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Sonio years ago I waa laid up several wooka
with a . lame leg, iu au obscure vi llago iu
North Wtdos. It was tho dullest of places,
and I should nearly havo died of cnmti woro
it not, hoing familiar with tho language, I
was able to get acquainted with tho peoplo
and study their household habits aud house
hold loro.
Many were tho strango talcs they told as
wc sat around tho cheerful poot-firo in tho
long autumn evenings-tales of fairies and
goblins ; of spirits and douions ; of corpso*
candles and wraiths; of witchcraft aud gla*
mor of tho ovil eye Most of these mado
little impression boyoud the moment, but tho
following, partly because tho man who told
it was intelligent beyond his station, partly
becauso it seemed to illustrate n characteris
tic fonturo of Welsh superstition-interested
me so much that thc outline, nnd, with some
exceptions, tho exact words, becamo firmly
fixed in memory. If Robert Pritchard, this
was tho story-toller's name, still walks in tho
flesh, and should cl ia ncc to seo these poges,
ho will do mc tho justice to bear witness that
I havo faithfully reported him.
You don't believe in ghosts ? I do. When
you havo hoard my story you shall judge
whothcr my belief is well founded.
You know Welshmen aro superstitious.
Tho boliof io supernatural apparitions is sa
oro Ry enshrined j every glen and rnountaii
defile, and ruin has its familiar sprite. Then
is not a town or hamlet-there is hardly t
furm he uso or cottage, from tho Deo to tin
Severn, but boasts it& bwgan. To deny tim
tl/b spirits of dead men" walk tho earth a
night, is accounted tho rankest heresy. Ye
I wos an unbeliever. I would argue by th?
hours against thc possibility of such n thin;
as n visitation from thc other world. And i
was not mere bravado. I can truly say tba
I feared neither man nor devil. Many am
many a time have I put my hardihood to th
test by visiting haunted places iu thc dead o
night, sometimes simply to show my more ti
morons companions how superior I was to th
common infirmities of mankind. J spent on
whole night lying in wait for tho famous dc
?non, Cador Idris, on thc very track of hi
goblin rounds. Another time I slept in a
old ruined mill, where thc spirit of tho mut
dercd Rollin Oock held nightly revel. 1
few weeks later, I modo n bet that I woul
pass tho small hours in thc society of thc tot
riblo Bwgan Uchy Myndd-a ghost whos
unearthly shrieks wcro wont, on stated night)
to disturb tho slcop of tho good peoplo fe
miles around-and won. Finally io cap th
climax of my audacity, I went out ono wil
night to meet tho spectral smuggler of Mac
Molit, who, according. to universal ropor
was accustomed to ply his old trade-anclo
his shadowy craft in tho covo and land b
shadowy oargo. Yet, nor ghost nor gobi
carno near mc.
But I was destiued to have a far difiere
-moro torriblc expericnoc. An old rn?
ll? Hirmnn was found murdered in his cab
one morning. Ho was a strango creature
half savago, half idiot, who lived alone, 1
only companion an enormous ill-favored bia
cat. Ho had tho appearance of tho most r
jeot poverty, yet it was generally bolicv
that ho possessed considerably money concc
cd somewhere about tho premises. Tho m<
ignorant of his neighbors insisted that hob
doalings with Evil thc One, and somo wont >
on so far as to uflinn that he came to his dei
by no mortal hand. A belated peasant, i
lng homo from tho village tavern after a nu
than usually heavy orgie, declared that as
passed tho but he saw tho old man struggli
with his Satanic majesty, in tho shape o
gigantic black cat. ; and as tho eat, his o
companion, was secu no more after tho m
der, tho story gained considerable crcdcc
The authorities, however, took a somow
different view of thc case. An examin?t
of thc body revealed an ugly wound on
side of thc head, as if inflicted with a bin
con. Suspicion rested on a worthless fell
named Dick Wirion, (Dick tho foolish) i
was seen prowling about tho placo on
ovoning of tho tragedy. !io was arres
brought, according to tho custom of
country, lo tho presence of tho march
.man, and mado to stand over it. Accord
t) tho time honored test, if tho prisone
innocent tho defunct "makes no sign ;'
guilty tho wound opens and a spurt of b
flies on thc porson. Poor Diok was hit sqi
in tho face with a thin stream of goro, fe
4ho floor in a fit and was carried back to ]
.on. A bloody club was found back of
(oabin, sovcrnl sovereigns wcro takon from
packet, which, added to thc accusation of
corpso, scorned to1 make tho caso against
olear as day. In those times-this, you i
know, sir, happened forty yeors ago-it
poi take long to provo a man flt for tho
lows. Diok was tried, convictod and sen
tonoed at a single si tiing of tho court ni
week Jatcr was comfortably and quietly hi
Hardly was tho poor devil undor tho gre
when strango storios began to bo whisp
around tho poasant fireside. It was said
cabin of tho murdered hermit was hau ti
Unearthly noises woro hoard in the de?
night ; sounds as of men struggling io mi
conflict : shrieks ?nd groans suoh es n
carno from human lips; eries for help
peals of domoniao laughter were testlflt
bjT reputable witnesses. A fisherman s
before a committee of investigation that, |
|ag bj one night, ho saw the spirit of tin
man standing by the garden nail, gh
wound on tho sido of the head bleeding
Jy, the hollow eyes glaringly wildly at
A cattle drover deposed before tho ?anio ?
??? ????UOM^IHH?. ^".s-.... . A ...........-,.,-.?,..,......" ,.
mitteo that, going homo from the market
town, shortly nftor midnight, ho saw near the
sccno of the murder, strange lights dancing,
and hoard distinctly tho noise os of a ohain
dragged over a pilo of stones. A yonng man
who hod been visiting his sweetheart, tcsw
fied that while passing tho placo ho heard his
nanto called three times, and looking toward
tho hut saw it lighted up and tho murdered
Hu beokonlng him to come in.
The ghost became tho absorbing thorne of I
tho town. Nothing oise was thought or talk
cd of. It was mado tho subject of a special
meeting of tho local authorities. The Hov.
Hugh Heese, pastor of thc dissenting church,
fulminated against it in two of his most pow?
orful sermons. The select committee to which
I have above referred, visited the haunted
promises, and although armed with a copy of |
tho Holy Bible, two swords and a braoo of ,
pistols, woro so appalled by tho appearance of
tho speotro that thoy fled in torror, and dis
banded to meet no more. Finally, a messen
ger was dispatched to Carnarvon to summon
tho Hov Didyiuus Davis, tho famous oxoroi
sor, who mado his appearance on tho scene,
prayed, and read seven chapters from tho
Evangelists, winding up with tho following
formula : " Whether you bo spirit or devil
-whether you bo from heaven above or bell
beneath-I command you in tho name of the
Father, tho Son and tho Holy Ghost, tolcavo
this placo forever." But it was no uso. Tho
next night tho spirit of old Hu WOB moro
troublesome than over, so that tho whole
^ neighborhood were torror stricken by tho
j howls and shrieks that issued from thc haun*
ted cabin. Thc poor people, who never had
SJ unmangeablo a ghost before, were iu
It was at this time thc incident happened
that exercised such a controlling influence
over my future life. A lot of us young fol.
lows had becu carousing at a village tavern,
had made a good haul at our herring Ashing,
and wcro spending our money freely. The
, conversation naturally turned to thc subject
! of old IIu's ghost. All were firm believers
in thc apparition, except myself, who stoutly
insisted that thc whole affair was gotten up
by some interested person, in order to get
possession of thc cabin. u Now, 1 tell you
what I'll do," says Shou Cadwalludcr, cap
tain of a fishing smack, "I'll lay - wager of
five guineas that you dare not go to thc haun.
ted hut, and stay there all alone, from mid
night till three in thc morning," I had been
drinking heavily, aud promptly replied, " I
The matter was soon arranged, tho money
was put down, aud I started for tho hut, ac
companied by three of my "companions, who
were to seo mc outer. Thc night was dark
and dirty-so dark you couldn't soo tho
length of your arm. I must say I felt a little
uncomfortable as I approached tho haunted
tenement; but I walked boldly up to the
door, pushed it open, entorcd, and extempori
zing a light, matches wore not, invented then,)
lighted a candle with which I had provided
myself and took a survey of the place. It
was a miserable thatched roof, mud walled
hut, with hard earthen floor, nearly bare of
furniture, and inexpressibly dreary. Thc air
was olose and dank, as if thc taint of the
bloody deed, onaotcd a few weeks beforo, still
lingered. Everything remained as it was
when tho murder was committed, I thought I
could oven see traces of tho struggle on tho
moulded walls. The floor in several places
bore the dark stains of the dead man's blood.
Altogether, thc sight was one to make OVCQ
as hair-brained a follow as I timid. But I
sought to drive unpleasant fancies away. I
throw myself down on a bench by tho table,
and waited the issuo of my ad ventare. I lav
quietly some time-so quietly I could hear
my heart boat. Tho stillness was oppressive.
I grow nervous under the awful hush of tho
mid night, and fancied a thousand horrible
sights and sounds. I thought I saw tho old
man as ho lay in his shroud ; thought I heard
tho old familiar voioo pleading for nieroy at
the hands of bis assassin. Little by little;
howoror, my porooptions becamo loss and less
distinct. My eyelids dropped, and I fell toto
slumber. How long I slept I have no idoa ;
but I woko up suddenly, aud becamo con
scious that I was no longer alono. I felt for
-my eyes wero still closed-that there wag
something or somebody that had outorod
while 7. slept-noar mo. Its pr?sense was
palpable to all finer sonsos. I scorned t J bo,
as it wore, onfolded by invisiblo arms-wrap
ped in a spoil so absoluto and tcrriblo, that 1
was powerless to iosist. But I knew that to
yield would be fatal ; and so, with a mighty
effort of will, oponed my oyos, and looked in
tho direction whenoo tho strange influence
caine. On tho other sido of tho table, di
rectly opposite and not moro than four feet
distant, sat a human figuro, or what scorned
one. The face was in shadow, tho side of
tho head turnod toward mo. That it was that
of an old man, I could seo from tho stoop oi
thc shoulders and tho thin looks of gray hair
that drooped from tho temples. Ho wos
drosscd in quaint long socks and kneo brccoh
es of Weloh poasaut. His hands rostod on
his knees, his head was bont toward tho floor.
For a moment I was paralyzed with torror;
bnt, by ono of thoso revulsions of fooling wo
cannot oxplain, tho next instant I had half
persuaded myself that my companions had
?boen playing a triok upon mo, ? Ono of
thoso follows," I said to myself, ?has dressed
himself to look like old Ha Hirwan, lins como
in while'I slept and moans to frightou md in?
to losing my wager." Determined to bo cvon
with tho ranoals, X caught up a stout walking
stick that lay bosido mo and aimed a blow at
tho shoulders of. tho mysterious intruder.
Great God 1 Ii MruoK impalpable air. I
j.couM seo it pass through what scorned a sol*
[ id body without mooting the least resistance,
wirrir***.* - w rv*ti?Mn /fM?. v...... .. ?
striking tho floor with n ornsh. Tho next in-1
atant the iiguro roso slowly from tho chair,
turned round and faced mo. Shall I over for
got tho paralyzing agony of tho dreadful mo
ment? Thcro stood within a fow hands'
breadth of mo what seemed once tho mortal
part of old Hu Hirr n ; but how awfully
ohanged I Tho faoo had tho livid hue of
doath ; tho oyos wcro sunken and burned with
a ghastly glare ; tho dampness of tho grave
was upon tho shriveled brow. Tho wound
on tho sido of tho head gaped hideously. I
was too terrified to speak-too terrified to '
wove-but stood helpless staring nt thc spco
tro. I had not oven will enough to shut my
eyes to the awful vision ; yot I had sufficient
self-possession to know that spell by which 1
was hold must bo speedily broken or I should
dio; and ronicrnboring what had boen so oft.
cn told mc of tho efficacy of speech, I sum
moned nil my energies for a last effort nnd
gasped out : "In thc name of thc Most High,
I command you to tell mo what your errand
is." Tho clammy lips quivered, thc shruk
cn fnco became oloquont with a horrible in
telligence, and tho speotrc spoke as follows :
" I fell by tho hand of Owen Roberts, my
kinsman, who came to rob mo. Denounce
him as my murderer, see that ho is brought
to justice, and I shall disturb you no moro/
Tho light wcut out from thc hollow eyes, tho
form of tho dead man seemed to shrivel and
fudo away, and I was left alone.
You smile, sir; you think I dreamed nil
this. AYnit until you hare henrd mo through,
I rushed out of thc hut, bounded over tho
garden wall, and ian home as if all thc fiends
were aftor me. Next day I called upon thc
magistrate of thc town and told him my story.
Strange to say, ho betrayed little surprise'
and remarked that facts had recently come
to his knowledge whioh induced him to be
lieve that Owen Roberts was thc real mur
derer, and that thc order for hts arrest was
already issued. A few hours later Roberts
was in tho clutches of tho law, and whoo told
that ho was accused by witnesses, both from
this world and from tho world of ghosts,
broke down completely and confessed all.
He was tried, convicted and hanged on tho
very gallows where poor Dick Wirion inno
cently swung. Thc ghost of old Hu came
'no more, and thc good people of Rhoslan en
joyed a long immunity from supernatural
-? ?.
AN exchange gives thc following receipt
to break dogs from killing sheep : A farmer
having a deer hound much addicted to this
evil practice, remembered, twenty-five yeats
before, to have cured a valuable dog of thc
same sin, and determined to apply thc same
method to his deer hound. After one of Iiis
sprees among thc sheep, he wab carried into
tho sheep yard, and securely tied between
two old rams. When let loose, of course, thc
sheep thought of going somewhere, and thc
dog was dragged about thc park until almost
dead from tire. Since that time, he has ncv
or chased sheep.
decisions lately pronounced by thc Supreme
Court of tho State is one that nearly affects thc
interests of a lurgc number of persons through
out tho State It has been decided that so
much of tho Act of 1801-coutinucd in force
1866-as allowed interest on open ncoouuts
in actious suspended by tho Stay Law, ts un
constitutional. Tho opinion was pronounced
by thc Chief Justice.
Virginian" has tho true view of it. livery
groat nation of the Pagan world has had its
snored animal. The Northern States, less
fortunato than wo, havo no crocodile ; but
thoy havo tho t'other sort. Dr.'Ragby says :
Wo have got to como to it. Why not
como at once and bc dono with it? Until
we own that tho negro is a god and treat him
os such, thcro will bc no peace in this coun
try. The sooner we do it thc better. Let us,
tboroforo, make haste to build oach of thom
a small joss house of gopher wood, put bim
on a pedestal therein, and worship him daily
with inoenso of tobaoco, heave offerings of
roast shoat, wavo offorings of corn-whiskey,
and burnt-offerings of barbcoucd 'coon and
'possum. Thon, and not till then, this dis
tracted land will reposo.
STOLE HIS HAT.-On Saturday last while
Solicitor Talloy was busily engaged in his
room, a nogro man who had indicted several
other negroes for stealing his hogs, oallcd on
tho Solicitor on business in that connection.
A short time aftor ho hod loft tho room, Mr.
Talloy missed his hat, and 09 no ono else had
been in thc room, thc conclusion was natural
that tho nogro had stolen it. Mr. T. went in
pursuit and soon found tho thief, but did not
rooovor his hat. Tho nogro was arrostcd and
bound ovor for trial.- Camden Journal.
How good it is to gnzo upon n cheerful
countenance I It warms the beholder to tho
heart's core. How pleasing, aftor a stormy
day, to seo tho effulgent sunbeams burst
through tho ovening clouds, flooding tho wido
landscape with golden glory I Tho foliage of
tho forest trees glitter in thc radiant light j
ovory flower and blado of grass lifts its head
to rcoicvo tho celestial boniz?n, and all nature
is grateful for tho sun's magneto Vuys,
Thus it is with tho faoo that is radiant with
smiles-?thosunlight of tho soul. It makes
tho burdoncd heart to fcol lighter ; it causen
tho desponding to ta ko frosh oonrngo; it
charms tho boholdor, and orontes a sonso
of thankfulness for tho light of lifo. It is
liko a good Ure in win tor, di ilusivo nnd genial
tn it? influen?a.
Mr Tho Chatham Railroad is being push
ed forward. Tho tracie has boon laid for
about fifteen miles ; while tho grading party
is several miles ahead. In a year or two,
Columbia will havo another outlet.
AN absent-minded gentleman intending te
scratch his head in church, reached over and
performed the oporation on an old maid who
was in tho next pew. Ho discovered Iiis
mistnko when ho found himself defendant in
an action for a broach of promise.
" I AM afraid you hnvo a settled melan
choly," said a land Indy to a cadaverous lodg
er. " No, madame," ho replied ; "my mel
ancholy won't settle. It is like your coffee,
it has too much grounds."
It is stated that three hundred me
chanics in tho navy yard at Washington, aro
to bo turned out, because they aro not Re
publicans. Were wo at tho South to talk
about dismissing our laborers because they
did not vote with us, it would oxcito thc
greatest indignation nt tho North.
"WHISKEY" LAW.-A groat many aro
not aware that at- tho last session of Cougrcss
the Internal Rcvcnuo Law was so amended as
to declare any one, selling ns much as Ave gal
lons of liquor at ono time, a wholesale dealer.
This provision is of importance to those en
gaged in tho liquor busiucss, for it limit* a
retail dealer's sales to quantities less than fire
gallons, where'js before little or no restriction
was imposed on him.
MANY parents spoil their children by
dicssing them up when a dressing down would
do them tho most good.
A cramped waist generally betokens brains
in a similar condition.
If WC delay till to morrow what can be dene
to-dny, we charge thc morrow with n burden
that belongs not to it.
REFRAIN from bitter words ; there is only
one lotter between thom and swords.
HE who builds according to every man's
advice will have n crooked house.
To. thc Managers of Elections for thc Conn- j
ty af Eickens :
WHEREAS, Mr. W. T. Field, who. at thc
Gonornl Election held in April, 1808,
was chosen a member of tho House of Hoprc- j
sentatives for thc Election District of Picketts
County, to serve for two years, luis since said |
election resigned ; And, whereas, thc Cunstitu- J
lion of the Stale of South Carolina directs that 1
in such a caso a Writ of Election shall bc issued
by thc Speaker of thc House of Representatives,
for thc purpose of Idling thc vacancy thus oc
casioned, for the remainder of thc tenn for which
tho Member so resigned was elected to serve :
Now, therefore, you and each of you aro
hereby required, after duo advertisement, and
with strict regard to all the provisions of thc
Constitution and Laws of thc said Sttlto, touch
ing your duty in such ease, to bold un election
for a Member of thc House of Representativos,
for thc Election District aforesaid, to serve fur
tho remainder of thc term for which thc said
W. T. Field war elected: thc Polls to bc open
ed nt thc various places of Election in thc said
District, on Tuesday thc twenty fifth day of
May by thc various sets of Managers for tho?c
places respectively; said Managers to count
thc votes publicly immediately after thc final
closing of thc polls at thc Precincts where the
votes hnvo been taken ; mnke out a certificate
of the. result, to be signed by tho Managers, or
a majority of them, and taken to thc Court
House of Dickens County, or placo now fixed
by law for counting thc voles, on Wednesday
thc twenty sixth day of May, by ono or more
of tho said Managers ; and thc Managers, or a
majority of them, who may assemble, shall
proceed to examine the aforesaid stntcmunt,
and declare thc result of the Election.
This Writ, together with your return of tho
Election to bo held under it, hnvo before thc
i Uouso of Representatives at its next mooting
i nftcr tho4 Election.
Esquire, Speaker of the House of Representa
tives, nt Columbia this sixth day of Muyin the
yoor of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and sixty nine.
Speaker of tho House of Representatives,
Clerk of tho House of Representativos*
Hoadrir't's South Carolina Militia.
COLUMBIA, S. C., May 3, 1800.
UCH CITIZENS of this tate as aro oom.
prised within tho following classos, and do
siro to bo oxomptcd from service in tho Militia,
in accordance with the provisions of an Act en
titled " An Act to organize and govern the Mil
itia of tho tate of outh Carolina," approved
March 10, 18?9, aro hereby instructed to for
ward to this office, immediately upon tho pro
mulgation ot this order, applications for ex
emption :
!. Regularly ordained or liconscd ministers
and prcachors of th** Cospel.
IL Clorks and employees in public offices,
Justices of tho Ponce, Magistrates, Shorifi's,
Coroners, Constables, Civil officers of tho Uni
ted tates, Forrymon employed at any torry on
a post rond, and Millers.
III. AH porsons entertaining conscientious
scruples against bearing arms practicing physi
cians, professors, teachers and students in col
leges, ncadomios and common BCIIOOIS.
IV. Porsons regularly and honorably dis
charged from tuc army or navy of tho United
States, in consequence of tlio performance of
Military or Naval duty, in pursunnco of any
law of this State, and all persons who now aro
(or may hereafter bo) activo m cm hors of regu
arly incorporated firo companies in this State.
V. Commissioned offioors who shall haro
sorved as such in tho Militia of this State (pre
vious to thc 20th day of December, A. D. 1800,)
or in any ono of tho United Statca, for tho
spneo of sovon years. (Rutno such officor shall
bo exempt unions his resignation, after Rrjoh
tomi cf oervioo, ha? been Aooeph'd,' or In some
other lawful mannor ho shall hftvn boon honor
ably discharged.)
VI. Idiots, hmatlos, paupers and persons con
victed of infamous orimos.
Soo, 2. AH applications for oxomption must
homado upon tho affidavit af tho nppuoant, ?np\
shall distinotly sot forth tho nainp, occupation,
ago and rosidonoc, (if in a County, town or vii
Iago, tho name of tho township ) if in a oily,
tho wa,rd,) of snob applionnt.
cc. 3. Applications from clerks or omploy
oos in pu bl io oiltcos must, in all cusos, bo no
oomponiod with cortilloatoa from their rospoo
tivo chiofs or omployor?.
Soo. 4. Applioationsfor thooxomptlonof idiots,
lunatics and paupers must he inado by their
"next friend, upon his affidavit, and must bo
accompanied, in tho two first cases, by tho cor?
tinento of Uio attending physician.
By ordor of His Excellency tho Commander
F. J. MOSE 3. Jn.,
Adjutant and Inspector General.
Chango of Schodulo on GroonvilIe
and Columbia Railroad.
ON ?md after Wednesday, tho I2th inst., the
Pnssongor trains will run daily, Sundays
excepted, connecting with Night Traill on South
Carolina and Charlotto and South Carolina
Railroads, as follows :
Leave Columbia, 7 00 a m
Leave Alston, 8 55 a in
Leave Newberry, 10 35 ti m
Arrive at Abbovillo, 8 30 p m
Arrive at Anderson, 5 15 p nt
Arrive at Greenville, 0 00 p m
Leave Greenville 0 00 a m
Leave Anderson, G -15 a m
Leave Abbeville, 8 45 a m
Leave Newberry, 1 25 p m
Lcavo Alston, 0 00 p m
Arrive at Columbin, 5 00 p in
Trains on thc Blue Ridgo Railroad will also
run daily. Sundays excepted, connecting with
tho up und down trains on tho Greenville aud
Columbia Railroad, as follows:
Leave Anderson nt 5 20 p ni
Leavo Pendleton at (5 20 p tn
Arrive nt "Walhalla at 8 00 p ni
Leave Walhalla at 4 00 a m
Loavo Pendleton at 5 '10 a m
Arrivo at Anderson ot ? 40 n m
Tho train will return from Belton lo Anderson
on Monday and Frida)'mornings,
Gcncrnl Superintendent.
Jun. 24, 1800_18_tf
Domorest's Young Amorica,
KN LARC 101).
JL ory Boy and Girl that sees it says so; all
tho Press say so ; and Patents und Teachers con
firm it. Do not fail to secure n copy. A good
Microscope, with a Glass Cylinder lo confine
living objects, or a good two bladed, pearl
Pocket Knife, and a largo number nf other
desirable articles, given ns premiums to each
subscriber. Yearly, $1.50.
Publication Office.
^*c- " SHS Broadway, Now York.
Try it, Boys and ( ?iris. Specimen copies,ten
cents, mailed free.
Dec. 10, 1SG8 12
Mary Rankin, Applicant, '!
vs. Petition to pell
Franois CnpchcRrt and }-Lauds, pay Debts,
others, Defendants. J for Partition, eec.
IT appearing to my satisfaction that Francis
Capeheart and Margaret Eliza Capehonrt,
defendants in this case, reside beyond thc limits
of this State : The said absent defendants arc
required to appear in thc Probate don t, to lie
holden at Walhalla, S.O., on thc 1st day of
July next, to show cause, if any they can, why
thc Real Estate of Edward Rankin, deceased,
should not be sold, and thc proceeds, after pay
ment of debts, divided among thc heirs of said
deceased, according to law, or their ?misent to
thc same will bc entered of record. Given un
der my hand and seal, this nth dav of April,
1809. RICHARD Id?WlS,
Judge of Probate.
April 5, 18G0 20 ' 3m
IR, o EL 1 Esta/te Agent,
WILL buy and soil REA L ESTATE on thc
most rensonnbk terms. Persons hav
ing Lauds for salo in the Counties of Oconeo
and Plckcns nro respectfully ref-nest ed to for
ward Phils mid descriptions us to the location
and quality of thc land to bim, and he will keep
thom eu hand fur exhibition tn any one desiring
to purchase Real Estate. Where no stile is ef
fected no charge will bc unido.
$g&? OHiec at BRYSON & CO'S. Sturc.
Feb. 4. 1800 17 tf
Occssec Cou lit y.
Phlloman Crane and "j
Amanda Crane, Applicants J
vs. i
A ?ney Crane and others, |
Defendants, j
IT appealing to my satisfaction that Viney
Crane, John Calhoun mid wile Nancy Cal
houn, Lorenzo Barnes and wife Martha Ra mes,
John Samples and wife Judith Samples. Isaac
I Crane, Lewis Cox and Heirs of George Barnes,
; deceased, defendants in this case, reside beyond
1 tho limits of this State: Said absent defend
ants arc, therefore, required to appear in thc
I Probate Court, to be holden at Walhalla, S. C,
on thc 1st day of Juno next, to show cause, if
i any they can. why tim Real Estate of Philoman
Crane, deceased, should not be sold and tho
I proceeds divided among thc heirs of said de
ceased, according to law, or their consent to thc
sninc will bc entered of record.
Judge of Probato Court.
March 2, 1800 21 3m
Petition Ibr
tit ion.
Dr. Whittier.
A diploma nt office will show, has been longer
ongnged in the treatment of Venereal, Sexual and
Private Diseases, than tiny other physician in Ht.
Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Oled, Stricture, Orchitis
Jfcrniah, and Rupture; all Urinary Diseases and
Syphilitic or Mercurial Afflictions of the I h rout,
Skin or Rottes, are treated with unparallcd suc
Spermatorrca, Sexual Debility and Impotency ns
tho result of self-abuse in youth, sexual excess in
mature years, or other causes, and which produce
some of thc following effects, ns nocturnal ends
sions, blotches, debility, dizziness, dimnczs of Sight,
confusion of ideas, < all forbodings, aversion to so
titty of females, loss of memory and sexual ponier,
and rendering marriage ' npropcr, are permanently
Dr. Whittier publishes a MEDICAL PA M Pl! LET
relating to venereal diseases and thc disastrous and
varied consequences of self-abuse, that will boson I,
lo any address In a sealed envelope for two stamps
Many physicians introduce patients lo tho doctor
after roading his modicnl pamphlet . Communie a
tlon confident lal. A friendly talk will cost you
nothing. Office ocntrnl, yet retired-No. (il7 St.
Charles stroct, St. Louis, Mo, Hours, ?) a. Ul. to
3 p. m. Sundays 12 to 2 p. m.
April 5, 180'J '20 tf
Oomoi'CNt'N Monthly ItJUtgaxInc,
UNIVERSALLY acknowledged thc Parlor Mogri
zino oT America ; dovotcd to Original StovfyS
rooms, Sketches, AvohUonlnvo and Meijei CMhv
gen, Household Mailors, Rem.? qf Though'*, per
sonal and LR ovary Gossip (intdiullng spooled dc
?yirlmonla on Fashions,) Insivitotions on Health,
Musio, Amusement!., otp., hy tho beef, nut bora,
ami profusely illustrated. With coally. Engravings
(fuji ula?) useful and voljablp patlern?. Embrol
uoplos, and a, ocrputnnt supoossjpn of nrlisllo novel?,
tipa, with other- upolu) anti ontovtninlng literature. ?
Ko.poroon.of roflnomonl, ooonomlcal housowifo,
qj-. lady ?f '-ftflto oan afford lo do witho it tho Mette)
Monthly. Spoolmon copies, 16 ci nts, malled freo.
Yearly, $3, with a valuable premium j two coploa,
$5.60; Miroo ooploti, $7,60; flvo copies, 812.00,
and splondid premiums for olubs at $8 caoh, with
tho first proiuiiims to oaoh subsorlbcr. A now
bari ram & Panton Sowing Maohino for 2G subsoni*
hors at ?3 caoh. Publication ornoo,
838 RnoAowAY, Now York.
Domorest's Monthly and Young America;togollw.
cr $1, with tho premiums for oaoh..
Dcp; 20,1868. i>4 J?y
Merchants' Protoctivo .Union
i J. ION, orgniiizcd to promoto and protect!
trado, by onnbling it? subscribers to attain fa
cility and safoty in tho granting of orodits, anti'
tho recovery of claims nt all points, havo to?
announco that thoy will, in optombor, 1808,.
publish In ono large quarto volume:
c.\NTii,BRi:rKitEN(:RR ROISTER, containlngamong; ?t
other things, tho Nimios, Naturo of Business,. $
Amount ot Capital, Financial Standing, ahoVjf
and Hating as to Credit, of over 400,000 of the- i1.
principal merchants, truders, bankers, manu- V
fae tn rora, and public companies, in moro than
30,000 of tho cities, towns, villages, and sctllo- j
monts throughout tho Unilcd'tntcs, their ter
ritories, and the British Provinces of North
America ; nnd embracing tho most important
information attainable and nccossary to onside
tho morehant to ascertain at a glenco tho capi
tal, character, and degrco of credit cf such of
his customers as arc deemed worthy of any gra
dation ol'credit, comprising, also, a Newspaper
Directory, containing tho title, clinructor} price,] '
nnd place id' publicatton, with full particulars?
relative to each journal, being a complete guidef
to tho press of every couiny in tlio United) .
Tho reports and information will bo confined^
to those deemed worthy of some lino of oredit p(i
and as tho ?ame will bo baaed, so far as praot?-?f
cable, upon tho written statements of tho parties?
themselves, revised and corrected by woll knowns
and roiuiolo legal correspondents, whoso chrr^S
acter will provo a guaranicc of tho correctness' ?
of tho information furnishei by thom^Jt wi
believed that thc reports will provo morWrutli-x
ful and completo, and, theroforo, superior iffiX
and of much greater value, than any proviouslyfi
Ry aid of tho " Mcreanlilo Rcfcrcnco Rcgiff?
ter," busine-s men will bo enabled to ascertain,?^
at li glance, tho capital and gradation of crodit&i
as compared with (Immobil worth, of nonrljr?
every merchant, manufacturer, trader, OtiaA
banker, within thc above named territorial4
On or about die first of onch month, subfcri- 1
hers will also receive tho "Monthly Chronicle,"J
containing, among other things, a record ofB
such important changes in the name and oondi-^
tiu'li of linns, throughout tho country, os ninyjft
occur subsequent to tho publication of cn4ff''
half-yearly volume of tho " Mercantile ReffflR
euee Register."
Price of "The Merchants' Union Mercantil1'?
Rofercneo Register," fifty dollars, ($30.) fi??
which it will be forwarded to any address \?y,
thc United States, transportation paid,
Holders of live $10 shares of tho Ca pit
Stock, in addition lo participating in thc profit
will re?oive one copy nf tho " Mercantile Reft |K
enco Register" free of charge; holders of tr?^
shares will bc entitled to two copio?; and m
moro than ion shares of the Capital tock Vf)l|j
be allotted to any ono applicant.
All remittances, order*, or communicntioi J
relative to the book should bo addressed to tl i
tho American l'lxehango Rank Ruilding, N
128 Broadway. (H?x 2500,) Now York.
August 28," 1808 48 Iv ?|
IS now Publishing a JV CW Serial Sf orp.^
to run through a largo part of thu next v^ii-,.
limo, entitled ?'.'?') ;
?. Jlr. IJiowuiaj?'s Parlait." SR
" .1// Xctv Hubscriberis will yet the Xtoey
Wo send GROVER & HA KER'S $55 SQWJL/&
Machino for Itt Now Subscribers. ~\wW
In order to introduce the OBSERVER tM$
readers and nev circles of influence, wo
the following liberal oilers for
NEW S U BSC 111 BE RS : ??BB
We will send tho OBSERVER for ono yin ny
2 Subscribers, one or both bei ny new, f..r m
:{ " two <?. till " for h
\ " three or till " for $!'>. '
Or, to any person sending us Jtrc or il>
//(./." subscribers, wo will allow ono dollan'j
mission on each. . vir . .
?3y?Sond by Draft, Check, or Mf?
Ord,;: \%
Sample Copies anti Circiilnrsin
fro? ;
Terms, s;?.50 a year, in advance- ?ll
o7 Park Row, New YiO <
Doo. 2. lSiii^ _ >.)_jg i
PickcuM-I? Kqulty. '"jj 1
Samuel Knox ) Rill f-.r ConstruofI 4
vs. \ Will, Partition,)!. i
Heirs of A. P. Knox.] <?*h
IN ohedienco to tho decree of thc Court! 7
. uity, nutdo in this cause at Juno Term,
notice is hereby given to thc hoira-aH I
Andrew P. Knox, deceased, requiring fl j
joining them and each and cvory of then
and appear in tho. Court of Equity, for di ?
trict and State aforesaid, within a "yen*
day" from thc date hereof, to hlentifV
solves ns heirs at law of the said Ami .
Knox, deceased ; nnd further, to claim ll ?
belonging to them, arising from tho sal? f
Ey tote in this cause, on pain of hoing"
and forever excluded of and from all bt -
any further decree to bo made in this cM ?
Oem's Oilico. July 17, 1868. \
Piokons C. IL , J_1
j. ?OOM&VB M
Printers' Warcho ' ??
m Stilton Street, Mew Y?
Specimen Dook and frico Lisi on np? r
above, or io ?CO. I*. It o well ? i 01
verlislng Agents, 40 Park How, N. \. \ i\
Juno Hi. 1808_ _?7_V w
0? * ' *
HfepROffULLV Inform $
public ?hat, hp.has lust rcqtlv?uVnJa to
cf WA'ixm m aii<l XfmMM* .
ho. IS. enabled lo sell on tho oh?kpM.1 t0,,n, ^
boen Rplooicd.with creal', caro by himson pt
Bono dono at short notloo, ld tho bc at\
and nt tho lowost li^n? rat< ?Ul
Olvo mo a call, he
October 2?, I im 4 gp,
Purifie? the Biol ?
flor Hnlc l>y X>m?rvf?M ?V01 t?o
s,i--.--"" '~m
I ry
? fT,

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