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Tho Dying Never Weep.
'Tis said tho Dying never weep.'
Is it becutiso tho cliill of Death
Insensate mukra I hem to this Kurili ;
Wild.every parting breath?
lt cannot be-they call for friends '
Asl; by a father to bo prcss'd
Alni long to lay the drooping brow
Upon u mother's breast.
Why'do the dying never weep?
, O they have reached their point of Timo
That is tor alight Uko earthly tears
i , Too wondrous, (no sublime:
Their spirit eyes now beings nmrk ;
S And on their ears tito Future's sea
51 Already through tho shadows waft
Tho voices of I'ternii v !
O say. why should the Dying weep?
Weep with such angel throngs around !
' S Veep when their brows shall bo BO soon
With Ihe Immortal crowned!
lt is tho Living that should weep -
I Tho hiving yet to wear their chaine
Blit>mit the Dying willi that call
To Clod's eternal plains !
'mt?gmrnimvmM?t^umnmtmmm Munni mm.1 IH.I?I?HMH? UUII
fcK von Tin: KKOWKK co LR mt.
WARSAW, 8. C., July 7, 1801.
. Mr. Editor : The Ludios of our vicinity
*jtpH nt Claremont, mid foruiod un Association
for the purpose of rinsing n fund for thc Blue
Atidgct ,\) III pu ny of Voluutcors, to be expended
Ifft any way (hut tuny bo necessary for their
comfort or nssistttnec. As I know that no
rt?e takes a deeper interest in their welfare
than myself, 1 beg leave to express some of
rivy thoughts on tim subject, boping that they
may nut bo uninteresting to many of thc rcud
'er? of your excellent paper :
Wo ure all conversant with thc causes from
which our present difficulties have arisen. In
the first placo, I wrist say that I think our
Statesmen havo don? their whole duty thus
far. First, in trying to insure our rights in
thc Union ; secondly, in.withdrawing from a
Union in which this could no longer bc done j
rlhiidly, in sustuiiiiiMu^'^Vreo of arms the
dwight of sci I-gov tvo m cfit' " flint has been denied
by those who bad nut tho right of denial.
flJho Constitution of thc United States was
? .gVnwn up by our forefathers after u long and
.bloody snuggle for Independence, with the
trope that their posterity might dwell under
i? protective and defensivo laws in pence and1
'^?osjierit^ through niniiy'successir? ngos. Hut
at?s for the degeneracy of mun !-it lins only
lasted a little more than four score years, when
it is crushed to atoms by tlioso who should
have been its strongest pillars of support lt
is now numbered With tilings that have passed
away, to be kept in memory only in thc silent
records ol' history. Tho party spirit at thc
* North hud gained such ascendancy, und they
bad so long and so wallton ly rolled the iron
yrpoel of oppression over us, that they had at
hat como io thc determination to crush our
v?j^y existence, beneath the magnitude of its
?Itiighty sway. Thc question with us now is,
can it bo done? I, for one. nm roa dy to an
swer thal it cannot (unless-it has bo.cn prede
termined hy Omnipotent power), while we
qnn boast of so many patriotic hearts that are
?ling to leave nil that is dear to them and
-Mwot thc ouctny on the. threshold of his own
?arar, and drive him back from our soil as soon
i Jt?fi. ho degrueh'S it willi bi? devastating filet
'^sfo.ps. The pa.'I history ol' nations show how
lui^d it is for a people tobe conquered who
nfl lighting for their liberties on their own
spil. Addresses to Southern gentlemen on
tliis subject havo long been exhausted by able
States. The motto for thom to adopt now is.
?*jjjnpt uctiou--lo which call they have thus
tnrinobly responded.
. Jt now beg leave to neldre.xa n few words to
Southern Ladies. Tho present is a period in
ourp.iiation's history when we; may mukc our
'phy/js useful to our country in many ways. 1
cushat in many pinces (hey have not taken
.tyntunterest in our country's wcllhrc thal they
.howd,. but L feel assured that it is only for
RtjS.of duo consideration, and not from a
N?'wt of true patriotism. Our near and dear
^jop?is arc called to defend our country's dour
CSt;rights, and to establish tho character of
our young Republic at homo, and to give it a
finnie unsullied in thc eyes of foreign nations;
end it is on tho present movements of our
statesmen and seddicrs that our futuro destiny
depends. Then let each mother and sister
rejjnqui.sh for a while thc ties that bind them
raftloscly to us, bid them go forth to fight thc
J^lcs of our country, giving them words of
j??puragomont Ijiat will insure our victory,
ral with woman's smiles of approbation ?ttd
/p?ds of encouragement, man can bid defiance
Sj obstacles that would otherwise seem insur
MOpntablo. Remember too, that tho true
glupctor of woman ia never so fully realized
^*hcn adversity throws its dark -muutie over
.J\hjj|steri)cr sex. Then it is wo view it in un
tt?aded splendor. Yes, 'tis hor pleasant task
(pjjrpothc his troubled brow when dark winds
at .adversity control. Wo should kindle
%dy fires of patriotism on tho altar of our
twits, and roudor our Soldiers and their fain
jws every assisttinoo iii our power;.and al
lUjOuph wo cannot do half sp much for thom
ns wo would wish, wo cnn show thom tl.mtour
biarfs aro with thom. Wo ask nothing at
{fto hands of our Northern brethren but solf
??/vorninciit. tf they would secede to us that
p?ivi.logo wo ask no moro of thom to make Us
liprospe.rous and happy nation. And on tho
Mi cr hand, wc would gladly BOO thom drink
?fi tho samo perennial fountain of enjoyment.
Bn they c.vpoet to subjugate n pooplo who
_>lma-no long drank nt tho ohrystal fountain of
TWKtty ? If they do, I think they aro mis
;?ffcn in tho cntorpriso.
?BLct nono of us bc hoard to say, we have no
L^r friends in tho service; therefore, we elo
Ll feol much interest in their welfare Wo
ILuld feel that our best'frionda aro those who
^?bfiirhtiiig in defence of our beloved country,
ffil ^ M. 8. X>.
Homo Guard.
VILLAOK Citl??K, July 1, 1801.
Air. Editor: By request, wo give you II
list of ii Home Company, formed in thc moun
tain part of thc District, called the Village
. Creek Homo Guard.
I We, thc citizens of A'illagc Creek, met this
! day and formed tho following Constitution
! and Bye-Laws for thc government of the Vil
! Iago Creek Home Guard :
Article 1. This Company shall ho known
. hy the name of tho Villago Creek' llonic
2. tt shall bc composed of those who aro
over the. age of twelve years.
3. Jt ?hull bc thc duly of this Company to
report all offenders within our bounds against
tho. laws of this State Ol' the Confederate States.
And we hereby pledge, ourselves individually
?md collectively to sec that nil such efl enders
are carried before the proper tribunal.
4. lt shall be thc duty of this Company to
keep a strict patrol ?or vigilance company in
each neighborhood in our hounds, and report
ut our regular meetings.
6. lt shall bc the duty of thy-Captain ol
tho Company to appoint captains of patrol foi
each neighborhood ; and it shall he the duh
of the clerk to keep a record of thc same, ant
receive ibo reports and report thc same to i
select ?omtnittco.
6. Any person joining thin Company am
hot complying with the constitution, shall b
dealt with by thc company and bear thc pen
ally Indicted by a majority of the sume.
7. Any person joining this Company am
failing to attend tinco regular muster days ii
succession, shall, without a reasonable excuse
bc expelled.
8. It shall be. the duty of captains of ptvtr<
i to inquire into the necessities of Soldiers! lan
dies in their respective neighborhoods^ ?ti
j report the same to the clerk. And further
. it shall be thc duly of each member to mal?
such like reports to their respective captain!
0. lt shall be the duty of the captain to u]
point n central committee of twelve men, I
whom all reports by the clerk shall he mad
and their action on the same shall be final.
/. 10. The clerk shall have power to cull tl
company or committee together nt any tin
when business is reported to him thatrequir
immediate action.
11. It shall require a two thirds vote of tl
whole company to alter or amend the const
12, A majority of tho central connu itt
shall form a quorum tn transact business.
18. Any member failing to attend cith
our regular or call musters without a rearm
ble excu.-c, shall pay twenty-live t.ents I
each day he misses.
14. Any men.her failing to appear with
one hour after tho time appointed to mo<
will bc dealt with :;s though ho had not ?
pean il at all.
If). Any member appearing at our regit
or call musters without thc foi ni of a gun sh
j pity ii lino of ten cents.
PATTKKPON Ohlt, Captain ;
S. C. HOWLAND, 1st Lieutenant ;
AI.I XAXDKU Gan,2d "
Ai \Vi:sr, 3d "
H. A. Powr.LL, 1st Sergeant;
A. S. DODD, 2d'
JAMT.S iLVtt'kKU? 1st Corporal:
WM. A. KINO, Rd 1 "
A. J. Ona, 4th "
Primley.- Stephen Kim:, Wm. Ollis.
John W?.-t, Sampson Harris. H. X. Hit
Wi IL Whitten, Kphmim Kinir. Wm. lb
land, H.T. Hays. James ll.'('allis, L.
Bulker, John Thomas, l?i?s Hinder, J.
Hays, A. A. Howland. J. T. Howland, Tl
C?uist?iin. Wm. H. I ?avis.
('r)ih'tif ('mum ?Itn-Stephen King. Sui
son Harris. John West, Capt. A. West, V
Howland. John Davis, Patterson Orr, Jiii
Barker. Wm! ('allis, sr., Janies King. II.
Ilavs, Nathan Cox.
J. C. SNIPE*, Clcrli
pcm THE cou ru Kit
Mile Creek Home Guard,
MILK CIU...K, July 4, 18(51
Mr. Editor: According to previous nol
about thirty citizens of tho neighborhood
for tho purpose of forming a Jlonio (Juan
After ?orno consultation, wo cleared cut
field, and agreed to havo a drill of all
wcro willing to join tho Company. Tho (
nany was formed by W. lt. Durhi.ni and J
McKic. Capt. Levi N. Robins was thor
(piestcd to take comma nd, which he did
questing W. R. Durham to take charge <
section. Wo drilled about ono hour, i
which tho company was dismissed.
After dismission, on motion of J. A. Mc
Captain L. N. Robins was called to thoC
und William Douglass appointed Sccvtst
J A- McKic moved.that a eoinniitt
thrco bc appointed by thc Chair to draft
Laws for tho government of tho company
. The Cliairnuin nppointed J. A. McKic
lt. Durham and William Douglass, said
luilteo. On motion, thc Chairman was a
to the committee
On motion, the company vas request
meet nfelf eward's Old i'ield cn tho 2d S
day of. July, instant, ?at 12 o'clock, M
i which limy ai| election' for oflieeis ia-oxpi
'? to take place, and the Rye-Laws will be
mittet). All who wish to join said Coin
aro respectfully..requested.-to ho present
and assist in the organization.
h. N.' ROBINS, Chairan
JlAHTi/oun, .Colin., June 4.-Kx Gd
or Seymour has offered a resolution ii
House of Dologatcs yirlmilly . upholdinj
independence of tho Cenfedornto Stat
His resolution was' supported by eig
foaiitM Democrats.
The Design td Destroy tho South, ns Ad
mittfcd ny our Present Encintes nearly
Three Years Ago.
lt is sometimes \vell to reproduce thc ad
missions ot' our encunes. The fellowing arti
cle was copied into this paper on thc Ot!. No
vember, lSf>S, .from thc New York Jlmt/tl.
lt tells us what Was the programme of AY.
ll. Seward then, lt will bc seen, at this day,
how completely it. has been curried out by this
arch traitor, who is one of the ebie!' instru
ments in ibo destruction ot thc lato Confed
eracy. According to thc JIcrul<tt speaking
I moro that) two years ugo, wc sec what was his
deliberate design. Wo itulicise certain pas
sages' lor thc special benefit of such us may
bo lukewarm in tho Southern States. We
note herc the delib?rate admissions and thc
bold avowals of un enemy j und with this
j aloUO wc muy answer those miserable whining
I complaints of Unionists, North und South,
who reproach the Southern people with pre
cipitutiou. Had they waited three months
longer, thc iron collar would have bceu about
thc throats of every Southern State and peo
ple, or thc bulcher at their doors.-Mcnutt/.
[From thc New York Herald.]
Thc political issue which is to bc submitted
I to the people of this State to-morrow has
! been boldly und brutally stilted by William
j H. Seward to be. " whether the cotton and
rice bolds of South Carolina r.nd thc sugar
plantations of Lousia na shall ultimately be
j tdbd by free lalor, and Chariest on and New
j Orleans become marts for legitimate mer
j chnndi/o alone, or whether the rye and wheat
\ fields of Massachusetts and New York shall
j be ng1*v* surrendered by their farmers to slave
culture und to thc production of slaves, and
j Boston and New York become once more
markets for trude in the bodies ; nd seuls ol
. lt was for the purpose of springing thu
iD8.1110 issue upon thc pcoplo of New York
; that Thurlow Weed refused, ut Syracuse,?h
' take a teat in the back carot' thc eppositioi
, train, and that thc true features ol thc can
? vuss in favor of Morgun fur Oovernor wert
J kept buck until the speech of Seward, ut Ko
j chester, a few days since. Thc issue is nit
fully stated in the quotation WO lui VC gi Vc I
j above, so as to make tt appear that a great
' cbutCSt is going on between the social iusti
lotions of thc North and the South, in wliicl
one must eventually triumph, to thc utter de
j Btruclion of thc other. This assumption, si
I fur ns regards any effort on tho part of tin
! South to take possession of thc rye and whea
J bolds of New England and ibis State, and o
; tho markets of D?ston and New York, am
, lill theta with slaves, is pure nonsense am
! icily. No man knows this better lhan Wm
; ll. Sewaid. No mun knows latter than In
that the most active scene of lifo and ex pa n
sion in this country is in thc Northern Statis
j lb-sides thc evidences which ure evrrywher
! exhibited in thc North ol material prosperity
I und increase of population und social powet
it is thc North that barbers thc aggressiv
spirit which characterizes the country. I
was the. North that was ready to light li)
Aroostook and the Northeastern boundary
that endeavored to stir up the Canadian re
hellion and sted those provinces from th
British crown; that has extended its gras
lover I h rec-lott Iths of thc productive h.nd c
j thc '.I ci literies ; that run six lighting mc
into Kansas to one from thc South ; that sen
I 'tis l.li Thayc.s into Virginia to drive th
niggers southward j and it is thc Nott
winch now wishes to get up this ra/.?ia on th
South, and Wm. II. Seward who wishes I
lead it.
Thc true issue, then, which he presentst
tho voters of New York, and in favor i
which every vote cist to morrow foi- Molga
will bc claimed, is involved, in the fust pat
of his proposition, Will New York pr<
claim that " the cotton and rico fields i
South Carolina and the sugar plantations t
Louisiana shall bc tilled by tree labor alono?
This is thc issue, ns Mr. Seward puts it j an
it carries a brutal ami bloody moaning. ]
involves a'total destruction of all Ox is tin
things in thc Southern States. Thc bom
of society must bc swept uwny. .An inlet ic
and brutal race must bc admitted to sooii
ned political equality with the superior rac
or it must be driven out. Thc cotton, tobm
i co, sugar and rice, that now form so large
I portion m our commercial e xchanges, mu
j cease to bc produced. The scenes that ha\
marked thc sume policy in llayti, dan.aie
and many portions of Spanish Amelie
must bc reproduced hi thc southern port io.
of this Union. Tho fields must be tunic
into barren wastes, or allowed to be. overru
by'tho forest; the springs of commerce ebie
up, industry everywhere destroyed, od neat it
neglected, churches and schools allowed
tall into decay, tho rite of marriage and tl
observanco of family t'es abandoned, and
savage barbarism installed wlicre peace, o
der and social progress now rule.
This is no imaginary picture. Its renlil
muy bc scon in everyone of the intertropic
Countries of America where thc inferior ra?
bas been released from the control ami gu
dance of tho superior. Tho islands of tl
West Indies und thc shores of Mexico ai
tho Spanish ?Main present a reality far mo
terrible than the picture wc have drawn.
An occasional island, like Barbadoes, crowd,
with negroes to siurvnlhm point, who ho
each other in check under white organizatii
and rule, is no logical exception. And he
is this brutal programme lo 'm curried ot
when thi) constitution guarantees the right
self government to every St t.! o ? A vote
two-thirds of tho States cnn change tho Co
stitution, says.Soward. And so, in order
cany it out, tho Constitution ts tv be arno
dod, and tho South is to bc .deprived of tl
right of sclf-govorumcnt.
This is tho truonim of Seward and hisu
scrupulous followers, and to-morrow tho \o
of tho free mon of Now.?-York is to bo tab
on that question. Tho porsoftal onalifioatio
er disqualifications of tho cundidatcs hit
. * f
nothing to do with it. lt behooves every j
hint) ill the commercial metropolis of this ;
! groat Union, and in the Km pi re State of New I
I York, to look well whore such doctrines ns j
I Seward has enunciated at Rochester will lead
him in the cud. livery merchant, every .
manufacturer, every mechanic, every laborer,
is deeply and personally interested in thc .
question. A cl oil these active classes of so- I
cicty hung ali the others, and the value of
our lands, our railroads, our ships, and every
thing tliat wc possess. Let them look to it, .
then. Kvcry vote in favor ef Morgan is n I
vole in favor of carrying sword and tire into '
thc South. Wo ask every man the question :
Arc you prepared to vote for a civil war
throughout the length and breadth of this
fair land? '1 hat is what yon will vote fer if
you vote for Morgan.
Thc Despotism in Baltimore
Our readers are already aware that the
' Marshal of Police in Baltimore, Mr. Kane,
? has been arrested by lion. Banks;, and im
prisoned in Fort Mcllcnry. Thc police
! board of the city have passed strong condom
; natory resolutions, and have temporarily dis
! banded tho police ef the city. Bunks has
I appointed a military Officer provost marshal
! ol the city.
j The Baltimore Exchange of last Friday
says :
J "Thc crowning outrage of the military
despotism which now" usurps the functions of
a once free republic was perpetrated yestcr
1 day. Tho '27th of June will henceforth be
? rwurou.bcrcd as the blackest day in thc au
i. na Is oftho history of Maryland. In thc
1 dead of night an armed baud entered our city
! and arrested Marshal Kane. At an early
i hour in tho day the police hoard was Sliper
! seded. Under these circumstances tho
j board had but ono thing to do. They could
j net stifler themselves or the police force to be
( m ade responsible for Major John ll. Konly's
, proceedings, nor lo be compromised by any
? connection with thc individuals to whom
i (.louerai Banks had confided the chief diree
I lion of our municipal lilla i r.s. Deprived ol
al' authority, the board could not, consistent
ly with its self-respect or duty, appear to
countenance the acts of the usurping power.
lt therefore temporarily dismissed the police
from further duly, ami ordered the men lu
take oil' their uniforms. Tho rule of the
clubs of other days will now be re-establish
ed. We give below a mere detailed account
ol' the events.
The circumstances of the arrest wore as
: follows :
" Between l\vo and three o'clock yesterday
; morning, about lliUU military, consisting ol
portions of lin' New York and Pennsylvania
regiments, marched into the city and pro
ceeded up Charles street to Mount Yt I not]
Ph ce. llcrc they divided into two columns,
one of which marched directly down to St.
Paul street, while the other proceeded tc
i Madison street, down which they turned. Il
j haltet', also at St. Paul street. Small detach
incuts were sent out from each column
which took up positions near Culvert street
so that M*'lsh;d Kane's house, on the SOUtli
? side ol' St. Par.I street, w?.s completely sur
rounded. '1 he door bell waa then rung.
Col. Kane answered from one of the ttppoi
windows. Ile asked the object of the visit
and \\ar> informed that it w;.s to arrest him
Ile immediately came down stairs, opeuci
the door, and delivered himself np, remark
ing lo tho officer that the government lint
put. itself to much unnecessary trouble, ns i
note requiring his presence at tho fort wonk
have been answered personally,
"ile was placed in a clos" carriage whicl
had been brought for the occasion, and thu
Conducted to Fort Mcllcnry, one half of th
detachment preceding and the other half fol
lowing him. He was yesterday allowed l
communicate with his family by loiter. ()i
tho march from the Federal Hill camp lo th
dwelling of tho colonel, all police oliicci
?iud other persons met on the streets wer
placed, under arrest, and forced to accompany
thc military. The same caution was takei
on the return march, and it was tilde who
tho military had got beyond the limits of th
city, cn route for Port Mcllcnry, that th
police and citizens were released. With th
dawn of the morning (he news began to eil
eula lc through tue city, and-at a very earl
hour crowds collected in front of the office
ol' tho leading newspapers."
AND ARIZONA,-Intelligence has just bee
received here from California, staling that
most formidable movement is on foot, on th
part of ihc Secessionists of that Slate, t
proclaim thc Southern part out of tho Uuiot
?md lorin a new State, for admission into th
Southern Confederacy, lt appears that c
torts have been made for several years bao
to divide the State, and make a slave Still
out of thc Southern section, embodying tin
part below thirty-six degrees thirty minute
under the seth et circular sent from this cit;
dictated by Secession conspirators. Althoug
the scheme was exposed and failed, yet abut
a year ago tho Legislature actually passe i a
act authorizing thc Southern counties to fori
a separate Government, if thc people ghoul
*o vote. This proposition was .submitted an
cari ?cd, and wu bin thc last two months the
have Organized and raised an independo
Hag, and have declared their intention to ?
W.ith the South.
'J he obj Cht of this ttiovo was clearly to I
seen, lt was necessary that the Coi.fedcrai
States should have an outlet on the Pa ci ll
coast, and they, of course, strike for the Iii
harbor at San Rie>go. Nor does this sehen
stop heio. They expect and have tho asau
unco of the co-operation of tho Soeossionis
in Arizona nnd.N'ew Mexico. They have a
so tho i "?-Operation of Judge Terry, of Nev
du Territory, who has organized iv force the
to resist the authority ol Governor Nye, ail
to prevent tho establishment of the I Ttltti
States Courts there.- Washington Correan
dence" cf th? y. V. HcmUl, ,
* . * - *
Telegraphic New? from all ?uarterfc.
NORFOLK, ?July 4.-Humors are in town
that Johnston is fighting Cadwalluder, but |
we have no particulars.
Tlie enemy's transport steamer Catiline :
was destroyed by fire sight before lust ut Fort
Monroe. All quiet here.
RICH MOND, July 6.--The Winchester cor
respondent of the Kmmi'ncr, writing under
date of .July 2, ut night, says that lust night
u large body of the enemy crossed thc Poto
mac-some above and some below Williams
port. Marching six miles ccst of M n t tins
bing, Col. Juckson nd va need and met thom.
The vanguard of thc enemy consisted of a
company of 85 men, distributed as follows :
Fifteen in front; thirty distant 200' yards;
forty distant a quarter of a mile. Thc first
lfj hurrcudcrcd without a contest; thc next
thirty tired a few shuts, and surrendered.
Of the remaining 40 four were taken prison
ers, 17 killed, and 19 wounded. In the
meantime thc main body of thc enemy cunio
up. A battle ensued, which lasted un hour
and a halt', when the enemy retired. Col.
Jackson retired near Martinsburg. Thc Con
federate:* hud 8 killed and ll wounded; and
thc enemy 70 killed, 90 wounded, and 50
taken prisoners.
LOUISVILLE, July 4.-5,500 troops, inclu
ding 1,00 Arkansians and 4,500 Kentuck
ians, arc ut Ycllviile,with 10 pieces of flying
artillery. The indications arc, that about
,20,000 r.rc to advance. Every able bodied
mun in Southern Missouri, is enrolling.
IIAKiTORi), CONN., July 4.-Ex-Gov.
Seymour offered resolutions in thc House of
Representatives virtually upholding the South
ern Confederacy! His resolution was sup
ported by eighteen fearless Democrats.
Lo Ul S VI LLB, July 4.-There is not a word
of confirmation of Patterson's dispatch. The
dispatch was telegraphed here yesterday noon.
The details of such an afluir would not be
withheld. The usual morning report from
Trieste tails to day.
Lust night's midnight dispatch contained
nothing. Thc invaders evident have noth
ing encouraging.
WllKKLlNU, July 4.-lloth Houses have
organized. Pioi'poiit's message, with federal
documents recognizing thc State, read.
$27,000 Virginia's money has been seized
by tho Wheeling traitors.
NEW YOUK, July 5.-The Solferino cap
tured by tho Vandalia lins strived. A South
ern privateer captured thc transport lianna
Hat oh off Cape Hatteras.
NASUVILLK, July 5.-Thc up and down
passenger trains on the Louisville and Nash
ville lt ai I read, were seized this morning at
(.'amp Truesdnlo, near Mitchellville, by order
of Maj or-t? enera I Anderson j and both brought
to this city. Tho managers had taken nil the
engines and rolling stock except a few and
carried them to Louisville, against whiehpol
i'*y wc had to remonstrate. This seizure was
u necessity to protect ourselves. Gen. An
derson in tomi cd the agent here that no furth
er seizure would be made and thut the trains
should pass uninterrupted
LOUISVILLE, July 5.-The London Money
Market lie ok iv says, WO have habitually re
garded the United States with respect as a
provider of cotton, whereby tour millions sub
sisted, and let us not forget that we must
now transfer this feeling to tho Confederates
WASHINOT?N, J ely 5.- Etheridge bus boer
olcctcd Clerk of the House. Thc Semite hat
organized, und Fowell and Ureekinridge, o
Kentucky: Folk, of .Missouri; Johnson, o;
Tennessee, and Pierce of Maryland, were in
their scats. The credentials of Laue and
Pomeroy, and Hr. Ewing for the long tern
from Kansas; also, Browning from lliinoh
and McDougall from California were present
Copies of the navy contracts were demanded
Wilson will introduce a hill to-morrow, ap
proving tho acts of tho President. N?tlc;
was given that the following bills: to cmplc.j
volunteers for on forcing thc laws, increase tin
military establishment, for the better organ i
zation of tho military, to promote the elli
eicney of tho organization of the voluntce
militia force called out for thc. United State:
national guard. Dickens has resigned tin
secretaryship. Sena to adjourned.
A LI; X A N DU IA? .J uly 5.-All is quiet herc
'JVo Southern balloons aro in sight, recon
BOSTON, July G.-A conflagration is rn
ging in J'ii'st Boston. Wharves, n salt ware
house, the Suffolk milis, East Boston iroi
foundry and machine shops, sectional dock
marine railway, murino and chemical ware
houses, ono hundred dwellings, an immense
amount of lumber, timber, marino stores
moulds for bund grenades, Curtis' new gun
a bout*,find four vessels totally destroyed, am
live vessels badly injured; also, twelve dwell
ings destroyed elsewhere in thc city.
WASHINGTON, July 5.-lu tho ilouso 15(
members answered at roll call. Colfax With
drew Hickman and nominated Blair fo
Speaker-applause from thc galleries. Gro\
was also nominated. There was no Choice oi
thc first ballot and Blair withdrew. On th
second ballot Grow received 98, Blair ll
Crittenden 12.
ST. LOUIS, July 5.-Official informado]
places Seigle at Mount Vernon, Lawrenc
county, with a strong forco, and Jaoksoi
across thc Arkansas lino.
Loci1VILLI;, July ?.-No goods are gobi
forward. Merchants aro generally withdraw
big their, stocks from thc depot.
lt is determined to ?cud no train boy Op
Bowling (Jreen at present. Tho directors ar
undcoided as to tho Memphis branch bein
discontinued. On neither road will train* g
beyond the Stnlo line.
BTOHMONDJ July f?.--rnstiengers froi
Fredoriehsburg report tho cargo of ico r?
cohlly captured as having been sold at'fou
thousand dollars. Also, that honvy Brin
Avas heard Thursday about Matthias'
Pas^ugers from Mantons ?n^t"tn0 Oo"
borhondof AY indicator, ro/wH-so(1 th0|>aj
federates undo? J^m^,^ (h d tlm^
torifon anil t^tlttw
with considerable slaughter, and drove them*
into Martinsburg.- Johnston sent word to'
thc authorities of Martinsburg to remove tho
women and children, ai he would shell tho
town, lt is believed that a sanguinary fight
touk place on Thursday night or Friday morn
ing. No statement is given of thc loss in
wounded and prisoners on cither side. Mar
tinsburg is on thc Baltimore and Ohio Rail
LOUISVILLE, July fi.-Thc Indianapolis
4th regiment and one company of cavalry lins
arrived. Sharp's Carbine Revolvers leave to
day for Virginia.
AYASH?NGTON) July 5.-Patterson's divi
sion is reported having reached Marlinsburg
yesterday-and the Confederates retreated us
he advanced. Confederate loss at the river,
00 killed. Fight miles from tho river, tho
Confederates ure in. position for a renewal of
the fight.
Mallory, of Koulucky, nominated Eth
RICHMOND, July 4.-Passengers to-day
from thc York Uiver Railway and Yorktown
report affairs quiet, but stormy times ex
Passengers from Mnnnssns, Winchester
and points above confirm the invasion of Vir
ginia by Cndwidladcr and Patterson's troops,
and state that an action had occurred near
Marlinsburg between 700 troops under Col.
Jackson and six or seven thousand federal
troops, in which only two or three Confed
erates were killed and about seventeen wounu
' ed ; while there were forty-two federal troop?,
taken prisoners and quite a number killed
and wounded. This most probably refers to"
j the engagement repoited yesterday.
The general impression is that if Patter-'
' son docs not retire a bloody conflict will rc
? suit, as Johnston with a largo force iv push
ing forward to meet him.
RICHYOND, July 5.-Passengers from Win
chester to.-d?y deny.tho report brought hero
yesterday by Fx-Governor Lowe, of Mary
land, and other intelligent passengers, about
the battle with Johnson's and Patterson's for
ces, near Mttrtihsburg, onThuisday. Senator
M af on, who left Johnson's tamp Friday af
ternoon, at four o,clock, says there has been
no lighting since Johnson's ongrgement on
Monday or Tuesday las-t.
Judge Meredith to day decided to hold
Ilurlbut as a suspicious person.
Three prisoners were brought from Manos
sos to-day.
A letter received here states that Ceptairi
Pick Ashby, who nifide such n gidjarji fight
near Romney, died with thc lock-jaw..
Tho British Consul, wishing to pay an offi
cial visit to Baltimore, his flag of truce wa?
not recognized by Strm ghent, ut Fortress Mon
Passengers who reached herc last night,
report a skirmish near Newport News, pu
Thursday night. One hundred and;iifty Lou
isianians, under Lieut. Col., Preux, wcro
reconnoitering and cncouidcrcd the Ncfr York
Zouaves Regiment. A brisk Hire was kept
up for some time on both sides. Three Con
federates were killed, including Dreux, ano*
private Morgan Kenedy, of New Orleans.
The number of the enemy killed and woun
ded is yet unknown.
Passengers report heavy firing in thc neigh
borhood of Newport News, yesterday morn
ALBANY, July 6.-Thc steamer Now World
sunk to-day.
A fire occurred to-day, which burnt a whole
swarc, two freight depots, a passenger dopof
and clnvutors, fifty freight ear5, forty-four of
them loaded, five canal boats. The. loss is
istimatcd at half a million dollars.. Several
lives were lost.
BOSTON, July G.-A fire nt Pottsfield in
volved a loss of '?80,000.
MIT.WAUKVK, Jilly 6.-A fire occurred iii
this city, to-day. Loss ?10'0,000.
COLUMBUS. Oliib, July G.-Twenty Vir
ginia prisoners are lice.
WASHINGTON, Jniy 0.-Cameron ohd Fre
mont have gone to Fortress Monroe.
Johnson is seven miles from Martihsburg,
in force. A general advance has not yet been
made. Tho Southerners are still approach- ,
ing thc Federal levies, A general Federal
movement odours .he coming week.
WASHINGTON, July G.-Pat Urson's wholo
force is nt Marlinsburg. Thc Fcdb.ru] pick
ets fired on each, other to-day, killing ten.--'
Mc Clellan is reported within two days bf Mar
tinsburg. Johnson is within three miles of
MnrFnsburg, with 4,000 less than thc Fed
eral Ibrces.
CEDAR KEYS. FLA, July f>.-Tho schoon
ers Fanny Basscdy and Three Brothers, of New
Orleans, and tho Olivb Brunch, of Mobile,
all recently oapttired by Lincoln's cruisers,
and sent as prizes to Key West, were recap
tured off Cedar Keys oiLthc-il d inst, by th?*
Florida forces. Lieut, ?n^oldcn, U. S. N., and
nineteen seaman, wore taken priconcrs, nud
have been sent to Tallahassee The crows of
thc schooners arc safe at Cedar Keys, abd
will be sent home.
Mr. Lafayctto Kirby, about threo mile's from
this place, was struck Irv. lightning, ?n las.t
Friday cvouiug, and badly shattered. Mr.
Kirby, his wife and his children wcro all
severely shocked. They wcro struok sense
less, anti Mrs. Kirby did not recover'' pos
session of her faculties for. a day , or two.-- ..
Mr. Kirby nnd his ohildrch, however, soon
ret?ovor?dffroiu thc shock.
Spq.rfanhurff f?prcts.
-.-? -i
A ?. Barrett & Co., proprium''r'oWI>
western FouAky, f\ ?yt*???lo, ??rtivo
recently ?mrf^ ,|0 of fire
2J .>??. "m? ?re tt?rim* ottt nt ibis ifa*
M rifles ? day. * Whey tiley get tl.eir imi
ohmery in complete mtier, which will bo jil a
few flays, they will bo able, te turn cut frtin
lwoi.tj*<^ . .Tho ^
tnannraotured Ry ihcao gentleman* ?rb.. tirti^
^ti^P^l^m? WCftJintlS: 1

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