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PJT .f ^
Caro]in? Forever. '
Carolina! ?a?olinal lleavon'ablessing attend lier,
?^''*Whllo w? Hvft Wo will olioi'lrth, protect, ?cJ J?for:<?
her; -'
Tho' Yankees ?niy sneer rU imd whit lings defamo
Yet our heftrt? swoll with pleasure whc?ovor fro
Hooray Ml wray 1 Carolina forever, ? t
Hooray ! Hooray ! for t|io fearless and Orare.
Carolina ! Carolina I her flag float* In glory,
. liter fame ls writ ton tn song and lit 'story ;
Sha has sworn elie will never submit to oppression,
And her sons' are all willing lo die for secession.
Carolina I Carolina ! though Lincoln may.ourjo
bor, . . . '.
' 'And scud down his cohorts to drive and coerce her,
Ho will foul that oui* men aro bettor and braver
Than tho traitorous foo that attempts to enslave
lier. . ' , ' ".
Carolina ! Carolina 1 with band firm and steady,
With boart brave and dane ilosy, old Georgia stands
To sbavo in your perils, repel all aggression
Anil .strike for disunion lu spite of concession.
Than Miro? hearty cheer'?, ono loud long Hosanna,
For tho brave baud of heroes across tho Savannah,
Who ??ave tauen thc load in this now declaration,
Which gives US OUI* freedom and makes us a nation.
Brutal Outrage on a Citizen of the United
A Jato issuo of tho Toronto (Panada)
Xf?a?ler contains a lon?? and vivid narrativo by
M, F. Lovoridge, publisher nti<3 editor of tho
Troy Morning and Weekly News, of tho in
dignities and cruelties lie su Herod nt tho
hands of Rl?ck Republican ruinous. Did
other demands permit wo would .transfer to
our columns this entire accouut. Wo arc ob
liged to confine ourselves to a limited Space.
- In tho following paragraph this gentleman
tells tho subjects of Queon Victoria who ho
is and. what lie hhs done :
I nm tho publisher and editor of tho Troy
' (N. Y.) Morning and Weekly News-an
office purchased by my own exertions My
father, tho lato G\ Lovcridgo, edited tho Troy
'Mnil jn 1838-'89, in tho sumo placo. * It was
u Whig poper that ho printed. My sheet
was "Democratic Whether tho popor was
nblo or vapid, whether, it liad fivo hundred pY
fivo' thousand of a circulation, docs not mat
ter ; it was tny paper-my property-and de
voted to thc great causo of National Democ
racy. It was my means of livelihood-and
1 worked by day. r.nd by night to inculoato
such views of national polioy ns animated my
party, which comprises a very largo and res
pectable minority of tho people of thc State
bf New York.
From the time of tho secession of South
Carolina, I have urged tho recognition of tho
Confederate States of tho South by thc Fed
eral Government. lavery hour it was delay
ed strengthened tho secession causo. Mr.
Lincoln's imbecile policy could havo no effect
but to unite the ontiro South. Had I been
of'tho Republican faith, my policy must have
been tho same j for I know what thc proud,
inoney-tnaking North will not sec, that, they
cannot cooroo tho South. They moy protract
tho war twon ty years, and drain tho nation of
its best blood and treasure, but they eau only
crush tho South when every man within its
borders bleaches his bones iu thc golden sun
shine of its patriotic laud.
Whilo tho populace'was under tho madness
aroused by tho news of tho fall of Sumter,
Mr. Lovcridgo boldly denounced the war upon
thc South ns barbarous and foolish. This
course brought down upon him tho threats
and ourses of tho crazy multitude, but in
spite of tho danger ho continued to maintain
thc cause ho had taken. His issuo of tho 17th
oontaincd among otiicr offensive things, a stri
king letter to Horace Clrceloy. Tho paper
lia4 been circulutcd, and Mr. Lovcridgo wos
putting up tho daily mail, when tho Mayor,
Ccorgc 33. Warren, accompanied by two men
adorned with rosettes, carno into his office.
Tho Mayor advised him to modify thc tone
of his paper, and admonished him if he did
not he would suffer violence, openly admitting
that ho had not thc moans to protect him. A
few uaiuutcs after tho Mayor left, tho follow
ing socno occurred :
A crowd of twenty mon, all wearing ro
settes of red, whito and blue, then marohed
up to my office Some of thom had small
flogs iu their caps. I recognized the most of
them, as faces I had seen, but could not call
thom by name, nor loc?te them.
The Ringleader-Ls Mr. Lovcridgo in ?
Mr. Lovcridgo-I am the mon.
. Thc Ringleader-AV o ore, sir, a Vigilance
Committee of tho Public Safoty to
Mr. Lovcridgo-Hold up. Your pardon a
moment. Aro theso numbers invading my
office intended to intimidate me '{
Voice?-No matter. Yes. What then ?
The Ringleader--Wo como to warn you,
sir. You must retract oil you have said in
this day's issue, or wo will tear your building
ovor.your head.. We give you twelve hours
to leave ?own, if you will not retract.
Mr. Lovcridgo-(unfolding a copy of thc
Troy News)-Cowards I scamps 1 What is
tho offence I have committed ? Thc Mayor
lins been to sec mc. Ilia authority I recog
nize. Yours, I defy. If I must leave tow?,
so bc it. I will not retract.
Voices-(going down stuirs)-Wo will sec
-wo will seo !..
* Mr. Lovoridge (to thc Ringleader, leaning
o^or tho banisters)-Will you not tell mo your
hamo? You aro speaking to mo liken mon
behind a, blnpk bilk mask. Will you not let
ino respcot your courago ? . Your brute cour
age ?
Tho IMnglcndor--Wu, T will not give you my
name. You can find it put. Kv cry one knows
mo. You heed my warning. . ' ,
. Afr, Loyeridgo-*-/fhcn I cannot oven respect
you. for .physical or brute courage Cannot
v this ofowd furnish, oho champion, to fight Uko
a man,--with one poor, sick, fregilo oitizon liko
' ?nysoli?% I.only weigh 118 poupds. , . ., i
The orowd went down muttering ourses, anti
"well see." ;
I w?nt on pmiHng my papers. A RebubH
oart grober, that I Will not post, for ho M not
oyen flt to Whip, oaino in and snid, a Mr. Lov
.or'hJgfe, pienso withdraw my rtdvortiseniont.'/
V'&W? said I, " tho order" p$ nccdlcss^-it. hps
?iccn dope" ?How .inuoh hoyo I to/pay?"
t Nothing, sir, to yon-I do not 'wish your
mon?y." n He ! lie I Iib !" laughed tho gro
ocr) ".then T nm rio nmoh tho rielar." (Thai
marn will hover rcnoh f ophot,) Ho then took
my mail book; ?You' nro'?ond.ing popers
. South," ?aid lie " Veiy wei) ! It is none
^Qf your business." I solzcd^ thp mall bpok;,
.ilu pointing Iq tho stairs, wiiispeieu, '' YUH
go (towri ?titira, at once." Ho left.
'" Cn litsi Wny.tO-tbo post?nico with his 'mails,
M/.^dvwidgo.was pursuod and seitiod by tho
mb, aod wo? ^ei? ?roui;tl\Q?r,|?fto49.by thc
.,:rH..L^.U'j4,?l-.l t.j,^ ..JJ.Jt;U':V- i RJBityJU --'. '
Mayor. Tho noputnco wild with rage wrested
him from'tho Mayland threatened hilo with
death If ho'.(lid not demand Iiis pnpors from
tho mail, Ho was again saved by tho muni
cipal iniorpocitipn of thc Cl?icf Magistrate,
'Mr. Lovbridgo, thus closes his mirrotive of
outrage and brutalities, lt is obvious that hjs
intrepidity alono savcdjiiin front mortal inju
ry !
I diiro not, for tho s^ho of others, tell who
helped mo on my way. I was wutched, ns
were thoy. In Syracuse a gallows is erected
for ono of her wealthiest citizens. ThdSyrn
ouso Oourior is thrcotene'd wKh. sacking nnd.
its editors With tho gallows. In Xoekport
j thoro is no longer freedom of speooh. In Xtuf
falo J,ho Press is muzzled; I ho.vo papers to j
j prove this. ' "J
j G?utlomon of tho C?nndi?n press, thc duty |
of tho hour with j'ou is plain.. I do not como
hero to intorfcro in your politics, discuss our ;
institutions to plead for slavery, or do nny thing \
unbecoming a mun who.seeks au asylum from j
a Hoign of Torror. I do not ?sk you to indorse j
my statoiuCnts ; hut if you wish corroboration
it is plenty iu tho Republican prints.
Mr. Barnum, of Buffalo, comes out, end, in
nil tho papers, states ho is nocuscd of hobie a 1
Secessionist whon ho is a Republican, and hes '
let thc salaries of his hands run on whon they
Went to* thc war. Facts like theso show con
clusively that this war is tho Fronoh Rovoiu
tion, with thc additional horrors of thc sci vilo
demon t. A suspected man is unsafe To
koop your mouth shut will not do. You must
endorse tho war. You must obey thc mob.
Perhaps I am tho first of thc emigrants
from thc other side of tho linc, but I shall not
be tho last. This excitement must run its !
fearful length. It is nc longer n question be
tween North and South alone, but between
freemen of thc sonic section.
It is not pleasant to ho on exile, but it is
bettor than to bo thc slave o-" tho mob. If
" to thrive with tho time, mon must look liko
thc time," then all I can say is, I cannot
look like these days of blood. 1 hod ra th oj?
have freo speech and bear a froe heart, even
though under tho protection of a throne, than
fed I was a coward, tho tool of the vilest of
nil despotisms, that of a frantic, vicious mob,
who seize on times liko these to wreak their
course hatreds ou truer oud better men.
This rcoital of oruel wrongs in a Canada
paper has disturbed the ' I/incolnites. Thc
Tribune remarks upon it, mid timidly remon
strates ogaiust thc rudeness of the citizens of
Prof. Low's iErial Voyage
We condenso a few sentences from the
Professor's own statement of his late balloon
voyage, from Cincinnati to Unionvillo S.' C.,
in niue hourn, written by request of many la
dies and gentlemen living in thc sentions over
which he traveled :
His preparations for thc vo}'ago were com
pleted on Friday, tho 19th 'April. At 12
that uight ho commenced inflating his globe,
there was hardly a breath of air stirring, and
thc moon and stars shone brightly. At three
o'clock tho work was completed, about til reo
quarters of on hour more passed in making
attachments, adjusting instruments, consist
ing of a fiuc mercurial baromctor for measu
ring altitudes, tho altim?tre, for getting lati
tude, a telescope, thermometer, and a patcut
double polar linc needle coinpnss. Thus pro
vided, with a quantity of provisions, hot cof
fee, fruits, blankets, and a number of copies
of thc morning papers, just, from thc press,
and a good supply of ballast, thc new air di ip
gracefully ascended tho length of the rope.
Seeing that everything was right, the profes
sor bade adieu to thc friends who had so gen
erously denied their rest to assist him, and in
another moment tho " Enterprise " mounted
thc ethereal vault in a north-westerly linc.
Thc beauty of thc scene hero bailies descrip
tion ; the moon had set, and thc city of 170,
000 sleepers, with its thousands of gas-lights
glittering through tho pitchy darkness was in
describably beautiful. Through nu atmos
phere ns still us death, thc bold navigator as
cended higher and higher, until thc gas lights
gradually grew small ns the twinkling stars,
and ho felt that he was floating through the
heavenly orbs. At d. o'clock and fifteen min?
utcs, a grey light appeared in thc cast, and
tho city of Cincinnati, with lier tiny lights
still glittering through tho foggy mist, was fa
ding away on tho west north-west horrizon,
showing that his coast was a little south of
(. " At a quarter to 5 o'clock, tho light of
day was spread over thc surface of tho earth,
tho stars had disappeared, and thc beautiful
farms of tho Ohio Valley wcro spread in love
liness. At 6 o'clock and 5 minutes the sun
showed a golden rim above tho horrizon and
soon sent a golden shower over tho. globe over
head. Thc rays of thc sun drying the at
mosphere enabled the car to ascend tin alti
tude of 11,001) feet. At this height, my ap
petite hoing sharp, 1 partook of a hearty
breakfast, ofter which I took my glass for thc
purpose of hunting out objects of interest ; I
discerned high peaks of mountains on thc
eastern horizon. At nine o'clock I was pass
ing over thc northern range of thc Cumber
land'mountains, and herc my course changed
tothesouth-?ost. Below and for miles around,
WOB a barren wilderness, but ot some distance
ahciid I could seo an occasional farm house.
Being desirous of ascertaining with moro cer
tainty my exact position, I lot off gas, ohd
gradually approached tho earth. Sccinjj
some persons ot work in ? field, I asked,
" Whiit St'oto is this?" Tho men, without on
sworing, looked in all directions but upwards,
and fearing that I should miss them, I again
sang out at thc top of my voice, when tho i'e
ply came, " Virginia-" they still looking ft
a clusfor of bushes, from whenoo probublj
came the echo. I thou naked what county
and threw out somo sand to clear tho top3 o
sonic tall tress. This struck thc gio?nd wit!
. aspottcr, and caused bh.Opf toloog up, and in
stead of answering tho question, a yell of hor
ror arose from thom, arid if tho fleetness p
foot- is an/ indication of fright, .thoti tho;
must have bcoti terribly frightened."
" I WOB now mounting iipvvards, and ot li
mjnutcs to 10 o'clook, I orossod tho Allogha
. pies, going a trifilo oust of South.. About 71
mile? ?head was tho. Blue Bid'go mountain*
extending north and south ns far os,the ey
. colild roach, nnd to tho. south-enst could dis
tiiictly seo UH highest ppaks ^hioh divide
: North and South Carolina. By, disohorgin
ballast ami lotting off gos, I renohed on ft??l
tud'e of 22,5UQ foe.b^nbqvo the loyd of th
son. Hero the- thorm?.niotor.foR 10 degree
bfiloW zOro, tho wis tot, fruit nndI other thinp
froze, and it required all tho clothing an
blankets I had to kcod me warm. But I ho
K gained ono victory-I had. cleared tho nio?i
' tains,'.-whoso, tops wbrp covorcd With sno*
find wart rapidly moving to tho- cost, ft wi
pow 12 o'clook and,? could distinguish th
blue oo'oah In tho pastor ti horizon, Not liff"
1 lng ballast, eiihugh, to .r?ma<n nt thnt grei
. ' heigh bj I gradually descended :to titbit) IS
[.&,%,.. ^ ?>-???' 'J .'. j'L ,'i.1 ?,".I,1. J.?~^-1?,-L^iR^Sft
060 (del of tho earth, lloro tho current was !
a lijtlo south of cast, and knowing ?lint tho ",
const in that direction was ott uninhabited 1
swamp, and being desirous of landing near a i
milfyad, i descended to look out a good place.
1 heard the firing of cannon, and concluded
I was nour soino village, ami on nearing tho
carthy over'a plantation, caused grefit cousteir
uatiou ariiong.tho inhabitants. They would
riot rondo? mo any neslstance, but threatened i
destruction to the " hellish cbutrivanco V that
had frightened thom so ; but I learned that I n
was in tho township of Spnrtanburg, near thc i
lino of North and. South, CuroHna. They i
would-not b?liovo that I had left Cincinnati <
thrit thorning, ?ind informed mo, that they,'
would bc vory thankful if I would leave, and 'i
ordered tho negroes to let go tho ropes. I i
ascended 7000 feet, pud traveled pbout twen- ]
ty miles fWthcr cast, which occupied.half on
hour, during which .time 1'heard many dis? i
tdinrgesof what I took to bo musket?. Not i
knowing, but being apprehensive that ?Ho;
globe was tho- obj cot of firing, I prepnVcd for i
making sjgunls, when 1 should again near tho i
earth. Thus prepared with hat in ono hand I
and valve ropo in tho othor, I began to do- i
scend. When within half a milo of thc <
earth I heard Joud cries .of terror, and sow 1
people running in all directions, but was de- <
termiuedto land this time, conic what would. I
lu five minutes moro tho anchor took .a firm i
hold in ft ?hort scrub oak, and tho car gently |
touched the ground I snw several heads
peeping around n log hut-I called thom, but !
thoy took no notice, until I threatened to cut 1
looso and run over them, when two whito 1
boys, thrco old ladies and three negroes ven
tured within 20 feet of nie. A gust of wind
touched thc balloon, and they ninden stampede, i
but when I told them it was fastened, und i
could hot hurt them,' they returned in coinpn- i
ny with a stalwart youngwoman, six feet high 1
and well proportioned, and took hold of thc : .
cur. I inquired what was thc matter in thc
house, and was told that several, old persons 1
were praying, ns they thought thc day of \
judgment bad conic. I then nsked if nny ]
white mon were ubout. They said they ex- I
pectcd them every minute, that they saw the
great thing coining mid had run for their guns. <
Men arrived with muskets, threatening dc- I
struction to thc "devil" that could travel i
through the air ; olio added that he followed ;
it ten miles and had shot at it six times. The i
tall young woman assured mc there was no |
danger, for all the men then in thc neighbor- |
hood were cowards, thc brave ones having I
gone to the wars. Procuring a team, the I
machine being pucked, under a guard of nillo t
armed men, 1 arrived at Cnionvillc, and ar- I
rived in front of u stone building with asnuill I
checkered window. A council was hold with :
thc jailor, who refused to allow any such uni- 1
nial as they described *.o como into thc build- ?
ing. I was then taken to a hotel, and soon i
fouud porsons of intelligence who assured me <
that 1 was among friends. Hero f remained i
over the Sabbath and was visited, by immy 1
persons of fine education, who informed mc that I
of all places in thc South, tho spot where I i
landed thc inhnbitants were the most ignorant, I
they could neither read nor write. Professor I
1.owe received tho hospitality of thc courto- j
ous Citizens of Uniouvillo, und a card, ac- \
knowledging the receipt of Ciucinati papers I
of tho sumo date, signed by tho following ..
gentlemen, P. M. Wallaco, Editor, A. W. ]
Thompson . Jesse Lamb, M. H., Joseph Pant, <
Sherill', Thoma'.; MoNally and A. Powcl.-- i
Professor Lowe expects to cross thc Atlantio i
Ocean in two days, during tho ensuing sum- s
mer in a balloon. i
Sut's Experience with Sody-Pouders
S?t related ?Jip story thus: George, did
you ever sec Sicily Burns ? lier dad lives at
the Until Snail: Springs, nigh to thc Georgy
lino!'' " Yes, a vory handsome girl." "lian- j
sonic! that WU rd don't kiver tho case ; it j
sounds like culling good whiskey water, when j
ye ar at n Big Spring and thc still house ten
miles off, an hit. a rninin, and yer flask only
lin I f full. Sho shows anning Wini incl, like H (
sunflower as compared to dog fennel and smart ,
weed and jiniscn. But thar ain't no usc try- (
in to describe her. Couldn't crawl thru a (
whisky bari with both beds stove out. if it .
wur hilt study fur her, and good foot holt at (
that. She wuis j ist too hunderd and twenty- j
six. pounds, an stands sixteen bunds hi. She r
never got in an arm "cheer in her life, un you \
cnn lock thc top hoop of a churn ur a big dog (
collin* round her waist. Pvc seed her jump (
over the top of a split'hottum cheer, an never (
show her aukcls ur koto' her frock tail on it. \
rfhe karrid devel anuff '.b '.cr to fill a fore j
boss waggin bed, with a skin PS white as the
inside ol' a frogstqol, cheeks an lips as red ns
grannys rod ihm oin pettykoto; au sich o
smile 1 Oh, I bc dratted if thar's cny uso n
talkin. That gal kud make me murder old | '
Bishop Solo hissel, or kill m;mi, not to speck
of dad, cf sho jist hinted shu wnntcd.sich n
thing dun.
" Well, to tell it nt oust, she wur a gall nil
over, from thc pint uv her toe miles to thc I
longest hair on the hieet. nob uv her hed-r-gul
all thc time, every whar-and ov tho cxoit'uiist
kind. Ov corse I lent up to her ns close us I
dar to, and in spite of liing leg".-appetite' for
whiskey, my shirt skrapo, und dad's acting
boss, she kinder lont to me, and I wus bogip
njn tu think I wus jist tho greatest and com
fort ablist niau on yearth, not execptin Jim
Buckliannon cr Brigham Yung, with all his
radii cullcrcd, vinkled wimnicn, crudels full of
babies, an his Big Salt Lnik tbrowed in.
Well, one day a cussed, desciven, palaveren,
st i ukin Yankee peddler, all jaok nife an jaw,
cum to ole mon Burnses, with a lode of apple
purins, ciilllckcr; rlbbins, jusohnrps and s-o-d-v
p:0-w-d-o-r-s. Now, hi I nd, rdiiovor hern tel)
of that truck afore, un 1 bo durned cf ? don't
want it to bo thc lust-wus not tifio p?udcr-^*
wus not purousshin-threo times ns smart nn
hurts wits, heap. wus. Burn him-durn all
Yuiikoo peddlers, und dtirii their.principles
and practisls, I soy. I wish ? had all thesody
powder they over modo in.his cussed paunch,
and a 'slow -match fixed ttl him, and I had a
chunk ov five, (tho feller what found'h peace
of bini.big cimff to fed? a opekroach ought to
bi? King of tho Sultari's hurottt A .thousand
years for his luck. Tba ain't human, no how.
Tho mint ut Piladoify is thai* heaven; they
think their God'eats, half diihos for breakfast,
linches tho leay i ps fur dipnor; mid swallow a
cent on' a dried' apple for'slippery ?et? on a
fitftnipin iriuehltpo for a throne, sl?rips on ti crib
frill of half dollars, and measures men Ijkc mo
pey , hy count, ' .'hey haint phip ov, tjietn got
ft nob).but what, laid dapec b jig in a babbage
seed, arid leave room for tho fiddjor.
" Vyo|l,;Sioily sho bought a tin box itv tho
sody friim hiiti; nn hid it aw'oy fruni her folks,
a Hitvin ty fur mo. . J happen. |p pass ne* day,
?nd ?v course I stopt to onjoy a look af tlio
tpiritcf, iirid sho wbn pilty luv}n tb. utc-^put
wun rtrm round mi irepk, and tolKcf end whur
tlio circinglo gooObund rv boss, tu?k thc'* in
tutti oh pie with het left f?oV 'ond-'gin rnd' a
\??. abo, S?tty, Iciv?, Pvogot flritti-vfliV
l? l?L'?J jill! ll fM *. ' . J JfeLUU'v'?'^ lU.'Lft.l'iJlL'.'i.-J?".'.'! MI
fur yo^a new scnsashuiiT--an I believed it', for j
I begun to feul it already. My toes felt Uko
liltol ni i oners ^.W ur a niblin at 'cm<-? cold
?streak nm vi)) and dovfii-uiy back like a lhYud
with n turkey bey after linn iu scttin time,
my bart felt, not and onsat?sfi?d like', nu then
I'd a out old Soul's throat, if she'd hinted at
ncedscsslty for sieh a opernshuo. ' Thou she
pored out ten or twelvo niuo papers ov tho so
dy iuter a hip tumbler, yniid about tho saim
number ov wliito wuns inter tn th cr tumbler,
[iud put ni onto a pint of water on both of'eui,
nitid stu rd 'cm both up with her finger, lookin
ns soil um ns a ole jackass in a sno storm,
when thc fodder's all gin out. She hiitwuu
rihilo she told mu-to drink, tuther. I swidlcr
?d it ot wun run-tasted salty.like, I thot
it wur part uv tho ?onsnshun. Hut J wur
ipistnkcn, all ov thc cussed infurtid sciisnshun
wur to cum, and it wornt long nt it, boss, I'll
tell ycr. Then she gin mo tuther tumbler;
ind 1 sent it after tho fust, race boss fushun.
"'In about n uiinit mid a half I thot I'd
swallered a thrashiii mcrshcen iii full blast,
ur.n couple of bull dogs, and they bad Sot'ip.
[er fitin. 1 seed that I wur cotched aginW
snmo famerly disposition to mnik cussed fools
5v themselves cv ry 'chance-so 1 broke for mi
boss. 1 stole a look back, mid thar Sicily hiy
sn her back in the porch, :i scrcamin with laf
fin, lier heals up in thc h(v, a kickin uv thom
together like sho was a try i ii to krick her slip
pers off. Hut I had no tune tb look thou, so
tho rode from mo to tho house was full of
foam, two feet wido and, four inches deep
looked like it had bin n snoin-poppiii, und a
liissin, and a billn, liken tub of bot sope suds.
I lind gcthcred a cherry tree lim as 1 run, ti il*
I lit a straddle of my boss, a Whippin and n
kiukin like mad. This, With tho skcery nois
es I mndC./for 1 wur n whislin, an a bissin,
in a sputtenn, outer mouth, noso and . eyes,
like a steine injiiic), sot him to rnrin and co
..oiling like ho wus sheered out'n his censes.
Well, bc went. Thc foam maid, and thc ole
black boss flew. Ile jest mizzled-wired ni
lu doth, and so wur I. So we 'greed on thc
pint ov thc greatest distance in thc smallest
Limo. .
" I nmod fur T)octur Goodman's at thc lli
ivassec Copper Minos, to pit tumthin to stop
the explosbun in my inards. I met a scrkit
rider on his travels toward? a fried chicken
ind a hat. full of ball biskits. As I cum tarin
doug he hilt up his hands liku he wanted to
pray fur, mc, but boin ns I proferd fisick to
prayer, in mi pccoolinr sittywashuu at that j
time, I jest rolled along. Ile tuck a skecras
I cum ni on tu him, his faith guv out, an' he
lodged boss, saddilbegs mid overkote, inter a
thicket, jest like you'vc seed a terkil take wa
ter of n tl log, when a tarin big steamboat ennis
dong. As bc past ole man TJurnses, Sicily
liailed lum, and axed* him lt he'd met any ho
ly in a burty gwino up thc read. -The poor
niau thought perhaps he did and p'rhaps he
lidn't, but he'd seed a site, uv a spook, uv a
frost, uv ole Beelzebub himself, uv the komit,
lie didn't iidzaok'iy no which, hut buken nil
things tugether, and thc short time he had fur
prcparnshnn, he thought ho met a crazy, long
egged, sjiakiu Quaker, a flCcin fruin thc rath
!o kum, on a black and white spotted boss, a
ivljippin ov him with a big brcsh, and bed a
whiteboard what cum fruin ni unto lils eyes
0 the pumiuil of thc saddle, and then forked
in went to lils noes, and then sumtinies drnp
U'd in bunches as big asa brow's nest to the
ground, and bcfim a sound like u rushin of
nity waters, and he wur mightily exercised
ibout it any how. Weih I guess he wur, an'
?o wur his fat boss, and wur ole blnckey wust
jxcrcised ov all ov cm wur I, myself. Now,
george, all this beard and spots on thc boss,
ind steam, and (ire, and sno, and wiro taits, is
mdaoions humbug- It all cum out'n my in- I
irds, droppin out'n my mouth without enny \
..oinitin or effort, and cf it hadn't I'd a busted ,
nto more pieces than thar is nigs in a big cat- [
ish. The Luvongoods arc all confounded
bois, and dad ain't thc wust. uv 'cm."
TiIK DUTY OF ALI,.-- War, at best, is n
Ired ful scourge. Most wars ordered or per
mited by God, arc judicial punishments for
bc wickedness of a nation. Often nations
Hjiially wicked, aro allowed lo cxecuto His
mrposos on each other, and nations are soine
iniCB divided to scourge each section. Our
?resent case may bo one of this sort. Pcrson
d wickedness has been rampant in thc coun
,ry for yoars. . Political degeneracy, official
?irruption, fraud, trickery, and moral dogrn
lation have infested and ruined and porvort
;d the government. ?W./?ak. wicked men have
nought it to the precipice over which i| has
umblcd. Yet we cannot doubt that God has
1 mission for our country, yet unaccomplished.
Upon this land rests thc responsibility and
.he.duty,' of spreading thc light and enlar
ging the area of civil and religious libertyT
This perhaps, can bc better done by two
?. three Repuldics, than by one.
God may chastise us. -What is our duty
n such a. caso '( First, let us ' not fight
igainst. God. Ho must bc propitiated by TO
icntence, humility, and reformation. Kosist,
r'ouv enemies, but propitiate Johov/di. lie
s just and merciful, Repent towards God,
mt fight for ymir country, for your rights, for
r'our wives and your children. Fight, but
?roy.' Hujiish intemperance, swearing and li
;entiousncss from your armies and your peo
n?a. If you must figlit, yet repent lind pray,
mt fight, and God will boar and forgive.
[N O. Mvovntf?.
OP thc Commissioners of Roads and Bridges
of tho 6th-Regiment, S. C M.
Whereas, a v ile having been served upon
dip Commissioners of thc 5th Regiment, S, C.
M., Fall Tomi, 18(10, for not reporting ns thc
aw directs, wc bog loavc to submit the fol
lowing Report of Receipts bud Expenditures
for, the year A. D. 18?0:
J. W. Singleton, Treasurer, in account with
Roard of Commissioners of Roads and Pridgosi
Money in formor Treasurer'^ hands, 352 53
I'aid to Carter Durham, by former
? 'Tnensuror, part for building . ;
Rridgo on Rico's Creek, 8 35 00
Ry tho same to bhjsha Al
exander, for Plank to covr
cr: Hoggs' Rridgo,'/ 15 00
?Jpor cont: 'Commission, 1 25
' ? * . _ . I ... 61- 25 : . \
Oats' lftU-llocuivcd of 33
. Griffin, former Treasurer, 8. 1 08
rho'assessment for tho your",
18(10/was ' i < SOO 00
5?ny 5-^Rcooived of J*. W. v . .
CnryfT. O., : ' ." -\* . TOO 00
Mayl2^-?tec?ivodV J,W.
?..Cnry; l\ '0,r t% . -, ' 200 00 j
May 28 -Roco?Yc4?f $. A.
s Gary fot ebtray,Sheep; o ,1 50"
J\dy?4^1tecelvcd of J. W.r -
,??,CwwT/U,,f:;.,' :l4(J0,00' '
?l J.yi?U?4jjUJJ-JLLl.??J JJX"J.'J!.- aV-?-J-l-'-JUl.1..
Sept. 20~-Rcco?vcd of Lar
kin ll uglies fot estray
Sheep, 1 00
?ct. 8~Rcccivcd of Wm.
Hester,'jr., for estray
yearliugi i 2 86
Oct. 18-Received of Hen- "
ry Williams for 4 cstroy
Sheen, 4 00
Received of J. Bates
for cstrny Sheep bcforoT
was appointed Treasurer, '
' Which I had not returned
, to tho Treasurer, 1 50
, " , 871 93
May 5--Paid, hy order of
"Hoard, to Richard Lend- ;
hart, for repairs on Georg
es' Creek Bridge, 8 l-l 00
May 12-Paid Hebert Trot
ter for work on Blythe's
Bridgo, 20 00
May 12-Paid J. B. Hen
drix for blasting Hock on
Kastatoo, 40 00
May 12-Pnid Alfred Mc
Crary for blasting Hock
on Kastatoe, 14 50
May 10-Paid W. T. Shu
mate for work done on
Georges' Creek Bridge by
Henry Lark,coin. Briggs'
order, 84 00
May 19 - Paid S. Powell for
J. ll. Coleman for repairs
on Karie's Bridge, 7 50
Tune 2-Paid J. H. Wil
liams for removing drift,
from Kayle's Bridge, I 50
July 13 -Paid James purr
for repairs on Chicks'
Bridge, 20 40 .
July 14-Paid Win. Holden
for work on Blythes'
Bridge. 75 00
July 14--Paid J. W. L,
Cary balance of an order
to Carterl hirlia in for wm k
on Bice's Creek Bridge, 14 50
July 17-Paid J. B. Clay- -
ton for work on Twelve
Milo and Golden's Creek
Bridges, 100 00
July 25-Paid lt. F. Mor
gan for Plank to cover
lower Kerwee Bridge, ll 10
July 25-l'aid J. C. OBry
ant for repairs on upper .
Keowoc Bridge, ?. 18 00
July 28- Paid B. C. Toncs
for repairs on ?Trtgood's
and Peter's Creek Bridges 5 00
A.ug. 2-Paid C. Barret for
repairs on Georges' Creek
Bridge, 15 00
Aug. 4-Paid S. N. Wil
liams for B. V, Mauldin
an order to Sol. Wade for
work on George's. Crock
Bridge, OG 00
Aug. 28-Paid II. C. Briggs
money ho had advanced
to Lynn Watson for work
on beasley's Bridge, 10 00
Sept. 4-Paid C. C. O'Bri
ant part for rebuilding Kl
?its* Bridge on Twelve
Mile Hiver, 30 00
Sept. 8-Paid J. T. Ri
Hunt part for rebuilding
Shoal Creek Bridge, , 83 15
Sept. 10-Paid ll. C. Briggs
for Sol. Wade for work
oil Saluda Bridge, 30 00
Sept. 20-Paid Jumes Mc
Adams part of uti order
for work, on Georges'
Creek Bridge, 80 00
Dot. 5-Paid Jere. .Looper
for building Bridge over
Poll Branch, near Wolf
Creek, . - 5 00
Jct. 18- Paid W. -ty' Wil
liams for repairs on Ha
good 'M and Peter's Creek r
Bridges, 28 25
078 90
l\percent, com. on $871.93, 17 43
" ** ;.'?< ? " 078.90, 13 57
To balance, cash on hand, S102 08
All of which is respectfully submitted.
J. W. SiNOI.KTON, Treasurer.
Thc Board of Commissioners of Hoads,
Bridges und Kerries of the 5t)i Hogiment, S.
&>M. respectfully ropoit that the General
Board for Pickens District at'its regular nh
aual meeting on tho 2d day of January -lust,
isscsscd the smu of '?'?h per cent, on tho State
rax, which realized thc su in of $1889.51--,
>f which tho Tieasuror of the" said Board re
solved of thc Tax Coi lector the stun of eight
liuudred mid sixty dollars (SStJO ) as t he pro
portionable part, according "'> ?be liabilities of
sa eli Bogimept. Tho General Board trans
ictcd but little business after assessing thc Tax.
Thc Board of the 5th Hogiinent met on thc
Hil day of April, and organized, by appointing
K, IL Griffin, Chairman, ?L i ("Mayton, Sec
retary, and J. XV. Singleton, .'easurer, who
^avo his.bpmlI ii&'.lho law directs. '?'. "
The Board then took un the regular busi
loss before tho body : An order was passed
o pay Riobard Lendhart for repairs on Geofg
)s' Creek Bridgo* 14.00; un order.to pay
Hubert Trotter for work on Blythe's Bridge,
>20.00; inf order to pay J. B. Hendrix for
blasting Rock.on Knstatoiv $40.00 ; .an order
:o pay Alfred Mc?rary for blasting Rock on
Kastatoo, $14.50j* an.order to pay W. T,
.ilntinatc for 'wo?k'dono ni? Georges' ('reek
Bridge byljenry Lbrk, $84.00 j an order to
pay S. Bowel for J. IL Coleman for repairs
JU Karla's Bridge, $7.50 ; un order to pay
Tnhjes Farr for'repairs on Chick's Bridge,
520-40; an Order to pay Wm. IJphhm for
ivork'on Blythe's 'BrUlg??> $75.00.; n/i order to
pay'X W. L. Cory balance Of nn order to
Sartor Durham ?J? Work on Rjoo's Creek
l\ridge,'814.50.; on order to.pny J. If, Clayton
for Work on Twelve Mile and GqldopVi Creek
Bridges, $100.00'; , a?-order to IL t\ Morgan
for. Plank to, cover lptfoV IvooWe^o Bfldge,
EHt.lQj. an. ord?r to pay J. O'; OvBry')nt for
ropidra.oi), upper Kcow'eo Bridge, $18,00.} an'
jrc??r to pay t?. C. Jones for repairs on Ha-,
gpbd's and Peter's Creek Bridges', $5\00 ; an
:>?der to.pny C.'iWrott for impairs on George's
Creek Bridge, $10.00 ; an order td pay'S, N.
Williams fer B. P. Mtfuldin for work on
Goingo's. Crook Bridge,. $06.00; nn ordonto
pay Hi O. Briggs nigney adypnocd ty> 'fry if $
Watson for w?rk on KVlpy's yrfdge, ^L0;0l)^
ari order to CO". ?'Ifc'iamVin nanibrVbbulld
o)dor Jo pav II C. Briggs.for Sol. Wade for
work pu ?fclt?U Bridg?? ^O?OO) Aa 'OrdeMo
i i
poy' Janees McAdams port, of on Order for J
work on Geprgo's Crook Bridgo, #80.00 ) mt
ordor to pn^ Jeremiah ?iOop?r for building
Bridge'over Voil Br?moh, near Wolf Ctepk,
86.00; and un order to pay AV. W. Williams
for repairs on Ilagood's Bridge and Poler's
Creek Bridge, $28.26: amounting to
8078 00
2porcont.com., 18 67
" ."? " ? on 8871.08, 17 48 - - .
700 00
Bnlnnco on band, 8MJ2 08
All of Which is respectfully submitted.
j Tho members composing stjid Board ard ll.
C.'-Briggs, commissioner, to whom has been
aligned to superintend ?nd to keep in renpair
j thc following" Hoads, to wit : The Enslcy's
j Bridgo Hoad from Pickonsvillo to said Eas
I ley's -Bridge ; Pickons O. II. Bond t? Cox's
1 Bridge; 'Chick's Bridge Bond from Mose?
'Hendrick's to the Trap Road ; Trop Bond
and Cedar Bock Hoads with n sm nil portion of ,
Cross Hoads, making almost fifty miles, ull
posted, with signboards up.
J. W: Singleton, commissioner, who lins thc
. following Hoads ; IMekensville and Pumpkin
town Hnnd from Cedar Book Hoad to Carpen
j tor's Creek j Classy Mountain Hoad iVotn Piok
I ensville to Pumpkintown Hoad; lingood's
j Bridge Hoad from Piokeusyillc; Cedar Hock
I Hoad to Carpenter's Creek ; Pumpkintown
Hoad from the Trop to Pickensvillo ; Michael
I drynie's Hoad to the Trap ; Chick's Bridgo
Hoad (rom thc frap to Cedar Hock Hoad;
Bickens C. lt. Hoad from Ilagood's Bridge
Hoad to Piekcnsvillc and Pumpkintown Road j
! Chick's Bridge Hoad from ?PoSjs Hoad meeting
house to Cedar Hock Hood j beasley's Bridge
Hoad from linwood's Bridge Hoad to Karie's
Brid.ro on Saludo Hiver ; number of miles, 82,
and signboards al) up at the forks, except one.
W. W's Williams, coin missioner, , who hun
eharuc of tho following . Hoads : Hitgond's
Bridge Hoad from B. Jones' to J. B.. Hes
ter's, frpln thence to Ilagood's Bridge;' Pe
ter's Creek Hoad from linwood's Bridge Hoad
to Jeremiah Hobinson's ; making ll miles,
with signboards up at the forks.
-Henry Trotter J com missioner, has charge of
the followin.tr Honds j Ctesar's Head Hoad from
OohMioy Bridge to Saluda Hiver; Saluda Hoad
from Blythe's Bridge to Pumpkintown J ()(de
li ny Road fruin Kumpkintown to Chnstnin's
Illidge; Slicken Hoad from (.'ivjst.r's Head Hoad
tn Saluda at M"storV l??fd ; number of milos,
17. and signboards oil up at thc forks.
E. H. Griffin, commissioner, has ehnrgo of
the following Hoads : The Pickens Hoad from
Oolcnoy Bridge to Tu elvo-. Mile Bridge \fi
Baker's plantation ; Ambler's Hoad from Oolc
noy meeting-house by Hester's, to Pickons
Hoad ; Ilagood's Hoad from Piokotis Bond lo
Mrs. Barton's old place; Molly* Spring Hoad
to Chnstnin's Bridge; Piokonsvilln Rdad from
Pickons Hoad to Pickons Hoad at B. Holder's;
Pendleton Hoad to the division linc; Baker's
Road to Clayton's Mills, making 80 miles,
with signboards all up, with n few exceptions,
and they will bc put up in a few days.
T. H. Price, commissioner, hos 'ehnrgo of
thc following Hoads : Walhalla Hoad from
Twelve Mile to McKinney's Ford on Toxn
way ; Oolcnov and Eastatoe Hoad from .Wal
halla Hoad t"o Walhalla Bond ; Cove Hood
from Eastatoe Hoad to Hooky Bottom ; En s ta -
! toe Hoad from Walhalla Hoad to Isaac An
derson's ; New Hoad from Walhalla Hoad to
P. C. ll. ; Cane Creek Hoad to MoKiunoy's
Ford on Toxaway; McKinney's Hoad from
Eastatoe Hoad to McKinney's Ford on -To'xn
j way, 'milking fifty-one miles; sixteen sign
boards, nil np.
William Anderson,, commissioner, luis ehnrgo
of the following Hoads : Pickons Hoad from
Baker's Bridge to Campground ; Secolin Hoad
to Pickons Hood; Pumpkintown Road from
Mrs. Barton *s old place to tho Picken? Hoad;
Eastatoe Hoad from Eli Stansel's to. lino of
subdivision; Pendleton Hoad from Clayton's
Mills to Secoua Hoad ; Champ's cabin Bond
from Wm. Newton's to Twelve Milo Camp
ground, making 28 miles ; signboards up.
* J. A. Bollinger, commissioner, has clmrgo
of tho following Hoads : Cedar Hock Hoad
from Pickens C. II. to Twelvo Milo Uiver ;
Pickons Hoad from Cedar Hock Hoad to. tho
Shoilon Twelve Milo Uiver ; Greenville Hoad
from Pickons C. lt. to Twelve Mile ; Birches.
Kord Hoad from Birches' Kind to T welvo
Mile; Craven's Kuril Ruad to Birches Kord
Road ; Pumpkintown Road from Cedar Hock
Hoad to.line of subdivision; Easts too Hoal?
. from-Birches Kord Road tn' lino of 'subdivis
ion, making 43 miles; 9 signboards,all up nt
tho forks. %
R. K. Morgan, commissioner, has charge of
the following Roads, to wit : "Pendleton Road
from- Picketts C. H. to Garvin's. Bridgo ;
Hoggs' Road from Pendleton Ru.ul lo Hoggs'
Bridge; ?Six Milo Road from Pendleton Riwd
to Six Mile Church, making 12 miles, [tad 4
signboards, all up.' . ? v '
T ?I. W. ('lawford, oom missioner, has charge
of thc following , Hoads : Pendleton' Road
from Cnvvin's Bridge to the Anderson'line ;
Sloan's 'Road from Hoggs' Bridge to Pendle
ton Road ; Symmcs' Mill Road from Sloan's
Road to IS Mile Creek ; Wolf Creek Road
from Garvin's old plaee to Puudleto. , H04U ;
Sloan's"Kerry Hoad to Andersen linc,.making
38,1 ut les ;. signboards up. . '
..iorcmiali dooper, commissioner, bas charge
of thc following Hoads: Pendleton Hoad
from Mrs. Barrelt's.old place tu S. Clayton's;
Cedar, Rock Road from Twelve Mile tu .howl-'
er's Creek ; Piekcnsvillc and Pumplviiitown
Road from Rico's Creek to TiVvyn Ci ci k 3 l?as
tatoo Road from Pendleton Road to. Pic kens
ville. Road; Socotia Bridge Road from said
Bridgo to Cedar Rook Road ;"Pii;kensvil?o
Road from Cedar Rook Road to Elihu -Grif
fin's Bridge bu .Rite's1 Creek ; rtew Road from
Glassy Mountain to Mose's Hondiick.'s ; SbOnl
Hoad from Twelve M.i|e to Rico's Crook, ma
kin" 81 utiles ; signboards Up.
. J. R. CJayton; cpiuiuis.?unor, luis charge of
tho following Ronds: /Piokonsv?llo 1\Q$A to
thc "Anderson linc ; Pendleton ?lou? fr?rt)
PiokcusviUe tb the Anderdon line-two rouies
in lho;s:uno direction1; Slobtowu Hqivd from
/iUoe's^Crtck to pontlletouBd?d;G ret?n ville
R?Vd from Tw?lvo Milo to Pickonsvillo ; Pens
glot?n Road from Rico's Crook t0; Garvin's
old pince j Shoal Ronri from .Bfoo'sj Creek- tb
Greenville Hoad ; Williatnstoh Hood from . A
JJ. Clayton's to Anderson lino; Hendrix's
-Rond from Twelve Milo River fetH?^?fr
linmaton Hoad, milking nboudOO uiilc? j gigii
Jboards up. Tho Roads oro nil iii good order.
.-. v V E. H. G?UKKIN, Gliairtoph.
VJ. Bv CbAY'?ON,' CJurk.
5[VH8t MABUY & . SLOAN .bmx ta Inform- ?their
J?'friends amb patrons that they .baye removed,
their dilled lo thc- brick building formerly oc^p?lu
by RV T; J> PiokboS, Vhoro opeo*" tho othepifyiy
alway* bu. found, oxcept when professionally ab
sout' ?. M AUW & SLOAN.
Wieton, 18r mi - ? 2? ti
*? v # ? ? .

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