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?Ul?.inn II ' li iijLiI i ll ll il i i.i ililli m I I Minni lilli
THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1879.
Q3? For subscription, $1.50
f>or annum, strictly in advance;
br six mont Iis, 75 cents.
Q3* Advertisements insorted at
cup dollar por square of one inch
or loss for the first insertion, and
filly cents for each subsequent in
(Q* Obituary Notices oxcood
ingiivo linos, Tributes of Respect,
Communications of a personal
character, when admissablo, and
announcements of Candidates
will bo charged for as advertise
03d Job Printing noatly and
cheaply oxecutod.
O?r Necessity com pols us to
adhere strictly to tho require
ments of cash payments.
On thc 12th instant tho President rc tinned t(
thc Houso of RoproBontallvo8 tho "Act lo pm
hlblt military Interferenoo with elections," wltl
his objections to its approval. Tho veto mes
sage will appear in our next issue.
Religious Questions-Dancing.
In th? April number of tho Southern Prcsby
terian Rrview Dr. Adgcr publishes an nblo roplj
to tho Kev. Dr. Dabnoy on tho question whothui
dancing is a sin, and as such disciplinnblo bj
the ohuroh-a practical question, which moro o:
less divides all thc Protestant churches of lin
country. Dr. Dabncy advocated in a prcviou
artiolo tho afiirinativo of these questions am
Dr. Adgcr presents tho negative sido in hi
artiolo. Dr. Adger maintains that on a uumbc
of questions of practical importance, but no
fundamental, the ohuroh differs, ami that thi
difference and a froo discussion is tho best guid
to truth and correct conduct. Dr. Dabne;
lays down and endeavors to maintain two pro
positions: First, that dancing is sinful, an
second, that it is an offenco to bo formally diB
oiplincd. Dr. Adger controverts both thes
propositions in their general scope. In dom
this ho states distinotly that ho is no patron c
your "dancing disciples," uor has ho ever bec
a friend, admirer or apologist of tho amusrmot
of donoing in any of its forms, but on tho con
trary assorts that he is on tho record OB ON
pressing very strong disapprobation of a
forms of dancing between tho sexes, bul this i
not bcoau80 ho regards all t'omis of dancln
sinful and proper subjects of disciplino. Il
maintains thcro is no specific warrnnl of (li
word for those propositions. Ho says trul
Ihero is a olear distinction between disapprobt
lion and condemnation, and formal church dit
ciplino based on judicial proceedings.
Christian "may speak or writo againsl what i
in his opinion, dangerous, nnd a pastor mi
from Ibo pulpit reason and exhort, and a sossii
may warn and remonstrate respecting whatcv
In tho general aspects of tho word seems to
improper and injurious. But when that cou
comes to acts of technical discipline, tho warra
of tho word is reasonably and rightfully r
quired to bo muon moro explicit." He th
draws a distinction between questionable ni
sinful notions, or those which "arc disapprov
on general grounds of Script ure, ns many po
nous believe, and ether actions whose conder
nation is either express in ?Scripture or ol
necessarily dcducnblo therefrom." Tho latt
aro oalled sinful nnd tho former qucstionabl
and different minds will viow them differentl
"Thoro is theatre going, card playing and nay
reading and tobacco chewing or smoking, ai
all usc, even tho most moderate, of any hind
stimulating drink, nnd dinner parties and t
suppers and fashionable dress and equipa;
and tho wearing of n gold watch, diamond ri
and other jewelry-yes, and wo may go f?rtl
and say lifo insurance, and tho marriage of fi
cousins, and proceeding nnolhcr step, thc uso
instrumental music in public worship in Go
house, and of church fairs with their many I
accompaniments, and other like things I
questionable with many and furnish ocoasit
of oarncsldifferences of opinion amongst hone
cousoionlious and intelligent Christians, w
havo adopted tho word as their only rid
Many of theso practices aro hold ns objccliona
ns dancing in any of its forum, and tho wri
truly sayB that noYol reading as prncliced
tully as great an evil, high authority hov
recently said that "no one systematically ro
tho averago novelette of tho day and kc
cither integrity or virtue, and that tit
aro a million of mon and women in
United States to day reading themselves I
hull." After discussing some of tho Ot
questionable practices, ho concludes that
whole of tho argument to prove dancing ali
only demonstrates it to bo questionable an
practico which may fairly bo hold in disnpr.
hat ion by the conscientious Biblo believer,
writer scatters tho arguments drawn f
classical antiquity and controverts tho idea
Calvin favored discipline for dancing ns
now understood and prnotiood in society. Ca
know how "to point out (ho inconsiderate
fur righteousness of oven good men," and
lo condemn their excessive moroseness mid I
loo rigorous severity. Ho could quote ?
AuguBtino "how tho pious and placid sin
mercifully correct, what they can in Ibo chu
but bear patiently what thoy cannot con
in lovo lamenting and mourning until dod ci
roform and oorrcct, or nt tho harvest root
the tares and scatter tho chati'." And in rc
euee to drunkenness, so forcibly condenmo
tho Bible, which in Africa was common ?
impunity, Calvin approved tho doolnrnlloi
August in in a council oalled to pr?vido a rom
"In my opinion such things aro not rotnovoi
rough, harsh and imperious mensuren, bul ?
by teaching than commanding, moro by ada
ishing than threatening." Tho writor holds
disciplino is not lo bo oxoroised whon tho pi
sentiment docs not sustain it ns wiso and g
and avon then only where tho offeneo is tin
of tho few. Preaching is thc remedy. D
pline should never be ueod hastily, na it
dangerous remedy in unskilled hands, a si
onso of error often splitting a flourishing oli
into faction". Dr. Adger after citing nulhoi
Against discipline, defining tho powers of
session and showing that tho ohuroh lin
Opinions, and discussing certain Illings ?
aro questionable, ns lifo insuranoo and
moderato use of liquor, but not formally
hlblted, alleges that the oliuroh cannot make
laws, but eau only administer thom. ?'Wo," says
bo, "aro not tho Lord's councillors, but his
servants. Ho makes tho laws. Churoh rulers
can only administer them. Tito ohuroh is not
tkoreforo bound by vc hat the ?riso and good of
tho anolont and modern world bas said about
danoing or anything else, and tho ploa of
Christian liberty is to bo assorted over and over
again, whenever churches or ohuroh courts essay
to invade that liberty in tho least degree." And
whenever on mere opinion atty ohuroh under
takes tho formal disciplino of any practice not
clearly forblddon in tho Scriptures, it becomes
a question whether lt is not the duty of tho
humblest member to protest in "the interest of
tho liberty and the purity and tho poaco of tho
churoh." '
Tho ortiolo of Dr. Adger is too lengthy for our
columns and tho oxtraots glvon but fcobly indi
cate tho foroo of tho argumout. It should bo
read by all who can obtain lt, not merely bo
causc il is a full discussion of the much disputed
question of tho immorality of danoing, but bc
oauso of his clear and foroiblo exposition of
ohuroh disciplino and tho caution with which it
should bo cxeroiscd. We aro satisfied that in
numerous eases efforts at disciplino for ques
tionable acts have dono moro to injure tho
progross of roligion than* almost any oilier
causo, and this arliolo will toach tho over
zealous "to curb tboir knook-down and drag
out remedies for irregularities. Tho argument
of Dr. Dabnoy on tho other sido of (ho question
of danoing will bo found in tho samo Review
with tho reply of Dr. Adger. Wo agreo with
Dr. Adger and perhaps entertain a litllo more
liberal views than ho expresses, as his
entire argument looks only to tho Scriptural
viow of tho matter. It has a physical and
social aspect which, when properly restrained,
renders dancing not only pleasant, but healthful
and highly conducivo to graco of person.
Southern Baptist Convention.
Messes, li Dirons: This body of ropresonla
live men of thc Baptist denomination South ol
"Mason and Dixon's Lino," which met in it!
thirty*fourth animal session in tho city of Al
la uta on the 8th instant, was like tho Me th od i s
Episcopal Churoh, South, tho result of tho dif
ferenco of opinion between tho member:
denominations, North and South, on thc subjeo
of slavery, and was organized in Augusta, Ga.
in 1845.
Unlike similar bodies in other denominations
it is neither legislative nor judicial, but s'nnpl;
an advisory council, whose acts aro accopted o
rejootcd by each individual church as it approve
or disapproves them. Nor is this wrong, fo
each church is independent of every other am
enters into tho conference with tho express un
dcrstandir.g that its liberty is in no wiso ct <.
tailed by tho step.
Again, thc body is a purely benevolent or
qanizalion, its object being throofcld: 1. T
devise means for scuding tho dospcl to th
heathen in foreigu lands. 2. To build up th
cause of Christ in thc destitute places in ou
own Southern lnnd and among tho Indians i
thc West; 3. To provide a way whereby on
ministers may bc educated for their lifo work
"Tho work of thc convention is carried on b
boards appointed nnhuallj."
At thc convention in Atlanta (Kore were abot
thrco hundred and sixty delegates present, rep
rc8cnling Maryland, Virginia, North Carolim
South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alnbatn
Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Ker
tacky, Missouri, Tcnncssoe and Indian Torritor
besides visitor/) from tho North and clscwher
and Hit? Revs. Crawford and Hartwell, Mil
sionarics of tho Foreign Board in China, Bo
Mr. David, Missionary to Afrioa, and Hov. M
Taylor, who represents Southern Baptists in ll
City of Rome.
Tho meetings of tho body were harmonioti
and, doubtless, productive of lasting goo
Perhaps the most important question before
wns, "Shall Southorn Baptists co-opcrato wi
their brethren in tho North in tho work
which tho two conventions are respectively d
voted?" After a protracted discussion, in whl
quite a number of the most prominent men pr
sent partioipatcil, and not always, I am sorry
say, in thc best Christinn spirit, it was decid
that a consolidation of tho two conventions \>
neither practicablo nor desirable, and that
should bc left lo their respective boards lo i
in concert wherever it seemed for thc interest
tho cause that the)' should do so.
Tho reports on mission work elicited spcccl
from returned missionaries, which were both
tcrcsting and instructive.
Tho Hov. Mr. Taylor, of Home, gavo an i
(ended account of the difficulties with which
missionaries have had lo contend in (ho "Im]
vial City" and Italy at largo, and showed t
tho work in Catholic Italy, though progress
very slowly, had gained a fino foothold. E'
in Homo ho lins a locale in ono of (ho ni
central parts of tho city with a mcmbcrshii
about twenty.
Hov. Mr. Crawford, of China, reminded
convention (hat seventeen of its missionni
hod died nt their posts, bravely ftghling ngai
idolatry and superstition, Ilms ovcrwhclinin
refuting tho vile ohargo made by eomo that
missionaries of Foreign Board of South
Baptist Convention aro not faithful to
charge given thom to keep.
Hov. Mr. David, ol Afrioa, gave an ?
oouraging account of his work in Afr
and declared tho peoplo, among whom
went, to bo superior to tho Auiorioan wh
in nil points of morality, except truth
ncBss. They would Ho ia ninety-nine o
out of ovcry hundred, and bo moro t
apt to do so tho hundredth time; but Ht
ing, murder, theft and licentiousness \
far less common among thom than nm
tho whites hore. This is duo, said
speaker, to tho fuot that tho jaw knows
degrees in tho punishment of crime. I
kill, I must die; if I mahn, I must
maimed. Thoy rcquiro "un eye foran o;
ito. Theft is punishable with doath.
Tho people aro very superstitious;
ofton exhibit tho most astonishing f
In one town n lillie band prayed wit!
(easing for eighteen long years that
would send them a tendier in tho pine
tho ono who hod loft thom, ond Boot
cnoh year to tho scaoorst to set
tho missionary had oomn, and
tho ond of tho eighteenth year
whole bnntl started out to meet
man of Cod, and, hundreds of miles i
from any scttlcmont, mot him (Mr. Di
io thc depths of a forest. Tho scene
an affecting one. Tho dclightod littlo
limo and again embraced him and
returned thank*, to God for having annn
their prayore. His work was prospered in
bis hands.
Of course oolleotions woro "lifted" for
each of tho objeots of the convention, and
auiouotod io all to about 80,600 in cash
and plodgcs. Any other oourso would bavo
boon wholly unbaptistio.
Perhaps the only other hom of interest to
your roaders is tho resignation of Dr. 0- H.
Toy, of tho chair of "Old Testa mont Inter
pretation" in tho Southern Baptist Theo
logical Seminary. It was a most unploasuut
surprise, but wo trust that it will provo ono
of tho ?all things which work togother for
good to those who love God," &o.
Tho next mooting ot tho convention will
most probably bo held in Columbus, Miss.,
beginning May 7th, 1880.
On Sunday tho pulpits, both white and
oolorod, of all denominations, except tho
Episcopalian, wore filled by distinguished
members of tho convention.
The hospitality of tho Atlanta peoplo will
not bo soon forgotten by those who enjoyed
it, nor will tho influence of tho mooting
itself soon cease to bo folt.
Editorial Brevities.
Tho Montgomery, Ala., and Ku fun lu Rail
road was sold at auction on tho 1st instant,
for $2,120,000 cash.
Col. A.. P. lintier is industriously stocking
tho waters of South Carolina with fish. Thc
State w ill owo him a dobt of gratitude.
Tho South Americans are getting blood
thirsty. Chili hes declared war against,
Peru, and active preparations aro now going
on for tho conflict in which Bolivia is nico n
participant. Tho citizens of Lima, in Peru,
aro enthusiastically tendering tboir money
and their services to tho government.
Tho French Government is resolved to
provont tho Roman Catholic clorgy from in
terfering with tho system of public education.
Serious results mny follow, but in the end
til-- ?/. iests will bo com polled to submit.
North Carolina furnishes tho world with a
largo proportion of medicinal remedies in tho
way plant!.. Ono firm alono in Stntosville
sold last year half a million dollars' worth of
herbs gathered in tho Stnto.
A wagon from tho mountains carno into
Greenville thc other day, drawn by an ox
and n mule. Tho load consisted of four
horned sheep, a wild cat and two small hears.
Ile found thc market rather dull for Ills barter
and left for gomo point bolow.
Tho desiro to return to tho whipping post
is so strong in Kentucky that in some conni
ties candidatos for tho legislature arc oom''
pollcd to pledge themselves to sustain tho
mouS?ro or loso their chanco of election.
Three men paid tho penalty of tboir crimes
on tho gallows on tho 10th instant-ono in
North Carolina for burglary and two in
Ooorgiii for murder.
A roligious nowspnper in London has rc
covered damages in a libel suit, against, n
man who spoke ovil of it. Make n noto of
that, and bo careful how yon spook of news
papers. lt's a poor rule that don't work botli
'Tho appropriation made by Congress a
short lime sinoo for tho purchase and distri*
button of seed will not take effect until thc
first of July, and our farmers can save them
selves tho trouble of sending on for seed ns it
is elated thut none will be obtainable before
Although lio United States Supremo Court
lina declared polygamy a orimo against tho
laws of tho land tho Mormon delegate to
Congress recently in Salt Lake Oily, made a
most elab?ralo defense of polygamy to thc
largest congregation over assembled there.
And yet ho is permitted to hold his scat in
A resolution has been adopted by tho Penn
sylvania Legislature authorizing tho appoint
ment of a joint oommitUo to wolcomo Orant
on his arrival in this country in tho namo of
tho Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, provided
there shall bo no expenso to tho State.
Thc father of Charley Ross has boon again
disappointed in finding his long lost boy, Ho
has visited over six hundrod lost ohiidron, nil
of whom woro believed to ho Charley. Tho
oaso will probably pass into history as
tho most remarkable ot its kind on rocord.
New York City has nearly 500 churohoa
and chapels costing $40,000,000 to build, and
$5.000,000 moro per annum to keop thom
going. It has fifty-nino hospitals and asy
lums (or tho sick, aged, blind, deal mid dumb,
lunatics, inebriates, orphans and soldiors,
which have cost $20,000,000 to build, and
rcquiro $5,000,000 a year to sustain. Tho
public school odificos bavo oost $0,000,000,
and $ 1,000,000 a your to ope rate.
Tho Holy Land is subject to famine as of
old. Now, howovor, instead of sending to
Egypt for corn, tho wants of tho peoplo are
mot hy importations of flour and grain from
Now York. As Joseph oolloctod corn in
Egypt, in anticipation of sovon years of
scanty hnrvos'ts, so oxports from tho bountiful
crops of tho now world aro now storing at
Jerusalem to moot impending famine.
Tho American Medical Association recently
in session at Atlanta, Qn,, favor tho requisi
tion of attending throe courses of lectures
preparatory to graduation ns a physician.
This will bear bard on many a worthy poor
man, but if it will prevent the graduation of
mon who aro not proporly educated in tho
duties and responsibilities of tho profession
tho public will have no ground of complaint.
Tho subscriptions to tho Ronner bale, in
this city, says tho Augusta Chronicle, amount
to nearly three hundrod dollars. Tho stun
will ho sent to tho family of tho late Lieuten
ant Bonnor, and tho balo will ho forwarded to
tho Charleston Cotton Exohnnge, whoro it
Will 1)0 milled or sold for tho benefit of tho
Bonnor fuud and re-donated.
The latest old thing whioh every fushioim
hie London lady thinks sho must huvo, if sho
is to romain anybody at all, is an old watoh.
It is not for the hands,'or faoo, or works that
those aro prised, but for tho ease. Tboso aro
takon off thoir bingos nnd oonvorted into
stoppers for tho glass bottles on tho dressing
Tho Now York Herald's Washington epo
oial says that "tho appropriation bills will bo
passod at this session in regular order, with"
out tho ridors, if that is mudo nooessary by
vot?os, and if this is noe dono by tho Demo
crats as a body, it will bo done by Domoorntio
and Republican votos together. It follows
that tho cry of 'revolution' nood not bo
hooded by nuybody. lt is an evidence that
tho Republicans would like to carry tho next
election on a falso issue and that is all."
Tlio Vanderbilt train party trnvolod from
New York "out Wost," 3,714 milos in 02
hours, 45 minutes, tho nvorugo rato of speed
hoing 41 milos an hour. Tho Centennial
transcontinental train ran 3,317 miles, fruin
Jorsoy City to Oakland, in 82 hours, 47 min
utos, on ono continuous trip, or nearly tho
samo avorngo. Mr. Vanderbilt passed over
tho samo road botwoon Chicago and Omaha,
and boat tho Centennial fast train by 23
minutos. Who says n train cannot go across
tho continont in 80 hour??"
Wo oxtract tho following favorable o'otlco
of Dr. T. 0. C. Pahnostock, fruin nn nrtiolo on
tho dental art and tho uso of nitrous oxido gus
in tooth extracting published in tho Cincin?
nati Merchant and Farmer. Dr. Fnhncstock,
a few years ugo purchased tho Wbitnor farm
near Walhalla nod is now a citizen of this
county. Ho is activo, energetic und progres?
B?VO us a farmer, and is highly pleased with
this country, which ho proposes to make his
home. Of his high character nnd standing
in his profession in thc city of Cincinnati tho
following netieC amply testifies. Ho has
made numerous friends here, nnd wo wish
many such worthy persons would como and
settle among us:
"We visited, a few days since, tho dental
rooms of Dr. Fnhncstoek, northw est corner of
Seventh and Race. Tho doctor is now on a
visit to his plantation in South Caro
lina, and Dr. Weldon is in charge.
Dr. Weldon IIUR been with Dr. Fuhnestock
about four years, nnd during that timo he has
administered tho gas to all classes and ages
of pooplo vto tho young and robust, tho aged
and tho invalid. The names of 41,000 persons
aro recorded in the Doctor's hooks as having
takon thc gas at his ellice while having teeth
extracted, and in every case thc result
was satisfactory tu thc patient and thc opera
Dr Full nos tock lias boen practicing in this
city about ten years. Ile hus for tho last four
or live year mudo a specialty of tooth extract
ing, and has probably given thc gas to more
people than any other dentist in Ohio- It is
tho experience of such men that convinces ai
that in tho hands of a curclul operator there
it not thc least danger to ho apprehended
from it? usc. Tho only real danger
in its uso lies in using gas not strictly puro.
Those dentists whosodcuiund for thc gas is very
limited, and who procure (ho article from
Philadelphia or New York, cannot, of course
bo suro of its strength and purity. Dr.
Fahnestock manufactures tho gas he usos,
and always hus it fresh and puro. Although
making a prominent specialty of extracting,
Dr. F. luisa high reputation in his profession,
and ibero is probably no better practical den
tist in tho city than Dr. Weldon. With him
supplying a new set of teeth is not a more
mechanical operation, but an art. Thc con?
tour of tho features, thc complexion, and cvon
tho stature aro studied and consulted deter
mining tho shape and size of tho tooth fur?
nibbed, and tho work turned out by tho Doctor
is characterized by its fidelity to nature. All
varieties of dental work aro performed at his
rooms, from tho moderate priced rubber to ilie
more expensive and bciiutilul continuous gum
work. Few mon in thc profession in this
city Aro more respected and esteemed than
Dr. FahncHtock nnd Dr, Weldon, and few
enjoy a larger or moro lucrativo practice
among our best families.
-- - - . .
As* OI.O DRGD.- Wc huvo received tho
following neto from a well known lady living
in the Ruckhciid neighborhood:
"In your lust issue of thc News and Herald,
I notice an account of nh 'old deed,' in pos
session of thc Sherill' of Newberry. I have
roqUOSted Major T. W. Woodward to hand
you a deed which came into my possession
during my first visit North after tho war. It
was given me by a gentleman who had mar?
ried a Southern lady, and it had been discov
ered among sumo papers in the printing ollico
in Fitchburg, Muss. Tho supposition was
that it had been appropriated by some of our
Northern Irionds when they visited us several
years ago. I imagino it will provo as great
a curiosity as tho ono Mr. Wheeler has or.
exhibition-this deed having boon also
granted by 'His Excellency M m. Moultrie,
F,sq.' If thc figure that grucos ono side ol
tho seal is tho Goddoss of Liberty, the surc
dofacing touch of timo has certainly im
paired her bounty as woll as bor drapery.
Whilst visiting around I was shown., ns a
trophy of war, a broken .wine-glass and china
soup plato marked with tho initial 'II'
supposed to have been once tho property of
OX'Qovornor Hampton. Rut, 'tis said, nil is
fair in love ond war. Wc should endeavor
not to revivo old griovancos, but 'lol tho doad
pnst bury its doad.' "
Tho (ieeil is from Governor Moultrio to
Hugh Middleton and Edward Prince, is dated
October G, 1791, and conveys a li act of ono
thousand nero*, ".situate in tho District of
Washington. Pcndloton County, on tho South
side of tho road that loads from Washington
District Court IIouso to Ninety Six District
Court Ilonso." Tho seal is of WAX, four
indies in diameter, and shows many signs of
its ago,- Winnsboro News and Herald.
-? ?-'
So for as is known no genuino oaso of hy
drophobia has ovVr yet been cured in this
country. A correspondent of thc Now York
Herald assorts that a discovery of a euro for
tho fearful malady has boen mndo in Russin,
this remedy hoing puro oxygon. A littlo
Russian girl was recently attacked by tho
d'Moaso and tho physicians thereupon mndo
her inhalo three cubic foot of oxygon. In
tho ooui'80 of an hour and a half all tho symp?
toms disappeared and thc child remained
calm. On tho noxt day but ono tho malady
returned in all its distrensing characteristics.
A fresh inhalation of oxygon wne tried, and
nt tho ond of forty-five minutos tho attack
subsided and never returned,
AtmusTA, OA., May 9.-Two nogrocs,
Tom Jonos alias Satter Whim, and Hoary
McSocd lilias Cantello, woro hanged ?to-day
ot Appling, Columbia County, .lunes killed
a nogross in 1870 on ncoount of jealousy.
McSocd killed bis son in November Inst
because ho believed him guilty of stealing
from bim. Jones claimed innocence, wliilo
MoSood acknowledged bis crime.
Ono of Hoe's hand presses for salo at
this nflico cheap. Siao of bod of press
The Exodus.
I am opposod to this exodus, because it is
on untimely oonpossion to tba ?doa that col
ored people nud whito pooplo oaunot live
togothor in ponco and proeporily unloss tho
whites aro a majority and control tho loglela?
tion and hold tho otil?os of tho State I am
opposed to Ibis exodus, bcoauso it will pour
upon tho pooplo of Kansas and othor North?
orn States a multitude of doludod, hungry,
homeless, naked and dest\tuto pooplo, to bo
supported in a largo moasuro by alms. I am
opposod to this oxodus, booauso it will entibio
our political adversaries to moko sucoossful
appeals to popular prejudice (as in tho onso
of tho Chinos.;), on tho ground thoso pooplo,
so ignorant and helpless, havo beon im
portod for tho purpose of making tho North
solid by outvoting intolligont Northorn oitl*
iions. I nm opposed to this exodus, booauso
"rolling stonos gatbor no moss;" and I agroo
with Kinorson that tho mon who piado Homo
or any othor locality worth going to BOO
stayed tboro. Thorc is, in my judgmont, nc
part of tho United States, whoro an industri
ous and intelligent colored mun cnn servo his
race moro wisoly and efficiently thou upon
tho soil whoro he was horn and reared, and
is known. I nm opposed to this exodus, hoi
causo I seo in it a tondouoy to oonvort colored
laboring men into trnvoling tramps, first
going North bcCauBO they aro persecuted,and
thou returning South because they have been
dccoivcd.nnd disappointed in their expecta
tions, which will excito against our whole
race an increased moasuro of popular con'
tempt and scorn. 1 am opposed to tide
exodus because 1 boliovo that tho conditions
of existonce in tho Suuthorn States aro stead
ily improving, and that tho colored man will
ultimately realizo tho fullest mensuro o:
liborly und equality accordod and sccurod in
any section of our common country.
[Fred Douglass's heller.
WASHINGTON, May 9.-Tho Schate passet
with amendment tho House bill providing
payment of tho tunney hcrotnforo nppropri
atcd to James B. Buds and bis nsoociutcs foi
tho construction ot ibo jotties and otho
works at Soul ll Puss, Mississippi.
Tho consideration of tho bill prohibiting
military interference at elections was thet
resumed. Senator Edmunds Fpoko on tin
bill. Before taking tho voto, considerable
excitement was munifostod. Senators Biala
and Chandler both fpoko. Thc latter mad
a bitter speech, saying in thc course, of hi
remarks that be nnd bis party bcliovcd tim
twelve Senators on tho Dom.?oratio side beb
their seals fraudulently, and yet it was pro
pm-ed to oust Kellogg who was justly entitle,
to his Scuutbrship. Tho bill was afterward
passed by II vote of 33 to 23.
Senator Williams, ol Kentucky, introduce,
a joint resolution to muka the iipproprintioi
of March 31, 1877, of $375.000 for tho pay
incut ol' iinte-hellum Southern mail contine
tors practically available, it being tied np h
a treasury niling t.? await tho presentation o
nil such claims und thc determination nf th
percentage that should be paid to each claim
ant. lt proposes to direct ibo Secretary t
tho Troil8Ury IC proceed to pay contractors 0
their legal representatives such sums as lb
Post Otlice Department certifies may prov
to ho due them respectively, provide
that no payment shall bo made to any con
tractor without fatlsbtotory proof thai bo lin
not alro.idy been paid by thc Confedera!
Tho Rev. A. Webster, writing frot
Drongehurg of tho probability of nn oxudt
?f thu colored population from ibis Stat
Since thc project luis been discussed hoi
af Keeking homes in tho West, on him
?pened by Government for settlement, ll
feeling in favor of emigration bas increase
and la now only held in cheek hy Hmso wi
are looked np lo for leadership in this liinvi
ment nnd who wait for further developmon
here, nnd for trustworthy information in ri
Peroneo to tho most promising fields for thc
lui ure settlement, and tho formation of do
nile plans, mid tho certainty of menus I
roaching their place of destination. T
colored pooplo only wait for definite plans
bc formed, nnd ibo starting of tho forwn
movement, then thousands would forihwi
take their chances for bornes and a futuro
the great West. When they once fully mn
up their minds lo go tboy will not be dctcrn
whatever Ibo personal sacrifices may be
thom. They aro euro they havo nothing
loso hore by their removal, und tho chane
uro in their favor elsewhere.
Ho montions aa a causo for this ledi
amongst them, (heir ienrs as to their foti
treatment when tho protection of tho stro
arm Ol tho National government is tah
away from them. Ho declares that tho it
of immigration to tho Wost, BO fur fr
being a newspaper fiction, ns somo woi
have tho country believe, or merely a tcni|
rnry fright among ignorant blacks, ns otb
would have it, is a delib?rale purpose on I
part of many intelligent negroes throughi
South Carolina,
activity of the kidneys is seriously dungi
otis to thoso organs, since it is tho precodi
of diseases which destroy I hoir substui
mid endanger lifo. Tb is sluggishness ii
bc ovcrcomo by stimulating them, not
oessivoly, but moderately, an efFcot produ<
by Ilostctter's Stomach Hitters, ti gent
invigorant nnd nltcrativo, possessing diurt
properties of no common order. Tho
petus which this admirable medicine gi
to their evueuotivo function counteracts i
tendency to congestion which may cxisl
their tissues. Both they and their ossoci
organ, tho bladder, oro invigorotcd as ^
as gently stimulated by tho Bitters, wli
exerts a kindred influence upon thc 6b
neb, liver ond bowels, and by strengthen
tho system, enables it to withstand mala
epidemics, to which whon exposed it mi
otherwise sucoumb.
Have You tho Buckoyo?
It is a well established tact, that Tab
Buckeye Pile Ointment will.euro, if used nco
ing lo directions. ThovKsculus Hippocastii
or Horso Chestnut, commonly known us
Buckoyo, has bcon highly cslcomod for II
years, owing lo tho faot that it possesses vii
lying in Ibo biller principle called Usc
which can bo utilized for tho euro of Pilos
affoclod willi that terrible disenso, uso Tal
Buokoyo Pilo Ointment and bo rcliovod. 1
50 cents, For salo by Norman & Bro., drugg
Moxico ai4 United States,
Owing lo their warm nnd delightful clim
their inhabitants grow sallow from torpid bi
Indigestion and all disoasos arising from n
ordered Stomach and Bowols. 'J'boy ehou
course at (di limes keep tho liver active, ni
our roadcrs wo roooinmond Tablor's Portail
Vegotoblo Liver l'owdor. Takon In limo, il
often eavo monoy and much suffering. Pri
ceuts. For ??lo hy Norman k Tiro., drugi
Important Notice f
WAI.IIAI.LA, S. ?., May 12th,. 18fD.
With a viow to prcsorvo tho hcftltl/ of>'tho
town, tho Town Council nt its regular maot
lng, in May, passed Iho following rcsolotlp?;.',
"Resolved, That all oitiitons of tho Towaof.f
Walhalla owning Hool Ketato aro horob^/
requirod to havo thoir promises, and cspeoiallt/y
their privies, cleansed on orboforo tho 2?th of,'
May, 1870. All persons falling to comply
with this resolution ahull bo subjcot to a fine
iu tho discretion of tho Council."
Clerk of Council.
NASHTH-LK May, 9.-In tho National Ocr
lured Convention to-day I'inohbaok, Chairman
of tho committoo on nn address, mndo a
report declaring that although fiftcon yoars
havo elapsed nineo emancipation, obstacles
havo been constantly thrown in tho way to
obstruct and rotard tho progrosa of tho oo
lorcd race; many griovanoes aro recited, all of
which aro attributed to nn alleged spirit of
intolerance in tho South. Tho report ls quito
longlhy, and rofors generally lo tho diaudvan
tngos surrounding tho colored oitizens in tho
South by tho non-onforcomont of tho laws.
Blank Liena, Deeds, Mortgages aud Erooulions
for anio al this office.
is a Standard Family Itomedy for *, '
disonses of tho Livor, Stoninoh ??!g?$ < ?
and Uowols.-It is Furoly *"?fl ' flLrft ' !
Vogotablo.- It novcr^^STir fl ]T?i?
Dobi?to^toB-It ^B<^^^^^^^^"^^ j
^SS^fr AI Hi-'
? ? ?3 1 or S^*^ my praotioe
% i Hfl H ?V^" ft,u* 1)y t,ll? i)ublio>
?gRpS for moro than J55 years,
?SP***1* w^n ""precedented rcBults.
-/\_~ttc?x-xxoy ?-?V.-tTXjr?"T7^7".
?I/"ILL giro prompt attention to colico
li lions und all other business confided to,
Maj 15, 1879
Treasurer's Office, May 12, 1879.
r i Mite hooks Ihr the collection of tho first
.1 installment of tuxes for tho fiscal year
1878 are now opened and will bo kept opon
nt this office until further notice.
lt. S. I'OKCIIElt,
Treasurer Oconee County.
May 25, 1879 20-lt.
luvest Your Dollars and;
Dimes here willi .T. P.
lill CK I, ICK. a M lie Old
Ml a nd, whore you
casi Procure Hie
I am Just Rocoiving a Now Stock
of Gooda from Charleston and
Now York, which wore
Bought for Cash at Re
markably Low Prices,
Consisting of
I nl-jo koop a small stock of DKUOS on hand,
nil of which will bo sold nt astonishingly low
ligures for C ash or Darier.
Tho highest market prico puid for all kinds of
Country Produce.
I ive Hundred JiSushels or
Corn Wauled, Which ?viii he
paid lor in cash or goods at
cash pri?es.
Heaped tu I ly,
Moy 15, 1879 26 ly

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