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Ff?5ni Ciodry'H Livly's Hook.
Christmas Hymniiy
>iima?v i>.vwsoy.
S"t 1JottilchbT?ri< St.?r arising.
llouo coniolhj with ils Wuwii, j
Tu jjlessn ?hc jpyouft heart cil,
.itnl comfort those >vfyb mourn.
Jf humble, ju^t, nml true, ('
oil's love is dour lo you ;
n umil yourneiivi anow
'flic Christ-cMM lias been born. 1
The festal joys soon over ,
That ushers in the <luy
"Tis pa it?aituthov Christmas!''
Is nil. perchance, thou'lt Say;
Tint, if a year Hits' flown.
Nil high-soul impulse known, (
No seed of promise so.vn,
Christ cannot bo thy stay.
Live that this (luy may brighten j ]
On all thy coming year.-}, I
A stuj of joy to lighten
Through sorrow's cloud of tears.
Let IIoavoU'8 hiirh niurcU ami/.
In triumph t6 their King, 1
Tli$ gifts thy mtSckhjvndsbring
With child-like hopes and fears.
What though the ntfeiont sages
1 trough l gifts of gems anil gold!
That suMi no mortf avail us, ,
Thou nc?dst not to l?o told ;
T'ut opvlngt to the Poor,
Dcedtt holy, words ns piliro,
W ill tliv soul'? pcaco acouro
Within Christ's sacrod fold. I
The Fawn of Faseagoula. ;.
\\ o i:iko liic louowuig story iroin a Vol- 1
umc of admirabloskotchos and cssnys, cntitied
" IV) mil u tic Passages in Southwestern
History," by the Hon. A. B. Mock, published
by Gootzcl and Company.
" Shall T tell you a story of real life as
romantie ftud n/fe tin'/ as any you will find i
-infiption '! ' AV'ell?listen! Every citizen
or Mobile is familiar with the sight of the
Indian girls who are in our streets in the
winter. With their littlo bundles of lightwood
upon their backs, they mark the ad
i i? 1^1 i 1 ~ 1 1 *
Yuut oi cum wuutuur us reguiariy sis me
mocking-bird nnd tho cardinal ehroniclo
the Approach of spring. They peddle their
small parcels of pine from door to door,
and nil arc familiar with the soft, quick,
petitionary voice, in which tlioy exclaim
" Chump*," as thoy offer their cheap burdens
for sale.
These Indian twirls, it is well known, belong
to certain Choctaw families, who refused
to emigrate with their tribe beyond
(lie .Mississippi, and yet linger upon tlioir
aboriginal hunting-groum's oil the watora
of the Pearl and Pascagoula. Though they
thus exhibit an uueoiifjucrttble attachment
to their natirtfsotlj tiiey ixavo yet refused
to adopt the linliita, language, or puffeuits
of the whitort by who;n they are surrounded,
and are perversely indifferent to nil the
inducements of civilization. They persist
in leading a species of savage gipsy life?
tho men sustaining themselves by limiting,
and tho women, by vending w hortleberries,
itwl nfliiM* vvilil frnlfju in t.I.i* cnnimnv ...wl i
bundles of pine in t!iu \vtutor. With these
simple productions, they visit Mybilc semiannually,
and for tho time reside in the
vicinity, iu anuill huts or camps, constructed
of baric, boards, or the lintbs of trees.
This has been their custom fr'oiu time immemorial,
and it yet continues.
Thcso r.idians arc generally a miserable
Anil v.??n i.M\ ?:?I> oil?!,?:? a*
...... .V 1-V.V, lill/U
dution, tncy possess somo of the virtues in
ft singular degree. The women avc proverbially
ouasto and modest, and of all the
young girls that annually visit our city,
none, have been known to depart from the
paths of rectitude. A strong interest thoreIbro
ouvrounds these simple daughters of
the woods, who r sist all the blandishments
of their station, and pass unharmed through
the stroets of our city. Many of them arc
quite handsome, ami poswoss, beneath their
rustic garbs?the calico gown and the red
blanket?considerable graces of manner
and appearance. As they invariably refuse
to talk Kn^lish, very little conversation can
be had with them, ni>d that outv in referonce
to the small bargains which they desire
to make. " C/ntmp<>," and "pita
i/unc, are almost me only words which
they employ in their intercourse with our
inhabitants. Still, they are jiot reserved
in their movement!?, where they wish to
mnfcc ji bargain, anil enter tho different
houses of tho city, stores, dwellings, and
offices, without ccromony, hesitation or announcement.
Who has not been startled
many a n;'oriiii)':\ by a voiec at the cl^oiuber:door,
exclaiming "Chumpa?"
*. The stoical demon nor of 'bose Gh^'.jw
maidens often led to the iinprassicn *hat
they ore destitute of the nntnr.il Hensimi!
ties ami nentmicnts of llrtiir jiojr. Tliov
Lave lii'iirlit,' flashing eyes, well developed,
Bymvnetrical ami fioxibU; funns, beautit'id
small hands und feet, and flhow, in their
lovo for brilliant articles of dross) rinup,
beads, and other personal decoration's, the
taster and vanity of their eivilized sisters;
in ii posnuie ui?t uicy areuoHtiuu. 01 tnosc
delioiito .sympathies and tcmlol* uifToctiona
which b.ivo marked woman in a)l oilier
clntmcB arid .conditions of Jifo ? This rp?,s
tion has dotfhtless fmjfcprOHtod itself to many,
as an intcfestlnjtproblnin of chara?tor. In
One instance) nt Icaat, an attempt?perhaps
a oiJcJ~-'WUs mndo to rfofve it,
and it is tfiat, tho.stpry Wttlcn T Wo to
tell refers. It entire to my knowledge in
nil (Jefcula, but I will attempt to nartate
it in aiieh .1 manner erf not to detain the
rofcdev with particular.* which he can imagine
for hiin?oU'.
Anuug the Choctaw ^5])Hiea, who visited
Mobile in the winter of 1?40, wafl ono of
uniisuid beauty nt?d qftvfii-tivoncHS. Althott'^li
;-i-nredly dovt lopr.l into VroiAinhnod
? not more man sevonnwu "hhiih JKiVHig
kitted tho rich' bronse of her cheek-?sho
was tet tall, routitMimb<;<' nfrmght ftnd
pjrae?jju 1?Ji very mo^eT'of, r?,nur>tno form.
Her Jreiiturcs more pro?mri6iifc njicl regujnr
tliau & Hunal with their tribe, were delifKjtely
ftontyttirdd? nod tho erect attitude a?
}i?r ?vit0, v- itli fee* farg? ktwO-Ukc avc*,
ami abundant coal-black hail*, always neatly
tJaltftd <u massive fuldd> gave to her appearance
an air ot* fcupetlority such us t)io
youthful 1 'ooahontas is sijid to havo pjOs- j
ms*cd. tier chess ??? ciUyiavjly iioat,
tliouxh with u lnnro number of silver ami i
wAiUiMiiri ornaments, and her small foot, i
tfhicli any of the nrolnoiiaderson Pnuphin ;
might hare envied, wove in variably dressed
in inyccafiu.s, ornamented in tho most fanciful
stylo with many colored boads. As
(jho walked about tho streets of Mobile, arrayed
in this way, with hor pnrcol of pine
nwuh$ across her shouklovs, she attracted
the attention pf till spectator.*, for h??r beauty,
tboupb she would hold convorse with !
none expept in the few wovds by which she j
pnaoftvoreu to cusposo ot nor harden.
Much interest was naturally felt in this
jTOUilg girl, and many efforts were made to
learn something of Wv character and 1$?tqry.
Nothing further could ho gleaned,
[and this was told by " Obtain ]3iily," a
lrunkeu Choctaw, frequently aeon iu garrulous
moods, in our streets,) than lhatshe
was the daughter of an Indian Thief of
much note, who died many years before,
leaving her, an only child with her mother, ,
in their oahin on the Puseagoula. Her
singular beauty had made her quite a belle
with the young Choctaw warriors j but she
wns very shy, and was called in tho Indian
tongue, The "Wild Fawn of PnscJlgOula.?
CllT\lwrfr>/l lmi? 111. *4 !??">* 1
..w . .v-v. ..V-. ".v.vi.vi, ".'J
jM, and liornoir, liy her truftio in berries
md " lightwood." llcr personal charms
mado her one of tho most successful dealjrsin
those articles, and every one, particularly
the young men of Mobile, were glad
to give her the preference in their patronage
to this young and attractive creature.
Many were the effort* made to gain her
sinnes, aim enlist tier conversation, but
thev were all in vain. She woilUl go her
daily round, and enter with perfcet unreserve,
the rooms or offices of her patrons,
deposit her little load of pine receive licr
dime, and then quickly retire with tho.
Micks in her hands, to jirocuve another
Tilings glided on this wny for some
months, during the winter of which J speak.
At last an event occurred which tested the
stoicism and character of the young Fawn
of Pascagonla. Among those whom she
daily supplied with light wood, was a young
lawyer, residing in an office in tho second
story of a building 011 one of our principal
streets. AUnnruig tiic beauty of tins timid
visitor, and feeling a strong interest in
her, he determined to see if he coidd not, i
by kindness of manner, deferential notice,
and elegant presents, win the heart of this
simple child of the woods. Though his
motive was mainly curiosity, his purposes
i... 1.?1 :.i ? -< -i
??v?v, iiuu wuu, tin 1.1 iiu MUM 111* lUUil Ui UUlllg
any injury to (ho objcct of his experiment;
by paying her those attentions which had
been found potent to enchain the admiration,
and win the love of more enlightened
and accomplished maidens. He was a man
of uncommon personal beauty, and singularly
fascinating manners, and all those he
brought to bear, as well as lie could, to effect
his innocent. Jtnd. as he thought, hnrm- i
' * O " ~ V 1
less flirtation.
It is needless to detail the arts resorted
to by Henry Howard to win the heart of
the Fawn of i'a.scagouln. lie began in the
most modest and deferential manner} he
purohast. ' from her, much more frequent'
ly than lie needed, supplies of fuel, paid
her larger piufis than she asked, and made
her presents of trinkets, pictures, and little
ornament.-* of dress, and accommodated
himself in every v ay to Iter apparent wishes.
These things ouod tor some weeks,
and at last began to have obvious effects.?
Tito Fawn tarried longer in her visits at his
office than elsewhere; and she always came
there first, and took an evident interest in
his? attentions. At longthahe began to answer
his remark - in such few Words of English
as she could command, ami to look
upon his handsomoand fascinating couutcnauce
with pleased smiles and earnest con
tiuucd attention. The spell evidently began
to work ! I fenvv Howard understood
the secrets of woman a heart well; hut hero
lie had to doal with an untutored Indian
girl, timid as a bird, and whoso springs of
emotion and sympathy could hot ho determined
by ihc ordinary standard# of fooling.
Do not think that J am depicting tho.se
subtle arts of fascination by which the rattlesnake
lures and captivates the hummingbird.
There was no purposo of evil ill the
heart of the young attorney. lie was but
nraotisil)!!' with a-BimnlVi?AV'!im'
? t > i - - - i->- ?> ~rr"~
trick/j aud ele^-nnoiea of intercourse, winch
are roco^nisod an legitimate in civilized so^
ci<Hy. Jfo wished to see if the same affection
ft could Via developed in tlic bcadi'd
beauty of tin* forest, as arc to bo found with
the polished belle of the bnll-rooni end boudoir,
The probabilitiefl were, that the o.?pVnnont
TVould not aucoccd?a Casuist
woi'hi tiicrofovo think it harmless.
Months had pawed in this way, and IlonII
.^-..1 - i *- -i 1 ' ' - 1 ' 4
ry .*uiwiuu uv .hng utaorminc'l IO milKO ft
more obvimtR demonstration of his lovo to
the T'Vwn of I'aWagoula, Oho cold morning
in February, just as he hnd finished his
toilet, ho he< d a light step at the door, and
a well known voice, a? the speaker entered,
playfully exclaiming, f'Chumpu, chum pa!"
Arrayed in her most beautiful dress, with
a hand of ailver.afound lior lu?ir, and long
ncckiaces 6f. boodi foiling from her graceful
ncok, the Fuwti* stood before htm. She
, i i /? ? ?
lurew ncr armiui or pine upon tho hearth,
and looked iftailiog Into hravfajie. In his
most pfrAcflful manner lie nppr<?ir.hed UoT
and took her Band in fowl ?Suddonty ho
cno^led her ivaiat with hi? aval) and driiWid#
iici" to Mm, he imprinted upon hor lip
a lone and fervent kiw^" Modo-ntlv.. shn
looked info liis taeo with n slight expression
of surprise, but not db$sii! infliction ; find
thriw he poured forft\ to her frarm arid urgent
words of love. Neither wdfo theso.
coldly kjjoJcoH) for the young and ardentndmirc/hart
boon 110 little mtetesfcfl in lho
olrjcc^ of hi* attentions As hp waa dil^Wifc,
h^wu-crj, to repeat M. kisses, the now tart
IUU A-awp, pyn quic>.?pw?3i)pnt, uin??e4
fierce f front ,hi$ undgUdctfAQiv^
iM/joomtff >/& r
M W* "'2
'<? jl-SLsl-:. j
"Stand off, Mr. Howard," she exclaimyd
in better Euglish tlian lie bud cvor heard
her speak before. "Mo good t'ricud to kind
gentleman-?but no love I The Fawn must |
BiRWY he*" Own nonpln. H!io love young
warrior up on Panoagoula ! He have heart
,im(! s!<in the HfimQ color! Mobile nmn not
good for 0)ioetaw girl. Mc go to my hotnu
?-to Choctaw Chief's cabin?to-morrow.?
(Jood-hy ! Me love you mueli?you so kind
?but no wife !"
As she said this," she drew her red blan- i
kot as proudly about licr, a.s cvoV n'frighlojjnble
bcllo donned her mantilla at a'bull, nnd |
glided from the door. Struck its motionless
as ii statue, the elegant Henry IIow- i
iud, the Mobile dandy, stood gazing at the
door through whiuh the young (Jhnetaw
girl had vanished ! His l'ps wore slightly
parted, his dyes widely otjen?o look of
wonder and doubt upon his huluWnie face!
"By heavens 1" he exclaimed ; "is it possible
! Caugllt in my own trap 1. Jilted by j
an Indian 1 Well, it's a good joko, and all
i tj..? i... mv. .ii 'i i?.- -i
i ipiiu Kiit, I'y i witiunuu nun I'liHiiumuiha
! I must takb cnro tlmt the bollerf of
Mobile do not find out the story. I<ct who
will hereafter experiment upon Choctaw
character, to discover whether these Chum*
pa-girls havo not like affections with other
people, I, for one, am satisfied.
"This Ifawn of Paschgdulahas for months
taken all my presents and delicate attentions
with the timid gentleness of a nun,
ami now Iinsgiv6li me t]ib sack as ooipplctc*
ly as it could liavo been done by a fashionable
coquet te in a gilded saloon, by the light
of a chandelier. Well, that's pome thing
rich! Bravo I llenry Howard! Recollect
hereafter, as Torn Moore sayn:
"Wliflto'cr hi;r lot. she'll have her will,
And Womnn will be Woman still."
Tho tliirty-fifih ('engross, in ptirsuanco
of tho Constitution, commenced its first session
this dnv, Monday, tho 7th of December.
Tho attendance of Senators was unusually
largo, thoro being but ton absentees.
In tho absence of tho VicO President,
Mr. Bright, llio oldest Senator present, administered
the oath prescribed by law to
the new Senators, tho Hon. Andrew Johnson,
of Tonnesseo, and tho lion. Daniel
Clark, of New Hampshire.
The Senate completed its Organization |
by electing a President pro tempore. Hon.
Benjamin Kitzpatrick, of Alabama, was ,
chosen. IIo received twenly-oight votos. '
i->.. .1.
uy iii?j opposition, nineteen were given lo
Mr. Hamlin, mid one to Mr. Seward.
A message was received from (ho President
of tho United State*, upon which the
Senato went into executive session. It was j
the nomination of Mr. George W. Bowman
of Bedford, Pennsylvania, as Superintendent
of Puhlio Printing, which was confirmed.
JIol'SK ok Ukimikskntativkr.?Tii accordance
with the usual custom, tho House
was to day called to order al 12 o'clock m.,
; by tho Clerk?Mr. Cullom, of Tennessee.
I Two hundred and lwentv-fivA irtAmlmn
and seven delegates appeared in their scats.
A vote, viva race, was taken for Speaker
with thu following result: James Jj. Orr,
128; Galuilm A Grow, 84; Felix K. ZollieotVer,
3 ; Lewifl 1). Campbell. 3 ; Valentine
13. llorton, 1; IT. W'inler Davis, 2; F,
P. Blair, Jr., 1; William Li Kicnud, 2; Hum
phroy Marshall, 1.
Mr. Orr having, received n majority of
all llio votes cast, was declared tlio Speaker
elect of tiie House of Representatives
for the Thirty Gfih Congress. lie was escorted
to the chair hy Messrs. Banks, of
Massachusetts, uiul Stephens, of Georgia,
and "responded in the following speech :
" Gkntlkmkn or tub House of Reprf,
j skntativks : X thnnk you for the honor ytui
have couTdhed in selecting me to preside
over your deliberations.
The delicate and re msible duties of
t ho Ob air vyitl bo comparatively light if I
slw.ll be as fortunato as lo secure, as doubt?
less I will, your co-operation in maintaining
tho dignity and preserving the decorum
of this body. Too mies yon may ndopt
to regulate your proceedings I shall
seek most earnestly to administer firmly,
I'nillifullv and iinonfliallv.
4 I J *
The great interests confided tooui charge
by tl?e people of tliis Confederacy admonish
us to ciiliivnto patriotism as expansive
as tho Republic itself. I cherish the
arilcot hopo that our public duties here
may bo discharged in t.ucli manner as to
uphold tho Oouslitution, preserve the union
of these Slates, quicken their j -osperily,
and build up tho grealnese and yiory of
I t\in* l% /?A?ihl ? ?/ "
Th<1 oath of office whs administered to
the Speaker by Mi . J. It' Oiddingi, ofOliio
ns ill-.* oldest member elect; and thu members
and delegates present then oamo forward
and rr'w.O oivtui'v iit by tilt) k'pUrtlUH.
' ? '
Washinotqn, 1>*c. 1.?At tlio Democratic
Caucus to-i, /ht, Mr. Stoadmivn, of
Ohio, \v?8 norninnted, for the office of public
IMotqr, the friends of bunks and Sleadmita
hiivlnjf united.
Mr. itic!iard??jn, of Illinois, has been n#njb
tendered the Gpvernorship of Nobraskti.
The entiro Dflily obo to-dny i$ ciccviuMltt
i?'n'-t ~ ' * ' ~
?,?< >. in uAfiuoiuun vii uuvj^yu iriiuuo mi
the puiclins? of books during tlio last Congress.
Tito publicAtion has creatcd a great
80nfnlion in all political circlos.
There aro at least ft t'..?iisao<l applicants
for Hubordinalo positions under ll'e ^ewly
tlecled ofUccrs of the House of Representatives
, *
thnt hns ocourr?d in the
history off&utn Carolina for twenty, yoara
p&tiins J'jvi'ii tiMMM.'h unalloyoil pleasure
as tho Aiinuanoouitiut that she had mndo
choieejof iioi- 'liatin^aiHhtid won, (Jen. Jmnotf
II. { :t'in,(n)(l, iis t! . Ihtivo ->r her
. in tho ffcua'td vf tho United
I Wffre** VUry, 'a?i- -d* v. ?
[ j\ixiri pvm fvi mar, i>ou. u. l>;ta ;ilj
: intoMnctniul a gcuhw that will do doctor 46
I Hfe ?t?$? iu the national cotjuoifij biVtf 3$.
* '* iK
-AJy-f-.., H I'TPE* * -
I tion, to us, lias u fur more si<ruificnnt bcflr-'t
! ing. May it not bo au omen of u lusher >
| and prouder destiny for our gallant neigh- <]
bor?hor gradual abandonment of that ob- i
I stinato exelusiveness that has auvorcd so t
| strongly of vanity and weakness in the oyea | ,c
J of tho world, and that has kept her aloof j k
1 from the great race of national progress and j r
i glory. We trust ho. While her position ! >'
! has been gallant and high-toned, there has I I
j been r laok of that wiso moderation and | f
practical utilitarianism, that aro necessary K
to enforce tho teachings of hor doctrines I
and example. She haft kept in a region too a
sublime for this common sense, mutter-of- i
j fact ago of tho world, and wo nnil with joy
the slightest appearance of an indication t
that she is to comc down from her lofty ?
estate- 1
ticn. Hammond at ono time acted a con- c
spicitmts part in the politics of his State ; \
1 inwo holinVD. ltsib nt. nrt (imn 1w>imi vmvn'rrl. f
ccl as affiliated with tho prevailing ultraism i
I of her people. Ilo is a conservative, and t
j while a true and dauntless friend to South -t
1 Carolina, ho has also a patriotism that 0111- t
braces in its grasp the whole Uuion. He 1.
has superior mental acquirement# and tul- "
I ents of a very high order, and both are a
destined to shine in the new firmament to '
which they have just been transplanted. I
[Savannah Jtrjwbliran. *
Tub Washington Union, in n recent ar- 1
lido upon tlio notion of tlig Kansas Con- ]
5tilulion:?! Copvention, lias coin pi esse J tbo <
\vlutIo im-rits of tlio Controversy into rt few a
brief ami felicitously expressed sentences. .
ft savs:
" In the absence of any restriction in nn c
enabling act of Congress, tlio peoploof K?n- ,
qns hnvn HQ plnnr n ?uKni l?m.
, / ; 6"- "?V'XV . j
their Constitution should ho submitted for j
popular ratification, in whole or in pari, as
they have to dcoido whether slavery shall (<
or shall not exist. Tliey enn only settle ,
litis question, however' hy the Ik*gal der.is- j
ion of tho people. If the late Convention f
I was a legal body, and its action within the j
I scone of its lecal nower. it is a cl?ar infrnn- .
I lion of tbedoctrino of non-intervention to ?
[ attempt to defeat llid legally expressed will N
of the people, upon the assumption that the. (
whole Constitution ought to have been submitted.
The Kansas act <1 eel area that the j
people of Kansas bftvd n full light to decide" j
that qucs ion. Tlicy have, decided it by the
aetion of a legal Convention, and the ad- J
ministration, in recognizing that action, is
faithfully carrying out the spirit and letter
of the Kansas ant."
Nkw Youk, Dec. 7.?Tlio Cahawba lias t
arrived from Havana. Tlio wifo of-Oeuor- "
al Santa Anna had reacheJ Cuba from St. t
Thomas. i
Four cargoes of negroen bad arrived on 8
tlio Island within tod daya, numbering in ?
all ten thousand four hundred souls, li t
was believed that three of the vessola be* J
I.. Il.n Bi.i. VC 1
' vw jj\.- i i v \mv mhtl v~ >vi 111^ \jk *
cluiSiitt?. '
Tkiihirlk Sckne is a Theatre.?A wri- (
lor from Europe gives tlie following do?- j
oripiion of tho Rt'one nt Loghorn, whero in *,
an agony c causeless alarm, ono hundred '
men of o crowd, were trampled to death, f
mul (?? /? liiiiulfii/l iuoiiml/i.1 ?
"The House was crowded?rtho piny,
Tlio 'I nking, of Sebnfttopol," The fiiRt nets
went oil' well; battery ftflor battery explo- <
(led, and llie thrilling spectacle made the s
tla-alro ling with applause. All oyca were <
turned to soo them tako the Malakotf. At
Inst'twits stormed. Tbo soldiers rushed
in?then the (sxplo^ion amjd tbo' wildest
cheers. At that moment n spark caught
tbo scones?they blasjed?tiro andieneo
thought it a part of tlin play, and choerod
the louder, the scene was ?o natural. Alas,
it was too perfect. Another moment they
saw their mistake; a cry of misery drown
ea mo nppmusQ, Higher ami higher ii .
lose, maddening ilio spectators with t'right.
Five minutes more aiul the fire was Oxtirii. '
guished, but tho spectators, liko a herd of ;
buffaloes, liko a panic-stricken arniy, like J
a flock of shocp before wolves, like passengers
from a sinking ship, losing all thought
but of self-preset vaiion, msheil from their
seats. Tho shrieks of women, tho shrill
cry of children, tho hoarso voices of men,
all struggling for life, presented a scone not
describablc. Soino threw themselves from
tho boxen into the pit, killing themselves
nnd crushing those beneath thorn. No 1
judgment?no forethought, out of tho windowf-?
over tho lodges?stamping each
oiher to death. Tho sentinels worderod
to stop the passage with bnyonots. They
plantod, and those in tho front ranks were
run through and through, and tho soldiers
with tho rest, were mutilated with tho luet
of hundreds.
Bknatou Hammond.?Gov. Hammond,
the newly elected Sonator from Hou(h Carolina,
has ope of tho largest landed estate#
of the South, liia fr.ym".comprising over
11,000 acres, and ne may Bett'ttu with
propriety as a representative mac A-South
Carolina, lie was a olassmateof William
Aiken, who Buccoedod him in th > frubernn
iuiiiii VH*M|? r iryftm OKdlll/f'/i
loam from tho Churjceton Courier of yoai
i111 . that nn oxamiuntion bon been tfoiug
on, lor some days, bofore the U. S. Commi
i. inner, jn that city, of fhos. J. M?^kov,
Esq., upeq the chprge of violation of tho
i.cutriiiUy l^Ws, in fittingout an expedition
to^iciira^ua, in the Bcrvioe of (ion. VVftlkflP.
ClrilUlAW.' ttltfi. ik?!i Vlafv'ir.l'' At
- ^^? ?7 , ^-7 \
torney, oonductcd tljo oxamipfttioh on tho
part of the government, and Mr. Maokey
was defonded by L. W. Spratt, 'I'he 1
rowult af the exftinlimtiou was that tt?? <\<ihfendivnt
was hound oVor, lit thonmiiof <M>\
000, to answetr hi) the January Tvirin ot.t.he
IJ. 8, District Convt.
Bothering a Widow - A Good 8toy?.
1 A (Visturhancobf a- *ot?e\vVM
fin? ,,M :
I* * *" '' * '/
?. . ,* , Jfc ji . *. \ . .. A.' ..
iu?, according to custom, tho qualifications
rhioh applicants for tho situation word ro- '
[iiircd to possess, Thdwdvertiacment ootild
lot havo boon more than an hour before
bo public, wbou a brisk widow, Sirs. Ka:bel
Morrison by name, might have been
yen ascending the Btepa of Mr. Fothergjll's
residence on Kighth street. This lad}',
emembering the proverb that " the early
>ird or.t'ohcs the worm," p^acntcd herself
'or tho advertiser's inspection a'-uost ius
uyu ua Ut\p( lU Ullh, ^ IIU
mrposo, qui to reward her business like
laerity she proved to be tlic first eouniettor
for the prizo.
Mr. l'othevgill, being n limn of tuereauitc
Habit?*, is very prompt at making a bargain,
and, moreover, is not very liard to
11.. M
nuun\j. x ia > i v.vauii ii?jv4 i'Aitf. WUI UWU B
redcntials, ho seemed to decide that she
voidd suit him exactly, and the whole affair.
was about to he concluded, to the satsfaction
of ail parties, when a hard pull at
he door hell announced another arnvid.?
Uuiost immediately a second lady entered
he room and glanced around appreliensivcy,
as if afruid that fehe had come too late.
>hc was n thin, cMcrty fe:p:;le, whose jjaiao
ffterward proved to he Miss Naomi Price.
' Arc you tho gentleman who advertised
or a wife?" said Misa Price, as soon as
he entered. !
lieforo Mr. Fotherujll Could reply, Mm
dorrison answered for him, " Yes, madam, .
ic advertised; but I reckon lie's supplied.''
'J. spoke to the gentleman himself madam/'
lowered Miss Price, sharply, "and 1 sup>(?e
he knows his own mind." " Me made
declaration of his intentions before you
amc," said Mrs. Morrison. "I think
ou must have misunderstood him, madam;
ersons at vour time of lifu are ant to hear
mpcrfcctly," answered Miss l'rico. "You
pponr to be very anxious to change your
otiditlon, madam/' said Mr*. IUgri'Jw>b.
' You seem to bo mucb iu waut of a hujJwvnd,
too," said Miss Price. I ncvor
bund it difficult to pet otic," exclaimed
drs. Morrison; " and I Vrish you to know
lint 1 have bad two already." " Oh 1"
sried Miss Priee, " I sec your husbands
vt;ru union 10 no piticu, nn : 1 don't wonlor
tliat tlioir lives woro of short duration."
While this altercation was going on bcwcon
the ladies, Mr. Fothorgill looked and
istcned. Possibly he could have been hap-1
iy with either, "were the other dear chnrnitr
awuy"?and he seemed totally unablo to
Icaidc which deserved his preference. The
:ontcst between the rival candidates was
snrried on with increasing bittferno>?f?, until
he hand of Miss Price, while performing
in energetic gesture, happened to toucru
uc somewhat protuberant nose of Mrp.
yiorritan. What followed wc would gladly
upprcss, but, for the sake of making an
iocurate report, it is nocecsary to say that
he bonnets of both ladies were demolished,
md thoir faces rather badly scratehod.-"Mrs.
Morrison made a chargo of assault nud
i \f 1>. ' - f??
j.uwi y o^uusii i'ii.'si jltujo. x mil tnoflccnc
ye have doscvibcd made somo impression
m the mind of Mr. Fothergill, may bc
udged from tho circumstances that when
jiving in his evidence at tho Mayor's offioo,
fife signified his determination to remain
linglofor at least six months longer,
[Philadelphia Press.
A New England writer, fcpeaking of tho
diaraoteristics of different races of. people,
tuya that it has been found tU>?t negroes
jan be bettor trusted than white men not
io betray secrets. Y.rc suppose this is upon
;hc principle that the)- always "keep dal*k."
Amoxg the base, merit begets envy fa*
mong tho noble, emulation.
A Tough Uead.?-The Calaveras (Cal.)
Chronicle states that two "colored gentlelien"
in that place, who had quarrelled
About "'a lady,'' mot in mortal combat.?;
After an exchango of shots, tho sheriff arrested
tho parties and carried thein to jail,
when a pistol bullet was found flattened out
nod lodged in tho wool of ono of tho combatants,
who \v119 quite unaware of having
beon touched.
Takb my Hat.? '* Have you anything
plho ohl?" Balkan English lady at feomo
to a boy, of whom who had bought ;somo
M4UV4V>AIX auvnjiUliUfl*. X HUIU ll)C yOUH|^
urchin, thrusting forward his hat, which
had noon some do7.cn summers, " iny lml is
old!" Tho lady rewarded his wit with a
now hut.
, AdLmiuistrator's Salo. w
ritUE rniniiititax Personal EstHto of Jjimcs
X McKinnoy, tlocwujed, will he sold, ftt his
lato renulunco. on ll'hritiulftv tho 24i!? rl?? ?.f
Dootanber, instant, consisting of ono LlkKLY
N EG HO WOMAN, about nineteen year*
old. and various articles too nuinoro'un to
mo nt ion.
' TKKMS.^-Nitte month# credit with interest,
aud note and security.
J AS. liOB>:UTSON, Adm'r
l)w. 12. 1?57 2$ 2
fejoiC 55, W."*aWSEN'f * 1
0PFR118 his I'rofotwinurtl Htfrticc* to the c!timtA
of I'iokon* District, in the piaoticc or
Merticlno in it*, vnrioua bvnnohefc lb), wonhl
Hiif (hut ho Imp an eM>orienc<\ of ton ?? i
practice. Oflico in hi? 8lore. [April 14, lftr.7.
n r . -.i.-, ? T? f j;?' I'V'""1' ?* vtwyy
). W, Milium .hi. J. W. IlAJtaiSOM. . I'l l,i.i \m,
N01UUS, HABlllSON & *??/,! AM,
Attorney? at Lnw,
W'l/l Attend prolnptly to r^ll hus(n<M>. fsnh'iis'
I tod to their c*r?. ciui ol
whj-h i.'o iounu in tnc un?e?
OFI 'CK AT fJCK^.Vh- Of S. v..
" tftmV
?01M E.
rpHOS'F, indobfatto the ?Moto of John Me1
Whortep dtooaiMJ feitor m?)i? pavmM,
and eho*o having domrmJ* wfti tWler thlrn
lu lwittllvattOBt^h ?{v*.-s .||?t ..Pa X'.m.i*:
! wrM:,:
Wlfcjifaf having rlcnuttuia tlMJ ft*.
, Lo!lut!<io ^
KNOW all nun by UlciA presents, Unit 1,
N. BMITH, urn npvr giving the l?iglio*t
pvictk ipv (UU:j:N AM) J>RX UIDUS evcr.Uvfore
offered in till* country, namely :
Hide?. Oiticbj from t>J to 7K ccntrf per jioflml.
do., Dry, ' 1U to l2j ? A" .* 1
Uviijg your 11 idea to mtvjiut n? i?ooii ns you
pet tbem oft' the beu*t, and it will W*1>rU<,r lor
u* nil. b. Jr. NMLTH.
.l.in. -JO. 1R57 ' 1y I
Bftaw mm? mm
Pendleton ttn.il lload Comnnnv.,
rj?UK Klifronfir, Yvre!<U?, Thlttncndr.
1 tcciitli, niv?l Fifteenth Instalments of OI^K
DOIjIjAK crtch oil ilio Stock of (lit* 1'ciKllcton
Uiiilcoud Company will ho payable as follovn :
Klgvciith Instalment on tlio lift of Auuiist, 18t\T
Twolftlt " " " Out oiler " 'r
Tliirf eolif li '< " '' December"
Fourteenth " " ' Fch'yr Ifcri?
Fifteenth " " *< April
\V. II. l>. UAlLhAIUV
See. ninl Trea.". l'cufllejofi It. Jl. vi>.
TotfflI"t,on May 2*. 1P*>7 ?0 el
Finul Settlement.
A I t. nnvaki.u Fnln.^lA.I .. III 4,?
i'\. thsit ii finnl uvtilOmunt of the Kxtoteof
Twuutu II. Onsaway, demifc-d. will ln? mado
boforc tho Ordinary, at I'u-.kcitsi ('. II., on
ftuSiulftv Hio Uth dny of JilnuAry noxf.^'Plfopo
indulged tosixid Kstute l'nnke firty'meiit,
mid tlios-0 tmvftfg demnlid# will render
i!i?ut in, legally ?t(?;sttid, l?v Ithftt time.
JAfcj. 1>. (JASAWAY, Adm'r.
CM. 6; 18T>7. 18 3 m
Al' nil kliuis. inimnfnoV?;rn(l liv finilpv * *?R.
V vK s-upmov for thoir oxuctho8.<rainl tl?iraliHitv,
nti*l ftlroaJte immlcri' nml plural,
wltli tfi<! bc?t Aincricnh ami Krom-h Window
USox.". Always on linnU at Wallmlhi, and
for ealc iW ty ' < > 11 X KKl'SK. ^
1,13V INK 0!ti fcATVy.
Pure Zinc. and Anioriran "White Li-ad, for
whtt'h th> liiphrst jitwiluYrt wan awarded at
the Wovlil'k pail's N. Y. Sale Aj^nt* for
tSoutli (.'arollnu. C'lirmnU & IJrig^H, in Cllturlostoiu
I'ov pnlc'ut Wnlhnllu hv
Kaw ami 1 Joilo<l Lfnupcd Oil, Spirits Turnohtinn
PlllK' fill biiutu t\f Pninlu /li'w ??*'!
ho ground in Oil: fHne, Pnitrt Brtinhex, And
nil nrtich'H in tliin Hn<?. For Mile, nt tho lowcut
fijturp for cn*h, by / '
WiiHmlla^F?'l>. 12, IS")7 31_ tf_
1 Iy 4 vr UKum tvir? n?.
(jriiiii jvi k. v im.il
Wnllialln, 8. jp.;
UAH just nbw returned from Now York witl?
11 larptc and boatitiful nstfirtmcnt of
(IVoth GOLD nnd SILVKTl,) dork*, Mimic Iloxos,
Oomb*, Kru.slicjf, Knficy Artiolcn, Perfumery,
So?pn, (lohl r?ii.s, etc.; nil of which Ints been
bo%ipr]it forCAS^lf, nml which ho offers forpulo *
on the rt?Q?t neconitnodrtting tcniiH.
ttoflWllKVAIKS WATCllK.S and d<h
cr uriiviii ii inn line, and policlinic juuvohhjjcr
of tlie puul.c. I!in Stuml in near the i>uhfie
square, at Wnlhalln, S. <\
Dec. If), 1H">U 24 tf
Attorneys lit i,a\v,
xr.xrm> attend juinctuitlly to all htixincx.* onT
} (runt oil lo their enre in t(ic Districtscomprising
the Wontcrn Circuit.
OI'FICK AT l'I( KKxNS C. II., fi. <\
NCjit. 2,~>, ia tf
*' ' 1 - " 1 11 ! ? '" ? ' ft .
AIjIj persons indebted to tho Ehtftte r.f
John Couch. Into of I'ickenH district,
demised, arc hereby notified thill they jaunt
jnnke payment; and, thotc having dpniauds
ngiunHt said CHtate, will present tiiem to us
legally attested.
MAHY A. COl'CH,) Adm'x.
JIOH'T. COUCH, I Adnv'r.
Sopt. 2ft. 18f?V 11 am
g ? ' ' ? ' ? "? " ' ' 1 '
IIY POWJJKU ."NU l-l. In'in;: now in active
i" operation, (> U II U II <1 II1 a ? ( I n#T
Po%Y?Icr 0|?n be furnished to dealers Khd
others at tow ratt?s. All orders addressed to
T>. jJitMAN.v, "WnJlmlltV, will be attended to,
, Sci?t.2d, 185C - ' 12 ; "if ,
The fcmt? of soutu Carolina,
is onoiKAnt?ric*K|f8,\ * \
Jgnas PhiifajfiT,'??. "j .
v? > Summons in rortiflbn.
Henry Gaaaway, ot aln }
IT appearingto my witlsfivcUon tljut Johp
L (Way, JniueH (lufhiyrny, Huchol Onsaisn.v, Ira ,
Tiiisaway, .William Ghdaway, Jeremiah Siitfoft
anil wife Sarah, Wctdeiy Giwavray,- Hj-y"ht Bandy
ftnd Wife Phochq, Nathan Phillip* and wife
Mahala, Kdwnrd Williams and Vrife Mj?ry,.rc?hlo
beyond the limlta of this State: Tft .ordered,
therefore, that the paid absent parties before
named do ftppear irt vny ofllce at Pickens t\_.
IJ., oitltev ptfRonallJ or by attorney, and Rarct
to. tho <HvinlQn or wile of tho Estate t>f
ltojrifry Onsaw'ay, ttyicdaped, within three months
fvotu (he publication hereof, or their constht t?>,
the Btimo will bo entered of- record. ' 1
W. J. TAUfcOKS, o:r.i?v
Oid{nftry'? Office, Nov. 7, 18f?7.
LUMBER! lip*!?!?; A
TIT K lifrUolWjmM' nil# WWT ftK
<l?rs for 6f difcvAl} ftt thoirTUH?
on Ooonoo Oi-eok, nfcvcn mitto rWtli-fiiul of WM-y
ti*Hn. Lumber will be doUviSivtl if It??
hy the *,?mihn?for. 0\?v Iitos will i*
?otum?(lntintf, iui'1 we I'o.vjk-vH'hIIv coHclt iliey#tronago
of Ihb.pwMlc. .TAMW*jRRuHOft,
> T. Jl.-lfcjuiTCHKRIn
i\ v hi, ik.'.v :;i .
Estate Notice.
A FINAL Settlement ?of the Kfttate-aoT
.IX. f.'Wpor, dcooasnd, vilMo nuAlo
f^Wnrrtfl (frdimtrV, lit Pfckeir* fi.. ?n
the 2$tl> day of Jasidany tsext. -<A!!
?or*uto indobCod ,:?!.! K
ibrvrnrd aiiri pny up, utWV hnvinjr
mnnd.i srill rtnujor them id legally fittontfed *
by thntfime. - v;v,
ifurui i ti ntn itonir . . l .
() (V, | V;. ^
O &K. W. IU10WN ore H'ST Kft'RflM"'''
t ;i!?K '
,v rvwiiv. r>. ilki. *a m. v, . 4'
4* 4MntWA?*, x <
< uH tw t?Wi' til<l sjidni, ,)( AN<>KiUjO\ CfttftT
il<ifcfi*K; we'lj do whuff vijrirt f.
* '* ' ?r> > ?. . 38
.- .. -.. . i

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