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VOL. XII.-NO. 4%
To My Sons in Virginia
Tho following lines were written impromptu by
>n lady to her sons who ure now in Virginio :
My children, I havo sent thoo forth
To bnttlo for the right;
God give each youthful arm thc power
He gives to men of might.
Anxious will ho my throbbing berti I
At every passing tale,
Thy mother s soul shall faller not,
Although her cheek grows pale.
. My hand upon your bended heads,
iln blessings I have laid,
And to the righteous bord of Hosts
This was the prayer I made:
Oh ! let my children, gracious God !
He thy peculiar care,
He with them in thc bat Ho field,
Ito with them through tho war!
Keep from their young and manly forms
Thc scourge. Disease, away ;
Keep stainless still their honor bright,
Keep pure their hearts. I pray.
I did not ask He'd give thc strength
All valiant deeds lo dare.
I felt full well my gallant boys
Knew no such worri as fear.
Boys! you have won a high renown;
Think of your free horn sires;
Strike for the mother t li ii t pave you birth,
Your native homes and fires!
Think of their watchword who assail !
Press hard the savage foe,
Nor pause until, its stai-B grow palo,
Their frrachrrou.i flag lies low!"
The Proclamation of Gov. Jackson
JKFFKIISON CITY, June 12,1861.
To thc people of Missouri :
A series of unprovoked nod unparalleled
?outrages hnvo been inflicted upon thc ponce
sand dignity of this Commonwealth, mid upon
l?hc rights mid liberties of its people, by wick
ed mid unprincipled men, professing to net
under tho authority of tho United States
Thc solemn enactments of your Legislature
have been uullifiod ; your volunteer soldiers
have been taken prisoners ; your commerce
AV i th your sister States bas been suspended ;
your trade with your own fellow-citizens has
been, and is, subjected to thc harrnssing con
trol of an armed soldiery.
Peaceful citizens have been imprisoned
without warrant of law ; unoffending, defence
less women mid children have been ruthlessly
-shot down mid murdered, mid other unbeara
ble indignities have been heaped upon your
?State mid yourselves. To nil these outrages
end indignities you lin ve submitted with pa
triotic forbearance, which has only encouraged
thc perpetrators of these grievous wrongs to
attempt still bolder and more daring usurpa
lt bas been my earnest endeavor, under all
these embarrassing circumstances, to main
1iiin the peace of the State, and to avert, if
possible, from our borders, the desolating ef
fects of n civil war. With that object in
"view, I authorized Major-General Price, sev
eral weeks ago, lo arrange With General Har
ney, commanding tho Federal forces in that
?State, terms of agreement by which tho
pence of thc Statue might be preserved.
They cunio on the 21st of Muy to nu un
derstanding, which was made public. The
State authorities have faithfully labored to
curry out thc terms of that agreement. The
Federal Government, on the other hand, not
only manifested its strong disapprobation ot
it, by the instant dismissal of tho distinguish
ed officer, who, on its part, entered into it;
but it nt once began, and has unremittingly
carried out, a system of hostile operations in
utter contempt of that agreement, and in
reckless disregard of its own plighted faith.
These acts have latterly portended revolution
und civil war so unmistakably, that 1 resolved
to niako one further effort to avert these dan
gers from you.
1 therefore solicited an interview with j
lirigndier General Lyon, commanding tho
Federal army in Missouri, lt was granted
on thc 10th instant. Waiving all questions I
of personal or official dignity, I went to St. |
Louis, accompanied by Major-Gen. Price.
We had an interview on the ll th inst. |
.with Gen. Lyon and Col. F. P. Blair, jr., nt
which I submitted to them this proposition^:
That 1 would disband tho Stute Guard, and
break up its organization ; that I would dis
arm nil companies which have been armed by
thc Stntc; that 1 would pledge myself not to
.attempt to organize the militia under the mi
1 ?tia bill ; that no arms or munitions of war
should be brought into the State; that I
.would protect all citizens equally in nil their
o-ights, regardless of their politicnl'opiuions;
?hat I would repress all insurrectionary move
ments within tho State; that I would repel
.all attempts to invade it, from whatever quar
ter "nd by whomsoever mndc, and that I
would thus maintain strict neutrality in the
present unhappy contest, and preserve the
peace of thc State ; and I further proposed
that I would, if necessary, invoke thc assis
tance of tho United Stntes troops to carry out
these pledges.
All this I proposed todo upon thc condi
tion that tho Federal Government would un
.dertako to disarm tho Home Guards, which
it bas illegally organized and armed through
out the Stute, and pledge itself not to occupy
?with its troops any localities in thc State not
. occupied by them at this time. Nothing but
-tho most earnest desire to avert thc horrors
of civil war from our beloved State could have
tempted me to proposo theso humiliating
terms. They wcro rejected by thc Federal
officers. They demanded not only tho disor
gnnizntion and disarming of tho State militin
Jind tho nullification of the Military Bill, but
they refused to disarm their own Homo Guards,
and insisted that tho Gonornl Government
should enjoy unrestricted right to inovo and
?tatton its troops throughout tho Stnto, when
ovor,, ?nd whorcver it might in tho opinion of
its offiocrs bo noccssnry, either for tho protec
tion of loynl subjeots of tho Federal Govern
thonfc, br for tho repolHhg of invasion j and
they plainly announced that it was the inten
tion of the Administration to take military
occupation, under these pretexts, of thc whole
State, and reduce it, ns avowed by General
Lyon himself, to the exact condition of Ma
Thc acceptance by mo of these degrading
terms would not only have sullied tho honor
of Missouri, but would have aroused the in
dignation of every brave citizen and precipi
tated every conflict which it has been my aim
to prevent. Wc refused to accede to them,
and thc conference was broken up.
Fellow-citizens, all our efforts toward con
ciliation have failed ; wc can hope for nothing
from thejustico or moderation of the agents
of the Federal Govern m ont in this State
They aro energetically hastening the execu
tion of their bloody and revolutionary
schemes for thc inauguration of a civil war
in your midst; for thc military occupation of
your State, by armed bands of lawless invaders;
for the overthrow of your State Government,
and for the subversion of those liberties willoh
that Government has always sought to pro
tect, and they intend to exert their whole pow
er to subjugate you, if possible, to thc milita
ry despotism which has usurped thc powers
of tho Federal Government. Now, there
I, C. F. Jackson, Governor of thc State of
Missouri, do, in view of thc foregoing facts,
and by virtue of thc powers invested in mc
by the Constitution of this Commonwealth, is
sue this my proclamation, call thc militia of
the State, to the number of fifty thousand,
into active service of the State, for the pur
pose of repelling said invasion and for thc
protection of the lives, liberty and property
of thc citizens of this State, and I earnestly
exhort all good citizens of Missouri to rally
under tho Hag of their State for the protec
tion of their endangered homes, firesides, and
for the defense of their most sacred right*
and denrcst liberties.
In issuing this proclamation, T hold it to bc
my solemn duty to remind you that your first
allegiance is due to your own State, and that
you are under no obligation whatever to obej
the unconstitutional edicts of the militar)
despotism which has enthroned itself at Wash
ington, nor to submit, to thc infamous and dc
grading sway of its wicked minions in thii
State. No brave, and true hearted Missouri
an will obey the one or submit to the other
Rise, then, and drive out ignominiously tin
invaders who have dared to desecrate the soi
which your labors have made fruitful, nut
which is consecrated by your homes.
-In his Inaugural, Mr. Lincoln said :
" In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow
countrymen, nnd not in mine, is the mouton
tons question of civil war. The Governvncn
will not assail you."
In the face of this declaration, his moree
nary soldiers have murdered citizens of Mary
land, and now hold that State under absolut'
military subjugation.
His soldiers have murdered peaceable, un
armed citizens of Missouri ; deprived her cit
izen soldiery of their arms, notwithstanding,
the Constitution bc has sworn to see faithful
ly executed declares that "a Well regulate!
militia being necessary to tiic security cd* i
free State, the right of the people to kee]
and-bear arms shall not he infringed ;" am
large bodies of mercenary troops arc now (?uar
tared in that State to intimidate and hold ii
subjection a free people.
His mercenary soldiers have murdered cit
?zens of Virginia while did end ing their prop
orly and their rights as private citizens, am
he is now marching large bodies of troops int
that State for thc purpose of subjugating bc
He has quartered a large army at Cairo wh
have, by his directions, destroyed thc coin
incrcoof the Mississippi Uiver.
Ile has established a military departnteti
in Kentucky, and directed tho commander c
that department. (Col. Anderson) to establis
his headquarters at Louisville, thc first ste
towards holding that State as a conquere
Ile has approved thc refusal of Gen. But
1er to surrender slaves who have been entice
into Fortress Monroe, because, they bclongc
to a people who would not acknowledge then
selves Black Republicans.
Ile has approved thc conduct of Gen. Cai
wallader iii refusing to obey thc edict of tb
Chief Justice of thc Supremo Court, the tr
bunal of last resort for citizens of u frc
Ile has authorized the seizure of privat
t?l?graphie correspondence, which the Coi
stitution bc has sworn to support express!
declares " shall not bc violated."
Ile lins set aside and trampled upon tb
Constitution in his efforts to subjugate a frc
people.-Nashville Union.
Williams, n member 0/ Capt. Ferguson
command, Company 1), Third Regiment ?
C. V., was hilled on Sunday morning, a sho
distil neo West of Sumter. 1 Io had place
himself on tho top of tho train, for tho pu
pose of enjoying tile breeze, when the trail
passing under n bridge, he was instant
killed. The young man waltho son of n wit
owed mother, who though poor, had inn
sons, and upon thc call for volunteers heir
made, said she had nothing to give thc cou
try but her three sons. All th reo of the
did volunteer, lt was gratifying to seo tl
interest manifested by tho citizens of th
placo nt tho burial. This war has its scat
the hearts of tho people.-Marion ?Star.
KiitiiTY thousand Tenneasccans have offc
ed their services to the Governor of th
State, and bavo boen accepted, and fi ftc*
moro regiments bavo madn application to 1
received. Several companies of tho Tcnm
soo mountain boys, who bavo practiced frc
thoir youth to pick n squirrel s oyo out wi
tho riflo, wo are told, average over six fe
throe inches in height,
Telegraphic News from all Quarters- j
RICHMOND, June 10.-A butch of New
! York pupers have been just received. They
. aro very angry over thc defeat ut Bethe).
Tho Tiiiics suys Butler hus no prudence ;
' Pierce bus no courngo ; und thc sooner these
Massachusetts barristers are dismissed to their
pleadings the better. Atid adds, that the
lives ol' soldiers arc too valuable to ho squall*
doted to convert these political hacks into
j The Tribune says, that the wnr must bc
stopped, and tho Southern Confederacy recog
nized, if* thc Lincoln troops cannot do better,
und calls for two hundred thousand men to
push through Texas, then, if defeated, it ad- .
j vises tho Administration to sue for peace. |
i Thc Herald condemns the grand mistake
by which tho Federal troops tired into each
other, and insists that the officers ought to bc
; cashiered. j
j Thc Herald, with the usual sensation lion- I
! rlsh, published under startling headings, a ,
fictitious account of tho capture of " Rebel "
j butteries by Cen. Butler. It suys that one
j thousand prisoners wore taken, and that thc
I Confederate troops had six batteries of rifled
cannon and 08 twelve-pounders, with en
trenchments of a splendid character, ditches
sixteen feet deep, etc.
Thc Now Yoik papers, however, generally
tell pretty nour tho truth mid acknowledge
their defeat.
Thc effect on the North is ovidcntly'n bad
one, and tho people arc beginning to lind out
their mistake.
BICH MON n, Juno 20.-Tn thc fight at Vi
ona thc Confederates killed 10.
Tho National Intelligencer says that 200
are wounded.
The Confederates captured 7 cars, n num
ber of nrnis, a quantity of ammunition, mc
ohnuionl implements, medicines, ito.
A gentleman who reached Washington
yesterday states thnt 5,000 federalists binded
nt Alexandria thc previous night.
WASHINGTON, Juno 20.-Lieut. Stuart,
formerly of thc U. S. A., commanded ut
Jos. II. Lane, of Kansas, has boen raised
to the rank of a brigadier general.
Thc bridge over Goose Crook, near Lees?
I burg, was burned.
Gen. Schcuck, on Jifcc 19th, was ono mile
below the Falls Cl ...en. Two Connecticut
regiments are there, and two Ohio regiments
nt Tnyloi 's tavern.
McDowell's headquarters are at Arlington
House. Their positions will advauco Mc
Dowell's lines some miles.
Scouts report that thc Confederates are
mysteriously disappearing, leaving a clear
way to Fairfax C. ll. Thc federal move
ments aro very cautious, fearing traps.
Thc wounded ut Vienna continue to bo
brought in.
The Southern lines extend from Ocoquau
to Centreville. They arc entrenching Fair
fax Station with thc heaviest guns-throe
milos from Fairfax C. II.-fourteen from Al
It is supposed they intend extending thc
line along the Orange and Alexandria rnil
rond. All the indications show that thc
Southerners uro pushing forward from Munns
ns Junction by daily installments.
Johnston's line is dotted between Martins
burg and Winchester. His object is suppos
ed to be to threaten Cadwallader, and thus
draw forces from tho Washington line, und
then, by n double-quick movement, assail
McDowell us nt present ported. Johnston's
line must give way to Cndwnllndor's advance,
which will occur within forty-eight hours.
Lee was certainly nt Mantissas Junction on
An arrival nt Baltimore reports a British
war vessel off Capo Henry.
Grafton bridge, over Now creek, was burn
cd by the Southerners, who now hold Pied
mont. They number 4,000. A number ol
federalists uro reported killed at tho bridge.
Tho operator nt Piedmont fled on the np
pron oh of tho Southerners. All communica
tion between Grafton and Cumberland is now
cut off.
Undoubtedly the Southerners in Westert!
Missouri have boon largely reinforced.
W11KK14NU, Juno 20.-Tho bogus trait01
Convention lins nominated Frank 1 ?01 poul
for Governor of Virginia.
Cincinnati troops are rapidly eonccutralinr
for duty in Western Virginia.
ST. Louis, June 20.-'A special dispatol
to the Republican says that scouts brough
information that. Lyon was coining, with sovci
boats mid a largo force. After consul tn tioi
further retreat was ordered. Gen. Prici
went home. Col. Parsons was sick. Col
Mnrmnduko, becoming disufl'octod, resigned
The Missourians, however, would light. Ant
tho truth regnrding Lyon's force becominj
known, Gov. Jackson wns induced to givi
them a brush. No particulars ns to the kill
cd, wounded, or prisoners. A M JP. Littl<
commended thc Missourinns.
CAIRO, Juno 20.-J. G. Newcomb wns ni
rested on a ohnrgo of trenson. Ile wns sub
sentiently relensed.
NSW YORK, Juno 20.-Tho ship Bavari
has arrived hero from IMO ope, bringing .00,
000 rifles for tho federalists.
Louisvir.i.K, Juno 19.-A gentleman ha
just arrived from St. Louis, who reports a
current, mid generally believed, thc following
u Thc Missourians, by n feint, decoyed Gen
Lyons from his boats ; when masked but torie
fired upon mid sunk thom. And then, nftc
a territlo fight, Lyons mid his ontiro fore
woro conipolled to succumb.
Gentlemen from St. Louis say that no roli
anco whntovcr can bo placed in dLpatohc
emanating from St. Louis, or nny point rob
ting to affairs in Missouri-tho telegraph bi
inp utterly suborned. Tho St. Louis bena
erat controls tho Western lino, but thc off
oinls dictate what shall bo sent nt Inst.
Tho dnpturo of OOH. Lyons was believe
thoro, ana thought probable boro ; but not
Word has been telegraphed since tho dispute
of last night frotn thc Democrat, giving de
tails of how Jackson viewed the fight on ii
distant hill, and tied to parts unknown ; and
how Gen. Price was seized with violent diar
rhoea on thc commencement of thc fight, and
taken to his home oil a boat.
Thc editors of the independent truth-tell
ing papers arc jailed for treason.
WASHINGTON, June 20.-Reliable ac
counts place Col. Stone's advance at Iloocville. i
The Southerners arc attempting to cross
GoosO crock undera heavy tire from spherical I
case shot. ?-^
lt is stated that the Missouri Senators will
not take their seats for fear of an arrest for
Thc Southerners are emoting batteries at
all thc important points on the Potomac, with
the view of controlling thc navigation, and
cutting ofi' Washington from the North ex
cept via Annapolis.
Persons from Richmond report gigantic
preparations for its defence.
Repairs on thc Ballimore and Ohio rail
road ure deferred until they can be safely
made. There were seven thousand foot of
bridging burnt.
The St. Rouis (Mo.^ State Journal says it
learned from a gentleman of high character,
and a strong Union man, immediately from
thc scene of action, that when the. regiment
rolls .wore called, after the battle of Great
Bethel, eighteen hundred men were missing.
The Journal adds, "so much for correct in
lt is judged by prudent persons herc that
Gen. Beauregard is withdrawing his advance
forces, in order to catch McDowell's column
in ambuscade. Ile will hardly succeed after
tho warning nt Bethel.
NKW YORK, June 20.--Tho ship Monorail
of thc Sea, from Liverpool, has arrived, with
1,000 Mormons on board.
Colton is firm in New York, at 1-1J.
WHEELING, June 20.-In the traitor con
vention an ordinance was passed, 73 to il,
providing for an entire reorganization of thc
State Government. It repudiates thc Rich
mond Convention and will proceed to choose
a new Governor for the. State, establishing a
new political capital,'and erect other emblems
of authority.
NKW OKI.KANS, June 20.-The steamship
Africa has arrived nt New York In the
Liverpool cotton market on .Saturday thc
sales were 8,00.0 bales-speculators and ex
porters taking 1,000. Market closed dull,
Brcndstufis dull, at Friday's decline. Pro
visions dull. Consols 89|@89J for money,
and [email protected] for account.
Government's financial measures passed
thc second reading. Thc Queen's counsel
has givcu nu opinion, that forbidding armco
vessels bringing prizes into neutral ports is nc
infringement of the law of nations.
Mr. Gregory, on a strong appeal made tc
him, consented to postpone his motion to re
cognize the Confederate States of America.
Garibaldi and the Pope are both sick.
ATLANTA, June 20 -On the instance o
Mayor May, of Augusta, we have arrestee
herc Wm. H. llurlburt, an alleged spy. 11<
claims exemption from arrest as thc bearer o
despatches from the French Consul at Char
lesion to the French Minister nt Washington
Ile was rigidly examined, and thc result was
a Committee will immediately start with bin
for Richmond.
BALTIMORE, June 21.-Col. Smith scize<
a lot of Confederate envelops, to-day, whicl
were vended by a boy. Tho bystanders in
tel lered and made up a subscription for th'
boy. Smith then told thc vender that if hi
got a new stock he would send him to For
McIIcnry. The people again interfered, nm
the. excitement became intense, when Smitl
retired. Marshal Kane says thc police shouh
have taken Smith to the guaid house.
JEFFERSON CITY, June 21.-The stearne
Sunshine, from Boonvillo, confirms the dc
feat of tho State troops, with a loss of twent
men. The Federal loss was two killed an
nine wounded nnd missing, lt is though
the Missourians will make another stand li
Lexington, under Col. Woightiuan, former!
of tho United States Army.
ST. Loins, June 21.-Blair has two reg
men ts up the river. It was expected tin
tho Southerners would rise on the night c
the 10th, and drive thc Dutch into tho Mil
sissippi River.
The Federal force near Vienna is five thoi
sand, exclusive of reinforcements now goin
forward. The regulars from Chnniborsbut
have crossed the Potomac.
CINCINNATI, June 21.-McClelland an
stair left for Virginia to day.
LOUISVILLE, ?June 21.-The election pas
cd olf quiotly.
LATER.-Mallory nnd Crittenden hn\
been Elected. Thc Union vote of the eil
has fallen oft 2,000 since April.
WHEELING, June 21.-The Convontk
was occupied all to-day in signing thc Doola
ation. Pierpont was elected Governor ai
Daniel Paisley Rioutonant-Govcrnor. A fn
Governor's Council was also elected and tl
Governor formally inaugura ted.
McClelland assumes command, nnd expec
to have 15,000 men in thc field by Saturda
WASHINGTON, Juno 21.-lt is expect
hereafter that any pm ports whatever to pi
cccd to a foreign country or beyond thc mi
tary lines, will bc countersigned by the St
rctary of State.
LOUISVILLE, June 21.-Tho Adams Fl
press Company North nnd South have mn
a oloso connection hero for tho trnnsmrssii
of letters to nnd from tho United Suites.
Rotters deposited in any office in the Unit
States will bc safely carried to tho Confodi
ate States.
ST. LOUIS, June 21.-Gen. Lyon oeeupi
Boon ville. Four Missourians were kill
and twenty wounded. Four Federalists wc
killed and niuo wounded. Lyons' has p
claimed again.
WASHINGTON, Juno 21.--A gontlom
just from Arlington says that Gen. Beau
gard is advancing. Kverything ,Uoks li
hot work bofovc to-morrow.
Tho Federalista arc advancing on Fairfax
Court House.
M.EMP1U8, June 21.-A rcliublc gentle
man from St. Louis says that Lyons was de
feated nt Keouville. Three hundred Feder
alists wcro hilled and seven hundred taken
prisoners, Lyons included. Six cannon and
several hundred stands of arms were also cap
tured. Tho amer latan was sunk, on
board of which two hundred Federalists were
killed and wounded.
KANSAS CITY, June 20.-On Monday,
three hundred prisoners were taken bv four
thousand secessionists.
FREDERICK, June 21.-Resolutions de
claring thc debt now incurring by thc Feder
al Government unconstitutional, mid declar
ing its acts unconstitutional, tyrannical, and
in favor of thc immediate recognition of the
Southern Confederacy, was passed to-day by
a vote of yeas 47, nnys 4.
Secretary Cameron telegraphs to Governors
Curtin and Morgan for more troops.
Thc New York World says that thc steam
er Africa brings intelligence that sixty Prus
sian officers who have two .years leave, will
tender their services to thc Federal Gtfrorn?
WASHINGTON, (via Louisville,") June 21.
-It is not denied that General Beauregard
is rapidly approaching Washington. Thc
Confederate pickets advanced several miles
to-day, and have increased their forces at thc
East and North Junction, with large bodies
placed in position to watch and make a foray
upon thoUncak up of McDowell's linc. Ev
erybody re on the. move. Thc troops arc all
ready to march at a moment's notice. The
impression gains strength that the Confeder
ates arc strengthening their advances hither
ward, and will be prepared for stirring times.
RICHMOND, June 21.-Passengers just
from Yorktown report . otbing new. There
was avery slight .skirmish on thc 19th, West
of thc Cumberland, with a few troops and
trilling results.
An extra from tho Richmond Dispatch
reports Harper's Ferry in possession of the
Confederate and Maryland troops. Despatch
es report Romney in possession of the Con
federates. On Thursday, in the vicinity of
Romney, four companies of Confederate:',
under the command of Col. Hill, nttneked
250 Federalists. Thc Federalists fled, leav
ing two cannon loaded and spiked. No loss
on thc Confederate aide. Several Federalists
were killed.
There has been another skirmish ir. thc
neighborhood of Mannssns. Thc Peden lists
runaway. Lieut. Col. Bowen and Lieut.
Chase, of thc Pennsylvania Regiment, were
taken prisoners, and are now in Richmond.-?
The others outran tho Confederates.
Commodore Tattnall, Messrs. McQjccn
McIntosh and Howell Cobb arc herc.
Thc A'irginia State Convention, to-daj-,
elected thc following members of the Confed
erate Congress : A. Seddon and W. B. Pros
ton, for thc State at large; and John Tyler,
Wm. II. McFarland, Roger A. Pryor, Rob
ert Johnson, Walter Proston, Robert E.
Scott, Charles W. Russell. James M. Mason,
Thomas S. Pocock, William C. Rivers, John
W. Brockcnboro?gh, Walter R. Staples, and
Ii. M. T. Hunter.
ST. LOUIS, June 21.-The Iowa regiment
bas gone inland from Hudson to form a junc
tion with Lyon nt Boouville.
LEXINGTON, KY., June 21.-Crittenden'?
majority for Senator is 2,500.
FORTRESS MONROE, June 21.-There arc
rumors of a heavy Southern advanco on
Yorktown. Thc federal pickets near Little
Bethel have been driven in. Persons repre
senting themselves deserters from Scv.cll's
Point gave such vague information that Gcu.
Butler jailed them.
Thc Southerners are erecting masked bat
teries opposite the Rip Raps.
No correct returns of the killed at Great
Bethel have been or will bc made. Thc
surgeons were ordered over thc Potomac last
WASHINGTON, June 21.-Thc War De
partment has discovered that female seces
sionists carry on a regular correspondence
with (Jen. Beauregard via Mount Vernon.
Army officers say that a collision before
to-tnoriow night is certain : the impression
being that thc Southerners ure outflanked,
and must light. Thc Southerners aro con
coi troting ut Fairfax Court House, and eve
rything indicates an attack on thc federal
lines. Gen. Beauregard cnn concentrate six
ty thousand men nt any given point within a
week. Helias undoubtedly a large force nt
LOUISVILLE, June 22.-Rousseau is un
derstood to have authority to raise two Ken
tucky regiments, and it is said that blank
captain's commissions in Rousseau's bandi
arc being filled up.
Thc following appears in thc morning pa
pers :
" NOTJCH.-All persons desiring to make
shipments of goods over, tin. Louisville anti
Nashville Railroad, on and nftor Monday,
Juno 24, 1801, will pleaso call at my office
and obtain thc requisite information, togethci
with permits attending.
Surveyor of Port of Louisville."
WASHINGTON, Juno 21.-Wm. Portoi
Miles, of Louisiana, lins been appointed con
sui to Tripoli.
A battle between McDowell's division nm
the Southerners, at Vicn in, is deemed inev
itablo to morrow, lt is now evident that tin
main blow of the Federalists will bo strucl
from Washington, with 46,000 men.
Surprise is expressed in some quarters a
General Scott not preventing the erection o
batteries nt various points in sight of th
banks of tho Potomac.
Tho gossip of the Tribune, says that it i
probable that all the ronds between tho od
Vance posts . of thc Southomcrs and fron
thence to tho Fcle.rnl linea aro covered b;
masked batteries. Tho Times .nys that th
battery nt Howell's Point is composed of tfv
columbinas, six smaller p?oct?s amfihreb ri
fled cnn non. Five hundred mcu arc ol Sc
wcll's J'oiut and fifteen thousand nt Norfolk, j
OOHDONBVILI.K, Juno 21.-Gen. Cadwal
lader coininanded tho fedoral troopsnpproaol?v
ing Harper's Ferry. Ile lins retired beyond
Ilugerstown, nnd Hnrper's Ferry is again
held by our troops, consisting of 400 to 600
Gen. Johnston is nt Winchester.
Two prisoners of war, taken nt Williams
port, will go to Richmond to-day. Ono iijf
Lieut. Gol. Howman, of thc eighth Pennsyl
vania regiment ; thc other Maj. Chnso, con
nected with tho Adjutant's departments
same regiment. They nrc under"c?inrgc of
Col. Thomas, of tho Maryland volunteers, ^
w ho carries thc official report of tho engage
ment nt New Creek Depot.
Winchester, now commands thc wholo vol
ley as a strategic position.
Gen. Johnston's tnovoniggit from Hjrp?jr'??
Ferry towards Mnrtinsburg to meet the eX'?? *<
my, insudad of being a retreat, was nu ad
vance upon thc enemy, who,were approach*
ing by Williamsport and Martinsburg. Gen.
Johnston's march w*s North. Ho also sen*
a detachment to Romney, thus checkmating
the federal advance in both directions.
- Thc Valley may now bc considered safo.
* NORFOLK, June 21.-Major Shivers, of
thc first Louisiana regiment, stationed nt
Pig's Point, sent up a mcssngc this morning
at 8 o'clock ns follows :
u A brisk cannonading and musket firing'
commenced at sun-set Instcveuing (the 20th,)
apparently in thc direction of Newport News',
and continued till 9 p.m. Tho firing was .
renewed this morning nt 3 o'clock, and wnB
going on who;: Shivers' messenger left Pig's
Point. At 8 n. m. tho firing nppenred to.
work gradually eastwnrd, until it seemed to
bc in thc rear of Hampton. An officer just
up from Ci a ney island says it was thought by
many that Magruder was hammering thom'
last night and this morning. Ho has had.)
intensely hot day to do his work. Tho S?*,
ycr gun is still silent, and was so up to.
o'eloek to-day. A British man of wrtr \&\
said to bc cruising efl' our capes."
Proclaim.Pion from Gov. Letch ev.
Gov. Letch cr, of Virginia, has issued a
stirring proclamation to thc people of North
western Virginia. It concludes ns follows :
Virginia has asserted her independence.
She will maintain it at every hazard..,. Shejj
sustained by tho power of ton of hcr?~
Southern States, ready and willing to ii ph cd d'
il er cause. Can nny true Virgiuinn refuse tl
render assistance ? Men of thc NorthviJCflt,
nppeal to you, bv nil the considerations which
luive drawn us together as ono people hereto
fore, to rally to the stondnrd of thc Old Do>
minion. By nil tho sacred tics of eonsai -
guiuity, by thc intermixture of tho bleed off
East and West, by common paternity, by
friendships hallowed by a thousand cherished
recollections, by memories of thc past, by tho
relics of thc great men of other days, como ti?
Virginia's banner and drive tho invadcra '
from your soil. There moy be traitors in
thc midst of you, who, for selfish ends* have
turned against their mother nnd would per--1
mit her to be ignomin??sly "oppres
degraded. But I cannot, win not, boiie\
that a majority of you are not truo sons,1 wh
will give your blood nnd your treasurer
Virginia's defence.
1 have sent for your protection such trooj
as tiie emergency enabled mo to collect,
charge, of a competent commander. I have
ordered n large force to go to your aid, but f
rely w'th tho utmost confidence upon your
own strong nrms to rescue your firesides nod
nltnrs from thc pollution of a reckless and
ruthless enemy. Thc State is invadet?"
several points, but ample forocs have bcett
collected to defend ber.
There has boen a complaint among;-you
thnt thc Eastern portion of tho SbitO hfa>
enjoyed nu exemption from taxation toyoxtr
prejudice. Thc State, by a hinjority of 9f>,
000, has put thc two sections on'nn equality
in this respect. By o display of mngnnnimi- I
ty in thc vote just given, the Fast has-, by ?
large majority, consented to relinquish thtB
exemption, und 1s ready to shore with yon all
tho burdens of Government, and to meet alt
Virginia's liabilities. They come now ?o ntct
yon, ns you came in fortnOr days to aid them?
Thc men of the Southern Confederate States
glory in coming to your rescue. Lttt eue
heart, one mind, one energy, one power, nerv? U
every patriot arm in a common cause. I Tho,
heart that will not beat in unison with Vir
ginia now is a traitor's heart; thc nrnj that '
will not strike homo in her cause now is pRl-. ^?
sied by a coward fear.
Tho troops aro posted nt Huttonsvillo.
Como with your own good weapons ni "
them as brothers !
THK CORNSTALK BOYS.-Wc undojtttnnd
that, before thc bottle of Bcthol, sonto of tho
enemy inquired of RU old Indy, at Who?o
house they stopped, what troops composed
tho Confederate force in the neighborhood.
Sho told thom sho believed thoy wore from
Virginia and North Carolina. They affected;
to bc greatly satisfied with this tnrorit^ttow^
remarking that if they were South Carolin!" , '
ans and Louisianians they might havQwomjWBj
trouble, but that they could " whip Virgini-'
nus and North Carolinians with cornstalk?." .,
If they entertained s-.toli nu iden, wo?doV;
what they think of thc oxperlmwr^'..
2:40 times in which they m ado tracks from
old Rips' bayonets, nnd outrun tho fastest
balls from thc Virginia artillery, showed #HH
they were not immovnbly fixed in their pre
judices themselves, nod held th em selves oj>r.n
to conviction.-Richmond Dispatch. . ?SIr^
G ON? A SoMVJF.HINrt..A mom; iKjf^M
Sanies which arrived hero Saturday, fri
lississippi, is ono called tho 'Mlrowtt'l,
bcls," commanded by OnpL A. G. Brown
former Governor of Missisf^ppi, 4
States Senator, nnd for n long ?imo
scntntivo in tho lower ty pu so of y.ox\
Verily, thc grout and wise, bip; and 1
and yoting,' liavo enlisted in
against Ola Abo.-Z^VWjft^l

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