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NO. 5&
?'OK TDK COU Ut Kl?,
Mountain Boy's Song.
Three cheers lor th? 8lurdy Mountaineers,
A n't throe limos three nguiu,
Till tho xhoiU sings out from Iho mountain lop,
Anti is echoed o'er tho plain.
Thou up nnd arowie! bra Vb Mountaineer^
For tho foe ts* iii Southern sens,
And the flag of tho Northern marauder,
Waves over Bio. Palmetto trees.
io Seeds?
.flint wcro uon'oon Mnnnysas' Plain.*
Thou huzza, huzza, huzza, boys,
And we'll Ul arch lo tho baltlu-fteld, boys,
Our intwie, the titnnoa? roar.
lt ll/.zn, int/.zn, for victory,
D'or that murderous Northern band,
We'll fight, we'll (>lt'r<l, we'll die, boy?,
Bro titty conquer Dixie hand."
And we'll be a b ind ol'sister Slates,
. Wit!? Fir.</un for oar cry,
Aud Curo'i'i'i, thc brightest shir.
That shine* in thc Southern sky. .TOSIR.
Pendleton, S. 0.
twmmmu ?- -?a-? - -------
JWachc-i by Her. T. I. Me li ru?e, J). J)., before
his Conym/ation in l'/ irllrton, .S'. C., Februa
ry ->t.ft, 18?2, and published by rcqucU.
Twstt-.-vM Olivonlolps, K.iJi Chapter, 2d timi 7th
verses: ~* * Tho Lord tswltli'you willie yoibo with
him ; lind if yo seek him, he will bc found of you ;
hut if ye forsake him, he will forsake you. Do ye
Rtrong, thor?for?, and lot not your bands bc weak ;
for your work shall bo Ytswurdod.','
. Tho word of God is tho ohly standard of
right and wrong; to it must ull tuon .inako
their ultttnato appeal for the rectitudeTor their
conduct ; and, from its instruct ions, must'thcy
derive that wisdom which they need to guido
thom in all tho relations of lifo, and in ovory
condition of lifo. God has therein rocordod
examples of his dealings with individuals,
families, communities and nations, illustrating
what conduct he approves and what conduct
he disapproves j and wherein, and for -what
rc-isoiis, ho will.bless ; abd wherein, ?ud for
what, reasons, ho will withhold his blessing
Andjjici'oi tt Ut,that' woifind^thoso.principles
wbidh jtro eternal as th?.Throuo of God-ri-that
J|o o? tlt? fortiidatlr/?? of. th'ith?a.civil) ?pdlnl^nd
rdBgious pro ;pority ^ub happiness, ^^iy-fixt
->-:fu rn Uhos * Jr^.^
."?.' . .-: .To <ti'c;ir\de.4sjl'a.nil t?^e^'y' .>.t0^o^?1^^ai.l
"j- . V?'Jtd'e.r ot .tholenpturcR>'tue-urH-part .of . flhis
*' . ' -pis*rtgo-t?ay'appear to kveh, that God,-'in fy is
d clings *with man, aote uponthc pr'nnplc nt
ry.aliti'ion-<'lovo for love, hate for .bato."
But wo know, from the Vviiolo tenor ot thc
Scriptures, that Ile is influenced by no such
spirit, ns is common amongst mon. J lo speaks
?md acts as a Liw-givor and a Judge"; ns one
bound to give wholesome law? and to seo to
their observance. Holding, thcroforo, . thc
LAW which ITO has given, and which embod
ies tho eternal principles of His Government)
in His band, He says " obey and live ;,dc
that whieh is pleasing in my sight, ns youl
Sovereign,' and you shall bc blessed ;" or, at
iii the text, " if yo bo with mp "--i. e.,. On nil
side, loving and serving me-'* I will bo witli
you"-td susttiu and bless you, <fco. And,
in so doing, (Ind not only acta for the main
. manoo bf lits laws and' Government, whiol
ure Holy, wiso and good, but for the best in
tercsbs of His creatures.
With tilos? explanations of tho gt.noral son
timont of tho text, i proposo to apply it tt
tho present condition of our beloved country;
illtismuoh as we have assembled together, ir
obedience to the call of our much esteemed
President, (of wh im tho people of these Con
federate States may well be proud, for lib
d' >dli/ deportment, as we.!! as for all his othci
virtues,) to humble ourselves bolbVo Almighty
God, on nceount. of our national sins, and t<
invoko His favor and protection, in thesi
times that try mon's souls." '
lu respect to tho controversy that occasioned
the war now raging botwpon tho Northen
and Southern portions of this once united bul
now dismembered Confederacy, so far as ro
Ja les tu tiie chief quo^^^gM?M??MfcJ|y
.South may ^uU*4HjHH Wi
us and vv/l?ro iviftrKf f^vAx JSSBFll
^ . /,ho8i(h/bf truth and riglnl^ ^
IPP " - ?i t!1Tholy Worth Olio of thuso?p^OT^J^j?
which is indeed the principio one-rolutosTt
un institution, venerable for its' antiquity and
for Its many valmblc. use?, which God lui tl:
expressly authorized in His Word, ?nd willoi
1 lo bas approved and blessed in ninny othci
tw.iys, oven as now existing among mon In
this respect wo '. are built upon the. fouoda
t iou of patriots, prophets and Apostle*." Ant'
tho other question relate? ti civil liberty
the right ol' a people to justice and equality
under tho Government that is set over them,
jHld to oast off that tioveriinient if these things
aro donied thom ; which ts also in accordance
with tho otermd principles of truth anti right
eousness that aro set forth in tho Word ol
God. Tho truth of tlteso propositions is toe
p-.doable to require argumentation on this oc
Wo wore with God, toy hearers, nnd Ho
With us, while this controversy was ponding j
und wo aro still with Him in this respect, fut
wvt hayo never asked or - wishod for anything,
in thoao matters, hut what is "just and
. equal," which Christian ant' Sovereign States
'had a right to expect from their Repro-ienta
Uves and Uders.
' And .in'tho m t of ncparalion (rom tho old
I?..?'... .li,, ...l.t. . t* . t .,..1 ir-u ..?j,
i<ii|Oii, ?0 WCTO^aISO o ivii <;uu ui|u mi ?mi
ti<i. lt was not a hasty not, but dh? of, tpatttrc
deliberation-tho result of yours of'dWuKsiotl
and.'bonniel. Nor was it gotten up' iy^ip mp'
fives of ^avenge or.self-aggrjiudi?.ojuei?t mid
? ambitioni ; but proceeded fionr tho purest p?>
triirtlsm and pioto. ' In ita acoompt??iihj?~tifJ
inim'storn of tho Obspel, churches mid church
officers, as wella* tho wlsost,and best nf?tates
. mon, wore xjoiiecVned. Yoa, it! would.haye
?. \ boen ?voidod,! had thero boori ar?y possible
Wfe^v, w.'.y of doing so without Mcriflcin^ cootiei?nce
and the dearest rights of mankind. TIio
whole land, North and South, will bear testi
mony to tho fidelity and earnestness with
which tho pooplc of tho South warnod, en
treated, and expostulated with, our oucc
" brctbrouof thc North" as to their proceed
ings in respect to our cherished institutions
and principies ; mid that they utily " gave up
tho ship " when.all was lost j when no hope
of living together, as brethren, remained. Wo
wcro j* witn.God " then, when wp said to our
Northern brethren (?) as. Abraham said, to
ikofr),dolyou. Hr*?...tp^ tjie right and we will go to
By^fkwB /MMiiitr^11'0 ^vmiuncnt you ?'kc,
pYWYfeffiry, ^Ood was with'us "Mn this trnnB*
?Action, ilt evora Government was founded
I on prayer and" thc pious sentiments of a peo
ple, ours was ; and ovory Providence relating
to its establishment, indicated the Divine fa
vor. Among those Providences were the sur
prising unanimity and cordiality that prevailed
in all sections and among all classes, with only
hore and there an exception.
Again, when our enemy (for such havo thc
North now become,).began to mako prepara
tions for war, as a mean's of wresting from'?a
our rights, and we were forced " to initiate
measures for the defence and maintenance of
those rights-I say forccdr for wo used ever)
means that an houorablo.nud patriotic people
could usc to prevent so dire a calamity-rthci
also God was with us ?net wc with Him. W<
proposed not to interfere with atty of our ono
my's rights, and asked nabing of him but U
be 1*1 alone, Hut, finding* that ho would lia
ten to no proposals .looking to peace, on tin
basis of an amicable separation, wo plantet
ourselves on tho Word of Godj ns the found?
tion upon which rested tho justico of ou
causo; and, making oiir appeal to tho Lori
Clod of Hosts, wo resolved to sustain tba
cause '' with our lives, our fortunes "end ou
. sacred houor." Then was there all over-th!
l ind a " looking up"to the hills whence comet
our help." Days of fasting ai)d prayer wer
appointed,-which have sinco been repcai
cd,-and. faithfully observed by nil ohissc
amongst us. Wo knew and felt, tdiat.wQ. ha
ombarked ou a perilous enterprise, and M
j sought earnestly and confidingly tho blessin
of God upon our counsels and our" nrms
whioh we could do tinccrc.lt/, ? because ot
causo was tho sause of truth and rightcou
ness. O fir people then folland acted as
j Ch tnt tan people l(t spank noW of tho yfi?c.v<
..sen ti ni ont that prevailed,) ' and resorted.
?: v?pi?'P'u-i? 'Y rtfj ? ^^^.MB?l?iW
ni bur sol d i ors bo'gW to pillFon tlfoir' minta
attiro and to "pitch their touts, reports can
up from all quarters that they too wero gen?
ally .disposod to oUcourngo religion, sobrie
and movaiity. . 'Thqji it was that God ic
^with ya while wo wero with Him-wc soug
Him and li? was found of us.. Need I i
mind you of tho many signal Providences th
favored us in our first e.ngagoments with t
enemy? How thc winds, the clouds and t
mists ministered to our aid and to thc discern!
uro of our enemy ? Von have not forgotten t
. " Star of tho West," that sought stealthily
reinforce and provision that Port (Suinte
that lind been stolen from us and armed agail
us, and how she was crippled by the well-din
ted (shall 1 not say Heaven directed) gnus
1 our then feeble batteries, and thus com police
return whence sho oame, without accomplish i
her purpose? A nd thus was our enemy notoi
1 bumbled, but discouraged from making sii
lar attempts, thc success of which would lu
materially damaged our cause. And nee.i
remind you of thc bombardment of .that Pt
I and the bloodies? victory thcro' achieved
' our arms? . Was not God with us .tuon,
I only in giving us tho Fort,. but. ingoing
without tho loss of a singlo life or limb ? A
there it now stands a terror to tho coen
and there I believe it will stand if our pee
will do their duty und trust in God, unies
bc that God designs to chaston us for j
[ transgressions. And need 1 remind you rip
5 (passing by " Great Bethel " and other vii
. ries) of tho bloody Plains of Mannssas, wb
our army achieved a world-renowned victi
J against all odds, both as to.numbers mid l
nitions of war ? Thoro wc met thc cnei
inflated with tho expectation of certain?
k,oess; not only of victory in tho field, bu
^^^^mpjptely overthrowing our Government j
?Ofelia cling our Killers, O iii ce rs and eiti/a
^ft^Qod was with US, and turned the coon
.^..ifrjUnscls^thto foolishness," and dr?vo 1
? back whonoo be came, in confusion, torror
disgrace. Who but an Infidel could do
1 that tho hand of God sustained our troops
' that terrible, day ? Soldiers, spectators
visitors, all united in ascribing tlie praise
' honor thoreof to .' Him who dooth His pl
? ure in tho nrmics of Heaven and among
inhabitants of oarth."
Hut, my hearers, I must now turn youl
' tention to another and a mournful view of
1 case. The above-named victories, and oil
' that preceded and followed in rapid success
1 inflated tho minds of our people< with p
I and vain-glory. Wo bogan to feel our UK
tiiii strong; and sclf-coiifidorioo and self
' anco took tho plnco of, hmiblo dopondi
upon God. Tho Yankees-wcro donouncc
cowards, and it was thought that our tn
1 had nothing to do but mandi to tho fiel
romain in their fortifications, and vic
would bo certain, ovou should tho onomy
number ?tfk tbrbo^to ono. Thotl our
forsook Cfoii, ocascd to.scok JUm na form*
1 and ovo.n.a.hiokonod. thoir preparations tur(
war*. ( Sonto-wore hoping tor Foreign inte:
once ; others^' that tho financial cmbnrl
monta of thti North would soon stop t
movements;1 and nil roliod confidently j]
i", Itho^brjitv?rjr of ouf. t?oops and tho skill of
?jmjjff?\ii ..i^PI?V?i'. imitated tho Jew
\'} whom tho Prophot said (?samh 81:1);,'.'1
to ithoiii that go down tu Fp.ypt " (ov(
' Kn gland- and France")'' fot boin ; and ?tn
''? horse* and trun!; iii oharioji sod in horson
bul Ih?V It?k .not Uiito tho .l?oly Ono. of
' rael, noltUor'eook 'th;p Lord/'x"
1 "*'NoT linly'oft our^oopl? guilty of tp?t
' of fprsn klng^Ood, ns tho eouyoo of our st von
l^ii trew guilty Af |t?<* that wcyo <
moro provoking in His sight.y/Tho floodgates
of irreligi?n and wickednoif i wero opened
nfrcsli, ami citizens und solda rs began to give
free vent to their depraved p? usions and appe
tites. Profanity, Subbuth-brj ?kiutf; extortion
and intemperance wore pr?r Hised with un
bbisliing boldness. Travellers and newspa
pers brought up reports frouijfrttr camps, thor
oughfares and oities tb rough which our soldiers
were passing and repassingi that our anny
was fast departing from that high standard of
morals which they had nt first set up j yea,
that wickedness tn every slwipo nnd form
of utWM?tverlffifjj^^ practised to
ab alarming oxtont by btir Hjfldiers, and oven
by our Generali.atU^Othcr ?$?rs, who ought
to set good exampled bc fort '.'their men ; and |
who, above all others, needoo be sober men,
in order rightly to discharge tho high and re
sponsible duties that Godwi?d their country-'
have imposed upon thmh, J] , '
And, to odd to these . eft ?es, and furnish
fuel to these flames,-'-shall' I speak of it ?
fain would I, with Mior'.'? feet Psalmist of
Isrnol," say, ?* Toll it'?i?t lfGath, publish it
not in tho streets of AsVelor)/'' for I blush for
my country and my country nen-but fidel tty \
td thc occasion that haafflsst tiiblcd un togeth
er, and . to the causo.otV Gc )i and humanity,
requires that I should spt ik of it, that wc
moy perceive atjeast odo r?i&o"ufor " fasting,
humiliation and prayer ? b"< turo God. I say,
to add fuel to thdso fliuit s, estait iah men tx
wrung-up,$ef?)l*iT&v$$t? iVg'?t i" >.n
l.crcd'blo.. numbers, thro?gll Ut the crain sec
U?oh> of ?xir O?n^a?^W^.distilling liquid
Uro wherewith to consumed- ic bodies and souls
?f.^?Vr^oldiciifl ! as t?nuigli? hey were not per
?slung fast, enough IryVqr i ii ti fy disease-to
say bathing of bullets and b. Us ! and na though
they bad not sufficientrunptatioiis to sin
against Odd in the prdit?fyy trials of catnp
life I Ai)d, in porf?thvtt?jiihiH horrible crime
th?sp.establishnictits ^ar? tdso burning up the
sto?' of life and thus ' hnp<> veri sin n g thc
country, J>y ira?si n g 111 c p\ji e of provisions for
oi?r army, and putting'it' 'Hoyond tho reach < f
tho.poor^rovcn .the poor jiinilios of ouv sold
iers-to proouro tho ncocsiftrios.of. Hf S Who
would \havo believed ,las| .Rummer while all
classes \yerc rojotoing ovoiHhc abounding hnr;
VCBU that God lind, in lija b^be??c'e.nQe, lav
ished upon every section if tVi?P.e Confedorn'to
Statis, and which wc rcfjird.ed ns one of tile
.utility tokens of His approl'??oUof our causo-v*
trt:?t.a'pTj:op.lo thus ,'fitVoivH?Ppd blessed would
only destroying tho fr in* of thosu .harvests,
but ?onverting thom inti streams of poison !
Alas foi' fallon human na th rc I War has slain
its thousands, but sollish icss and greodincs
for gain has slain its tens tf tljousaiids ! 'Tis
this thatsets asido patriot sm and v.irtuo ; that
fills tho coffers with yob that cankers, abd
that causes thc cruth' to r ng with the cries of
widows and'orphans*. It is not my purpose
to Cuter lip'on'a' disQUssioif or representation ol
the evils of intemperance, cither among sold
l-irs or citi/.otis, or of tho dangers of oven amid
crate drinking ; but I inns' quote a few pa"*-;
si g-.'S of Holy Writ to show how such things
are regarded by the 'Almighty : " Look^not
thejLupon tho,wino wheju'U is red, wlicU'ji
givctii his. color in thc rcupi when it movetli
itself aright,: at thodastjit ' bit otb liko ii sdr
pent and stingcth like ai adder." If. snob
things bo said.of teine. (nlul tho inspired wri-'
tor boro speaks Of tho riximjec. Osq of it), 'whiff
shall bo said of whiskey, \fhich thc.uio?n casi
ly and cheaply intoxicates,I Hut ??gnin
u Who hath WODI' whe j lilith soyrow ? who
hath contentions ? who hp th babbling? who
hath wounds without oai se? who hath ved
ness of eyes? They ilia; furn/ long at the
wine; they thnt go to se k litixed wine.'1
" Woo m)to theni.tha.t i sc up carly . in tho
morning that they may fe low strong drink.
Woo unto him thatV/j'wcY/i. .isiteighbor drink"
-"?who furnishes it for lill i and totnpts him to
.dVmk ! :v
Lot these pnssnges suffi oMoshow how God
regards this ovil, ile ne er pronounces.a
woo " without a moaning, lt is indeed n sin
of tho first magnitude, for it is thc parent of
many other sins. - Wh'on tuen it beeoincR con
oral, or is winked at by Lemlntures and Mag
?strat0(1, or is connlenanctuYbt/ public, opinion,
it becomes a Xational sinl for which the na
tion deserves tho -chastorHngs of a fioly and
/in-hating-(?od. ..fl'ijfr '
It may bo sa<d that soTflnhrs; need'tho stim
ulus of ardent sj ri ts to onlble thom toondure
tho exposures at.d hardships of camp-life.
Admitting all that may bo said on this score,
and that no other stimuhiats will nnswor the
purpose (which ia dispute) by tho wisest and
besjt of iji?ii, including olporicnccd Gonorals
and Siir^c?iis)^ suroly IJ?^jUsciof^?Cshould bo
restricted to tho bare noomsitjes of the caso.
L?t m? ask then, do thor notual wants of our
army,and of Mp? whole chun try, require thc
consumption'.'.cit tho oue-hindrr.dtli--yea, one
thousandth part- of thc cjbrii that is now be
ing consumed for this pureoao? TH it not thc
purpose of t}|iitnicrjs? to go beyond tho ne'eqssn
ry wants of our Arniy^ nilli to put it within
the renob of all, who nrb So iiifeliucd, to us0!
tho article to excess ? Tl ey ?ny, if, soldiers
tiro fools enough to got ilv\Uik,.'tjiey onn'thelp
it-they do not miiko theni :drtiukards ; but
-j it is wrilton, 't Woo unto jibe that giveth his
noighbqr drink I" ^abstn?n* from nil appear
ance of OvibV' I tbaiik?jn^l thttUour Kxocn
tivc Council,1 and tho Kx oe litiges and Logis
Inturos of Qtlicr States, anti tho Head of our
War Department, jutvo adopted moasures for
ros'tlict?iig tho mni)ufnetiin> and uso of this
poison : and I trust that phhlio sentiment and
tho,vigilnnco of ^agistrnW mid others, will
lend their powerful assist^e? in , this good
il IN.. ,
Su?li "hiv hcarqrs, being the stotoi of tldngft'
Tn 'pity/ beloved country, nm ire suiqiriscd^rtth
dod ha? not booti with us of late ? Wo have1
not been *f with ?Uin^nif Ho hjis not blpon
witb^a,'' ' JL^vor?.c^" -hatiVbo.
wlMUia, by diiod anil! .byiscii. , C . do not bo
Ucvo that (io'd.iulomlH to tlertort ns j.'-bMvt ?o
('bdlio.vQthat l?o if* o?ptfit?niiip U?^for bHr pips,..
^Od^it'd^bryo it. .p alsw bclio^o thnt ti^cso;
reverses will have a good effect upon tho mindi) '
and hearts of our people. Our pride and .self
reliance have received rt rebuke, and we have
learned more than ever before, bf tho strength
of. our enemy, as well ns of Iiis ferocity and
bato. The spirit of patriotism and of prepa- ?
ration for the fierce struggle, of liberty and in
dependence, will now risc higher and higher.
And 1 trust too that our people, citizens and
soldiers, will bc brought nearer to dod and
to the path of virtue and morality. The ob
servance of this day of humiliation and prayer
is ominous of good. I thank Oed that wc
have a. Presideut whose mind and heart are
^iatiMirolly f?rn?d litchis direction'; %ho hr
capable of writing such a Proclamation as thc
one that has convened us together to-day j
and can say, in his Inaugural Address, in the
presence of Senators and Representatives, and
let it go forth to the world, " To Thee, oh
Oed ! T trustingly Commit myself, and pray
erfully invoke Thy blessing on my country
and its cause."
My text declares " if yo seek Him lie will
be found of you. O, my brethren, let us seek
Him to-day and every day ! And let us seek
Him "aright"-with a vensc of dependence
upon Him ; with humility and penitence on
account of our own sins and the sins of thc
nation; and let us seek Him in ,/?t//i, trust
ing alone in thc righteousness and intercession
of our glorious High Priest, and relying upon
tho promises that God hath given us. A na
tion is this da}- bowed before the mercy-scat
of tho Sovereign of all worlds and thc Pispo
sor of ull events. May this nation bc enabled,
now and henceforth, to seek God's favor and
blessing aright'-! and may our people havi
grace to put away (\ tho accursed things" that
have provoked the Divine displeasure. Lei
us bc with God and then Ho will be with us
And.cari Ile not Itelpv??? frito, we have i
powerful enemy to contend with, having su
perior advantages in nuiubcis and munition!
of war; but Ho is an unprincipled and un un
christian enemy ; and " lie that is with us'
(if wo abide with Him) "is grouter than lu
that is with them. Head tho 14th and b">ll
chapters of 2d Chronicles, and learn how Gui
can savo those who aro with Him, althougl
they bo numerically woakcr than their enc
mies. '--Tho truth is, my hearers, irr cunu'ild
without dod in. thia nuttier. We must bnv
. His. ProyidchervVto favor.ns and Iii? wisdoi
Ti guido na. ..phrnily beliovo that,wc will i
tho en dbi*-' -.victorious-for.'ovtr ?nyiso is jus,t
J .$nt< if " wo-nro 'iiitt-wStlv. Qed nnd div pr?Yo?
o? yxi?-''--hy >'-'W>('i?oi'? of ' mir rtbii?,-?-bur ytvioi
will be dearly bought j God will oh?tn$r?yi
in His displeasure, ti.iiit?we. mny.-.b? brougl
to feel und acknowledge our .sinfulness mi
our dependence upon Him. " Ile is n jcalpi
God and .will not give His glory to nnothjjjk
nor wtll . IIb bestow ? -special favors upc
those who persist in their evil ways.
ITop'ng and believing that our people wi
ri:turu, from nt least their open and flagrai
Wanderings from God, and will " be wit
Tlini " in honoring Hitit and in seeking Uh
t would say to you, my brethren, in con ol
sion, as tho Prophet was bidden to say
Judah, in tho wbrds of tho latter portion
my text, '/Boye strong, therefore, 'mid I
no* your bands be weak ; for your work sh:
. J>o rewarded." Pe strong-not in your uv
strength, but in tho cultivation and practi
(>f godliness, lind.then you will "bo stroi
inrthp Iiord and in P.e power of Hi? might
tr |iie'Lord ho 'with us " wc shall chnsv
thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight
" Let not your bands be weak."-msc all t
incivils that God and nature havo furnish
to |t()iir linnd; f?r w-? aro required to ti
niOjftns for tho accomplishment of all thc en
that wo desire, and means proportionate to t
j 'magnitude of tho work tobe accomplish!
W'o^juannot expect God to work mirach's i
%s ; wc can only gsk Him to guide us in t
usc.of proper moans, and to accompany th<
means with His blessing.
And lot us not l?o desponding; our cm
in by no means desperate ; nor arc our suff
i rt gs greater than are commonly exponent
in such struggles. Liberty-especially at t
hands of upprin?iplcd and ferocious tyrants
is thc prico of'blood and treasure. Wo bu
not yet reached tho point of endurance a
privations that were cheerfully, and for se\
years, borne by our forefathers in their stn
ghi for independence ; when they, wore
titims without broad or meat, except pa^d
i dorri, aud,"in sonic Instinces, tho fl cub
PCS and dogs j mid when almost nal. Vi
barefooted they marched through snows,.lc
ing tbeir bloody tracks behind theni 1' U<
thc history of those times-of tho privatii
of all clauses, oiNtho heroism of wonion ti
ohildrcn-r-and take courago. And wc n
trustingly say, ns it was in their case, si
.will bo in ours, in thc language of the cone
ding Bcntonro of my text, " Ye ?ball be
warded " Wo may nott nil livo to soe the d
ninny of our precious sons.may OH a soldii
.gravo ; aud. tunny of tho comforts of life ti
bo wrested from us ; our cities may be burn
our fields laid waste; but. wo will never s
m?t to tho tyrant's foot upon our necks. 1
k>e wi,U? conquer. " Our work will borcwn
cd." AVo shall hand down to posterity a G
crament of which they will bo proud. (
ehildren and our children's children-><
reap tho fruits of our trials, our privations i
of our arun. . Thus shnll it bo with us,
-brethren, if Wc bo with God. Apron
.??Tin: Pour llov.w,.COTTON.- Tho Norfolk .
rospon'dont of tho Potorshurg iCxpresH says :
com rolmhln nriynlij SOUfOQ!! 1
Avhon the ihip arrivod nt tho Now York
w barf hearing tho cotton stolon nt Port Hu
sumo nltftferfauj hand nppliod tho matoh to
hold, and tli?t. vossol and cargo woro eonsun
'''f'o'r rcitsoits obvioitit to nil, tho Northern p
has " matlo no note On't."
PipiiTiNo M*N-Wo, fco it ?f'ntcd that n
tho yaV^?emed to bc Pst at Hie baltlo >?f f
Piuiolsoh'. tho" w hpft flngwua fun up in
I crt, and that thrice tho fi ficen tb Missis*
Kcgiintmt toYo it down, renewing tho oom
M awy^fl^Weyvw^uld.d.lc ?bwswiw 1
W^gA ^ ;V|'| V;.,, V-..-V ,-.(
Message of President Davis
To thc Smote mal I/ousc. of /(.ejii'ttcHhttiVt'S
of Ihr Confuiente .State/:
In obedience to tho constitution?) provision
requiring tho President, from tittie to time, to '
givo to tho Congress i n for mut iou of the pluto
of tho Confederacy, nod recommend to their j
consideration such measures UK be shall judge i
necessary and expedient, I have to eomiunui
cate, that stneo my message at the last session
of the Provisional (lo?gress, events lune do
Immstisted that tho (?overiiment had attempt
ed niuro than it bad power successfully to
iiebicvo., Hence, tn thoHiffort 'to protect, by
oitr arms,'tho whole-.of* the *t.evriiovy bf the
Confederate States, seaboard 'and inland, we
! have been so exposed as recently to encounter
serious disasters. When the Confederacy wu?
formed the States coliiposing it wen1, by the
peculiar character of their pursuits, and a
misplaced confidence: in their former assn
elates, to ll great extent, de.-tituto of the
' war on so gigantic a seale as that which it bas
attained. The work shops and artisans were,
j mainly to be found in tho Northern State?;
and one of the. lir.st duties which devolv? d up
on this ( ?ovcrnmctit wa? to establish the nee
canary manufactories, and in thc meantime to
obtain, by purchases from abroad, ns far ns
practicable, whatever was required for the
j public defence. Ni) effort bas been spared io
I effect both these ends; and, though tho re
sid?s have not equaled'our hopes, it is bi li- v
ed that au impartial judgment will, upon full
investigation, award tb t!:c various depart
ments of thc (jjovertimedt credit for having
done ?ll which bu in an power aud foresight
enabled them to accomplish. .. ...v.,'
The valor and devotion of the people have
not only sustained the offerts of the (?overn
incnt, bttt have gone far to supply its deficien
1 have boped for several days to receive, of
ficial reports in relation to oui* discomfiture al
Kounokc Island, and the fall of Port Don ob
sou. Tiley have not yet reached me, and 1
j am, therefore, unable to communicate to you
I such information ol'those events and the con
j sequences resulting from thom, as would ena
ble me to make recommendations founded up
un the chungi d condition which they ha vt
produced.. 1'hmugh is known of the. sum a
der a.t.^lpaiiukvi lidaivl to make us fcc] that i
was .deeply humiliating, however iiiiperfee
rnjay have been the preparations for defence
. -'A-fte liopo i? still entertained thal our icpoi'tc
'. ad?ScM lit Port Donclson/have been greatly qi
\ liu?\ but unable to bcli*a'<- t bat-a -largo arin
jtn/Opx people have surrefidored without n dc
poratc effort to ?nt,theil*way through invest
ing forccSj wbutever innyMinvo been their nulli
, hors, amd tb endeavor to make a junction will
other divisions of thc army. Put in tho ?I
Hence of that exact information which canon
ly bo afforded by official reports, it would b
premature to piss judgment, ?nd my own i
reserved, as 1 trust ymir* will be, until tim
information is received. In the meat,timi
strenuous efforts have been made to throw foi
ward reinforcements to the armies at the pbs
tiona threatened, and I cannot doubt that th
bitter disappointments we have Lorne, L
nerving the people to still greater exertion:
will speedily secure results more accordai
with our just expect at ion j and as favorable I
our cause tts those which marked the wrVu
periods of the war. A
Tito reports of thc Secretaries of War an
the Navy will exhibit thc muss of rcsotirci
for the conduct of the war which we Inn
been enabled to accumulate, notwitlistundii
the very serious difficulties against which V
have contended.
They afford the/cheering hope that our r
sources, limited as they were at thc begin nit
of tho contest, will during its progress, b
come developed to such an extent as fully
meet our future wants.
The policy of enlistment for snort term
against which 1 linVO steadily contended fr?
the commencement of the war, has, in n
judgement, contributed in no immaterial d
grce to the recent reverses which wc ha
suffered, and even now render it difficult
furnish you an accurate statement of the :
my. When thc war first broke out ninny
our people could with difficulty bc persuad
jk; at it would he long or serious, lt was ti
fdj mied possiblest hat anything- soinsane art
ki.m.-isteut p.ttcmpt to subjugato these Slat
could be mn?1?*; Mill loss that' tho ..dolusl
would so fiir'pro?Y?il as to give to the war,, t
.vast proportions which it has assumed. T
people incredulous of' a long war, were md
rally averse to long enlistments, and lim cal
legislation of Congress rendered it impractii
bio to obtain volunteer for a greater peri
than twelve months. Now that it b is 1
come probable that the war will be eoiitiuu
through a series of years, our high spirit
and gallant soldiers, while generally re-enli
i ing, are, from thc fact of having entered t
! service tor a short term, compelled in mn
j instances to go home to make the neoess:
! arrangements for their families during th
! prolonged absence.
The quotas of new regiments for the v
called for from tho different States, arc in
pid progress of organization. 'J'he whole 1
dy of new levies and re enlisted men will p
bably be roady in tho ranks within the ni
thirty days. Put, in the meantime, it is i
ceedingly difficult to give *nn aecurato stn
tuent of tho number of our forces in tho fie
I They may, in general fenns, bo stated at fi
hundred regiments of infantry, with, a prop
t';ot\ato forco of ni val ry, mid artillery ,tli0
toils cf -vfhich will bc KW.VU by tho report
tho Seoretary of War. I doom it proper
advert totli? fact that the process of furlou;
and. ro-ciilistui?nt' ip progr?s* for tho 1
month had ftp far disorgjmir.ed and wcakot
our furoosa^io ?nipq}r^iur ability forsivoe?
fuLiioforiop \ heartily congrat?late ;
that this evil, which I, had foreseen find
powerless to ^Vovoiif, ni'ay riOv? bo ?aid to
substantially nt an end, and that wo shall
?gain during t^?o,vrar bo exposed lo seeing
strength diminished hy fbi* fruitful fWi
tiinastop--abott eti?iwttuv:its.
Tlie people ?f tho Confederate State? be- 0$)
ing princ?(Killy engaged in agricultural pur- ?^?l
suits, were unprovided id tho commencement/ IgS
nf hostilities with ship;*, ship-yards, uiateri- .
als for ship building, ur .-drilled mechantes and " ?mm\z
seatueu in SUllicieid numbers to make the fl
prompt creation of a navy a practical task,- * i Jil,
evi n if the leiplired appropriations had beeil' J >
made for the purpose. Notwithstanding our j If
very limited resources, however, thc report of W??
the Secretary will exhibited to you a satisfac- fp??
tory progress in pr?par?t ion. and n certainty *mm}^
of early completion of vessels of a number nnd- '^fl'f
clarks on which we may confident ly rely fon" x^R
contesting the vt;noted control of tim enctny' . ; \afl
over our Outers. *^MflB
The llnniicinl system devised hy thc wisdom \JB
nf ymir preilecessors, has proved adeiptate u
supplying all the wants of thc (joverntuotit,
notwithstanding thc unexpected ..nd very large
iuerease of expenditures resulting from thc <
< -eat augment..timi in the necessary means of
u.'fence. Tho report of thc Seeret?.y of thc
Treasury will exhibit the gratifying fact that
WO have tin floating debt ; that tho credit ol"
tho t?ovcriiilient is unimp.tired, and that the
total ex i i lit uro of thc ( ?ovcrtiinont for tlio<
year has bren, in round numbers, one huh
drod a d seventy millions of dellars ; less than. |
one-third of.the Kutti wasted hy thu eooiny in I
b's vain effort to obliquer us-less than thc |
valle of a sin Jo ai tide of expert-the cotton Jj
ero'i of the war. .Jj
Tue report of tho IVdm:istor-(?oncrul will M
sbo.y ?he eondilinii of that Department to lc H
stea.lily improving-its revenues increasing, JW
slid already affording tho assurance that it fl
will be selfsiistlining at. tho dato required by. J8
the Const ititi ion, while affording ampio mail. jftgi
faed i tit.s for the peuple.
In tho Department of Justice-windi in- nf
cluden tho Patent Office and Public Printing- |||
-some legislative provisions will bc required, i "
which will bu specifically stated in tho report
of t!ie head of that Department. 1 invite tho- Bjftffi
attention ol' Uoilgivss to the duty of onraniz- flu:
iug 'ti Supr?me Court of thc Confederate
Sfiites. in accordance with thc mandate of thc- . fl
Constitution, fl
1 refer yon *o any message communicate I MA
? o the. I'revisit ma I Congress in November I st,, JH
fu- such further information touching tho- a?
cnidilion ni'.public afl'.iir.s as it might be use- H
ful to lay before you ; the short int er vi ly W?
\7i1icb has since elapsed hot having produced ?
tiny material [changes' tn that condition other .. g
than tri?se windi reference, luis already hcivu^ ^ fl
J Ju conclus ion. /, o?rd ta I ly welcome rep re- <H
rseiitativcs who, recently chosen by tho people,. g
? arc ftil ly imbued with their views and feel- fl
j bigs, amt cnn sb nhl}' advise mo as to th>' fl
i needful previ-ions for the public service. I -fl
I i.ssure you nf my hearty 00-opcratiuii in all! fl
your effurts for the common welfare of the- nj
I eoillittV. JK.KFUKSII.N DAVIS. fl
m ? wm HB
i I "..V KM I* nov tu: iaivi M.vsrtns KIHUI Mlt.'Ti.v,. Ru
I Dt iv -Asl" oro ate it inie ons npplicn ions to'i ' wS
j ibo Post Oliiee IV'piirtinent upon the subject,
j the Richmond /.<'...?iu(tier is requested to state fl
. that I'nstmiis'crs aro exempt from militia duty, fl
I but ?inly such insistants ?ir clerks as are order- fl
! ed or 11 utImri'/.ed hy tho Postmaster General. ?
! These aid ely allowed when, in addition tn tho. S
; services of tho Piistmuslor. they :tro\iibsolutcly fl
? required by thc business of the otlicu.
I A >i rsi NH I .vii m NT AT JIANASS^S.-A friend. -fl
j wjl;? bus u i?1 hh f r fun t?lales tnt nmo-iog in- -fl
i cident which came under his notice directly nf
! ter ibo fight nt Mantissas:
! A gen I lent nn mooting with an old scrvnnt,
; taken tn the tinny by itu elli er. said: ..Well,,
i Saut, how did vi.II nttikc ont in the fight?" g
; " Why, ir ti sMi. I didn't mind dem little bull-?. fl
i dal go s/ce, zip, no more ibm nats about my.' I
j ear. nnd dom onnifon balls I could dodge, butt j
' dose bung-, when dey coinitl, say char is you??
; -whar is you'/ 1 don't like 'ctn nt all." I
i Holl offcn '??Cwi^n Guards."' J
JAMKS O'CONAKJJ?, Captain; jg]
i (i. A. TAN bou, 1st Lieutenant; Eg
.1. 0. DitvtTj 2d fl
,r. M. .vi'.itoi r, ?d " jg.
j .1. li. Conn, 1st Sergeant; ||?
T. I). Ku WIN, 2d ?' M
.ft il IN lMc(?KA\V,8d " tjp
WM. S Y.M MKS, 4 th " H
ll. A. KKVS, 5th " I
F. 1\ McAi.isTKit, 1st Corporal; M
J, ,1, UU-KsnN. 2d 1 "fl
i . .i. O. I.. Ait?i>'Pi', ?ll- ' 4i fl
T. N. Ani.K, 4th " . j
pniVA'i'K?- W
Adair, A O ' v i MoAlister, .lohn S
i Alexander, M Me Alister, Miles |
Algair, Win . Manly, Tyre
Drumer, John Ni unions, David
Darker, Vf lt Naughton, Wm
I Drewer, \V A Fresher, Henry
Dradlev. W D Palmer. J I?
Dearden, fj Potter. T D
Daldwin, Johlt Pitts, K.lijalt
: Dlaekw'.dl, Qu ills, DciiinnunV ;
' Cox, J li Quails, W li ^
I Cox, HI ins Hoach, Henry
I Cobb, M ll 1) Noach, Miles
i Cannon, J M Itoach, Wm
; Dyer, J olin Heeder, J ll
I Dowis, .lohn Recd, W A
I Dugan, P Hoed, II T
I Dunn, N Smith, James
linton, J M Smith, Thouin?
I'ivnns, Hm Smith, Dorry j
(foodwith Henry Smith, Robert
. (lipson, Klijah Sundora, J M
i Hoing, .billies 'Sanders, J. C
[ Henington, T Sanders, D A
j Harvey, Oeorgo Sharp, ?J M I
. justioo, >l V Syuimes, John
j Jordan, W Syninios, Jaine?
: I^oiig, J lt That?kt?r, ?tame?
i Dong, W .1 Thacker, J Is
i Mo(?ulfii), J H . Tilquin* Saimtel
Moss, John Williams, Nv M
Since reporting the nbovo,'i? is-lino to p.w- tffl
that l.?out. Taylor bas boen pronVoteil to Ci*
offioo of Qiiartcrmfiidor. ' Honea, ,J. <b .liryc*
r'niiks us Dt bioutopanl ; J. M. Abholt. ?1',,irani
R. A. boys elected 3d l.ioulouaot. T. lb M^KI
win having boen nppo'intod SruvftotavV'/ dohfc.
McGraw tanks as 2d Sergeant ; Win- ifynWosv
, Z 1 ; < M <b.a-?\ It.b ; nod T. P. MeAlistbY. ^hi..
J\Mf> D'ONNCJ.]., apfligi;

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