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Hake Tour Home Beautiful !
Make your home beautiful-bring to it flowers;
Plant ihom around you, to bud and to bloom,
Let thom givo lifo to your loneliest hours,
Let thom bring light to enliven your gloom.
Make your own world-ono thut never lins sor
Of musio, of sunshine, and gold summer nir.
A homo-world whose forehead cure nover has fur
And whoso chook of bright beauly shall ever bc fair.
Maka your homo bonutiful-twine 'round its portal
SVroat.hs of tho jessamiuo, delicate sprays
?)f rod-fruited woodbine, with joy immortal,
That blesses ami brightens whorever it stays.
Varied verbena or sweet mignioncttc,
Btill moy bring bloom to your dosohttc bower,
Still may bc something to love and to pct.
Make your homo beautiful-gather the roses
That hoard np tho sunshlno with exquisite art,
Perhaps they may pour ns your darkness doses,
That soft stunmcr sunshine down inlo your heart.
If you can do so, oh ! make it an Eden
Of'benuty and gladness-remember His wiso,
'Twill teach you to long for that homo you arc
That heaven of beauty beyond tho blue skies.
Make your home beaut Ifni-sure Mis n duty
Cnll up your little ones: tench them to walk
Hand in hand with thc-wandering angel of beauly,
Encourage their spirits with tinturo totnlk.
Gather them 'round you. nnd let them be learning
Lessons that drop from the delicate wings
Of thc bird and the 'butterfly-ever returning,
To Him who has made all these beautiful things.
Make homo a hive where all beautiful feelings,
Cluster like bees and their honeydews bring;
Make it- a temple of holy revealings,
And love its bright angel with " shadowing wings,"
Then shall it bo when afar on life's billows.
Whore ver your tempest-toss'1 children are flung.
They will long for tho shade of thc house weeping
And sing thc sweet song which their mother had
?????I--.mailJiaqfnlBW,wnlni um??!? ?mmiW
Additional particulars of the fujht in Bal
timore.-Thc passta/e, of Massachusrtti
and other. Black Republican Jlireliiajs rc
sisted !-Ra ilroad track barricaded ! Cit
izens of Jialtimore shot down by hineolnU
J forde.?il-Thu mercenaries killed ana
wounded by the scoi'c J
Wc hnve fuller and in'cresting particulars o:
tho terrible scones enacted in Baltimore 01
Eriduy. Wo feel assured that thc public loo!
anxiously for thc dctnils of that collision bc
tween Northern troops und Southern citizens
.which is destined to have n powerful effee
upon the feelings and actions of the people o
the border Stntcs. Tho events of tho nox
week mny develop this fact fully to thc ponph
of thc country. We need, therefore, pearce
ly apologize to our rendors for occupying s<
lnuoh spuco with the particulars, of so inter
esting a subject. The following account i:
from tho Petersburg Daily R.cpress, of tin
?3d inst :
At about 10.05 A. M.,.tho Mesas ch USC tt
and other volunteers, some from Philadelphia
but none from New York, reached the Ercsi
.dent-street depot. Hero nu ?inmenso crowi
lind collected, nnd it was palpably manifes
that it was very far from their object to ten
der the troops an ovation. The nrrangemen
of the railroad officials were to pass thirty ?on
cars occupied by thc volunteers, from th
point above mentioned to the Camden stntioi
of thc Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, over th
track-laid down between the two depots oi
lu accordance with theso arrangements, th
oars wera despatched ono after unothcr, dru wi
by horse*, and upon thc arrival of the firs
car nt thc intersection of (?ny and Prat
streets, nu enormous crowd having collecte
lhere, unmistakable demonstrations wer
made tlpit nn effort would bo put forth to sto
tho enffl nt that point. Here, too, repairs t:
thc road were progressing, nnd n goodly nun
ber of paving stones lying about in piles
wore speedily takon possession of by the o>
cited crowd, nnd subsequently used for pm
poses of assault.
?Six of thc cars had succeceded in pnssin
on their way before thc crowd wore able t
accomplish their purposes of barricading th
c. truck, which they now began to effect by pl?
( ctng largo heavy anchors lying in thc viciuit
directly no ross tho rails. Some seven c
eight, were borno hythe orowd and laid o
m the truok, and thus the passage of thc cai
r?, WOi-?i ofloctuallyinterrupted.
Tho object of barriending tho track bavin
been accomplished, thc crowd commence
cheering lustily for the Confederate Stntci
President Jefferson Davis, South Carolin
nud Scccwtion, occasionally interminglin
groans for certain obrtdxious individuals. I
thc mcanwhilo tin Ynnkco hireling.-, thus dt
loy cd nt thc dopot remained' quietly in th
cara until tired of their ?unction,.and nppn
bending a moro . formidable demonstratio!
they caine to tho conohudon to bravo th
storm nud mnroh through tho city.
They nocordingly evacuated thc cars, an
rapidly gathering on tho street.North of th
dopot, formed in line and propnrod to mnl<
tho attempt. The word wns given to "mnroh,
nv(\ tho head of.tho lino hud advanced som
flftfOn- paces, when it wns driven back upo
tlio main body by . th \ itntrienso crowd, sti
furthor ^ncroosod try a body of mon wh
marched down, to tho depot bonring at tho:
bend a Confodorato fing.
W W.K.
Eight'?f .tho oars sinrtod from tho Pres
dont-fttroct depqt, hntf six passed safely to th
C'anidor^ wtittion. Tlio other, two soon rotim
qd, tho traok in tim meant-uno having bee
?bs^ruoted st tho, oornor.of Pratt and Gaj
strcots. by nn?hprs, paving ?tonos, sandro
bPtoK put on it by tho orowd. Attempts ha
i' provtoiudy becR* made to tojjr qpvt|io,. traci
but . tlio polled, by stronubus efforls, pft
vented. A cart load of sand which was being
driven along was th row u upon tho track.
The bridgo across Jones' Fall, on Pratt
strcct, was also soon after, barricaded with
boards, &c, which wore being u?ed previous
ly by workmen in repairing it.
After considerable delay it was determined
to mnkc thc attempt to march thc remaining
troops through the city, only about sixty of
whom were supplied with arms. The re
mainder were recruits and occupied second
class and baggage cars.
At tho head of this column, on foot, May
or Brown placed himself, and walked in front,
exerting oil his influence to preserve peace.
Just before the movement was mado from
the ears a largo crowd of persons went down
President-street with a Southo n flag, and met
the troops ns they emerged from thc cars.
Thc Southern flag was then carried in front
of the column, nnd hooting and yelling be
gan, and ns soon as tho troops turned out of
Canton avenue, they were greeted with a vol
ley of stones!
At thc corner of Fawn street two of thc
soldiers were struck with stones and knocked
down j one of them was taken by thc police
to thc drug store of T. J. Pitt, ut thc cornel
of Pratt and High-streets, and tho other tc
thc Eastern police station.
Tho yelling continued and thc stones Hov
thick and fast. At Pratt-strcot bridge a gili
was fired, said by tho policeman No. 71 t<
have been fired from the ranks of the sol
d i ors.
Then tho crowd pressed tho stronger, un
til thc body reached tho corner of Cay-strcel
where the troops presented arms nnd fired.
Several persons fell on the first round, hut
thc crowd became furious. A number of rc
volvors were used, and their shots took cfl'oc
in thc ranks.
People ihen ran in every direction in scare]
of anns, but thc armories of the militar
companies of thc city were closely guarded
and none could bc obtained. The firing con
tinued from Frederick-street to South-stcc
in quick succession, but how many fell can
not now bc ascertained.
. Anning thoso wounded was a young mn
named Francis X. Ward, who resides at coi
ncr of Baltimore nnd Aisquith-stroets. li
was shot in thc groin, but it is not thougl:
to be mortui.
A young man named James Clark, formerl
connected with No. 1 Hook and Ladder Con
pouy was shot through thc head, and instant!
James Myers, residing on Fayette-?tree
wns shot in tlic right side of the buck, ne;
the spine, and tho ball, n Minnie, passed thri
him, and lodged among the false ribs. 1)
was mortally wounded. John MoCaun, i
No. 2 North Bond-street was mortal
A man named Flannery, residing on Fed
rick-street, near Pratt, was mortally woundc*
and died shortly afterwards.
John Carr, residing at thc comer of Fx
ter and Hank-streets, jyas wounded hy a mu
ket ball in thc knee. Tho wound is severo
John Staub, clerk with Tucker & Smit
on Charles street, shot in thc forc-fmger
the right hand.
A young man named Melony was shot <
Pratt-strcet, near Cay, and died at thc conti
police station.
James lS>ouftn wns wounded by having
Minnie ball pass through his body. He w
one of tho stranger soldiers. His wound w
supposed to bo mortal, lie was taken to t
oflice of Dr. Il int/.e, where he received surj
cal attendance, and wns then taken lo t
Protestant. Infirmary.
At tho polieo station, au old man, who cl
not give his name was badly wounded.
How many were wounded it was inipos
bio to ascertain, as man)' of the soldiers w
loft on tho cars wero known to have been i
ju red.
Kirk Hatch, of Philadelphia, was wound
on tho bend by a blow from a stone or bin
goon. Ho was severely injured.
. Janies Connor, of Baltimore, was likow
wounded about tho head with a stone, a
taken to his residence on Bond-street.
At thc central police station two sold'n
were taken in dead, ns also two citizens.
Throe soldiers and one citizen were taken
thc same placo wounded. Tho crowd pns.
on up to Pratt strcet, and near Light-str
thcro was another volley fired.
At fright-street wharf a boy nnmcd W
liam Hoed, a hand on bonrd tho oyster sic
Wild Pigeon, of York county, Va., recoil
a ball through tho nbdtiben, nnd wis dyii
a?, lastaccounts, in the hold of tho sohoone
Another boy, Patrick (Jrillin, employed
thc Creon House, Prntt-strect, wns shot th
tho bowels while looking through tho door
A frenzied orowd returned thc lire from
volver? and with bricks. Andrew Bobina
nieinbcrj of .a Yoluntoer company from HU
ington, Conn., was shot in tho bnck of (
head, and fell from tho ranks. He was tal
into thc drug store of Jesse S. Hunt, cori
Pratt und Chtalosstrects. His wound
A soldier named, S. II. Needham, a mc
bor of thc Massachusetts Beginiont, was stn
by a brick, nnd knooked to tho pu vom
sonsoless. Ho wns tnken to a store near
whorq ho received medical- nttendnnco tr
Prof. Dunhnr, but died in a few moments
TlfE ll I lt KM NOS HAD MAU K8MEN---8TO?1
At tho cornor of Howard nnd J)ovoir-*tro<
one of tho military oompatiics WOrO pros:
upon, whon tho troops in ono of tho onrs fi
a vol ley into tho citizens. Tho balls stn
in tho briok walla of tho dwellings, dash
out pip?os of briok, and making largo he
in. thc walls. ,Tho Uro wnw returned from a
oral points wit hagons ana revolvers, ana W
bricks, by ? tho orowd. Several soldiers W
wounded,- tarfy?ff??wty f?f thought no nitiz
wera f truxfy,|>y< *U?..ballot*: toft th.? sokiioi*
Tho faces of ?ua?y of tho soldiers, as seen '
through thc cnr windows, wcro streaming with
blood from cuts received from thc shattered
glass of the car windows, and from the miss
iles hurled into them. Several wounded, sup
posed to have been shot in their passage
along Prattstrcet, were taken out of the cars
in a bleeding and fainting condition at the
Camden station, and transferred to thc oth
er cars.
From Cay to South-street, on Pratt, the
fight with thc soldiers who marched, or rath
er ran through town, was terrific. Large pa
ving stones were hurled into the ranks from
every direction; thc negroes who were about
tho wharf, in many instances, joining in thc
assault. At Cay-strcet the soldiers fired a
number of shots, though without hitting any
one, so far as could be ascertained. After
firing this volley the soldiers again broke into
a run, but another shower of stones being
hurled into thc ranks at Commerce-street
with such force as to knock several of them
down, the order was given to another portion
of thom to halt and lire, which had to bo re
peated before they could be brought to a halt.
They then wheeled and fired some twenty
shots, but from their stooping and dodging to
avoid the stones, but four or five shots took
effect, thc marks of a greater portion of theil
balls being visible on the walls of thc adja
cent warehouses, even up to thc second sto
rics. Here four citizens fell, two of whom
died in a few moments, and the other twe
, were carried off, supposed to be mortally
As soon as they had fired at this point, thc
miserable poltroons again wheeled and gave
leg bail, %non some three or four parties ?3
sued from the warehouses there and fired tnt?
them, which brought down three more sold
?ors, one of whom was carried into the sann
store with the one above alluded to, and diet
in a few moments. Thc others succeeded ii
regaining their feet, and proceeded on witl
their comrades, thc whole running ns fast, a:
they could, nnd n running fire was kept up Iv
the soldier*' from this point to the. depot, tin
crowd continuing to hui! stones into tho rank
throughout the whole line of march.
A riTEOUs Arrr.AT. ron Mr.ncT.
As enc of the mercenaries who fired at Com
merco street discharged his gun, he was strucl
I with a ste no and knocked down, and as he at
tempted to rise another stone struck him ii
the face, when he crawled into a store nm
prostrating himself on thc floor, clasped hi
hands and begged piteously for his life, snyim
that he waa Ihrcuti.ucd with instant death b
his officers if ho rel used to accompany them
Ile said one-half of them had been forced t
come in thc same manner, and he hoped a!
who forced others to come might lie killed bc
fore they got through thc city. Ile plead s
hard that no further vengeance was beslowc
upon him, and he was taken to tin: police st;i
tion to have his wounds dressed.
As early ns 9 o'clock, throngs collecte
about the ?ftinden Station, in anticipation c
the arrival of the troops from the Presiden!
street depot. Tho throngs gradually mu
mon ted until about 10 i o'clock, when a hug
body of police appeared, and the mass toed; :
for granted that the troops were coming.
Meanwhile the assembly kept itself informe
on events at thc lower depot by several youn
men on horseback, who rode rapidly forwar
and back betwee n the depots. The Mayor <
the city and the Board of Police Commissioi
ors cl i cl their utmost to pacify the crowd, r
v. ell as did other prominent citizens. Finoll;
crowds rushing pedi moll frohl the lower stree
to the depot, gavo notice that the ears wei
coming, and they arrived one after anothe
drawn by lour horses. The blinds of most'
Vho. ears were shut down, nnd in those m
provide'd with blinds the troops laid down iii
to nvedd the. bricks thrown nt them. Tho ci
windows were perfectly riehlh cl, and their sieh
l oro gre-at indentations from thc rocks nu
bricks thrown nt them.
Thc scene while the troops wcro changir
cars wns indescribably fearful. Taunts, clothe
in ibo most fearful language, were hurled ?
them by tho panting crowd, who, nlmo
breathless with-running, pressed up to thc Ci
windows, presenting knives ond revolvers, nu
cursed up into the face s of thc soldiers. Tl
police woro thrown in between thc cars, ni
forming a barrier, thc troops changed car
many of thom oocking their muskets as the
stepped on the platform.
After embarking tho assemblage expocte
to seo tho train move off, but its departo
Wns evidently clelnyed in the vain hopo th
thc crowd would disperso; but no, it swcllct
and the troops expressed to thc officers of tl
road their determination to go nt once, or th?
would lcavo tho cms nnd make their way
IT Hf.
NV hilo the delay was increasing tho excit
mont, a wild cry wns raised on the platfori
nnd a donso crowd ran down the platform ni;
out tho railroad track towards the Sprii
(lardons, untjl tho track for a milo was blae
with an excited, rushing mass. Thc crow
ns it went, placed obstructions of every el
soription on tho track. Great logs nnd tel
grnph poles, requiring a dozen or moro nie
to movb them, were laid ?cross tho rails, ar
stones rolled from thc embankment.
A body of police fedlowed after the crow
both in a full run, and removed the obstru
tiops aft fust as they wcro placed on tho trae
Various attempts were made to tear up tl
traok with Ip'gS of wood nnd pieces of titnbr
nhd there WHB a great outofy for fyoknxoA ni
handspikes, but only ono or ttfo could 1
found. Tho policd interfered on.every nco
sion, hut tho crowd, growing larger and mo
oxoited, would dash ofiin^oa break-nook n
for anothor ^osi?oh further on. until tho cou
ty* li riowas ren?iicel. 'Tho pojfco,' t?t?wo
runniug, until forcod to stop froib cxfrfiustlo'
JP* ?
At this point ninny of tho throng gave it up
from exhaustion, hut a crowd, longer winded,
dashed on for nearly a milo further, now and
I then pausing to attempt to force tho rails, or
place some obstruction upon them. They
. could be distinctly seen for a milo :> . ng tho
i track, where it makes u bend nt the. Washing
1 ton Hoad Bridge. When tho train went out
the mass of people had mostly returned to the
depot. Shots and stones were exchanged be
tween ibo military and citrons ut soverul
points, with the result detailed elsewhere.
The death of Robert W. Davis, Ksq., crea
ted un intense feeling ?ri the entire communi
ty, but especially muong the merchants. He
was on honored member of the linn of Messrs.
JVgiam, Paynter & Davis, Baltimore street.
Mr. Davis had gone out on thc railroad track
with the multitude, and when shot was stand
ing apart with some gentlemen on an eleva
tion, between the distillery and Hedley street
on the Spring (?arden side. Ile rei eived a
Minnie musket ball in his left side, and reel
ing for a moment or two fell, and died with
out uttering a word, though he breathed sev
eral limes after policemen Puihphrcy, ('ream
er, Butler and Hawkins reached him. A bal!
also penetrated the back of his coat. Two 01
three shots were fired from the roar ears liftel
befell. Tho body was conveyed in a vehicle
to the Southern police station, where an in
quest was held.
Tho corpse was laid out at the station
dressed in tho clothes the deceased had 01
when bc received his death wound--one. ki?
glove on, and the other partly drawn. Urea
curiosit}' was evinced hy thc citizens to viev
the body, and expressions of eympathy wen
deep and fervent. At four o'clock tho rc
mains were placed in a collin and conveyed ti
deceased's late residence, corner of Sarutogi
and Liberty-streets. Mr. Davis leaves a wid
ow but no children. He was au Irishman b;
birth, and married in Virginia, l?o has;
brother who is an ufliccr in thc British Army
Immediately upon thc announcement of hi
death many of the wholesale dry goods store
of thc city were closed in respect to his mein
ory, and ni testimony of his wolli1.. Ile wa
n gentleman of irreproachable character, fin
intelligence nnd great popularity in mercantil
The Hutt learns fio:n an eye witness fha
thc deceased had gone out ou thc ra i I rou
track in company with Thomas W. Hall, Jr
Leslie Buckler, of thc firm of Buckler, S h i j
ley & (.'o., and two other gentlemen, and wu
returning towards the city when the}' met th
train coming out, followed hy the excited mu
titudo. At this time very few in the crow
knew of thc fearful deeds of blood which ha
been enacted on Protf street. Mr. Davis an
his companions stepped aside to scu :\\o trai
pass, when two or three soldiers pointed the
muskets from thc ear windows in a thrcatei
{rig manner, at which thc crowd laughed. I
another moment nearly a dozen muskets wei
fired from the cars into thc spectators, nn
Mr. Davis fell. Mr. Hall, who was leanin
on thc deceased's shoulder,.said, " Davis, ai
you hurti"' to which Davis replied, " Yes,
am killed." Ho then re lapsed into thc ag
nies of death.
Philip Thomas Miles, son of Uriah Mile
I '.sq., residing nt Xo. 3i>7 West Fayette stree
W?S shot dead in thc vicinity of Pratt ai
South streets, during ibo discharge of a vc
ley from thc soldiers. Thc ball entered at tl
navel, nnd passed entirely through the stol
ach. Ho died instantly. Deceased wr.s i
estimable young man, .-.bout 19 years ol' ng
and had but recently left school.
When it became evident that the Norther
troops were firing with ball cartridge up?
thc citizens, there was an instant resort to th
arms, and people rushed frantically to thc
homes and the pun shops. The gun store
Mr. J.C. J. Meyer, 14 West Pratt strci
near Mill, was broken into by nu excited, u
armed crow J, whonrmcd themselves, n.vsur'u
thc proprietor that his guns would be return
to him, or full compensation made. Mr. Mc
cr, with tears in his eyes, said he was a po
man, but a Southerner A crowd rushed in
the gm.smith establishment ot Alexander M
Comns, No. iii South Calvert street, ai
armed themselves with a number ol' tho wc
pons in tiie store. At tho first collision wi
the troops tue citizens were mostly u?arme
We learn that Col. Isaac M. Densen, of t
firm of Messrs. Benson & Buck, 100 Lig
street, has tendered to thc Hoard of Poli
Commissioners 00U of 1 lull's patent rifles, ni
tho same aro now subject to their orders.
I Tl o Governor, Mayor and President of t
B ard of Pol ici, at noon caused an order 1
the instant nsse mbling of tho military of t
city, with instructions to repel the march
nhy more Northern troops through the. city
THE BATTLE ON Fm DAY.-Tho battle
Friday, between thc people nnd the Masi
chusetts troops, was moro serious than was
first supposed. 'J he following is u list of t
killed and wounded, ns far as could bc ase
taiucd up to last night :
Citizens ?'t7<W-?-John MeCann, Ttpbi
W. Davis, Phillip T. Miles, Wm. B. Chu
Michael Murphy, Patrick Griffith, Jan
Carr, Franois Maloney, John McMahon, fr
bastian Gie?, Wm. Maloney.
Citizens Wounded--J edin Staub, slight]
S. Constant, George Coney, slightly; putri
G rillin,'severely; J aines. Myer, severely;
X. Ward, severely; William Bend, slight
tioldios Killed-Andrew Boitins, Gcoi
Wilson, and two others unknown.
tiolrftcr* "f?oinidctl-Janies Keenan; A
Noodhnm, Prlvftto Coburn, Kdward Hn
forgeant Ames, Michael Oreen, IP. W. Di
forth, p. B. Tylor.
Besides theio, it is said that some <wen
Jivo. wore so badly .wounded that, after tl
reached Washington, it waa found neceser
iiiinl na-NXin. 'I 1?^"'" mu? w--w-T""
to place them under thc charge of surgeons.
Policeman Staylor, who passed through tho
cars nt Camdon station, 8tntCfl that a huge
nuuibcr had their heads bandaged, and tanny
of them bled profusely.
J Telegraphic News from all Quarters.
Pim.AttKr.iMiiA, April 20.-Tho Govern
; mont has taken possession of tho Baltimore
' Hoad. Tho Delaware Stato anns are in pos
j session ul' tho secessionists. The Governor
of Polawaro has not responded to tho requisi
tion of thc President, mid will not.
(JuiCAuo, April 20.-It is now a settled
fact that thc extra session of Congress, which
is io convene on the 4th of July next, will bc
i held in this city. Suitable arrangements
have been made for the session by a private
: Sccretniy, despatched by tho President to
' this city with full authority to act. Several
j meinberg of Lincoln's Cabiuct have also ad
dressed letters to their friends in this city, in
j quiring whothcr they can cng."<;o suitable
j quarters. It is hoped and continently be
lieved that Chicago will bo the future capital
of thc United States.
NKW YOW;. April 22.-"Business entirely
suspended. Thc largest Union meeting over
known was held here Saturday night. It
was addressed by Messrs. Dix, Daher, ll..],
i Walker, Demando Wood, John Cochran,
Hunt and others. Thc city is a uuit for tho
Tho Government has chartered the steam
ers James Adgcr and Marion. They arc to
sail on Sunday. The Sixty-ninth Regiment
has been ordered to bc ready to march on
Tuesday morning.
Ellsworth's Regiment of Zouaves have
been mustered into service.
lt is reported that thc President has issued
a call for an additional number of troops
from the Northern Sti'tes.
LOUJSVIM.E, Kv., April 22.-New Alba
ny and Jefferson ville are preparing to prevent
Northern and Southern troops from crossing
their tor ri tory.
Il.VlUtl.JUUtia, P.v., April 22.-Two batc
ries have arrived here ; also thirteen hundred
troops, including six hundred from Ohio,
have arrived.
1?08T0N, April 22.-Fletcher Webster,
son of Daniel Webster, has addressed a vast
Union meeting herc. Ile has raised a regi
ment which is now under his command.
INDEPENDENCE, Mo,, April 22.-The
arms and munitions of war at tho arsenal at
Liberty have been given up, having been
seined by Missourians. An immense seces
sion meeting was held herc. Thousands
from thc adjoining Counties and Kansas were
present. Thc secession Hag was displayed in
many prominent places.
ST. JOSEPH, MO., April 22.-A secession
flag was unfurled herc to day, carried through
thc streets by a mounted company, and after
wards raised in Market Square without dis
turbance. There was great' enthusiasm and
excitement and the secession feeling was pre
Arkansas Convention has been ordered to as
semble on thc 0th of May.
ItlOII MON ri, April 24.-Passengers whe
arrived her to-day via Fredoricksbui g passed
through Washington unmolested.
The Norfolk Day Dine is now open to Dal
In the ordinance accepting thc Oonfeder
ate Constitution, nil tho military power ant
resources of tho Stato oro tendered to tin
President and tho Confederate service.
Six to eight thousand troops aro now con
ccntrated in Richmond.
Four hundred and fifty volunteers fron
South Carolina arrived hore on Wednesday
and one hundred this morning.
Tho venerable Edmund Ruilin is here, f
deeply interested spectator of passing scenes
RiCU.MCND, April 25.-ll. 80 P. M.
There was a grand serenade at 12 o'clock in
to day, at tho Exchange Hotel, in compliment
to this gallant troops who have conic in de
fence of Virginia. Cols. Doykston and Simp
son, of Gen. Dunham's stair, made cloqueni
responses in behalf of tho South Carolin:
troops, followed by Cen. Oreen, of Nortl
Carolina, and others, who responded patrioti
cally in behalf of the old North Stato
Another grand serenade eameolT at nin<
o'clock, to-night, at tho Exchange Hotel.
tien. Donburn was called out, and respondei
in a strain of fervor and patriotism, whiol
drew forth frequent bursts of applause. II<
said that a people lighting for their-rights
with truth and justico on their side, conk
never bc subdued by mercenary fanatics am
hirelings such as Lincoln can bring aguins
us. Wo have whipped him already, and cat
do it again, and weean .afford to bc gonerou:
to a conquered foo. Ho returned hoart-fel
thanks for the /'.nd reception given bim, am
tho?O who, with him, had come io defend tin
soil of Virginia. He alluded eloquently t<
the proud position Virginia now ocoupied.
Col. Aldrich, of Gen. Dunham's staff, als<
delivered a telling speech, which was well rc
ALEXANDRIA, April 26.-Tt is report?e
(hat General Harney has been captured a
Harper's Ferry and sent to Richmond.
Dutler's Regiment, from Massachusetts
has arrived in Washington.
Several Southerners have boon arrested ir
Washington and ordorod to quit the oity.
Tho greatest excitement end eonsternatioi
prevails among tho citizens of Washington
many of whom aro leaving for tho South.
Tim heights ot Georgetown aro garrisonec
by Federa 1 tr</ops. <
More tiooptf1 Aro cxpoctcd nt Annapolii
from tho North.
The tobo of tho Northern press is mon
defiant and insulting to thc South.
April 2f>.-A rumor from on authentic sourc?
has reached. Draz.os fo,thc"effet that thc Mox
teaiv, aro' getting'up another gnorWn.wnrfar?
against tho oiHzons on thc Rio Grande,'*Wv<
pillaged and burut, nnd many American fam
ilies murdered. Brownsville was also threat
NKW ORLEANS, April 25.-Accounts from
thc upper parishes says that the military spir
it is increasing. Volunteer companies aro
forming rapidly, and planters ure offering
money freely.
BICH MUND, April 25.-Thc Virginia State
Convention has passed an ordinance adopting
thc Provisional Constitution. Delegates will
bc sent to the Southern Congress.
^MONTGOMERY, April 25.-Thirty prisoners
from thc steamer Stnr of thc West arrived iu
this city, on Wednesday, from Mobile.
WILMINGTON, N. 0 , April 25.-Two
men were arrested on thc Wilmington and
Weldon Bailroad, to day, for.cutting bridges,
in order to prevent thc passago of our troops.
NKW ORLEANS, April 25.-The Davis
Cuurds, of Townvillc, Kentucky, were enthu
siastically received in this city yesterday,
j Two companies of citizen-soldiers have vol
I untccred to go to Virginia.
I The cotton market was very irregular yes
I tcrday, with sales of 1,260 bales.
I -MOMI.K, April 25.--Two companies loft
tliis city for Montgomery yesterday, and two
more will leave by to-morrow night-making
fivo hundred in all that have been accepted
I by thc Secretary of War from Mobile.
Sales of cotton yesterday 150 bales, at Ile.
Prices nominal.
Ai.Kx ANDRIA, VA., April 25.-Dr. Dccns
tis, of New Orleans, had an interview with
thc Brazilian Minister and several European
Diplomates, yesterday, and also with Sccietary
Seward, relative to the blockade of thc South-.
ern ports. The result of txe interview bas
not transpired.
General Scott says, in a lottor to tho Presi
dent of tho Richmond Convention, that ho
will not resign, and that ho will defend the
Union nccording to his oath.
A LUX ANDRIA, April 25.-Thc Now York
Seventh Regiment has arrived herc from An
napolis. Tlicy had no difficulty whatever.
It is reported that all was quiet on Tues
urday night last, moveable barricades were
being constructed for thc protectiou of thc
lower story of thc Treasury Department,
which have since been dvily completed. The
material used is four inch plank. Capt. Shi
ms, U. S. A., is in command there, and Capt.
Franklin, tj. S. A., is next in rank. We
presume that being an Engineer ofl'.ccr these
barricades were constructed under his imme
diate supervision. Sand-bag barricades-thc
best in the world -have been prepared to bo.
used on thc steps of thc Department porticos
should that be necessary. At least five hun
dred troops of regulars and volunteers bivouac
there nightly now, so stationed as that they
can defend it against a storming party of
thousands, the building being well nigh a
thorough fortification in its strength of con
struction.- Washington Star, 22d inst. . .
? MORE REBELS.-We hear thal there were
one hundred and fifty military and naval re
signations received in Washington in one day
(Monday) this week. They were almost en
tirely from natives of Virginia and Maryland,
who are rushing to the. laud of their birth.
They constitute the very flower of the service,
i Such losses must speedily produce wide-spread
I demoralization in both thc army mid navy.
Rlackguards like these engaged in burning
Gosport Navy Yard arc thc sort of characters
to whom the honor of tho - stars and stripes is
now committed. Alas for the degradation !
[Richmond Whig,
MOUE MILITARY.-Brig. Gen. Bonham
and staff and Col. Maxcy Gregg's Regiment ?
of " Palmettos," passed through this place
on their way to Virginia yesterday afternoon.
They wore met by a large concourse of citizens
and after a short rest, and some refreshments,
were formally welcomed by Adjutant-General
Hoke in a few remarks, to which replies wcro
made by Gen. Bonham, Col. Cveggand Maj.
Aldredge, all of whom spoke feelingly nnd
eloquently of tho mininer of their reception.
At tho conclusion of Mr. Aldredgc's speech,
(?co. Davis, Esq., was called out nnd made
one pf his stirring addresses, bidding tho Pal
metto boys God speed on their glorious jour
ney, and pledging tho boys of North Caroli
na to be close on their heels in thc approach
to Washington)
Tho Depot shed of thc Wilmington nnd
Weldon Railroad has become quite a grand
reception room for tho last few days.
[ Wilmington Herold, 'i-l//< inst.
THE PRISONERS.-Wc understand that the
Naval officers, now prisoners here, v. ero ar
rested in an attempt to blow up tho United
States Navy Yard nt Portsmouth.
We take il for granted that no prisoners
will bc given up until wc learn whether Lin
coln intends to regard tho rules of civilized
warfare in his treatment of Southern soldiers,
and privateers. Wo Understand bc piits ov?
ry officer under nrvc.st who resign!-.
[Richmond Dixpulch.
tl at a majority of thc Justices of tho County
assembled nt tho Court ?Touso ycA?oidav af
ternoon and determined to appropriuto o20,
000 for the public defence1. Wo also learn
that tho Banks of this place havo determined
fo lor.ii $100,000 to tho Comniissipp?m'bf tho
Town of Wilmington, tobe usod for tho annie
rt.- l."J-..'".". i._uii
puiLHrms, nuu tf.t..i. WIV Vuiimti.-iuyi.vitl HUID UV?
cepted the propfisitioi . Tt is gratifying to
ho able to nu non ribo'"these facts They fur
nish indisputably oyidonco of tho liberality .
and patriotism of our people who hove every
where responded . ohcovfully and quickly to
thc calls which 'have been Bindo upon them.
[ B ihnityton Hero ld} 24 th fnV
THEY who have disbelieved: IR virt?<vbt*
causo niau duns never been foun?. ^tfeet\
might es. rosHOTuibly deny tho fcoh,because \<?
? ntolrtways noon. ' . '

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