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JLM O OCtX Dopaxtmont.
j Pity your town taxes. Soo notioo of Treas?
* urcr ia auothor column. '
Prayer mooting nt West Union on Friday
evqning next.
* Flour . from,, now wkoat con bo bought at
hendrix's store
- ? chango of 8ohodulo on tho Atlanta and
Charlotta Air Lino Hallway was made on tho Gib.
, Remember tho meeting on Thursday oftornoon
of tito stockholders of Walhalla OollogO at tho
Court House.
Ask your druggist what ho knows about
tho merit of Shrinor's Indian Vormifugo, tho
popular remedy.
, The past fow wooks have boon well adapted
to the cotton plant and it bas grown wonder
fully. Tho prospcot now looks promis' ,.
Blnokborrios aro on abundant crop, .'lums,
?uno apples and early peaches ar being
enjoyed by those who in tho past havo had tho
wisdom to plant good orchards.
A union prayer mooting of tho Young
Men'? Christian Association will bo hold at
\\\Q Presbyterian Church on Sabbath aftornoon
next, at 5 P. M. All aro invitod.
; Col. Q. J. Forcncro, General Manager of tho
Atlanta and Charlotte Air Linc Railway, was in
town on Wednesday ou business connected with
(ho road.
f> ,
y Corn io looking well. It is generally clean
pnd in [ino growing condition, ?hough rain is
r\ow wanted. With good seasons tho crop
Wi ll bo largo.
. Tho wheat crop is boing threshed and is
yielding above tho expectations of ovcry ono.
V Tho orup is cortainly the best that has boon
harvostcd io twonty years.
Tho crops about Walhalla aro neoding rain
badly. Upland corn is wilted and will injuro
in a fow days unless wo gota soason. Gar
dens aro burning up.
Tho weather last week was excessively
warm and dry, tho nights hoing such as rarely
aro folt in this climate. For several days
tho nights havo boon vory ploasant and the
mornings oool.
Until further notico thc maila will bo oponed
by 7 V P. M., and tho Post Oif.oo will be olosed
at 7} P. M. All mail matter deposito.! in tho
night lottor box boforo 5 A M. will bo for
warded by tho morning mail.
Patches of millet about Walhalla aro bogin*
hing to hoad. A number of persons have
sowed their oat stubblo in millot and gouor
ally there, is a disposition on tho part of thc
people to turn everything to profitable ac .
Moro poa?, from what wo hear, havo been
planted in thc County than for years past.
"Wc uro glad to noto this, for it is an evidence
that out people aro looking to making their
mont and brend ut home. m
Mrs. Bottio Wardlaw. wifo of Mr. J. C
Wardluw, formerly cf Walhalla, died in Now
berry rooontly. Mrs. Wardlnw was grcatlj
cst (non cd and ad aired for her many virtue:
and excellences of character.
Tho chango of schedule on tho Groen villi
and Columbia and tho Hine Ilidgo Railroads,
.which went into efloot on Monday, tho Oil
instant, is much bottor than tho old ono. Tlx
train now roaches Walhalla nt G.23 P. M.
instead of ut B.2") P. M.-two hours earlier
It loa ve* ot 0 25 A. M.
Another excursion train will lcivo Charlesloi
for Walhalla on tho Kith instant. Excursionist)
can also go to Greenville, Sparlanborg, Ashe
ville and other places in the up country. Du
wo reasonably suppose Mic larger number wil
como to Walhalla. Thej will bo well receive!
Our German fellow-citizen, Capt. F. Wie
hons, will accept our thanks for a basket ful
of plums. Not knowing tho numo of tin
plum, wo will call them thc "Wieben variety.'
They wore largo and juicy, appearing to bo i
cross between thc common [dum and thc dam
Mr. E. B. Calhoun and family, ol Newberry
mid Mrs. Norwood, Miss Norwood, Miss Bes
f?o Norwood and Miss Parker, of Abbeville
passed through Walhalla on Wednesday, oi
their way to Cashier's Valloy to spend th
Sovcrnl of our Columbia citizens aro spoml
ing tho summer months with us, among then
wo aro pleased to notico Mrs. It. F. Orchar
r\nd family, and W. J. Dufilo and wife. W
hopo thoy, togothor with all others who ar
sojourning in our mountain town for heall'
and recreation, will havo a pleasant timo.
There will bo communion sorvicos in th
Presbyterian Church next Sabbath. Pronoli
lng will begin in the Church on Wcdnesd.t
night boforo and will bo continued from da
to day until Sunday. The Pastor will b
assisted by Hov. 1). ES'. Friorson, of Audorsor
wli? will proaoh on Thursday and Friday.
. S. M. Crawford, of tho South Union ncigli
borhood, has handed us three bouda of wheal
in soma of which seven grains can bo seen I
Ono mesh. Ono hoad lins ono hundred un
fourteen well dovcloped grains, tho hoad ox
nibiting fourtcon meshes with six grains ead
??Osldos others with a smaller number. W
consider if tho finest specimen wo havo ove
?Con. I? is of tho Bowden variety! Mr. i
BOlVcd five bushels oh upland, manured wit
cotton seed, but has nut yet threshed it.
"Wo like to seo a man refuse to tnko hi
local paper, and all tho timo epongo on hi
?oighbor for tho reading of it. Wo like t
hoar a main con?pluln when wo ask him I
B?hsoribo for lils homo papor that ho takt
inoro than ho roads now, and thou go uro un
and borrow his neighbor's, or loaf about hu
Uhtil h'fl gtffs thu nows from it. Wo Uko I
soo a man run down his home papor ns m
worth taking, andovery now rthd'thon bog tl
editor for ? favor in tho editorial Uno. NV
like to soo n merchant refuse, to advertise in
home papor and then try to got a sharo <
trade which tho papers bring to town. Bi
?bovo all things, wo Uko to seo a richi rhisoil
man, who cannot pay for his local paper, hlwaj
mnnago tb bo around in timo to read tl
papor at tho expenso of a friond not worth tl
' tOnth part of what ho himself ?H. It looks I
, economical, thrifty and progrossivo, ye
? a q<\ ?... U -
' ' T
?i..i 11 gBBaagggH gat.SBSMBftwaesgBg
Another Y. M. 0. A. was organised ot
Westminster on last Sunday aftomoon, with
eighteen membors. The following woro tho
ofBoors elooted, to Bervo for tho yoar: Prosl
doat-A. Zimmerman; Viuo Prosidont-lt. E.
Smith; Soorotary-T. A. Y. Jano6; Treasurer
-S. II. Owon. This makes threo Assooia
tions now ia tho county-ono at Walhalla,
ono at Kook Springs and ono at Wostminstor.
Wo publish in this issue the quartorly
roport of tho Walhalla Bank. With this
roport onds the first two yours of tho ozistenco
of tho bank. Tho report shows tho bank has
beon well manogod. Tho gross profits of tho
bank from its organization aro $9,000, tho not
profits being $6,500. Tho bank during its
oxistonoo lins declared dividends to tho amount
of $5,000, and has retained a surplus fund of
$1,500, As yet tho bank has sustained no
loss.fand its businoss bas regularly increased
from ita organization.
Tho oxoitomont about mad dogs bas sub
sidod. Wo doubt if a genuine onso of rubios
has ovor oxisted in this Couuty from tho days
of Columbmrxo tho.prosont time. Wo huvo
novor soon a man who would claim that he
ovor saw a mad dog. Tbesa Hot days dogs
will pant and snap flios, and thoso actions aro
construed into symptoms of rabios. A fow
flios, mosquitoos, ficos, and rod bugs thoso hot
days will mako any porson fool like gotting
Dr. dunn, of Now York, in arocont looturo
olaims that hydrophobia is not a disease
peculiar to snmmor. Of 2,500 cases roportcd
in Europo and tho United Statos, 704 woro in
tho spring, 021 in tho snmmor. 608 in autumn,
and 507 in winter. Ile denies that frothing
at tho mouth is an indication of tho discaso,
but that when tho rabid stage sots in, thc
saliva disappears. Fits produce frojhiug al
tho mouth. Tho lecturer reported a searol
in his native town for a mad dog in whiol
nearly tho ontiro population joined, when thc
cause of tho trouble was that ho and n dru;
clerk had thrown turpentine uudor tho dog!
R. E. Norman, survivor of A. E. Normal
& Son, Still oilers groat inducements in tlx
way of fancy goods,?toys, cigars and tobacco
toilot soaps, perfumery, tko., plain nm
French candies, &o. Tho supply of drug
and chemicals aro kopt up to thc roputatioi
of this old and popular drug atore, and pro
soriptiuhs uro compounded with care and dc
spatch. Dr.Norman kcepsonly tho bestqualit;
of fancy articles and all his drugs and modi
cines aro warranted genuino and cf tho bes
quality. A specialty during this hot woathc
is the,supply of iood soda water always I
bo hud boro and nowhere else In Willimill
Cull and seo his stock and coal tho inner mu
from tho sparkling fount.
Mo havo receivod tho July number of th
Southern Furnier and Stock Journal, and ai
pleased to seo tho marked improvement i
tho arrangements of its topics, and informs
tion given; making ?tone of thc most rehab
means of knowledge to tho Nm thorn furmi
of the vast resources of tho South; while tl
S inthern (armer will liad it tho best period
cul on tho varied agricultural subjects, pul
lished in ibo Southern Stntes. Monthly :
tho extremely low prico of 75 cents per ai
num. Address ll. C. Billings and Son
Madison, Ga.
A new tempor?neo organization hus bo<
started i*% thia connty by tho Hov. Fletch
Sinith> Tho order is knownjjjy tho name
Counselors of Temperance. And it is ll
purpose of tho originator that wheneverthn
Counsels aro organized to form a Grui
Counsel. Thc first Counsel was organized
Fairview School House, on tho 22d Juno, wi
tho following officers: Sloan Y. Stribling, 1
C.; W. A. Barron, S.; W. T. Hubbard, 'J
G. L, Smith, C.; Miss Lina Taylor, A.; S. I
Brooks, lt ; S, C. Biggerstafi, E.; Miss L<
McMahon, 1st L.; Miss Suo Harkcy, 2d I
W. H. Taylor, 1st U; Miss Annie llubbai
2d U.; Samuel Hubbard, Sentinel; Frai
Taylor, W-} Lewis Burkott, M.
' As tho lecture of Hov. Mr. Sanders, delivcn
Sunday night, relatos lo a subject of goner
interest, and ns it lias created a good deal
common!, nod, in ROIIIU oases, ll ardil oritioisi
vye publish ii report of tho loading views
gathered during ito delivery. We have no coi
meat to make. Pooplo will generally form (lu
opinions on such subjects according to tin
training and peculiar Instes. If tltoy love dar
ing llioy aro very apt lo argue Hint it is a han
less amusement. Wo will do Mr. Sanders I
justico to say that wo believe his views r
purely theoretical, an 1 that in practical lifo th
will hardly bo found to bo realized in ninny
sippets. Thc associat ion of m il J and fem ale
natural. It Is ordained of Oed. Malo and
malu made lie them. Tho woman is a lielpmi
to mali and she is dependent, on him for prod
tion. Society forbids thal sho should travel
du many harmless nets without (bo escort of I
male. There is a natural tondoncy lowni
eaoh ul her, pure, harmless ami chaste as !
virgin snow. This hoing truo, hpw natural
account for tho charm of dancing. It ari
from thc combinai ion'of the several proposito
laid down ns questions in lits discourso ii
which are denied standing separately' ?
natural plcasuro of tho company of malo n
fornnlo, willi tho musio, tho exercise, &o., ma
tho charm. Men will dunce together, thou
ihcy prefer to danoo with Indios. We hnvo oft
d aneed nilli men and hnvo often seen a rogu
stag danoo for hours. In fnct, n good (uno
tho liddle,, a thousand miles from n woman, vi
nrouso a dosiro to danoo. Wo doubt if 1
Spencer wns herc in his primo mid should slr
up "Crilly Crnnkoy," or some oilier lively i
but ho could stir up our rcvorcnod divino I
livoly put of tho foot nnd n regular shake do
in his heart*. Dadoing may bo abused, bul
with us utterly failed to produce tho ciTcots
tributed to dadoing. Thoro ls during danoin
flow of eou| and . onjoymont whioh dri
away Impuro thought*. This is our judgmc
Il is tho dreaming melancholy man or won
who is likely to go to tho bnd. Kcop tho Rpi
nllvo and huppy nn puro and hoalthfiil thong
will (111 thc mind. They may not always
Christian thoifghln,' but ns tho young will i
their wild onto i hey had better do go in tho 1
room than In tho grogshop' or gambling d
If wo could mako thom Christians from oh
hood thon WO might condemn dancing. Wc
not Ray it is right, but we do not believe ii
Mi i, WAU KKK, July 0.-A whirlwind Vri
Ponsaukor Sunday, leaving but threo hon:
Six aro known to bo klllod. twenty wouV
o)'id live uii?aing?
Tho colossal bronze atatuto of Victory
whioh elanda ,m tho Park, at Lowell, before
the tomb of .tho first soldiers that foll in the
revolution, is a lasting and beautiful,, tribute
of art. lt is ono of tho first objects sought by
strangers visiting our sister city, which indeed
many visit purposoly to nee this elegant object
of high art. It was obtained from tho King
of Bavaria by Ur. J. C. Ayer, to whom his
Mujosty was especially gracious in acknowl
edgement of what his remedies aro roputod to
have dono for tho suffering sick. It was
donated by tho Doctor to tho city of Lowell as
a permanent and speaking emblem of tho
victories both of soionco and arms.
[Ilaycrstown (Md.) Tress.
O euk.wa/y Hiooetls.
C-AK.WAY, S. C., July 0, 1877.
Wheat crops on tho "Ridgo" aro turning
out finely. Mr. Ai drew Bennion sowed ono
bushel on ono aoro nnd mndo 20 bushels.
Wo aro needing rain. It is very hot
Tho Oood Templars at Westminster will
have a pic nie at Westminster Church on tho
28th inctant?and, by resolution of tho Lodge,
tho proprietors and employees of tho COURIKH,
County Commissioners and tho public gene
rally aro invited to attond und bring somo
victuals for thomsolvos and thoir friends-as
sovoral spocobes will bo delivered-and givo
tho pooplo an opportunity of interchanging
views and opinions,and have a social gather
ing, tho lifo of good society.
( ? encrai Orcen is about to remove hi? forces
from "Nubbin Ridgo," ns ho has failed to havo
good fortifications. Among us ho has no
allies. A few places in other parts of tho
County thc General is woll fortified. Capt.
Jack Frost is tho Generalissimo to razo tho
thickly set and numerous soldiers of General
Groen in tho holds of tho lazy nnd indolent
According to arrangements there was a
Lodgo of Good Templars organizod on Satur
day, neat Oakway nnd mimed Oakway Lodgo.
Officers elected for tho quarter: J. W. Boar
don, W. C. T.; Miss M. J. Boodor, W. V. T.;
W. L. Iludgins, W. S.; J. W. Haulbrook, W.
A. S.; A. Bcnrden, W. P. S.; J. A. Elrod,
W. T.; J. W. McGuffin, W. M.; Mrs. K. P.
Cain, D. M.; Miss L. J. Bruce. J. G ; J. B.
Sanders, L 1).; Miss S. J. Sanders. II. IL S.;
Miss L. 0, Brewer, L. II. S.; J. B. Sunders,
ex officio P. W. C. T. Mombors-Uaniol
Browor. T. M. Myers, Mrs. Lydia Cain, Miss
Fannie Elrod, J. IL Crooks, R. W. King, J.
B. Cain, W.G Cain, II. M.Cain, Mrs. II. E.
Price, Mrs. M. E. Cain, Miss M. II, E, Sun
ders. 0. C.
W estminster Locals
There ie a grout deal of sickness in tho
vicinity of this pince.
Crops are looking prosperous in .bis com
Wo hove a flourishing debating society at
Claremont. It was attended un Saturday
night last by a largo audience. Tho subject ol"
'Fcnco or no lenco" waa debated, und wns
decided in thc affirmative.
Tho Good Templars of our town anticipate
giving a pio nie on tho 28th of this month.
S. J. tv.
General Sherman nt uko* a prediction that
thc President who takes his scat in 1881 will
bo a man who fought on tho Confed?ralo side,
who was young enough to seo that he was in
error, ami has acknowledged it.
Walhalla Church Directory
Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Rev.
Juuius J. Neville, Pastor.-Preaching in this
church every second and fourth Sunday al ll
A. M. and at 8 P. M. Prayer meeting c\ory
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Sunday
School every Sunday morning al ill o'clock.
BuptislCh uroh-Bcv.W. W. Sunders, Pastor.
Preaching at ll o'clock A. M., and 7 .j P. M.
every Sunday. Prayer meeting ovory Thurs
day night at 8 o'clock. Sunday School every
Sunday morning nt 9<} o'clock.
Presbyterian Cbureb--Bov. S. L. Morris,
Pastor. First .Sabbath at ll A. M. Second
Sabbath at 8 P. M. Third Sabbath at ll A.
M. and 8 P. M. Fourth Sabbath at 8 P. AL
Sunday Solnol at 9 J A. M. every Sabbath.
Prayer meeting cvory Wednesday nt 8 P. M.
Lutheran Church - Bcv.J. F. Probst, Pastor.
Preaching evory 1st, 2d and 3d Sunday at
IO o'clock \. M. in German. Preaching in
English every Sunday nftorffoltn nt 3 o'clock,
except tho dtb Sunday, when tho service will
be in English in thc morning. Sunday School
lit. 0 o'clock A. M.
Monthly Concort of Prayer alternating in
I tho different churches.
ll is Found alt fl.asl.
is dawning upon tho life of woman. Hitherto
she has been called upon to sutler the ills of
mankind and her own besides. Thc frequent
and distressing irregularities peculiar to her
sex have been to her tho "direful soring of woes
unnumbered." In thc mansion of the rich and
in tho hovel of poverty nliko WOBMD has been
thc constant yet patient victim of a thousand
ills unknown to man-and theso without a
roiacdy. ''Oh Lord, how long!" in I bc agony of
her soul, hath she cried. Sho will suffer no
moro, for Dr. J. Uradfiold's Female Regulator
Woman's Host Friend-is for sale by all re
spectable Druggists throughout Ibo land nt $1.50
NBAU MARIRTTA, GA., March 21, 1870.
MKSSUS. WM. BOOT & SONS -About ono yenr
ngo I bought a bottle ot' BKADFIKLII'S F RM A I? R
RgOULATOn frcm you for one of my daughters
who had been suffering with suppressed menses
for some Hine. I havo had several physicians
attending! but met with no PUOCOSS until I was
persuaded to buy a blottie of tho Ucgulator, and
it is tho very tliing'foV'wliioh it is recommended.
Sho ls now In pcrfeot health. I hope all suffer
ing females will at least try ono boltlo and havo
heall li again. Very respectfully,
For salo by Da. A. F/. No ft >! AN & SON, Wal
halla, S. C., and Du. P. H. ?, SLOAN, Pendi?
lon, S. C. 10
Th'fl following persons uro odr" authorized
ngonts' for K BOW EB CouiUKtl, to whom
payment o?ilt bo mndo for subsoripti?n. They
will also take tho namo or names of those
who desire to subscribe:
Seneca .City-1-J. M. Dumas.
Fair Play-L." J/. Jar ra rd.
1 taktvay-^J.'lf Sandels.
?y?owco-W, J. Gantt.
Bachelor's liotroat-r-S. II. Johns.
, Condici?n-Dr. P.'II. E. Sloan.
Ll Jt'ickcuB'?: H.:-0. Li. Hollingsworth.
Mo KDE a WILL OUT.-A tow toara ogo
"August Flower" waa discovered to be a
cor tam euro for (lyn po j) ?ia and .liver com
plaint, a fow tbin dyapoptioa m ado known to
thoir friends bow easily mid quickly they had
boon cored by its usn. Tho groat morita of
0 KEEN'S AUOUST FLOWER bcoamo heralded
through thc oountry by onosufforor to anothoir,
until, without advertising, its salo has booome
immense. Druggists in every town in tho
United States aro soiling it. No porson
suffering with sour stomach, sick headaoho,
costiveness, palpitation of tho heart, indiges
tion, low spirits, etc., can tako thrco dosos
without relief. Go to your druggist, Dr. lt.
E. Norman, and got a bottle for 75 couts and
try it. Sample bottles 10 cents.
Arri,KS-Dried, por peal nd 405
BUTTER-Per pound 15020
BEESWAX-l'or pound - 25
HREF-For pound 2(7h7
BACON- Dry salt BhoulJors 7J
C. It. Sides 9?9J
Smoked hams ll
CALICO-Per yard 708J
Corree-Kio per pound 19024
" -Lnguyra, por pound 33035
M -Java, por pound 40
CANDLES-Adamantine, per set 10J
'* -Sperm, per pound 30
CHICKENS AND FOWLS, per head 12025
COTTON-Per pound 8 J QM 12
.? -Yarn, per bunch 9001.00
COI'I'ERAS-Por pound 08
DUCKS-Per hoad 20
Enos, per dozen 12J
FLOUR, por sack, (9S pounds,) 5.0004.50
1 FEATHERS-Oceso, per pound 50
" -Mixed por pound 30
GRAIN-Corn, now, per bushel, 1.0001.10
corn, old, por bushel, 1.00
-Uye, por bushel 110
-Oats, red, por bushel 1.00
GEESE-Per hoad 35040
HIDES-Dry, por pound 10
-G roon, per pound 405
INDICO-Spanish Float, per pound 1.50
.* -Carolina, per pound 1.25
IRON- English relined, nor pound 4
" -Sweed, per pound 708
-Band, per pound 008
" -Hoop, per pound 12013
Potwnre, por pound 8010
LARD, per pound 13015
LIME, per barrel 2.lit)
I L?MBBR, per thousand feet 10.00
LEAD, por pound 12013
MOLASSES, per gallon 4001.00
MADDER, por pound 30040
NAILS, per pound 405
ONIONS, per bushel 1.00
OIL, kerosene, per gallon 30040
POTATOES-Irish, per bushel 1.25
-Sweet, per bushel 1250150
BICE, per pound 809
SALT-Liverpool, por pack 1.4501.50
I SIIIRTINU, wholesale tl
{. retail 8
J " wholesale 5}
?j " retail 7
4-4 Sit BETI NO, wholesale 9i
" M retail ll
SHOT, per pound 12}
SPIRITS TURPENTINE, ncr gallon 1.00
SOAP, per pound 8010
SuOAKS-Crushed, per pound ?3A
- A White, per pound 13
- Brown, per pound 10:] 011
- Extra C. per pound li
STARCH, white and blue, per pound 10
SODA, per pound 10
TOBACCO, per pound 5001.00
" per pound, smoking 0001.00
TALLOW, per pound 8
Tt'RKRVs, per bond 50075
TEAS-(Inn Powder, per pound 1.2501.50
llyson, Oreen, per pound 1.00
Young llyson, Black, per lb 1,25
W mi,, washed, per pound 25
'IMUS Hooks for Hie collection of Slate and
I County Taxed for thc fiscal year, beginning
first of November, 1S70, will be opened in Hie
Treasurer's Ofiico nt Walhalla Court House on
I and after MONDA Y, Ibo second day of July
i next. Thc rate per centum of taxation is as
I follows:
For Slato Pillpos&S, 7 mills.
For County Purposes, - - - ?} mills.
In addition (ollie above nil able bodied males
between thcageaof twenty-one and filly are re
quired to pay a poll lax of ono dollar. The tax
aol provides Hint tho 'aves may bo paid in two
equal installments. Tho first to bc paid on or
before the first day of August next, ami thc
second during tho month of Ootobor. All
parlies failing to pay thc first installment, ns
provided, will be charge.I interest, on tho same
ni the rate of one per cent, per month from thc
first day of August until paid.
Beceipts for Ibo payment of thc "Ten Per
Cont. Tax" will bo received ail so much money
in tho payment of either installment, of the
abovo tax. RIOBARD S. PORCH KU,
Treasurer Oconcu County.
Walhalla, JmicJJOj 877._ Xi- lt
For Scrofula, and all
scrofulous diseases, Erysi
pelas, Bose, or St. Antho
ny's Fire, Eruptions and
Eruptivo diseases of tho
skin, Ulcerations of tho
Liver, Stomach, Kidneys.
Lungs, Pimples, Pustules,
Boils, Blotches, Tumors,
Totter, Salt Rheum, Scald
Head, Ringworm, Ulcers,
Sores, Rheumatism, Neuralgia-, Pain in
the. Bones, Side and Head, Femnlo
Weakness, Sterility, Leucorrhoca, arising
from internal ulceration, and Uterino
disease, Syphilitic and Mercurial dis
eases, Dropsy, Dyspopsia, Emaciation,
Gcnoral Debility, and tor Purifying tho
This Sarsaparilla is a combination of
vegetable alteratives-St il li ngia, Man
drake, Yellow Dock - with tho Iodides
of Potassium and Iron, and is tho most
efficacious medicino yet known for
tho diseases it is intended to euro.
Its ingredients nra BO skilfully com-,
bined, that tho full alterativo effect of
each is assured, and whilo it is so mild
ns to bo harmless even to children, it is
still so effectual as to purge out from tip
system those impurities and corruptions
which dovclop into loathsomo discaso.
Tho roputntion it enjoys is derived
from its cures, and tho confidence which,
prominent physicians al i over tho coun
try reposo in it, provo their oxperionco
of its : usefulness-.
Certificates attesting ita virtues havo
accumulated, and aro constantly being
rccoived, and ns many of these cases aro
publicly known, they fnrnish convincing
evidence of tho superiority of this Sar
saparilla over every other alterativo
medicino. So generally is its superi
ority to any other medicino known, that
we need dP.nP more than to assure tho
publio that tho bosfc'q??lities itTias over
possessed aro strictly maintained.
Dr. J. C, AVER & CO.. Lowell, Mass.,
Practical andi Analtftiont Ohetntntn.
For salo by
, r>R. fl. fi, NORMAN.
. Jutj 6/187) 33-ly
Ci L. REID & CO..
.Vv^alh.alleu S. O.
attention of our customers to tho well
ecleotcd etook of SPRING GOODS, which
haa been bought with oaro os to price,
quality and prevailing styles, and which
will not fail to suit tho most fastidious.
Thoso goods have boon bought for cash
from tho largest houses nt tho Loudon of
tho United States, aud in consequence of
tho war in Europe, which causes a general
depreciation io Cotton Goods, wo will soil
our stook .of DRY. GOODS at piioos that
will defy competition. We have a beautiful
lino of '
Summer Dress Goods,
Consisting of Dcboges, Linen Suitings,
Lawns, Piques, Organdies, Tarlctons, Swiss
and Jaconet Muslins, ludia Long Cloths,
&o., ?io.
Wo oro also constantly receiving o beau
tiful lot of Whito Goods, Notions and
Fancy Goods, consisting in part of Ham
burg and Pique Edgings, Blonde Laces,
Knelling, Bullies, Lidies' und Coots' Silk
Scarfs, Ribbons of ull shades, sud many
other new and beautiful Fanyy Good?, too
numerous to mention.
Wo especially invito the Ladies to call
and examine thc abovo mentioned goods, as
it is a pleasure and no troublo to show
Wo have also received twenty pieces of
new and fashionable Prints, Long Cloths,
Linen Drills, Cottonadcs, &c.
Hats. I
A large stock of Ladies' Straw, Gents'
and Boys' Wool, Cussimcrc, Felt und
Straw Huts of tho latest styles ou hand.
Wc make n specialty of thc Winchester
City hand made Dutton and Laco Gaiters
for Ladies; also an assortment of Gents'
and Ladies' coarse and fino Shoes; Chil
dren's Shoes and Gaiters aud lufutits' Shoes
on hand.
Always a choice Hue of Family Groceries
in store.
In order to make room for our Spring
Stock we will sell Cents' Winter Clothing,
Ladies* Cloaks and Shawls, Boulevard
Skirts and HLukcts at coFt for cash.
Persons will do well to examine our sloe!;
before purchasing elsewhere.
Bepcotfully, C. L REID Sc CO.
May 24,1877. 27
Fair Trial.
.4 LL persons having Clocks, Waldies,
j\, .Jewelry, Sowing Machines, ito., need
ing repairs ure most respectfully solicited lo
givo mo a fuir trial. 1 pledge myself that
where thc work is not mechanically defective,
or been ruined by experiments, to givo as lull
satisfaction both us to WOUK.U .VtMtll' and
PRICE, ns can be found in any part of thc
country. Provisions of" all kinds will be
taken at market pi ices for work whero it ls
inconvenient to pay cash. But payment ill
seme kind will be required on delivery of
work. I also ofTjr nt tho lowest cash price, II
small lot of tho celebrated Schnffhajason
Spectacles and Eyeglasses. Also doggies, Bye
Protectors, ile, ito. Place of business over
tho store of Vernor & Stabling Walhalla,
S. 0. V. M. MORGAN.
Juno G 1877 29 oow?in
Harper's Jflills !
4 BK now in ?rst-rato repair by Col.
x\- Mason, mid arc in charge of
Who is ono of tho most skilled and practical
millers in this country, and would bespeak a
liberal patronage fi om the public, and would
bo glad nt this time to have his (armor ousto*
mers and any so disposed, to bring theil* wheal
and give him a fair trial and bo guarantees
satisfaction la everybody, both in quality and
in quantity of Hour.
June H. 1S77 30 2m
FfliOlJIS, fl'MM) Ii! TLOUK9.
AUB NOW. IN tll01t0UQ.il lir?PAin, AND
wo are prepared to wail on CUglol-.cra. The
Mills are in charge of
and they will he glad to see any and all of our
former oustotncis. The mills make tho very
host of Flour, and large turn-outs from thc
grain. Persons having wheat to grind will do
well to give tun trial. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Thc mills are about five miles from Seneca
Oily and about ti I teen miles from Walhalla, on
Conncross ''reek.
May 81, 1877 28 timos
JOHN D. BU II*)*. G KO. w*. HAYS.
Bavo on hand r. large Stock of
\y H ICH. .wc sell under a guarantee-pri?es
IT ranging /rom $18 up. Wo keep ft large
slook-of Plain. Pressed, Uctincd and dipper
Ware, which wo sell cheap for onsli.
Wo are prepared to do all kinds of work dono
in tho stove and Tin line.
Ko,Hil.g and Gunering mode fl specially. *
An examination of etook and orders solicited.
Thankful for past favors, we are, respectfully,
j Oct 8, 1870 ' 47 ly
Still Here
ALTHOUGH we Lavo boen soiling moro Coffee,
fivo pounds for a dollar* than has boon sold
by any two stores In Walhalla sltlco tho war,
wo still have on hand and aro daily receiving
largo supplies of Coffco of various grades and
prices. . .
Wo niukea specialty of Roasl?d Coffco, which
wo guarantee to bo gohuiuo and a first rate
article, which wo sell thrco pound? for a dollar,
and if it docs not givo entlro satisfaction we
will refund thc money for all that is brpdght
Wo have on hand 1,000 pounds good Coffee,
fivo pounds for ono dollnr.
Wo introduce something wanted by overy ono
nt the present time, viz:
Glass Fruit Presorting Jars,
Quart and half gallon sizes. Cohanccy pa
tent, the best in tho market. Wc have also
Patont Fly Traps,
Which will rid your houses of . these irbubleBomo
pests aad give you nu untroubled morning hap.
Crackers. and ?koeso.
Fresh arrival and of extra - quality.
We arc still selling at COST many anieles very
desirable for tho season, and adding to our
slock daily all kinds of .Family Groceries, Dry
Ootuls, Ilardwaro and all goods kept in a first
class store. "*
Gunpowder and Hyson Toas,
Pure ?nd genuine, from 75 cents lo $1 per
pound. Cull and seo them.
Juno 21, 1877_'?4
TliltESllEKS &
OOX*TJ33WX33I-?^., 0. O.
Nov 30, 1870 3 ly
TllB THIRD SliSSlON of my school wilt
open JULY lorn, 1877. ..!
Kales of tuition and terms of admittance will
bc made kuown thc first day of school. :
Walhalla, S. C., May #1, ?817 28->?in ?
Private Boarding.
D. Bl E M A N Nv Proprietor.'
HTIHE above well-known House bas recent
JL ly been repaired and repainted, and is
now open for tho reception of visitors, whi><
will always find n hearty welcome awaiting
Thc table will be supplied with tho best
that can bc lind,in thc market.
Good and attentive Servants always on
hand ready aud waiting to pny every atten
tion to guests.
In cor.neo.lion with thc House is n FIRST
Pl.VSS UAR ROOM, in which-can be foiVnd
st nil timep, the best brands of
if'C., <f*c.
Also, near the Honso, will be found both
KINK and TEN-PIN ALLEYS for thc ac
commodation of those who wish it.
gggr No pains will bc spared to render
guests comfortable.
Mareil 24, 1875 19
Horse and Cattle Powders:
Tliti preparation, lo mt and favorably
known, ?III thoroughly r?--invibrato
broken down and low-spirited hourn,
by strengthening and cleansing tho
-* stomach and intestine*.
<&MK*liW- It ls a sure preventive of all di.?CA ?cu
VZBfgiagB Incident to this animal, euch aa LUNU
WATER, ll RAVES, C0UO1IS, HIS- ZA!^ (tjda
ENEROV, &c. Its uso improves
Hie wind, increases tho nppctito
gives asmooth and glossy skin-and
transforms tho miserable skeleton ii
Into a ?uclooking and spirited horse
. To keepers of Cows this prepara
tion ls invaluable. Il is " t>irt< pic.
vcntlve against Rinderpest, Hollow
Hom, etc. It lias been proven by
actual experiment to increase tito
tjuantity of milk and cream twenty
percent, and make tho butter firm
" T" and sweet, in fattening cattle, it.
Rives them an appctito, loosens their htdo, and makes
them thrive much faster. . ^^^l^tthl^_ "
In all diseases of Swine, such as Coughs, Ulcers tu
thc Lungs, Liver, &o., this article acts
as a specific. Hy putting from ono
half a paper to a paper In a barrel of
swill the aborediseases will bo eradi
cated or entirely prevented. If given
in time, a certain preventive and
?ure for the Uog Cholera.
DAVID Bs FOtJTZ, Proprietor; /
?old by Druggists and R tore lc e e pe vs through
?\\l tho Untied HtatoH, Canalla ?ml li, Ai nciku
May 8,1877 24 yl
"VTOTICK is hereby gjvon. that tho pnrtnor? '
ll nhip horetofor.o cxioting between lift
undersigned in tho business of Tanning nnd
Manufacturing Knots and Shoos, under tim
linn inuno of "Tho Oooneo Tannery," ha's
been this day dissolved by mutual coiisrjiV. 1
All debts doe to tho firm will bo pain to
.Messrs. G. Wanner nnd Gabriel V/ilx?u??r,
who will contiaHC tho business, and all debts
duo by thc firm will bo "loHl?d by timm.
April ?Olh, 1877.
rpUF. undersigned having bought ont thc'
X interest nf Mr. Charles Wcitoaiior iS"
'ThoOconoo Tunnory." givo nolico tlift< thef
will continuo (bo bnsinosa of tho old firm-'ei
ibo (limo plnco and under tho snme1 ?rm
namo. lAH porsons indebted to tho cid firm
aro rcquopt'to come furwrtrri nnd settle, so that
wo may payoff our luibilijics. 'TliKViklng tho
pubho for. past patronngo';.!wo 'feRpoctfully
invito a oontinuanoo o? th? 'tame, feeling
confident that our mantifaOtuVos will compare
will? those of any slrnvtar? cnlorpriso in tho
South. Respectfully.
ApvJV&iSty SI .

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