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jBY R. A. T??OHPSON'? CO.]
= ] ?Sy'T?i? ?fri^mli o? Ilon. .F. ?.
/, . ?_; , * . JtEK?P rospeotjully announce him Cnndidato
* To thine own self be true, and tt must follow, as thpx a 8eat hi tho Congress of tho United States, at
^' _ jhe next election.
-t^=B ?? i- i October ?2, 1805 6 , . tf
I . v.
to ani/ man.11
' The Division of Pickens.
Mr. Editor : I e?e in the last issue of the
Courier" the form of a petition, which is to
be "circulated for signatures, and then pre
sented to the Legislature." It betrays the
ignorance of the author, be hiiuVhom ho may,
and duplicity too glaring. He says " that
tino body of this population resides on the Tu
galoo and Saluda?and the streams flowing re
spectively into those rivers." In the uomo of
Heaven, where else would they reside, as tho
District is bounded on tho east by the Saluda,
and by the Tugaloo on the west ; consequent-^
ly, all the waters or streams within the Dis
trict flow into one or the other of those. And *
again, it is proposed to divide tlje District "by
? the line of the Keowce river.*' Jly a glaiioe
at the map of old Peudleton, it can be seefa
that Keowce river alone cannot divido tho
District, as it neither extends to the North
Carolina or Andcrsou line. It is only known
as Keowec rivcY from the juiiction of tho Tox
away and Eastatoe to the mouth of Twelve
MHo River, or head of Sehcca, whish is seven
or eight miles above the Anderson line and
tho junotion* of Toxaway and Eastatoe some
ten or twelve miles "below the North Caroli
na line., It is well-known that a military di
vision, of the District was made over thirty
years ago, which has always been regarded as
just and equitable as regards tcrritory and
.4 population, and^h^assoOia?^ns of the citizens
formed in accordance. Now, why should that
lino bo changed,* if the District is to^e divi
ded for judicial purposes. Let it bo done by
the same line, which commences where the
Anderson line crosses the road loading from'
Harrison's ferry (now Havenel's bridge) to
Pendleton village; thence along said road to
the ferry, now bridge ;. thence up Seueca to
tho head ; thence up Keowce to the head;
thence up. Toxaway to the North Carolina line.
Jjot said, line be placed in the petition, and it
may be that it will meet with no opposition ;
otherwise it will, in the opinion of v
.. Walitalla, Nov. 4, 1865..
Rdb't. A. Tlwmpson, Esq? : Ipnotico in
your paper the copy of a petition for tho di
vision of the District, which is a very good
one Eut I suggest a slight amendment, or
?ring it to your attention : Keowce river should
bo the line to the mouth of Little river-^then
a line frohi thoro to the c<^*ner of' Anderson,
near the Stone church; The, Pickens line
'crosses the Ujyer hear \Maxwcirs ferry, aboul
six miles bclow.tho, corner, and only about two
miles in width. It would leave that portion
in an awkward condition. You can also state
in the petition that each district would .bujjd
the public buildings without any expense, to
thp State. Yours truly,
; : iy . A. 3*a , Sen.
A Western paper gives the following notice:
All notices of niarriagc, where no bride cake
is sent, will be'set up in small type, and poked
into some* out-landish corner of the paper.?
Where a handsome pie?c of cake is sont, it
will be put conspicuously in largo letters
when gloves or other bridb favors are added,
? picee of illustrative poetry will be given in
: addition. , When, however, tho editor attends
the ceremony in pr.opria persona, and kisses
the br^?rl0, it will havo especial notico?-very
largo typo, and^tho moRt appropriate poetry
that can bo boggfed', borrowed, stolon, ?? coined
from the braiu-editotial. .: ?
* AThouohtful Husband.^A'married
la4y,.who wae in the- habit of spending most'
of her time in tho 'society of her neighbors,
and was therefore nearly always out when her
husband returned home, happened one day to
bo suddenly taken ?1), and sent her husband
ifi great haste for a physician. The hushand
ran a short dletance,but'suddenly- returned,
Anxiously exclaiming, " My*dear, where shall'
X find you wjieu I podio ba. ' ."
Message No. 2 of Gov. Perry.
Executive Department S. C, )
October ?7, 1865. j
To the Honorable the Senate and House ojr\
, Representatives : . ' .
Gentlemen: I have the honor of trails-,, <
mitt'tng to you the report of the Commission, j
appointed by. order of the Convention, " to
propose such legislation as will be ueoestary.
and proper in consequence-of the alterations
made in the. fundamental laws, aud especially,
to prepare and siibmit a code for the regula-;;
?o?t of labor and the protection and Govern-,
ment of the colored population of the'State."
- The report embraces " A Bill preliminary
to the legislation induced by the emancipation
of slives;" y A Bill, to establish and regulate
I the domestic relatione of persons of color, and
to amend the law in relation to paupers, va
grancy nnd bastardy *'* A Bill to establish
District Courts;" a Bill to amend the crimi
nal law. These bills have been happily con
ceived and admirably prepared ns a perfect
system .or law adapted to our. new state of
affairs.- I would urge on the Legislature the
^immediate consideration of the code of laws.
It is absolutely necessary for the protect >f
colored persons and the enforcement of their
labor. Without it there will be the greatest
confusion, idleness and crime at tho beginuing
of tho next year. Tho farmers and' planters
wish to know, at once, what^thoy may depend
on in regard to the labor of the colored persons,
in preparing their- plantations for the next
year. The peace and quiet and goocLordor of
society imperiously demand immediate legis
lation on these subjects. ? .
The mere setting fre? of the negro, without
providing, t?y proper legislation, for tho pro
tection "of bis rights of person and property,,
^will not meet the expectations of tlic Federal
authorities, and they wUl retain their military
forces throughout the Stato for the purpose
of affording this protection to <the ffeedmcn
aud, coloreo1 persons. As soon as we pass
proper legislation on this subject, and have
. our State government fully organized, I feol
assured the President will issue his proclama
tion, declaring that South Carolina fa no long
er in rebellion and entitled to her position
once more as a member of the Federal Union.
.Then your. Senators and Members of Congress
cannot, with any s'now of propriety, be exclu-'
ded froin their eoats. ?
If you have any doubts about the constitu
tionality of your lcgielation,- in the absence of
a constitutional Governor, you may consider
and pass the bills, and let them bo presented
to tho Governor elect, as soon as ho is inau
gurated, for his approval. A bill to jrc-organ
izo the militia is equally urgeutand important,
and might take the same course as well as.
any other legislation you may see proper to
pass. * ' , t B. F. Perry.
Standing Committees of the Senate.
, On Privileges and Elections.?.Messrs. Bu
ist, Tillman,. Wilson, Grisham and MoDuffie.
?/%_ W.j... .1 "O. ]_.!.... *?..? ... *. . *
vu ruuerui i$,6jflbt0.n8;?M?SS?? _?uaiiuiiig,
Sullivan, Townes, Bratton and jCershaw.
On Finance and Banks?Messrs. IIouip
hill, Bpozer, "vViusmitli, J. IL Williams and
Sh i ?1er.
?nfhe ?iudiciary-?Messrs. Thomson, John-,
son, G'. W. Williams, B,uiet arid Sullivan.
On Accounts, Vacant Oilices and Printing
Messrs. Davant, B?aty ai? Mediteli en.
Ou Claims and Grievances?Messrs. G . W.
'Williams, Dozier, Tracy and Thomson.
On the Military and Pensions?Messrs.
Kcrshaw? Bratton, Shinglcr, McCutchen and
I J. II. Williams. ?
0n College, Education and Legislative Li
brary^?Kiefers. Townsend, Davant and Tracy.
On Incorporations and 'Engrossed Acts?
Messrs. Sullivan, Boozer^ Hemphill and-Mo
Queen. >{
On Agriculture a*nd Internal improve
ments?Messrs McQueen, Betity and Skipper.
On Roads and Buildings?Messrs. Dozier,
MoDuffie and Hcnery.';
On Lunittio Asylum and Mcdioal Accounts
-rM?ssrs. Winsmith, Townee and Grisham.
* On Commerce, Manufactures and Mechan
icArts?Messrs. I?en?ry^omphill and Win
On Colored Population?Mosgrs. Johnson,
^ownsend, Maiming, Tillman antTW^lson.
! ?n tho* Sentito? on the 28 1), Gov. PcVry sent ,
in Message, No. 8, as follows : . ?
Gontlemen : I have the pleasure of commit
Bloating to yoii^^'^yerir?etisfaotory report of
tho Hon. Wm^pii^ ?Veso?t, Agont of tho
Stato, ali Washingtons in reference to aban
doned lands und pardons. His mission has
been eminently successful. JHo found the
-President, and Gen.-Hoyu^rd, the head of the
Freedmen's Bureau, disposed to do justice to
the proprietors of abandoned lands, as will be
fully scon by Iiis report herewith sont you.?
jit is to,be hop?\l that thlg nnfortunat? class of
pur fellpw-oitiiens will soon be once more re
stored to their liomes>and Jifossesaions. ,
On th? subjcot of patita, Mr. Trescot
fqund tli? President k?dd'?nd accommodating.
Bot great^elay iriusV necessarily attend the
issuing of pardons, where thoro are so many
^thousands of applicants. It;would be well
for our eiiizons to be quiet and bide their time
jn relation to the m?Ving and action on their
appiicatione. ' [ When thesis any urgent ne
cessity forche issuingof a pardon, and it is
brought,, to the view of the President, he will
give such application precedence over others.
?pd with refqfcnc,e to this matter and the in
terest of proprietors of abandoned lands, it
would be well to continue theWLgency for the
present Tifer? are a jjjreat many questions
arisi'ngwhe're it would be a groat convenience
to ^i? Provisional Governor, and the people
generally, to hove.an Agent afc Washington,
;to present matters thero to the* President,
Head of Departments, and the o??ioi?ls of tho
different Bureaus, and give' the heocssary in
formation whioh may be desired.'
. I herewith send you'the report of J. Ralph
Smith, General Superintendent of \ the State
Works at Greenville, showing'the amount of!
public property in those'Works, and the esti
mated value of the saine. It will be of great ?
^favicc to tho Commissioners who may be ap- j
TOnfced^to 4.0I.I-or dispo^.ot Ahe^e Worhe.^
Tlie total cost aha expenditure of the State
on fcheso works Jiavo been, iti Confederato mo
ney, $507,866^29. Tho present estimated
value, in Federal currency", is $72,000. And
it is altogether probable*hat the property will
not realize that amount. ,
B. F, Perry.
^?ol. Grisham presented tho petition of J.
A. Wagoner and others for the charter of the
German Immigration Land and Trading com
pany of Charleston.
The Speaker anuounced the following stand
ing Committees of the House :
Privileges and Elections?Messrs. John A.
Wagencr, J. B. Campbell, C. H. S?ber, JI.
G. She?dan, J. F. Prcssly, VV. Z. Leitncr,
W. C. Keith, B. W. Ball, M. C. Butler, F. ?
J. Sessions, Henry Tew.
Ways and Means?-Messrs. M. L. Bonbam,
J. Harleston Head, J. J. Ryan, F. D. Rioh
ardson, Gabriel Cannon, T. 0. Weathcrly, J.
R. Aikcn, Edwin J. .Scott, F. J. Porcher.
Federal Relations?Wm. S. Mullins, C-H.
Suber, Wm. H. Tres??t, W. F. Hutson, M.
C. Butlor, John W. Carlisle, Wm, Wallace,
T. G. Barker, W. J. Alston. .
Judiciary?Messrs. T. N. "Hawkins, J. B.
Campbell, R. A. Fair", C. H. Simr iton, Wm.
H} Ta Hey, Wm. F. Hutson, F. F. Warlcy,
W. A. Walker, J. S. Richardson, dr.
Colored Population?Messrs. J. Harleston
Read, S. W. Evans, Wm. S. Mullins, W. K.
Essley, Alfred M. Martin, A. ,B. Springs, L.
Culbreath, II.,L. Bejibow, W.t B. Flowers. e
Military?Messrs. A.'.C. Garlington, J. F,
Pressici Wm. J. Gayer, 11. F. Graham, B.
M. Talbcrt, F. F. Warley, Wm. Wallace, T.
G. Barker, Jos. J. Norton..
Engrossed Acts?Messrs. R. A. Fair, Wm
K. Bachman, W. A. M?oro, Benj Stokes, I).
R. Duncan. ,
Claims?Messrs. B. F. Crajton, J. T.
Green, Rudolph Siegling, B. M, Talbcrt, E.
S. Keitt, Joseph T. Walsh, F. M- Wanu?ma
ker, D. 0. Milling, and Benj. Stokes.* .
Incorporations?Messrs. Leroy ? F. /You
mans, A. J. Shaw, W. P. Price, W. K. Bach
man, W. L. DoPass, C. B. Farmer, J. J.
Browning, P. J. Coognn, and B. R. Clyburno.
Roads, Bridges and^^crries-r-Mjasrs. John
T. Greon; S/W. Evans, Luke Culbreath,
John G. Gaillard, Da-.id Gavin, John^H.
G?odwyn, Thomas Joues, T. A. Lipsey, and
J. J, Browning. ? *
1 Ragade?Messrs. D. Wyott Aiken, F. J.
Poroher, J M.Eaffen, W L Do Pass, WH
Perry, Jos' J Norton, Charles reUyA and.
E Elkin. *
Education?Messrs. *0 Simonton, ?T.
Mik?ll, John W Carlisle, J Ji Coker, Wm,H
Tallcy, A C JIaskell, J S Riohafdson, jr/P
C Dozier, and Harr?s Cpvingtou.
^K?vAfifi'-'.'; '?. ?',"';..?:/ .'- .-? . ~ . ??? ''?'?.? ?
Intornili improvements?Mosers E^ Stuck?
house, W 1? Burton, W A Lee, Hugo G Sher
idan, W E Mike?l, 1> C Howze, Benj Lucas,
Russell, and F Mclohcrs.
State House and Grounds?Messrs Jobn
Richardson, J J Williams, Henry ?am
mett/A: Springs,- RJS Wrrg?it, A S Wal
lace, J M Mulvaney, Wm Stokes, and Dav'c!
Gavin. . ' * :
Public Building*-?-Messrs. F Mikell,
John M il ligan, PC Dozier, John H Good
wyn, D C Milling, S Coogan, Benj Lucas,
RPTodd. '
Agriculture?Messrs George Anderson, J
A .Wagener, J W Rawlinson, R E Bowen, A
Copeland, R Wright, Wm? Moore, E S
Keitt, W J Alston. *
Commerce nnd Manufactures?Messrs. J
^1 Eason, R F Graham, A S.Wallace, W C
Keith, H Hammett, A A Gilbert, W F
Barton, H S Tcw,. W Flowers.
Officers and Qffices?Messrs. J J Ryan,
R E Bowen, bAv Ball, J L Coker, C Far
iner, D R Bftncan^ J G Gaillard, Charles Pet
ty and y m Stokes.
Lunatic Asylum?Messrs. J W Hearst, A
S Salley, A W Thompson, Jr, G E Mani
gnult, J R, Sparkman, F S Lewie, Jol^o Lan
druui, E S J Hayes and J Y D?Pre. ,
. Accounts?Messrs John Hanekel, W Ht
Perry, Rudolph Sicgling, A, Lipsoy, W E
Mikell, R Clyburne, R Todd, F M Wftn
namakcr,.nnd A Woodruff.
Medical CoiAmittee?-Messrs J C McKewn,
John Y DuPre, John Landrum, M M Hun
ter, E S Hayes, G E Maoigault, PS Lewie,
A W Thomson, Jr, and A S Salley.
Printing?Messrs. Wm Price, W A Lee,
W L?itner, H Russai, 1? Mololiera, J
Milligan, Harris Cavington, and A A Gilbert.
. ?. Legislative Librl?yTr-McssrB; A ?FSp?toi,
W J Gayer, John Richardson, W A Walk
! er, and Jos Walsh. ? ^
i Mr. f?ogood is added to the Committees ou
: Colored Population and the Military.
Mr. Millikan introduced the following res
olution which was agreed to : ?
Resolved, That it be referred to the Com
mittee on the Judiciary, to inquire and re
port on the propriety of exempting from levy
and sale, orexeoution'Tor dobt, the homestead,
orhouso and lot,, and household furniture, of
any bona fide citizens of the State of South
Carolina j also, the working tools of artizans
and mechanics.
Our Finances.?Secretary McCulloch, in
a speech delivered at Fort Wayne, Indiana/
on.Wednesday last, gave forth some impor
tant views in relation to the currency of tho
country. Ho said the present unconvertible
currency of the country was a necessity of the
war, but'now the currency should be brought
up to a speoie standard, and ho saw no wsfy
of doing it but by withdrawing a portion of it
from circi*Jation. We huye a circulating me
dium altogether larger ?han needed for legitj
inate'businesa, and the excess is used in.^??c
ulation. He urges, as a partial remedy for
the oxisting state of tliirr?rs^ that (Congress
fshal? authorize the funding of the legal-tender
notes. If the work of reduction is prudently
oarried on, we shall be felieved of the super
abundant currency, probably without iujury
or embarrassOrient'to the trade of tbo country;,
nnd, if noti he prophesies that we shall have
a brief period of'seductive prosperity, result
ing in wide-spread bankruptcy and disaster.
He was hopeful that the country would ?sCap?
a financial collapse, and that the currency may
be brought to a specie standard without those
troubfes .which in 'all countries have followed
a protracted war. ? i ' ? ' ' K
Delightful Stat?T of Affairs in ti?k
National Cajp/tal.?Stabbing, shooting,
garroting nnd killing are daily pastimes in
Washington. A member of the First Dis
trict of Columbia Regiment, colored, shot a
colored woman fatally, hit night. A squad
from tho same regiment a ita eked, stapbed and
dangerously wounded two Or three privates of..
tho Fifth United States- Cavalry two nights- '
ago. Last nighta, sen venger of Hhe Seventh
War4 gave-a n?gro a fatal blow with spade.
Every, night, robbery, garroting atad burglary
aro perpetrated, bliese little piensa trien,
added to the general and wide Rprea'd unhoalth
iness of the city at tho present time, are likely ;
to deter', many from locating flews at present*
and to drive away' Others who regard heajth
and personal safety paramount to all other
considerations.? Washington C?r.jtfcw York
Herald. < ?

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