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TKRM8.?$1.50 per aiinntn.iii idvaftco. If payment
Ko ilulnvi'd until nfler Iho expiration of Jin;
...... o.? u - -
V S mnimm. 16 rent*, in iulvun?*
AdvortHoiiiriitM incited at tlie ukuhI rati'*.
Saturday Morning, May 2, 1857. . ]
t Appointment.
Mr. A. IV Uow'hKN lias been appointed,
by I ho Governor, Magistrate for Tunnel ]
lli!l,iu plaooof ICbMrvo Mahtin, deceased.
The Free Schools.
Tho Commissioners nf Free Schools, at
lth>ir monllnrr nn Mrtn.lotf ! ??* *1.^
VM .Mviivmjr Irt.iv, IWIUWM tliu
number of poor scholars from seven to six
for oach school. This was fouml necessary
on account of ihe increased number of locations,
amounting now to fifty. And thor6
will, most probably, bo other schools located
at future meetings of the board.
Tho number of schools I oca ted last year
was fifty-two, which, when compared with
tho locations thus far tlio present year,
shoiva a gratifying increase in number.?
Wo also very cheerfully testify to the prof!cci6ncy
of the teachers.
Federal Appointment*.
Jamks Connku, Esq., of Charleston, has
been appointed U. S. District Attorney, for j
South Carolina, in placo of. Tnos. Evans, I
1'Vj., whose commission had ?xpired. Mr. |
-Cqnnek is a promising young man, with suf- j
tioiont talent to make a rrood oflWr. Mr i
Jamks C. Pknnik lias received ihe appointment
of U. S. Marshal for this State.
M a j. I3sx McCu.li.ouqh, tlio gallant Toxnn,
ha9 boon appointed Governor of Utah,
and it is thought ho will accept. He is
tho very man to subdue, and keep tho rascally
Mormons in subjection to tho laws.
Wathalla Agricultural Sooiety.
Tho uext meeting of tho Walballa Agricultural
Society will bo bold nt that placo
uu Thursday noxt, nnd a general attendanco
is dosirod. It is expected tbftl Mr. Hansbmkh
will deliver an address, heretofore postponed,
on that occasion.
The Carolina Opefa Troupe,
Composed of amateur performers of the
district, gave a concert at Walballa on
Thursday ovoning Inst. Tho nudienco was
largo, and delighted with the performance.
Tho company exhibited at Fendloton on
Friday evening, and, wo aro requested to
say, will give a concert at this placeou Monday
evening next. We bespeak for them
the liberal patronage of tho community.
Death of W. F. Arthur, Esq.
Wo regrot to learn, says tho Columbia
Carolinian, tho death of an estimable citizen,
Wm. F. Arthur, Esq., long and favorbly
known in connexion with our State offices.
Mr. Arthur, for many years, has
been deputy Secretary of State, and since
ilie death of Maj. Hart, has occupied the
position of keopor of tho State house and
librarian of tho legislative library. In all
his various offices ho has ever discharged
their duties conscientiously and faithfully*
a..A i.:. l? ~ ?:? - ?
u?p lvn.-j i.-? t% nunuun UI1U puuiivxy as
well as to his bereaved family.
Mr. W. U. W. Hunt fills the vacancy.
Attempt to Commit 8nioide.
Tt will be recollected that last week we
published the "fearful leap" of Mr. H. W.
Sullivan, of Chaileaton, int.o the James
Tivor, near Petersburg, Va. He has recov
ered from the injuries then received; and,
on Friday, whilst passing up the Orccnvillo
railroad, ho attemnted to commit sutr.iilA
? i : ~
by cutting his throat. Tho wound is not
considered dangerous. He is said to be
a continued lunatic.
Maj. Perry's Address.
We have been favored with a copy of
tho address delivered by Maj." B. F. Pbiiby
before tho South Carolina Institute, Charleston.
It is quite lengthy, and was prepared
with much labor and thought. It
id eloquent, as well as practical, and its
publication has contributed much to tho
Ulll tl/W^C ulv/)Q/l?f Ili/'K na n
?uvnvi o uinvovijr ui^n rv|n*vanun n.i fi ouuwr
nr ami man of ability. It should be road
generally, and we shall make room for extracts
therefrom at an early day.
The City Council of Columbia.
I)r. Cibbkh, editor of the Carolinian, has
kindly favored us with a pamphlet copy of
the trial between himself and the Mayor of
Columbia, wherein the "freedom of the
t>ross" was at is*iin. If. U 11 wort ftf nhmit.
one hundred pages, and is valuable to the
legal fraternity aa a hook of reference.
13y the way, wo see that the new city
council of Columbia has stumbled upon a
now kind of "organ" for city printer. The
coiiLr.-ict wan arivon to Mr. f f! \tr?nn ? ? ?
capital job printer, who issues a bulletin
" semi occasionally'' with the proceeding*
therein contained. The Carolinian was
Again discarded, although thelowcst bidder.
Pkominknt Man Dkao.?Maj. Yancey,
An old citizen of Uuckingham, Va., and who
i ? : ii- t - ?
Wtttt {IMIIU8I, UI11VCI3HI')' lviM*\v {) {?? ^llC WUeejhorse
of Democracy, died lust Baturday.?
lie was a member of the Convention which
K??e birth to the r.elebratcd resolutions of
'08-' 00.
Important News.
Advices from Nicaragua to the 1st ult.
Iiave bt'Bii roc4ived,aOd arc iinportant if corJ
root, liy tliia nrfival it is roportetl that'
! -1 - /i... *
i,iiu vMintemuiinii nrmv in Nicaragua lind
bocu defeated by Wai.kkb, with great
slaughter; and that Sun Salvador bad do
olnrcd in favor of President Walkkii. j
By n late arrival from Kuropo, wo liavo I
' Liverpool dates to llio 1 1th tilt. Cotton |
had declined nn 1 8d, nnd sales of the woel:
[ comprised 40,000 bales, taken principally
by mtuitifmiturcrs. It has ba?l the effect of
reducing tho price somewhat ill Uharleatdn,
where, on tho &7ih ult., it was command- j
ing fourteen cents por lb.
The general intelligence by this arrival
is unimportant. The gain of tho ministerial
party in Parliament, in tho recent election,
is sixty live members?fc-Miflminnt
keep tho I*ai.mkhhton ministry in powor. j
Tho English government furnishes three
steamers to assist in laying tho submarine
telegraph cable. Spain and Mexico, it is
thought, wilt settle their difficulty through
the intervention of others, without a resort
to hostilities. Naples manifests a willingness
to ro-establish diplomatic relations
with Frniwin an/1 F"fr' u?J. JO.'.-ttvoii 11IIS- |'
shin vessels, which wore sunk in tho harbor |
of Sobastopol, havo been raised. Turkey!
has shown an inclination to consent to the
union of the principalities, provided its
rights bo respected and tribute paid.
TU. T? a
jl uo jtabsb.
The following is the life-long experience !
of Mr. N. Wilms, an old voturan of tlio
press; ami we submit it with the simple
remark, llint it is not an "o'or true tale" :
" My long experience as publisher and 1
Editor, has convinced mo that it is a posi-.
tion of great responsibility?that it 1b impossible
to pleHRe everybody-that it is best
to conduct in such a way as to have a Conscience
void of offence towards God and
man?that industry, economy, perseverance,
and self-reliance are the surest helpers?that,
like woman's work, it is never
(lone, every hour has its appropriate work; |
and that it requires a strong mind in a !
strong body, in order to livo long in such i
treadmill work. Editors should he kind
and courteous towards each other, avoiding
personalities and abuse, treat each other as
brethren, and allowing others the same
rights whloh they claim for themselves.?
Every publication influences thousands of
minds, and that inHuunce should be salutarv.
for time and eteinuv.
0 ' . -- -' V> ,
1 ho improvements in printing within seventy
years have been great. The screw
press and tho sheep akin bails are super*^ded
by tho power press and the roller; but
the type sotting is still done by human
hands, and editorials must still be conceived '
by human heads. May those hands and
heads, now so usefully and honorably employed,
be amply remunerated by a consciousness
of doing good, and a well-filled
purse, before old ago incapacitates them
for enjoyment, and the publio forgot their
unwearied servitor*?ami then, may the
'lest' ubovo bo tho reward of all your toil."
Rail Rnnd f!nl?y?rntmn
A grand railroad jubilee, to celebrate llio
completion of the Charleston arid Memphis
railroad, will lako plaeo in Memphis to day.
A large delegation goes from Charleston,
and other oitiea will bo represented. It
will be a grand affair. The firemen of
Charleston, as wo learn from the Slaiulurii,
will be represented. It says :
Tub Exouhsjon to Memphis.?Wo nn
derstand that the Phcoalx Fire Engine Coin
pany pioposeto exhibit their public spirit
by joining the excursion to Mumphis, to attend
the Grand Railroad Festival, on the
first of next mouth. They have coneuivud,
Loo, a voi v original aud happy plan ot' signalizing
tlio wedding of the Atlantic and
the Mississippi, which is to bo carried out
wilh the completost care. a Old Betsy,"
their cherishcd " machine," is to be?r a
quantity of the water from the ocean, and
this, mingled with the tide of the '* leather
of \Valers," shall confirm and attest the mini
tials of the two. The Pho?nix Company is !
made tip of members who will oxuciue I his J
felicitious conception with equal good fortune
; and fifty years hence, the marriage
of the Atlantic to the Mississippi will have
become as classical aa now is the story of
the Dodge of Venice wedding tho Adriatic.
The Dftrlington Flag.
The Darlington Flag has been discontinued.
A new paper? The Family Friend
?will take ita place. Messrs. Law and
Calvo are tho proprietors. Maj. F. F.
WaKLEY will conduct tho editorial danar*..
mont, and wo shall expect to greet a racy
and interesting Fr'tewl from the " old Pec
Doe." Succcm to the enterprise!
i Tub Cotton Cuoi',?-Wo havo boon favored
by a commercial house of this city,
says the Charleston Standard of tlio 20th,
with iufnrinntirtn from
. 'J V" "vrv.Hi |/wiilio 1JI IUU
cotton-growing region, relative to the prospoets
of the next Crop. A letter from (ialveston,
Texas, dated 0th in*t., says that
cotton and corn of the second planting,and
jnst up to a rtne stand, were all killed ; and
that there was not seed enough for a third
planting, so that tho lose would bo dman-1
trous to planter*, who had mndo a short
crop last year. A letter from Mobile say*
?: < ? -< "
Mint in iiiu luvrriur ui yVDtDItllin, (.,'oril WHS |
cut down And nil cotton tbat was tip, was !
killed. A letter from Memphis, Tonnessen, |
says that the lute heavy frost would coitfpel
planters in that vicinity to replant,-il'lie
Nashville, Tenn., Patriot, of the 21st
inst., says that almost evorvlliing in the
shape of vegetation has been killed or withered
l?jr I he pootiuued cold weather.
| Pennings aud Clippings.
j Tific Sl'uvky.?The Sjxtrlan snya lliat
Oscrtr M. Libber, Ksq ,whoh>it> been forsonie
tiiup engaged in n Geologionl nnd Mineral-.
: ojjicrtl survc) of tlie Sl?to, hn? now entered
upon ihnt section omb acinf? Union and
Spartanburg Diatricu, to which field he will
confine his labors Auriug (he summer.
Had KximiiT.?The Worcester (Mush.)
I'ranacript says that in addition lo four
murder cases, forty^heo hills for divorce arc
to come before Mio present term of the Su
prcme Uourl for Worcester county.
Exi'exsivk Man Thai's.?Wm, II. Woodbury,
who some tio)o since received severe
^injuries by falling into n sidewalk "mantrnp,"
in Chicago, has rccoveryd $15,000
damages from the city.
inkxpi.icahi.k.?Ii is a somewhat cuiious I
f.icl, not explainable by any known lulcsof
logic or reasoning, thnt if a man is in the I
habit of having a daily loaf, he finds it cx- !
ceedingly diflicult (o obtain his daily broad.
oiivuiikd ro UKATii.?liill Johnson, n
desperado, was lately lynched by tho cili-?
zens or Wuco, Texas, and the Coroner's jury
reported that ho came to his death by means
of a ropo and a gun in the hands of poisons
In.tcukd.?-tho rico nnd cotton crops of
this State have been seriously injured by
the recent cold wenibcr. The stand is bad,
and tho plant looks badly.
IIkavv Dkkai.cations.?The defalcations
by tho Sadlier tragedy, the British
Bank swindle, and tho llobson, Red path,
and a host of other frauds of a minor character,
in England, during 1856, have not
heon loss than thrco millions sterling-^!4,500,000.
John Bull does uot do things by
Siren.?Dr. Andrews,of the Georgia Oiti
zen, has been suoil for libel to the tnne
of $20,000 damages for publishing the
name of a subscriber who had removed with
out "paying the printer."
Qcick Work.?it appears the citizens of
Chicago, 111., havo a very etVeetual way of
ridding themselves not only of disorderly
?...? .i.~ ? -i ^
pviouiist uiit tuu nouses aiso. u.n iuesday
last n place known as Sand's Rendezvous,
notorious as a residence for thieves and
other disreputable characters, was invaded
by the Police and broken up. Twenty
buildings were demolished and nine burnt
Danvii.lb, Ph., April 21.?lion. John
Montgomery, Congressman elect from the
12th District of P?nn., died this morning
from tho National Hotel disease contracted
dining the Inauguration at Washington. j
Bad.?Senator IJnlo, of N. II., is grow-,
ing loan from the .effects of tbo National hotel
disease. and Theodore Ford'a wife, of
tlifl kuiiio State, bung herself recently from
insanity caused by Millqrism.
Djkfkhknce tK Vai.ur.?TheNorth Eastern
railway company in Kit gland have
lately paid $10,000 for breaking i be ribs of |
on p. nisi 11 uiul Ai ono f<>. i_:11i.?. >t._ ' '-< 1
J >W ,VVV IWI XVHIIj^ tll? W1IO U1 '
anothor; showing which rib was worth il?o
Fou Bi.oomk.is.?Mrs. Bloomer, of Turkish
cost umo celebrity, is now living fll Council
Blurts, Iowa. We notice that she is still-1
. I
advocating the rights of woman to do and
undo?dross and undress an she pleases or
displeases. She is out with a putt' for Mrs.
I'atton, the female sea captain.
A oorrcspondcnt of the London Times calls
attention to llio large number of clergymen
who, at tha rooent elections, made their appearance
as hustings orators, advocating
the success of particular candidates. lie
<yI t/ikC a 1?m< nf CAiun rtf ?U<im ?.*%.! *' ?*
? fi.?w v/i ov/.uv v/i MtVIII f?UU DilJB Hint I
tho ovil in a growing ouq in England. I
Wantkh to Know.?A correspondent of
a Now York paper wants to know which
sido of a lady a geruhmnn should take,
when ho walks out with her. Wo ohouid
say keep on the riyhlaid? of a lady, always.
TiiPj Nkw Cknt.?U i? stated in the Philadelphia
Oazetle, on the authority of Col.
onowuen, director oj tljo U. S mint, Hint
in nbout three weeks time this much desired
coin will be distributed to the public.
A KaiM^rr.?rRev. Antoinstta lirown,
mors recently Rov. Mrs. Blickwoll, 6ecms
to have made n failure in her first pastoral.
The church at South Butler,- N. Y., over
which she was Bottled, is now dissolved and
t Ito ivtAnliriM liAituA "I'*"^*1
?|?v IIIUVVII*^ IIVIIT3 viuoru*
Orain,-^-TIiC rtu^Uot of Ohio ha? made
I hi* report on the grain wat'istics of that
Slate for 1850 to the .Legislature. The
number of aore* town with wheat win I,?.
187,773; bushels gathered, 19,609,320;
the average yield 13.81 bushel*. The wholo
owmbcr of acres of torn planted wn*2.20fi,282;
bushels gathered, 87,782,431; the
Hvernce vicld 30 *11 !?i?ImiI?
I o J " ?
SUBMARIKK TKLEOIiAVlxr*?The total nuin
ber of miles of pvibmarino telegraph oftblo
! ik?w laid, is eight hundred and fivo, and j
i when the oablo is laid between this couii-1
j try and England, tho total mimbor will be |
2,500. What will bo attempted next?
A Constant Skkkkii aktku Light.?Tlio
Potevsbnrg Dttnocwtl says th?t thero i:> a
man in that oitv who has applied at thd !
post-pftice foi1 a letter or paper every day in !
the last orghteeti years, and has never Uoeu !
gratified by rcicciviuir ono.
V AtifK ok Rkai. "Estate.?The vaind of'
the real estate of Virginia is estimated cor- j
Voctly at. $160,000,000 !
KmjoHANTS.?The tola! tlmnbor of im- j
| migrants arrived at Now York for the week 1
| ending Saturday,,18th, was 0,804. Of this j
number 4,823 came from London and Liv- I
erpool; 1,320 from Havre; and Goi from j
. Bremen and Hamburg.
r ? * *
I7KAD.? i.icut. Win. (rnr.lner, of tho U. I
S. Navy, died very- suddenly in Augusta,
(la., on Wednesday last, of disoaso of tlio ;
heart. IIo was about forty years of ngo,
and loaves a largo circle of relatives and
friends to mourn his lo?p.
Long UMt.itoAD.j?The Pacific Hail road i
through Texas will ho 883 miles long, and ;
llaa a iri'nnt nf O r> t T ' i ? ?
v. i ,kjm\j uures cm innu ami
a loan of $0,000 per mila from tho Stato.
Bad Xnws koii "Yocxo Amkuica."?|
Fire crackers aro now soiling at three dol-;
lars por box, which is an advance of 30 per '
cent, on the price of last year. The juvenile
portion of the community niuut retrench
between this and tho 4th of July, or expcct
to be denied their usual shsro in tho en ?ny- '
1 ? . J J '
iiioiiu ui mo uay.
InDIC ATIVK OF Clf.WtACTKR. TIlO appearanco
of a farm, its buildings, anil tho
live stock belonging to it, indicate cliaractor
and standing of its owner.
Nativk American Camkt.3.?Wo have
some camels in Tax a ft to which tho naturalization
laws wduld not apply?three having
been bom under the stars anil stripos.
Tub V*ubuo HOtetNctis.?-l*y way of affording
the distant public Rome idea of the
immensity ot the liovernmont's business in 1
Washington, wo havo to mention that 7,- !
1)40 letters were roceived At the ollico of j
the Auditor of tho Treasury for the Post
Office Department during tho week ending
April 20, 1837, requiring tho action of tho
office. 1,883 of the number woro received i
by tho mail of Monday, the 17th instant. |
"Common Sciiooi-s."*? C. G. Meirimin-j
ger, of Charleston, is sojourning for a
: :? .1-- v .t ?
oiivm, unto in iiiu r*ui"iiicrii mm luuune
States, innpccing the " common schools" j
thpro, ~will\ a view to an improvement of j
oi>r proaen*. imperfect system. It is a Inbor
oflovo and wo wish him Godspeed. |
Sr. Lgi'is, April 18.--Ilcnry J. Adams, |
the I''roo S^tato candidutu for Mayor, at
Leavenworth, Kansas, has becu eluded by
180 majority over all.
Baokiko Dci^^-Tlia Younflr Muh's '
Christian Association of New York, has re- \
considered ita resolution forbiding diacua- j
sions of the slavery question. A new crop '
of abolition speeches may therefore bo looked
for in that quarter.
Tiik crausokn I'uuchasb.?Tho Washington
Union says that a letter has jobt
been received in that city from an officer of i
I tho army Btationed in A mania, Xew Mcfc- j
ioo, which states that Amania possesses ono i
| of the finest climates in tho world, and is !
| rioli in gold and silver mines.
Branding.?-Boswell, for the murder of
Ppivey, and John Kelly, for the murder of
tfnriid Walters, havt? been found guilty in
Ncrlh Carolina. A verdict of munftlnughter
was rendered ii? cnch case, nnd iho pris- |
! oner# were branded- and sent to jrfil, the
| former for ten dnys, tho latter for four j
| months.
Juuok Huti.kk.?We regret to learn from \
the K'lgiljold Advertiser that the health of j
the lion. A. P. liutler has been impaired
Ijy the fatigues of tho lato Congressional
Ciiai* Gano in Granada.?Upwards
of nix hundred natives of Centra) America,
who w<ro arrested at Granada for (tiding
Walker nnd liin uuni# hm>j>
r w vvo.i
into a chain gang at that plwe, nnd forced
to clear away tho ripns for the purpose of
rebuilding the city.
A Oa^ Loth a rio.-*-a good Btory i# told
of a follow of North Cnrolin*. Having been
put in jail for maf tying thirteen wiven, ho
made bit cicape, and was seen thrt-e >xf R**f
days after warjl by n gentleman who recog
nized him, T|>? genileinMl, anxious lo secure
the reward for his npph<,heri?ion, invitod
him to his hoUso to dinner, mid then
slyly slipped out in pursuit of n constable;
but great svns his horror on his return lo
find that the culprit had ubscondcd with his
own wife!
'A W V. . V
FlSTE&N lluilSKS Rl'N NINO A \VA Y TooGTiricn.?A
drove of fifteen horses, attached
together by rop**, run rfway in Water- j
town, Now Yurlr'i on Monday. They wcro
frightened nt n train of pnn>, and started oJf,
cleat in^ the street most effedtivelv : knork
ing down lump postB, etc., in (heir head- j
long course. After a long chase they,were ,
ngain secured, some of them badly injured, j
Two Mux II \syki? nv Moon in Io*va.? i
On Silurday, tho 17th inst., Eli GifT'i/d, u
half breed, was hung by n mob in Jackson
county, Iowa, for killing John (ngalls. On
the same day a mob at Bullvue, Iown, forcibly
onlerod the j.iil thcio, nnd taking n
prisoner, charged with murder and counterfeiting,
and hung him. Groat excitement
prevails in tho vicinity.
A V ni.n H tpin'i mi linn 11..
hatmn,'President of- llic United States, was j
sixty six years old on the 20d April, lUo'7. !
"t - r ' |
Tiik " Basxkii DisTitinr."--Yoik is the j
"hAhtifu* i li-cl riiSt" of itto (uinp^i-<i*>?o j
in this Stale. Sosays her press, which ndorses
the movement with no little enthosii ,
Nomin atbd.?The Democratic party of
Tennessee Ima nominated Hon. Uham (I.
Harris as its candidate for Governor. His
chances of success are doubtful.
A Faiu Question*.?The Hoston Po.'
wishes to know why Mr. Chnffoe, the
black-repuUliunn almfiliop member of congress
from Massachusetts, does not liberate
Died Scott?
Wn.\lte Caught.?A whale of large di- 1
mensions was harpooned and killed Thurs- J
rldi. ~ -1- CM. ?l.l c 1 r. i
iMpKMON' ISMlOltATlftNV?- Eight hundred
nnd fifty Mormons imiyed at Boston on the '
20th alt, from Liverpool. Tlioy go to Utah
?the land of Indiana, wives nnd mountains! j
Association.?Those v. ho touch v.ermil- i
lion become red, nnd those who touch ink
become black. So people take their character
from their companions.
Chicago, April 22.?The Democratic ['
press learns thai a band of six hundred Si- \
otix Indians h.ivo been committing depro i
datrous at South Bolidj Minnesota River.? '
Ft. i? rnm/lrAjl il??f \l.?. !?..lA I.-. 1 I- . i
v,v. Iiinimniu ilil'I UC?U HI- I
tacjcod and burned and iho inhabitants nundcred
by (ho Indians. This is tho same i
band which committed the murders ntSpiiit
T?f?kn. TJiti farmers wore* Hocking lo St.
I'oter for safety. Sovoral companies ot
troops froai Fort llidgely lmvo gone in pur.
suit of the Indians nnd the cavalry at ''ort
Spoiling have been sent for. Tho gcatest
panic existed in tho settlements and all the
farmers were arming and prepaiing to join
in the pursuit.
??-cr* ^ 1 ^
Tkuiuiilr Storm.?Tho Atlantn (Ga.) .
Intelligencer of Tuesday, gives tho following
account of a terrible storm nnd dee
nuuiiou 01 property in mat city nnd viyinity
Dn Saturday afternoon last, resulting- in
serious damage and an aggregato loss of
several thousand dollars. The Intelligencer
We wore unable at the tiino of our going
to press with our Monday's issue to give all
the particulars of tho tremendous storm
which visited our city on Saturday hJictuoot)
last. One would have supposed from
a View of the town on tho next dav, that
Atlanta had been tho scene of a warliko assuit
with shot and shell. The streots wero
strewed with fallen chimneys and sign
boards, and fences wero lying indiscriminately
ovcry whore. Tho roofing of depots
and houses and walls of buildings blown
I down, presented a most dismal opeoUdo.
1 Tho gable end of tho brick Imna*
| Samuel Anthot>y on Miriotta street was
J blown in and his family rouoh exposed to
, the violenco of the storm. A portion of
the reverend gentleman's family wore sick
which rendered the disaster more calamitious.
The liHnd6omo rwidenoe of Jy.lg'? Hoyden
On the Ftnmo streot also suffered great
d xniago from the falling of tho brick and
mortar.throu^h the roof of one of the wings.
Tho most serious destruction dono by this
storm whs that done to Lbe new Baptist
lirtM/.l. L.liik-1 ?t i? ' - ? -
....uw uvi, w?r? uiown across
the street toward* l>r. lihea's house damaging
the brick wail it: front,- Tto loss of
tbo church will wo regret to lonrn be oyer
*1*00. 0 ,
In Addition to tbo damage done to those
parties and to ifio pity Ilall, tho Mediant
College, the State Koad pepot, tha Georgia
liailroad Depot, tha Wanhinglon Hah,
Hwan k 0o.'? Lottery oflico, Wallace'*
Warehouse, and many of the lio!is?? of private
citizens have been greatly injured.
, Tho storm ooaliuued with firry and vio
~..j iiqui vue oiiiicKiuiuru nailKS,
about 6ix miles from Beaufort, N. (J. It
was sixty or seventy fuel long, very fat, nnd
yielded upwards of fifty barri-U of oil, which
will be worth at least $1,0'00.
Third.?Chcsly Boatwright has been
tried at Gamden, for the murder of Chrrlcs j
rn T^l ? * f ?
x. i^viius, ami iqunn guilty.
Coouk Tiiadb. ? In the last news from
Havana, n brisk trade is noted in the article
of Coolies?four Caiyoes having ai rived
since previous advances?say 1,332 "in
bulk," with n loas of 450 "spoiled" on the
Coari.v.?"Unmentionables," costing sixty
dollars r? pair, are nmong the spring fash- j
ions announced for gentlemen in New Voik I i
:;'i^ .* ;' *. *: '
ionoo about lialt'an hour, Alul the rain lasted
with intcrvnla throfttfhout Saturday night.
This calamity will be a niemorahlo 0110 irv
our city, though wo nr? happy to loam that
110 lives were lost.
'J"'ho?t8 and KTmisk in Tcxas.?AVer
have totters from San Antonio and Indian
olA, Texas', dated respectively on tho *7ilr
niui 8'.h infl., from which wo nuikc the following
interesting ex tract 9 :
" Wo hoped lo have had.fine gardens, hut
this year the frosts haVe be'en severe. Only
Inst night (April 0) we had n frost that
killed every g??rdi?n in this part of Texia.*?
We have nil to. plant ovci; ngain. Whilo at
Indiariola I saw one of tho cunli'ls tried v itU
n couple of 500 pound bulesof cotton. Ilu
mover! off" will) ?s much enso ng n mnlo
would with n snck of corn. The natives
looked i(i?tonished. He could have cnrrie<t ^
wnolh^r h'Oo, I ?m snttaficd, with perfcet
eiise." *?*?**
" We hnve n wrolcned prospoct beforo
... r..- it... - t i- mi. .
tin MII mii SUIIIIII>-<. I Wll IIOSIS ? nil! I.1SI
two days Sgohave cut down the corn,.
cot (on, vegetables, And oil tlie fruit. For
ll)c want of niln the ground 1* now too dry to
plnnt. Unless it rains in two weeks, thcro
in diingwr of fuming. N'o imiiis is un for
pasture ; llic fetreftnMi are dry that can get
so; the caille nrc, some of litem, starving,
nnd have to he thrown out to save llio
calves, ho that we shall soon ho without,
injlk ; while Injtter is abeady forty cenls
per pound, and rising. It is a lamentable
prospect which a merciful Providence can
alone avert the realization of.''
Cot.. Onic?We see it statod in South
Carolina journals, that Col. James L. Orr,
member of Congress from Spartanburg district,
declines a re-election. We nro sorry j j
la Imnr tl.Ju C. .1 n.- i? ? -1 1 k. J,
-.w... UHJ, \/U?. V/I I id ?? IfCVlJCHHMI Ul
hrillinr.t as well as amiable qualities, niul lias
liron ono of liic very foremost in the House
of ltoprt'scnlalivos. lie uns tho leading
member of tho "dorrupiion commiliee" of
Ins'* pe.Hsiob, nnd hns been generally looked
to as the probable Dcmoerfttic nominee for
Speaker of llio next House. If Congress
K? .... ...? l:i-- '"' -I a._ r.
VW...U ..V IHIH1V u|> VI IUUII IIIVC V,ll| \Jll, lb
would be sucli a body as tbe Worli never
8?vtf before. Ho cnnn?'t be spared from tho
councils of the nation ; and \vq join with tho
Oeorgia Constitutionalist. in expressing tho
hope that he will recousidcr his determination,
nnd continue to adorn the cnpitol with
his noble presenee.-~&]irinr/fi.(ltl ullyus.
Col. Orr is otie of tho?e strong and talented
men, whose good sense, and sound national
sentiment*, have endeared him to tho
true Democracy, wherever he is known. Ho
is exactly Ihe kind of mnn that is wanted in
Congress, and llie whole country would hail
his Ye-idoe'ion will) pleasure, mid as a good
omen.?New Haven Register.
? _ .
Phominrnt Man Dkad.?ITon. Henjn- J?
min Tappan, of Ohio, died in Steubeimllo
on Sunday evening Must, nt the age of 83
yearn. I So was in the. United Slntrf? Senale
from 1630 lo 1843?being a member of
tlmt body when tho Trrwiy w?? before
it. Judge Tnppan wns a free thinker
in religion.' lie is xaid to lifive |ed a moral
u... ' 1 -
in<t, uui cxvrciseu nil umavorauiti IlilUienCM
on younrf men. He \v?r nlso n mnn of decided
and impica.?ivo abilities, and wns par licularly
mnaikablc for n cold sarcasm and
wit, which will long bit.remcmbeird by those
who came in familW contact with him.
A Ciiakmino Tiukk.?A ynunpr woman
of prepossessing appearance, who lins been
!ouri"a HomewhHle.xtensivelvHmoncf board
_ i. / hlm _ii?* -
mj; iiiuisy^ t>? i nimueipniti, engaging board
at different places, and leaving somewhat
suddenly, wbli all thn valuables she could
secure, has been nrreattfd. I lor nnmo i*
Susan Meredith, though she lias several nlinscs.
?be is .'iccused of stealing gold watch- <
es, chains, silver spoons, butter knives, *
breastpin*, ear-lings, silk dresses, and bon~aia
tii9 tropds weie found in
her possession Midjdentiliod by iho owner. *
Nk<v Yokk City.?-New York hnan new .
excitement. Minor Wood, or Fernando J
the First, as he is facetiously denominated, A
is in conflict with the State government, nn?l Jm
very naturally the Gothamites nre much ex- Wnj
erased l)Bqul the matter. At its sexhion f jr
just ended, the Now Yoik Legislature pass- J
ed <i bill essentially modifying the "'gouM n- '
mental organisation" of New ^ 01 It cit*! It
provided that the Hoard of Foli^jOji/tt^missionent
should b? appointed l?wBBmpt).pvernor,
and no longer bo the 'pftP
1 iv "" -
uinr 8umiiK(-< Tljia >c inlei
feicil \N i11 > Miiyoi
over it with n jenlous, if i?MOTaficiai cnre,
Tho LeyUhtUire is RqW^ltJnn; Mayor
Wood is a Democrat. Thg, HtyniUfltmns
left far behind in n fail* vote in the cuy,found
it necessary to deVi*o somo method io se<,
cure municipal authority in the metropolis,
'I'llll* IlitvA ? * ! '
and to Mayor Wood, doubt Ws a most pen
pU'xing manner. lit' has adopted tlic o^ly A
alternative or ubmiwion-r^nad refused to ?
rfi^O^niwrt ifc# no n lo?- ti-~ *
.? !' ?, mr ne is
justified in this cnurqg^ho fact j in our post
gOM?fti? d? nut Juatt^jjnis in rendoring an
opinion ; but* at be*>t, tan nullification ny a
munioipal officer of a SfyUo law, sccmi' a
very high-liandrd mensiA
MAnts'K Tef.tfuRAi,n.-.-Tbefylr?t fact that
piMcuvo m con??uoryig the cfYccit
wbiob must r03,1 It from) the jucoewi of thin
en'orome, i|^ir^Wri^fla( both space
nnd lime between tho Otyjwd <h? Ne^
Worlds, One of tli? princinnl objection-i
urged ngnmttlu prnoiknbtlU)\yrh8 the difficulty
in procuring ? bHttery Bufflclcmly
strong to trnnsmU ft |ml*i?llott ?qros4 tlif>
Aiwnno through n simple conductor. it
whs, hovrovpi v brt?isfn$>tarily proved \ty Professor
Nforie, thrtt it not only could bfrdone,
but ?b?t n strong electric current'could
irrtnsnVit n dot orcbrtrnetfr n djstnnce ef two
thousnnd miU?? ir, iwo scooodw.'' Other tteotricUns
said It could nr.t ho A * ?
? ...... |u ie?i
ihnn from four to six *oooitd% hiU t??t faet
that it could bo accomplished fully e?. >j(
tfthllsb*d. Tho sUleroanl of * ffw ftcfe
will show the vondeiful effeot wJfyHwfll
be j>ioducc4 by tb? UttCMuiful laying tfefe

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