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"Got outl"
"Bangs, that ia my dog!"
"Yc3,1 know it ia. Got out, you brutoi"
And bo shied at him an iron paper
My faoeJuBhcd.
"Bangs," Baid ?, "excuse mo, but I'vo on
affootion for thut dog."
"Exouse mo, Pills, but I'vo an antipathy
against all dogs. Oct out, vonninl"
And ho gavo my blaok and tan n vioious
fciok that soot him howling into tho corridor.
Bangs shut tho door ood looked it, and put
tho key in his pocket.
"I wish, Pills, tho next timo you como
to my offico, you would leavo tho bruto
behind. I'vo a most unconquerable antipa
thy against all oaniues, and-"
Bangs might havo said moro, but tho
look on my face must huvo couvinocd him
that I was seriously angry.
"Suppose wo let this pass," he said. "I
was wroug, PH admit. I ought not to have
picked your pup; but you don't know how
I bato 'em, big and little Sit down, Pills,
nnd let mo tell you something that hereto
fore has been a secret with mc-a scorct
hiddou from tho gazo of tho cold, unsympa
thizing world. I feel now that it is neces
sary for me to moko au explanation, iu tho
kopo that it moy prevent n misunderstanding
between two such firm friends as wo havo
been in tho post, and, I hope, will be in tho
-~ 1 sot down in tho chair Bings pointed
to, and said:
"Go oui"
"I do not know," continued Bangs, "that
I over had any particulur dislike to dogs
previous to tho circumstances which I nm
about to lclato. Do you remember thc
spring I took a trip into tho country?"
"Very well," I replied.
"That was 8orao six years ago. I lind
confined myself very closely to business ever
?since my admittance to tho bur, ?nd I
thought n month in thc country would fresh
on mo up considerably."
"It did not 6CCU) to, if I remember
rightly," I said.
"You'll not woudcr at it, when I tell you
all the fucts. I went down to a little
seaside resort called San Marino. Ever
been lhere? No? Well, it's a quocr sort
of place. There is a very Ono stream of
water courses down from thc mountains and
empties into tho sea half a mile from town
-although there is no town there, only a
little hotel nnd a blacksmith shop.
'Tho stream empties into thc sea in
winter, during tho heavy rains; but
in tho summer time tho turf banks up
tho mouth with sand, ami forms quito a luke
or lagoon. Laguna la Puritas is thc .Spanish
name. Thc proprietor of thc hotel had n
fow little sail boats fitted up, and they were
in constant usc by his guests. Gamo is
plenty in tho hills about there-doer ord
quail; tho oreck b full ol' speckled trout,
nod tho hotel is just fur enough from (ho sea
to render the clitnato delightful. Thc San
Marino House was filled to its utmost
oapacity that season. It was a curious kind
of a crowd gathered there. City sportsmen,
with dogs, guns, fishing (aciclo, etc.; ond
superannuated old women, for (ho benefit ol
tho sea breeze; young boys fourteen or
fifteen years old, making their first trip from
home alono; two or tinco grass widows; a
Homcwhat fast clergyman-rode from thc
city on his velocipede---and three or four
young ladies aud a dozen frisky school girls.
On tho whole, it was as jolly a crew us eyer
gathered together. With horseback-riding,
boating, fishing and hunting, thc time
passed rapidly enough. I said there were
th roo or four young ladies, but, so far as I
waa concerned, there was only ono-Miss
Tootie Tusby. Excuse mc, Pills, but I
cannot speak that name even now without
emotion," and Binga drow forth his hand
kerchief uud wiped his eyes vigorously.
"I cannot describe all ber charms; hut,
Pills, if ibero ever was nn engel ni this
world, Rho was ono. I devoted myself to
lier foin tho very first. When Miss Tootie
rode, I rode; if she walked, I walked; when
she went fishing, Bangs went fishing; il she
sailed on tho lake, Bangs was there also.
Pills, I loved the girl! And when I think
of what separated us, you'll excuse mc,
Thcro tho handkerchief again carno into
requisition, and Bangs' voioo left him com
"J)id you propose?" I asked.
"No! Pills-no! Ah! if I only had-if
I only had!"
"What prevented?"
"Well, nothing but my own folly. I
was fainthearted when it oom o to that. I
had it in my mouth a dozen times, hut my
tonguo failed mo. Thcro was another
fellow thcro, too, that made mo jealous.
Sho didn't show him any particular favors,
but that ho wns n great admirer of her any
ono oould eec; and molly I wasn't certain
in my mind which sho preferred. She
might in time, perhaps, havo shown some
profcronoo, and my doubts" been dispelled,
had it not been for tho affair that happened
which I am about to relate, and which
blighted nil my future life."
?.Bad as that?" I said.
"Pills, you novcr wcro in love-you
never lost tho one heaven assigned for you
you know nothing at all about it."
"That is so. Go on."
"Thcro was a party at tho San Marino
IIouso ono evening-a soiroo dansante, or
something liko that, they called it. They
scot up to tho city for music, ond went in
for a gay timo. I was counted out, some
what-you know I don't dance Tho other
follow did. Moto than (hat, ho duneed
with Tootie nearly nil tho time Pills,
?ou don't know anything nt all about it.
ou novcr had tho girl jon lovo dancing
with your rival all tho evening right
boforo your eyes, while you sut in a
corner liko a knot on a log; soo him in tho
quadrilles, when nil tho rest of tho couples
simply toko caoh other's hands and prome
nade-soo that follow just put his arm around
that girl, and then go waltzing or polkaing
all about tho room, every timo right in front
of you and that oussod follow treading on
your corns ovcry ohanoo ho oan got-you
don't know anything about it."
I admitted my ignorance.
"Well, I couldn't stand it, it was too
much. I rushed out and started off
toward tho sea. I don't know os I hod any
intention of suioido, but I was in a deane
rato mood. Tho path to tho hench lcd
ri long hy tbs side of a lagoon, and by tho
V'&v X hud gone? hundred yards I ohanged
'?; BHnlH
|.^.tA.^?.r^iMyn1.i^??ii^?g.'1i*Wlii i.W???w^i^?????
my mind, and thought I would tako a swim
io tho lake. That ts about all tho accom
plishment I possessed, sud ono oao't show
that ott before tho ladles, you know-not iu
tho woy you; can danoing. I disrobed un def
tho branohos of a hugo oidor, or sycamore,
or nomo su eh trco, and struck out for tho
other eido of tho .lokOv^/Tho moon was
shining brightly, dhd tho water was warm
and delightful. Having crossed to tho
opposite side, I swam along in tho dark
shadow of the alders until I oamo to tho sea
beach. Thau I noticed that tho moon was
Rotting low. I must return soon, boforo 1
was missed at thc party. After a short rest
I plunged in again, and struck out for tho
place where I left my clothes. I could
(ind it easily by tho .largo trco growing
there In fifteen minutes I was there; und,
Pills, I tell you, tho situation of things
about that time was precarious."
"How's that?"
"I couldu't find my clothes'. Geno, sir
every article, excopt my plug hat! I rushed
around among the brush and nettles and
poison oak liko a setter ofter a quail.
Jerusalcml Whewt I tell you I got a doso
that lasted mc for n month Not a rag of
clothing could I (iud. At length I hup
pened to look up tho path toward tho hotel.
What do jou suppose I saw? A cursed
greyhound that belonged to my rival with
my white vest, tossing it upon his uoso and
Jragrring it ubout among tho dust and tar
weed as though it had been an old dishcloth.
Thc situation il .shed upon mc in an instant.
Tho dog hud stolen my clothes in sport, and
thcro I wus-out there in thc night air
with cio possible show of getting into thc
liOUSO without discovery. Pleasant wasn't
'.You don't kuow anything at all about
it, sir] That was nothing to what followed.
Justus I was wondering how in thc dickens
I was to get out of the scrape, I looked up
oward thc hotel again und saw something
hat fail ly made my blood frccxo io my
/eins. I saw three persons coming down
die path, mid I at onco recognized them ns
ny rival, Wilkins, Miss Tootie, and another
^oung lady. They met thc dog wheo about
lalf way bet wet II tho luke and the hotel.
They all carno hurriedly down tho path
oward tho very spot where I stood. Pills,
hat was n situation I hopo never to bo
ilaccd in nguiu."
"Undoubtedly? Did you tako to thc
"I dared not do it; but it would have
mon better if I hud. You sec, I had bc*n
n thc water too long already. I was in an
iwful shiver-gooso flesh all over mo.
There was no time to delib?ralo long. My
irat thought was to spring np the tree, and
[ did so. They carno rushing down to thc
rater's edge, under thu tree just beneath
nc. I could hour their voices quite plainly.
They wore discussing tho probability of my
jet np; drowned. I was roosted up there on
i limb, shivering like sin, nothing on bot
ny plug hat, you know.
'Dy-and-by they begin to talk about,
loinp back to ihc hotel and giving thc alarm
L could hear one of tho young ladies weep
inj?; but hung mc if I could tell which one
I was anxious to know, of course, for if it
was Miss Tootie, tho fact would bo signi?
cant, at least* In my anxiety to discover
whioh one was crying, I crept noiselessly
out a few steps further on tho limb. I
didn't stop to consider that thc sycamore is
a very brittle tree. Stretching my neck to
tho utmost, 1 peered down through thc
leaves, and-crash!"
"Thc limb broke?"
."Yes, sir; and ? found myself stretched
nt full length on thc sand, right in thc
midst of thom! Oh, Jupiter! Pills, you
Jon't know anything nt all about it. 1 prayed
ror an earthquake to open tho carib and
twallow mc up; but it didn't."
"Well, the denouement?"
"Tho girls looked ut mo a moment in ns
onUhmcut, and there was a tremendous
luttoring of white dresses as they ran back
oward tho hotel. Wilkins burst into a roar
f laughter, and kept it up until I .sprang
ip and collared him, and told him if he
nlued his fifo to go to (ho hotel and bring;
ic my vnli.se, which contained an extra suit
f clothing. 1 made him promise to keep
mm, too, until I was clear of Ibo place.
Io was glad to do it for if I left he would
ave the wholo field to himself. He brought
lie valise ns ho promised, and 1 walked
i^ht miles that night to tho naxt hotel,
'ho following day I took thc stage for the
ity. Miss Tootio Tusby married Wilkins,
nd I havo novcr seen her since that fatal
"And, therefore, you bato dogs?"
"And who wouldn't? If it hadn't been
jr that dog, I never should have met with
li?t occident. 1 might havo woo Miss
'tisby. I might now havo been tho father
f alargo family, instr rid of a misanthropic
aohclor. I might-"
Hero Dungs was interrupted by sonic ono
lipping at his oflico door. Ho unlooked it,
shored in a disconsolate looking fellow,
'ho, on seeing him, intimate I o wish to
ensuit him privately. Dangs'private oflico
i separated from hi? reception room by
liding doors. Dangs invited his visitor in
licrc, and closed tho doors, as he thought,
lut it happened that thc track on whioh
licy run was out of order, and tho doors
lid open about three indies. Unavoidably
stoned to tho whole conversation'.
"You oro Lawyer Dungs, aro you nol?"
aid tho stranger.
"Yes, sir. Can I do anything for j ou?"
?I think so. I am unhappy in my mar
iano relations."
?'Ahl that's bad. Thinkiug of a di
"Yes, sir."
"Ali! perhaps it is best, whoro two oannot
ivo togothcr happily. Personally, 1 havo
Iways thought tho mnrringo state tho only
oppy ono for n man in tho world."
"You aro not married?"
"Oh! no, sir-no, sir; might havo bcon,
ossibly, had it not been for an unfortunate
ooidont 1 onoc->"
"You ought to think yoursolf lucky, sir,"
itorruptod tho strangor.
"Perhaps so. Dut let UB prooocd to this
U8incsn of yours. On what ground? do
ou intend to proceed?"
"Incompatibility of temper, first."
"Can't ogreo, eh?"
"No, sir; oould os soon ngroo with tho
"Any thing elso?"
"Yo?, sir, dcooption. She claimed to bo
maldon lady "
"Wasn't shel"
"8ho had been mnrrlcd throe times, and'
ar. the niuihor of throo ohildren."
'.That was bad-''
? 1 T - ^-.rg - .--i ,
"Hoi- reputation, 1 know DOW, ?a not good.
8ho was nothing but on adventuress." *
"Lot us got this thing in shape. I will
take down your statements."
Aud immediately I could hoar Dangs
scratching away with his pon.
"Your nomo?"
"Joh u Bndgor."
I "Wife's name?"
"Sarah Badger."
"Nome when you morriod her?"
"Sarah Tinkhaui. Tiukhain committed
suicide six months after their marriage."
"N'unie before sho morriod Tinkhom?"
"Plunkett. Plunkett ron away and left
hor, and sho pot a divoroo from him."
'.'Ah, hoi She's ono of 'om, ain't she?
What was her name before she married
"Wilkins. Ile lived with her about a
yoar, when ho got a divoroo."
"Wilkins!-nanto sounds familiar. Do
you know her na mo before sho married
"Yes, sir. It was Tusby-Susan Tusby
-or Tootie Tusby, os she was called.
I heard a dull thud on tho iloor, a cry of
dismay from tho stranger, and, throwing
open thu door, I rushed in.
Bangs had fainted.
Poon ASA MEDICINE.-Br. Flail relates
the ciiso of a man who was cured of his
biliousness by going without his supper and
drinking freely of lemonade. Every morn
ing, says thc Ductor, this patient arose with
o wonderful sonsoof rostand refreshment, and
feeling ss though tho blood hud boen liter
ally washed, cleansed and cooled by tho
lemonade and fast. His theory is that food
eau bc used as a remedy for many, diseases
successfully. As un example, ho cures
spitting of blood by the use of salt; epilepsy
by watermelon: kidney affection by Celery;
poison, by olivo or sweet 'oil; erysipelas by
pounded oronberries upplied to tho parts
affected; hydrophobia by onions, ?Sro. So
tho woy to keep in good health is really to
know what to cat-mot to know what modi
cine to take.
Yesterday morning about 4 o'clock, P.
M., ri man with his heel in thc too of his
stojking committed arsenic by swullowinga
dose of suicide; tho inquest of tho verdict
returned a jury that thc deceased carno to
the facts in accorda nco with his death Ho
leaves a child and six small wives to rejoice
over thc end of his untimely loss. In death
wc ure in the midst of life.
A man hud committed murder, wus
tried, found guilty and condemned to be
hung A few days before his execution he
drew upon thc walls of his prison a gallows
with five steps leading up to if.
On tho li rat step ho wrote, ''Disobedience
to parents."
On the second step, "Sabbath brooking,''
On tho third step, "Gambling und
On the fourth step, ho wrote, "Murder."
The fifth step was the platform ou which
the gallows stood.
This poor fellow doubtless wrote the his
tory of many a wasted and ruined life.
Blipkins says.' "I nint much cn prob
lems iu Kueiid, and don't care about evo?u- 1
lion, but when a man sits down on a bumble
bee at a pic nie, I c m tell him how long it
will take him to got up just as well as any
Professor at Newberry College."
"Go away; you're too heavy to hold on
ny knee," said a ero.*9 young man to his
iWCtitl) cart's little brother. "Mc too heavy!"
ixolaitncd the child; "why, 1 ain't so heavy
is Kim, and you hold her on your knee
.asy enough.!" Eliza also told bim to go
way. J
- - -? . -. -
A German lost his wife, and thc next week \
Hurried nguiu, and his new wife asked him
o tuke her out liding. Ile felt indignant
hat she should huvo no moro respect than
hat for his deceased wife, mid said." "You
link I ride oud mit another woman so soon
fier the dca'!i of minn frau." ?
An Oshkosh woman gave birth to triplets,
nd tho next morning her husband took a
ackago to tho drug storo and Huid: "Give J
ic some old fashioned windov/^panc--no? V
ny moro blue glass in my family."
Tho keeper of a grocery happened ono (
ny to break ono of his tumblers. Ho stood
or a moment reflecting on his loss, and n
hen turning to his assistant, ho cried out, V
Tom, put u quart of water in that old cog
"Oh, heavens, snvc my wife!" shouted n ?
lian whoso wife had fallen overboard in the
Tudson river. They succeeded io rescuing
er. And her husband embraced her, '
uying, "My dear, if you'd bc drowned what
liould I havo done? I ain't going to let
ou carry tho pocketbook ogain."
FOUNDER'-Clean out tho affected foot
r foot, fill full of spirits of turpentine,
ouch fire mid burn them out. Thc horse .
rill bo well in a few moments.
NAIL IN KOOT.-As soon of tho nail is
xtructcd, npply bruised peach leaves to tho
round. Confino with n bandage mid tba
ure ians if by magic, ltenow tho appli
ation twioo a duy if necessary. Ono is
;cncrully sufficient.
Thc hog oholora is prevailing very exten?
ivcly. Tho onlyromody whioh has proved
ucccssfu), thus far, is lard ond wagon tar,
n equal portion of cadi; two largo table
poonfuls is a dose for a grown hog, whioh
corns to net as a prevontativo or ourntivo. <
Tho cheerful aro tho busy. When ?rou- 1
do knocks nt your door or rings tho boll ho
rill generally retiro if you send him word !j
ou aro engaged.
A turtle weighing 400 lbs., and oontain- ?
ng a bushol of eggs, was out up and sold io
he Columbia mai kot, on last Friday*.
Imt Froo Common Schools of Oooneo County '
aro horoby dosed from tho dato hereof until
iirtbor nptlco. Touchers will niako out and s
oi>wa?d their monthly reports nt oiico, Using ?
ap pr?pur, as 1' havo boon nniiblo to obtain 1
lunka. It IO of primo iinporlnnoe that teachers i
orward all tholr month!v r??V<%r?s without delay. I
l"4 M, li, PENDY,
County Sobool Commissioner-. ?
June 28tli, 1877. 83 _ 3 J.
A Noted Divine says
They are worth their
weight in gold,
DR. TUTTI-Dear Slr: Forton ycart I havo been
A martyr to Dyspepsia, Constipation, und Piles. Last
spring your pills were recommended to ino ; I used
tficiii (but with Httlo faith). I nm now a well man,
have good appetlto, digestion uerlcct, rcgulnr stools,
niles gone, and I have gained forty pounds solid flesh.
They are worth their weight in gold.
REV. R. L. SIMPSON, Louisville, Ky.
.viIT--rm mi I ts Dr' T(,u '*as been cn
1 UTT'S PILLS Ba8cd in the practice of
I W S I ? I IkbO meV Inc thirty years, and
cuni: BICK KB AD- for a longtime was demon.
AOHB. strntor of anatomy In tho
_,, _ ? Medical College of Gcor
(TUBB DYSPEPSIA, tee that they are prewired
i i . on .scientific principles,
TUTT'S PILLS ?yi'6^'0;";;1
_""""".".He has succeeded In
CTJBB CONSTIPATION combining in them tho
_,, , ? heretofore antagonistic
TIITT'Q PH I S qualities of a ttr*ngtht*.
? VI I O rikk? tng,purgativt,ando puf
CUBS ri LEB. ijytng ionic.
........ Their first npparent.ef
?fl ITT) O Dil I O feet is to Increase tho np
IUI lo I ll, petite by causing the food
....ri. to properly assimilate.
COBB PEVBB AND Tl?us iho ?ystem is nour
lA"^M^ Ishcd, and by their tonic
"w??~t--\-i t\ mi i e\ action on tho digestive or
TUTTIS PILLS gatts, regular and healthy
w ? w evacuations arc produced.
U U lill Ul LIOUU CO LI O Thc i a pi.l i ty with which
_U-*-' persons take on fifth,
Til l1 I IO DH I O while under the influence
IUI I O I ILkO of these pills, ot itself in
rm-nu vinvrv ,-<OM dientes their adaptability
PLAINT: to nourish the body, ami
hence thcircfficacy incur
TIITTIO DH I O lng nervous debility, mel
? Ul lo IlLLo nncholy, dyspepsia, wast
lin; of the muscles, slug
CURB TQBPID IilVBB BisKncss of thc liver,
"T"Tchronio constipation, nnd
imparting health and strength to the system. Sold
everywhere. O lit cu, 35 Murray Street, New York.
Gray Hair can bo changed to a
glossy black by a singlo application of
ir.TuTT's Hair Dye. lt nets like ni ac ic,
and is warranted ns harmless as water.
Price (1.00. Office 35 Murray St., N.Y.
Read tlie Answer
It ls n plant that grows In thc South, and ls spe
cially adapted to thu cure of dise ases of that climate.
Cntcring nt once into the blood, expelling nil scrof
ulous, syphilitic, nnd rheumatic nflcctions. Alone,
it it a searching alterativo, but when combined with
Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock, nnd other herbs, it forms
Dr. Tutt's Sarsaparilla
and Queen's Delight. !
The most powerful blood purifier known to medical
science for thc cure of old ulcers, diseased joints, foul
disch arges i rom thc cars nnd nostrils, abscesses, skin
diseases, dropsy, kidney complaint, evil effects of
secret practices, disordered liver and spleen. Its uso
strengthens thc nervous system, imparts a fair com
plexion, and builds up thc body wita ,
As an antidote to syphilitic poison it is strongly
recommended. Hundreds of cases of thc worst type
have been radically cured by it. Being purely veg
etable its continued usc will do no harm. Thc best
lime lo take it is during the summer nnd fall ; and
instead of flebllity. headache, fever and ague, you
will enjoy robust health. Sold by all druggists.
?Price, |i.oo. Office, 35 Murray Street, New York.
Jan '?o, 1.S77 10 ly
Professional Gards.
S>>1 ic ,fo rs in Eij u iii/,
Viii nra ct ?co 111 thc State Courts on tlic
Eighth Judicial Circuit und in thc United
?tate? Court
Office on Piddle Sonare, Walhalla, S O
Jail 0, 1S70 a tf
and Solicitor in Equity,
Viii practice in tho Courts of Law and
Equity, In tho Eighth Judicial Circuit.
Oflico in the Court House, Walhalla, S C
Nov 1, 1870 3 ]y
Ahbovillo, S 0 Walhalla, S C
l T T O R N E Y S A T L A W,
Viii give prompt attention to nil business
con lid cd to them in tho State, County, and
United States Courts.
')fticc on Court House Square, Walhalla, S C
Tho junior partner, Mit. THOMPSON, will
Ino practico in tho Courts of 1'ickens, Oreen
?lin and Anderson.
Jauuary, 1870 tf
VU business for Picken? County left with
October 'Id, 1808 4 tf
D I Tri E O T O IR, Y.
Goonoo County.
Senator-<T. W. Livingston.
Representatives- J S Vorner, B F Sloan.
Clerk of the Court-Jesse W Stribling.
Judye of Probate-Richard Lewis.
Coroner-It E Norman.
Auditor--C. E. Watson,
Treasurer-ll. S. Porcher.
School Commissioner-M ll Dendy.
Jury Commissioner-A. ll renn ecko.
County Commissioners-Thomas Bibb, ll
i llutlcd^o, S M Crawford.
Trial Justices-ll A H Gibson, S II Johns,
li Vrank Sloan. W A King.
Intendant Walhalla-J W Stribling. Wnr
lons: O h Hoid 0 Wondclkon, A Bronooko
? V Wallor, 1) Uieniann S K Dandy.
Intendant West Union-J P Mioklor. Ward
ms: I IC Iluntor, B S James, Jacob Sohrodor,
lamed Wright.
Postmaster Walhalla-J II W Johnston.
mun sciiooi..
I?IIB second soHslon of this school boging JULY
2t>, 1877. Instruction thorough, disciplino
triot and torms unusually low. Board can bo
tad in pr?valo houses on roasonablo torms.
Oho locality is healthy, and tho placo is booom
ng oolcbrntod for its valuable minorai ?pringo,
'or particulars address C. W. Mouin;, Prinoipal.
0, W. MOORE,
Juno 7t 1877
Atlanta and Charlotte Air-Line Railway,
Whioh wont into cf/cot May 18th, 1877:
Passenger Train East.
Leaves Atlanta at 4 00 p ra
Noroross at 4 67 pm
Buford at 5 42 p.ui
Gainesville ot 0 87 p in
Helton at 7 87 p tn
Mt. Airy ot 8 10pm
Toe eua at 8 65 p ra
Westminister at 9 65 p m
Seoooa City nt 10 20 p ra
Control tic 10 05 p ra
Kasley at ll 45 p ra
Greenville nt 12 24 0 ra
Spartauburg at 2 IC a m
Gaffneys ot 3 15 a ra
King's Mountain ot 4 20 a ra
Gustonia at 5 02 a ra
Cborlotto ut 0 00 a ra
Arrive at N. C. Junction at G 15 a ra
f reight Train East.
Loaves Atlanta at * 7 20 a ra
Noroross at 9 00 a ra
Buford at , 10 50 a m
Gainesville at 12 15 p ra
Helton at 1 20 p ra
Mt Airy at 2 80 p ra
'J?oocoa at 3 45 p m
Westminister at 5 15 pm
Seoooa City at G 05 p m
Central ot 5 55 a ru
Enslcy ot 7 05 a m
Greenville at 8 50 a ra
Spartonburg nt ll 32 a ra
Gaffneys at 1 30 p m
King's Mountain at 3 20 p ra
Gustonia at 4 30 p ra
Anivo ut Charlotte at G 10 p m
Passenger Train West.
Lc?fve8 N. G. Juoction at 9 00 p ra
Charlotte at 9 10 p ra
Gaston ia at 10 12 p ra
King's Mountain at 10 55 p in
Gaffneys lit 12 10 ti m
Spnrtonburg at 12 57 n ra
Greenville ut 2 39 a in
Kasley at 3 14 a ni
Central at 3 58 & ra
Seneca City ot 4 30 o m
Westminster ut 5 08 n m
Toccou at G 00 a m
Mt. Airy at G 40 a ni
Helton nt 7 16 a in
Gainesville at 8 20 a ni
Hufoid ut 9 13 a ra
Noroross ut 10 02 o m
Arrive at Athintu nt ll O? u tn
Freight Train West.
Leaves Chartotto ut 7 IO a ni
Gustonia tit 8 50 a m
King's Mnuutniu at 10 O?) a m
Gaffneys at ll 50 ti m
Spartauburg at 1 40 p m
Greenville at 4 21 p tn
Kasley ot 5 20 p m
Central at 5 DO a m
Seneca City afc G 05 a in
Westminster nt 0 -15 a in
Toccoa at 8 80 a tn
Mt. Airy at 9 45 a ni
Holton nt 10 50 a ra
Gainesville at 12 15 p ni
Buford ut 1 45 p ni
Noroross nt 3 25 p ra
Arrive ot Atlanta ot 5 20 p ui
General Manager.
Groonvillo and Columbia Railroad
j?a ??i
Passenger Trains ruo daily, Sundays ex
cepted, connecting with Night Trains or
South Carolina Ka i I road up and down. On
md after Wednesday, Mardi 14, 1877, tbc
following will bc tho schedule:
Leave Columbia at 8 45 n ni
Alston at 10 30 a in
Newberry nfc ll 50 a in
Hodges ut 8 17 p ni
Helton nt 5 00 p m
Arrive at Grccnv?llo 6 35 p ui
Lcuvo Greenville at 7 45 a m
Helton ok 9 85 o tn
Hodges ot ' ll 13 a ni
Alston ot 4 10 p ni
Arrive ot Columbia 5 50 p ni
Anderson Branch and Blue Bid g o R- R.
Leave Walhalla at G 00 a ra
l'crryv?lo ot 6 45 a ra
Pendleton at 7 35 q ra
Anderson ut 8 85 a m
Arrive ot Belton 9 25 o m
Leave Belton nt 5 00 p ra
Anderson nfc G 00 p ra
Pendleton ot 7 00 f ra
Perryvillo at 7 85 p ni
Arrive afc Walhalla ot 8 15 p m
General Superintendent.
JAMI:/. NORTON, JU., Gen'l Ticket Agent
South Carolina Rairoad*
CoLUMniA, Mnreh 13, 1877.
On and after this dato Passenger Trains
will run ns follows:
Leave Columbia at 8 40 a ra
Arrive nt Charleston afc 4 20 pm
Lenvo Charleston ot 0 00 a in
Arrivent Columbia afc 6 00 p ui
Lenvo Columbia at 7 00 p in
Arriyo nt Charleston ot G 50 n ra
Lenvo Cborleston ot j> 9 15 p ni
Arrive ot Columbia nt 8 15 a m
Camdon Train will run through to Co
lumbia on Mondnys, Wednesdays and
Lcavo Columbia at 1 45 p ra
Arrivo nt Columbia nt ll 50 a in
Up Columbia Night Train corniccts olosoly
with tho Groonvillo and Columbia Railroad.
S.S. SOLOMONS, Suporiutondont.
S. B. P10KEN8, Gon'l Tiokot Agout.
Atlanta Paper Mills,
^-tla/n.teu, Ora,.
All Sizes and Weights.
O?ce, 48 Broad Street, Atlanta ; Ga.
Address JAS. ORMOND, Proprietor.
Rofor to this issue os n Specimen of his
Founders ami Machinist?
(pnoNix IRON WORKS,)
COLUMBIA, S. C., ,(b
Of nil sizes; Horse Po ./ers, Circular and
Muley Saw Mills, Flour Mills, Grist and (lugar
Odiic Milln, Ornamental House and Store Fronts,
Railings for Gravo Yarda, Agricultural Implo
mente, otc. Brass and Iron Castings of nil
kinds made to order on ?hort not iee, and ou tho
most reasonable terms. Also, manufacturers of
Colton Prespp?.
April 23, 1873 25
IRiolimoTid. Va.
BOILERS of ull kinds.
American Turbine WATER WIIKKL-.
XIS?" Send for Cutuloguo. -?a
November 2, 1870 61 ly
- -AT
- uv
JAS. A. HOYT, Editor.
Tint DAILY UKUISTKU contains Ibo latest new?
of Hie day, all commercial, political and other
matter sent by telegraph, full local reports,
editorials upon all current topics, and
Orango and Agricultural Department?.
Tin: DAILY lins a circulation extending to nil
paris of tlic State, is circulated in nearly every
.Slate in the Union, mid is constantly increasing;
iliercfore. ns an advertising medium it cannot bo
Tin; Tm-WKKKLY KKOISTKR is issued overy
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, ?nd
contains nil ldc news of two days In one issac.
Tun WKKKLY UKOISTKH is nn eight pngo
paper, containing for ty-cl gil I columns, cinbnic
iIIp: tlio cream of the news of each week. Thia
paper is within thc reach of every family, mid
wo arc pleased to sla'o thc fact (lint its largo
oiroillntion is rapidly extending.
Tm: UKUISTKR is now tho organ of the Stnlo
Orango, mid all mailors ?f hilorosl to the P?
trons of Husbandry will bc treated tu their ap
propriate department. The Agricultural mid
Orango anieles will appear in each of our pub
lications-Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weakly.
Terms o?* Subscription.
Daily llogistcr-One year, $7; six months,
$3.60; three mont bs, $ 1.75.
TriWcekly Register-Ono year, $3; six
moni hs, $2 CO; three iiionlhs, SI 25.
Weekly llegislcr-Ono year, $12; si* months,
$1; three months, CU couts.
J?lo IPrinting.
The best nnd cheapest Hook und Job Fruiting,
of every description, promptly mid satisfactorily
executed ni Tun ItKOISTKU Office.
All kinds of baw lil,>uks on hand, which wo
will sell al the lowest prices.
w. it. MCDANIEL,
Proprietors and Publishers. -4
VNEW Chemical Composition lins been dl.i
covered which is perfectly adapled lo thc
nuiking of Monuments, Tombstones, Mantel
I'ieccs, &o. It very much resembles marble, is
equally durable, resisting tho clfccts of waler,
cheap nnd within the renell of nil to beautify
the graves of their dear departed dues.
Thc undersigned has bought thu right for thu
State and is prepared, on short noiioo, lo do any
work in his lino. .Specimens of tho material ami
work can be seen at my rosldenco on tho old
Samuel lleid farm. I can put up Box Tombs,
lettering included, at from $10 co $"0, nccording
to the age of tho deceased. Hoad .Stones and
other work at eanally low prices.
L. H. LEK.
June 2H, 1877 G2-3m
"?"-"?'?M . .. ?ggggsgggegaea
Now Advortisomonts.
'I'lio Ci'ticilll 'fl'ttMt of tho Ynluo of rt
medicino is time. Does cxperienco conllrin tho
claims put forth in its favor at I ho out sel? ?B tho
grand question, ylpply thin criterion, so sim
ple, yet so searching, to Tarrnnt's Effervescent
Seltzer Aperient. How lins it. worn? What ha?
been its history? How docs it stand to day?
Tarrant's Soltzor Aporiont
Is a household nnmo throughout the United
States. It is administered us a speciflo, nnd
willi success, in dyspepsia, sick headache, nerv
ous debility, liver complaint, bilious remittents,
bowel complaints (especially constipation), rheu
matism, gout, gravel, nausea, Ibo complaints
peculiar to the maternal sex, and all types of
intlnuiniatioii. So mild is it in its operation
that it cnn bo given with perfect safely to tho
feeblest child; nnd so agreeable is it lo tho tasto,
so refreshing tn tho palate, that children never
refuse to lake it. For salo by all druggists.
SIXTY-SIX dollars a woek In your own town.
Terms mid $6 outfit froo. II. Hallott & Co.*
Portland, Maine
Kxtra Fino Mixed Cards, with name,.
t) 10 cts.. post paid. L. Jonos & Co.,.
Nassau, N. Y.
$r0(J[?r)A FEU day nt homo. Samples worth
i>H$?/\J $5 froo. Stinsou & Co., Port
land, Maine.
$fxr^H (u>'7/7 n wook 10 ngonts. $10
0t)0*P . . Outfit Froo. P.O.Viokory,
AllgllStu. Maine._
(?M O a day at home; ngonts wautod; outfit mid
terms froo. Trno & Co., Augusta, Me.
'""AUGHT by tho Professors of Latin, Grcok
1 and Mathematics. Session begins Soplombor
27, 1877. Sond for Calaloguo to J. lt. ?lake,
Chalrmrn of Faoulty._
Is a Vegetable Preparation,
Invented in tho I7lh century by Dr. Wm. Grace.
Surgeon in King James' army. Through UH
agenoy ho ourod thouaandn of '.!:; raost ?vi?om?
seres and wounds that baffled (ho skill of tho
most eminent physioians .of his day, and was
regarded by all who know him as a t publia
boiiefaotor. ~

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