Unionists about, gelling ov er the sectional
dispute--< abouf the Oi^tii<-t of Co
lumhiu I y firon'ing for it n self-government
and n roprescn'Jilio . will) thp power
to nholi-h >1 iverv wit'.in it* limits.
Thore nro hut few si ive holders hore?
not mo'P thnn one in ten ot th re.-'nlont
populiltion he'ni? owners or Ii'mit* r.C
shives, and Mm moderate wngos and superior
serviees of the numerous fo ei^ners
here make si >vea more unde.-irable servants
every day.'
Remark-hie Pinrr.?The Flo id a Sentinel
ennt ins an ac mint of the examination,
hy a committee of seen ific tyen'le
men, or my liver WncHsn, in Floid?i,
\\i !> a view of testing its enpsicily for a
wnter power for in mufneturing purposes
nnit t^ie r?r??ctirtjiliili;y of co iiieo'iog it
with St, M nk's l>v n e tin!. Thev found
wile/ ill lie hen (I of the liver thirty*'wo
fee< nhove hijfh wnter in tlie Sr W>irl<*
at. Newport. The Sentinel desciihed the
i Wiiciss.i iiver ns onu of tlit* natural cuiio
iics ill most peculiar to Florida. It
takes its ri-e. like the Wnkull i, in spiing
of tremendous volume, forming an immense
basin with hoM shores, from whicii
I. I? - t; o -i! -
. i uii.-mii i\ o. o. r,?. (iirciiilOit, in ;i (Jeep
and broad stream, about fourteen miles, ;
to \ sw imp where most of it disappears 1
through a -ub'erranean channel by which
it is discharged into the Oulf. This liver
is said to conti in n greater volume of water
than tlx? Potomac or .)anv\s ilver, ai.'l
like all rivers having a simil ir ti-e in KIo ida,
it. is affected neither bv droiurht or
frosh, affording one steady, uniform and ;
unvarying current all tho year. Any j
conceivable amount of water power can j
be obtained by moans o' the canal pro- I
i *
nun it win noi only he unfailing
but unvarying. The eommilleo pre of
opinion tlmt move flmn ten limes the water
power of Lowell enn be found there
at a small expensd.
A vo1c:moe, called the ^/iovpn, in the
inland of Java, commenced in Seotemi or
lust, throwing ou' stones mid ashes with
I loud explosions. T\le inlu.hitimln (led in
time, hut n million ofcoftnc trees were
deatioyed. A so th? entire tobacco
' crop. "
\ ^ *
"We have been shown two t onty dollar
hii], purporting to bo of the Commercial
Bank of Columbia, which are counterfeit.
7'hev are numbered 86 and 44,
and l oth lettered ub?Chailos Toppen
i>u:> - mi
>.?- v/i.., t mi i., i-Mjri iivui-s. i ney are pay*
able t?? J. Junes or bearer; dated, Columbi-i,
May 1st. 1844; nnu signed, J. A.
Crawfo-d, Cashr.; A Blinding, President
t?their date being about five years after
tin* dea*h of tlie President, Col. Blntiding.
The vi^ni'.te i< ti e Genius of Agrieulture,
surroundel with approp-inUv symbols.
On the left is the fn'iire of W.-iaU
inglnn, and 011 (ho light ahead. jHic
sign itm es of Pro.-ident arid Cashier are
engraved, not written. They were received,
by a planter, in Si. John's Berkley,
about tho middle of December last, in
nart navmcnt for ;i sl;ne fmm ? Tnnimoooo
hog drover, living in ltutJedge county,
Tennesset, who, it is hoped, on learning
tin-tact, will notify the mistake.? Courier.
The I)kad Alivk!?Under this heading
the New All) my (Indium) Ledger,
of iIil: 2 S ultim h is th 3 following puru*
"We understand that Del my Oresham
esq., of Lafayette township, in this county,
who mysteriously disappeared in August
1 ist, returned to his home on Sntur.1...
i . .< xi.. /"i -i '
vj.i\ i i>i, mi. vr. siaics huh nc nns ueen
south, and most of tlio time. during his
ub ence. very sick, mid unable to w ite to
hi> family. It will be recollected ilmt
ti e l ist (lint was seen of bim wna near
the.!elVer onville paper mill. Subsequentlv,
it was reported tlint a dead body had
I con found nor this spot, which was
supposed to he that of Mr G. His famU
Iv and fiicnds were fully convinced, and a
nouee t>f administration on his estate, by
I his wife, will be found in our lust weekly
j paper. If a nvin had ii>enfroni the grave
l and present11 himself before them, his
I fnnnlv pnnM n??t \ mni-ii
. MW. .M. Mm.i iinivillCillVU III4U*
they we:e when the husband and father
prosrnlcil hinwlf before them."
We are highly pleased at the spit it of
our District in the nr?'mptness with which
ilie Stock of the //amhurg and Edgefield
\\i\ l\ rVimiuinif i???o ?
- ...... . ? - v ?? mo umrii ii|?.
The Books were opened on Monday, (he
7ili inst, niicl within three days the entire
amount of Stock $.00,000 wits taken, and
wo leam that a much larger amount i?
now wanted I v those that have been dis...
r? ?
..|/|>wni ? ii 111 ii"t, t?it-|i|uii^ iui?iiiu jij
time.?Ha burg Itfjmblican
7*1.0 death of George Washington Lafayette,
son of Oca. Lafavetle, is announced
'>v letters fiom Paiis //? aceom
panted I h father in ln-t farewell visit to
the Uni'ed S ates, and dee vedly slm ed
the manifestations and regards of the
Anna jean people, llis dissolution took
place, at Lagrange, the family scat.-?
A nrw Ar'iclc of Diet ?A short t1m?
KiniM? J1 n PV<M\ in fl?r> U'nofrtrn r??n^ r\C i
. .... ... vi.x MNOl\.|ll j'dl I W| I 1113
conn! v found Imiied in tlio snnd a neat
of Supposing1 them In he turtle's
nnd heinj^ pnsMonntclv fond nf that
niticle, lie curried them home, Imd them
prope ly conked, ? d commenced his
luscious repast, ylfier etiling fourteen.
'unsight end unseen,* curiosity prompted
liim to examine the 'erifers,' when, upon
opening one of those left, lie lound nn infant
Hue racer beautifully roiled therein,
I Header, plaee yourself in his condition,
' and then you may know his feelings..?
Oakland Gazette.
Br careful of the corn-shs.?Sev.
eial nnecdote- lu i on that inexhaustible
theme for merriment?the sorrows of
mntiimony. In passing through the street
n bier was struck ngiunst the comer ot a
house, and the corpse reanimated by ho
shock. Some years afterward, when the
worn- n die in good earnest, her husband
called to the bearers. Prnv. nmnHi mcn l>n
carcful in turning tho corncjs.
Kern Retort.?Durinsj the Into onir
vnss in Michigan, whilst a Surgeon Den
list wiis making an excellent spee '.h in
I ono of t'io interior town?, a low fellow heI
I ! - 4. *1-- ^*1 - .
loiifrnipr 10 uic inner party IMOiluprctl
him with tin? question, 'what do you ask
to pull i? to.it h Doctor?' 'I will pull all
your teeth for a (-hilling nnd your nose
gratis,' replied the speaker,
Tho London Times caution- inkers
and nthflrs. nt. linmo nn<l ??r? Int.*
- - , ."'j.#" ????\? ??ws v/.im? *?M inov
mi nftomnt at fraud made by a JUt. V.
ftrei.shein and his cimfedmUrs, <?n flie
pretence that he has succeeded to a I?ri n
property ;n Ohio, (\ S. i'he
ct'.nw similar lo Oiukea up i.v
^Imci a few yen* ag*>.

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