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Keowee courier. (Pickens Court House, S.C.) 1849-current, May 25, 1861, Image 3

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L ii rod in various place? .by n gang reported 'to
luivo been hired ,by parties South. Theso
moo have secured yarfb^B'bousc? throughout,
the city, und nt'n certain timo they aro to BU?
'nniltuiicously five the building, Thc police
liavo'Vk?pt a closo wutoluou oertpui menin
this oitV, who' 'aro reported to bo engaged, in
tho affair j: nnd.Mr; Kennedy boliovcs that ho
-will bo nblp'.tp prevent, tho diabolical plot' be
ing carried into effect.
-Wo hnvo rooeived the most Mattering ac
counts from tho West, through a morchaut of
tilts pity, who has just ; returned from a tpur
ot throe wooka, . thb ?bjoct" pf whioli was to
pufphatQ? tho' many articles of provisions in
whi'o?i tliut section of tho Gonfod?r'aVo States
abounds. Wo ajc pleased to leur? from our
jnform?nt that no approhcnVio'ns need bo felt,
as'tho supply of j>roduOo iji'Tenncsseo aJone
is.piost ample! The greatest enthusiasm pre
vails iii thut S.tato, io consequence of their
having; liukcd their destinies with.ours j and
to hail from South tmroliuu was equal to hav
ing tho most favored letters of credit, and in
BUrod him tho, most courteous and generous
t?tfpptien.T Tb? Prudent of tho Bank of
fcf? Stnt? of Tennessee is" such o-?trong South
.Ofn man. that ho rofused. to tako lflxohangp on
Nety^York at pat,When it was stiling du thc
streets ot a high premium. This worthy.Pres
idont hus since resigned, and is now ir volun
teer in ooo of Vo Tcnness?o companies.
The orops,- i"j,-?y? inpsfc promising. A lar
gOrvarca thiYn usual has been allotted to wlioi.t
whioh is fast approaching uintUrity, and whioli
will soon bo in our market''
?. Our, friend had a conversation with several
of'tjjo Presidents Pf tho South and Wes
tern Kallroads, all pf whom express their de
sire mid willingness to co-oporuto with tlx
Presidou.t of thc South Carolina Railroad foi
tho prompt transportation of produce ott rc
duoed and most reasonable terms.
"**N- ; [Charleston Mercury, Muy 18/A.
.--Tho Macon Telryraph has a-lettcr, giving
nu nccount. of a serious, riot in Knoxville
Tenn., in whioh tho saintly Parson Brown
low figures conspicuously. It appears tba'
Senator Andy Johnson had made an appoint
' Huent tp speak, in Knoxvilloon tho 8th.T
Tho people,, indignant at his treason, doclarc<
he should not apeak, and Brownlow insiste*
that ho should-ot any oxponsc of blood.
Tho row commenced at tho Court House
wliero Brownlow and Johnson attempted t<
force their treasonable speeches ..on thc pee
. .plo. A crowd, some night hundred strong
determined to clour thc town-pf- the traitor*
and threatened dentil to Brownlow, Maynard
'-Baxter, und tho Unionists. Tho letter stale
that several persons had been shot and proba
bly killed. Thc -stoves pf tim town wer
-closed, and. thc* most fearful disorder prc
viiilcd. Tho riot continued anjhour, uni
.had not l)oeii quelled when tho-writor closet
his letter at 4 o olouk in tho afternoon.
. TY.-George ll. Kyle, Esq., his little duugli
ter, and niothorin-hiw, wero, murdered^, un
his. house burned over thom pu tho night c
tho 1st of this inst. Mr? K.'s littlo soi
tiboUt " twelve years old, and a-young man
hireling, were sleeping np stairs. . The
rushed down stairs when they discovered tin
tho houso was on lire. Tho littlo boy ran t
his father, and tried tu' awake him, but r<
ceiv?d no answer. He discovered blood iq
pn his .father's fneo. By . this timo tho fii
had progressedj sp far that he had to lca\
tho houso to save his own lifo. Som).tim
or four of. Kyle's negroes arc suspect* dr lui
were in custody, awaiting a legal investig
tipii. Tho murdered, man had been boro f<
a number of years, a.worthy uieinboi of,tl
Methodist Church ?nd a good citizin. I
theso exciting times Home (limrds should 1
orgmized in cvory neighborhood.'
Another'case has . been reported to us.
One day last week ono of MrW ll ezckiu
Davis' nogrri men mot him in thc field with
club and told him that he must din. \M
Davis hud his pistol with him, and shot tl
liegr?--thc wound'infliotcd is supposed to 1
mortal. Mr. 1).,. is a citizen of Hawkii
- lt is believed that .thorp arc lucan whi
*mon lu tho country that are-tanipovi.ng wi
.tho negroes. There, should bc vigilance o
orcised to ferrit thom" put-r-a.more dangore
set of men could not bo found, for they w
ci'uso many innocout. persons to bc put
dmHh, and every :n^gro t!iat they induce.to '
guilty of such H!ark deeds wilP comp tqj
unt'un?lv end forthwith.
. [Mo?'istowii ( Tenn.) jtitelliijencer.
Pu ANKi'OitT. Ky., May ll.-Mr. Macho
fruin tho Houiic committee pn military afl'aii
yesterday reported a bill appropriating som
t tiling nou'r six'millions of .dolhi.r>s fol" milita
purposes, ami tho orguiiizntlon Pf i\ standii
aru?y of ten thousand men, with pieper JK
lions, of .artillery, and oavalry, and. a roser
force pf fifty thousand. Mr. Undorwood <
fe.-?d a resolution that the bill bo rocoto in
tea, with .instructions to limit.'the nppropr
tion t?'th'e' purchase of 40,001) Belgian ri
muskets, and (he equipment of' 1,000, ca Vid
and throo batteries of artillery, the couimift
b?iim also instructed to nppropriate 800,0
fot drilling tho aotivc militia, 810,000 for t
purchase of-ammunition, and also to provi
ipr tho organization of ? honie guard. N
.caph county rirniing, the muskots to bo pi
.chased shall bo'distributed. Tho. Urii?q ip
?viii supp'ort Mr. Underwood's proppsitit
tvhilo tho scccssioh?Rfs will ndhore to thai,
t[r. Mftcljop..
A GrliMPsp di1 'RkTU?NiN? REA^?N.
"Wp; wero shown, yostorday^y'u gciiij.bnni
of ttlijs .pityl . ft jotter. roooivod by'liihi fron
bckor?? (?pw Yprlc, ju which it whs1 writt<
" within JUIO. la?t two - months" F jn?vo/ li
l^uty. th??siiadi delhi rs, ^ ?poc rich, Ir
.noW. ppor? '?JiQ.Spv?jb o innot bo sibjugnt<
' Though a/Rottubllpi}h, I i uony??ioed bf t
' foolishness ot coiitinitiug tho sta to of. aflf?
uow. oxisting. ' Let us have a peaceful 'p?j
.rdUoiif^nnd that qn.iokly."-' Thp -ftbovp raj
first and only ..'instance' of.; returning r'?ns
Among- the deluded, people of ^hd"fcjorth tl
.hos, OCijno.pndjprouifj\6tico fora l?iig tiin?.
. ' .-- v ' rAlwaritlnui,'OahUe? .iyk
I?1 ?'."!"!"."/ i "i M i !' . l'i ? .'.U ? .JUL'J
< iSl KQUlTY-^-PICKKN8.'
^llQ Or &'Obiing. ) ' '-?
' . "'rVVS ' ? ' Xv ?t?ti?n for Rollof, &o.
2?MW/?M; > ? . S. .
f.rApp>arirtg tomy Bfttlsfn?tionthntK. E. Masi
f op? bf tho (lofon(lantV|n-tbl8pi\9e, resido wi
" *uM'?e Hrp?t3 of Mils ?tnt?V WJnAt?aW
? RroWn,-,PrO'i'ct.i Ordered, . that ft t'oie bo pi
'Upad Jn ..Hj'0:fi^?wf<? Courier romilr!fl| him
V'aftd,'japM?or,..or /Venusto, tho potltlorf int
?'?o, .wUljIp ;ihroo t??.tt1is /rpm-tho pub1}oftl
thMfiof^ or tho ifimo?will too taken na to Ulm i
triait* ?'.??,'.;-,* .
. Wtot'a'Oific^F?l?. 2f^, 1 BOJ. " 80
. ? . - / ': ", . . .?
In Advanco of tho Mail.
to.??~ Tlt6.Pourlh UogltnouC ls still in .Columbia
lt will determino to day whether it will go to Vir
ginia or ClmrloHton. TJiroo 'moro voln'ntoor regi
ment? liave boon ordered to Virginia. . ? -
. KICUMOKD. May ?Q.~3pcoln\Uispotohi'fl to tli?
Richmond jisaiiihicr Mlys tlt>it tho buttery at 80
. wal's l'oint wo? tired into yesterday by the r ni tel
States Btcninor iMonlieello Tho" battery returned
tho tiro vigorously, abd with great efleet, di.suble
lng tho Monticollo. -Sho nindo signals or distroV^
to Fortress Monroe, when the steam tags fron> Old
Point caine to her relief and hauled her off. Tho
? United .Slates binn of-war Minnesota also come to
? bur aid. and fired shells at tho battery.
RICHMOND,-May 20-4Thn nttiuik was renewed
bu thc batteries nt Sowoll's Point this inornitip;
by the steamers Monticello and Minnesota, A
sharp ongogeinp?it took, placo" rosultlng in the
bulling of tho Monticello.
RALKIOII. May 20-North Carolina bas passed
Uio.Ordiuonco of Secession unanimously by ac
Tho Canadian, which boiled fruin Liverpool tho
20th. luis arrived hero.
American Affairs wore a prominent subject
of commont introduced in the British llotiso of
Commons. Motions relntingto.belligerent rights
and the recognition of (ho Confederate^ States
were proponed-Lord Palmerston stating that
tho discussion of tho MI hjort was untimely.
Active preparations aro in progress tosend a
powerful liri tish squadron to the American
Tho French chamber of commerce represent
ed tfie necessity of liko nieasurosof protection
for French vessels. .
IiOiMsviLi.R, May 21-Onv. Magoffin, of Ken
tucky, hos issued a proclamation, notifying ami
warning all other Slates whether separate or
united, and especially tho Un i tod .States and
Confederate States, against any movement upon
tho soil of Kentucky, or occupation pf any port,
or fort, or place, within tho limits of Kentucky,
by any forces of tho aforesaid States, fir any
purpose whatever, until authorized by thc Leg
islature and Kxceutiv?.
RICHMOND, May 21.-Ktforts will bo nunijin
Washing'on to adjourn Congross when tho war
supplies have beim voted, with a view to pre
vent compromise.
It is reported that a terrlblo pestilence has
brokeii nut in the barwicks of the soldiers at
Washington. .
There bus been somo skirmishing near An
napolis between Butler's troops and tho seces
sion forces.
RICHMOND, May 22-Cols. Orogg'B and Ker
shaw'* regiments of South Carolina volunteers
move tomorrow morning to .Mamisses Junction,
on tho Orango and Alexandria Railroad, within
Iwenty-live milos of Alexandria.
[It is thc hcudqmiitors of Col. Cooke. The
forces concentrated there, mid nt other.pnluis
near by. are intended for Alexandria, in ease it
lie attacked-possibly for Harper's Lorry.]
The Confederate States Provisionn Congress
luis adjourned at Montgomery, to meet in Rich
mond, mi tho 20th .Inly next.
'MONTOOMKUV, M ry 22.-Congress iidjnurtmd
late last night, to meet in Richmond, on tho
gOtll July. >*'....."..
Tho tiirilV-bill was passed, with unimportant
amendments. > -
MA HUI KU, on Thursday evening, the Killi May.
inst., hy Kev. MoKendroe, Smith. Mr. WIMJAM
STKOAI.L to '..lu. M A ii Y ANN MON IOOMKUY, all of
DKPAIITKI) this Ufo, on lae ?bl instant. Josi.en.
89b of Samuel and (J A. Voiingblood. 'thc strong
lie of ailee)ion has boon suddenly and unexpected
ly snapped.- Il i? .ni.oil noes cul looie hy the ooh!
hand ot' death. How precious and how dear to us
aro our lovely,' ianoojnt tittle ones. Sweet be
tlinlf rest anti) tho resurrection morn,, when they
will ho awakened in immortal youth to greot their
kindred and all tho sanctified in glory. G.
TTTILL BF. SOLD, at tho, late residence of
Y Y Leonard Uo|>ohurt..duoouscd, o:. Tuesday
tho 11th of .limo next, all ibo
Of said deceased,^ consisting <>f ono Horse, one
Mule, one Carrio?o, I wo Wagons, Iloii.-ohold
und Kitchen Furniture. Also, at his Mill
place, ut 2j p. ib.. ou the sumo day, one piijr
Mill Stones and Irons, one Cotton Oin, one
Dutch Fan. one Hopper, some ?Saddlo Troos, &c
THOMS-For al) sums undor live dollars, cash;
for sums nf and above that amount, credit till
1st January next. with, intorcst from date,
note and security.
^ L. N. ROBINS, j x
"Tn^L.lsai^ VI .3
I will hold un Election for CQfLONM-nnd
BI.4JT?Ht of thc 1st Regiment, to'which they
have agreed.io<\ttue.li tbuinselyos, at Walhalla,
on Friday the,14i!i June next.
Lieutenant M. F. Mitchell and T.'J. Keith
aro Ijpyouv (Jet ? Hod to assist me in tho manage
ment of (?ic F.luction. V
By orilor of Brig?dior-Oonornl J. B. GiucrtN.
M. M. NORTON, Captain. : -
May 22. LS01 ; ' 42 %>
P. S. Tho Company is hereby ordered to
appear for dri|l oi| that dav.
TH IS SI^?MTO?T0^^!^^^^
IN'onolNAOV-1'IOKBN.S. .
Nancy A. Ii. Glljilaml . )
vs.' > Pet. for Pavilion.
Jol?n lt. Y. GilHlnnd, ii. als. .j
IT appearing to my sall?fnotion that Lemuel J.
i Gilliland, one of tho defendants in this ease, is
absent from and without the limits of tIiis Slate :
U is ordered, thoveforc, that thc salli absent de
fendant do appear in t ho Court of : Oi'dlti'nry, nt
Picken* C. fl. on Monday tito 20th day of Aug?Bl
ntfx't.'and.objqoftQ tho partition or sale of tho noni
JBstatO.of David C?illilaml, deceased, or Iiis consent
to* tho ?ain? will bo ontcrcd of record.
-.w. ii, noi.coMbii. o.r.D;.
OrilinoryVOflloo, May 20, 1801 ??2- 8m
WU K lt HAS, h. Rogers and L.. A. Rico applies to
lae for letters (pjr adininist ration ujion all and
s i illili ar tho personal ?sbltQ of .lames Roger*, jr.,
deceased, Into of tho Ui?triyt o? Plckohs and Stftt?
aforosiliili. The kindred and.?.rodifor^of said dc
bqoRodv aro, thoreforo, cited to'appoar .bolero,rno
at Pjbkcns C. in on Monday, thc 10|h of Juno
in?xt,.1 (o show chuso, If. any they. bi\ii, wliv said
letters "t?liould. not be granted. 'Given uit^ldr my
hand ?jul 8011?, this 21st May, 1???. . ?. . ' ^
. W....fi. Ht)LC'OMnH. o.P-h.
W ?. ^ TOTH?'KB,." .
/ 1 .. ?OOP ilKAD'CARPKNTKR. at *25.Q0
.XX. per .nionth and boUrd; ?Applv. by letter
nt Walhalla. b> " ?0 LA M ?RA lt PK.
/'^Iay-)o.'l8(Vl- ,: : ? ^ 41. ??: ? ,3
aitRKN VIMM Mt\\\HtM: Y A HD."
^I^IIK substuibor jin* pn hatfd and is constan?
J... ly ro.ooivin^a lar?eandvarlod<?^>'?^
Am&r?oaii and Ital?on ?farbJo,
T'o Wbio?i ho/wophl rall tbeattpntion of 'those in
Wan* ?>f n sii i tabb Monuiiioiit to nuulk,th? ^.(>ol.
wlipro ropo'so th? roint'?iif? of their jl^p*vrfc;d>el
atives nod . frlonds. Ciirving and', l?ttoiing of
all Mods featly n.tid proinptlv exceutea.
'.IfiS'-P?rH?dlar atfeniioti paid to ordbrs by mall'
. , -' iJAMHS M.'AliPKN. V
V' -dw?nvlUjrj?/R.'; ^.Q...'Peh 22 -, 8^tf
4, R. Ho. roforsto D 0;W?st(io.ld, Oowor.C?x,
Mft;rklv J? Cp.i Vt.M li Karlo, W ll Wation,
Co| IV ?loke, ^?ig^S^Sf,
; Special Notioo?.
- , ? ? tribute of ?espeot.
At ft mundup; of tlio Piorcetowti Guan]*, 4th
Regiment, 0. C. V., uohl bj their barracko, this
day, the following preamble und resolutions' in re
lation lo tho death of Mr.'G. N. I'OIITUNK, wero
unanimously adopted !
WiiKHKAS, in tho mysterious dispensations of
Almighty God. tho Ruler al?d Governor of all na
tions and ni?5n, in whose hands the destinies of
every oreuturo are held, and by whoso protecting
arm and guidance alone ave wo sustained, this
corps ja cnlled-upon to m?iu'n tho death of one of
ilH most estimable members, G. N. Fortune, who
died on tho morning of tho loth inst., in theSijth
year of his uga. Among the first to respond in
u' fouce of bis country, and exemplary in. Iiis con
duct nun soldier and a chrintiuu, . our departed
comflide-in-urms is sincerely mourned by Iiis sur
viving brethren aft a patriot, soldier ami boner!
luau. Having discharged promptly tho duties and
cs perica oed the hardships experted in tho hour ol
his count ry'a peril, the wasting hand of disease ii
laid upon him, and ho is borno 'back to belove*1
friends ut homo an varly victim of ibo great do
strover. In li?H last illness the consolation of inn
religion was with him, Mind ho entered the spirit
' \vorld willi porfoct, complete resignation to tin
I)iViuo will. As a soldier, prompt, obedient nm
puuotual, as ii mani, endowed with tho nobles
traits of human nature.' and as a Christiau, hum
ble. trusting and faithful-his sorrowing Comrade;
feel that their loss is great; but hicokly bow to tin
decree of Providence, lio it, therefore,
Resolved, That in the death of G. N. fortuno
. tho Piorco Town Guards have lost one of thci
, most useful members, and sincerely mourn hi? de
mis?. "
; Resolved. That we respectfully t?nder th? sym
! put h ieii of this corps lo tito funnily of the decease'
in their sovoro nt?Uotion.
Resolved. That wo Wear tho usual badge, o
mourning for thirty days, us a mark of respect t
Iiis memory,
Resolved, That this preamble and resolutions b
published in tho Carolinian, Anderson Gazette au
Pickens Courier.
Columbia, S. C.. May lu, 1801,
fi?5J~ The friends of Captain A. l>. (1 Al I.. LA lt;
respectfully announce bini a candidate' for MAJ?
of tho Hqundroli. 1st Ucgimcut of Cavalry.
Tho now Church, at. the Cross Hands, twclv
miles north nf l'ickens C. H., will bo dedicate
on tho 2d Sabbath in June. Ministers of oth(
denominations art invited to bo present.
.11. S. GAINES, Missionary.
May 23. 1SQ1._._
?Sp?ii? friends of Col. 1). A. LKDHKTTK
annouucn-hiin as h candidate for COLONEL i
thc Regiment of Volunteers" now forming.
Colv E % Jones.
Tm: remaining Volunteer Companies in til
Krigade will soon be organized imo a Regimen
Wc most respectfully suggest tlint Col. .IOXKS
the pro permianp for 4 ho position of COLON UL, ni
we trust he will be elected without opposition.
G lt V. V. S V t LLB VO LU N TE V. RS.
JG6f<y-Tbc friends of CAPT. Ll. A. HAWTHORN
annouiiee/lim a candidate for MAJOR of the Ro
iment of Volunteers now forming.
fcaTThi, friends of CAPT. L. C> CRAIG n
nouuee him a candidate for MAJOR of tho Volu
teer Regiment being now formed. *.
?figy-Tho. friends of DR. G. II. SYMMES a
nuuuec him a candidate for Major of tho Regime
ol' Volunteer? now being formed.
ri^HH undersigned,' being about to loavo Pic
J_ ' ens 'District, notifies nil parties interest
tu present accounts connected with business
the Hljie Ridge Railroad Company, ?Vf ultu
wisc, bv J uno 5th, 1^01.
I. M. Sr. JOHN.
O reonwnv. May 12. LSG I_41 2
TUE w??h?LiV Wm]
JL TA BUSH M ENT lins been com ploted a
furnished in thc best scylo. and is now open I
tho reception of boarders and transient custo
' ors. Tho undersigned gi ves the House his pi
Simal attention and supervision, and bis table
supplied with tho host tho railroad and count
market?, tilford.
.Walhalla is a ploasont and flourishing tow
ot tho pi escnt terminus nf thc Rino Ridge Ri)
road. There aro churches and the best splam
with (lue roads and tho usual facilities for tra'
in almost every direction. Tho invalid h.
truvoltor, ton, have hero a must salubrious ?
mule, with a lino view of mountain scenery.
Those travelling North horotofore fur bea
and pleasure aro now cut off from spendi
their mnn?y amongst our enemies. The und
sighed'bas boon at groat oxponso to prepare
this elliss ami others; abd,' with bis 1?ng eici
rience in ti. ). business, bo Hatters himself tl
bu can give entire satis fact inn. Ho respectfu
SidlftirM tho P'l'ronato of bin friends lind I
travelling public. His terms'aro moderate.
Walhalla, May 9, 1801 40 t
fi?Sy* Tho Charleston Courier will copy dn
op Mon.lay Abd trl-wcckly on Thursday
otherwise ordered.
rp ?IE SU BSC ttl BER offers for salo his ya
JL ablp and oligiblv located
Containing Three Hundred and thirtyth
Aeres moro or.loss, situate on Cane Crook, II
within th roo milos nf tho flourishing towr
Walhalla.. There .aro on tho place, fit) acre.
good bottom,-.Hirco" eofllomoiif?, dwellings n
?nit buildings ; and fine building sitos, in vi
of the whole range of.inonntalmv
, Thu. Blue Ridge Railroad will, in a few du
be running to Walhalla, which "brings tho pl
in easy access from almost all quarters of
On this Tract, wafer power abounds, j
there aro nlsn a. Saw and Grist Mill thereon
successful operation.
' Tonus, moderato. Address me at Walha
o/apply on tho promises,
May .0. 186 ( ' ?? . _ dp . __i
ALL porsmis indobted to W. II. DHNIV!
Op., fdr tho year 18b0. most come for\v
"niitl uiak'u seil lenient. b.V No|0"nr Cash-- v.
pre/eri-c<ll-'H? wo oro noedinginonoy.' *V ,.
Persons Indobted to tho llrn? pf DEND1
P.U.LLEN .for tho yours 1?3&~^J9 must
? within twenty days from this ditto, "or pay c
?without discrimination. , . V"
Walhalla. Feb. 1. 1861 V ,26 t
; - Tilm.in C. Magoo, ) ' x .
. vV. I Bill fur Partition, &o
^Mar'o.t Mrtgeo. OL ah i . - N '
IT appearing, to tho Oominlss?op?r that Mi
Magee..N..A. Mag"fco. Nancy Hunt; lu
ntdaw nf Fanny MaH?nrdei/nased, tb Avit : I
?ainin^'Miu<9n,v.lilias'Mason, KiekieJ Mtv
?cn,ji\irt?iji.'Pr(fwn, II. ^J, Salfnon and hush
'Watd^defen^eoi;? in tips caso, resido wit!
"the Built* of this SttitoV pu fivitfon of IL
?nu ?.pnlliain. Cniiip. Sol., it is ordered,'th
fue, Hilt ?ho said absout dofon?nut? do opp
?lend, an'sw^i', or donVnTito^rmplninnnt's.
ill oT'ttimnlojnt^wfthjln iht?e inontjis from
publication of this rulo, et fiaorder jf>fo ?otij
will bo trtken'iigalnst them. .,.'<.... .
f KORT. - A; ,T4lO>lPS?Nv O.B.e;
it. ..i'.ji .i .KL.. ???' .>???.> M.,<".?>.'? ^.?". 'l^^'IgJA"*.' .' ''
rpHK TRUSTEES Utk? plousurq in onnoun
X cmg io tho nubile, timi they hnvo secured
. the soryices of . Mr. C. IS. IIoM-iNoswoivru and
LADY, to' tuko chnrgo of tho Oloroinynt Acodo
i my. . These Toughers havo experience, and are
! competent to instruct in all the various branch
! os or au Englich oduenttoti. By nrntngonient,
j iv Malo aud r?ntale School will bc. taught in tho
-* sante huuu?.
j Thc Academy will bo oponed on tho 2d Mon
; day in January. 1801.
Good boardi'nje can' bo had in tho.*neighbor
hood on favorable terms.
Tho Salubrity ?if thc climate and tho mr .al |
tone of tho Vicinity, alo inducements that
should not bo overlooked bv parents and guar
dians in educating their children und wards.
By order of the Board :
M. S. ST1UBLINO, Sco'v.
Jan. 9. 1801 , . 23__^_j_Jtf__
ll Y virtue of sundry writs ef tieri?facias to inc di
' I) rected, wi?l bo sold before tho Court House, in
i Picken* District; within (lie legal liours, on the first
Monday and Tuesday in Juno next,
i Ono traut of land containing IOU acres moro or
loss, whereon A. M. Mauldin now lived, levied on
; as the property of A lieu M a aldin ut thc suit of
I Hurdy Gilstrup vs. A. M. Mauldin aud Allen
I M nul di ii.
Uno tract of land containing G'2 acres more or
less, lying on waters of Mile (/reek, adjoining lands
of J. e. Durham and others, levied on as the prop
erty of William ?. Duiliniii-ut the suit, of '/. W.
Urceu & Co.
Ono tract of laud containing 300 nores moro or
less, lying on Hooky Fork, waters of Changa creek.
adjoining hinds ot* Spencer Chamber?, Iiplu'uiin
Cobb mid others, levied on as ihc property of AV m.
Phillips at the snit of Robert Spencer und others.
Quo tract of land containing J.?0 acres more ot'
less, whereon thu defendant now lives, adjoining
lands of David Shepard, KU -8 lie paid and others.
RS the property of h. H. Kullcdgo at (he suit ol'
ii. D. li. M. and T. J. Keith iixors.
"One sorrel horse, and one buggy and harness,
levied on ns thu property of ll. li. Norris at tiie
suit ol' Leonard Towers.
Ono yoke of oxen, levied on as tho property of
dames (.'ox, at the stilt of Neville & Pitchford.
One gray horse mid ouegrny maro, levied on a?
the property of David L. und John C. Richey*, at
the suit of Messiah Long. vs. David L. and John
C. Richey, and lid wa rd llcriidou.
. On Tuesday aller saleday, at thc residence of.J.
W. Mcintyre, ten hogs and one heiler, levied on
ns his properly, nt the suit ol' James Hare vs. J.
AV. McIntyre ?nd Rob't. 1'owoll.
One sorrel mare, levied on as thc property of J.
AV. Garrett, ut the suit of L. Hi J. Goodwin, for an
One sorrel horse, one sorrel maro, one ox wagon
nnd ono yoke, oxen, levied on as the property of
Jesso A. Hallt at thc suit ol'J. C. Vonhloc, for an
Ono B?rrol horse, and on Tuesday after suleduy,
ai t,|n' residence ol'J. ll. Ilunnicull one yoke oxen,
hue wilgah and one sorrel coll, as Iiis property, ut
the suit of J. M. Ilunnicull vs. J. ll. and M. II.
One negro girl. Patsy, as the property of li. H.
Keilli, at the snit of Scott ?; Prut her vs. Alexander
li rv cc et. als. sureties on his olliciul bond.
Terms, cash ; purchasers lo pay for papers.
WI N. CRAIG, s.r.D.
May 8. 1801 l!J_ld_
J. li. Hagood, Adin'r, "t Petition
. vs > for
Jeremiah Whit miro & wife flmia.ct.als j Settlement.
IT appearing to my satisfaction that James Rob
inson, Ocogc R billson, jr, Joseph Robinson.
Randall Robinson, Lydia Hagood, Thomas Hit!
and wife Martha, tho hoirs-ut law of William Rob
inson, deceased, (names and number unknown,)
and thc heirs of lili/.abeth Heese, deceased, (ninnes
and number unknown,) defendants in this case,
reside without tho limits of this Slate : ll is or
dered, therefore. Hint; these several absent parties
do appear in tho Court of Ordinary, to bo holden
at I'lokens Court House on Monday the 8lh day of
July h'oxl, lo shew cause. If any they can, why a
linaf seulement of tho lis?ate of Hardy Robinson,
deceased, should not be made and a decree pro
nounced thereon.
W. Ii. HOLCOMBE; o.e.u.
Ord'nary'a Omeo, .\pfil 2. lKfil 3m
~ " $20 REWARD.
I)UNAWAY from tho subscriber, on thc Otb
\f of lasb December, BE KUY;, nbout 5 feet
7 inches high, very black skin, 'JO years old:
sometimes ho limps slightly, fruin having had
uno nf his legs broken three years ugo. ile has
a Wife at Dr. II. C. Miller's, pear Pendleton,
and is probably lurking in that neighborhood.
Tho nbovo . reward will be paid for Iiis appre
hension mid delivory to tho nearest jail. All
persons detected in harboring or aiding him in
nny wnv, will bo dealt with according to law.
Fi.pnK.vcK, S. C.. April 0, 1801 37-tf
JAM KS ?;. OlMt. W. P. PttlOK,
Orccitvillc C. lt.y
Practico in tho Court? of the Western Circuit.
Mary Jane Rarton, "1 >
by her next friend, Bill for construction of
. va; ' ?
li. Hurleston Barton, Deed, &c.
and Jape. Barton, J
IT oppcaring to my suiisfttction that Jane Barton,
..ono of tho defendants in this case." resides with
out tho limits of tliis Stato: On motion of Norien,
Comp. Sol., it is ordered thin situ do appear in this
Court, ftnd plead, answer or demur lo complain
ant's sold bill of complaint, within three months
from tho publication of this rule, or an order pro
i'on/csiso \f]\\ be. taken against her.
Oom'rs Ofli?c. Mardi'30. DWI. ' 3ni
John Biudlno, )
v's. J; Bill for Partition- &c.
Patsy Purdine, et; als. J .
IT appearing to my satisfaction that tho boira of
Polly Lofliom, lo wit; Geo. Lathoin, T. H, South
wick and wile Palsy, J. W. Lat hem, Richard M.
Lnthein, Andrew P. Lat hom. Anthony Q..Lnthom,
Sam. W. Lathem, .Jas. K. Petit' mid ivifo Juno H.,
Jacob Urtiosl and wife Betsy, Jos. Hurdlno. Sum'l.
Ilnrdinc, lilijah Robinson and wife Henrietta,
defendanl$ In .thia Case, reside without the limits
of this Stale: On motion of Harrison & PuBiaiii,
Coinp.vSolS., it? i*\"ordered, therefore, that tho'said
absent, d?tendants do nppear in this honorable
Court, and plead, rtnswor or demur, to compfain
niit'ssaid bill ot' complaint,'Within three months
from tho publication hereof, or nn order pro coti
feaso will" be taken aa lo thom.
Comr's. Offlco, March'2?L 1801. 8m
Warren A. D.'.Moss, V
.vs..' . \ Amended, BIB for Rc
. Samuel M, Hind, cl, ab J lief, &o.- v
IT. appealing to ,my satisfaction that Samuel M.
Hunt, one of (mi defendants tn this ease resides
without tho limits of this Stute ; pu motion of!
"NoVten,.Ob'utJ>. Sol., it is ordered that he do bp- |
pear In thi^ Court, and pleads answer oi; demtp-. to,
complainant's amended bol o? complaint in th I?.
?flRot within .three"months froor.the publication bf
thia tate, pr- eh Qvdnr.pro cori/et^o will bc thkoiV
Attrtlnst Jiim. .. , ' . . ? *
" ROBT. A.. THOMPSON, o.K.r.r,.
' ZS^X\?^J?' Mardi 30. 18f.1.\ ? ;\ '8tn
THE. ST?WOP S?tlTif ?AIiOIitN^
' ' ?JtOKRKa-IN OlipIf?ApY. . ;
YOU ?rp hereby notified, to be. and appear in tho
Court of Ordlnar/v to bo hol?tQjti at PtcK?'rt? fj.
H.-, ph Monday tho 1st;day ^uVy lient,' fo.?h?w
cn(\n<>,'lf iny yoa eart. 'vl?y tho distributivo share
. ?Uotfed tb'^dltn Jenkitjh 'tn Heat Rstato af
? ftaaols Tonkins^ decoiisvd, qluiuld not.be divided
aoyhig?t tija next of kin Of tll?*njil Jshn Jenkins.
1 ;toy;tVW;'y^-"w "?
:. i JJ- h ? " <?'<" ?-I-- .^O.flM'm-ciiwife.'.
jj have on hand and receive every uionth
tho bc?t
And nt? cheap nu can bo bought tiny where, with
freights added.
Cut letters, 3 1-2 cont? each, liaised lottern,
20 couts each ; und the letters cut deep und
Wc have accurcd the services ot Mr. .JOHN
C. CHKltKY ns our Agent, who will do ult that
can ho done to givo entire satisfaction. All
business trausnotod by him will bo ratified by
March 20. 1800_33_ ? s_tf
ri^IIE Subscriber tnkos pleasuro in informing
I his friends and thc public, that ho lins ta
ken charge of thut largo and commodious I louse
in tho villugo of
PEiyoi.i-yroiv, s. c.
Ho intends to keep n first class bouse, and
invites the travelling public mid his friends to
givo him n call. Amongst tho comforts and
conveniences added, ia that of a Reading Room,
whore tho latost papers muv he consulted
Feb 2, 1800_27_ jf_
CHARLESTON. Fehi?ary 15, 1801.
rniIE LEGISLATURE having, at its last
X session, authorized tho issue of Ronds tu
thc amount of $075,000, hearing au interost of
7 per cent., for the purpose of providing tho
funds required to sustain tiio State in tito net of
resuming her rights of Sovereignty, this Rnnk
is now prepared to dispose of the Rends. They
aro issued in sums of $50, $100, ami $150. An
.opportunity is thus afforded every citizen to
make ii secure and proiitnblo investment, while
contributing aid to tho cause in which tho State
is engaged. With tho view of enabling citizens
in tiny part of tho State to share io thc lean,
thc Clerks of tho Courts of thc several Districts
havo been requested to open Dooks?of Subscrip
tion for thc Stock. Suitable arrangements will
bo n?tido for furnishing bunds ou the receipt of
tho money, ut an early dav after each subscrip
tion has been made. Engagements for tho
purchase of Ronds may bc mude at tho Rank,
ur nt uny of its branches. It is probnhlo that,
at tho next session of the Legislature, those
parties who desire it ratty havo have their Roods
oonvcrtcd into Stock.
C. M. FURMAN. President.
February 28, 1801_30 ff , .
ni l?? IC ?T7 CA KID,
DR. O. IL SYMM.ES having completed his I
Collegiate courso, oilers his Professional
services to his friends and tho public generally.
Will be prompt in his attention to his patrons.
His office will bo fouud with Dr. M. L. SHARPE
in thc brick building adjoining Store of Into E.
R. Henson & Son.
Pendleton, May 12, 1800 41 tf
AT 7
Pendleton, S. C.
1X11 IF, SUBSCRIBER, who has had several
_1_ years experience in Hotel business, (hav
ing been solo proprietor of tho Williamston
Springs Hotel for ninovears,) is now proprietor
of the BLUE RIDGE'HOUSE, whore be will
bc glad to seo all his old friends and patrons
and also the travelling public. His house will
be provided with everything, necessary for n
well-kept house.both from thc sea board markets
and surrounding country, and his Rnr with
choice Wines, Liquors aud Cigars. He has
good servants, and every attention will bo paid
to his guests to render their sojourn agreeable.
Thc good society of Pendleton Village--the pro
verbial good health of its inhabitants-it? floe
cool wator and bracing atmosphere-its prox
imity td thc mountains and its accessibility by
Rnilrond, all contribute to make it ono of the
best summer resorts in tho upper country. Per
sons arriving hore on the cars, and wishing to
visit tho mountains or any other point of thc
surrounding country, can be accommodated with
good conveyances and carpful drivers from tho
Livery Stable kept hore.
. ' J. W. COBB.
May 15, I860 ,42 tf
G. W. Rankin, Assignee, 1
vs. > Pei. for Relief, ?xe.
R. F. Holland and others, j
IT appearing to tho Coert that R. F. Holland,
Christopher Kirksoy, Jared E. F. Kirksoy,
Isiah M. Kirk8ey, Mary L. M. Kirksoy, reside
without this Stoto : On motion of Harrison &
Pallium, Pro. Pct., it is ordered, that the said
absent defendants do appear, pjoad, answer oY
demur, to tho petition filed in this caso, within
three months from tho publication hereof, or
their consent to tho same will bo taken pro con
J'csso as to them.
ROBT. A. THOMPSON, c. is. p.o.
Cumm'rs Office. March 23. 1801. Hm
Q. IV. Ma&ingUi, ot. als. ) ^
vs. > Bill for Account, Re
David MclVlmrtcr, et. als. J lief, &c.
IT appearing to my satisfaction Hint Sarah E.
I MeWborter, Louisa C. Brown, John McWhor
tcr. defendants in this ense, resido without the
limits of this State : Oii motion of Orr & Haddon.
Comp. Sols., it is ordered, therefore, that tho said?
absent defendants do appear in this Court, and
ploud, answer or demur to complainants' said bill
of complaint-, within three months from, tho pub
lication hereof, or an order pro confesso will bo
taken against (hem.
Com'vs OffiqiyMarch 30, 1801. Sro,
WILLI AM F. PARKER, who is in th? cus
tody of tho Sheriff of Piokens District, hy
virtue (if a writ '6f:c?nia% dd 'satisfaciendum, at
tho snit of Ishain W. Taylor,* having filed
in my oflicO, together with ? schedule on oath
of Ids es?atcc and offeets, his petition to the
Court of .Common Pleas, ifrftying that he tnoy
bc admitted to tho benefit Ot fbi Act of tho Glen,
oral Assembly m ado for the roliof of'Insolvent
Debtors.: , ?t Js ordered, that thc "said Isham
W. Taylor, and all others, tho .oreditors to
whom the .Baid William F^ Porkor * is in any
wiso indebted, bo and they 'aro hereby sum
moned.and have-nbtlce tn appear beforo tho said
Cyuvt. at P?o.kehs;Court l?ense, on tho .'id Mon
"day.of ?otbl??r noxt, to show5 canso,- if any tboy
oftn, why tho prayer of tho p?tition aforosaid
should not bo granted;
1 J. E. ITAGOOD, d.o.rV- {.
Conimnn Plesty April 1, 1801 , 3m, '
. ' Attorneys ni Law,,
yyiLL attend punctually to all business en
! > trusted to' their care th. tho..'Distrikts.
ebiAprisiug tho Western Circuit.
. ?ont. 25. ,1855 , .c., 13 ?^ffi
NO?lilVSv ?IAI?MSON lt iS????M.
Attorneys nt ILaW? '
' AN 1) ?OL 1CI TO RS 1 N EQUI T Y, ,
??T?LL attend promptly, lo all'business .ef^tteste'd
Tl . to their caro. Ms. PtM.iAH can always be
?found in tho Office. j
OFFIOfc'A* PiCRKNS O. rV., 8. C.
JOS. j. ?ORt?fc,
solicitor IA i;<jmi<V.
Jan. 1, 1868?' . _ 2?J__|f^
Watchmake* rt nd Jet* eft**,
HAS rtcoivod at his stand on Muin-strcot, ft'
large and heautiful assortment of
Watches and Jewelry, 4 .
Which is oiforod rory iow to hi- friends ?ad the
trading publie, \
REPAIRING, in nil its brunches, done ll*
a . most workmanlike? loanuer, and- with de
spatch. All work Warranted.
Juno 22. 1800 ? 47_f
IS now receiving a splendid assortment?
For Ladios and Gentleman's Wear,
Ready-made 4 lot lu m-.
Ifcniso has on hand tho.finest Cnsstraers arid'
Linens, for tho Spring and Summer; together'
with many other articles not necessary tu men*
tioil. -_
Mr. FAJEN continues tho. Tailoring Business
in nil its branches, and respectfully solicits a1
share of public patronage.
_ May 12.J859 42 tf
AT JHOK? AIVS lVllf.Ii, S, Ci;
rilllL undersigned is prepared to execute ?ll1
JL orders in this linc. Pron ptness nnd pune
tuality is promised if custom is extended.
Terms, easy.
August 24. 1800 4 tf
("IARS on thc Rino Ridge Railroad leave. Pbn
J dloton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri
days, nt 15 minutos boforo 4 o'clock, A. M? On
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at -1 o'clock,
P. M
Lcavo Anderson on Mondays, Wt?dncsdnys
and Fridays immediately uftcr the caro arrive
from Relton in the morning. Gu Tuesdays.
Thursdays and Saturdays, on the arrival of thc
cars from Columbia.
Sept. 8, 1800 0 ,'? tf i
Law Notice
THE undersigned will devoto himself entirely
to tho practice of J.aw and Equity on tho
Western .Circuit. Mr. IIADPKN is his partner ot
Pickens; JAMES! L. ORR,
Anderson C. H.. May 10. 1850 .4?-if
WILL nt temi promptly to all business entrusted
to los oarc in tho Dibtricts comprising .the
Western Circuit. Office at Pjckcns C H.
Dec 6. 1850 20 If.
Stale ol'South Caroling.
Wm. Hunter, Adm'r, \ i .
vs. >.Pct. for Settlement:
J. M. Owens end others. J - . " '
TT appearing te my satisfaction that J. M. t
I Owens and wife Pormolie A., Oiiattn Ar?
cher and Eugenia A roh cr, d?fendants ia thhj
case, reside without the limits of this State": - ?fc .
is ordered, therefore, that the said absent de*
fendants to appear in tho Court of Ordinary, nt
Piekons C. li., on Monday the first day of July
next, to shew cause, if any thev ow?,-'.why ?
final settlement of the estate of Andrew -H. Ar
cher, decOnsod, should not bo made at that timo,
nnd a decree had thereon. . s
I W. E. HOLCOMBE, o.r-.iV
Maroh 23. 1801. 33 3ni '
Slate of South Carolina,
IN MH' 1TY-rit'KEN?,
Elizabeth Evatt, ]
- v, \ Anvendod BiR for Past?
J. S. F. Evatt, et.al. J Ron,. Ap.
TT.nppearing to my satisfaction that Addison
JL' Doggs and wife Sarah, defendant? in this
case,'reside without tho limits of thisSt-ateV Ore .
motion of Harrison & Pullinm, Comp. Sol., it iii
ordered, thoreforo, that thc said d?fendants do
appear in this Court, plead, answer "or detnn.r to
tho amended bill in this case; within th.reo
months from the puidicntion hereof, or an order
pro ccnjcxno will be taken nr-nlast them,
Oomm'rs Office, March 23,1801, 3m
Law Notice.
RPIIE undersigned Imvc formed a partnership in
1 tho practice of Law and Equity for Picken?'
District.. Mv. HAPPEN may bo Consulted at his
offioc in Piokonw and Mv. Olin at Anderson.
JAMES L. o Rte
*'\ W. M. HApDKN, '
Pickens C. TT., Moy 10,1859 42-tf
THE STATE OF 80? TH- :CAt???N?~,
Ww. Hombreo 1
vs I Pcflttoft for Roh>f, kn '
G. \\. Baldwin. } ! v "
Tf eppearing to uiy sntisfnctioji Riat G. W. B?ld
1 win, the defendant.in this case, resides without
tho limits of this State; on motion of Reed 8iid\?
Drown, pro. Pet, ordered, that l o do npp'ear nm!
-plead., answer or Ueunir to the petition in {hiscriKr,
within three months.from this date, or the sam?'
will bo taken against him pro. confes?. . -J .
Maroh 9, 1801 ftp -w 8m
t-. . ? '. . ..-.-pr--jfeMa ??j
TPhe State of South Carolina,
PWJ?t?KS D?STliT?T. ?
IT ' IJ1CY MCCOY, . wife, of Roy McC((j,-Of ?
X 9 Pickens District', hereby gi v^s.OoBxo.that;
Unijn tho expiration of tho legal length of .tirOO,
I will trade and act as, H' freo' dealer ?fr -%\fctijfti(A *
rowr/ ;" and publie ncfico ls hereby-p'voq .^ap?
cordinglV- My occupation is that of a farmer
;nnd-Seamstress. , , ', VLBtJY- hfcOO-/. .
?.^?^h-^'-iga..3? : 3IQV
Th? ?inH Af JS?Mlli Carol?niji,
G. M. Lynch,,ot. als. ) - ... .
? " - , /.Biilior rartie.on. i?e.,
?. F. LyncKv, et.1 ?le, j
tTT n^peartng to Rio Commisslonef th'ni,^IL
JU BKm J. Lynch. C. F. Lynchj CalvKLth^.
Jason Gillespieand wifoKhxahedh, John )'?ew)8
.nd wife Mary, William Baker and yrlfo^ ??b,
Richard Robinson and wife N&otttfr John R'oV .
InsptVand wife Ki I-/a, defendant* in- this COSA,
rchido withapt thoRmit^ nf this Stet?t Qajfao
tlon of Orr ? Hadden/.Comp. 6o|s.^ it, ls ord^r- "
ed, therefore,- finit tho said absent .?ofepdaftte
do appear lu this Court, end M.w??i ei??We^i?t
demur to cop?plaintints' Said mll' nf Oomttlaint,
within three nuoilhs ftseuf tho publication hert-".
ofrorv an .trd?.r pro ci>i\fj*sQ wi)} ^ feV^ft ?gelri?t
^T' ROBT, A, ^HOMP?b^o^;
rpiIE South Curolioa Powder Mills' Company'
I offer for sale, on good terms, tho following
kinds of superior Powdor, viz:
Common Blasting powder por keg $4 20'
Rrilliant " f' " " . ; 5 25
Common Mining " " " 5 25'
Rrilliant " '? " 0 25
Common Riflo " 4?, ** u 7 25
Rrilllnnt ? ff " " - 8 5t>
?S?r** Whero the keg .is'returned 25 cents
will he deducted.
Address JOHN BOWEN & Co, Piekons Couvtf
House, S. C.
WM. R. BOWEN, Agofit,
Sept. 7. 1800 0 __tf_
flluc Ridgee Kailroa?!.

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