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The correspondent at Naples of the
London Daily News, under date of February
12, says that the eruption of Mount
Vesuvius; of which ho gives the following
account, had compelled the Pope to
remove from Portici to the palace on Capo
di Monte.
For a week we have now enjoyed the
most spiendid eruption which has taken
place for many years. Y'hc ashes have
been carried as fai* wo know as twenty
mi)A9 nn /lnnl\( 'Pl.^
.... VW| ?i<v* I?v V4V/HI/K 111 UVyi 1 Mil (<111*1 * J. 111*
lava descnds in two streams upon Otuta-j
no, whore it 1ms destroyed a palnce and
much land belonging to a nobleman of
that name, and another toward Torri di
vlnnnnziatn, while the Haines and the immense
masses of rock which arc ejected,
form at night a terrific spectacle. Thy
roaring of the mountain on &mirday
night last was such as to disturb -''the
whole country for miles round, and here
in Naples our windows shook with every
re pi lit ion of it, which was unceasing night
and day. Immense crowds, of course,
walk over to the other side of the bay to
got a nearer view; religious processions
are moving about for the intercession of
the Madonna and the saints; and it is
QJiSfl tlv.if tlir* Pr?rvn to
ceremonial to cause tho mountain to stay
its ruinous proceeding. 1 am sorry to
add that the accidents to tlio^e who went
over have been very sad.
On Saturday night a young Pole was
struck in tho leg by a burning stone,
which cut through the limb, niul he died
on tho mountain from loss of blood. A
young American officer was struck in the
arm, which hung suspended by a bit of
flesh. On his arrival in Naples he had
lost so much blood that an amputation
could not take place, and as no reaction
has up to this time taken place, it is not
expected that he can live. A gendarme
is also reported killed, and two men who
had fallen a sacrifice to the eruption,
were said to have been buried yesterday
at Portici. Some anxiety has been felt
for an Englishman and his wife who had
not returned from a visit to the mountain;
and yot crowds roll on night and day to
see this wonderful phenomenon. From
the neighborhood of the mountoin p.ll the
inhabitants have fled, and the powder
from the magazine at Torre has been removed.
Marshal Nev'h Death Sckne.?The vengeance
of the allied powers demanded some
victims; and intrepid Nny, who had welhiigli
put the crown again on Bonaparte's head at
Waterloo, was to be one of them. Condemned
to be shot, ho was led to the garden of Luxembourg
on the morning of the 7 th December, and
placed, in front of a t do of soldiers, drawn up to
Kill him. One of the officers stepped up to bandace
his eves, but ho renulscd him sav'ner.
'Are you ignorant tlmt for twenty-fivo years I
have been accustomed to faco both ball and
bullet!' Ho then lifted his bat above bis bead,
and with tlio same calm voice that bad Bteadied
his columns so frequently in the roar and
tumult of battle, said, 'I declare, beforo Qod
and man, that I never betrayed my country.
May my death render her happy. Vive la
Franco!' He then turned to the soldier*, and
striking his hand on his heart, gave the ordoi,
"Soldiers, fire!" A simultaneous discharge
followed, and the 'bravest of the brave' sank to
rise no more. He who had fought five hundred
n?... i> _ YA- .u i 1-.,
fftiitura iui naitu;, lioi uuu ii^ilinct iiui, wiw
shot as a traitor! As I looked on the spot
where ho fell, I could not but sigh overliis
fate. True, he broke his oath of allegiance?
so did others, carried away by their attachment
to Napoleon, and the enthusiasm that hailed
his approach to Paris. Still ho was no traitor.
urttino itiaiiT.?it is gratifying to
perceive that the Hon: Robert Toombs
has been undergoing a wholesome purgation
of political errors. From the last
accounts from Washington ho was in a
promising state of mind on the California
Question. He has taken ground, in his
rocont speech In Uongress last weok, against
the admission of California with its
present pretended organization. Air
Stephons, we aro informed, takes the
same position. This betokens that our
delegation in Congress will be a unit 011
this question.
What will those whig presses in Georgia
say now, that advocate the admission
of California as she stands?boundaries
and nil/ They will have to hunt about in
the delegations of other /States to find a
champion of their views in Congress.
Wo hope they will have to go North of
Mason & Dixson's line before they find
him,?Consti (utionalist.
Pokticat. Leoibi.atton?The following petition
from Eliza W illinms nnd other females, addroH8C(l(to
tlv Speaker of the House, Ac., was
recently presented in the Now Jersey Senate.
/Your humble petitioners do earnest'v pray
Your honorablo body, without more doiay.
To pass a now law whorein power be shown,
For wives to hold landed estates of their own.''
On Saturday, Mr. Whitehead, from tho Judiciary
Committee, presented tho following re
ia/jv tm mw u?? unuuuuvuoijr
"Tliis petition apponra to have got quite iwtray
And tlvo commlttce'itdvlso that it bo Rent away
To tho Speaker of tlio House, to whom its directed,
To b? thcro to tlio fomib of logitdation subjected
A Dtscokso^atb Husband.?Tho mnr
ahal of Cincinnati, a few days since, received
the following telegraphic despatch
from Dayton V,re hopo for tho sake of
the 'paby' the frow may bo caught:
Jlfisler Marshal, mino frow runned
nway mil one d?d Dutchman dismor
nin; she has but von eye, vich is black?
i t'other eye is black too, but she lost him.
She ish ash big as von bogshcrd. L
vonts you (o ketch her nut do delegraph,
and send her home to her paby, for if she
ton't rooms, 1 vips her like de debil.
Alex. IIavkns.
Dayton, Jan. 10,1850.
Louis Ifapohrm as non Compos Mentis.?The
following from n /'aria letter of
Mr. Walsh, as late as 21st Fcbrunry,
would seem to he a direct refutation of
the statements lately that Louis Napoleon
had gone 'hopelessly crazy*'
"It was formally notified in yesterday's
Moniteur, that the cabinet remains united,
and will not he modified. The President
is visiting successively all the barracks,
to know directly how the troops of
every description arc lodged and fed, and
to distribute crosses of honor to the old
_Ci\ 1 11 _ 1 1i l 1 '
uiueurs, una mc suoaaurns who iiaa distinguished
themselves by their conrngc
and their devotion.
Tneonncction with this alleged crazinoss,
it was said trouble was to follow by
his proclaming llenry V, king, and count
of Paris heir to the throne, which would !
be a 'hopelessly crazy' thing sure enough.
Depend upon it, he will endeavor to take |
better care ot himself than that."
Laugh Lumps ok Ooi.n.?Sumo astonishingly
large pieces of gold have
been found at (he >S!ockton mines, in
California, within the last two weeks of
January. A letter of January 31, to the
New York Tribune, says:
"One piece weighing twenty-three
pounds was brought to Stockton; that
another piece of almost incredible size
and weight was also reporte to have been
broil rrlif, to tffor.ktnn on Vrifhiw?it wns
snid to weigh ninety-eight pounds. I
saw a number of persons on board the
Stookton boat who bad seen (be lump
weighing twenty-three pounds. Tbe
gentleman who carries the express between
Stockton and San Francisco, told
me he saw and hud in bis hands the
piece weighing ninety-eight pounds. If
this be true it is the largest piece of gold
ever found, excepting one found in tbe
Ural 3/buntnins, which weighed nearly
one hundred pounds."
About half past 11 o'clock last night
a firo broke out in the block of ooden
buildings, on A/inn street, occupied by
Mrs. Butler, Messrs. Price it Berry, T.
C. Stevenson and E. C. 7'olock. The
whole were destroyed, with the greater
portion of their contents. It is not positively
known how the fire originated.
Messrs. Price & Berry are the hoaviest
losers, having lost a quantity of valuable
stock in the ccllar of the building occupied
by them. No firemen ever worked
harder or with better success than did our
companies lust night, and to their untl
ring energy is owing the preservation of
the adjoining block.?Carolijiian 26.
Charleston, March 25.
Holders, since the reception of tho Niagara's
accounts, freely coi.cod a doline
of 1-4, Under this concession there
was a moderate demand, and the sales
footed 1,100 bales, at extremes of 10 1-2
to 11 5r8?fully fair 11 1-4.
Mil. Calhoun's IIkaltii.?It will be
gratifying to the South to learn that Mr.
Calhoun has improved since the last intelligence
from him. 7/c is now reported
Affairs in Canada.?The annexa
tiuu &ulicme, which but a few months
ago was the general topic, is now scarcely
mentioned. At '.he recent election in
Shcrbrook district, the annexation candidate
was elected; but that is attributed
to the fact, that the district joins Vermont
an I New Hampshire, and Is mostly
populated by the /lmerisans, or those
whose predilections are favorable to the
Unite' States government.
The great antipathy towards Lord Elgin
has in a great measure subsided, and
matters are assuming a mo.e peaceful
aspect, doubtless the effect of the des*
patch of Lord Grey.
A Si'ikitkd Qiri..?A daughter oiMv
A ley Slice of Lexington District, Dutch
Fork, ono day last week discovered a
large grey Eagle preying on her father's
pigs, and in attempting to drive him off,
the bird made battle, when nhe succeeded
in capturing hitn without any assistance.
/She dragged him into the yard where he
was secured and found to measure over
seven feet from tip to tip of his wings.
<b'he received asevero wound in her hand,
The Eagle is now confined in her father's
yard ?Carolinian 26th inst.
The shower of flesh and blood.? yiie
Into shower of llesh and blood which
camo olf i'i Sampson County, is reported
far and wide and exciting the especial
wonder of everybody. It is accounted
for in various way*. One thinks it was
some putrid carcase carried up into the
air, which camo down in the way described.
Apart of this is ccrtainlya
fact. It had to be carried up before it
could comc down; but how it wascarricd
up the deponen t saith not. vfwili ven
ture fie solution of tho problem
It is the habit of the TurkejBuzzard
to overload its stomach with thetroceeds
of any dead carcass shut may U under
its observation and lay in a countable
state. On mounting into the ail finding
the Toad too cumbrous, it digorgesa
pnrt ol tho same' and thus pgiuces a
shower of the kind described; real ttesh
and blood. / (
/ Pi
Court.?Our Court f>mmenced its
Session on iVonday ln< And continued
during the eutire weol Judge Withers
prcsidin'/. ?'he most in port ant cose tried
was that of the Staters. Dr. Wait for the
murder of his slave, ?c was found guilty
of mnhslaughter, nndscntenced to pay ?
fine of $500 and to be imprisoned six
months.?Abbeville Jbtnncr.
' IMJ151, IC ' ~ittE K T11% of."~
The Citizens of Pickens District arc
invited to meet at Pickens C. H., oa
TViesday next, for tie purpose of respon
ding to certain resolitions passed by our
Legislature at its Mt session, on the subject
of the Southern Convention, and to
appoint four delegates from this District,
to meet others of the Congressional District
itwlpril next. A full meeting is
inii jiv* jiv/IJ o ll * J1
There will bo preaching at this place
on the 5th Sabbath, inst., commencing
on Friday evening before.
llev. Kenedy, Humphreys, nnd others
arc expected.
Bailey 3/osely having applied to me
for letters of Administration on the Estate
of Nancy Pullim late of Pickens District
deceased. The kindred and creditors
arc cited to appear bofore me on the
Htll dav of /Inrii lin.*t In olmw "Oiicn If
any they can why said letter^ should not
be granted.
Given under my hand and seal 28th
November 1850.
W. D. STEEL; o. p. 0.
The Rev: Mr: Watts and ''others will
address the people on the^ subject of
Temperance as immediately ^connected
with the order of the Sons of'^^nperunce,
on iSaturday the 30tli just., tp^fbe Town
of Pickensvillc S. .C The meeting will
convene at 3 o'clock t\ fti."?Brothers
of the Order, and the1 public g&ncrally are
invited to att6nd. ; I
Maich 0,1850, 42 ^ t30i
""notice. ~
an.- T ? *??? ?
xnu juch a at ijiiw, oi uany unrton
dcc'd. are hereby notified to be and appear
in the Court of Ordinary on the 2d
l Monday in June next, to malco a settlement
with the Administrators of said Esinfo
tvtch Distributee is required to
render, on oath! a full schedule of all
monies and property received from decM
in his lifetime.
All persons having demands against
the Estate will present them duly proven
i ir?-i?i- T . ?
uj viiu ussw -riUtiuiiv in j vine iiC/ki, or incy
will bo barred by the settlement.
Pickens C. //., il/arch 9th 1850,
43 , j ft "
JBattalion Gh dcrs.
Tho first Battalion of the 2nd Regiment
S. C. M. will parade a'- White's
3/nster Ground on Saturday tho 20tli
day of April next by 10 o'clock A, M.,
armed and equipped as the Law direct?
for review and inspection.
The commissioned and non CJT^.r.'nssion_
.1 _fK_. ? ? ...
uu uiucurs win pupae on the day previous
by 10 o'clock A. M, for drill and instruction.
Tho Captains in command o!
compnnles arc charged with the extension
of this order.
f$y order of Col. A. BavoE
E. M. Kkimj, Mnj. Oomm'g.
43 tdop 11
The Tax-Collector bf PickcnS District
I will r* I #! ?.* ?1 ? '
.fail HIMUU n? tun MilldWIlljr 'imces, VIZI
On Tuesday the 6th of i irch atJno
Bowen's; Oth at the Trap; 7th at, Hester's
8th at Wo If Creek; 0th Mm. Barton's;
11th Hurricane; 12th McKinne'y's; 13th
Grant's Store; 14th Oconec tftAfibn; 15th
West Union; 10th Whetstone; wl8th 0.
Poole's; 19th Bachelor's Rctr^t. 20th
Rockwell; 21st Wm. Saunden?v: 22nd
Miller's; 23d R. Gaines'; 25th Salubrity;
20th Pickensville; at Pickens ' C. If. on
Monday and Tuesday of Spring Court.
Mv hook* will t.Vifln hrt fi.Kw/1' All
--J ? ? ,
turns not made by (lint time will be double
All persons are required tc return nil
taxable property transferred or purchased
since the last tax rcUirn.
State Tax
Road " 20 per cent.
Poor " \2i" "
J. BOWEN, t. (j.
Jan. 18, 'SO. 3<Mf
"men wanted,
Under Commodore G. C. Read.
Illustrated with Engravings.
rpiIE subscriber is now publishing the a hove
popular and iaUurestmg work, and o I lorn
profitable eniployoient to a number of enterprising
nnd Intelligent men of good
character, in ciiculntiug the work by subscription,
in Pickens District, and other
Districts in the State of South Carolina.
The terms which are very liberal, will
bo given on application to the subscriber.
post jxiid. J nis worn win never i>e sola
in the Book Stores, but exclusively by
Agents at a reasonable and uniform price.
Bookseller nnd Pu' Usher,
134 York Street,
New Haven, Connecticut
"tots ol' RIO COFFEE lit
Town. Sugar and Salt.
/llmunacs to give away by
Fob. 1st 1850. ty.
Judge for Yourselves.
Those indebted to me -either by note
or account must call and settle or they
will have costs to pay.
Jan. 5, '60_ tf
* notice"
Those indebted to me previous to the
1st of January last, nre requested to make
immediate payment an indulgence cannot
be extended.
March 9, 1800, 42 tf
Executive Department, Feb. 20, 1850
To the Chairman of the Commissioners
of Free Schools of
Sir: You will oblige his Excellency the
Governor, by giving concise answers to
the following queries, as early as your
convenience will permit.
Respectfully, &c,
B T WATTS, Sec'ry.
1st. What is the present number of
male and female puptls at the Free
/Schools in the District (or Parish) of
What has been the number since 1845?
2d. What is tho tuition fee for each
pupil? The aggregate amount paid to
tho Teachers? 1 he proportion of the
School Fund received from the State?
3d Are a]l the pupils sent to the Free
<Schools? If not, how many are instructed
at private or public Academies, and
at what cost?
4th What proportion of the youth of
rcccivc 110 education? To what causes is
neglect on this head ascribable?
Isth Arc the Tenchcrs competent men,
and otherwise qualified for their station?
Do they undergo any preparatory examination?
Ara they long in office, or are
changes frequent? If the latter, assign the
Oth What is the plan of instruction?
State particularly every branch of knowledge
taught, and how far carried.
7 th What books are used, whore bought,
i and at what pric: s?
8th Is there s.nnually, or occasionally,
| a public or private examination of the
wcnooisY it so, rto the Commissioners, ns
a body, or nny portion of them, attends
9th Is the present system ft successful
one in the If not, why? 7/ow may
it bo improved?
10th Stftte nny thing else in reference
?o the subject, which you may think inv
( portant.
i Jl/aroh 0, 42 4v^
i Thoso indebted to the subscriber enr
sftve cost by calling and settling theii
. notes and accounts as lortgGi' ir.d'jlg?*??'
. cannot be given.
p Jnn. 5, '50 tf
_ _-i r
II. r? J'KllllY.J [K. M. KEITH.
Attorney* at Law.
Will Practice in the Courts of Lav,
and Equity for Pickons District.
Okfick, Pickons C. H., S. C.
October 1, 1849. t2f2
"Hw oti CR.*
All Poisons having demands ngaifisl
the Estate of Sheriff Haynes, deceased,
will hand them in legally attested Those
indebted must mako payment.
Noa. 17th Ordinary <fc Adm'r
Ciiaklkston, Jan. 26,1850.
Tho entire suit of the Governor are required
to attend him in Charleston on
Fridav, the 22d of February noxt.
Eneh Aid. rpsiflinrr in t.lin Rriernfl^a
coming under the order of the 22d inst.
will attend him ntthe reviews.
By order of tho Cornmnnder'in-chief.
Adjutnnt nnd Inspector General.
3? 2st
_ re
A good Skouwakbr, well roc<unmended,
can find employment by making immediate
application to
Twelve MileS C. March 9th 1850.
42 tf.
ri(* in* !?? ? C% 1 Oil A
CIRCUMSTANCED demnndtog dint
the Governor should be officially acquainted
with the effective force of the otute,
and the number of alarm men?the Brigadier
Generals are hereby directed forthwith
to make returns of their commands,
to the Adjutant and Inspector General
at Camden. A failure in responding
promptly to this order, will not be overlooked,
and the newspaper publications
will be regarded as sufficient notice.
By order of the Commander in Chief.
\l. W. CANTEY, Adjutant and Insuector
jl/arch 0, -12 lm.
TIIKRE will be sold, ai the late residence
of Josiah F. Perry, deceased, near
the Tugnlo River, in Pickens District, on*
Saturday the 30th of 3/arch, to the highest
Twelve or thirteen hundred Bushels of
Two or three thousand pounds of Bacon,.
Three or four hundred pounds of Lard,.
Several head of likely attle, Steers
and Beeves,
A large quantity of Fodder, <fcc.
The property will be sold on a credit of
twelve months, the purchaser giving his
I note bearing interest with approved secuity.
Persons already Indebted to tbe Estate
arc requested to make payment on tbe
day of sale.
B. F. PERRY, Adm'r.
Greenville, . C. Feb. 2, 1850.
30 4-t
Allen Keitb, assignee, ) Dec. in AJfogh
vs. V Perry <fc KflTb,
Joel M. Keith. ) Plflf's Att'vs.
The Plaintiff having this day tiled hisDeclaration
in my office, and tho Defendant
having no Wife, nor Attorney*
known to be in this State on whom a co
nv nf 1
i.j ...iu j/widiciiiwii iikij uu Burvfu,
On motion of Plaintiff's Attorney,
It is Ordered, That the Defendant do
appear and plead or demur to the said
Declaration, within one year and a day
from this date, or judgment will entered
by default. .
W. L. KEITH, c. o. p.
Clerk's Office, )
January 1, 1850. \ 38-1 y
Tyre L Roper, (fe wife Mclindn Roper,
Wm. Edens, Alexander Edens, Pascal
| Souther land <fc wife Esther Southcrland
| Jesse Adams and wife Folly Adams, De:
I fAftdnnta fnr Hu> cnln nf ll<n Wnnl
...v, .W. ?HV u??aw v/1 V11 V> JVSIUIV'
| of Samuel Edons dec'd. And it appearing
that Jesse Adams, and wife, Polly,
reside without the limits of this State.
It is therefore ordered that they do appear
within three months from the date hereof
! or thoir consent to said Sail will be taVr?n
as confessed.
W. D. STEELE, o. p. d.
Ordinary's Offico. )
February, 2,1850. f
south carolina7~
S*:?kfns District.
Harriet Vanzant,
Amanda Jane Vanzant, Jrpfha Nor|
ton Vanzant, Robert William Vanzant,
Lavina Elizabeth Vanzant, George Thos.
Vanzant, Defendants.
It appearing to my satisfaction thnt th'?
r Dcfcndonts nil rcsido without this Stnl<.
it is therefore ordered that they do ap
pear and object to the division or sale < ?
the Real Estate of William Vanzant, deceased,
on or before tho Eighth day of
vlpril next, or their consent to tho oamo
' will entered of record.
W. D. STEELE, o. r. d.
1 Ordin?>-v Offinc ft .Tnn IftRO
34^ ' "ta
?Merchant Tailor,
Would respectfully infoi*m his friends
and the public generally, that he has on
hand a Fink Variety of
Satinets, Twkkds, Kentccuv Jkans, j>q
An Assortment f Headv-made
which he will sell cheap for Cash,
The public are invited to coll and examine
his Stock, before purchasing ?l?owhere.
Pickens C. II May 20, 1840.

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