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NO. 5&
From tho Soutiicru Kntorpriso.
leque8tof a 8outh Carolina Volun
|ck lo my loved Carolina ?boro,
Acid 1 fall, lake inc home once
m\y vest beneath her bright blue
jnd on my youthful breast, tlioro
rry mo bookyivhcn thc bloody slrifo
dem-, wjbli grateful tear, shall
dil not finget n brother's last ro
uit one comrndc spared, he'll lake
V, rest ;
led ones there, Ibo mourning houso
tho blissful shore of n brighter
(firry mc back, carry nie if I die,
Tioino, no moro tu rome, there only
Eim Inst night, n drcrgn so full of bliss:
d was on my brow-1 felt iv sister'n
jody's stream-the oht moss covered
ont beneath tlie tree-the College on thc
~'-'\r ?>
carry me thero in sight of our inonu
Ivo town, ibero Joy mc down, '(is ni
n my dream, n maiden young ami fuir
ving girl was she, with sunny goblet
'mg by my side, mid wc whispered vow
may never be my brillo, still may w
carry mc back, lhere only would
landon mir, with her golden hair, o'c
Ucj^yjmtli shall weep,
bio Stale, timi generous hearts are hon
kind mid cheri ing words lo Hie strut
rgiuia's soil I fall to rise no moro,
lick, carry mo bael;, lo loved Carolina
carry me back. I Ask no marble tomi
nc donn, in thc sacred ground, ol' m
ar mountain li onie.
MileVo is a lovely spot in llie qiltet eliureh-yard
., Ky shade,
HSvficai'i ., ian -i,"i spreading oak, where 1 ha1
H^Md'lieii strafed :
M^xhV doc)) tones of the organ steal so -rom
! : jPjnm^Kjysilaj^ieiiojr my earthly co u r i
y i mm is rmi,
"BPy 'J'lia. o motlier dear may drop a leur, mi the gm
Hr ol' her only sou.
32 J ll****
^^t^??Ar.MKiTo CAMP, July 3d, 1801,
I ' tr.i i-Mi n"?pn(?N ?MI
j ?t? irvi^iju ii U^J-VIJU
Deliverance to the South.
Sr We find the following article in tho hi
B^uinber of the Southern Recorder, M ?led};
M j The dealings of Providence with nat io
H'nd with individuals, often appear st ra ni
Kimi the best men arc oppressed in thcirmin
Kwh i lo contemplating the mystery. There
Bb ut ope>tfppurt in seasons of danger and t
?biih?>mTi and that is faith in the goodness a
HflErcy of the Creator, who will not. turn fri
BBBSC who seek His favor in a becoming spii
?????BpWhcn wc have done our best by confornii
Kto 11 is will, and made a diligent use of all t
Hdities audjnenns wo possess to ndvnnoo I
Hw?Jrheii we may confidently expect 1
Br ?vc" tlolivorouoo in tho last ext
Ky. V For my thoughts are not your though
Hither aro your ways my ways, saith I
Hirdr Ker ns the heavens are higher tl
He earth, so aro my ways higher than y
HpHays, and my thoughts than your thought
?Ff have been led to this train of reflect
HjjJJiv^-nding the message of President Linet
in wfdem. ho recommends Congress to r
? acts fov raislmV four hundred thousand troi
H nVjd'?bur hundred million of dollars to pri
? cut* j.hc war against the South, averaging
mt\ MiPr'blU'd dollars to each soldier in the wa}
Ht expenso. This indeed at first view seem
^ H be an overwhelming army ; but there wi
?jUthno and nu occasion when double this fi
; jy w;is scattered, ami live hundred thousnii
, H them were slain in battle, ar maybe see
UHL *' A.n$ AU?jah set thc battle in array \
;^-'H nn Hr,My ?^ valiant men of war, even
' H hundred thousand chosen men: Jcroh
S also set the battle in array against him !
;H^eight hundred thousand chosen men, lu
H?^^sjdy men of valor. * * *
B V* And when Judah loi
.'?'?r/ibiick.bel'.nUl thc battle was before and lieh
HB and they cried unto tho Lord and thc pr
poundj?<l,wjili tho trumpets. Then thc
t?j^.otyrmL'l' ga vc II"shout} and as the mei
.-Ko udah shouted, it Caine to pass that
v H smote Jeroboam and all Israel belbro Al
yyflL and Judah. A?il tho children of Israel
Ci|Hbcfore Judah j and (Jod delivered then
HL^flir li-iml. . And Abijab and his people
?tt^e.'it slaughter : SO there foll ll
H^sr?jel fivo hundred thousand cb
|| i^^^^fT?ffttiry fu nish en no account of any I
S AB in which there was si/oh a loss.of lifo. It
H/pnmo ohnptor mention is made of " ll
f Hf with the towns thereof," taken from tho
|~iH quiihcd Jeroboam. Perhaps Pcthel
..\H) Yorktown in Virginia, moy i represent a t
il ?K not wholly dissimilar, in which tho inc
Hf usurper, with moro than three times
H Pcattltcni forco, wos completely routct
V,,ff tim reputation of his army disgraced
\ B bcKev.o'that victory will attend tho cm
- '^'iBH,Ml^lB!VSfli1Uit?wAttis'11't0 oi l'iP muHn01v of 1,1
Hhs.'.ttfrig that.jtyr. Ltncol
.? Hu ho desires, winch wo th'
?^'C^?-jBWBHXorthern capitalists neve)
?1$ fr^y??m^f>l 0,1 adequate seen ri ty, un?
?fs ff^Xi^r vKtvenby a ny'tari fis or system
^^^^^^?fe\t tho Cabinet or Congi'o?? o
Above ?ll, wo believe that Heaven will de- |
liver tho South for tho justice of our oauso,
Und in answer to tho many sincero petitions
which have boon offctcd by Southern Chris
tians. And herc, by way of ' onconragomcnt
in thc hour of need, wc subjoin a beautiful
story which appeared many years ago in tho
Montroul Transcript. Tho Albatros isa very
Targe, restless bird, and to those who oro fa*
miliar with its strength and'habits, tho story
will appear altogether probublo. Tho Tran
script says :
"Thc following most extraordinary circum
stance is furnished in a letter from an officer
of thc 83d RcgiiuontJinw in India, toa friend,
in Montreal. Whilst (lie division of the 83d
Regiment to which thc writer belonged was
on its way to India, being at that time a short
distance eastward of thc Cape, one'of thc men
was severely Hogged for some slight offence.
Maddened at the punishment, thc poor fellow
was no sooner released than in thc sight of all
bis comrades and thc sh ip'J crew, ho sprang
over boa rd. There was a high sea running ut
the time, and, ns thc man swept on astern, all
hope of saving him seemed to vanish. Holier',
however, came from a epiarter whore no one
ever dreamed of looking for it before. During
the delay, incident On lowering a boat, and
whilst thc crowded deck were watching tho
form of the soldier struggling witta thc boiling
waves, and growing every moment less dis
tinct, a large Albatros, such tis-arc always
found in these latitudes, coming like magic,
with an almost imperceptible motion, ap
proached and mndo a swoop ot the mon, who,
in the agonies of tho d?h th-struggle, seized it
and held it firmly in his grasp, and by th if
means kept afloat until assistance was rendered
from the vessel. Incredible as his story seems,
tho name and position of the writer of tlu
letter, who was an eye-witness of thc scene
place its UUthority beyond a doubt. Dut foi
the assistance thus afforded, the writer adds
no power on earth could have saved the sol
dior, ns, in consequence of the tretnendou:
sea running, a long lime elapsed before tin
boat could have been manned and got down
all this lime thc man clinging to tho birt
whose. Hut teri ngs and struggles to escape bon
him up. "Who after this should despair '( /,
raging nea-a drowning man-an Albatros
who could see safety under such circumstan
ces, or who will dare to call this chunco? I
it not rather a lesson intended to .stimul?t
faith and hope, Olid tench us never to despair
v since, in the darkest moment, when the wave
.j I dash and thc winds mar, anda gulf seem
_Lavjui.ni. it-Jw -.'jil-Hi.....--~?-*r-Tr1'"'-*"~
sc J nour. ,
El.l.swoiiTn's PlKH Z0U?VK8.-The Rich
mond Kntminn-, speaking of thc arrival e
tho wounded in that city, says :
Two ears in this train were appropriated t
tlio transportation of wounded Yankees, twei
fy. th roo in number, tho majority of whom b<
longed to Ellsworth's Fire Zouaves. Thei
were, among them, however, a great variety (
uniforms. One fellow, with bright red pani
and tl blue jacket, told us ho belonged to tl
1 Ith Regiment of New York militia. Thc
wero all wounded ?11 the.most horrible mai
ncr, and as their wounds bad received no li
tention, they were in a truly pitiable conditio
Their friends having run off and deserti
them, they had lain on tho field just who
their injuries were received until picked 1
by our troops, and our .surgeon.i being ino
'than bus}' attending to our owe wotindo
their cases were, of necessity, postponed f
after their arrival in this city. The most
them had been shot in tho lower ext roth i ti (
One fellow had both of his legs crushed, ni
several had one leg broken. One of the. Zo
aves presented a most dreadful spectacle,
rifle ball bad entered just below his right 03
His whole face and head were so swelled a'
distorted hy inflammation that it is no gr<
.stretch of language to say that "hisown mot
cr would not havo known him."
From another of Ellswerth's Zouaves, win
lott leg had been .shattered by a musket b
let. but. who seemed at the time to be sn fieri
little pain, wo derived considerable i ll fern
timi. Ho was a very intelligent fellow, a
disposed to talk. He told us that there wi
not ton Zouaves in tho Regiment of an lu
drcd and fifty who did not rejoice when JO
worth was killed ; that he was one of thc m
brutal and tyranieal men that ever lived ; tl
bc never issued an order without accompli:
lpg it with an oath or a kick. He also cc
plained that the 'Southerners had done gy
injustice both to lOllsworfh's and D?ryc
Zouaves, by supposing them to bo com po
of tho samo material as Dilly Wilson's "J
s to
ns a
ire 0
d of
11 in
vi th
vi th
ind :
it of
ii j), h
ii in
n tho
1 ntid
0 cu
ll can
ink ipi
1 this
of ro
f tho
General Wise's Aids, Colonel S. D. McD<
mon, bas just returned from 'Charleston,
tiawha. Ho reports that, on Tuesday
Gu pta i n Brock, of tho Rookinghurn Ou/j
together with Colonel Clarkson, '
?..bout th reo hundred of tho enemy,
side of a mountain, twclvo milos boh/n of
leaton, killing between twelve and
thom. /tween
Ou tho next day, Wcdncs^**^,,^,
four nnd five o'clock, tho unamj/I. ijfj(0?:?
to 2,500? attacked our forocs/?fj?nry JJQQ
Colonol George S. Patton, ct/^ plit0fil|
mon, at tho mouth of Scnrrjrnmiwj|n_
miles below Charleston, on /loss of froth
250 to 400 'ulled nndjft, was wound
Norton, of tho Indiana 1/oodruff, Lieut
ecLand tako.iprisoner./1>Si 0f tho ?Uh
Col. Noff, und Col. D/ith two GopUtris
Ohio Regiment, tog/ taKcn p?-i?onors.
mid ti Lieutenant, w/s wounded.
Lieutenant Col, iy/^^ 24//, fW J
QriKKit AM/oHfso nmob?" Gnrd
thM has nothing to amuse 1
f\?^w/??ttL??o ?l&WBlk wet,
Hampton's Legion in tho Fight, h
Wo oximel tho following graphic account
ofthohcroio cmduct ut* Hampton's Logion
in tho grout buttle ot' sunday, from thc Kich
mond J'Jxamfner of Thursday. Tho state
ment is made by an oflioor who was in tho
thickest pf tho fight :
V^Tho infantry companies of tho Legion
joined tho line of 'battle about 0 o'clock in
thc morning, having; marched seven miles, af
ter a hastily-snatched breakfast, to tako their
part in tho general action. In a few moments
after the linc was*" formed, Colonel Johnson
fell by.a shot from tho buttery, lie was in
stantly killed, the ball striking and teniing
ib Why tho upper portion of bis bend. Colonel
Hampton himself, assisted by .Surgeon Dai by
and Adjutant Barker, bore the body from thc
? At this instant tho men, missing for a
moment thc presence of their commander,
cried out *'We have no commander." C<o
tain Clarey, who was commanding tho left
wing, suddenly called out, " Follow me,
Hampton Guards, follow to victory !" .The
effect of the tones of thc command was in
stant. Tbc noble and gallant JOdgrJilcld com
pany made a rushing chingo tdwaids thc en
emy, in advance of thc rest U,J-ho Legipn
nearly three hundred yards, aid so far on thc
loft flank that for a moment t'tcy were under
thc lire of thc Washington/Artillery. Thc
Guards advanced to within 7U0 or 120 paces
of the. enemy Unable to i/aintain their po
sition,, they retired, falling bick upou' the co
lumn of the .Legion. It ws then that Col.
Hampton, after a few thrilling word* at tho
! head of the Legion, ordere]its fire to be open;.
i cd upon the dcadiy batter) .'ml was mowing
down his ranks.
\ .? Nobly and gallantly di bis men respond.
Firing hy iile and maintain lg their position,
r they stood steadily until tlibe o'olocK in the
evening, under thc deadly jfh'O ol' one of tho
1 most destructive . bat lories.lof thc Federal
s anny.
" At this time of the da.) tho Logion fell
I back ?bout 200 yards, witt' Gen. Kvans, ol
j South Carolina, rode up ti) he line, and ma
0 kin<? himself known to tl I men, added hu
v noble and patriotic cncoui foments to those
; of their gallant commande i A shout vise?
1 us Beauregard himself rid? to the line, urn]
? in stiring words appeals to e Legion to bold
c. its deleted position but a f< ' moments longer
?. and the victory would hew l.
,s ''Thc men' wens sUffeWlg horribly fron
s tho most raging IhirsLtfVVn a uumber ol
fernie messum ol hnnpmgi^ -f -
V??O near by. through tho t#ro ()t ?j.-'
- hut three returned from tl? , ""ii.,. . ?
o?-. . i> ? i UK fiallnnt errand
f Lieutenants Dates ?nd ?- , e t.
ur i i Ja nnpK-tnsj of th
Watson G.unrda, and ??.,,t'0 v NJ ?
0 lidg?, and they were jus?? ... .'
,- Hampton's Inti and cSSSP' U "? to J"?? ( ?'
J- battery Jsr charge upon ?lr
e " The Legion hndlBf, ? , 3 i . ., . .
e i ,i\ i, JjaB^'oeed about ur y ra
)t ces, when the eiiargipy . . .' I *
i, . PDjr'{ poned hy ie I t
ts \ iriiiuta Ucgime.ntyflf i 1 J , ' , ,
? "T, . r, ,i.JKruh!r command of Co
ie Sun h. who led llttMr.;,. ,. ,
... i . i ," i,,.,!!1"^"11 foot-Ins hom
.y having been usl S?? (. , , ,.
,t '. ri- \ ifK'iou. under him. Co
i- Hampton ofiercdHM , i Y4
1 i - Jw* own boise. At thal
t- time, when willum?,.,,,. ,Rn V , . '
. iu ,"i li...? 01,1 lo" yexbi of the bat
n. tory ..Colonel Hain*,. ... ,
i i, J , i, fif0*'' received his wound,
d Ho was struck by ll Si . , . . ?
i 7 .i. "i the temple. As
re ho was raised, tho u,.i. ... 1 , ,
,u . . e ii , ?.-M mx(* sol??posscfised gal
ip antry ot the lira Vi,,..,., ?L?. , ~*
1 l in* .?r"'*" waa exhibited. In
o cid,,, ?nd nfl^ g#brds he exhorted Colonel
?\ S,mt1ii 0,8*' S?fco Logion, and to b b, to
il support its ihflhhe word, added a , cw
Of spirit to ho ?WilUH, . The Legion
*8 advanced to iMv,, i(s rikt%Uv lllu]or tho
d commiiiM^n-onnei*,\"d the left under
u- bat o (Min iu-cy-the .commaufJ ()f fc)
A intrepid WMsonV^a^vvi.oV , l^
e. gnisl.cd tlbn.se v in th, op^M^%
d tjon, bein: dov/dd,A n?J, Lieut. VVyij r
tnt nings, iptil.inmofjvy j^u. lbitcsa?',.,"
b- kins, w'ehaJ utHlerlar?^U)^ brave iiX 1
of brii/.ing/'atcr tg thCLfleni'igmcii throuC
?sn tho itfckes/?f the fire, j >
"j. ?? 'Jhe daughter of | enemy tit tho hat.
"g teiy.a-s tin combimupc?-go of thc Virginia
in- Ueg'uieno t'"d tho Hlpton Legion swept
nd bvtf it, i//od to have lip, terrific. Tho fu
irc gitvcfi tf piii-sucd by He conipanies of tho
m- L/gion / MOjjr Ccntrev|.. For four or five
Ils- unies, th Pursuit is drlribcd to havo been
ost rjvortf" bodies, which lowed the Vetrontof
hat tim , S ? : .
"y. 4p Logion reportsfibout thirty billed
im', ondf }'u,?}y ,IU,'L with ii iinmcnso numbpr
cat of/ '^8SJp wounded-iruly a gailmit. rV
'?'s c?/ N?Ith01' i's e.tval j companies nor ar
sed ti^ "'Wed in time foi l0 action ; had they
L?ct \ fl so>/luioko1' work wo jMiavo boen made
/tho Legion. As it | with tho gallant
#!ord it has mado, and Io' compliments of
? /cnnregard given it H.* fly nftor tbc victory,
j Jit may boast, indeed, to i ave had a distin
^giusbcd part in the glorio day.
r <( The names of Capts. < inner, Garey, Ad
jutant Harker and Surge >| Ihubyniul 'J'ay
lor aro meiitioned among boso who dislin
guifl?d themsQlvcs heroica \ in thc figiit.
"Tho escapes of many njthc uicn tli(Q\igji
the storm pf fire oro dose-Jed ns almost mi
raculous. Tho South Card)nians were better
shots than the enemy. Al throo fires* from
ono of tho Corporals, J. W. Tompkins, two
lankecs wore seen to bitoltho dust;'hud at
one timo of thc action, Lied... Jennings, with
? revolver, fired i.do tho 'cfxmiy a nuntbarof.
shots, nearly cnoh.ono of wlijdi struck its man.
iMany of the Legion bad heir olothes torn
through "with bullets." I
. < . -*"^----J
PiSTHAY.- A very largo ! albon was seen
to passover this city about ?; J o'clock yoster
dny^yctjingi It may have loon tho notorb
ons "Frofossor Lowo," onoof tho rorinl corps
enlisted by Lincoln tn nid iiijsubjugnrtbg tho
.booth. If so, wo advise tho people, wherever
dio l?tiebes terra firma to htvo-bim somo
thiiig to remember them by. As n spy, by
tho rulos of war, ho deserves death. He oiieo
stalled fvom Oitieinn/iti and landed in Smith
Carolina. .Halben? aro given to tho ennot
??ont of strange featq.. If it wa? tho profes
?or, bthimbpusod-nntLnot iii thc ensicst
? ? i,... .'j.!"."..... .. .. '-.'..'.f. ??.1.-, '-i'1' ^..1!
Telefjrapb?o New? from all Quattara. (
KicifViONn, July 20.-Hon. Rob't Toomba, !
having excepted Pr?sidant DavUJ ?p^intiliont "
of brigadier goocrul?]hti8 resigned, tlio offlco
of Kccvobuy of State, to bo succeeded by JI?u. ,
ft. SE % Hunter. j
iuc'ir^ONi), July 2?.-Tho Bnnk Conven
tion bas! adjourned, expressing an opinion in
favor oi-tbe Oovorniucnt issuing $100,000,.
000 of treasury notes, addition to tl?o amount
already'hithori/.ed, of lives, ton abd twenties,
not to bcYr. interest. Other dcnoiijnations to
bear the into, of 7 3-10 per cent interest.
WAHI?&?TOX, July 2G.~-ln ..tho Scnnto
thc bill <i> refund to States the money expen
ded by i h cm to defend tho ? Qovorumcnt was
passed .V.
ST. LMJ'IS, July 20.-Fromont has arrived.
Tho Missourians have taken Memphis,
ScottbiiiJ county, Mo.
JKFRIIUSKN CITY, July 20.-Tho Conven
tion deeUves tho principal State ofiiccs vacant
and provides for filling them by tho Conven
tion.- Ii repeals part of tho State Consti
tutum. ?T ho Supremo Courtis to consist of
seven j litiges-iVmr tobo created by this Con
vcutioit. j Thc tftato Legislature is abolished
and scve/al acts of thc late Legislature arc
ICNdN?'H.T.ii, TF.NN., (via Augpsta,) July
20.-Cl ?v. Jackson ar.d Clou. Atkinson, of
Missouri mi ?ved here yesterday, eu route for
iUebni?rfd. Governor Jackson says tberoare
100.000 Missourians ready, if they bad arms,
to defend the cause of the South.
UioiiMoND, July 27.-A largo central
llospituMluronu has boen established at Char
lottsvli;i>with branches at Culpeppr, Orango,
Louisa abd Manassas. Hov. IL W/Darnwcll,
and Messrs. tl. W. Collin, W. C. lice, and
Dis. Dissell and Steedmnn, with thc co opera
tion of several ladies of South Carolina, have
charge ot it. They will receive any contribu
tions fropi South Corolina, and dispense thom
whcrO tiorded, and will personally supervise
thc sick ?did wounded, and carry on corics
. noridepen with their friends and families.
. Ten nurses have arrived from South Carolina,
1 abd moro aro expected. They will endeavor
: to keep a correct list of tho placo and condi
? timi of sick South Carolinians, and furnish
[ weekly reports to the papers. Famines, so
c lets. hood: teas, ooflce, arrow root, r?'?c
.. sugar, corn starch, isinglass, lime juico, gris
. in bags, medicines of .all kinds, bnndngca
u Wines, brandy, liquorice; VO?Q water candie,
and lozenges f,,r 'colds; and flax seed. Oh
. tracts are much needed, as now ones ennuo
i be bought.
WASHINGTON, July 27.-C?en. McClelhn
j has arrived. A committee is herc from New
York to urge thc activo employ Mit of Cen,
i A Youl.
Jt is ascertained that thc Southerners had
accurate information concerning tho Federal
movements, 'ibo withdrawal fiom Fairfax
was a part of their plan to draw tho Federals
into ail ambuscade.
Tho Senate passed a bill to define and pun
ish conspiracy, and a bill for thc suppression
of r?bollt??'.
fTho Michigan regiment lost nino officers
and 198 mon. . This regiment wont into tho
field 47.) strong: ..,
Tho Southerners aro concentrating nt
Winchester, und much uneasiness is felt in
relation, tc au apprehended attack on Harper's
Ferry. i 1
The secoiitfe^i^regimont, hove dolivercd
up theis ms and gone bohle. They number
[ I>o00. If .
^ Thc Confederates arc mounting siceo guns
^lir?ix^ < . , ? ' ,m
n?.?Vn ^?no?rsi ns a reward for.tjicir'-cour
NCw^bo??K*"t,l?r?5'otl t0' raise ^j?t?nts.
b* MDFmt^'' how?VeV> ,,rc' he,ng%onsrant
lIou,oht^te ^,r- M^ero*nnd- said' tlic
re ?mic, W^nU WW*? M Arther
wiido^L . i MiUcn 11 0 Committee of ti o
\2^LL"1 ? IfVklc *VC0t tax.
V ^"kN'loloilt^ppOSU.or,.
. Nothing nenvj- fl0,n'the e?
lunion bcarni^lLj. of tn,c0 for.tho i.hr.
P<?y>burying^UMMcncl, nor from Col. Ca
incroV^.o,\p(^tioiu^%l' v
It imposed tluit<lW&nithovncvs }
schemes eli loot winch thoTS^u to ,j>0 fc
secret, and^Bo detain cvorything^,??thj,,
their li nos.'
In tjio 8enoto,bills.wcrc, passod tO^Shj ft
bridge near tho prcsonfc ono, to rcpriirXfc^
Long bridge,'and to i?iYcstignto the amount
of s'drtricsirccoivcd by officials. A r?solution
'Maintaining ' tho supremacy of the Union
passed by .thirty yeas to one nay-Mr. Drock
inridgo; ; '
CINCINNATI, July 27.-Cox has occupied
Charleston, oh thc Kminwha. , Tho Southern
ers Jiavo burned tbebridges and fallon back.
( FoiiTHAsf! MONUOK, Jiily'27.-An expe
dition,, cdrjf{fiting of six launches, havo burnod,
nine Oonfcdorato sloops and selioonors.
LOIIISYJT.LK, July 27.-Accounts of ori
thiisinstioYecoption'sof returned throo months'
volunteoisjaro noticed in various places, whoso
doparturo/lms not boen' noticed at headquar
ters. ' v
Permits pro given to'ship goods to ul) ports
tn Kout nely.
Many o */io tinco months' volunteers
from* tho iitorior aro arriving hero, to seo
bow business is. If they find it lcssprofitablo
than soldiering, thay premiso to returns
NT;W Y?IIK( July 27.~ -The pnP-s of cotton
to day w?i ^ 1,1)00 biles, at lo:? to 10 eontH.
Trensury i\& aro quoted at 081) United
Sb. tOS ?1X^5 81.
. KKW YIRK. July 27.~-Thc Etcaiuship City
... '-!?'. .. ? -.
>f IJi?ltiH?oro arrived nt dino Raco on Thur!*
lay, bringing advices from Liverpool to thc
13th instant. ' Sho brings ?42,000 in spocio.
Tho Borussia sailed with ?76,000i
Tho sales of cotton ?on Wodnosday and ,
rhursdny wero 40,000 bales, of which specu
lators and oxportors took 2.0,000. Tho mar
ket closed' buoyant- nt an odvanco of id -
Brcadstulfs quiet and steady. Provisions
?teady. Consols 801 to 90.'
Tho London Times thinks that Lincoln's
henVy^taxation will indu'oo tho Northerners
to reconsider their rcjoction of all peace or
compromise measures. . \
A Bnltimojo student named Brcckcr slight- |
ly wounded tho Kingof Prusiti.
RICHMOND, July 20.-Tho Southern Con
gress met at noon to day. But few members
were absent. Tho President's Message*-and
accompanying documents wero read, and fivo
thousand copies ordered to bo printed. Tho
business otherwise was unimportant.
IticUMOM), July 20.-A despatch from
Stnunton, yesterday morning. *o tho Dispdt?h,
confirms tho report that Ramsay's Georgia
Regiment has arrived safely at Monterey, to
gcthor with all tho survivors of Col. Pogrom's
Mr? Muso, of tho Washington Artillery, of
Now Orleans, is dead. Major Harrison, of
thc 11 tli VirginiaRcgin?out, is dead. Lieut.
II. II. Mi?cs, Privates Do LnConte, Wilkin
son, Mallory aud Thomas Sangstcr, were
killed. Captain Allen, Lieutenants English
and Harris, and Privates Reilly and Whitaker,
and Sergeant Lunikir, wore wounded. All
thesowovo members of Virginia companies.
A soldier named Baldwin, from Arkansns,
was killed, at Staunton, by thc cars, on Wed
I WASHINGTON, (via Norfolk, July 20.
Kuli particulars of thc Bull Crock engage
mont state that three Federal companies eros
sing o rnvino received a raking fire, killing r
number, but they stood their ground, cover
ing their retreat with a brass cannon ant
Sherman's battery, tho horses of which wen
disabled. Four Regiments, which wero sup
ported by cavaly, joined in tho battlo. Tin
Southerners used their guns well. Tho Fe
dorais, again advanoing, encountered a raking
fire. Thc Federal guns were pul in position
lind poured grape and canister into tho South
ertiors till their ammunition was exhausted
Soveral Federal guns were disabled. Th
-total loss of thc Fcdorals .is estimated at 4?
i ill,..I (?.MI T^?^r|Wgd^^?^^^M^^
go'wg on. , ^^^^^uRC?00^ 1
Fort u-.tn ? TO Jl'ioiiMo^T^GrAk "s
from tho 7W/?K?i?> "f thc ion, -.^Hlfcc U1,
lh?.ij?"o?lng.i,ca?1iio,,;i-lh '"'^fo*
Ibo House of Itoprosoiit?iWeP,- >fr?n^B
five opposing voices, and Ono of those a lotte?
dealer has voled tho great lean to preserve th
Integrity of tho Republic. Tho loan ?f| soo,
booftered, ip its various forms, to tU nubile
r.ud do you wish .toknow how to mauro its boin,
tnkon promptly nnd nt pur? Tho means of thu
restoring to the Government its rightful crodi
is very simple. It is tho ihimediato ocoupntio,
of Kichmoiid, That done, you can huvo al
f bio nionoy you want nt your own toi ms.
. Ibero aro four nlaoos where it is specially
necessary that tho Stars and Stripes should ht
lung to tho breeze in .triumph. Theso nr<
Richmond. Charleston, Momphf* and Now Or
loans : perhaps wo may add a fifth, Montgomo
rv. But of thom nil, Richmond is tho first and
tho most important. Forward tho con vereine
columns ! 0 fc
Business is everywhere 'languid, and mer
chants uro ruined. Do you wish to restore
confidence and rovivo tindo? Occupy Richmond!
and provo thnt you mean to loso no unnecessary
tuno in occupying Charleston. Memphis anti
S^-f?^^?' J ,10n t,'? currents of conimor
cuil lifo will bogin to movo ngain. as if bv
mugi?. . J
It ls tt?8?crja to talk about ibo sviiipalhy and
respect, of foreign nations until t ho Amorican
people novo shown thoir enpneitv to govoVn
thcmsolvos, .nnd mnko tlioir . Oov?rnmentkrcs
peotcd at homo. Tho only event willoh will
provo tlhit oapnoity boy'ond'a doubt is tho occu
imtion of Richmond without ibo logs of a dav
vhoro loss cnn hp avoided. Thnt done, ovory
ro.dV will know lind fcol that Rcbollion is cor
ainly tobe crushod, and tho integrity of thc
topubbonssurod forovo/i .
NKWS raoM^TAxicKKJ^ND.'--.T??o Kioh
nond Examiner lins obtained copies of Into
italiiinorp papers, from which tho following
?f?te^l,,nd0' T,i0 P?P0?? woro
'oppress tho ?
totting forth in *??d4^
iulminutcd m n robellion, and that ti^rirei
mt war is being oar ried on to doter mino tho
piestiou whethor salvory shall bo extinguish
ed or not, adds, therefore, ns n great milit,?
. -"^k^nacted hy tho Sonnto and Houso of
RoprescWlv08 of tl$ Uujtcd atotos, ?u cw
gross assoin^^ T,,nt from Vand-'After tho
piissngo of tbis>kthoro shall bo no ti\:%vm
or tnyoluVtnry sorvWio-in-nny of th&vSjute's
ef this Ualon thnt clivoso huvo soocwHi-from
tho Government, and nrcHn opon armed re
ststan'oj to tho execution .of tito laws and tho
provisions of tho Constitution of tho ,United
And be it further enacted, ThatinuitodintO
ly upon tho pnssngo of this net, thfy President
3f tho United State? shall oajLiaor \)?S pv?cln
iiiution to bo issued, sottjug Ont li tlio thimcdi
ito and unconditional oimnioipntiofVpf all por
tons held ns slaves in any of tho afore
mid States, under thc laws thorcof, aud also
adoring all officers to ^givo. protection to all
mol? ?intinoipatedA'slavos,.aiid.noofipt tho per .
aaes of all wno may fondor them in bokalf of
;ho Com muent, if in tho judgment of such
illicors, snob services shall bo useful or nec
essary to thc prosecution of this w/i'c
Can any KOIJR?LIO man, aftor reading ?lie
ibovo declaration, doubt for . a hip mont tho
talley of th ") Lincoln AdniittistrtUibn.
...>.^j..f\.-.*-? r-~7?-&
Amovlaan Affairs ?b?oad; . (
't!Ub fodfjWliw ?o?cc?ions aro from Into Kt;-'
ropeun paper? s
OF H>KTiiKL.~*-It is, howovor; bclicvcu that:
tbo Northolm army, \uidor command of Gon.(
Scott, amounts to sixty thousand mcn? and.
that tlio cnomy lins in tho field a force which",
is.supposed to rango from soventy to ninety ,
thousand L.SII. Tiri former, if wo mayJUdgo ..^.^jjfii
from the recent affair near Fortress Monroe, '
appeared to bo ill disciplined-?nd inofiiciently
commauded. Tha roghnonts which wcro dis -
patched, ,\tndcr. the'command ot Gen. Pearce/
to attack tho intrcanoliod camp afcGrcnt Beth
el, were speedily repulsed, mid in tho darkness*
j of the night fired upon each other. This dis-,
astor is attributed to tho mismanagement of.
I Gob. Pcrco, who, it is stated, " lost his hcad,"^
or to tho disinclination of tho raw Northern'
levies toJi(oo masked batteries and to stand
<? thc gelling firo of rifled cannon." Tho mi
litary operations whioh hitherto have taken
place in America seem to, European nations to',
bo utterly inexplicable. In this country wo,
know^compnrativcly littlo *or nothing of tho>
organization of tho Southern forces. Wc ard
obliged to form our conclusions from tho not'
very trustworthy accounts with whioh tho
New York pnpors favor tho world, lt is,
however, olear that both in tho attaok upon:.
Fort Sum cr and in tho recent affair nt Great
Bethel, tho secessionists were well provided
with artillery, and that their troops were auf-'
ficiently well handled to sccuro success. Wo,
suspect that tho delay and hesitation whioh
hn-o marked thc policy of tho Federal Gov
ernment are to bc attributed mainly-to thor --.- - J "
circumstance that Gon. Scott, nu abl? and
experienced officer, knows that militia regi
ments cannot, in thc short space of two months^ .
bc converted into well trained and efficient
soldiers. . Gen. lintier, who directed the dis-,
nstrous movement from Fort Monroe, was tho
other day a practising lawyer, who, of course,,
cannot bc expected to become a general by
inspiration. Tho Northern army appears to'
bo in great want of officers, owing to tho cir-,
cumstanccs that thc great majority of tho of-}
ficers of thc regular nrmy havo thrown up ' '
their commissions to tako service with tho
Southern insurgents. In a few days wo moy
oxpect to hear that Manassas; Gap lins been'
tho scone of a great struggle, upon thc issuo
of which thc fate of tho Federal cupital must
i depend. Hithorto tho prcstigo of success bas .
i boon altogether on tho sio^jjf---<Jio South----a.
_: <T.?...i.^'^U' A ^ifrfl!il"MM-' /
?HW'1 J?III { s
Encava to ^?ltd IIP* v
courage iinoTMB jBRBK0
two armies wcr^S?:: 'HP?g onTiirothcr, anil
tho fight which .soc^PTmiDincnt al.Mimasstis
Gap will, injall probability, decide? no'Ltho'
fate of ti.o campaign, but whether thc iNWth' '
or tho South i J to bocomo tho invadbigVaVty.
i [London Post, Junc\)?'
summing up thc outpouring of troops froin thoV. L ----
State of Georgia, and tho spirit stiti' pervading
that Stnto to organize and send forth voluntcor?;
tin Augusta-(Ga.) Chronicle any s :
llosidcs tho Hoglmcnt of regulars, ai Savannah'
nador command of Col. Chai-l?s i Wi j) J ? ni? " ? c or8
gift has sent to thc field ten rogimonts of Voluatoorii
I l'n ,cr to!?\ llf*"'sey, S?minos, Wright, Doles,
Jackson, Colquilt, ?artroll, Biumby, Gouldinc ^
Anderson, tinco roglnieuts independent volunteer*
(Held ortioers appointed by tho President.) under
Cols. Darlow, MoL'nws and Johnson of Kw if tucky
two? battalions commanded by Majors Vjiliiijgtfa ' '
and ?farueman, besides two independent companies
1 hero aro also in Virginia Georgia companies"
enough to organizo another regiment. So Pint wo
havo now raised and sent off ?orno 14.U(ilJ soldiors
besides tho regulars. Tho Brigade of.Gen. Phillipa:- *
ononriHvsd nt Big Shanty, muiibou near ??00, Tho"
ToortibS regimen!-Fourth independent-is now or
ganized under Col. Kolor wlio fought in (lie Mexican - H
war, and the Eleventh and Twelfth regimonta will
organize in Atlanta next week under com'ninnd
doubtless, Of Bon. W. II, Stiles and ?Ion. Thom- ?
n , , ,r,l0,ina8. To thoso must, bo added Torn
Lobb s Logion. Col. Cobb's independent roglinont,
Cpl. Hammond's, Col. McMillan's and Col. Undov
wpo.d s, which will incrcftso Georgia's fighting force.
Including tho regul?r? and Phillips' IhigVido to
near twciity-fivo thousand troops. And this isonlv
mo-half or ojio-third of what Georgia cnn mid will !
1?, ir nooQssrtry.
B?IM,I.\>:T VicToav nv WISK'S LK'OION'.-\VV
w&?^?i DK 1>0,lon? pritmipal'stirgoonin Gen.
Kt w?ft,l<!' tvyko arrived in ltich.nond last*
ovmiVhV fl?xloeU,rV ? ? ?Uwn Wednesday fr* .mm?
wbn oomiw Wwo^fv<,m Charleston. lUtilSL Wt
ora) troop?. OUV 8<&&3!Tt\*^W ' v
ing m, 'and laMnk%^J5S^^
prfvatos prlsonars. bes\doe n. Si U<V^\
oftloors tnkon piis.Uiew will nrflvo bl ir.ebni,^
o-mon-ow. Only tlireo on our ,U\oVii
in tho oiuragomonf, and they VVostoro MBt^
ians.-Juchnwnd ' Kxtmiiu-r. M'-z-'Wii^.
MOLASSES A RtiiiSTirOTR von HACOV.-:. A^^I''V"?'*'< ff ^BB
in Mlssbsippi statT (lint soven yrarsalnCb i.ft.^BWKBI /
m?heed giving his i.fgroes two pound? of bac?a^?SL /
nhij two pinta of iiiolass??s. tiiRteadof four p?wn<N
of bacon per week, ns before. His negroes so?n
bcgrtii t?llko tho molnases better, than Bio meat, and
ho now lgoka to Louisiana for Ono half of ibo meat
lined on his plantation. Tho Medical I-WuKy *f
London, 80veral years since, decided thal th OHO'who,'
li vo on.molasses ns apavt of their regatar diet ney.
or have the typhoid fever. Tho Mbsissippl plnntcv'a
experienoocoiToborate? this deselsion, for bia ne
groes havo not had a singlo oaso of typhoid fevev
among them, although frequently in tho lieigbbov.
hood, nmPonoe in his own family. Let tho pl"n
ter? of tho South try thjsexperiiuent. lt w.illsavi)
more tluin oaodiolf. Ho much fal bacon mid greoso
la.Olir oVbpate, is injurious and unheallhy. Tho
begvocs on Hiignr pitintatiops are aiwnys healthy
and sound.
- ? ?? .
Or the, dead ntid obrciil Ppenk well, cr not ol Bib.'

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