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"BOB'? 4. THOMPSON, ?ditot.
* - rKorniETOllS. - S 1
T1?IIM3-$1.50 per annum, in advance. If PTY
>nt bo dolhved Until ofter tho expiration oft i
' $3. '"'or six monties, 75 cents in .advance^
pAdvMlsoments inserted nt tho uau.nl rotes.
J????1???' 4.4861.
. ..." ".. FfO?t. ' ...
Tho month of Mny, so far, possesses som o
qualities which would ho inoro becoming to De-:
oomhor. On tho morning of tho 2d inst, quito
a heavy frost mudo its appearance. Weboll ovo,
however, that no sori?usdamage was done, ex
eopt in low, damp plac?s. Beaner, peas, and po
tatoes suffered greatly. Tho fruit ie not ipjurod.
"Wv, fear that our town authorities aro not
. doing their duty-tho stroets havo not hoon
Worked, for lo 1 these many months. Although
they aro not impassable as yoi, some of thom,
If not soon, attended to, will be impassable. Wo
I would? therefore, advise our Town Counoil to
seo to tliia matter without, further delay. ***
Death of an Aged Citizen
+ Wo regret to. haro to record tho death
' one of the oldest citizens of tho Dictriot, Mr.
LEONAHO CAPKIIAKT. who departed U?8 lifo on
Tuesday, the 23rd ult., hoing nour ono hundred
yours old. Tho decoased was a nativo of Vir
gt?ibi 'Ho loaros a largo family nod'numerous
friendo to weop over his departure.
Mr. JOHN CALVIN MCDANIEL, who? it will bo
recollected, was sevorely wounded at the Regi
mental Muster last summer, by the accidental
dischnrgo of tho cannon, breathed his last on
.Saturday, tho 27th ult. Ho suffered much and
long, but bore it with tho courago and patriot
ism that becomes n soldier. Ho leaves many
rclnti ns and friends to mourn his loss.
"Keowee, Volunteers-"
Thu? company, composed principally of young,
* able-bodied mon, Jield a mooting in tho. Court
Houso on last Saturday, as will bo scon by ref
erenoe to resolutions in another column.. Their
object is to form a Regiment for tho purpose of |
going to Virginia. AV hilo they aro willing to
go wherever their cuuntry calls, yot, for many
re?is?nV they profer Virginia as thoir destina
tion, ^'licy fool that at this senson of tho year,"
or rat h or during tho sum mor, they would be
diablo to'diseuso if quartered further South, and
it would bo bottor for those who havo become
' acclimated, to remain, or so many of thom AS
will bo necessary, and let others go North.
Thoro will probably bono fighting South of|
Virginia and Maryland, of any consequonco,
. before noxt fall, if evor. Tho " Kcowoo Volun
teers' " desire to go, where tho work is to ho
dono, arid whore they can most effectually servo
tnoir country.
Wo bcliovo tho companies nro all full and
completo that will bo necessary to form tho Reg
iment- As soon ns orders aro received for tho
eleotion bf officers, and they havo selected such
. mon as they nro willing to holed and controlled
by, and not be subjected to tho rulo of those who
. af? strangors, thoy will be ready and willing to
ontor.tho field. Wo hope thoro will be no op
position to this move.
? . ', Patriotism.
Wo havo boen requested to m ake tho subjoined
statement :
The *. Silver Greys," a compnny organized at
. Wolf Crook, and composed chiefly of our follow
citizens' whose ageo exempt thom from military
duty, was, on tho 26th ult., disbanded by mutu
al conson t. It is tho Object of those gentlemen
now to form and o -ganizo companies at each
BattnUion Muster Ground ; mid for this purpose
they havo constituted tho following committees
to attend to tho organization of these companies :
Tho following gentlemen will compose tho
committee at Piokonsvillo : Rev. John Ariail,
Jacob Pickle, L. G.- Hamilton.
The committee at Hagood's : Wm. Hunter,
Esq., E. II. Griffiii,* Thomas Dillard.
' Thoso gontlemon will meet nt oneh Muster
Ground on tho 2d Saturday in May, inst., and
* organize. AH who desiro*toJoin the compr?nos
aro requested to attend.
Our follow oitizons aro all aglow with pntri
otio fir?, and we fool assured that they will
promptly respond to tho cull.
?re tho pooplo of Buttinioro thoroughly
nrouscd.jnul resolved to resist the passago of
the Federal armies through that State, but
- the citizens of tho Counties are marching in
+ their aid. And a moro gallant people than
* tho Marylanders livo not, if tho records of
. the" revolution aro any indication of their prc
, . sont spirit. Tho old Maryland lino in the
. North and in tho South, won imperishable
fame for themselves and tbeir Commonwealth.
We believe that tho sons will not discredit
their sires-as Lincoln's emmisaarics havo
found to their cost.
- But wc fed very keenly for tho gnllant Ma
rylanders. Tho whole brunt of tho fight is
precipitated upon them, and finds them not
only unsupported, but oompnrativoly unarra
td'..^. Tho Bultimor.enns have supplied thc do
fioi?ney tho bost they could. Thoy havo not
scrupled in their zcalt to break opon anno
rles, storey &o., and guns, pistols, bowio
knives, axes, pitch-forks, clubs, &., wero seiz
ed. Mony orticlcs rroro given by. hardware
merchants. Wiuphs pvt his factory to work
tb moke pikes, of whioli 2,000 wore orderod.
Wo should not Uko to hov J tbo job of subdu
ing snob a people I
. But tbo Marylanders must not bo loft with?
out instant and efficient sid. Wo must not
allow thom to bo crushed by tho powerful ar
ray which is coming upon them 1 Wo must
tush to thoir aid. Wo must send thom men
?nd-nrina, und wo must do it nt o nco. Olori
?u* little, Maryland, abo has had n slow Gov?
' IlDori byt hor gamo is admirable, and her
impbrfanoo tb, us is ox tremo. Por hor sake,
er?d for *oii? ?own, wo mtfat support herat
onwapdioflcfo?tly. ' <m .,
?yjfc. ... [Alexandria (Va.) Gazette.
Nxano OrnaiALI-Tho Washington 'tiltia
and H/nion nnnoupcos that two negros have
isen appointed itf%lco in the V .?.office Popar t
?V Wwjhljagton. Wby hot ? ' Hound his
ijwri* bav# made tb? nt&ro a hotifoj pn? wbioh
?ny wTtha
- iini^iiaMiriiiBiVwniwii II m ?iw ?i im.
-rr--VW-ZT^-TV 3;-rr"---"-.fT---r?T- - V-r*~
Virginia a member of the Confederate
States of Amenoa
It afford? us great pleasure to make room for
the proclamation of Oer. LSTCUKR? of Virginia,
?nd. tho documents accompanying it.
Whorcas, Hho Convention nf this Common
wealth hap. ou this, tho 2?th dny of Aprij,
IRGlfadopted an ordinance "forlhe adoption of
the Constitution of the Provisional Government
of tho Confed?ralo States.of 'Amorten;" and
has agreed tri a " Convontloiibotwoen 'the .Com
monwealth of Virginia and tho Confederate
States of America,-" which it la propor should
ho made known to tho people of this Common
wealth nod to tho* world : - .
Therefore, I? John Lotchor, Govornor of tho
Commonwealth of Virginia, do hereby publish
and proclaim that tho following'aro nuthentio
copies of tho ordinnuoo and Convention afore
said :
., Givon undor my hand as Governor, and
). undor the seal of the Commonwealth.
L.S. V at* Richmond; this 25th of April,
w-^ I 1861, a?d jo tho 8Qth year of tho Com
monwealth, , . JOIlN.LETCHliR,
? By tho Governor. .
Soo'rotary of the Commonwealth.
i Wo, tho delegates of tho pooplo of Virgin
ia, in Convention nssomblcd, solemnly impress
ed by tho perils which surround tho Common
.wealth, und appealing to the Searcher of honrt?
for tho rectitude of our ititontiooa in assuming
the grave responsibility of this act, do, by thu
Ordinance. aao?)t and ratify the Constitution ol
the Provisional Qovorumont of tho Confederate
States of America, ordained mid established at
Montgomery, Alabama, on the eighth day ol
Fobrunry, olghtcon' hundred and sixty-one :
provided that this Ordinance shall cease to have
'any legal, oporotion or cffiiot, if tho -people oj
Ibis Commonwealth, upon tho voto directed tr
bo taken on tho Ordinance of secession passet
by this Convention, on tho 17th day of April
oightcon hundred and sixty-one, shall reject
tho same. A true copy.
J NO. L. Eu HANK, Sociotnry.
Tho Commonwealth of Virginia; looking to t
' spocdy onion of eaid Commonwealth nod th<
other slave State? with tho Confed?ralo Stntei
of America, according to tho Provisional Gov
eminent of said States; enters into.tho follow
ing temporary convention ami ngrcoinout.witl
i said Statos, for tho purposo of mooting pross
ing oxig?nelos effecting.tho common rights, in
tcrcsts and safety of su'.d Commonwealth am
said Confederacy. -
1st. Until tho Union of said Commonwoaltl
with said Confederacy shall ho perfected, nm
said Commonwealth sbr.ll become a member o
said Confederacy, according to tho Constitution
of both powers, thc whole military force nm
military operations, oflunsiro and defensive, o
said Commonwealth, in the impending coudie
with tho United States, shall be under tho chic
control and direction of tho President of sail
Confederate Statos, upon tho samo principles
basis and footing ns if said Commonwealth wei-'
now, and during tho interval, a member of sah
2nd. Tho Commonwealth of Virginia will
after tho consummation of tho Union conten?
plated in this Convention, and 'nor ndoption o
tho constitution for a permanent Government o
said Confederate Statos, ami sho shall become i
member of said Confederacy undor said pe. um
neut Constitution, if tho samo occur, turn ove
to said Confederate States all tho public prop
erty, naval stores, and munitions of war, cte,
sho may then bo in possession of, acquired fron
tho United States on tho same terms and in lik
manner ns tho other States of said Conf?d?r?e,
havo dunc in liku cases.
3d. Whatever expenditures nf money, if nov
.said Commonwealth of Virginia shall make bc
foro tho Union, under tho Provisional Govern
mont, as above contemplated, shall I e cousu ni
mated, shall bo met and provided for by sui
Confed?ralo States.
. This Convention entered into and agreed t
in the city of Richmond, Virginia, on tho twei
ty-fourth dny of April, 1801, bv Alexnnder II
Stephens, tho duly authorized Commissioner t
act in tho mnttor for tho said Confederate Stntoi
and John Tylor, Wm. Ballard Preston, Sum'i
Mci). Moore, Jas. P. Holcombe, James C. Bruce
and Lowis E. ll arvie, parties duly authorize
to not in Uko manner for said Commonwealth <
Virginia-tho whole subject to tho approval an
ratification of the proper authorities of bot
Governments respectively.
In testimony whereof tho parties nforesui
havo hereto sot their bonds and seals the da
and year aforesaid and at thc placo nforct?ni<
in duplicate originals.
Commissioner for Confcd-?rnto States.
John Tyler, [Soal.l )
Wm, Ballard Preston, Seal/ > Commi
S. Mo I). Mooro, Seal. J bionon
James P. Holcombe, Soul. ) for
James C. Bruco, Seal. /- Virgin!,
Lowis E. Harvio, Seal. )
Approved and ratified hy tho Convention <
Virginia, on tho 25th of April, 18GI.
JOHN JAVNEV, Prosidoot.
JNO. L. EUBANK, Secretary.
TEXAS.-The Galvostou Netos, of the 18t
ultimo, says :
Wo were out on tho East end of the Islar
yesterday, and found Gen. Sherman busily c
gaged propnrillg to throw un entrenchments
protect tho heavy ordnanco ne has placed tho
in different positions, so as thoroughly to coi
mnnd the approaches to tho bar, .tho elimine
into tho bay, and the bays and city.
Those long iron 24 pounders, howitzers ni
brass 32 pounders, with tho piles of shot ni
shell next them, look formidably, and when tl
three mortars aro put in position, and tho c
trenchmentR thrown up-which will ho in a di
or two-wo may consider tho entrance to O'
harbor as tolerably wolf defended.
Jferald learns that tho County of Chickosn
Mississippi, has ten companies of volunto
soldiers, ready to be mustered into tho servi
of the State.
It adds that, in addition to those, 'ho Couti
ha* a regular officered ond drilled company
youUg ladio", who have pledged thomsolvos,.
tho ovont tho mon ure called into service, to p:
toot their homos mid families during their r
sonco, and soe that tho fArpis are properly o
tivatod, and full crops raised, not only for t
?uppoVf ?f tho county, but of tho army of M
gomery Confederation says tho Cabinet was
session fully four hours on Mondny, discuasi
tho evtfhts of tho past weok. . It wa* dotorm i i
upon by them to extend thc border States ev<
sympathy and co-operation in the good fit
which they oro now making-against tho mor
naries of Lincoln, and in addition to tho thir
two thousand men' already called for, they hi
aecoptod the services of twelve thousand mr
If Lincoln intends to watte a vigorous war u|
us,-na stone will bo loft unturned by our
ministration until a formidable foroo of br
and determined spirit? Are Rent forward to m
Him? Tho action of Ibo Cabinet wt far has b
directed by for-seolng and^prudential ?ta
rnnnship. and its conclusions aro fully up to
om ergo ney. ^ ^ ^
> P?LAWABB.^It ls stated that tho Dolaw
Stnte arms aro in possession of tba seccasioni
2hi .Governor of Delaware han not respon
i tho reo/iisluim of ibo President, \ will i
.'; . " "". < -, ? ' v. ,"'v ;'". ,v*v
m * ,}, t .,>-IUJ]LL!^LJ.Jll.?JLM^i-?
Pennings and Clippings.
slitutionqtist lennis that about throe hundred
yards of the Railroad track, somo twenty milos
from that olty, was dostroyod by Aro on tho 28th
ult., together with somo oight hundred cords of
Sou'thernor and gontlomnn of wealth has inti
mated'that ho WjU, J>o ono of n liuudrod. to raiso
$100,000 for Ibo.'.purpose of putting in proper
trim those citizens of Richmond, who may bo
called tov tho field;
I It would npponr, (Vom numerous observations
mirde by military writers, lb n't soldiers nro hit
during battle according to tho color of theil
dress, in tho following order : rod, tho most fa'
tal color; the loast fatal, Austrian gn?y. Thc
proportions aro : red, 12 ; rifle green, 7 ; brown,
I 6; Austrian gray, 5.
WHERE'TO OET CANNON-Donnis Long, of thc
Uulon Foundry, Louisville,' Ky., is, says thc
Courier Of that city, prepared to manufacture
cannon of all si/.os, and balls, to match. Ho h
ft staunch advocate of .Southern Rights.
EXTRA ?SESSIONS-Tho Legislatures of tho fol
lowing Statos will meet in extra session at tin
times specified :. Tennessee, Thursday, ?5tl
instant; Maryland, Friday, 20th; Kentucky
Saturday, 27th ; North Carolina, Wednosday
May 1.._
Rose'Winons lins purchased mid presented ti
the Baltimore troops 7,000 Minnio rifles. Col
Lloyd, of tho Enstorn Rhoro of -Maryland, ha
subscribed $30,000 for tho purohaso of provis
visions for the troops now besieging Fort Mc
Henry. _
-This gallant young Kentuckian, in roply t
somo searching interrogatories put to bim b
Governor Holm, said in reference to tho call <
tho President for four Regiments of volunteer
to march against tho South : " I would nc
eond ono solitary man to aid that Government
nhd thoso who voluntcor should bo shot dow
in tboir tracks."
Union learns that Andy Johnson lins rcocho
his home nt Greenville Tennessee. Ho waa r<
coived with demonstrations of indignity at over
point along the routo in Virginia whore it wr
known ho was on tho train. "Whoo ho arrive
nt Greenville bo was received with much cob
noss by many who had previously boon li
warmest supporters, and at every point the fla
of thc Confcdoralo States mot his gaxo.
SHOKS-According to tho Shoe nnd Loath)
Reporter, thero wcro shipped last week, by FO
and sen; *rom Boston to places outsido of No
England, 0108 cases nf hoots and shoes. 37"i
cases wore sent to tho Middle States. 1850 to tl
Southern Statos, 3-110 to the Western ,State
110 to the British Provinces, und 10 to Cub
Tho Confederate States received 700 cases of tl
Virginia, says the Richmond Dispatch, et
bring into thc held nt least n hundred thousai
as bravo men as thoro aro in tho world, ace?
terned from their infancy to tho uso of arni
nnd roady and willing to lay down their lives
defence of their homes.
Bon ORR FRATERNITY-It is stated in tho Ci
cinnnti Enquirer that tho Governors of Kontucl
and Ohio havo entered into such nrrnngoineti
that no acts of aggression will probably bo coi
milted on tho borders of oither during tho pn
ont excitement. Tho citizens of Cincinnu
Ohio, and Covington and Newport, Ky., lin
also held a joint meeting, nnd pledged thci
selves to put down nil acts of aggression on t
borders of tho two States.
News ?ny* it is stated, though not officially, th
tho "Mobile Cadets," and " Washington Lip
Infantry " are to form a portion of thc Pro
dent's personal escort. This .viii insurO'tlx
thc post of honor in tho hour of danger. Til
received orders to ioavo for Montgomery 1;
Tuesday ovening.
PATRIOTIC LADIES.-Tho Ladies of Nashvil
to tho number of upwards of three huudr
mot on Saturday last, and organized an nss(
ntion for tho purpose of making clothing, r
tendering any assistance, in their power to th
who may voluntcor to dofend thc South. Bl
Jas. K. Polk was elected President. .
ton and Sugar plantations in Louisiana pron
a fine crop, and tho wheat crop of Georgi:
likely tn bo a very largo crop. Wheat in *c
parts of Georgia is now fully bonded out, i
corn is up and growing well.
No Liouon IN CAMP--Some difficulties hav
boon caused by the uso of ardent spirits at V
ringtun, Fla., Gen. Bragg, on tho 0th insti
gave orders to close all tho liquor shops,
ring tho day liquor was sold secretly. ..'
next day tho whole town was patrolled, ei
house, and room was searched and largo qur
tics of liquor wore dostroyod. It is said
to bo impossible to got a dropof " tho ardo
within five milos of the camp.
, WAS ANYBODY HURT?-We learn that a.
tion of a man-of-war's bargo was pioked u>
tho benoh of Doweos' Island ; with it woro
muffled with sheepskin, the oarlocks being
orcd with tho samo material, thc planks si
ing marks of rough treatment. In size it
sc (Iieiontly largo to accommodate about fort
fifty soldiors; Ono of tho batteries on AL
Island ia said to have filed into a barge, v
the flcot wore " off shore," and it may be
the finding of this wreck may lend to the
covery of sumo interesting facts. Perhaps s
body was hurt.
NECESSTY-Tho New York Tribune, i
articl? hooded ** necossity," says " tho na
end of ,o ship is shipwreck, .and of a sol
death In haulo." Necessity will find am
illustration when tho writor of tho aboVO
the end of a ropo.
A TERRIBLE WEAPON-The centrifugal i
, gun of Mr. Dickinson, on oxhibiticn in 1
1 moro for somo thoo past, says tho Sun,
? hoon purohnsed by tho city, and will be us
it? defonoo. The gun is something like a !
; fire oogine, nnd will throw throe hundred
p?r minuto. It is tho bijou I ion of tho au
, ties to plant tho gun at (ho bead of the
up which the invading troops attempt to m
I ft-nd hy signals to olear the streets of eil
t and swoop the rank?. . - ' .
KeoWoo Volunteers.
A\ Q company moetfng-oi' this oorpaho?d on
Satin day tito 27th ult., the fellowing preamble
nnd resolutions wore offered by Priv?te ROB'T.
A. THOMPSON, seconded by Lieut H AUDEN, und
unanimously adopted : " .
Whereas, tho " Koowoe Volunteers " hove
boon orgnoiaod. and totidorod their somees to
tho ?tato of South. Carolina t and. whereas^\\\o
Crossing oxlgonoy. that culled the Company into
olhg having passed ; thorbfure be it
I Jtenolved, That, with the permission of tho
.Stnto authority,' we tender qur Company for tho
'term of twelve months, fur s'orvloo in Virginia
or contiguous States,' upon tho formation of a
Regiment for that pnrposo, wherein each Com
pany shall huvo n volco in tho selection of tlio
Fio?d.Officers for snid Regiment.
licsoh'c?, Thot a ci?p.V pf thin preamble nnd
resolution be transmitted to tholr Exeellenoios,
Guv. Picken?, of Sou? h Carolina, nnd Gov. Leteh
cr, of Virginia : nnd be published. .'.
W. Ni CRAIO, 0. S.
Meeting at Pendleton. .
A called meeting of tho oitizons of and around
Pendleton, mot the 27t.h instant. Mr. JOHN
MAXWELL was called to tho Chair, and It F,
SIMPSON was appointed Secretary. Tho object
of thc meeting was explained to bo for tho .pur
pose of raising supplies to aid tho needy familiojj
of tho Volunteers who have joined the Army.
Tho following resolution, offered by Colonel
II AYN R, was adopted :
Itcxolucd, That n committee of fivo bo appoint
cd to obtain subscriptions (in money or provis
ions) for thc roliof of tho families of the Volun
leerson duty in thoservieo of tho.country. wit?
may need assistance ; and thntjmid eotnniittei
tako into consideration and report lu h li ntl
journod meeting of the body, to ho hold on nox>
Saturday week, whnt localities in this District
or elsewhere, may bo in need of assistance
also; report proper persons in thc different bent:
to distribute tho sumo.
Pursuant to this resolution tho following gen
denice were appointed the committee : Col. J
T. Sloan, J. S. Lorten, J. B. Sitton, F. Sloan
and J. li. Bollotto, Esq.
An additional resolution was then offoroi
and adopted :
Jlesolved, That committees 0f tllYco ho ?if
puinUd in tho different bents around Pendleton
whoso duty it shall bo to ascertain and rope)
to thecommittuo of five (above appointed) sue
families ns may have boon left in a dust i tu t
condition : and the kind and amount of assis
unco needed.
Accordingly tho following committees wei
appointed :
i'br Muddy Spring Beat-Cnpt. Joh h Mn:
well, George ll. Cherry, A. F. Lewis.
For Arnold's lieut-Dr. IL 0. Miller, J. ^
Avnold. S. M. Philpot.
Por Pendlrton Beal-J. S. Lnrtoh, Dr. W. I
Cherry. J. IL Bellotte, Esq.
For Wad/cina' Beal-John Owens, Maj. Wm
kins, Frank Glenn.
It was then moved by Mr. It. A. Max wo
(hut tho proceedings of this meeting bo pol
lished in thc Anderson Gazette and Picket
Courier, willoh was ngrood to.
And it was also moved that, when tho mectiit
adjourn it shall adjourn to meet nt Pendletm
next Saturday week, at ll o'clock, A. M.
Tho mooting was adjourned. !*
P.. F. Si UPSON, Sccrotary.
COL. iiiuT.ls. C., April 25. 18G1.
Dear Courier : Having n montent of loisu
I drop you n word for the "Calhoun Mountni
oors," who ure yet stationed on Main Street,
this city :
To-day has been very warm ; so opprofttt
indeed is the heat, that two of our soldiers ft
in a fainting stato, at tho ll o'clock drill. Sp
??ral of tho men uro complaining of cough
colds, &o;, butas yet wo have sont no ono toll
Hospital. Wo had orders to-dny to appear
tho Fair Grounds this evening at 5J o'clock
consider the matter nf volunteering for tho Co
federate States, and hearing u Fpeech from Oe
Samuel McGowan, nnd others; hut before tl
whole of tho Regiment had assembled at Hen
quarters, a heavy shower of rain foll, so th
wo were ordered to " break ranks," and all fl<
for quarters. I guess wo will try it again i
morrow, though no drd?rs have boon issued
that effect yet. Some of our company aro w
ling to volunteer under any nnd nil circumslr
ces; others would rather wait awhile ands
whore, when,-h.i\V, and under whom they ore
go into the service of the Confederates.
For tho benefit of our company and thosow
might wish to write to us or send us pnekng
I will give you n list of officers and privates
P. W. Kilpatrick, Cnptnin ; Dr. 0. lt. II
ton, 1st Lieutenant j T.J.Sloan, 2d Li
tonantj Robert dionn, 3d Lieutenant ; J
D. Cook, Orderly Sergcuut ; J N. Roj
Commissary. v
Dr. D. M. Russell, W. P. Harris, J.
Simmons, J. A. Simmons, Jos. Burns, D.
Messer, Allen Butler, W. R. Dickson, II.
Duke, J. T. Duke, Oho Butler, NI W. Il
bin, W. J. Harbin, L. C. Cleveland, L.
Cleveland, S. P. McJunkin^ Gv T. Tren
way, Bl Pi Cleveland, T. L. (lipson, J).
Glenn, T. P. Jolly, Ii. H. M essor, J.
Glenn, Asa Leathers, D. N. Holcombe,
J. Hix, Dr. W. R. Harbin, J. A. Wri(
W. I). Perry, C. Stevens, J. W. Sbclor,
P. Harbin, W. T. Clovoland, P. E. Max?
Robert Maxwell, D. T. Kccse, Ii. Wi Kc
T-. B. Kccso, J. T. Looney, W. J. Isbell,
P. Isbqll, Robert Isbell, J. C. Mason, I),
Holland, W. L. Isbell, J. R. Cleveland,
W. Whito, Jo. Berry White, C. H. Wei
S. P. Crenshaw, W. R. Seaborn, Win. V
R. H. Whitworth, M. S. Johnson, T. J.
vis, J. W. Lyle?, J no. Woolbright, T
Smith, J. A. Lawson, D. R. Elliott, li,
Klliott, L. J. King, W. R. Sanders, J
Myora, A. H. Campbell, W. V. Day, S
Prichard, W.T. Blair, J. M. League, M
Harden, M. L. Ctr/y, Jo. Berry Hunnic
B. Pntkut Sloan, A. Chastnin, IC. Stul
field, C- Stubblefield, Riobard L. Lewis.
Any lottor or package sent to any of us
reotcd f< tho crtro ?f F. W; Kilpatrick, Cn|
of Calhoun - Mountainoers," will bo gladi
ctn ?od. This" will bo our address for a wot
two-perhaps longer. My timo is out.
Moro anon. C'OMMIHS.U
' RICHMOND, April 28.-?-A detaohme
Ooh-Korahaw's Regiment from South Car
arrived yesterday, including tho Gov?n
j Guards, Qnpt. Cnsson, and tho Coln
i Greys, Cntfl. Wr.lktcc, from Co'doibjii
tho Camdon Volunteers, Capt.' Kenj
from .Canidon.-r-a?l under comm and of I
, Adjutant A. J). Goodwin, bf tho regir
has also arrived. .Officcve'atijiiifoiv woll
reactor worlL
* WH*
] " Twelve Mile Vot?eert:y " '
A Mend ha? furnished us with tv list of tho
officers and privates of tho " Twolvo Milo Vol
unteorv," DOW stationed io Columbia, which.wo
talto pleasure In.publishing: ;
. ll. Y. H. Griffiu, Captoin; J. W\ Single
ton, let Lieutenant; Gi M. Lynch, 2d Lieut.;
Jos. Muss?iigill? 8d Lieut; J. IL'Ainblof,
Ut Sorgoant'j' J. D. Fcrgiieon, 2d Sergeant;
B. S.sFrc?uiun, 8d Sergeant; 0. H. Qi Janith,
| 4th Sergeant; II. II. Hunt,'5th Sergeant ;
Thomas Griffin, 1st Copora!; G. lt. Burgess,
I 2d Corporal; T. P. Looper, 8d Corporal j J.
j Ii. Anderson, 4th Corporal; J. IT. Hunt, 5th
Corporal ; A.. lt. Siuuuo.n.8, Otb. Corporal. j
W, B. Linday, S. B. Stephens, J. II. Black,
John Julin, J. II. Williams, J. B. Frwin, S. j
L. Robinson, J. F. Williams, W. M. Wbit
miro, Tolivor Boper, R. F. Hunt, II. 1>.
Hunt, lt. A-.Hank*; T. II. Mosely, N. Lynch,
Larkin Hhghes, Jool Jones, Win, Williams,
Lomuol Baker, J. T. Bobinson, V. B. Wil
liums, W. H. Reid, P. H. Williams, ll. S.
Medlin. P. B. Ladd, 0. M. Taylor, Ephraim
Mnssengill, Eli Watson, Ishain Simmons, J.
F. Algood, P. M. Burgess, Lewis Simmons,
A. J. Lawson, Riley Simmons, W. S. Brown,
E. A. Furguson, J. ll. Kilby, J. H. Porter,
Noah Princo, A. Furguson, J. A. griffin, J.
W ..Sutherland, J. H. ?lagood, R. K. Hill,
Wm. Corbin, J. H. Fiold, S. H. Medlin, J.
S. Trotter, W. II. Phillips, T. A. Williams,
J. S. K. Lowis, H..A. Alexander, John II.
.Lnddj T. W, Stowart, Phillip^?hnpmnn, Jas.
Harris, Tyro Lawson, Williamson Prince,
J*csso Vi. Roper, John T. ];.iown, Cyrus Young,
Mouin Stephens, J 0. Moselv, W. J. Young,
David Lawson, H. T. Mosely, Pr. AV. T.
Field, Fields Hendrix, J. W. Pucket, West
ley Phillips?, Joseph Heaton, Thos. P. Bras:
well, Mathew Hendrix, M. Looper, G. M.
Williams, J. S. Williams, Abel Hendrix, M.
M. Hendrix, W. M. Furguson, JVC. Mor
gan, Samuel Roper, Elijah Roper, G. W. Las
ley, Wm. Craig, Wm. W. Musgrove, Marion
Morgan, John Chastuin, M. Stewart.
Telegraphic News from all Quarters.
ALEXANDRIA, April 27.-United States
troops arc pouring into Washington in great
numbers without hindrance.
It is repovtcd that Gov. Hicks, o? Mary
land, has resigned.
Old Frank Blair says Maryland shall and
must bo a free State, if every white man
within her borders has to bc destroyed.
Tho troops boro are actively drilling, and
preparing for any emergency.
The Northern troops are defacing the capi
tol very much, mutilating tho stucco and
'irreasing tho walls They aro quartered in
five of thc committee rooms of tho capitol.
A gentleman from Washington yesterday
snys there aro 15,OUI >s thcro; that thc
Georgetown Heights aro v ng diligently for
tified, nnd that all the public buildings arc
Tho families of the several members of the
Cabinet hove all left. Tho hotels aro all to
bo closed.
Tho steamers aro still running between
hero and Washington, but they carry no
Ar.KXANDR.iA, April 28-The Senate, of
Maryland has directed to refer the question
of secession to the people.
Tho House has appointed a committee to
draft a secession ordinance
ALEXANDRIA. April 28-Three workmen
from the Navy Yard and a South Carolinian
ure imprisoned in thc Capitol at Washington.
ALEXANDRIA, April 28-Tho United
States Naval Academy at Annapolis has been
disbanded, and tho cadets who havo not. re
signed or withdrawn, will be sent North. Thc
buildings will be used as a military post and
RICHMOND, April 28-Tt is plausibly re
ported that tho Crusader, with a corgo of su
gar, has boon captured off Old Point. (?)
ALEXANDRIA, April 28--lt is now certain
that the coasts of Virginia and North Caroli
na will bo blockaded soon.
RICHMOND, April 28-Tho Virginia Con
vention, on Saturday, decided to establish ii
naval forco of 2,000 sailorsnnd marines, with
rank and pay as in tho United States Navy,
RICHMOND, April 28-Pr?sident Jefferson
Davis is eagerly and anxiously rind confident
ly expectod to visit some cities considornbl)
North of Montgomory, Alabama. Of thc
timo, routo, placo nnd modo of his visit, it i;
not proper to speak moro, fully ot present.
ALEXANDRIA, April 28-The Seventy-Firs
rogiment ot* New York, and 500 hireling;
from Massachusetts, reached Washington ol
Saturday from Annapolis, leaving 2,000 a
the Junction and 5000 at Annapolis.
Tho Anacosta, Powhatan and two otho
steamers have como np the Potomac river.
Tho militia of Washington oity, arc undo
coll for Monday, and it is probably ali men o
Southern preferences will bo expelled:
ALEXANDRIA, April 28-Tho Legislatur
of Maryland convened at Frederick on Fri
day. On Saturday Gov. Hicks sent in hi
message. Il"; says: " I honestly and mos
earnestly ? ontcrtain tho conviction that th
only safety of Maryland lies in preserving
neutral position between our brethrcu of th
North ond of tho South."
Tho messago was recoived, nnd thc Senat
adopted nn address to tho people of Man
laud, stating that tho L?gislature will tu
pass nn net of secession, but if they bel ie\
tho people dosiro it, thoy will give them ?
opportunity of dedaring for themselves the
future destiny.
Tho steamers Anncostn nnd Pdoahonti
passed up tho Potomac with two transport
ono of which is suppos?e! to bo tho Baltic
It is reported theso vessels had on board
large body pf troops.
Lincoln directed his ' Scoretnry of Wnr
tnko possession of tho rnilrond from Wnshin
ton to Annapolis. Tho Vice-President
tho Pennsylvania Central Railroad will Supo
intend itu "
Lincoln also directed his Secretary to tal
possession of tho lino of railroad botwoi
Baltimoro and York, Pn.
It has bc*n doterminod by tho Goyver
mont to inoronso tho regular army to 25,0(
mon; ond also tho navy, from 7,000 to 21
000 mon.
It. is reported that Linooln will issue
proclamation to-morrow, extending tho bloc
ado to Virgininia and-North Carolina. Coi
inodoro Stringhftm will command tho bloot
ding squadron. .
Tho Brazilian Minister demands thnt t
three months' notice of intonion to blooknc
rcqulrodby the Jaw of nations, 'bo given 1
foro tho bhiokado go into effect. ' V '
Boyera) worklnon are in pfison-ln Wnshir
ton'for suspected connection With tho soe
sion movomonts. - . ' .
Tho house of ft ieoesatonlst named P<
flftyy residing, ta Washington/ wai ?Otoi
yesterday hy . United States 1 troop?. For
.??jj?L-.^.L Ji.? ??.????>?..,,??<?.? i'M'"?!",'tffW
iiatoly tho occupant had csonpcd, elso K?
would huvo been roughly dealt with.
Four Btvamors passed up hore to-dny foi
Washington, with troops.
lt is ruroorod that tho fodoml troops will
attaok Alexandria, nud toko tho hoights and
railroad. :. ?
UiatmoNJb; April, 28-Quarters wore on
gagedfor GJerti Hiiroey-', nt tho Stotawoijd
House, by order of Gov. fetcher. ; '\?
Qon. JJarnoy' was visited by Gon?r?l pon.
ham and members of his fita?.
Tboro is nu increasing rcapoot of seorccy
and rosorvo ju'military '??mttersUnd prepara
tions. Sovornl porsoua auspected as spies
have boen arrested.
A?NAi'OMB, April 25--On tho Washing
ton road-from thu Junction tho Government
has secured about twority-iivo* oars-;hnlf paa
songor und huit' borduu-besides two engines.
Tho Gonorul. Government dooidod yoster
dny'nlorning on opening telegraphic commu
nication between Annapolis and' Washington.
Tho Annapolis railroad was in the posses
B'IOU of tho Northorn troops. . 1
A iiKX AN nu i A, VA? , April 28?--Tho wholo
number of federal m'orochnrios landed ut, or
reported near and off, Annapolis, is believed
to bo about 13,000. Of these, 4,000 huvo
gono onto Washington, tho others being in
Annapolis, or in.ships and transports near.
' RICHMOND, April 28.-General Harney
was arrested by General Carson, of Ibo Vir
ginia ariuyj, ii6w Commanding Harper's Fer
ry. Ho \y?s on his way to Washington, un
der orders. He came willingly to Richmond,
under un escort composed of tho following
officers of tho Virginia army : Majors Nel
son nnd Patton, Captains Kennedy, Hollidny
and Marshall-tho hitter gentleman, of Ma
jor Nelson's staff, commanding tho escort.
On th?ir .arrival boro yesterday GovornOr
Letehcr und his Council hold a meeting, and,
by tho advice of General Hubert Lee, nnd
Commander Maury, released tho prisoner of
Gcnoral Harney expresses Southern senti
ments. Ile leaves for Washington to-mor
Vow, and it is firmly believed boro bo will im
mediately resign.
A commissioner from Maryland is hero ask
ing assistance.
?Minister Faulkner has presented our com
mission to tho French Government.
Tho troops aro to bo concentrated, by order
of thc War Department, at Annapolis.,
Tho South Carolina troops aro still here, all
well. It is reported they leavo to-morrow,
but their destination is not yet known.
Gov. Letehcr has received oilers of 05,000
ALEXANDRIA, April 20.-Tt was rumored
in Biiltimoroyesterday that tho U. S. Govern
ment had sent workmen across tho Susquc
huunn Uiver, under the protection of Infan-^
try, to reconstruct the destroyed bridges over
Gunpowder and Bush rivers. Tho repairs
are suid to bc for thc forwarding of thc mails
Tho military route via Porryavillc and An
napolis ia deemed sufficient for tho troops.
It is believed that the Legislature of Mary
land will not have a quorum to day at Fred
Fortress Monroe is said to contain 2000 ar
A largo schooner from New York, laden
with military ? tores, was brought lo and seiz
ed by Fortress Mooroo. '
Tho forco of Federal troops now conccntr -
lcd at Annapolis, nt hist accounts, was 10 -
DOO; A largo number of Northum troops
uro on the Pennsylvania lino, nearly ready
to movo.
[Special Despatch to Charleston Mercury.
RICHMOND, April 20.-All movements
now indicate that Annapolis will be guarded
by tho Lincohiites as second only to Wash
ington. and ns uo.crssary to keep up connec
tion with Washington. The Lincolnitcs
boast that in one month they will have 50,0C0
men in Annapolis. They aro bVcomii^ in
lill ways more insolent, d?liant and insulting,
und ^OP.m to enjoy in advance n triumph.
ALEXANDRIA, April 2G.-The Maryland
Legislaturo was expected to meet this d>y at
Frederick-tho capital, Annapolis, being in
possession of Lincoln's j ?Vi issn r leis, No news
lias yet been received from the Legislature.
RICHMOND, VA., April 26.-"The South
Carolina Volunteers herc are cncnnipud oh tho
Fair Grounds near the city, and nro in excel
lent spirits, comfortably quartered', und cager
to got to work. Col. Kcr?blu:w's Regiment
lins not yet arrived.
[Special Despatch to thc Cha rle..".! on Courier.
RICHMOND, April 25.-Propositions of
peuce lt is understood, nro coming from Lin
coln and bis Cabinet, through- third paitjcs
to the Virginia Convention.
Vico-Prcsiilont Stephens leaves to-morrow
morning for Montgomery.
Five Commissioners have boon appointed
by tho Virginia Convention, to day, to tho
Southern Congress.
CAROLINA.-That this State is now in point
of fact out of the Union (if there is a Union
to bc out of) no man cnn doubt. ' Tho ques
tions then arc whoro is slio to 50, and how is
her choleo to bo mudo ?" .
To this first question wo answer without
hesitation, into thc Confederacy of thin South
-into tho Confederacy formed by hien wlio
ore now marching to drivo back the Goths
and Vandals from Maryland aiid Virginia.
To the sqcond1 question wc answer, let tho
Legislature, oh Mic first day of i ts session,' by*
ft coiistitutionuTiuajorifv, call a convention, to
meet two or tinco ^ycck'* thereafter, and let
tho action of tho Convention bo final. Thia
convention can, and wo aro sum will, join
North Carolina to tho Southern Confederacy
by adopting Its Constitution, and by laying
off tho State in>uo?i a number of districts as
will bo'neccssary to furnish the number of
repr?sentatives to which North Carolina will
bo entitled in thc Southern Congress, und al
so to elect two Senators to represent tlio Stnto
Itt tho Senate pf tho Southern' Confederacy.
; [Haleigh Register. .
TENDERED TO THE SouTH.-WYe nroinfbrmfd
by C0I0110I T. L. Marshall, of Nashville, Ten
nessee, who has just returned" from Montgom
ery, that Colonel Peter Tul ney,, of Franklin
county, Tenn., jins totidorod to president
Davis, for tho defence of, the Confcdorato
States Government, a Regiment of Tonnes;
soo Riflemen from tho countie* of. Franklin
and Lincoln. Wo know something of tho
statm ol tlIC80 troops. ' Tiiey aTe probably
the best markemcu.in th?^vrorld, and as brave
as any troops timt ever "met a ho?C?l? foe.
Wo welcome all T?nnWBeoj?hi? to'our.titldst,
and we hono BOon to hoar tho glufl tiding*
that the noblo vpluntoor St*to lins fhkon hot
B&ond bv tho side of her plstei'Southern' States,
foy weal ot for Woo: ' '
[/{dania Inteiiijonccr,

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