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Keowee courier. (Pickens Court House, S.C.) 1849-current, February 09, 1850, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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.'JUt '1 J J-lLIlil'.mj.' I I' 1 ? ' ?_ ??? ill -T in n mm i i ?
"1'IIK | 'linir ' ' * 11 1 * **
rRiNTitn \xr> pubi.imikd wkbki.y nv
I. W. VO'iaTS. Jr.. > wi8??r.
K. M. K8ITII, !
Orv* D >llnr nil' Kiffv CV'it" for nno vout'h
o'ltw^rip'io'i wtion |v!' w'Miin Muvo nionOvi,
T'Vm ,o'V?r?,rn'V'M^nf U lolrtv?? 1 to tin? clo'c
?f 'h? vrir.
\'1 itih'Oriptlo'i not ulnar'v HnxifrJ. will lie
con<5 Iciv 1 -\> 'iv* lo for in in lo^ni'o *ii??\ mi 1
co'itinni* I till a li scontiii'innce i~< or lercd mil
a'1 ir-i 'o" tifti
A ill inrlo ! ul =
*qu??r? for Mio 'n^rtinn n>vl 3" 1-2 rti. for
?i?\1? flrtVimjp 1 tM crfi<?n. -Ic luction*
ma ' * ?? a lvcr'i-iivr hv the vo-?r.
*^5T" VU On n<nunic:iti<>n<? ohoitM bo u Mrca"?to
llie PttMM cr po t pni'1.
nvwtuiAM i.rnorrr.
No ?tnr in v?n 'or ->Uy Mint ?1Wno*
Cnn ligh: Ike woman's rye impnr',
The onrfli holt no* in nit il? m'nc,
A com sorioli \vonvm'? lie rt
Hit vi ire i<likc the mil i.' ?weet
Poured nut from : irv tinrp alone;
Like that when storm* ni< re loudly b^at,
It yielib a clearer. richer tone.
An 1 woman'* lovo'o a holy li'/h*.
That bright*#. briighfT burn' for aye;
V ! . ?? - ?
i viii < uimiKiv mm ii-< riiiiuinrc orient,
N>>r cvt-n fa' iehoit I quonrli it< ray:
But hko tlio Mnr of Bi>1l?UMi<,in,
Of <>1<1 to I-racl'* liephcr '? Riven.
It tniir Imlswi hit* stonily flunn
The erring fou! of man to He.iven.
Slie "was lovely, ?lie WiU fair?
Am iiflldAuiinimcr oven,
An angel from :< hpirit bright,
A star tliat dropped from Heaven.
(Well tin* wax!)
And oil! tlio?e bright nn l luMfon* orb*,
Hint burned with holy fire--Those
unburn cur!-*, tlmt lovely brow,
None, iv'no could but admire.
(Well they cnuld'nt!)
yin'lrli! that light nn 1 ur refill f rni,
So like nhe;intorn ?r irv,
(Porlnp' we'd leave "If the f.
And then i- would he airy.)
(Well it TrouV!
I knelt l>efi r<- her. nn.l I swore
I'd hnvc n burning ki^?,
'he^nid "/Jirgo an! wn h your fare.
You can't on joy Mich 1>Uhs!"
(WelMiC )i<l!)
I felt juNt tlicn a* if I'd tlrnpt
From Ckimbornko'* "iimniit:
I fi-lt my liu Iclin;* pi wlm or-?pS?
Mrrclniinty cmilri'nt crmoit.
(No dr-rcu!)
l.J1!.IT...LLI.. - i-l I
/liiuum i ijr.it't\iv iiliu il illy urn,
Without n thought of kiting?
Ami did I over, after that.
Conic np:inn>ng (he mi- in^I
(I di ln't Jo nn'liing ole!)
From tho Pendloton MoKscngcr
Mv DRAit Butt/.?I m ist in-i-t thnt
the taxes pnid hv the honest 11, <1 Ivndwoldnjx
fmirn * of I'erdleton, in sums of
two unci three dollar?, me ennied lo Columbia
iinil deposited in the Bank. and
Joined out to the "rich merchants and
wealthy pi ihter*," and that there is no
vnti tion of my ala'emen'n nhout this
m-ftev in my l ist and peceding commitment
If you will refer to the Comj trailer
General'* nnnu I lienor!*, yon will sec
that the xtate taxes pill hv tho people of
S. Carolina imouni to neiilv ?300.000.
.i.wl tin. ..t" ft - i
<iii?i ?rt'?v nv ? '.mi *?i V ? *'? ' II U I M! I ' i
is;? l).il nice in tlie IVeiiMirvtif nljout
70,000. TlieWxi** nro p.iid ifcti. i|i<>
hunk in M <v. uul fnvi>i'qtioii(1yiTSj6 ttiirk
hit? tin* use of llio m ?ney till d Jtwnf fi?- -o
m'H't tins unp np i.-io-)-. of the Lejji I ture.
At tne expiration of fi.e ni nths
th?:^ * Hltl bill 'HCt'Jn thuf M .|||{ (lllf.the
State of S7O.OQ0. I'lii-i sum h:is not rein
ijnc<l idU* iti tl?G It hux been
um'(I by tlio Siiink, t\nd Irn! out to " Jolt
me ?')tint> and plnntos-s."
Iti - trud vi'v often,
L..J l? in tin i/ttraftttSBBli.. - ' '
II ?r? WI in nv m/iijiivviu -nin hi | IVf5 I I C* ?Sin
v. t cfo <l tlii? riixiM nic p id ffoto lli
Hi ik. ^Uii' tike ilie wlinl<*yovf >ind the
i < t,' oi )y in fiivo-of the Ii ink.
Any of she |> jv tie Bmk- hi the S-iih'
would $K Vfti*V willing lotiiki* thy pi ireof
thftS^iffe Umk sMltf 1n|Veihe keeping nnd
ditd>u:xkiv?oiit <?f tin* Stiile funds.
1 nm opposed to the IVmk, heciiuse
hin'd'Kt i< not o*ie of the IciH lm itfi ol>
ject* of O >vi? misfit It purports io
maki miney fo tlu ptvi,-?!e! rev 'rsir.^ tlto
naturul rolatioo bt'lweoa a pOQplO and
noil mi nriii ; /ill lll'iion", II!! OXPOit'iioc.ns
?is oom'non sprw?' olios
hut n po'inlc mu^tsiippn t their Governnmnt.
The mind ?>f m m c*innof eo'veive
of n tjre'iter nhstr'di'v than thm of n irov- ,
? nmont nt'emptinj^ to -nppo-t tin* p^n- (
oh-! It nvitters nr?* wheilio'* thh iitff-mpt |
i-; 111 >d<> hv 1)1 infi'l.c m innf
, ........ ..... .-?* iiuj:
chnndizinir, or h ml>in?x !
In a Peni'enti n v " nivl felons,
nn l rispmN of eve-v rJetj ee," ire punished
at tin' exnpjve of the Sti'e. In i
Bink if sr m inns happens ihii? ro?*nes,
1 svvi vile-*, hank upts end ' ;isn>u-< of every
deirr m;" ii e rcvir.lc l a the expense
of the Sttte ! I refer von tr> ?'??
wi'M known, of dim-to- of the Ti ink >f
'1w> $ >'< of South Cii,-olin:> 'unninff off.
:\f'o?- h? viny swindled the Bunk out of
thoinnnds tind tins of thtv.Hnnd* of dolI
p*s! I ivfu voti to t'*c c is*' of nn
of tho H ui!; vj<'?i in?r 1 i V-uuk burnt wi'h
?-onio c 20.000 in i ! I ii'for vou 'o tho
lo<S of >:/,( 0.000 in Iv .l I T M-f....
? 'ru:i
vrtu to th?* a'tntt 1 iivoriffc 1o<s of th?>
I? nk of "s2 \0V) hv hi- n-mlvoncv of h?'r
(lch'M v ?tnd di iM-totv! "Dont J'ort/el fir
pi'< fa'I."
1 lv>ve dvo<v?l?,d the S'.i'c's taking
s'ock in R-il Ro>d comp mio , Iw.-iu o
tlio<o ,imp ini<'s could no' o'lwwi < he
o g.inijscd. Vo'i c innot. iryo the sottm' ;
'< imhi f<? i1:?? St !<?' ; ongoing in H:nk- 1
pi!,;, it il ro ids nn> cons'meted fo- ill !
benefit of cvi'i'v mini in S mill f?i'-?!iniit j
ove v <inc who r- *. <es n pound of oo'fon, |
o" n h?r rl of < ?> .. cvi"v um* who \ <-s :i ,
poun.d or s-1 . N'>*hinif is tvo-e ?reni*r. I j
o unive s?ii in liu* dilYii- ion of i s hh? -i v_ri j
nnd mlvmitmre . Nol *o with tho U mk. i
Its oTHim'P.< nnd di es-iors, in<dn *im?_f tin* '
Brunch Bunk.-, hiive ho 'owed of the mo
I M/l, . l . . J...:.. i.
... . . . n i..: m iiifir Rc-nni; ii'?w <ni<
; oi (51.000.000. Kojp- Hi t.icts in
S' ltf lvvc I o."owctl * 200.000 ! T1 i 'v
j i'ldi- i In ]- I, \?> j/?tf i-700.''fw ' Th" G <>
' H il Wn d Iimr 5'iop.opo! 'I"'" ir
! 1 on wn k^ -10.000! Tie Linn- '(>.?
Nminjr- *2^,000 |i> t ! Tw> 'vtlivr:* !: d
rd r>("HOii* in Siinili C imlin i >?.. !? >
' *inc<'! The |mm?p!p. tho if o ni i.^ of the
n?imli? noll injf ! "Dont /'or</et (he p'm
Url!!" ' ' i
] iim not i:i f v-> of the S'ltcs hsivincf
nnv?Mn?/ to tin with the mcnaffmmt of
tin- 11-*.i 1 Rd 'il*, nnd v ?U't| .?<r iin^( (lie ippointrru'nt
of Provins f?v (Imt nii'po-c tlii*
wi'ito**. T^U'V will 1c much * ?*tI.m nr-nli\
tho n iv t<* s'ocli holders.?Rut
wln'fhp" rrofi'able or not to ?lw S->?to in
ii ppcivivv point or vi.'w. R il RowU exf
>i sjiIu'o' v rnornl, induM i 1 >ind ?'n
lii'l'tlTIH' IpfllK'H'"'' ll><? O"' *
^ . ? . -v U" IMhltlli V tit
irpnen'l. You c Minot say the same for
tlio H nk of tin* jS'fn'e.
You will t??* n-ive mv Mend I Ivivp
licen s??u<-k wi li t'ir mo-: I of v<?ur?:iil <v's
s'o v about tin* | ix biil 'obnopo.?It i< a
good npc, i>nd very upp'orvi ne.?The
in in ol-Wt of.lnek, ro douht. in wii inir
to Iii- fti? nfl. w";', 'o jrel some i?f the t?i<;
tnil. //. thought, too. it wis a inntt?*r
sil'Mut. \v 1 irh I.i? f iond notilil lo-e v v
li t'c. nnri hence the cofWsuit ippe'i in
with si \ie<v ofi'Ttpcs-ini; it nn his mifl
Mv tnai) ??'?h;is Ip n. in ntv tore
poMdonce, *o shn* that the H i'.k i . unjrofifahle.
is well is (lui^'nnis :infl unconii
<i inn I. Tl is I coi.lii rot do f???tt
thm hv howf'iif the lo ;???m un I oxtionse-i?f
'he H-nk. I Ivd in i;npes ion 'on.
lite th<i holiest tin*, thnt von e nor! v-v
lit I lo I )<nilt tllt^P IIV ill Volii rri> If..
iln> flunk 1'iul \v;>s likrlv to ovp" look
ibimi?um J.-ii'kN wns tin* pitr il ?
//t-noc mv vpo i i?>nol th#? and '-xponrt'
of tin* B ink wih the \ ie\v of iujiro-<inif
tbom on your mind.
T'-o pjoflc b'ntv nn v ??f
knowing fill bo ?*xnpns<- incu'Mxl hv the
mimic's of tin* L"i;i-I itivc, but no* tbo ?
of tbc Bunk. Now I will <_?iv?* vou lifllc
mo c ".tift ta 7." 7' c rjO-t of tbr
P c i bm' <?f "be MmU befnonv. nnd
1 from which I m ko full twini? ?'X? ?* * :
'To office S R:ll l U'v.'in 1 -s'on?*1N,!
I ?? 1 I v?tl -1 ! .. ? ! /~1 < ?
j * i i, i"i v iinnvi , *'/,
; CO'1/ in Oiinvlcn *.?Hfirprs x 1 rin-? mm<mnt
" ^O.OMO.' * Vt.'o hev Gunp^d *1,000,'
rep i-s t.. old hiiiI ivw II nkiiKr
mu| !,nd huiliiHif-* nw-ncil hy tin' H -nk
'" 2 108 10 ? ? ?.* nn S u"rti?' %7,*
500 24.'' iHv vn f>-?, hi (? of ??vm\
t?i\, *4 IB 2;V All of thtMP cx'vmw* to
.1 !.l. .1 - i i
mi- >1 iff s?iimtii?x ;>momii in ?!'?,000,
Whin \v<* con*i |c?
'w/hln* w'i '1 'In* Inof ihi* B'mU. w<?
rt >v c im?'| ?' |y conuludt' tho p-ofi.n ire
nv ll.
f rtUpp<? ?' '?? i '"i >f M.012 10 i
p iifl i_hr \mo ni'v G-'iifval. Int voir, i \
|!j(U'< !?<>? fi'i? sin I On* fi'ii of Mt*. !**? *i'X "?i
rivnn 11)?* 11 uk. *o ?h?>w itho
'lll-ll Itfll J Iwunwl I A f ?
M ,Un.- IM Ml " III MI 'I' in I . I ' I I ill 4
m'llovm >nt of (nvincil. ;in 1 pivinif thou
vith ihe ?pl m ne\\ hv th" Ii ?nk.
he ?!) ?? ttuie in 1 of t h?* li'ji litre
to -how to the wo 1 I, tint the Letf1
tu*e i? w o \ r j i r,.fu i vf to -e-i.-hi'te
he n nk, o - 'n o'ltfjr wo-d* to on'inw
thcexUtcacy of their crc.iiu.'o anJ ?#o:it,
i-? Mhnut ns hi^'i 'vnrh"1 >n <ic? of rresunip
ion.nnd assumption of miM o-i'v H mh *jjfnt
or ?*"vnt ms r 'n lv? shown ri the
ann I ofdcleirjtfofl mi'ho i'v. It de o vc-;
to h?* romemhccd mid t < i<u ? <! up hv
tin* opi pic in nil time to come.
You nre misti k??n in sn\iny thnt vo-i
hive seen no " -videner* ?r?iincf 'o show
tivl' m rechnrtc of tho Bim1< Ivis H??on <\sk..a
r u- -> * ? ?
.-.i i i- iiy ipp rresi tont nn I Di wos."
Their course f? r the lu*t si v vein*, has
been to p -ovo tlvit the L"??hI itu <* n
bound ?o rerhnrter >hp Bank. Yon o ni
so in olv rofp- to -i Bank ducunent wi'hout
M'oinjf tli'w Vvidi-nrp."
1 am *o?v mv de tr f ii*ti i ?h?f "Memmin<je,,'s
Bill" h is m do von viol i'o vnnr
intended nen'ndi'v nl ont the B?nU, nnd
In1' it vho Id still pon inuo tooxci'p and
f<"?d vonv "li?" v ? !." Yom onj'ht 'n re
nvniftpr t.hnf Hill" w is
j .vjt nnri tli'it viu ;i>o
Jc'rkinn o (frnel /inn. if \ on?* ??ilv ohiiv* :s
" o nv(?M ilic mill" inlcndod J)v tin' /?ill.
B. F. P.
W r.lin tin* f"11<>w'iii?f ivmn'Vs. urnn
?ln? clvimc'or j'tid n ' io'i ni of Mr. C 1lirvui.
fr im iui?"1i o.i I in ilo N?*w Yo-.k
Ht'"'i '1 of ond-iv 1 " ?:
,\nti tm?* i' i; i\i . i v/'io, n t'u*
nf'vo is mi?1 i i i?;tV 1?? ?jrloiv of lii< m?nin*.
Iio'vivs 1ii< f i-li p*fn'c"ion; even lif> i>
no' I f-otti <o itlic n eliiv d v: f?v
l?i< f nii r >'f" 1 >o P??nn -vivid i in
17fl'*, "ind i'i 1750 ' mnvcfl to iSfou'h
r'-i"n!in-. Iff 'f i ?vis ivgoded *>v ill
nil f mili" of tint is jin >'dv??ntitvp-;
Mild, f o*u tlio <? v1v vc o-s o' I ' ? ri"\Mfv.
wV'i Ih' -o \ jvv lie 1 if? . Ii?> onoo'
n fl " :,i?nd'" ojipfc i ion, w! idi
:l''0 ? ??U* of 'Ih> V |o?l*'V of sonfll* of'l'H
i iniof iVitSf ro- nnd ??#!.
,1 iv. w*<? h-tvi' ov ' <? t> nn* fo hvli *\ ing hi<
i 1 w>v ovi'r Piitolina i>nd
tl.o of ih?* South is rojr-ivdrd
wi'h col<hn>*s md sm pit-inn ! \ nV hv of
tho n f"uili'-s who look upon tlu'itwhos
as tie lf_ri i-M'iO* and Iwi'di'-'irv ai-tocr>?o**
of fho Smu'Ii: hut. the force of his
tfpnius has bi'i'n i"to i-ti' h?. He has
nvdf* flu* cuvt* of flu1 South his own.
ITi* hns hi'i'ii ?h Hi.'ha' d Poeiv dc Lion of
th" .W c n fit ^e-: and w'ile hi< cltivi'l
10 Hrfl'IfC of n i ?
... ... -#?* ?. * ? III t I -* > IT'S*
m"do him doir fo the S.ni'ho'-n S'>,'o<.
1 i' Mneornfromi in'jr ? nd ?-olf sropoli
i?*: 1 infot; i'v h-vo ij "mod him ' o
ro noc1 of m pv or hi< oo'ompo iio<
tlrnu^'out ilio wo 1 I. Mv vomr he i
toijM'dol f n uir 1 mid ul" i ? ? ''>o
ouostion of >11ve v: hut wo h \?* to lo r n
tint M\ C Ihoun low roquiod th?tt C'on(r
-fss should ill* iiiu>ll'in>? i
' l'L
dppin ???! pvp-f?rv? ilio irn-mmtrp* of tW
(Vms'i'u'ion. lie m-1<s fo no sped >1 lojfi
I "io?. IT,, nv Icps no denr nd-* upon
tlip fitvo- of ?>nv A'lnini-tn'ioM Independent
of t il P e.idpn's >md .ill od-inets,
hi own f"pp m m. '?p 1o?t? Mip ITniun,
mid 1m* would p' f ??i vp i"; l?uf lie loves ilie
Soirh s'ill, wV"i she i in d-p^e",
ml he will -jfiind hv ' .-n I p e e vp
bp' n? nil h z d1' h -s I'een 'I'." mi
C . ..< %? x-* i
n? Mi'ic in m " r' im*?n i to hi' mil cp <? on
tcl .mi i mi m'id?"*?t<to.l hv hi ' i?,oj?nipi>rn
i?? : hut in il i ??rec'. ho isonlv suft*o
invrthe f't?* ofoMo ij o.tt mi'", who
sci' mo "I'Iim lv th Otv/'i tin- i ->s inn- ?f
he ?vo o i' ?oi ! In* rr i s nf In u'u < .
lie, 11? ?'?oip, rri-'V t? v t i? noil I v of
fo i'r i- f i >tr i M-rif--niH Mcini/ ?' ? <1 nf
hi- ?im**; 'if we '> vo ** ?I M?i ??
t: I nr? in nit fin c. nnl?>.? we v
?vk??n nrion u'?st--ivi I i<I f mi ' i-rt.
i i 1* i <ri if (! ?> U 'il!i Mll'v w1 i-^
now 111 i m* * In* 11 i i * ? hi mi ' If
pr I li?, '.ono-.i' |<\ s'tfi*, nnd fi > I ?!jusiir.i'nf.
Ilonir lo tIk* ovvi. ft i know i th it
tli<? ivifi-Jittu'v of Im 8v?!e, hid lt|'srru<*tlu'i
Sohito** tin I lit- > eseii'.itive , *o
vo?e :ij^ nnst t !i?? ex'e.i i*?? of .-I v?< y. In
n*<; ik! to 'he < i isti'iic ions, G.-n. Cass
s i I lii hi* I ilt? speech.
"I acknowledge the eM'rjfiiiion of the
ins rm-.iions I linve ee?*ived. and cui iot
no in op'iu i '.?>i to t lx* n; n'>* ?:n I net
11 ?? ?!??? i i'M *o mv o.vn Co ivie i?in< of
tliMfuc nu? mi ig of thp * Nnsii u'io i.
W ,<-n f.?. iiMf c.?iu!-, tin I I urn ? jui ?*<I
to vo'i- um n this m<* isu ? is a pao i-* il
nil-, M i hill t? v! li ^ lb* ji'cyi1" i I
<vc nm ,,r, I sh ,11 k i?>?v hnwVo Vrt >nfile
mi' .1 i?v *o the L"_{i >1 ?iu o with my
duty tomvM'lt hv ?u Tuail-ving a trust I
nan no lo ijjp r fulfil.I'
OiKlowuar in, D . B inch, wrhjf.nit
promp'nois. com ihmiccJ ?fuli'hg the
?n of or* /? i-i-'i It > <1 he hn unr
If tike.i, <vi vosti* d iv, wJii<'h wo p"?Hume,
it tli fi .it wo k Join1 upon i". vol.
Tin* cMtr el* wc 0 lot out 01 Mu'id iv
I Ht, rim) ill l<'*n. <\\ cit n nvle (on i>; iduj
10 llvo vili which has not yet been
? ? .."
loc 'tod. It fill tho.-o wlm Ivivp tiikr-n '
?v*nt flirts upon tl'e /frnuu'h Roid will "< '
wi h i? ju?il p ornptness >tn?1 imv <rv wi'
| t!i<? Doi'io-. \v*' cc rci't iv it will i>p <_r .
i 'n* M>?? 'imp - r>" ,:fi >1. Anil 1RM.
Othe *, we lo tin, wil' c ? mvn< e griidii'g
I fin Monday IU'X". I
j Ho fun. .I'M. 18.? A friir b'11 found |
a <o '}is> 7>r. Wtb-h r rnr the murder o'"|
/)". Pa?Icnntn.?Tlic O nnd Jurv to-Pv, j
nfu*" bi'tMino" iii tbo otidonfo, found n!
t no 1 ill <? in*t P o Webster for
the mil' do- if IV\ P kni Mi.
P'iuev M ii k. Eq. hi k been vrtn'n *d
j as coun o| fo iI)o c.mjmmJ.
j T'to ox imin >'ion lyfo o tho 0"'i'd .Turv
w is not. wliollv oxp'fto. Rovo* 1 witIHSSP'i
WO O I'V imi'wirl *' -
.. ?n? r-fl H I I I C V
siiw I) . Pa>km >n Jif'frhis di-taippc ivmiic**.
In t'u* m i Hou-oof Rt?prt?-i?nt}*-'
tlir followinjr t> oln'ion whs <?fVe ? (!
hy M . /?m* well, nod mi lii-s tro'iun ? ? !
fi'riv 1 to tin* Committer on the Wilmot
i Itrsnfrrcf in/ lit? Onuml A*sfmblu,
Tint i In- 'ind i< he <-V?v recommiMided
to ilit* people of Vi <_jioi l not to impo 1. 1
nu"c!v?<o o oomiumo any nrticl", ?!>< p- *?
j r1nr?* m Miufi'c'ir?* of () ? S'tMc of
W 'ii t if. o <? * nnv other S'h'o in 'I*1
lTi i ? ?. w'-.i -'i sli II id 1 -<>*s to Vi gi;ii i
the l:ingUMm? of rrn?n?co or jvo-cli.
77/" Vor'xl'ilif in Cinch,nti.? 7*1 ol'in<-i
Mii-'i Nonpv i? I of tl.? 17 li snv : "1' i<
1f iruivd tlvif -ix thousand porous or
; no rlv oni'-fir'<'?'iit1i of our w' o|?* popuJ?tio'.
' nvf 1'iidthe smidl-rox or vaiioloid
du inif tlio h?*t f- u** months. It 5
injj to ? con ?*>i* 1?? ?*x'cn? in 0<?vin<_r'on
i nnd Newport. Like tin* ft uU"". i< l i' ivs
1 a milder fo m now limn i? (lid in 1732 0,
when i< fallowed in I he \vnk? of thnt
! d eatdful sconce.
f^ol'HAflEors Wif .? Ch nles C. S ? i
k?^t, fo-mi1 lv of CinoinnnfM. wived ?t
Sin Friimi (* ?, "coomp"r.ied l.v lis 1,-ulv.
j sjivs the Envtircr. nn the 7th of Novrrn
mi*- nsi. i mi'v wi'lkcfl over j-ix Itundiod
! milo". nnd Miffi'M-d jyrpfl'lv on tlu> wv.
i It will ><* ''cm1'!' <*(1 l?v "imp of ourci izcns,
tlvit M . S. ;tnd 1 dv w.c of the
same* p^rtv th?it t)ie iwn I,iw"cint^ of
our oi'v wee. These vounu ^entlrmen
I ho'h dh'd I i-fotv tli v ' ched (lie 11 in<.
I , ' ,
.. ? * ' Ki.? / ? mnri, :'rron
0 vi?'irs. of Jiirob I'ilo--, at. L N.
T.. jjo' "pccss 'o i jnor of not- in i!: >
)>0'll t* l ist \V()>ib mill .li i ' 1 '
- . - - . .. v 9 IIIMI U i tl < t\ ? \f IliUt'li 1 11?11
! ho died nox' day.
| f.arne Man.?0;ipt. Conno-, who
! diinl nt E io, h'is hoen in tho rpvonut*
-o-vr.o -ihont twon'v vo -rx. ,\t tho j
( 'imp of hi< doath ho wei?jhi?d four lain- j
j d od and - ixtv pounds. ?*lfhoiiirh whon
. twenty voar< of >i?r?ho was a sm ill, puo
* nvun
Sltnfftrr fto'frr P.nr*t?,'PIim i
' St Jos*t h. <? > ho * w >v mi i<t S*. Lou'n, !
' ln'-i Im? hoi1?> , Mtvl twenty persons mere j
killed *>> the exnln ion. Tin* ho it took J
fi ? mid hu>'ni to the wvor's el-je.?
( har. Courier.
"e -''ri'ikt'tK ( it-* t c Yankee Bh-le) j
will hrdlv c.vcii-o Tom Hood fo letting J
off H<(? following ^nui'i i??r ilw.i- f>
vo ?'? bovem?r?\ True. ho is no Bnbe- j
?ni n. V?u? w<? to no? the le <s :is1oni?bi'd :
n* bi? b (li-ii'iOM. f-WOi'i 11 v ini? j
bow n*?nul bo irl>i bnv?? mndc l.im wit' 1
bv in<Ii in?r H " 7V l><Mim I m<l imiH in j
f vu of tin* ('b nc c pi nt. Bir of Tom j
i n iv bi? . i I. is of rh?? (I -li i hh d ink ]
i nii'x'ion " V? p'HMi'ii /?-uum vive <*, 1
lire -inn It." Hm i<ot u> fca-diou.-*, j
hr (? Hoo'l'x lines In ii T:
I''wino'i# |vii?in ??i< twi,
Tlmu jfl* in i\i? i'Jht Imp;-.
Wl..? .v. ...i... i- . i
....... win; iivi in -> lire kiiic.I.
By a mister* or 'gr.ip '?
1 "Boh, who c is tho stnto of M iirim ?
"If i< <*no of tho United S'hIch. It's
bounded by linking nnd kiting <>ri one
si lo, nn I cradles mid bill ies o1 the >thr .
Its ehii-f product# mo ponwhtion, b ooin
sti.-ks mii I sfiyi'?if out o'uijfh'.s. It whs
di-covi'-etl by /Idimand Kvo, ?J die trying
tofiida north-west passage out of
Pir.uli'o. Die . lin ite is rat hor sultry,
till yo i |?;isst!i? to pi us of hon>e-keepirig,
when squally we.itner co n mMily sets in
wrn :?u:ri > *nt pi?wor tok?:? p nil Inn.is si?- I
co i) a cucunjheiv. Ko ilic p-im ipjd |
nm.ls leuling to thi* inle zesting stntf, con
suit tin* fi si p iir of Muo eyea you run
Hg lillSt."
When a gentlonvin murrio* a ladv,
bunut.ful and rich, bin friend* suy, "He
h i;* m inioJ .1 pti.ft'CL I3i d of Paradise/
If tlito I ?<Iy Ivippcns to tie poo-, Imuroie ,
thev stiy: "A |it- feci Hi d of PiiradUc,
( wiiu ihy exception ol' ihu lotuhyia,"
"00 IT. BOB-TAIL!"
We find folio wing' s'orv in oip of
our uxrlnuvjros. I>u do no* know who has
'!? c cdi' of o iuinn'in" it:
.i m;.-.- in ii >i no ?"'uik I'oosn r"
w is fo nd hv ('apt in , of tli ste .in ?r
. i:i ihe unjfine room <?f hi* 1 oat,
when lv'njr it Loui villi', one fine morninir
in .lune. The Captain innni ed to
know "what he was diine the'e?"
"Have \ on seen Cant. Perry?" wiisUk
"I <ion't know him: and can't tell wlmt
ihnt Ins wi li vou" hein i:i mv en'mm,"
-enlied 'lie l/intain, Mlijpf ilv.
"Hold i>->! That's just whnt I wns
injf i<t. Vnu see, C'?ip?. Pi-riv mid I
\v:>)kcd dmvn town together. Cnpioin
Perry nsked nil' to drink?>o 1 did. I
knew that I wantedod ink. ?v 1 would'nt
Imve been s?i cussed <1 y. S'? Cnpt. Perrv
nnd I d link two o- three time-. C)ip?.
Pe i v i nd I went to a bill. lie wns ?
nillllMir 111 <ivli.it- 1 "" ?
f * irti'i ooiMinr lie , i
<>?', 'Go i\ 0"n'. Perry, if you hurst
your I il?* !' Willi that, a man stops up to
me, and m-s he?
"See he*e. stn uifor, vou nv s' leave."
<S": vs I, "What niu-l I leave fur?"
R.-Vs he, "You're making too much
noi e."
Says I, "I've been in 1 ij'ffor nov.ds
tlwn tl is i'ltd nude mo e noiM>, and
dida'1 lci'\ e, nu'luv
With tlis'.t In* i'>ok n?e l,v tl.c nn|i of
ib?> nook ;ind sosil ?>f lie laoeohos, anc'?
I left. As 1 wis sltovon' down si" ret, I
mel i> 1 dv. J knew s^o w.-i-- a la lv ' v
a renv-k si o ur do SI ?> s; \ ? ?
"Yni'iiir you must conic home
w i li nic "
And 1 wen', i' I cci. in 1 oi laie on
jIoM tine, wlcn I l.ciid i; devil of a
knocking at ti e <Vi r. Ill ow t! o clu?p
Willi <'fl '#???<?' ? ' - 1
at* . mu: i < ? it , ?>r ('?*
wouldn't lwivo k?pt up : ich si 'lundf if'
ijM-kn. * , 'rid n v?|i?r?
'if you rimi'i oj on I'll liust in tltr doo" '
Ard >o 1-c* Hiil. I put on ?t I old I. e<\
nnd snvv I?".Sir; tifft" , does ili-. wnnv n
I oloocr tn \ (i\i
R ?v> Jw?"51-r docs."
"T\ cr," M V--1. " l-.t'V vir'iou--, I think,
from >dl 1 1 a\?* v?-?-n nf In".1';
Wit I) Mi?t In* como :o m<? \vi'!i >1 fii <>!
inowlmnd, n i i iiowi'--krnfr ii tin
< -, Hiul . ? lecilf fi ? s<d for I
j imped t! hi' il <' 1**; \ii:' il.o I i^rjrc
por inn of mv <o:t. I. il. A* 1 was
stri'jikin' it down tow , with the f aj;m?
nl fl it'i'ii i' t- t' o biocz , i p ftcd ii
r n '? I k- cw ho w s it f iei <1 b,f 'he rt
in.i k l e in. d??. Ses hf\ 'Go it. I o! -tjiih
I e's ? % it?in> on von.' And that's ?Imway
I happened in vourengine-:onm. I'm
a good Rwimmiv, ctptain. hut do o.xruse
m<\ if von pie is?', f om tnkin' water.
Si.ow P : > M.'i.?Pi* "son-; of dull and
I in^nid Ii I it* t'ail themselves ulnjrgi hlv*
tlv'flllirll !?!*<? IT . ]<>
. j ... mm f U-. it wti. LlirMMIIl' ?I 11II
i^oni'-iny \i.-etis eln<rj;rd eveiy moveni'
ni iind prevented nil iefreshini{ repose.
Tlx i Mil'>t; nee i* nothing | ut the *hme
of indolence, an I their co ltracted sinil
p it'i i- cove ? I with t'lei own pollu ion,
Th<*ve is no hedthy al ic ily in th ni, none
nf that viv iciom ene -jjfv which indiea'es
either a \ivjo ou8 body or n forcible
mini. T u-y d "iif them elves tardily to
heir toil, as if eve v joint we e a socket
\i ? , n i mi i-Utll IIH* 1111 1 ' 11* 1111' 11' III
ivlustrvas timidly as if they ex pec'ed
ilifi elleininate flesh to adhere to whatever
it htndh.J. "Work affo ds them no
:<?v, and duty no delight; they are cm scul
tied of all ma :lv viyo , and have
buried their comeierce in thci l.-zincw.
They i re a p ?rt of perpetual
sonvi m'udists, walking th ough tl eir
sleep; npoving in a constant mystery,
looking fo their faeuhies, aind forgetting
!.? i?i.:..- r?. ?> -
? imv kill') MM- IIIIMM m Mil, IIOl 111 U! It)
li) I tlu'i work, o- wlion thcv have found
(li'it, not able to find their bunds; doing
everythi if dre ming. and therefore, confuse.!
and 'n-ompletely; their woik is u
dream, t'jeir sleep a (i earin, not repo c,
not refresh m en I, hut a slumberous vision
of rest, a dienming queiy concerning
sleep, loo 1 ite fo- everything, Inking their
pixsage when the ship his stiled, infuling
their piope?ty wl en the h< u?e is
burnt, locking the door when the goods
are stolen?men whose bodies seem to
h:ive started in the race of existence J e?
Memoir minds w?t? learty. >irrl vlo
ire >dw ys jr zing out vacantly as if they
expected their uu? kv(| cooiii'g up L?y
.he next arriv I,
Usenet I\l?uslachc.?The editor cf
the London Medical Timet*, lel'oriiug lo
ihe moustaches of medical students,
-.mes a correspondent that "moustache*
invn tlwi lit#-1 ?'>-? "*" *
v.. ?uv.'? (iiivi hid liil*
po.tnn', tliev are considered lo point out
.lit' idlest, the v iiu*M, and most nclf-eon
eifed, if no', psob ?l ly, the most dissolute
i:i the el is.-. They are be. icons (o warn

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