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There ls nn evening twilight of tho henri,
When Sta wild passion-waves nie lulled to rest,
And the oyo sees life'? fairy scenes depart,
As fados tho day-beam in tho rosy wost.
'Tis with lin ame\oss 1'oeling of regret
. Wo gaze Upon thom as they melt away.
And fondly would wc hid I hem linger yet,
Dut hopo is round IIB with lier angel lay,
Hailing alar some happier moonlight hour;
Doav arc her whispers still, though lost their carly
Jn youth the chook was crimsoned with lier glow !
Hov smile waa loveliest then ; her matin song
"Was Heaven's own music, and thc note of woo
Was all unheard her sunny howers among.
Life's little word of bliss was newly borti ; .
Wo knew not. cared not. it was horn to die.
Flushed willi thu cool broozo and tho dews of morn.
With dancing heart wc gazed on the puro sky,
Ami mocked (lie passing clouds that dimmed itu
Like our own sorrows then-as fleeting and ns few.
And m nihood felt lier sway too-on thc oyo,
Half realized, lier carly dreams hurst brigid,
Her promised bowor of happiness seemed nigh,
Its days of joy. its vigils of delight ;
And though at times might lower thc thunder
And thc red lightnings threaten, still thc air
?Was balmy with lier breath, an.l lier loved form,
.Tho rainbow of the heart, was hovering lhere ;
'Tis ia life's UOOtltUle sho is nearest seen.
Her wreath tho summer flower, her robe of Hum
mer green.
Bul though less dazzling in her twilight dress,
There's more of Ilea n's puro beam about her
now ;
That angel Binllo of tranquil loveliness,
Which thc henri worships, glowing on lier brow ;
That smite shall brighten the dim evening star
That points our destined tomb, nor e'er depart
Till the faint light of life is fled afar.
And hushed tbi* last deep boating of tho heart ;
Thc meteor-berircr of our parting breath,
A moonbeam ia thc midnight cloud of dentin
Letter Lom Mr Vallaodighnm
PAYTON, OHIO, May 13, 1801.
To Messrs. Richard ll. Hendrickson, N. CL
Ogleshy, John McClellan, Wm. J. Wilclo,
Simon 0oldman, .lames Cl. Lummis, 1). II,
Peek, .T. F. Hand. .lohn ll. JoitOS, A. 0.
(Jhindenning, H. 1*. Clough, J. C. Parries
und W. W. Settoll, Middletown, Ohio:
Oontlemcn : Yours of tho Otb instant, re
questing my opinion upon certain points con
nected with what you justly style thc prose ll l
" inglorious, and it. may be bloody war," hus
been received. That opinion war long si noe
formed, and wai} repented ly set forth through
the press or by speech and vote in the House
of Represen tatt von Inst winter, and re-affirfnod
in n card dated on the 17th of last month, a
few day? after the commencement of thc wnr.
lint inasmuch as I never had occasion to dis
cuss this particular question nt length, 1 beg
leave. U> adopt the following admirable sum
nnry of tho ease in nu extract from a carefully
prepared and exceedingly able speech of the
Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, in tho Senato of
the United States, Marou 15th( 1-801 :
<( I prefer audi) an amicable settlement to
peaceable disunion ; and I prefer it a thous
and limns to civil w.ir. If wo can adopt such
amendments ns will bc satisfactory to Virginia,
North Carolina, Tennessee, and the other bor
?dor States, the same plan of pioifiontion which
?will satisfy them will create n Union party in
lite cotton States which will soon embrace r.
large majority of the people in those States,
and bring thom back of their own free will
.ind accord; and thus restore, strengthen and
"porpolnate, tho glorious old Union forever. I
repeat, whatever sun run tees will satisfy Mary
land rtnd the border States (the States now in
tho Union,) will create n Union party in the
:seeoded States that will bring thom back by
tho voluntary action of their own people. You
.eau restoro and preserve tho Qoverntheut in
that mode. You can do ititi no other.
"Waria disunion. War is final, eternal
..separation.> Hence, disguise it as you tuny,
every Union man in Amono* must udvoonte
;such amendment,4] to thc Constitution ns will
- -preservo pateo and restore the Union ; while
.every disutiionist, whether open or secretly
.plotting its destruction, is the advocato of
peaceful secession, or of war, as tho surest
moans of rendering reunion and reconstruc
tion impossible. I have too much respect for
ibis intellect to believe, for ono moment, that
.thero is a pian for war who is not a disuuionist
per se. Hence T do not mean, if I cnn pre
vent it,-thiit the enemies of tho Unioh-men
- plotting to destroy it--shall drag this country
? ' -into war, under tho pretext of protocting thc
jpttblio proporty, nnd enforcing tho laws, and
.collecting revenue, when their object is dis
union, mid war tho menus of accomplishing n
?cherished purpose.
"Tho disunionists,.therefore, aro divided into
.two clnsses : tho ono open, thc other secret
?lisunionists. Thc ono is'in favor of pencoful
accession nnd-n recognition of independence ;
?tho other js in favor of wnr, ns tho surest
inenns of nocoinplishing tho object, and of
making tho separation final nnd eternal. I
nm n Union ninn. hnd hence ngninst war ; but
if tho Union must bo temporarily broken by
a revolution, and tho .ostublishiucnt of n Oe.
Jacto government. by Sonic of tho Stntcs,. lot
no not ho done that, will provent rcstorntiun
und futuro preservation. Penco is tho only
jiolioy that can lead; to that result.
. *i Hut wo aro told, and wo hear it repeated
everywhere, that wo must find out whether
wo have, got a Govcrnmcpt. " liny o Wc n
??.rovoriiniont ?" is tho question, and wo are
told wo must test that question by using tho
military power to put down nil djsoontontcd
Spirits. Sir, this question, M hnvo wo u. Gov
ernment V lins been propounded by overy
tyra tit who lins tried to keep bin. feet on tho
nooks, of tho people since tho world bognn.
When tho haroun demanded Maglia Ohnrta
, .frotn.Klng John at^Uthnymedc, bo oxolaiiuod,'
.u have woVOpvornmerit?" and cnllcd for bia
army, to pvu.down. tho .discontouted baronji.-^
W.huu". 'Charles vi'attempted to colleptfthe
flhip* money ii\ violation.of tho Constitution"
of vVpg1und, .nqditt.?isrc'gard of tho rights' of
tho people, and yt?B i'esi?te?! hy thom, lie ex
claimed, .* have wo u Government ? Wc
cannot treat with rebel?' put down tbo trait
ors ; wo must show that wo have a Go Vor Ut
meid." When James ll was driven from the
throne of England for trampling on tho liber
ties of the people, ho called for his army, and
exclaimed, " lot us HIIOW that wo have a Gov
ernment !" When Goorgo III called upon
his army to put down robcUion in America,
Lord North cried out lustily, " no compromise
with traitors ; let us demonstrate that we have
a Government." When, in 1848, thc pcoplo
rose upon their tyrants all over ldiropo, and
demanded guarantees for their rights, every
crowned head exclaimed, " have we a Govern
ment ?" and appealed to tho army to vindicate
their authority and enforce tho law.
"Sir, the history of the world does not fail to
condemn thc folly, weakness, nnd wickedness
of that Government which drew its .'-word upon
its own pcoplo when they demanded guaran
tees for their rights. This cry, that wc must
haven Government, is morely following tho
example of the besotted Bourbon, who never
learned anything by misfortune, never forgave
nu injury, never forgot an nflront. Mint wc
demonstrate that we have got a Government,
and coerce obedience without reference to thc
justice or injustice of tho complaints ? Sir,
whenever ten million pcoplo proclaim to you,
with one unanimous voice, that they appre
hend their rights, their firesides, and theil
family altars aro in danger, it becomes 0 wisc
Government to listen to tho appeal, mid to re
move thc apprehension. History docs not rc
cord an example where nuy humnn Govern
nient has been strong enough to crush tel
millions of people into subjection .when thc;
believed their rights nnd liberties were imper
iled, without first converting tho G over much
itself into a despotism, nud destroying thc Ins
vestige of freedom."
These were thc sentiments of thc Demo
oratio party, of thc Constitutional Union party
nnd of n largo majority of thc BcpUblicni
presses and party, only six weeks ago. The;
were min? ; I voted them repeatedly nloin
with every Democrat and Union man in th
House. I have seen nothing'to change, mwol
to confirm them, since; especially in these
cession, within the last thirty days, of Virginia
Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee, tn
king with them four millions and n half o
people, immense wealth, inexhaustible, r?sout
eos, fi ?i hundred thousand fighting men, am
tho {;raves of Washington and Jackson,
sh:.il vote them again.
Waiving tho question of tho doubtful legal
itv of tho first proclamation, of April 15tl:
calling out the militia for " three months,
under tho Act of 1705, I will yet vote to pa
them, because they had no motive but suj
posed duty and patriotism to move them j ant
moreover, they will have rendered almost th
entire service required of them, before Coi
gross shall meet. But the audacious usurp;
tion of President Lincoln, for Which ho di
serves impeachment, in daring, against th
very letter of tho Constitution, and wither
tho shadow of law, to " raise and support a
mies " and to " provide mid maintain a navy,
for three or five years, by mero exocutiv
proclamation, I will not. vote to sustain or ra
Iffy-never. Millions for defence ; not n mn
or n dollar for aggressive nnd offensive war
Tho war has had man}' motives for its con
niencomcnt ; it can have but ono rcsul
whether it. lust ono year or fifty years -fina
eternal separation, disunion. As for coi
quest and subjugation of thc South, I wi
not impeach tho intelligence of any ma
among yon, by assuming that you dream (
it as nt ' Mine or in any way possible.
Remember HIL warning of Lord Chatham 1
tho British Parliament; "My Lords, yo
cannot conquer America." A pubiio del
Of hundreds of millions, weighing us un
our posterity down for generations, we emin
escape. Fortunato .shall we bo if we cseu*,
with our liberties. Indeed, it is no ,long?
so much a question of war with tho Soutl
as .whether we ourselves are to have Constiti
lions and a It cpu bl ?cnn form of Govcrnmci
horonftor in the North and West.
In brief, I nm for thc Constitution fir?
and at all hazards ; for whatever eau now I
saved of tho Union next; nnd for pence ti
Ways, ns essential to thc preservation of i
thor. But, whatever any one may think
thc war, one thing, nt least, every lover
liberty ought to demand inexorably, that
shall bo carried on strictly subject to tho Co
Tho p?ace policy was tried; it arrested f
cession, nnd promised n restoration of tl
Union. Thc policy of war is now upon trin
in twenty days it ha? driven four States ni
four millions and n half of pcoplo out of tl
Union nnd into tho ConfodoVaoy of tho Sout
lu a little wdiile longer it will drive ont, als
two or four moro States, and two titillions
threo'millions of people. Wav may, indee
bo tho policy of thc Kust, but penco is n ii
eessity to tho West.
1 would have Volunteered nothing, gentl
men, nt this time in regard lo thi." civil wa
but, ns constituents, you bad a right to kw
my opinions and position j nnd briefly, b
most frankly, you hnvo thom.
My only nnswer to those who indulge
slander and vituperation, was given in tl
card of thc 17th of April, herewith enclose
Very truly, C. Ii. VAT.LANIMOIIAM,
IT lins boen reported that sovornl of t
rogimonts which huvo boon mustered into t
service in this oily, mid which, utider t
.u spices of tho Union Defence Com ip it ti
hnvo-been drawing rations, aro rcnlly not fd
but hnvo boan inndo to npponr so by fi .Hit io
muster-rolls, nnd hy making the Same men
duty over and over again when mustered
by companies by tho inspecting officer ; m
aro also behoved to have, boon lent from o
regiment to another (or this purpose Tin
it is said, that bodies consisting of only 8i
Or 40? *mon havo boob dra\Y??g dfojly ratio
for 800 to tho groat loss of tho treasury, a
thc profit of &?\?eboyiy:~-XcW York Tribiu
Particulars of tho Fights at Acquia Creek <
and Fairfax.
Wo clip thc following from the corrcspon- |
dence of the Richmond Dispatch :
FltKl)KUICKsm:iui, June 1. - l have just'
! returned from our batteries nt Acquia Creek,
I where I witnessed ihe fight of yesterday, and ?
to day, between four five United States stca
j mers und our battery at the Creek.
On Thursday evening last, four United
j States steamers, one of them tho u Anncos
tia," were seen lying off " Muryland Point,"
and our brave boys anticipating a brush, pre
pared nt once to give thom a warm reception.
On Friday morning, about 10 o'clock, the
" Anacostia" and three other learners were
seen to get under way, and approaching with
in two and a half miles of the battery, open
ed fire on it. Our beys promptly respelled,
and thc lire was continued an hour and a half
between tho steamers and battery, when
Walker's Flying Artillery, supported by the
lt. Ii. I. Blues, Capt. Wise, of your city,
came up with a ruu from Marlboro' Point,
and opened on the steamers, the fire continu
ing for an hour and a half. Puring tho en
gagement several men were seen to fall on the
steamers, and it is generally believed that at j
least one of the. vessels was badly in jil red, ns j
all of them withdrew from thc light about 4
o'clock; Puring the engagement a shot from
a rille piece on ono of the steamers passed
ovor our battery, about 200 yards over head,
and foll two miles in rear. The men in the
battery sustained no i.ijuvy. the only damngc
done being tho tearing to pieces of thc officers
quarters by n shell from thc enemy's gun.
j To day, about ll o'clock, tho " Anacostia,"
a large three-masted steam propeller, supposed
to be the Pawnee, and four other vessels,
carno in sight, three of thc steamers opening
on our battery. The fight was continued for
six hoiirs, thc vessels hiing f>00 shot nt us
without doing the slightest injury, notwith
standing Hie fact that the shell fell thick as
; hail around our battery, and one of them pftss
j ed through a pert hole and exploded in our
j midst. Our battery fired 100 shots, many of
j which took effect on the vessels ; one of them
i carrying away thc flag of the Anacostia, and
I another cutting down the mast of the large
I propeller. The lust shot fired was from one
of Walker's rifled pieces, Which ricoehetted
i mid struck thc large steamer just above the
I water line, immediately after which the fleet
' got under way and moved off, probably to rc
! pair damages.
Puring tho fight our men were as cool as
j icebergs, every one exhibiting a bravery and
determination that would have done credit to
! veteran soldiers.
During the two days' fight none of our
men were killed, and only one cf them slight
ly injured-not enough to prevent his taking
part in the fight. Should the enemy attempt
to effectU lauding ut.- the Creek hereafter, you
will then learn with certainty that somebody
has been hurt.
FAIIUWX, C. If., Juno 1.-At an Carly
hour this morning, our village was thrown in
to great excitement-hy thc an-val of Federal
? troops, tho firing (d' guns, and the yells of
I thc enemy.
Unexpectedly a company of regular caval
ry, well armed and mounted, and headed by a
traitor, dashed through tho principal streets,
yclli. g like madmen, and tiring their pistols
right and left as they sped along. Captain
?Marr, of the Warren ton Hilles, whose compa
ny was stationed in a meadow in rear of thc
town, on hearing thc firing, run out to ascer
j tain tho cause, when he was shot down and
I killed. This fact threw thc Hi fies into tem
porary confusion, the First Lieutenant being
absent ; in thc meantime, the United States
Cavalry again charged through tbotown, firing
and yelling. Kx-Cov. Smith, Who was tem
porarily herc, hastened over to the camp of
the-Hilles, and rallying (hem, was proceeding
to meet thc enemy, when Col. Yuell appear
ed and took command.' Thc cavalry, in thc
meantime, caine dashing through thc town
for tho third time, when a well directed volley
emptied a number ol' saddles, and caused the
hireling soldiers to beat h hasty re'reat. Our
men dosed upon the Hessians as speedily a.?
possible, and besides '.diing five of theil), and
capturing six or eight line horses, took eight
or ton prisoners, three of whom were carried
to Manassas Junction for safe keeping.
A friend, who heard the firing, and saw thc
retreat of tho valiant cavalry, says there were
not less than fifteen or twenty-five horses
scampering over the fields, minus their riders ;
and another informs nie that he has seen five
dead bodies of cavalry men.
In the skirmish which took place, our only
loss was that of Capt. Marr, than whom :
moro brave soldier, or gallant gentleman, evci
I.ved or died ; and ho was no doubt killed bj
au accidental shot. Another of our mon wai
slightly wounded. Hot us be thankful thai
thc Cod of Battles is with us, and relying
upon his providence, and the justness of om
cause, I am sure wc shall eventually triumpl
over our enemies.
WARUKNTON, Juno 1.-The body of tin
lamented Marr reached town this evening
und was escorted to thc residence of his deep
ly afflicted mother by tho Hoe Guards and i
very largo concourso of citizens.
Tho South Carolinians, 2,100 strong, havi
advanced to tho Court Bouse, together witl
Kemper'? Flying Artillery, while strong sup
porta have been advanced from Mnnnssai
Junction, ff all tho men nt the Junctiot
and Fairfax Court House could bo advancei
on Alexandria, we have enough to whip al
tho troops on this sido of tho river, but 1
won't tell how many there arc.
AQ?IA CHKKK, Jubo 2.-Thc firing oom
nionced nt Hi o'clock.in the morning, witl
great .spirit. Thc lino of battle, composed o
tl?reo stonpiors and two tugs, soomcd destinci
to. devour in a few minutes our little batter;
nt tho point, whoso outer works wero. protect
cd by railroad iron, whioh proved very ben
efioinl. TJio largest steatnor moved up am
oiichorcd directly in front of our battery oi
tho point, and oponed hor broadsides iii rapi<
Hiiccc8i}ton, firing 'eevon guns at Once, nm
changing alternately her sides ns her guns bo
enmc heated. She was thought to he thc
Pawnee, carrying sixteen large Gl-poundeis.
She fired with great precision, striking the
buttery very often, hut not penetrating it.
She was answered and salute i hy our big 01
bull-dog, who struck lier several times, with
richochet shots, and it is reported that sonic
of thom pierced lier from side lo side. ?She
was about a nulo nnd a quarter from thc
The other vessels fired very little, with tho
exception of a steam-tug, which, divested of
i.ll incumbranccs, carried two 82-pounders,
rifle guns, and by far out-shot thc Pawnee,
throwing her shot over thc surrounding hills.
The. enemy, alter discharging 072 shots and
shells, withdrew his vessels nt hbout 4}
o'clock in thc evening. Not n oinn received
a scratch on our side ; we know not whnt dam
age the enemy underwent. Wo tired onlj
seventy five shots.
"Catching at Straws/' .
New York-the Mecca of country mer
chants, nnd the Golgotha of Southern lahoi
and cash-has recently been exercised by th<
evil spirits which dwelt within her corporate
limits, dames (Jordon Bennett, whose spoon
brain, Dr. Alexander ?Tones, has always herc
toforc spoken out fearlessly in favor of tin
South, and fairly as to Southern resource
nnd pvospocti?, has gone down before thc mob
and thc Herald is now alongside the Tribun
and Timex, in uttering mendacious slander
against us. The Harper's, who have mad
millions of dollars out of the South, now dc
vote pages of their " Weekly " to lying illus
trat ions and aspersions of our people. It i
a crime against thc welfare of our commuait,
to suppo. . either of these publications, air
they should bo prohibited entry into th
Confederate Stales. Until we apply thc mos
stringent principles of prohibition to ou
slanderers wo will not be safe.
An insolent New York Alderman, in cm
tody of the sheriff, is allowed to organize
Regiment of thieves to march n gai list th
South. Woo to tho hen-roosts, when Hill
Wilson's Zouaves approach. The PoOr-hoi
ses and Prisons have been cleansed to fut
nish invaders against the South.- Fiv
Points and the Bowery have been raked o\
to fill up the r.lhks. Thomas Francis Me:
gher, the Irish patriot beggar, who told h
tales of distress to meetings of Southern ai
diences, at thc rate af a half a dallar
head, eight or ten years since, now wax<
strong on the funds he thus acquired, and
enlisting his brother hod-carriers to len
them against thc South, in the ranks of h
Irish R?giment. His ditchers and hostie
will make tine soldiers for civilized warfare.
When turned loose on the South, they wi
show themselves thc veriest cut-throats nu
hind pirates the world has ever seen. Tl
world admires the true-hearted, honest Iris!
man, but. when associated with the villains i
the cess pools of New York, the Irish chara
ter goes down before the knavery of tl
Vnnkce, nnd tho once honest emigrant b
comes n hrutnl minion, in the hands of h
commander. Their brethren nt thc Soul
will meet them ns they did thc invaders
Roynownlcr nnd Vinegar Hill. The mc
pliant princes and capitalists, the Astor
Stewarts, and thousands (if others who mai
their fortunes out. of thc South, and beguih
ns with friendly encouragement till tin
could cloak their vilhtnios no longer-nc
"catch at straws," and ns they approach tl
vortex of ruin they sing huzaunas to tl
Abolition powers which rule tho fen rf
reign of terror which threatens to Cligul]
them. They choose their own futuro.
When thc waters of strife subside, the Sont
?iri people must never forget that they we
.ince tribute, bearers to tho hypocrtical v
laius wdio have forgotten the ancient hon
ind honesty of the Knickerbockers.
[Nome (.'ompauion.
in its news from Fortress Monroe, has tho f
lowing account of the perpetration of t
iondish outrage by Lincoln's wretches. Su
mirages will nerve tho ann and steel the ho;
)f the Southern men who are. on their way
meet the devils, and " no quarter " will
thc motto :
"Great excitement hhs been produced
Jld Point by n outrage perpetra tod by g(
D'il ni Cot soldie , on Saturday last. It ?
ficars that n party of them had gone, to n g<
Ionian's house noni' by, and,assaulted a you
ady some sixteen years of ngo, with the desi
o outrage her person. Her father, an ag
nan. onme to her nssistance, when tin
lends seized him,, and threatened his lifo
ic raised an alarm j nnd with n revolver poi
ul nt his head, he was forced to witness t
loosummotion of their villainous purpose up
he person of bis child. Gen. Butler v
yesterday afternoon ongogctl in examini
tito thc case, but the result had nottransp'u
vhon thc steniner left. Constant complaii
ire being nmde to the officers there, bv por.?t
iving in tho vicinity, whoso hinds and dwi
ncs have been invaded by the govornhu
loldiors, who steal whatever they fancy fr
hoir houses, and carry off chickens, sb?
itid hogs, wherever they cnn find them."
Vi Kits.-We aro informed that Gov. Bro
ms delivered to tho Treasurer of thc St;
lis subscription of one thousand dollars
vards tho support of tho Georgia troop;
orvice, and that ho expresscsdiis dntermi
ion to apply all tho incomes of his plnntnti
ftor deducting necessary expenses, to this
de oauso.
Wo nlso learn thnt Mrs. Gov. Brown is
rnged in making soldier? clothing, nnd
end? lo devote hor whole time to tho wo
ibo crprcsseas her regret thnt no one of
ivo lit lio sons is old enough to bear arms, t
ays, as sho hus no soldiers to ofl'or tho Sh
ho will give her whole time to tho worli
lothing Georgia troops.
[Millcdgevillc I nion
! Telegraphic News from all Quarters
j CHICAGO, Juno 5.-Thc Tribune urges
? tho appointment of a Douglas Democrat to
j lill thc Senatorial vacancy,
i J. Di Pulley, a Representative, has boen
; arrested by Prentiss for treason,
i NK\V YOUR, June 5.-Cotton dull and
j NKW YORK, Juno G.-Cottou is a little
i firmer-quoted at 13',' to Hil.
I CAIRO, Juno 5.-The Southerners have
5,000 troops at Union City-another regi
ment having arrived there on Friday. 10,
000 aro between Memphis and Cairo. (Jen.
Hcauregafd is expected at Union City on Sat
LOUISVILLE, June 5.-No orders having
hoon received ot thc post office in this city,
. Southern letters will bc forwarded as hcrcto
I fore. Some letters received from the South,
i having Confederate stamps, arc delivered,
the postmaster collecting three cents addi
tional. No change will bo made until orders
arc received from Washington,
j ALEXANDRIA, June 6.-A majority of
j citizens herc, under thc malign influence of
1 a secession press and political leaders, con
i tinue sulky and opposite. There arc, how
ever, prominent exceptions to this. At half
! past 9, every evening, citizens arc all required
I to bo in their dwellings, and tho quiet nftci
I that hour is gloomy in the extreme.
I Col. Wilcox has niado himself favorably
j known in Alexandria, being a Virginian b}
An engagement must soon take plac?, un
less thc enemy prefer to retreat toward Rich
lt is stated that Major General Fremow
will bc aligned to thc command of tin
Western Division of tho Lincoln Army, t<
operate in tho Mississippi Valley.
ST. LoulB, Juno 6.-Mayor Taylor bas rc
signed. Eighty men from Hannibal, formin;
a part of thc Battalion of the Home Guards
, were sworn into the United States service
1 were armed, and returned with arms for th ci
comrades, who will be sworn in by their Major
LEAVENWORTH, June 0.-Twelve volun
tours from Camp Lincoln, armed with Mini
rifles and revolvers, crossed thc river nbov
this place, and demanded thc secession flap
which is flying here, in thc name of the Uni
ted States. Tho flag was hauled down. Ot
their return, thc secessionists fired on them
wounding three of thom, one severely.
WASHINGTON, June 6.-Six Dahlgro
bronze 12-poundcrs have been fished up qt th
Navy Yard (at Norfolk, probably.) Eigh
tons of gunpowder have been taken from th
I Merrimac. The Germantown wju bc ?n a8C
I going condition in two weeks.
I HALTI.MORE, Juno G.-Thc Rark Genen
tireen, owned in Charleston, has been car
tured. Merril & Thomas' gun factory hu
been soizod. .
Washington gossip fia}'* that Scott disaj
proves of landing forces at Aquia Creek. A
the dispatches announcing hostilities ns soo
to occur at Aquia Creek or Mantissas Gap, ni
incorrect. Several members of thc Marylou
Legislature recen tl jT visited Richmond, doub
less to confer with thc Confederate authentic
The New York Tribune, in speaking <
Haltimore, says Marshal Kane is ns bad ?
heart as Merriman. Ile boasts that the Go'
eminent is afraid to arrest him. His frictu
threaten to rise if he is touched.
WASHINGTON, June G.-John P. Sande
has tact) appointed Lieutenant-Colonel, sccoti
in command under Col. Anderson.
enth Regiment has been ordered to Cumbo
land, Maryland.
WASHINGTON, June G.-Thc Evening Stt
says that certain information hos been rcceivt
that Gen. Reauregard is at Mnnassas Junetio
with 20,000 troops. Washington gossip r
perts that a person from Richmond says th
tiie troops march by night, without music -
Jackson's brothers aro supposed to bo tl
persons who aro picking off thc Federal pic
( ts. They are said to have fifteen or tweu
men, finely mounted.
A large amount of rolling stock has arrive
at Washington, to bc used in transport?
troops towards Mantissas ?Iunction. Ran
leads the coast column, acting with Rutlcr.
This arrangement is strongly opposed by t
but Lincoln. Thc op' hi ion is headed 1
Gen. Scott.
A bridge over Sleepy Creek, on thc Hal
more and Ohio Railroad, has been burned.
WASHINGTON, (via New Orleans,) June
-Parties representing tho Rogus Kcntuo
j Volunteers at Camp Clay, has becu to Was
i ington to obtain onus and accoutrements frc
j Gen. Scott. It is said that Gen. McLell
j hus been instructed to supply tho Rriga<
and orders havo been issued for Gnthrio
j report to Col. Anderson ot. Louisville imn
diately, on thc suggestion that this would t
tho policy of Miigoffin's proclamation, G<
Scott replied, "you will bo sustained, for
can send you tweuty thousand mon in tin
Trustworthy information indicates that t
Southerners will attack tho lines on thc Wot
ir.gton side of thc Potomac, crossing nbe
Arlington lleiglitsond Alexandria. A mo'
ment was mode on Fairfax Inst night,
particulars havo yet been received. For i
? vious reasons there will bc no renewal of t
j attack on Aquio Creek. When Scott is rcn<
! thc ploco will bo camed by storm. Mei
j tiirio, tho Powneo cruises in thc vicinity, p
I venting the erection of further fortification
Grow, of Pennsylvania", or Rlair, of M
Souri, will be tho Speaker of tho noxt Eedc
j House of Representatives,
j High military authorities state that no f
ward movement of tho Federal troops will
made for a few days.
Careful piftpcotiou shows that among
projectiles used at Aquio Creek by tho Sou
crn?rs was a novel cannon, cvidontly of Eu
peon mHuufooHuc, but how or wheo it
thcro, ianthe question.
Clerks who lately refused to tako tho o
of nllcginnt/c still romain thoir situations ib
Treasury Department!.
Lieutenant-Colonel Furn hom how commauds
tho Fire Zouaves.
A theological student, from Richmond, re
ports 100,000 troops in Virginia-20,000 of
whom are at Harper's Ferry It is thought
the student was sent hero to deceive thc Gov
ernment relativo to thc Southern strength.
HAUBRSTOWN, June 1.-This morning,
thc secession forces again attempted to cap
ture the ferry boat lying opposite Williams
port, for thc purpose,.as is conjectured, of re
moving it into Falling Waters, a point four
miles below, where there is n considerable
number of secession troops stationed, who,
j doubtless, intended by means of the boat to'
cross to tho Maryland side on some expedition.
Thc company of Union mon nt Williamsport,
ns soon as they observed the opposite party
nbout possessing themselves of tho boat, or
I dercd then; to desist, which they refused to
' do, whereupon thc Union guns opened fire
I upon tho enemy. Thc Confederates returned?
j thc fire, and a brisk exchange of shots waa
! kept up on both sides for about un hour.
Three or four secessionists wore wounded, one'
seriously, but none wcro cither killed or
wounded on this side. As soon oe hostilities
commenced, the secessionists deserted the
boat, nnd it now remains safely at its moorings.
Thc Union Company from Sharpsburg nre on
their way up to Williamsport, with one or two
field pieces.
WASHINGTON, Juno' 7.-Lord Lyons has
received dispatches fr?m Iiis Government
which arc supposed to be unfavorable to tho
The Cabinet haB been in secret session eve
ry day on foreign affairs, which is believed to'
be ominous of trouble.
ST. LOUIS, Juno .7.- Tho District Court,
of Springfield, Illinois, h ns' issued a writ of
habeas corpas for McDonald.
NEW YORK, June 7.-Thc Vandaliastart
ed to-day to join thc blockading forces.
WASHINGTON, June 7.-Bartlett's; naval
brigade have forced themselves into th'c ser
BOSTON, June 7.-Thc Susquehanna fins
arrived from a foreign station. Commodore
Hollins, thc First Lieut. Barney, the purser,
and three midshipmen, have resigned.
.T'UtTHKss MONROE, June fi.- The Harri
et Lane attacked Pig's Point battery, opposite
Newport News, ou James Hiver. After re
ceiving two shots, wounding five of her' men
severely, she retired. Pig's Poiut opened
five embrasures, disclosing heavy ordnance.
NEW YORK, Juno 7.-Thc DeScta has ar
rived from llavaua. She. reports sugar a
half rial higher.
Gossip in Washington says that Cummings,
of thc World newspaper, has been appointed
a brigadier-general, preparatory to being
made a major general.
It is rumored here that Seward rcmnrhed
this morning that bc expected soon to hcar'of
sharp work at Harper's Ferry.
Reinforcements have been ordered to
Measures have boen taken to ascertain
how many of thc three months volunteers aro
willing io enlist, for tho war, and the result
will doubtless dotermino tho strength of tho
new levy of troops about to bo ordered by tho
Emperor Abc I.
There is no doubt that Gen. Beauregard is?
preparing to attack Alexnndrin.
CHARLESTON, June 7.-Gov. Picken? will
leave this city for his home to-morrow morn
learn, on direct nnd reliable authority, that nf
valuable prize has been secured by the Priva
teer Savannah, which left this port a few days
ngo, between tho bars of the Lincoln blockade.
This prize wes'the brig Joseph, of Port
land, Mc., from Havana, for Philadelphia,
with n cargo of sugar, valued at 380,000, and
was taken into Georgetown, S. C., in mas
terly style.
Soon after this achievement, the priva toce
engaged tho attention of rt Lincolnitc emisor
nt n distance, and n ohnso began. . At our loot
information, there Wns good reason to bclicvo '
that the privateer,'having the advantanges of
approaching night, borough acquaintance
with thc coast and soundings, n light draft
and a good pair of heels, was getting decided? -
ly thc better of the chase.
Wc hopo soon to bc nblc to congrat?late
thc gallant Captain and crew, nnd to report *
sweetening for the market.
[ Ch a rf cst n n Co u r)'or.
A .VISE ENACTMENT.-Tho Montgomery;
Advci .;'*<.;. says : ? One of tho most impor
tant enactments' mnda by the Congress'ot ita'
recent session in Montgomery, wns ono to
prohibit tho exportado" of Cotton from th?
Confederate States, ex< .it through tho s(5nV
ports of thc said States, and also to punish
persons who shall violate or attempt to viol?
thc provisions of tho law. This Act provide
that on and after thc 1st of Juno, 1861, i
shall not bo lawful for n ny porson or perso
to export raw Cotton or Cotton yarn fron? th
Confederate States, except through the sea'
ports. The pchalty for a violation of tji
provision is a confiscation of the proper
attempted to bo exported, in addition to
heavy filio nnd imprisonment. Kvory ?team
boat and railroad oar which shall bo
with the consont or knowledge of tifo'
ors, for the purpose of violating this fat
shall bc forfeited to thc uso bf tho Confcdor
nto States. The only exception to tho opera
don of this hm is in 'regard to Mexico.'"' ''*
GREAT complnint is nindo by U)o Rcp'?j?
liottii press Hutt thc army vont motora nt tb
North nre swindling thc Government in
vision, clothing, and everything clso, \ "
is .Rot nt all roi n ai kable. They have b?j?g$
their lives swindling tho people of tho Shu?j
- have got tho hang of the thing, and c?fivt
holp it! Speaking of hanging, wo hope f
scoundrels who got up tho shoos with sm
chips abd brown paper, whieh havr?
timo lo time bought' during *>?, '
years, nay now meet their jo^c- V t>?

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