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VOL. XII.--NO. 42,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ '
FO?l TllK COI.ItlKK. ,\j i
.... Tho Kingdom of Glory.
' . y : . ?t K. ?. "
" ; ;., AVc talk of jtji templo ?? light, , .
. And splcndoro so rich and sfr fair,
. 1(9 millions Sn garment BO while,
ff* Udt what must it WtO bo there?" .
-' fe . ' .. .. ?? t
- . Wc- talk of its rapturous pongs, .
And lncQ7.es and ambient air,-...
Its- frcc(lom from sorrows and Wrangs,
" Dut what must it bo to be there ?"
? W? talk of its river of lifo, '..
.And blosplngs which Christians nhall share,
tys freedom from battle nnd strife,
.t But-wjint must it be to'bo thbro ?"
, Wo tnilli of its heavenly,pleins,
And blossoms and. frog vaneo flo yare,
' Tho kingdom where '.lesus Christ reigns,.
" Hut what must lt bc to bo there?"
. IV o tnlk of its peerless whilo tln'onc,
. , An<l safety from dangore nnd enre, .
. Its homilies which nges havo known,
.j Hut what must it bo to be lhere."
M \? ',' FOR '-T1JK C0?JH1KH.
Appeal, in Behalf of the Poor bf Ireland
Th ero lies upon tho other side of tho- At
hintic ? beautiful island, famous in story and
in sung. . Its dreads not so great as that of tho
State of Louisiana, while its population ls al
most half that of tho Union, lt has given to
tho world more than Its share of genius and of
greatness. It bas been prolific in statesmen,
warriors and poets. Its bravo and generous
fconft have fought" su?dessfuliy all buttles but
their own. lu.witand humor, it has no equal ;
wjiilc its harp, like its history, moyes to tears
by its street but molunohbly pajthoj). Into this
fair rcglPn^ Ood has seen lit to send-tho most
terrible of all those -fearful ministers who ful
fil Iii? inscrutable decrees. Tho earth has
failed . ' e lier increase; thc common mo
ther has rv ."ottcii her. plTspriiig. nud her breast
."'no.hinger &ftords~ them their accustomed nour
ishment. Fumino, gaunt and ghastly famine,
liiisWudd a nation with its strangling grnsp j
and Ireland, in tho sud woes of thc present,
forgets for a nioment tho gloomy history of the.
.past. - We huvo;assembled to express our sin
cere sympathy for tho sufferings of our breth
ren, and to unite in efforts- for their alleviation.
This is ono of thoso. cases in which wc may,
without impiety, assume . as it were toe func
tion of Providence Who knows but what
upc of thc vorv objects of this gi oat calamity
is t? test the benevolence nnd worthiness of
u*, .upon whom unlimited abundance lins been
showered. In thc name, then, of common
humanity? I inVoko your aid in behalf of starv
ing. Ireland. - Ile thut is ublo and -will not
give fdr such a sacred purpose, is not ii man,
?nd has no right to wonr thc form., Ile should
bo saut buck to nature's mint, and be re-issu?d
?S..II counterfeit on humanity, of'nature's bnsei
" lilCtal. .. . -.
Who will hesitate to givo his mite, to.evert
this a\vful calamity ? Surely not.you, chi
. Jr?cus of New Orleans, CTOI1/ fained for'your
.dc?dsI.Qr benevolence and charity. '.. Freely
havo'ypur hearts and pursc? opi ned, hereto
fore, to thc calbof suffering humanity. 1 iS'o
idy did you respond'to distressed Greece and
straggling Poland. Wi tb in Krill's borders b
nn cnoiny more 'crud.than tho Ti?rk-inon
tyrapuioal than tho lttisslan. Prend is tho onlj
weapon that pan 'connppr hi ip. Let us, then
load-ships With tho glorious munition, ?nd ii
ytlio .mime bf common . humanity, wage wai
' jigaiiist this despot/ Pani i ne: Lotus, in God'.
hinno, a cast our bread upon the waters," ape
if -wo arc selfish enough to desire.it, wc mn?
recollect thu.promise that " it shall return t<
?3 after many days." .
?% * . . * ?r *. '*,*''' 4
Givo,^hbn, generously lind freely. Hccol
. lect ihiils in so doing.you aro exercising one o
tlio.inost God like qualifies of your nature
and ilftlie same.time pnjoyingoiio.of the great
est luxuries of life.- ..Wo ought to thank om
Afukof that. Ho hus porinitted. us to exeroisi
cqilajly with Himself that noblest pf even tin
" Pivin?attributcs, benevolence. Go homo ant
look at ypur family, smiling in rtfsy lipid th
and then tliink'Of the pale, fauiino-pinchec
'chocks of thc'ohtldron of I roland ; and I'kiiov
you will, givo, according to your 8toro, e.vpp a?
n bountiful Providence has given to ybii-^no
grudgingly, but with uti open Ipi ii d Tor tin
.-quality bf benevolence, like thut of mercy;
- . , . .? Is not- strained ? v* ?
It droppeth liko tho gentle rain from beaven,.
. Upon tho plnco beneath : lt is twiep blossbd.
>i Ji blesses him that gi\ea and him that takcH."
Tho above, Mr. Editor, is ali extract from
?pedoh,"delivered by tho talented" Prentiss, a
A j?ioetln^ bold itpr New Orleans,, in }$<it.~
Odr'Nprtlicrn urtithrcn (God Bavo tho in ark !
.aro urging our trish population to tvkp ii|
j\r.pis against (he South.. We ftould.rdrnips.
trish' friends., tb read' attentively tho cs
tract, and let thenVroipcmbor it w?a do?jvo'r?i
IM Jb?.hnlf.pf tliolt8uffprlng>oiVitrymcn, jtj?i
by.a'.Soptn'efrt' ninn, His honrtl Avas open t
, ?V?ry o^ptloivpC kindness and of bopbvplcnoc
. No botter.ogmore tpi?phing -?ppQiil'?i? behnl
. ? <>.?iftUlTonng-tmnjpnliy> \m pyor .b'con ni'a'dp.'
tt CApiipt Wt Shfy tbobi-iiyesonsof Kn n's groe
{slq- Vil^roturn .</ thc b:*3r4;0/8s? -up?n Ibo w?i
i^'y?ftor ..eb. . uiajoy- days, by ? stf i k i pg th
!iamj|v thitt givo thctn sustontinec;; thpt .the
^1^i;^n')i|nb'dlng, with 'the iron hoed c
' op^rossibn, tho bosom bf tho soi) that affordo.
? .^^f^mi^hy}^ 18,01.
' ' Po?/C??bro IN ifS^Vi.w.Tfy this; Tnk
Opr-.-tob?bdo, in'sipqll bits's -1 dr. red pepper
l jl^gal, boiling water j'niix ^au? ^uinnipr o
e?^^tj.bnnutc?}, pr till>?io pfopertjes pfjtl?
. n^?tjplnp 'nip--?xlrnotod.. /. A*in;inistor by i ir
.joolipp .with'htdf pint syringe. Pepoiit over
The Steamship Miagara.
Thia Btoqm-frigato, says '.tir?{Charleston
Mercury, wliioh, it WOB stated sonic days
since, wes coming oft this-port to blockade
tho harbor,' was first noticed off boro at on
carly hour on..Saturday by Pilot Boat No. 4,
then outside thc Bar, and also from the stce
?>lo ?f tho Custom House. Tho pilot boat
lad observed in tho offlrig on Friday evening
what Appenrod tobo n inerchaut ship bound
into tins harbor, and which, not being in
sight on Saturday,' was no doubt ordered off
by tho Niagara Towards midday tho frighto
disappcarca, but returned off tho port in tho
afternoon.- , . .
On Saturday, Oapt. Robert Lockwood, pi
lot, in' boat No, 2 (tho "NY, Y. Leitch,) took
to Rca tho schooner Minnehaha, for Baltimore,
mid soon after leaving thc sohooucr outside,
ho wont on board his boat, whop he made in
thc offing, standing in, a Square-rigged vessel.
Night coming on and the Niagara being in
sight, 'lie' thought it best to sond his pilot
boat into port, and ty toke his skiff und one
hand and prooocd to tho bark. Ile reached
her about 7 p. m., ?nd found her to bo the
bark didja* from Liverpool, in ballast, con
signed to Messrs. lt. Mure ?V Co,, of this oity.
The tide being too late to get hor into port,
he remained on board during Saturday night,
.his skiff being taken on deck and carefully
placed uway. On. Sunday morning, it bcinj]
calm, t ini pilot was unable to ger her undoi
way, and about 8} a. tn., she was boarded b}
n boat from thc Niagara, commanded bj
Lieut.'It. L, May, who informed the oaptoii
of the llilja that tho port was blockaded, th?
rebels inside having fired on Fort SUmto:
with n garrison of less, than, 100 mon, gav<
him ? Yankee paper containing thc lutes
news, and mentioned that on army of 100,
OOO men had been lauded , on the coast o
Louisiana. Thc captain of the llilja inform
ed tho Lieutenant that he'was short of water
and requested to know if the Niagara couh
supply bini ; but he was infoi'ined that til'
frigate had a shorter supply of that than an;
other necessary article. Tho following is
1 copy of tho endorsement of Lieut, lt. L. May
on the papers of,tho*llilja :
v " Boarded May 12th, and ordered off th
whole Southern coast of the United States'o
^America, it being blockaded. (Signed) -
lt. L. May,"
Lieutenant U. Si Steanjsliip'Niagar.i.^
The officer romaincd by thc 11 Lija for abou
twenty minutes, when he left. Thc boat'
? crew had a revolver each in a bel;, attache
to the waist. Mr. Lockwood left tho Hilj
about 10 o'clock, and reached the city in lp!
skiff, accompanied by n valuable boat Inuit
who remained faithful, although appearance
indicated that the boy had only to open hi
mouth, when he might have had a passage t
some other place than " Dixie's Land." Th
llilja went oil' during the day, and will pn
ceed to tho British Provinces.
Tho British ship Monmouth,.from Live
pool; and the ship. Ge.n'l. Parkhill, from tl
same place, were seen off tho bar yCstord:i
?nd .were ordered off j and wc understand tin
-the Niagara had previously sent off .tjiree.-otl
er square rigged vessels. During Sunday, tli
Niagara went well off shore, accompanied li
two bf tli? obo'vo vessols ; " a'nd while she wi
absent thc British ship A ?nd A., Captai
Hutchinson, from Belfast, stood.in from tl
oastward, when .the Niagara made ofter he
but the ship' having much tho start was ru
into sheol water whore tho frigate could in
well approach her, when the Niagara pi
about and proceeded south. Should the boll
of thc Niognru omit to board tho A. ?nd I
before mornitrjjjf she - may -bo got into po
wi til the aid'of steam* The raco was an:
iously watched from tho wharves, and also )
a party of gentlemen who'were out in the p
'lot boat ltover. Ca pb? in; Kvans. They, wei
alongside, and spoko the ship.
Tim Ft,oon,s IN J,AVA.TBATAVIA, Marc
2.--tl rout floods liavo taken plac?, jn. this i
land, eausiug calamities only inferior to tbo;
in [Tolland. . Hundreds Imvo ' lost their? live
and .nany thousands have been ruined. Se
end' villages have been-, completely stibmcrge<
; The destruction of houses, crops, stores, haul
oVo., has, boon such that .many millionswi
not compensate for.it; Tho Government li;
sont 800,000; florins for the*relief of the su
ferers. Thc commercial. .community of Bat
vin has already subscribed 150j000 fUnius.
IhvjrUqx.-Tho'paddy otyps in this disti l
arc entirely lost.- . upwurds of 700 porsobs hi
perished. .AU tjic biidges-in.thcLodqck. h?
been carried'away, S Two hundred persons hi
lost their lives; in this division. In Sou
l?agehm all tho bridges were destroyed. Tl
loss ot lifo ivas.given itt fl'OO. Tho number
.destitute- persons 'is ."estimated at fiO.OnO.
.Moro than 200_ pors?ns liad been, buried in
landslip. :
Ar<taM;-^TIi^^tructioU;l^ Vo
great ) hu tulr.edsrof. liousca and ?ji?ny bridg
ditid boen oin'rlcd a\Vay; ,.
On tho ovening ?f .the.28d, tho'water ro
thirty fefct, ?nd 300 porsbns.\ver?'dfpv.*ncd^
' Jfaiiqnin?s.-^Q?. tho 22d FebvuoryHhc? w
^?r^v'os?'thirty feet above thb grouiid. Tl
iminboi' of persons killed has not been, rtscc
,tiiificd: f A?I horses'(iud caitlt? hod. been-droty
od; Tho wliolo val ley .of Bangumus tvns co
crod wijth o "layer pf n)ud, after thc; subsidit
of tho Yrato??i\foui*'jto fiv? fc?t deep.
Tho numerous oarooscs and oprpses hod h
gan to deeompQSO, a'nd iQOQmon from diffc
Qiit, cllstr.icfo.lpid ;beort sent to bury, tlvenL'
.Thd' ..best Spirit prevailed among tho inlml
tfpitS arjd ^nropeaoH. Two vessels' had bc<
<Visputchcd from Batavia toTzilntjnp,ViJ^U fog
; '.>VA.SitlN? ^n?N-i'S-To wnsh prints, d
lajfjes, and ' lawns,', which will fade by nsji
fi?np(.. in?ko n starch , wattfr similar for ?trtvo
\t\g. sprint's j - vVash . in -tvyo waters wit m ?ut ai
.kQ?pi ritiflo in ebon water. If thoVo f^'gre^
's^vii.tv.-^i,-jU . ?AA ""'-'it?iu-._...... ?. ii.vl "...4.
.U-wiw . ,<>?>.", ??*?<,? ? iiuiu mum w wi? nuui
..^AgtiKn trutbs should cvoV l\o so?r??dly;4i
?bul-sed ou.- - '
11 ."?<:-'..'???'?. ' , . >!<."*. i- 1 "
Important from Europe.
IIAUFAX. Moy 14 -The sicamor Europa,
from Liverpool, 4th inst., has arrived,.with
telegraphic advices, via Queenstown, to
tho 5th.
In tho Houso of Commons, Lord John
Russell Btatod that a hayal loree would ho
sent to tho American coast to protect British
vessels, in view of the fact that letters of
marque and reprisal wore going to be issued
by tho Southern Confederacy. . Tlc announ
ced Um blockade, by. tho American Govern
ment, of. Southern ports*
Tho Law officers of thc Crown arc investi*
gating thO legal bearing of thc matter, in or
der to guide them in their instructions to
British'Ministers. The news from America
jil ti trots contodcnibie i.itention throughout
Insurance rates on British vessels from th<
South have been advanced. W*o on A'?pr
lean vessels from India 5?)d China.- THC
... London Money market was greatly doprrsscc
j by thc American news.
Cotton advanced from [email protected]..
Bread?-tufl's and Provisions closed steady.
Consols closed at 91 H.
Brcadstufls and provisions dosed unsettled
Flour steady and (inn at 27s. Cd. to '?On. Od
Whcat'flrm. Corn dull.
ST. JOHNS, May 14.-The steamer Pardua
of thc Galway linc, has arrived, with news ti
: thc 7th. inst., two days later than by th
? Europa.
- Lord John Bussell made important state
monta lo the.House of Commons on Monda)1
relative to American affairs, and tho Federn
Government committing iufringments upo
thc international laws hy collecting dues froi
foreign :ships before breaking bulk. .Thc
believed the collection of duties as propose
? would he impracticable.
The Law otlicers of thc Crown said that s
much depended on circumstances, that n
definite instructions had been sent relative t
Pritish cruisers on thc American coast..
Relative to blockade, it could otdy be ti
cogni/.ed when eficotive.
. ? Regarding letters of marque and 'repris*
issued hy the Southern Confederacy,' tito Ow
cr?ment Was of thc opinion that the Soul)
? ern Confederacy must bc recognized ns be
insurance being effected in London pu Cai
fonda gold in transit from Panama to Lond?i
consignments were, being diverted from Nc
L?NIiOH, May 1. - Thc Times says tl
present course of American events, so ft
from being likely to embarrass the Loude
money- market, was likely to have the oppi
, site result.
, LlVKRrooii, Moy 1.-Cpttor. firm.
! iZKl> ii; N. C.-Thc Raleigh State Joitnu
of Wednesday says : ,
.'?(Job \V. ll. Thomas, Soria tor from Jacl
son, has at the service of thc State one of tl
? most remarkable bv-'dies of men in thc countr
It is a company of 200 Cherokee Indians, o
gnu ?zed for battle, and styled tho " Ju nal Will
Zouaves."- It appeal's that Col. Thomas, wi
is the business ngent of tho Cbm'okees, late
called a Council of thc Indians, and explain*
to them tho condition of-tho country. Tl
chiefs discpsscd thc matter, nnd said, aft
consultation, that although they did nude
stand. the national difficulty, they did kne
North Carolina, and would stand by her.
They were ready for nny position in' her d
fence. This is most remarkable. Out of
1 nation of sopio 1,500 tlioy muster 200 warrio
for tho defence, bf Nert ii Carolina: Thc Cht
' okees arc oxpert riflemen. Thoy know nothii
of military tactics, but show them their wo
lind theil they have only to . bo" told when
cease fighting. They light in their own wa
' and pvery man for himsolf. The "Zouaves
live rcfidy qt a 'moment's notice.
ins ))i"i v.-So .says tho N. C. Prcsbyleyiu
a'iuj ndds? " tn this omergep?y, every cit!/,
can lem! a helping hand to. the cause of Soul
ern independence. Men, money and prov
iops ari', needed* Slaveholders cnn turin
hiinds 'to assistant thc forts' and otb or poi)
of defence. '.Pood and ol?thing will bo in c
maud, and tho families of Volunteers 'mus?, fi
bo allowed to suffer It is-stated (hat Jud
l?uflin luis raised .and equipped a conipany
seventy-five men in AlniunPoc eplipty, a
? will maintain them in tho field at his owni c
i pense during thc war. His ?xample may a
I, will be. imitated by hundreds of others
tho. State. " Thc ladies need not be idle.
They can render valuadlo aid by making elol
. ing and cartridges nod funiishipg supplies.
The^ sooner, thnt mfr teri millions of peen,
show tho ' North thht wo will not submit
tyranny, tho hotter for both sections."
Sro. 8?AcoAWTT>EPi:No^8.r-*Tlio Mcrcv
says that orders have hpon issued from ho.'
quarters for the imm?diate organi/ntipn of t
0th Regiment, S, C.1 V,, wjiioh. will.be nia
un of ottizons from tho piirisnes and jdistrl
or our seneonsb, 'all bf wbotp aro.ncclinii'ti
and.by. thoir.hiibits of lifo aTo accustomed
boating nnd ?hooting. ' 'Phey know thprougl
byory . islnnd abd inlet on our const, do i
hiin'd px'posbre,' Uro familiar wjtb the.iiso
thc snmll-boro rifle and tho huiiting-ki?ife, n
if oallod on to moot invaders 'will .do it iii
old-fashioned and .Wonderfully effectual ?ni
nor; -.. (?oti:- Beauregard pud Staff went' tl
?w*!ck on a touVpf ipspcotion to . P?vt Roy
Edistoi.ofo. .
G KN KU AT?' SCOTT, nt; the age of 70, is tr
to'the pr?ncipes of K%.^^*hnfm^ SH
Precisely srt^but io)\os6 principles of \?
Certainly not those pf Virginia, or any c
of tho " old. .thirte4ii,M> fov thoy^fpugbt '
4tvhc right ?? solfgovernment-a.right-\yhi
?Qcnbral Scott denies, npd W endeavoring
pfovent the exercise of fey the sword. .
' Jhe^flge. of'70T, G^n. S'opttls .prcoiscly'whi
ivory. A mo. ioan. (<&j>f'$M 'found in '70,
.^lie flldp of th^pn?iines of his Own $tato' K
p?gp?p.. Upf?:*tfd/ced, tmo.to'the't?i'?y>r
Telegraphic News from all Quarters.
RICHMOND, May 15.-Richmoud is quiet
tOtduy. A clash of ?ruis is looked for short
ly at Harper's Ferry or;Norfolk. We leora
uothing further to day in regard to Fort Mon
roe. Several thousand troops arrived herc
Gcu. Dunham and ?tali have gone into
camp at tho Reservoir.
All the South Carolina troops have been
mustered into the service of thc Confederate
A largo and enthusiastic meeting of thc
Baltvmoreans, in this city, was held this eve
ning, .'it Market Hall. Daniel Ratcliffe, Fsq.,
was called to the chair. Addresses were de
Hv.ovd hy lion l?dmund Hull!!., cf Virgin
ia, Clarke, and others. Preliminary steps
woro taken to organize a regiment of Mary
landers. The meeting adjourned to meet on
Thursday, at 12 M.
BALTIMORE, May 15.-Cen. Ruder hat
I issued a proclamai ion stating that he has oe
j cupied Baltimore to enforce'respect'to th?
' laws, both State and Federal, and direct)
j that all manufacturers of arms report to him
i He forbids all transportation of arms um
; stores South ; requests all officers of th?
j Maryland militia to report to tho General it
I''Command; prohibits thc display of any flags
bunners, ensigns, or devices of the Confeder
atc States, and declares all persons who ex
Lilt lilt them give evidence of a design to a flori
I aid and comfort to the enemy.
Gen. Butler has seized .the arms and store
; purchased by tho city*, and had Ross Winam
I Pst;., of the House pf Delegates, arrested ii
( thc jars as he was returning from thc -Legh
i lutine, refusing tho bail offered, and woul<
I not permit other members to sec him, no
would ho give Gov. Hicks any reason for th
( arrest.
The Governors of Pennsylvania, Ohio, lt
. diana and Illinois pledge their States to pn
teet thc Unionists of .Virginia) Kcntuek
and Missouri.
The small pox has undoubtedly broke
I out in the Capitol at Washington'.
[Sjieeiol J)r.y>atch to Charleston Courter.
ALEXANDRIA, Ms,y 15.-Tho Marylan
Legislature Jilts adjourned, after appointing
Pea go Committee to wait on President Dav
tinn.Lineoln. r
Gov. Hicks, of Maryland, has called fi
[ four regiments of militia to obey the requis
tiou of Lincoln.
Blair has suspended thc mails bet wc?
Memphis and fcU. Louis.
The Governors of Pennsylvania and Oh
have pledged their protection to thesubmi
sionisU of the panhandle of Virginia again
thc authority of the State.
The reports telegraphed by thc - Associ?t*
? Press, relativo to thc capture of privatem
! arc sheer fabrications, concocted in Washin
ton, and intended, if possible, to fright
those now getting letters of marque. \
t [Special Despatch to, Charleston Mercury.
ALEXANDRIA, Slay 15.-Brigudior-Ger
ral Benjamin Franklin Butler luis beena
! pointed a Majo.r-Gcnoral in the United Stat
1 Army.
.'lt i? believed'there ore 0,500' men at Hi
per's Ferry, and 3,100 at.points near it a
? commanding approaches.
On the l-l th, OOO Kentuckians, 500 Abd
minns, and 800 Virginians, reached t
' bumps on Maryland Heights, where there i
now 12,000 men.
Many members of'tho New York Sever
Rcgimont-.hnvc gone -home, their term of i
1 listment having expired.
There ure many deserters from tho Linc
; ranks.
Lincoln has pledged himself to thc Gov
? noi? of nil tho free St..tes that there shall
no compromise or cos.?:it:on of wnr until
United States flag floats'over all the Nutio
property. .
. Robert Tyler, .son of the ex/President,
resigned tho pince of Prothonotary to the J
promo Court pf Pennsylvania^' nod. left Pl
adelphin. .
Throe thousand Pennsylvania troops arri'
in Baltimore, and oncamped yesterday. ? Tl
, arc under tho command of General C
? R?ss YViiians. who was arrested by Gem
\ -liutler, op the ground of selling a steam j
. tb Virginia, contends that ho spld it to ?i
giuift rightfully utid legally,.and before t
Stato hud sepeded. Ho was sent to Fort]
Henry and phiccd*>in tho guard house,
has been nominated forCongrcss.
Gen. Butler has scizpd twenty-two bund
and twenty muskets, aqd Tour t?ioUsnrid ?
twenty speais, manufactured by Wimms &
Harper's Ferry is now ConsidoVcd .(inpi
nable. Tho -largest Columbiads npd Di
groii guns haye been mounted.
.' It is behoved nt Washington that (ho Noi
^e^tfcr? army w?l;bc moved down, tho Mis
sip?>ij wt?tn' a view to . tarrying tho war j
tho seceded States. , , ^ ?
- M.ossri}. Stuart nPd Buldwiii .juive como
ip/lbttcrs^iuiiji'e Staunton (Va.), SpccW)
boldly and unequivocally sustaining tho ac
of thp luievCpnvcntion.
Gen, Butler, cPinmapding the Un
Stntps. |htlt;htiprc forces, ?ndstitioncd \
'>'orht.Hjil, has, issued a proolftinntion ann?
. ?eing tho purpose of' tjio military, dpniohs
tjon towards thc city; .' Ho dcplurps their \
pose is to prevent, the - carrying .ont of rc
liona or seditious pufposes, and for flip sci:
mid oontlseritipn \{ all iii-iii? nnd proporl)
imiuitions of war;. dcBlgbcd, for thc iiii
;No.>trpri?porWtion of, articles to tho re
. fitted' out to-tdd and- fjuppoft '.tro'?ps wil
permitted; GPv^rninen?w?ir.reoelvo find
fpp-jivll pi\oh $upj)liost-ond' ftu'irtvrbU?pu'ci?
tended to tho^o'^osidog to .furnish suojii
des to put thetp?olvc* jn. cpmaiuniontlon.>
the ooinninnding Qenbf^bAvh.i?r.-is instru
. to contract for. forty thopsnnd rattpus for
a/my.. AlbrtiisoirtIdahos. of.arhied'.b5)dl(
' amii oxccpVtnO ordi.?ary p?lice fcadjthp^e
'uhirfy:?o?phil8sipnod by tbp'St^to,
der prdom pf tho Govorrvor,;. pj^f?r^||pi
Thu citizcos oro greatly exasperated at this J
military despotism, and several di?turbanpcs
mid riots were threatened ycslcrdny.
I RICHMOND, May JG.--Col. Willama, re
j ccntly attached to Ucn. Scott's Btoff, having
i intimated that his sympathies were witt? Yir- ?
j ginia, has been ordered to Governor's Island, |
New York, and kept on his parole of honor.
He wilPnot ho allowed to communicate with
bis rojutives residing in Virginia.
Advices front Washington repvesont Lin
coln as deeply interested in tho struggle in
Tennessee uctween thc secessionists and
Unionists, lt is said he contemplates adopt
j ing rigorous measures for thc support of An
dy Johnson and his friends.
I A delegation from Missouri is in Wanhing
ton, begging Lincoln tosend a suflieient foroo
i to ovcrawo tho State.
The London Herald regards our difficulties
as likely to necessitate a war between ftng
land (ind tho Northern States as a means to
tho restoring of a supply of cotton.
Lord John Russell said in Parliament that
thc duty of tho Government was to take eve
ry possible means to avoid taking part in this
lamentable contest.
Northern abolition dispatches stote that a
large quantity of improved guns had arrived
at New York from Luropo, and moro would
follow in every steamer.
Numbers of Northern troops arc going
homo from Harrisburg. They thought they
volunteered for three months only, and aro un
willing to 6crveany longer.
[Special Despatch to thc Charleston Courier.
RICHMOND, May 10.-At an election held
this day, E. P. Jones was elected Licutcnnut
Colonel and A. I). Goodwyn Major of tho
Second Palmetto Regiment, South Carolipa
BALTIMORK, May IC.-This city is now
occupied by Federal troops. Regiments arc
organizing in Maryland for thc support of thc
) jin coln Administration.
j . MONTUO.MKUY, May 10.-The doings in
I ('(ingress to-day were unimportant. ('apt.
Elzey is here, having resigned from tho Uni
ted States service, and totidcrcd his scrvicct
to tho Confederate Government.
Al.KXANDRIA, May 10.-do North Caroli
nn and Virginia, tho Collectors of Cu6toi\u
have ceased. making returns. Western Vir
giuin is exempted from the operations of tlu
AV Afin IN OT?N, May 10.-Many troops hav<
refused to take the oath, because thc niunici
pal authorities at home refuse sustenance t<
their families.
WHKKI.INO, May 15.-Resolutions wen
passed to-day, condoniniiig thc ordinance o
''secession, and providing for a Convention, ti
bc held on the eleventh of June, compose<
of tho comities favoring separation. Ad
journed minc die. ?
AI.KXANDRIA, May 10,-Schooner Indiana
with a cargo of nails for this port, was scizei
to-night by thc United States steamer Paw
WASHINGTON, May 10.-No additiona
troops arrived to-day.
NKYV YORK, May 10.-Tho steamer Row
man lias arrived from Portress Monroe, witl
the women" and children of the garrison, a:
attack bciug considered not improbable
MODII.K; May 17.--The privateer stcamlc
Ivy, captured, as a prize, thc ship Marshal
of Providence, this morning. Outside th
har, another vessel has boen captured, who?
naino is unknown. ^
MONTGOMERY, May 17.-Congress passe
a number of bills to-day ; amongst then
bills organizing a patent office j rcgulatin
sales of prises j regulating telegraph wirci
authorizing . tho issue, of fifty millions <
bouda,- payable in -twenty yours, at intere
not exceeding eight por. centum, or in He
thereof honda for the issu o of twenty mil
ions Treasury notes in small sums, withot
ALEXANDRIA, May.17.-- The picket guar
was drivon in last night hy thc Lincoln force
A lot of tobacco, from Lynchburg, bouii
North,' was stopped here Inst night by Q
-military:, authorities.
\ WASiirNOTONj May 17.-It is suppose
that tho New York Seventh Regiment wi
return home next^'eok.
Thc administration hns accepted thin
Ivnns?s regiments.
, Eighteen privates of the Now-York Itt fi
Regi.npnt wero drummed ot i, yesterday, b
co use they refused to tike thc oath.
A large number of-additional troops ha'
been palled her?.
Odors have been issued that the rapid fi
irig of thrco g\ins and tho. ringing of tl
alarm bolls', is to bo thc signal for the mciv
the encampments tobo mnrched to tho cit
The Long Bridge, ns far nB the North ci
of tlie draw, is occupied by Podoral trod
IIARP'KR'B PKUUY, Moy. lt.-An nttnek
daily expected. . Virgiulnns ave arriving
numbers, and cvory weam of defence
availed of. ^
From tho Clinrloston Mercury.
. ' Qod's Oovpmment Over All.
The argument, to pRV eotiscienCe^, from t
D|vine> law., as ,wp hav? studied it, and
wbich our; people have uoivcrHalhfc arrived,
.con.chtsive, in fayot of phr iuptitutlpps. 1
^tifies. us iu^hiointa^Mug o?* State and ec
^Itinay belaid t^at a nfl lion docs not ne
thia justification : at all event?, not in $ny ?
p?bsibn Jttitji iival powers. Perhaps not.
Still it is wei) to liavp it. It is weil if
can feel that wc take' up arms in~> on\
which rccoiv'es the Bivirio sanction,-fytytih
: wjaJtlfrsMired in mond as in socja] or pol M
.Yo8Y)t)?t8;" ;\ ,"
..' Tho true ?tatcspinn. .Will n?vor los^eigh't
a truth'w1ilob is in?oparhb)e )rt>m ?ll thjio-t
pcripnPc^TlDch ? proper wiadpn^i .must f
to bo inp'vl.tablc--fth?.t God'govrrn.g fa, icor
/hint day, as Mrktwh) ht ,he did *ix th,6ma,
yenys. cipo ; and : that ,mjghtyi arid uniyer
Rwor, wbd ijpflci s not a uparrow tofall ii
I noifeed'to tR ground, is. ^pt ! whiped
' '. : ' -'? ' ? : v
. * . WM ^ ' ' . . ?
now of ttioso miserable antics-of miserable
blind guides, called politicians,-than when.ho
sent down fire upon .ibo city of thc plain,
und surrendered Nebuchadnezzar, to his own
madness.. Iii? judgments do not fail, though
wo arc but too ?pt to lose sight of. thoir con
nection with thc offences, ot which they aro
thc propor sequence, and which they aro de
signed to punish. A false philosophy, com
ing to thc aid of a false statesmanship, Will
refer to natural causes-mero caprices and
ebullitions of material agents-the fiery ser
pents, tho thunderbolts : the frogs and fiics
that pester : or tho plagues nud storms which '
ravagi and destroy. In ono sense they Uro
natural causes, being, as wo think, the re
sult of Divine law which lilis decreed that
tho fantastic tricks of vanity, and tho inso
lence of lust and .power, shull bring ?bout
their proper fruits in this very way. -Cer
tainly, when Wc find the judgment following
hard upou tho offeuco, wc shall instinctively
recognize between thcurtho relation of causo
and effect.
And so, however we may ph raso it, indi
rectly wo require it to bo done.' Religion
and government must ever bo made to har
monize, if wc would not forfeit our securi
ties, offend God, and bring down upon tho
j hcud of human government justoverthrow.
The Wisc statesman, who must be gO(d if ho
would be wisc, must shape all laws in conso
nanoo with what his enlightened conscience ,
shall tc'aoh him arc tho Inws of God. , If,
following thc real meaning in what is said by
Christ, he refuses absolutely to blend Religion
and politics together, he is not tho less heed
fid to sec that his laws, his, policy audits .en
actments, shall never come in conflict With
God's law; aud this must bo estimated, and
I can only bc estimated by an enlightened con
science of rulers nud people trained together^
to great social purposes undera comtuouno- * |
ocssity. Wo moy mnke no la w, enforcing,
or establishing, any order of bolief, or creed,
which, is thc substantive meaning of ono pf.
[ thc most emphatic amendments to'thc Con
stitution of the United .States;for. creeds e*tce
so Various, Olid aro so held and maintained
variously, by thc wisest and best of men,
that statesmen may well pause, in modest
deference, and leave tho establishment, or re
cognition, of a orccd, to the sober judgment'
and honest instincts of their people--assured
of this, that their people havo rcligippj deo j io
religion, and foci its necessity ; niujb, justis*
certainly as they seek religion, just so certain
ly will each individual endeavor, after his
own poor mind nud humble .spirit, to secure
that which his conscience persuades him to
; be . the best. Thc modesty and Joubt which' '
ho will feel," aa respect*} his own ?carclv after (
its consolation, will make, him cd m ry of that '
presumption-thc besetting sin of the Nortb
crn people-which is uot only bent on shap
ing , thc morals and religion of all other peo
ples to their own, but which impudently or?
regates thc privilege of reforming tire Deity
h buuel f. They tacitly nccuso Him of a groat
many, mistakes-of a very unwise toleration'
of poor humanity, of too long-forbearance, of
not knowing how to choose his prophets, and
of a lack of prOpor Cnorgy and decision in tho
pio?eoution of'MB judgments. .Tbey would *
take the business out of his hands. Though
they do not say thc words, yet evidently they
..practically BIIOW themselves; to bo of the '
same notion with thut infidel French Count
who said that "had bc been consulted at the
time of creation, ho qould, have suggested ?
great; many improvements." Let .Us set our
several houses in order to purification, ahd
leavo thc nations still in tho keeping of their
Maker ! . , ' .
Gi?Knnii.LA FIGHTING.-Tho Richmond
papers ore stirring up tho people of thc State
to appreciate thc importance of guerrilla:war-?'
fare against the invader. Tho7)?'.^>?t'c7i.say8; i .
AA over the State, particularly tn tho Tide
water and Potomac Counties,.there nr?'a great
nniny men who d? not belang to companies,
and who probably will not for some titii???
They have not r egular weapons^ out almost .
?O-very n an of'thom has a riflebva shot-gppj?f -
n flint-lock mmket, ?nd one or more pistols of
somo kind. AH these men should'form neigh
borhood sq Ands of from five tp fifteen, accord
ing to density of, population, put thc weapons
.they have in perfect order, tnako eaoh of th?tdi''
\\ strong, sharp shea t h - k nifc--a* large old ? iib
br,tfosp makes a s'plepdid one-rkocp thpif bes*
aud; niost acti ve horse always fresh and jp good
condition, abd have a signal at which they
shnll all gather at seine rendezvous. ,
Such squads are to net os guerillas, nud if
tho. enemy approaches their section of tho
country, hang upon Iiis'.outskirts, filHhe hol
lows, bide behind trees, in ditches, anywboru
that' they can bc^t protect themselves and cut\
?iown thc.enemy, , Such r.jct; re Hinted and
equipad, oap destroy ap enemy's army vSoT^f -
certainly and effectively thoo regular trpops,
and any of thc.weapons WchtiVe n?piedl ?ij.thcn.
hands of ajcopl, determined ipait, te suflioiciit
Teu men so provided, and .Using proper judg-?
inKpnt, chu plpk $ff a huhdred men im? doy fi
riiproh, with little lisle to themselves..- Thoy
Will also pr?vont fornglpg and niarnbdin'g.^tir
tl?fl frbnv Bc?tteri?g through tho country, ^rbd
evety b|?? they drop will bo fUvbisbio^iVir#'J
gitiia wi^h>pt l.crt8t.anoth?r wCiipon,
? .CIIISAF DES SEUT -*-~Th o ' i^^?i^ij' '3^(^. V
nty Mosseugor suggests th?A./?t^^'^j?i^iA ' ?
?heap.dessert for panip lifo. It.bi^htf^b^ir'
the cream wore readily pfocurabl?) and, tm -
pan wore substituted'fdv jureen. < v?s :
Lay half a d?zon crockers in jS^^ifjv
poor enough boilipg water.over t',cm.%?|?B^I?*<
*hem, In p few ipi?pte^ they will be swolibn
to iii ree Oi- four times their??!glnp]l ?s^c?^'
i&f?;g$t*forf [4yify$iib? n little nutmeg e%r
them, au4 4tg bp obbUg1\Vwct?t cream to make -
a nlc? fiftuoo ; and/you hnvo a ?implo abd do!*
licious dessevt. that will re^t lightly upon'tho
stomnoh^?n'd H.So ?? oas.ily..j),t-c'patf>fd.-', ?Jvp?4
o\rt,tb.e ^eai?, |ipd i j, is a vnlphldo recipe lb*
sick rpepi cook<ffv^^^^^

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