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The Graves whore Loved Ones Sleep.
dont ly Mow. sweet winds of Summer,
O'er the prives where lovell ono's sleep;
SMoiiinlots. How Vf Uh silent muriner,
l'Aie, soft stars, your vigils keep.
Flowers, with your richest frngmncc,
Mooni in nil your colors fnir;
"Willi birds, singing In the (crest,
flo. nilli chant your muslo there.
Fnir ns ye. ye wooillnml blossoms,
Were tho forms now sleeping low ;
Hut, from carly's dark, resiles? bosom,
"Weary, long, they sighed to'go;
Vi'onry of (hip life's dull shadows,
Weary of Us griefs nnd pains.
Longing for thc pimccful meadows
Where eternal beauty rejgns.
Soon Pcnth came-pale, silent rooper;
Touchai! ench form with swill decoy j
.Soon wo Iniil enoh white-robed sleeper
'Neath tho valley sod nwfty;.
fleiuly ns Ibo light at even
Fading from the purple west.
Their pure spirits passed to henven,
Home of happiness and rest.
Hadhiut morn, tiing down your blushes;
Silver moon beam softly there;
Streamlets. Inugh in low, sweet gushes;
liront he your requiems, balmy nir,
Angels, from your clime so holy,
Uown on gobion pinion's sweep,
Bending o'er their grave so lonely,
Olin I'd our loved ones while they sleep!
Fon Tnt; KKOWF.K corni KU.
The Keeping of tho 13th Day of Jone.
Mr, Editor : lt is with great pleasure that
I inform you of tho doings of our pcoplo on
tho said 13th day of Jut? Hy reading your
interesting and welcome visitor, tho (foynier.
we saw that our excellent President, JKFFKII
HON DAVISS, had requested us all to observe
and : pend that day in fasting nnd prayer.
Our Governor did likewise request it of us.
Wc, being willing to do what we can in the
groat work now going on, ns wo have a great
interest at stake, wo also believing that the
Allwise Providence, nnd President of Heaven
nnd of Harth, is u praycr-honring und answer
ing God. wc believing Him to be ns good ns
His promises nt all times, we laid aside our
farming tools. With one accord wc took up
our bibles nil 1 hymn-bonks, mid road God's
sacred Scriptures, and sung hymn's of praise
to His great name. We rend where he says :
" Sanctify yo a fust mid cry unto tho Lord ;"
and where Asa prnyed for help against the
Ethiopian many of a thousand thousand.men,
mid prevailed ; mid where He says, if wc seek
Ililli He will be found of us. We learn Hitit
Ile forgetteth not the cry of the humble. Ile
says He will ho with His people in six troub
les, and not forsake them in thc seventh, lie
says He is our refuge, a .stronghold, in tho day
of trouble. And ninny other passages do wo
find that make us confide in Him, us being
able and willing to bring us through the fire
unsinged, and to bring us out of thc battle
field with victory in hand. Ile is able to
?croon us from tho sword, shot nnd shell mined
lit us by our enemies. Ile is willing too, to
do .alj those things for us if we will- soe and
feel our dependence on ll ?in as wo ought to do.
Our people nil met ut their respectivo places
of worship, hymns of praise were sung with
the spirit, and with tho understanding also,
we trust ; and prayers were heard ascending
to n throne of God's rich grace-all did faith
fully wield the weapon of prayer-pride wns
not in our midst on that occasion, but did all
bumble themselves down ; all was apparently !
bambie in heart, and contrite in spirit. The
great 1 tini was invoked for blessing* in future,
ns in past timey; Ho was a?ked for h's favor
mid approbation, smiles and protection. A
?trotlg ?siHdir'o Wyt* manifested fer His aid in
tins our Cline of trouble and peril, He is the
girvor of health, of happiness, mid prosperity ;
Sf Ile is with us wo nerd fear no evil ; we will
?Kt il I enjoy our liberty and freedom, religious
and national, and none dare molest us in any
way; the .storm of danger will piss over, mid
Avo will mit be hurt; the dark and belligerent
?clouds of war will pass from our sight and
from our soil, mid we will bo u happy people.
Wo hope our people will lay aside tho suit of
.arrogance and clotho themselves in sackcloth
??'?d nshes,' ns it. were.
Our proving people promised, mid jointly
agreed'to remember our young men, our. y pl;
Meteors, in their prnyers at all times. On
.them principally, depend our future happiness
?aun wil being ; our hopes are centered on
'.thom for thc progress of our afluir? in churoh
.and State; they nyc. grunt, men, nnd true to
.our interests and institutions; they hnvo for
sook .tho embrace of friends, mid sacrificed
properly.} they hnvo leffdear wives ?ind cliil
?dieu, homes, mid nil the -'endearments of it,
?ind rallied to tho standard of our country.
They say our groat cause shall not suffer nt.
?th? risk of their lives ; t)iey will u?Mii') to tin?
tbreczo o\ir colors, und fight under thom ; they
<Aill cling to our flag staff, mid olahn thc lib
erty that our noble ntiecstois purchased nt thc
cost, o'f millions of property und blood. Then
let- us remember, that tho God wo worship
now, nilled in that groot; work ; Ho is still the
sn mo' God, yesterday, to day. and forever,
without.the least variation or shadow of turn
ing. M.?y. Wo recollect this, mid pray without
.ceasing; may Ho fdess our volunteers ; muy
Ho bc their God and guide; may He screen
til001 from all danger. Volunteers, if you
shall ever read this. I ask you to pill your
itrust in Him ; and if you must go into the
?battle.-finid, 1 pray tho God of bnttles to hoad
?your nrniy, to bo your commanding officer, ns
jt'woro, nm] bring you out each .tinto with
.victory,gullied. To nil praying peoplo. let Oh
strictly observo overy day ns n day of prayer,
Sf not of fasting ;. let us try to cut asunder tho
strongholds Of tho cnoiny with tho sword of
.p?'.iyui , wu ???ni .do. .much good with that
rwo'tpoti, without taking our firearms in hand.
Weare said to bo tho., snit of.tho earth, und it
$9 tiny rcnsonablo. npd becoming duty to p?'ny.,
In conclusion,-\ ask you, volunteers, ono
nnd nil; to join yoursolvcs. to Christ, ttys rook
ol eternal itgca, andHion. if A/our Xoilioa are
torn and mar.plcd, your finnis will bo safely
tabon caro of by Him, and the ?tonn of death
will not o'crturu you ; no. never, never.
The Battle at Bethel- |
Thc Richmond papers of Thursday have
several accounts pf tho battle nt Bethel
church, on Monday last. Tho subjoined
front Ono of tho speen? I correspondents of the
Richmond DfSputt'h is, wc think, thc most
griiphio :
14 YORKTOWN, June ll, 1801.-An en
gagement, lasting about four hours, took
pince yesterday (Monday.) between live regi
ments of the troops, from Old Point and
1,100 Confederate troops consisting of Vir?
gini;.ns and North Carolinians, under General
Magruder, at bethel church, York county.
Before telling you of the battle, 1 will give
you some circumstances preceding it. About
two weeks ago, a party of ?50U Yankees came
Up from Hampton nnd occupied Bethel
church, which position they hold a day or
two and then retired, leaving written on the
walls of the, chu rob several inscriptions)
such ns t death to tho traitors !' 1 Down with
tho rebels !' <y.c. To nearly all of these tho
names of tho writers were defiantly signed,
und nil of the pensinen signed themselves a.s
from New York except one. who was from
1 Boston, Mass., U. S.' To these excursions
into the interior, of which this was tho bold
est, Gen'. Mi grader determined to put n stop,
and accordingly filled tho placo after thc
Yankees left with a few companies of his
own troops. In addition to this, he deter
mined to carry tho war into the enemy's coun
try, and on Wednesday last S tanti rd's battery
of the Howitzer Battalion was ordered down
to the church, where it was soon joined by u
portion of Brown's battery, of thc same
corps. The North Cuiojit?i Regiment, un
der' Colonel Hill, was also there, making in
all about 1,100 men and seven howitzer <_runs.
" On Saturday last the first excursion of
considerable importance was made. A de
tachment of 200 infantry and li howitzer gun
under Maj. Randolph, and one of 70 infant
ry, and soother howitzer under Major Lune,
of the N. Ck regiment, started different routes
to cut off a paVty which had left Hampton.
The party was seen and fired at by Maj.
Randolph's detachment, but made such fast
time that they escaped. The troops under
Major Lane passed within sight of Hampton,
and as they turned up the road lo return to
Bethel, encountered 'ho Yankees, numbering
about ?10. who were entrenched behind -.; fence
in tho field, protected by a high bank. Our
advance guard fired on them, and in another
moment tho North Carolinians were dashing
over the fence in regular French (not. New
York) Zouave style, firing nt thom in red
squirrel hunting style. The Yankees fled
for their lives after firing for about three
minutes without, effect, leaving behind them
three dead and one prisoner. The fellow was
a stout, ugly follow from Troy, N. Y'. He
said that lie lint] nothing against the South,
but somebody must bc soldiers, and he
thought he had ns well enlist. None of our
men were hurt.
This bold excursion, under the very minn
of the enemy; determined the authoritiesint
Old Point to put n stop to it and clear us out.
from Bethel. This determination was con
veyed to ns hy persons who caine from the
neighborhood of tho enemy. On Monday
morning, about HOI) infantry and two guns,
nuder Gen. Magruder, left thu cn mp find pru- i
reeded towards ll;(ni|)tou ; but after advanc
ing u mile or two, received information that ;
thc Yankees wen- coining in large force.
We then retired, and after reaching camp the
gnus were pt ii ced in buttery, and tho infantry
took their places behind tbrtiV breastwork.
Everybody was cool, and all were anxious to
give the invaders a good reception.
"About nine o'clock tho glittering bayo
nets of tho one.ny appeared Oil tho hill oppo
site, and above thom Waved tho i tar spangled
banner. Tho inohlOnt tho head of thc col
umn udvn need far enough to show one. or I wo
companies, thc Parrot gun of thu howitzer
battery opened on thom, throwing n shell
right into their midst. Their ranks broke in
confusion, nuil the column, or r<s much of it
UH wc could see, retreated behind two sundi
farm houses. From their position a tire was
opened on us, which was replied to by our
bul tory, which commanded tho route of their
approach. Our firing was excellent, and thc
shells scattered in nil directions whoo' they
burst. They could hardly approach tho guns
which they were firing (br the shells which
caine from Our buttery. Within our encamp
mont fell a perfect hail-storm of 0? ll inter shot,
bullets and halls. Remarkable, to say. not
ono of our men wns killed inside of our en
campment. Several horses wore slain by the
shells nnd bullets.
** Finding tlmt bombardment would not nn
swer, tho 'enemy, about 11 o'clock, tri-'d to
carry tho position by nss iult. hut mot ti terri
ble repulso ni tho hniid". of the infantry as
bo tried to seale tho breastworks. Themen
disregarded sometimes tho defences erected
for thcTn, and, leaping on the embankment,
stood and fired at tho Yankees, cutting them
down as they cunio up. Ono company of tho
Now York Seventh Regiment under Capt.
Wardrop, or Winthrop, attempted t<? take
tho redoubt on the left. The marsh they
crossed Was strewn with their bodies. Their
captain, a fine looking man, roached tho fence,
mid. leaping ou a log, waved his sword.-cry
ing, "Comoon, boys; ono ehnrgo ?,iid tho
day is ours." Thc words wei o his la?;t , for n
Carolina rifle ended his life thc noxt moment,
and his tuon fled in tenor back. At tho
redoubt on tho right a company of about 800
New .York Zouaves charged Ono of our suns,
but could not stand tho fire of tho infantry,
j nnd retreated nrocipitntoly.
" During tlinso charges "tho main body of
..thc enemy, on the lull, woro nttonipting to
I concontrfito for n.goncral nssnult, but tup uholf
frOm tho Howitzer battery prevented them.
As'onO regiment Would give up tho offert,
?uOtbiiV roUld bb uinrobca to tho position;
but wit?l HO bettor success, fur a shell would
scatter thuin like elud?. Tho men did nut
seem able to stand lire nt nil.
u About ono o'clock their guns were, si
lenced, and a few moments after their infant
ry retreated precipitately down thc road to
"Ourcavalry, numbering three companies,
went in pursuit, ami harassed thom down to
the edge of Hampton. As they'retreated
lita ny of tho wounded fell long thc road and
died, and the whole roan to Hampton was
strewn with haversacks, overcoats, canteens,
muskets, &.c, which tho men had thrown off
in their rei rent. i
After the hattie, I visited the position they
held. The houses behind which they had
been hid had hoer burnt by our troops.
Around the yard were tho dead bodies of thc
men who had boen killed by our cannon, ?
mangled in the most frightful manner by the :
shells. Tho uniforms on the bodies wore :
very different, and many of them ure like
those of the Virginia soldiery. A little far- i
thor on we came to thc point to which they ,
had carried some of their wounded, who had
since died. Tho gay looking uniforms of t he j
New York Zouaves cont rast cd greatly with 1
the paled, fixed faces ol' their dead owners ! ?
Going to tho swamp thron tr h which they nt- I
tempted to pass to assault our lines, presen
ted another bloody scene, liddies dotted thc j
black morass from one cud to the other. I
; saw ono boyish, delicate looking fellow lying '
on the mud. with a bullet lode through his
breast. His baud was pressed on the wound i
j from which his life blood had poured, and thc j
! other was clenched in the grass that grow |
near him. Lying on tho ground was a Tes
' tinncut which had fallon from the pocket,
dabbled with blood. On opening tho cover
! I found thc printed inscription, " 1'resented
to the Defenders of their Country, by thc
New York Hilde Society." An IL S. flag
j was also .stamped on the tille page,
i Among the haversacks picked up along tho
j route were many letters from the Northern
States, asking if they liked the Southern
farms, and if the Southern barbarians had
boon whipped out yet. .'
" The force cd' the enemy brought against
us was f.OOO, according to the statement of
thc six prisoners we took. Oms was 1,000.
Their loss in killed and wounded must be
nearly '200. Our .hes is one killed and three
Wounded. The fatal case was that ol' a North
Carolinian who had volunteered to fire one of
Hui houses behind which they were stationed.
Ho started from tho breastwork to liccniupUsh
it, but was shot in the hoad. He dud this
morning at the hospital. The wounded are
Harry Shook, of Richmond, ol' Brown's bat
tery shot in the wrist ; John Worth, of Rich
mond, of tho same battery, shot in the leg,
and Lieut, lludnail, of tho same battery, shot
in the foot. None ol' the wounds arc serious
The Louisiana regiment arrived about one
hour lifter thc fight was over. They aro a
lino looking set of fellows.
"As there was force enough at Old Point
to scud np to Bethel and surround us, we toole
I up tho line of march hud ea me up to York
I town, where we now nie.
" I hear to day that troops from Oki Point
nro now marching up to attack us, but cannot
say whether it is so or hot."
lxoj DICNTS OF THK BATTI.F.. - The enemy
when they hist appro;.ched, tried to keep up
their courage by repeated cheering, yelling
like so many savages, whichUho writer Of this
heard distinctly, while our men said nota
word ; but, with upli.ted hearts to thc God ol'
battles, stuod silent and courageously awaiting
(Jue of t lie captai::.': of thc advancing col
umn of tho enemy approached near the N. C.
regiment's lines, nnd, standing on u log,
cheered his mon. He was seen, and a private
in ono of tho companies took deliberate aim,
and he fell demi. Thc mun run out and .sc
oured his sword ns a trophy of his valor.
Tho Howitzer Battery, under superintend
ence of Mi.jor Randolph, elicited the oheers
of tho entire soldiery, every man performing
bis part with tho celerity of practiced gun
ners, and often exposing themselves upon tho
parapet to see, ns they said, the enemies eyes,
so as to take aim. In a word, no mau on thc
ground could express how much of the result
of our victory is due the Howitzers.
Late in tho evening tho encampment was
broken up, and we returned to Yorktown.
Long live Magruder,' Hill, Stewart and Al
lan, illustrious leaders in this, our inst great
battle and glorious victory : while to Clod
timnks DO given for His providential care nnd
Tun B KT II KT. VIOTOUY.-The Richmond
Dhftuleh? of Thursday, whose columns mc
luden with reliable accounts ol' thc battle nm!
victory nt Bethel, indulges in the following
comments :
It is one of the most extraordinary victorio?
in thc illinois of war. Pour limits md thor
oughly drilled and equipped troops routed anci
? driven from thc field by only eleven liomin <
) men ! Two hundred of thc enemy killed, nhl
j on our side but one life lost ! Duos not thc
! bund (d' God seem manifest in this thing'/
* Prom the attack on Peut Sumter to thc pres
cut moment tho preservation of Southern lib
' amidst such numerous ussr nits as hnvo boot
mudo by tho enemy scorns little loss than Hil
j The courage und conduct, of tho noblo som
of tho South engaged in this battle uro buyout
nil praise. They have crowned tho name o
their country with imperishable lustre, mic
mude their own names immortal. With odd
of four to ono against thom, they have achieve
a complete victory, putting their enemies t<
inglorious flight, and giving the world a bril
limit pledge of tho mininer ?if which t ho Soutl
omi defend its firesides and altars. The. Nert!
hus woq it?, buttles on paper.-*-tho South i.
content to achieve hers Ul tho 1'mld. Lot ll
invoke oui* horoie soldiers not to permit th i
splendid success in any wny to relax their vlg
liapOQ mid their energy. Let thom bc as pru
dont as they ara bravo, as vigilant ns they ar
determined, nnd all I?secure Lettliem omit '
no preparation, no watchfulness, no precaution
which thc presence of the bravest enemy might
require-in ono word, lot them always " trust
in God and keep their powder dry." and our j
soil will r.?o? ho delivered from thc boastful
braggarts who have dared to pollute it."
LATKST KUOM HI: r I I i i.-Thc following
despatch was received by one of Hov. Hick
ens' Aids, on Thursday night, and kindly
placed at our disposal :
" The latest news from Bethel says that a
flag of truce was sent by thc commander of
thc Federal troops to Col. Magruder, for thc
purpose of burying the dead and exchanging
prisoners. Col. Magruder replied that they
might bury their dead, butas to exchanging
prisoners, he declined doing it. Tho officer
bearing the Hag ?d' truce said their loss in
killed and wounded amounted to two hun
dred and thirty-four. Two of their hold offi
cers and it was supposed one general officer
had been killed. Cenera 1 Butler was said lo
have been in command, and possibly he was
the defunct officer,. Thirteen prisoners of
war have boen brought to Richmond.
"The Maryland Legislature has instructed
its Senators to vote for tho recognition of tho
Confederate States.
" This is all the news received to-night.
Nothing from Gov. Dickens this evening."
RIOUS VIOTOKY !-The Lynchburg Jie'publi
inn, of Thursday, has tho following glorious
tidings :
Through a gentleman of undoubted veraci
ty, who arrived here Yesterday from Mantissas
Junction, we learn that information, deemed
altogether authentic, had been received there
of another battle at Phillipp!, in which thc
most complete victory was achieved by our
Largo reinforcements having been added to
our forces, they made an advance on Phillip
pi, where thc enemy were encamped, und en
gaging them in battle, succeeded in complete
ly routing them, with the loss to the enemy
of over one hundred killed and wounded,
besides the capture of a uuinLero. prisoners,
and tho roon pt ure of a large anio.,nt of ?inns,
munitions, eec., together with several of thc
enemy's cannon.
Our troops suffered but slight loss, and
now hold complete possession of the town.
Tlll? BATTU; OF PltlU.ipPI. - A gentle
man from Riehmond informs the Petersburg
li jrp MIA that thc venerable Bishop John
Karly, o'" Mu' Methodist F.pisoopnl Church,
w is in Phillipp! mt the day of the recent bat
tie, having ju.-t returned from the session ol
some W estern Conference over which he hat]
presided. We understand that Bishop Kar
ly reports one hundred and twenty-three ni
the number of Lincolnitcs who fell in thal
engagement. This may bc received ns cn
ti roly reliable.
Telegraphic News from all Quarters
WASHINGTON, June 10.-A lady of un
doubted veracity, who was within full vicv
ol' the batteries at Aquin Creek when attack
ed by the gun-bont Freeborn, communicate;
to her relatives in Washington that fifteen
were killed to her certain knowledge, und ba,
no doubt as many as li ft y were killed, beside
a large nun.ber Wounded ! She says ever
pains was taken to conceal the fact even fron
tho. friend.- of tim victims-that as fast n
any casual. >. occurred tho stillerer was re
moved to thc woods for concealment.
Company B,2d Cavalry, under Lt. Thomp
kins, is hero, with no tr ice of the severe skit
mish at. Fairfax Court House, and ready t
light again tit n moment's notice.
Two of the five Confederate prisoners cnji
tared recently by tho09th and by the cavalr
company B, have boen released. The oilier
aro still in the guard-house. All the troop
here are in perfect health and in fine spirit*
Major-General Banks left Washington tc
day to assume command of the Depart men
of Annapolis. Ile has not selected his sta
WINCIIK.STKU, VA., Juno 12.--There i
great excitement hero to-day. A rcpor
which wo believe reliable, roached herc lui
night that Romney, the county seat of [lani]
shire, is in the hand of tho federal troops
two thousand strong. Their intention is I
march on to Winchester, to cut off tho su]
plies to thc Ferry.
Romney is 42 miles from Winchester, nu
there is a direct road through the uiouutu.il
between this point and that.
The citizens of Hoinney nnd of the mom
tains intend to make ti stand at the [langill
Hook. 14 n?ilos from here.
Tho citizens of Winchester uro makin
preparations to defend the. town.
[/in finland Enquirer.
RICHMOND. June 14v-The Virginia Co
volition signed the ordinance of sccessu
I iitolligonee bus boon received here, whic
states that the Governor of tintt State has o
dereel out fifty thousand troops to defend tl
honor and sovereignty of Missouri.
Nothing else of importance or interest
send from this point.
H KU M ON, Mo., June 14.--The Misson
militia hu ye-a battery below South Osage Ti
er. Tho Missourians uro concentrating
Jefferson city from nil quarters.
ST. Louis, ?Juno 14.-Th roo boats, wi
Col, Lyons und stuft", and 600 men and ftbt!
artillery, have left for $oinC point on tho M
douri river.
II UMIKSTOWN, June 14.-Gen. Cudwal
dor iain command of Grcencnstle,, Hist
vision will cross tho Potoiimo nt' Willinm'spo'
Patterson's headquarters aro nt llngcrstown
WASHINGTON, Juno I L- Tho Post Offi
Department is getting up now .postage st?nt|
to render worthless those held by tito Soul
HAOKU.STOWN, June 14.-Tho fight
Dani 4 is progressing. A company of sha
shooters has gone to assist the Unionists....
Tho Prosidont of.tho' Chosuncakoaud Ol
cnnti) visited Gen. Johnston, remonstrating
against tlic destruction of thc dams ?nd boats.
Johnson's instructions aro to destroy every
thing that can bc useful to the invaders.
WASHINGTON, June 14.-Thc ?Southerners
aro erecting a battery at Mathias' Point, one '
milo below Acquia creek, where the Potomac |
is narrow. The Freeborn and Resolute have ,
been sent down to prevent their completion.
Thc steamers aro armed with thirty-two
Thc gossip of thc New York Tribune says
that Arkansas is sending aruis mid munitions
of war Missouri-ward.
Scott is not entirely confident of thc security
of Wushington.
Persons from Montgomery county, Mary
land, represent that vehicles of every descrip
tion, laden with anns, provisions, &c, ave sent
from Baltimore via the Chesapeake for the
Southerners. The Herald says that the in
dications aro that an attack will bc made on
Harper's Ferry at all hazards, with thirty-fivo
thousand men.
B.u.Ti.MOKE, June 14.-Henry Winter
Davis has been defeated for Congress.
WASHINGTON, June 14.-Fifty thousand
cartridges were sent to the Relay House to-day.
Gen. Geo. M. Koiin, of Pennsylvania, died
at Reading.
The Post Office Department are perfecting
postal arrangements for western Virginia.
Thc federalists are gradually pushing their
forces towards Fairfax.
Six steamers uro at tho navy yard with
steam up.
In Henry Winter Davis' district thc vote
will be a close one it is thought.
Thc Bethel victory will greatly strengthen
the Southern rights vote.
Capt. Chauncey, of thc retired naval list,
has been ordered to thc command of the Sus
The Colorado has her orders, and will sail
soon from Washington.
Dan. Sickles' live re **monts were mustered
into service to day.
Tho State of ?Missouri has been added to
McClellan's department.
Eight were killed ut Little Bethel, and 45
A dispatch to arrest Mr. Trapman, of South
Carolina, said to bc a bearer of privntecr pa
pers, and other Confederate States documents,
roached Boston too late. Thc steamer had
sailed before its arrival !
NEW YOUR, June 14.-Thc North Star
had arrived at this port.
Si?RINaFIEI,l>, June 14.-O. tl. Browning
has been appointed to succeed Douglas in thc
U. S. Senate.
GAI ito j June 14.-A steamer with two fed
eral companies and a sqmd of artillery was
cruising in the Mississippi. When a few
miles below Columbus, Kentucky, tho ma
chinery broke, and thc boat drifted ashore.- -
Three persons went ashore from ber ami cut
down a secession flag.
The gossip at Washington is that the seces
sion camp at Rodney is threatened, and that
McClellan's forces have attacked Charles
town, Va.
In a week six additional regiments will be
ordered into Western Virginia, to operate iu
thc Knnnwhu Valley.
Ex-Governor II. A. Wisc had not been ill.
CINCINNATI, June 14.-A regiment of fed
eralists had attacked Rodney, Virginia, sue
cess fit ll y.
ST. LOUIS, Juno 14.- W. O. Bartlett
brother lo tho lato member of Congress, wat
arrested for treason. Other prominent citi
zens are implicated. Federal troops ave bcini
distributed over Missouri. Three steamer!
ave at the arsenal, taking in troops destin?e
for Joffcr'ion city. The Osage bridge, on tin
Pacifie railroad, bud been burnt.
FORTRESS MONROE, June 14.-A fedora
detachment, under a Hag of truce, had gone ti
Groat Bethel to bury the dead.
ST. LOUIS, Juno 14.-Governor Jacksoi
has issued n proclamation to the people o
Misson si. Ile says: " Outrages unlookcd-fo'
and unparalleled have been inflicted on tin
peace ?md dignity of this Commonwealth, uni
upon the. rights and liberties of its people, b;
wicked and unprincipled mon, professing ti
act under tho authority of the federal Govern
mont. Thc solemn enactments of your Leg
islatu.-e have been nullified, your voluntee
soldiers have been arrested, com merco witl
sister States suppressed, trade with your ow
fellow-citizens subj00ted to the harrassiug con
tvol of armed soldiers, peaceful oitizens hu
prisoned without warrant, unoffending nn
defenceless tuen, women and children ruthlcsf
ly shot down and murdered, and other unbeai
able indignities heaped upon your State an
upon yourselves. To this you have subiuittc
with patriotic forbearance, which bas only ci
eouraged more daring usurpation.
My objoot hus boon to preservo peace, an
avoid war from our borders. Writh that vie
Gen. Price inudo arrangements with Gen. Ila'
ney. Thc Stato Government hud faithfull
adhered to tho agreement j but tho Fcncn
Government manifestad its disapprobation b
tho dismissal of Gen. Harney from his con
maud, and commenced proceedings utterl
hostile to thc agreement.
Waiving thc dignity of thc'State of Mi
souri, I solicited an interview with Col. Lyon
and made propositions moro honorable to tl
F?deral Government than to Missouri, via
M That if tho federalists would withdraw thc
.forces, I would pledge myself to disband tl
militia, nnd call upon ni) tho citizens, regan
less of their political opinions, to repress ii
snrreetion, nnd maintain strict ncutrnlity.
Auel,.if necessary to carry odt those pledge
I would onll for federal assistance, rio j hit
but n dcsiro.to nveft tho horrors of o civil wi
could have induced these humiliating prop
sidon?. Tb oso propositions, however, wc
v Gov. Jackson oil If put fifty thousand n
li tia to ropcl tho invadir?.
WASHINGTON, Ju u T4.<-t-No nttnok w
bo mndo upon Mimnanafc .Junction till 'fifa
per's Ferry is taken.
N?tivo?pf tUo tfor'thow'BUieb hw J?
?? ! H -i--J-~-B?
'? .
fur Furope for- t ' J purposo of fitting out Con
federate State privateers.
There is here intenso excitement from ru
mors that thc Confederate army is inarching
on Washington. Advices .to this effect have
been received ut the War lJcpartMeujtj^mt not
credited. , ./y" . .
MOLKLLAN'S forces Ji?v?.attoohed ,Qburles
town, Vu., and^bt^P.htbnin qnmp afc'Rodney
has been a|;t^^?u>Mjwessf?lJy by thc Cincin
nati Re^piife^?;Si^v''additional Ohio Regi
ments llM?\liee?v- ordered' into Western Vir
ginia, t o c^ o r a t e i??.tj^eA^?^a.wba valley.
WA'-IUNGTOX, (vnl Mobile, Juneau.-Tu
view o? Austria's refusing to receivo ihn lin
ga mc, iic has been appointed Minister to
.Thc National Intelligencer flays, tnt) Gov
crnmcut will soon pay the troops.
Wm. Hatton, a wealthy planter, and a
member of the Southern cavalry, has been
The Government has received dispatches
announcing thc evacuation of Harper's Ferry.
WASHINGTON, Juno l?.-Blair, Lincoln's
Postmaster-General, despatched to the post
master at Louisville ns follows : " Thc order
requiring mnil matter coming from thc se
ceded States to bc held for postage does not
apply to prevent their delivery on tho pay
ment of postage.
Ni;\v YORK, June 15.-Cotton firm, ond
2,500 huies sold, at YSl to 14o.
KK\ WKST, June 2.-:Thc fcdcrnl steam
ers Crusader, Wyandotte, Wntcr Witch and
Quaker City leave shortly for Fort Piekcns.
WiiKKhixo, June 15.-Thc proceedings
in the Western Virginia Convention indicate
that they will declare the Virginia ofliccs va
cant, and orgnnize u Provisional Government.
Resolutions to this end were made the special
order for Wednesday next.
ST. Louis, Juno 15-Seven additional
companies of federal troops, and n six gun
battery, havo departed on thcPncifio Railroad
towards Jefferson city Thc United Stntes
Government bus bought the stenmer D. A.
HERMAN, MISSOURI, June 15.-Thc stea
mer White Clould, laden with ni i li tn ry stores
and cannon, and thc Governor and State offi
cers on board, lind left Jefferson city for Ar
row Kock.
HERMAN, MO., Juno 15.-Thc steamer
Louisiana, the third of thc invading fleet, is
here, to take on Boerstein'e regiment.
Rcthcl has been partially evacuated, but cnn
bc rc occupied in force ut short notice The
Southern picket? extend to New Market
bridge. At Yorktown there aro a Inigo num
ber of cavalry, nlso batteries betweeu Great
Bethel and Yorktown. Winthrop was shot
by n Louisiana riflemen.
FREDERICK, June 15.-The bridge at Har
pcr's Ferry was burned between five nnd six
o'clock this morning. It is reported that all
the troops have been withdrawn from the Ma
ryland shore. Fight enr londs of provisions
were destroyed, to prevent their falling into
the federal hands. Thc bridge at Shephcrd
stown ha? been burned.
BALTIMORE) June 15.-Leary, Unioo'st,
from thc third district) lins bceu elected to
Congress by 375 majority.
ST. LOUIS, Juno 15.-Boerstcin's regi
ment has gone west on thc Pacific Railroad.
Thc Illinois volunteers bnvo entered Missou
ri at Hannibal. Gov. Jackson', with oars nnd
locomotives, is going west from Jeffcrsou city,
buming bridges ns bc goes.
It is snid thnt there is a Inrgc number of
Confederates troops in Arkansas and Northern
Texas, ready to move on Gov. Jackson's invi
Mr. J. W. Tucker, ou'nor ol thc Missouri
Stufe Journal, lins bcon arrested.
FREDERICK, R?b.', June 15.-Th* special
agent of thc Associated Press, just from Ma
rylund heights overlooking limper's Ferry,
says that thc Ferry is mainly vacated-about
2,000 trooops remaining. The route of the
main body wo s by turnpike towards Charles*
town and Shcphei'dstown. Thc Shepherds
town bridge has been burned, nnd tho South
ern pickets withdrawn from Willinmsport.
ALEXANDRIA, Juno 15.--Active military
movements nrc progressing in consequence of
the evacuntion of Ilnrpca's Ferry. An effort
will be made to prevent ?lui concentration of
forces. ? JA
Sohonck lins been ordered ncross tho Foto
nino with his brigade. An attack from Beau
regard is apprehended.
RICHMOND, June 15.-Tho injunction of
secrecy wns romovod from thc proceedings
in'relation to Virginia's net of secession of
April 17. The voto stood 88 in favor and 55
opposition. Thc journals show changes, and
on the final-vote. 108 favored tho passage of
tho ordinance. Yesterday (14th) tbo ordi
nnncc was signed by Ol mombers. Several
dologntcs woro absent in wnr, some sick, nnd
one (Cnpt. Marr) was killed by thc fcdoralist
at Fairfax. *; ?,*
Various rumors aro current here of battle*
and movements of tho federal troops; but noth
ing has been authentically ascertained.
NEW YORK, (via New Orleans,) Juno 15.
---Thc steamer Canadian, which left Quebeo
on tho 1st instant for Liverpool, wns lost on
thc 4th, nt Belle Isle, by striking a ?uok?u
Iceberg. Twenty to thirty lives lost. No lfy!
of uatnes bas been received.
London, Plack Republican, correspondent of
the New York Post, .writing on thy 20th ult.,
says: "Not onlv in Kbgland, but ort tho
Continent, there is a large party activo in tho
service of tho secessionists j for youth they"
bnvo been making efl'oits to establish direct
stonm communication between Europe W?
Southern poils. The project lins never
seemed feasible, but now, taking advantage
of tho, p?oulinr condition of affairs in A in or
lon, they bnvo found companies fer running
steamers to Charleston and New Orleans, nud
tho titook of fifty pound ?bares bay not only
beep l?&ucd, bit teVd?gf bat?b&tt' iukCJw"
' , ? 'Th

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