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The Floods.
Illinois.?The Hock ford (Illinois') He<:inter
states that Hock river arid its tributaries
have been swollen to an extraordinary
flood by the recent rains. Bridges have
been swept away, live stock carried off a.id
drowned, and families, in some cases, ros?
i -
V.WW1 iiiu bcvuuu tnory WVDUOWS.
Tub Wkstktin HivkrS.?A curious)
state of things exists just below Illinois.?
Precisely opposite the mouth of the Mis- j
Bouri, tlic river has been running with such
force against the bank as to cut deeply into ,
it, and broak much of it away, for sonic ,
years past, causing the apprehension that ;
at some ti 1110 or other, a new channel would
bo formed for the Mississippi, which would
consequently bo diverted from its present
channel. The event has occurred, to a certain
extent; and the water will doubtless '
fiud a passage again to the Mississippi, and
cut a deep and permanent channel below !
The upper Mississippi was swelling nil
the way down?hog* were drowning, people
distracted with fear, and tho bottoms
Tlio Dos Moines, Skunk, Suit, Wiscon- j
i .1 ftin,<&o:rWero ull potiring6ut at flood height. j
There is no t.ollins; how the Missouri is ris- j
inj;, cxcejit that it is swelling faster and j
getting higher than ov#>r roinciubered.? j
Kansas river was out of it? banks, and other
rivers wero in the same condition.
On Saturday, one hundred and fifty head |
of cattlc were drowned in the bottom, a :
Hhort distance above the mouth of the 1 Hi- |
nois. Monday morning, opposite the same !
place, the steamer Henry Clay passed n lot j
of 85 to 40 hogs swimming in the river, '
f, which were doubtless lost.
Tuksiikt tn Tiir. SrnuYi.KiiiT..?There j
18 a ncavy iresnct in the Schuylkill, and in
tho vicinity of Philadelphia the wharves
. were completely submerged and the loss of
lumber and other property is very extensive.
Immense quantities of lumber, fire-wood,
barrels of whiskey, coal, tar, &c., passed
down with the water yesterday, and hundroclu
of men were cngsj?c(' in resetting the
floating material. Several rafts came floating
down the river.
St. Lours, June 14.?Despatches from
Cairo state that on Saturday afternoon a
ctevaMO opened on the Mississippi side of
the town, through which the water poured
nt a fearful rate, filling up the whole space
between the levees, and it is now running
over tho embankment on tho Ohio side
about a thousand fret. Tho Illinois Cenfr<?i
;u ? "
iij iitioiiv;u ?nu^ vil l IIU WJlllll
wing. A part of the now hotel fell in on
Sunday, nnd the hulnncc is cxpccted to fall
during the night. Nearly all the houses
are tumblin.' down, drifting away or sinking.
Sourcoly a building in tho city is ex
jiected to withstand tho flood. Tho water
is 2 i feet deep in tho second story of tho
Tnylor House, and is still rising rapidly.
Wound City i?..al.so in danger of being
overflown. 'fho water at this point still
continues to rise, and all tho upper streams
arc pouring out floods.
Memphis, Juno 1(1.?As far as ascertained,
eighty-five cabin passengers nnd one
hundred and twenty decK passengers have
been saved from the burning of the steam
or Pennsylvania, on the evening of Sunday
Inst. This would leave tlie number of lost
ns fifteen cabin and eighty deck passengers,
or a total of ninety-five.
N kw Oni.KANs, June 17.?The ovcrl... vh
of the cotton lands, which have been in
progress for some time past, nre now regarded
ns very serious, and the market berc in
consequence is more active, with an upward
tendency in prices.
Mkmimmh, Tctfn. June 18.?Tlio Great
Yazoo 1'oks gavo way last night, and the
eliunurl is now over thirty yards wide, and
rapidly incmiulug In Wmth. The water
in the Mississippi has, in consequence, fall
' en eight or ton foot, and is rushing with
terrific foroo through tho opening, foiling
all trees in its oourso. It will deluge the
whole YuSOO vulley.
Cincinati, Juno 18.-?The river is fulling
rapidly; tho weather hns bcon fine,
with the thermometer at 80 degrees. The
Miami bottoms aro now free of water, and
tho corn planting is going on. The wheat
is in fine condition, ahd the barley is being
harvested, and the crop will be a good ono.
Fi.oiiuja Rkoulatoks?FIVK Mkn
ilunu ANuTwo WGMKN WllIl'I'F.l).?The
Regulator aro doing a lively business in
Florida. The Savannah Republican says :
"Woaro informed that within ft month,
fivo porsons wcro hung by the Regulators
in and about Tampii Buy, for divers ?otious
offences, and, without formal trial by jury.
One man was hung to a tree in tho street*
of Tantya, so high that Jus feet could not
bo rc&cncd by po.uons passing on horseback,
lie also ?tuU;H that a negro *n* arraigned
for murder in Nassau county, flomo tinio
alnco, when but eleven jurymen answered
to their namea. While tho officer was abP
sent, summoning a talesman to mow* up
the twelfth, some fifteen .Regulators entered
'.ho Court room, took the prisoner from
. ii.. i ? " "
wiu uux wi a usnco on mc jriortuaand ucorU
^'no> ftn(l ?>ung him to a troo.
"Ono of the volunteers in tho lato sorvloc
against tho Indians, ho hIho states, for
tho #amo oflcnoo, wn? nrreate*' by thorn,
whipped within hearing of tho camp to
which ho wit6 attached, nnd giver. 24 hours
to leavo tb? Nfiito. 'fb? intrertiil soldiov,
rjithcr than meet tho thrcntened vengeanco
of tho lloguhitors, preferred dosorf.iiig, nnd
1ia$ not boon hoard of since. Two women
iof ill-reputowero^taken \ip is Tampa and
1 ?. * J .1. nr. i i ?
i mcij>|juu, dhuii rtwividgf iiiteen Kumea, nnu
IP?** notlcii to Icnvo in 24 hours, At tho
expirathm of the time, they gate no evidence
of any intention to move, when they
wero ojrain arreated, and another flngelln*
tion iotticled, bc.sideH having tfielr lioajy
ahaved, and themselves aa*Uted out Of the
[ J ^2 2
A Skvrrk ttKnt/kk - Stnnfor Davis, of
fc., Mississippi, ittfWy to T>ch#Im#, who had
tnadttA flfunin# war dpoocb, remarked : r
"That ho ( Davis) ncvor belonged to tho
war party in wmo of peace, or tho ponco
party in tiuic qf ?wr."
A Talo of Horrors.
("5ov. MeWillio, of .Mississippi, in charged
by tlio Yicksburg Southron with having
pardoned out of the penitentiary a man |
named Dyson, who bun nnsapfiiintcd anoth- '
or man named Nelms, for which lie was !
simply sentenced to the prison for fifteen I
years. That paper says of the criminal: i
ziir % i ? . * *
no wayiaiu ins victim, with whom lit? i
had a deadly fucd ; brought him down nt
the first shot, and then, emerging from his |
liitling place, tauuted his dying victim with j
words of insult and reproach, and finally I
concluded by placing the muzzle of his gun
to i.ho body of Ncims and tiring the second |
time. This shot produced instant death, !
and so close was tho gun to the victim that 1
the flesh of the murdered man was burnt '
by the explosion. Having completed tho |
work of slaughter, he deliberately mounted ;
his horse and rode to the home of Nelms, |
called his wife out, and informing her that j
he had murdered her husband, directed her ,
where to find his mangled corpse.
" Dyson is a blood-stained, blood-thirsty :
incarnate fiend, lie is not a man, but a
ferocious tiger ; and Gov. McWillio has no
more right to turn such n beast loose upon
the community than ho has to open the
cages of a whole caravan of tigers. His
antecedents arc well known too, and they
should have forbidden all hope of Execxi- !
tive clemency. The murder of Nelms was ,
not his first taste of blood, lie, had pre- 1
viously, in a most base and cowardly man- i
nor, murdered a lawyer named Moss, of i
Do Soto county, by shooting him in the i
back as Moss rode from him. lie had :
murdered three of his own negroes, and
one of them in a manner so horribly appall- !
ing, as to cause the death of his own wife.
This ease occurcd at bis own table and the
victim of his fiendish rage was a woman.?
Taking offence nt something tho woman did
or omitted to do, while waiting at the table,
he rose, drew a Bowie knife, and with a
single blow ripped her open. I lis wife
swooned, and * en she awoke to conscious
1_ 1 1 it. ' * ' '
ncss, no iiuu uic negro s ncariout, ana witn
it upon the knifo ho thurstitinto hcrfuce!
She swooned again, and tho result of lior
horror and fright brought on convulsions,
from tlio clfccts of which she soon died.
Nf.wOiu.Rans, dune 19.?Tho United !
States surveying schooner Vixen had ar- 1
rived. All the crops in the northeastern
section of the State exceed anything ever
A party of lynchers, uear San Antonio, ,
was committing terrible outrages.
The Indians on the Pecos worn trniihln
1 some, and Capt. I'ojw had lost a number of
1 horses.
Tho crops on the Kio (1 ran do were fine.
There had been a tremendous hailstorm
at Fort Davis.
Intkiik8tino Statistics.?Among other
interesting facts of Hollow's statistical
view of the United States, we mny mention
that the foreign vote of the country is onotwclfth
of tho whole; that tho State of
New York has about one-eighth of tho population
of the Union; that there in one.
house to overy six persons in the country ;
that tho number of persons who live east
of the Mississippi is twelve times greater
: than those who live west thereof; the disI
tanec between New York and New Orleans
lis more tll.m linhiMnn ? >'!
Constantinople, or Paris nnd St. Petersburg;
over two-fifths of tbc national territory is
drained by the Mississippi nnd its tributaI
rios ; of the 1 ">07 political newspapers pub;
lished in tho United States in 1850, 855
i were Whip and 712 were Democratic.?
I There aro four buiulred thousand Indiana
in our territory; nt the close of the Revolution,
there wore but thirty-six thousand
in tho old thirteen Statos, according to an
estimate of (jen. Knox; direct nnd indirect
tax paid by each white person in the
country. 34.24 : number of real oKt:ih? own
or* 1,500,000, or one in about 3.10 of the
free males over twenty-one years of ajre ;
number of Federal ofliee holders (exclusive
of army nnd navy,) 85,459, a nine-fold ini
crease eineo 1800?the population having
increased ubont five-fold ; one-fourth part
of tho people reside in villages, towns and
eiticH; the number of people to a dwelling
in New York tty averngofi moro than 18,
in l>oston nearly 0, in Now Orleans Of, in
Richmond about 5.
MkdioaIj Student's Examination: " I)o
wounds often heal by tho first intention ?"
V Not when the patient is rioh and the doc- ]
tor poor." " When docs mortification en^.
?>l) //ItTI ?
kuu x ncn yuu pop me question, ami
aro answered no!" . j
Smttery Wkatijkr.?" Good morning
Patrick ; slippery, this morning J"' " Slipnery
! nn" bo jabors, it's notliin fdso, yer
honor. Upon mc word, I slipped down
tlireo times without gotten' up oncc yer ,
Consignees at Andorson Depot,
ilunibard Fl k To, W Van Wyck, Wllhlte &
II, T J l'ickons, Dondy k 1\ Sullivan k 8, W C
llewly, Brown & MoOee, J B F. Sloon k Co, J
11 Sloitn, Mv IturgcH. S MoCluer, J Andcr?on. J
T Sloon k Co, 8 B Moore, Iniitt!! i N, K ft E
ti Alexander, T J Kcpho & Co, McOoo & T, W j
II 1$ G?i!!!n'u!, II i#itlinigv, N K 8ulli?i?n, Judgo
Mttnro, A W Hold, L 8 Mabry, 11 A Maxwell, j
W 3 Slinrpo, England, D k Co, W C Norria, J 11 I
Adgor, C C L&ngBfon, 8 K llrown k Co., MoFall
k II, K 8ymmos, II Kuoo, W 8 lliaok, J 0 II
Cluwuaw, C II RQchacn.
F. RICK, Aaont.
Married, oitlio ?tl instant, by Rev. W. K.
AYnltors. Mr. Jons W. Romxanx, of Anilovaon,
to Mi?? Hkbwoa Watt, of KnlrfichldiHtrict.
On tho 10th Instant, by Roir. J. ft'. Field*, Mr.
Jamkh MoNiviUN, of IMckens, to Mts? Marqa- |
bet dil.lahn. of Rnhiiu, On.
Ou tho 20th InstiuU, nt sun-rise, by W. J.
Pnrtiona, Ksq., Mr. John Swinkt, of N. C., to
Mis* Sarah Coi.m.vm, nil of I'ioken?.
ILL--L J_1 j..1UMJBL1 -ill. 1.i.-jj MBUlftlM. i
JljL SUr fiRFINE FLOUR for salo at Two j
WWiffiS Fifty cent# per Saci.
IVrullcton, Jung 22, IWS i I
Diku, on the l'.'ili instant, I.i i.aii infant
daughter of J. K. nud lv. I In good, aged eleven
months and ten days. ''Suitor little children
t.i come unto me, nnd forbid tlieni not, for of
such is ilio kingdom of heaven.''
Dikii, on the "?th Juno, instant, C'aromnr
M. La.ndkks. consort of H. 1'. Landers, in tho
2Sth year of her nee. Hor health had been I
feeble tor tho Inst five vetirs. .She bocamo n
member of the Methodist Church nt Mount j
//ion, in this district, nt the early ngo of thirteen
yearn. Shortly afterward* sho professed j
religion, and lias over since striven to walk j
in llis ways, and with, apparently complete j
success. The doeeasod leaves a husband and '
one child, with many iclativcs and friends,
to mourn their less. But they sorrow not as
thoso without hope. *
Trustee's Salo.
1>Y virtue of a deed <>f trust to-mc roado !
1) by David MoWhurtor. I will sell to tho I
highest bidder, at Dickons 0. II., on 5th day
of .Inly next, u Id K MLV N K< JKO BOY, Colbert;
on a credit till 25th December next,
with not? and approved security and interest
from date.
I,. N. ROBINS, Trustee.
June 'J3. 1S")S l.i 2
Agricultural Notice.
rpiIE second quarterly meeting of the Pick- ,
I ens District Agricultural Society, at j
WallnUla, will ti\ke place nn .Saturday the ,
3d of .July next, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
('. V. HAN.SKMMil, Sco'v.
Wnlhalln. Juno 21, 1858 49 *2
rpim sruseiUllKK finding that his Land
J is of little value to him, being unable to
cultivate it himself, would hereby offer for
sale the l'AKM on whie.h he formerly resided.
The property is i\bout four miles from
Walhalla, on the road to I'iekens 0. II., adjoining
tlie lands of Mr. 1 vester and Mr. V an
ijctie. j no rouu leauing irom iickous to tnc
Oconee Station likewise passes through it.
A more desirable location is rarely met with.
The Tract contains 14(J acres more or less.?
Both the bottom and the nplaml aro of excellent
quality. On tho premises is a dwelling
Ikiuho, smoke-house, Imrn, &o. There is nn
j excellent spring on the place. About twonty
acres have been cultivated for several
years, and tho feucos aro in good order. Possession
will bo given immediately after tho
crop shall have been gathered, and in tiino
to prepare for the next ye \r. For the conditions
of sale apply to the uudorsigncd at Palilalia.
CO,..The tract will he publicly sold at l'ickj
ens II., on the first Monday in August, if
1 not previously disposed of at private salo.
O. 11. IX CKAMEIt.
Wallialla, June 22. 4'.) 6
Last Notico.
I ^ LL those indebted to me by Note or Ac
11. count, lor i?;io ana ih.x, must pay
them up by tho fir.st day of August next.
Those that fail to comply with thin notice
! will pay cost, as no louger indulgence will
bo given, hook sharp!
Tul >lc MouoUjiii June23, 1858 1
VIjIi persons who have any butiinens to
transact, or are indebted to tllo " Ger.
man Settlement Society of Charleston," are
| hereby notified to cull on the legal ofiioernof
! tho Society, who have been recently clectcd,
: namely:
II. P. TIIODE. President.
M. IlENCKEN, Secretary.
June 17, 18?r>8 40 3
4 LI. persons indebted to the Estate of N.
I XV 1*. Rochester, deceased, must make payment
; and those having demands against
| said estate will render them tome legally attested.
S. It. McFALL, Adin'r.
' }""? -2' 1858 -10 4
Head (luarters,
1ST HRIOADK, S. C. M., Uukhnvii.I.B. S. (!.
Order No. Juno 8, 18i)8.
! I N Election is hereby ordered for Major ot'tho
; i\ 2d lluttulion, 2d Uegimcnt, 8. (.'. M., on
! Saturday tlie 10th day of July next, nt (he coni'
naitii iliiiuIm ...I? ..C ...:,l I) .11..
lo l>o kept open from 'J o'clock, A. M. to ;i 1'.
i M. Manap to moot on the Monday folio w,
ing, count the votes, dcolnre tlio election, and
forward the result to this ollice.
Ily order of lb-ip. (Ion. Kahi.ky :
H. l.EK Tl|HUSTON, brig. Major.
Juno 24. 18,"i8 411 :i
Assigned Estato.
ISSERTELL A NORMAN, of the Town of
Wallmlln, having assigned to mo tlioir
Notes and Books of Accounts, Real Estate,
stock in trado, &o., for tho benefit of their
1 creditors, each and evory one of the said cred
j itors are herebv requested to meet at the office
of tho Clerk of the Court, at Pickens C.
j II. on Monday tho 5th day of July noxt, for
i the purposo of olocting an Agent to represent
thoir intorost under said assignment.
J. K. IIAGOOD, Assignee.
Juno IS, 1858 48 3
Final Notice.
rpiIB Egtato of John Abbott, docoased.will
' I bo finally nottlori in the Ordinary's OlHce,
i at Pickens C. II. on Monday the 27th day of
| Soptember next. Thoso indebted unist make
payment bv that time, and thoso having demands
will render them to mo legally attested
or by that day.
O. \V. PHILLIPS, Ex'or.
' Juno 19. 1858 48 Sm
I'jJ Holland <fc Henry must lio paid by tbo
imof July noxt, or tnoy will bo plncod in
tho handk f Z. C. Pdlmam, Eaq., for iunnodiate
col. Moii.
"Walhallo. June 0,1858 47 4
Ac Private Sale,
noaif PiqliensC, II., containing One
Hundred and Twenty Aero*. and adjoining
Urnls of Alex. Ramsay, I). 11. Konnomurand
nthorfl. Tlioro is a dwelling and out-buildings
on tho premises. For torms, (which will be
mado cany) and further particulars, apply to
June 10,1838 47 4
Application win bo made to the next
Legislature for a chartor to construot. a
I Turnpike lloac' from tbo went end of the
[ great Tunrtel, the nearest and Lost route to
! Pulanki, to he callort tlio Braastown and PanI
th<n- Creek Turnpike.
| June 12,1808 47 3m
Anderson Prices Current. I
rourkctkd wkkkkv ut imu.am". bi.ecki.kf a co i
Ankkrho.n 0. II., Juno 22,
Cotton por lb. - - - BJ <*?> 11 ^
Salt, per nock, - - 'J.Ou ;
OotTeo, IUo, per lb. - in (0\ I t
SugiirK brown, per lb. - U (ri\ 11
it 1 i....e ii- t t X tn l
(.iiinnvu mi>i ivufi |i?jrni. 1 I (fJ) in
Molusscs. WcM Imliii, per gallon, 40 (a) -15 i
" X. Orleans' " " 40 (? lit) i '
Yuvn (0a.) per bunch, - - 1.20
Oannburgs, (heavy) por yard, 1" (i) 14 : i
Shirtings, ' < ' - 1U (? 11 i
Iron, common size S\ve?le, ]>or 11>. O.J j i
'* l.Hglish, ... 0
Niiilrt j>or keg, 0 (Jf\ OA
Oil, I/insucd, pop gallon, 1.37 (<< 1.50 |
" Ti-nin, " " - 00 (7i) 1.00
(}1:imh. 8X10 ? f - ?
" ' 10X12 - - 3.25 (if 3.50
Hicc, per lb. ... c..\ (fy 7
Flour, per barrel, *1 ft) 5.00
Wheat, jier bushel, - - ("}
Corn, "... r>5 ( >, 00 ;
llacoti, hog round, - - l<l ( < 12
Hugging, (Sunny, per yard, 17 (<? IS
Oats, per bushel, - 3D (<& ;
Peas, " ? - 1.00
Powder, Hi fie, per keg, - 7.1 f<A 8
HUT Thero is always to be found a pood Stock
of floods, at Km P>. & Co s.
At Pickens C. IB.
rilHK undersigned arc now receiving ami
I nnoninrf n woll ?nltfw?tnr1 ot?i?b /?**
Spring and Summer Goods,
Which wo offer to our friends and customers 1
low, in accordance with the hnril times, consisting
in part of tlie following:
1MMXTS, MUSLIXS, Cambrics. Brown ami
Bleached Shirtings, anil Sheeting:
A well selected stock of ltottdy-niadc CLO- ;
THING, lints ami Caps;
| Bonnets. Ribbons, Trimmings, (to.:
Hoot* and Shoes, Saddles and Bridles:
Hardware and Cutlery, Nails and Castings;
Crockery and Glasswaro:
G HOC Kit IKS, Drugs and Medicines ; and almost
every other article usually found any
where in tho up country.
We take in barter country Ilomesnun. Till- !
low, Beoswax, Corn, Fodder, Wool, Rags, |
Ac.. at the customary prices.
Wo return our thanks for past patronage. i
and hope our friends :tml the public, will cull I
ami examine our stock before buying else- '
May 13, 1858 4:1 tf I
HAS just returned from Charleston with
a nno selection of SPRING A SUMMER
DRY GOODS, for Gcutlemens' Wear, :
such as
Black and Blue Broadcloths,
1)RAl> 'E'L'E.
Ac., Ac., Ac.
ALSO, some articles for Ladies Dresses, such
as Calicoes. Muslius. Ac.
Gentlemen who wish a fine suit of CLOTH- j
' ING will do well by giving him a call, look |
at tlio Fashions of (lento C. Scott, for 1.S58, ;
i n'l.,1 t. .-I - W
, .... . mull im.ipuru U1KUII, ll? iUl'. tv . ,
WALSEMAXN is there yet. ready to exe- j
Onte any work in his lino in the most fashionable
and approved stylo.
Has also received a fine stock of GKOCEI
llfES, such as Molasses, Sugars, Coffee, Tea,
Tobacco, Soap, Starch, Ac., &.c.
Hardware. Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes; i
all of which ho offers to the public as cheap |
as tho cheapest for (,'AS1L!
Walhal I a. May 11. IK,') 8 43-tf
Ono of tho Bost Plantations on i
Tugalo River for Salo.
T III1K subscriber offers for sale his WELL
1. K X0W N PI,ANTATIOX, lying abovo
J ami below Jar roll's Bridge, on Tugalo river,
One Thousand Four Hundred Acres. I
Thero arc Two Hundred Aero? of excellent,
; lljttom Land, as to the fertility of which it 1
| in unnecessary to say anything, as it is woll j
j known that it cannot he surpassed by nnv in I
the State. The remaining twolve hundred i
aoros mostly woodland.
There has been recently orocted a commodious
Cottage, of the most approved and modern
style, on a beautiful eminence, within
two hundred yards of the river. This, together
with the salubrity of the climate, pure
water and fine land, make this one of the j
most desirable places in the up country.?
Churches are convenient of Presbyterian, |
' Methodist and Kantist denomination. Tim I
| tract will l>e divided to suit purchaser.*, proI
vided it all can be disposed of at one time.
Will be sold with tbo place, if desired, Corn,
i Fodder ami Wheat. Also, stock of all kinds.
If you want a "Ilome, sweet Home," you ;
bud better apply eat ly, or you may looso a '
bargain, as such places nro rarely in market, j
Possession givfcn the first of November next, i
Therms will bo niado accommodating. Address
me at "Walton's Ford, Ga.," or apply
on tho promises.
May 9. 1858 42 tf_
NEW G 001) S
Pondleton, South Carolina.
JD. SMITH & would respectfully
inform their pr .-ons and tbo public
generally, mm iney nave just rcccivou aim
are now opening at Pendloton under the
A now and couiploto assortment of suporior
Spring and Summer Goods,
Consisting, in part, of a splendid variety of ;
Lawns, Calicoes, Muslins, Ginghams, Robe !
Dresses, Barogos, Tissues, Black and Colored
Jaconet, Corded and Swiss Muslin ;
Jaconet and Swiss Edging and Insortings,
Flounoincs Ac.;
I Emf>roid?rod, Swiss tnd Lawn Collars;
White, Brown and tancv Linens;
0:11. ...4 ?:- /. T/
v WIVWil tlOU AOUlU l*VIOV? y
Silk, Kid and Cotton Gloves ;
Bonnets and Bonnet llibbons, Flowers and |
Silk Mantillas and Hoop Skirts;
Boots and Shoos of all sizes and qualities;
Hats and Cans, a stood assortment: together i
with tho usual variety of other articles. All
of Vrhiuh will bo soH low tor oa*li.
J. D. SMITH ft CO.
May 10. 1858 43 tf
by J. L. N. SMITH.
Tan Yard, Jan 4,1 m M-lf |
Bv^r COL. T. O. P. VERNON. ofSpiirtnn- ?
burg, is roftpcctfuHy nunounccd as a cnndiilnte
for CungrcsM, to sneered Col. Oit.
The friends of COL. JOHN' !>. ASM MOKK
respectfully announce liim u cnudidutc
lor Congress, lit the next election.
fifty- The friends of COTi. H. 1\ .10NKS, of
lirecnviile, rcspcti''Hy present his name to tlie
I'onRres.iionnl Dist r, ilucc of Col. Our, who
ik'clinea a re-election.
The friends of (Sen. F. N. O.^RVIV
announce him nouudidato for the Slate Senate,
nt ilie ensuing election.
Bv.??'-TIm! frlonds ofKLIlllJ 11. (iltlKFIN.
Ksq.. respectfully announce hint a candidate
for tho Senate, for Pickens district, at the
next election.
Jpc?7?"* 'l'lio friends of Maj. UOIU'IIT MAXWtiLL
respect lull y reeoiimiend hiia as a ssuita
i>ie canoman- lor mo i^egiMaiure.
8?<)uTIio friends of WM. N. MARTIN re-'
speclfully announce hini a candidate for tho ,
Legislature, at the next election.
The friends of OKOltC.K K. ClIKRRY
respect fully announce liim a candidate for tho
Legislature, at the next election.
Tho friends of Maj. JOHN" 0. MILLKIt
nnnounco hint u candidate for tho Legislature,
at the next election.
8Q?"The friends(d' Dr. A. .7. ANDKKSON j
respectfully announce him a candidate for
tho Legislature, at the ensuing election,
lf$f We nre authorized to announce NVlf.- ,
LIAM HAMILTON a candidate for tho Lcgis- !
luture, ut the ensuing election.
B(5u. The friends of THOMAS J. K KIT 11 re- |
spcctfully announce hint a candidate forOnlin- j
ary of l'ickeus district, at the ensuing election. !
The friends of Rev. J. 11. IIUNNICUTT 1
respect Cully announce liim a candidate for the
olliec of Tax Collector, at tlie ensuing election.
fifciyThe friends of Rev. II. M. RARTON
respectfully nnnounc'.' him as a candidate for '
Tax Collector ut the next, election.
The friends of.J. W. L. C.ARY respect- J
fully announce him a candidate for re-election
to theoflice of Tax Collector, for Pickens district,
at the eu-uing election.
}&&* The friends of H. CLEVKTiANl) lll'NT
respectfully announce him a candidate for Tax
Collector, at the next election.
#@f*"The friends of Capt. J. G. IlRYCKfoeg
leave to announce him a candidate for Major of
the 'Jd Rattaliou, 'id Regiment, S. C. M., to fill
the vacancy occasioned by the promotion of j
Maj, Lcdbctter.
Tho frionds of ('apt. D. T. POYl.TC vo- !
spect fully announce liim a candidate for Major j
of the -d Battalion, 2d Kegintcnt. S. ('. M.
L- -- --- " 11 '
.siiKaasa?,i','s SALKS.
1)Y virtue of sundry writs of fieri facias to me 1
1) directed, will bo sold before* he Court House '
in I'ickens District, within the legal hou a, on j
the first Monday and Tuesday in July no: t, \
One tract of land, containing one hundred uud
four acres more or less, lying near I'iekensville,
adjoining lands of ltui'us Oatcs, Jt. llulentinc
and others, levied on as tho property of It. W.
Folger, at tho suits of Lnrkiu Hendricks, Ball,
C'risM Si Co., and others.
All the right, title and interest the defendant
has to a tract of land, containing eighty-two ]
acres more or less, whereon the defendant, A.
M. Folger now lives, also, one other tract con- !
taining one hundred and twenty acres more or
leu* adjoining minis 01 .1. in. Hawthorn anil
others, near to I'ickensville, levied on as 1 ho
properly of A. M. Folgor, at the sails of lloherts
& Duncan vs. A. M. Folger, anil Hall, Criss &
Co. anil others vs. A. M. Folger and II. W. Folger.
Also 011 Tuesday after sale-day at defendants
re sidence near Pickensville, 1 buggy and i
harness, 1 bay mare, 1 brown horse, 8 head of 1
cattle, 10 /.ead of hog.?, 1 sideboard, 1 press, 1
Terms cash ; purchaserst> pay for papers.
June 10. 1Rf>8 -17 til
NOT Id?.
ri^IIOSK lmving demand* against tho Es1
tato of A. P. White, deceased, will render
them to mo legally attested, and all those
indebted to said Kstato must make immediate
payment to the undersigned.
W. AV. WHITE, Adm'r.
7 iq-? .17 <>
?' MlfV I . K'tlW ? I (XII
VLL persons indebted to the Estate of Andrew
II. Archer, deceased, must make
immediate payment., and thoso having demands
against tho said Estate will louder
them to me legally attested.
WM. HUNTER, Adm'r.
Juno .1, 183K 1G _ 4
Al.Ii persons indebted to tho Estate of i
Mrtrtin Mnnilr iliw.noon.l -
?- - Jt r?.y
mediately, and those having demands against
said Estato will render them to mo legally
BEN J. A. MOODY, Ex'or.
May 28, 1858 40 4
Solicitor in EquKj,
Jan 14,_18j>8 20 tf_
Noel Handford j Foreiqn Attachment.
vn y J. .). Norton,
John Phillips. I .-<//'?
YtfHBHRAfl, lite i>1 aintiIT did, on tlio l'-iih
T i day of February, 18/>8, tile his declara- 1
lion against the dofundant, who (as it is said) j
is absent from and without the limits of this
State, and lias neither wife nor attorney known
within the same upon whom a enpy of the said
doolaration might bo sorted: It is ordered, there- |
fore, that tho snid defendant do appear and
plead to the f.id declaration on or before the
18th day of February, 1850; otherwise, final
mid absolute judgment will then bo given and
awarded against them.
J. K. 1IAQOOD, c.C.P.
Ciorlt's Otnee, Fob i2, 18f>8 lyq
Solicitor in L'qnitv*
Jan. I, ihoh Zfr if
1. work on thr Blue Iliilgo Uailroiul, three
wiles ahr-'e Wulhnlln. Apply on the Road,
or to t>.o oubferiber.
Doc 40, 1867 22 ?in
** A
Domestic and Fancy Dry Goods.
IB." li^CG
H AVING jost rcturnrtri from Now York
ollVr* r\ very IiuinIhoiiiO noloction of
u001>S to iit-r lViou.la nn<l tl?e public iu gciioral.
She is able to sell tliein at vory low
]>ri<aOM, lmvin<r holoutol thorn from tlio Impost
.vliolosali? wtoros in Now York. Articlos <>f
... ,.?x i luixuNTin .... ..o i." \ vnv
<|<>01>.S. Also, Lace* and Kmhroiderios of
every description, which she particularly recoininends
to notice, n? they were selected
with great enro, and at prices that will alono ,
lie a temptation, llor Mlldd.NKKY sho
will not speak of, as the Northern stvles are
too well known to need recommendation.?
Ilcr variety is very general and cannot fail
to pleai-c both in quality and price. To bo
convinced of which you have only to call at
an early day on
MltS. H. KXKE.
Walhalht. May .1, lS.jX 42 tf
3 CvlsM*j $3555'
rv>-^ y;
Blue Ridge Railroad Company 111 So- Ca.
A run, 22, 1H5S.
PI.'IlKCIUUKUS to tlio capital clock of thinComjuxiiv
arc hereby notified that the FOl'ttTKENTII
npon the first Subscription, nnd FIVE lM'.lt
CKNT. upon the amount of the second Subscription,
arc required to be paid nx follows : Tlio
Fourteenth Instalment and live per cent on Second
Subscription on tlio 22d Juno next; tho
Fftccnth Instalment on tho 22d .luly next.
My order: WM. if. I'EitONKKAU,
.miv Iirijo HO m
Something- Now nt. Old Pondleton
(jR0CE151liS, (ill0CEltIES!
. '
rpilK INPEKSIGNED liuvc established,
.1 at this place, a
Family Grocery Store,
Fur tin* purpose of accommodating the public
with (1 HOCK1U.KS nt Amlomm prices! Our
terms being strictly cash or its equivalent,
enables us to offer inducements not to bo
found elsewhere. It is useless to enumernto
our Stock: suffice it to say, we have a complete
Stock of all kinds of GOODS usually
Kept in a Grocery Store.
\\fi? will lui I'foi* nv >* ?>- ilm
nrieo for I'roduee, ami tlio usual articles oC
iioinc manufacture and barter.
All wo ask is n fair trial!
lVndloton, March 12. 1S3S 34?tf
VT.L ]iorsonn indebted the Kstnte of Almoii
P?>\vcll, deceased, must pay promptly.
and those having demands against said
to will ronrliM* tlnun tn nift Inrvnll V
tcil. UOIV T "iViWELLr'Ailrn'r?"
May 3. tRA8 4^ 3m
Klatc od' Koullk Carolina,
James Roger# \
\s J Bill for Partiti**, tie.
Kdwatd Rogers, ei. nls )
IT appearing to llic satisfaction of the (,'ommi^aioiioi*
tlnvL Edward Rogers, Temporance
McWhovter, Jolm MeWhorter and wife Sarah,
Wilson Drennan and wife Prudence, Amos Robinson
and wife Nelly, Hugh Rogers, and th**
heirs-at-law of John Rogers, lo wit: Rogers.
his widow, Emerson Black nml wife Eliza[
belli, Moore and wife Sarah, James Rogers,
i Zachurinh Rogers, William Rogers, John Rog|
ers, ami David Rogers, defendants to complainant's
bill of complaint, reside beyond Hie limits
of this State : on motion of Norton, complainant's
solicitor, it is ordered that the absent defendants
above named do severally appear in
this honorable court and plesd, answer, or de
111 itr iw mi- Mim inn, %v11iiiit iiii-ro monuiB jrom
the publication hereof, or their conscnt to tho
fame wil' jc taken bv an order pro conftsso.
ltOB'T. A. THOMPSON, c.K.r.n.
! Coin'rs Office, March <!0, 1 SoS 3m
r 1111F, TRUSTEES of the above Institution
| take pleasure in announcing to the public,
that thoir School is now open for the reception
of Students, under tho supervision of
! nn oxporionced Teacher, WM. M. 11EATFI,
| Ksq. lliitcH of Tuition for tho Primary cIkm
$0 00 per session of ft w months. For Clrnmi
mar, Geography, Philosophy, Composition,
I and everything pertaining to an English Ed|
ucation, $s per session. For the Languages
and the liighor brnnchos of Mathpmatie?,
$15 00 11 or session.
C. l'C 1,1,1 AM,
Feb 1. 18'.S 2'.) tf
One Mile from Jarratt'g llridge,
Near tho Road leading to Walhalla.
rpllK undersigned wish to inform tlieir
1 friends and the surrounding country
generally, that they tiro now opening a well
selected Stock ot
Fall! and Winter CaoocIk,
Hoots and Shoes, llats and Cape. Crockery,
Hardware and Cutlery, Groceries, Medicines,
&c., with almost every article usually kept in
a country store: ull of which will be sold low
for cash ! Call and see.
We >vill take in exchange for Goods, roun
iry vniion nnu ?vooi uontespun, Wool llnt?,
Dried Fruit, Venison llatnp, Haw Hide*, Pens
liecswax, Tallow, Honov, ftc.
Nov. 11, 1?57 19_ If
OK nil sizes, with ami without Hollow-ware.
For Halo by J. II. VOIGT,
Opposite IManter'w Hotel, Walhalla, S.C.
Aucrust 0. 18.r>7 *1 *f
IValhalln, 8. '
INFORMS his friends and tho public that
I ho has engaged a competent Coppersmith.
who has upwards of twenty years experience
in tlio manufacturing of COPPER KF.TTLKS,
STILLS. and nil other articles manufactured
out of Copper, Tin and Flicet-'ron ;
' and is prepared to fill order* fur nil work in
his line at short uotire. Terms moritratt.?
Hofors to tho durability of his wark.
August ft, i 4 tf
| Htnlc of Soiilli Ovoliita,
t'lokr.ws imst-? in TUB cocnt or common rt.KAf
Uicdrioh llieninnn "j Foreign Attachment,
vs | Xorris, 11. & ]'ullir'?
i nrnuncK <* i.euiora. J I'llf's Att'v
i \y 1IKHKA8, tlio i.lnintiff did, on thf> HtM*?
i u of May, 1S:">8, filo his declaration
tho defendant?, \vlio(as It i? paid)nre abtcf from
j nnd without the limit* of tM? Mtate, ni^ 1",T? ^
| neither wife nor attarneylcnoKn within rf1"
\ upon wtiotn * copy of t tie nnid decl*rat/<>n mipcht
I he nerved: It j? ordered, therefore. ^ '!H J')"
I said defendnnta do appear and plendW tho said
! dec limit ion on or before Hie 3Hh it7 of May,
j i?ov; otn?rwi?c, liiini *n<l absolute judgment
I will Dion given ?nd awarded them.
J. WA(W>D. c.fo.
Clerk * Office, Mk? YT, im lyq
? t

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