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I?..? "Ul. Ill I ? .^?L^?..??
Keit yonris loap year.
Spanish lace voila aro agaia ia faehton.
Chew Jackson^ Beel Sweet Navy Tobacco.
" Trio now bate tnako tbo gi ri a look oo awful
If your neighbor roads tho COURIER ho
ought to pay for ir.
Flirting with an old maid is what sotao
pcoplo would call sour mash.
A man can novor bo rich whoso expenses
aro greater than his incomo.
Never be ashamed to own up when it is
proven that you aro in tho wrong.
Provisions aro cheaper than over before,
but the wherewith is harder to get.
A ;light shower of rain foll on Monday
night. Wo needed it badly and moro too.
Our winter clothes aro noarly gone and
(Bummer does not upponr to be near nt hand.
Mr. J, C. Novillo has removed with bia
family to his old residence *.n West Union.
Wo hopo to FOO tito timo when thoFo who
attend divine worship will lcavo their tobacco
.at borne.
Norman Sc Bro. are preparing a variety ci
.summer drinks, such us ginger pop, soda
Owator &0.
Tho boys oro going in swimming, nnd tho
next thing their heads will bo bumming with
?quinine pills.
Those aro nico mornings for a follow tc
tako a healthful exercice beforo break fast
"with a gardon hoe.
What should bo dono with the man whe
would sell a "setting hen" in market for 11
.spring chicken?
Tho most diflicult thing (next to work
Bonio of tho young men have to contend will
is the culturo of a moustache.
A trying timo with an editor is when ho i
in a humor to say something nico, and don'
know anything to sny anything about.
Some ono lins remarked that it was just a
.easy to love a rich girl as a poor unc? W
.hnvo always supposed it was a great dei
Mr. U S. Porcher publishes a notice of til
.opening of tho tax books. Persons decirin
rto pay tho first installment now havo tl
If you want something new in tho milliner
"linc call nt Mrs. M. Dray's. Slip is also pri
?pared to press and remodel in nil tho mo
Cash ion o bl e. shapes. *
Tho average small boy thinks bo idj ti
-right if bo cnn manage a chew of tobacco <
.smoko a cigar without getting sick. I
-must imitate doddy, you know.
lt enough to make an old bachelor go era:
to BOO tho pretty girls skip along Ibo ?troc?
willi their spring dresses and new bats,
gaily as a lot of lambs on a garden-sword.
Lovo rules tho court. Ibo camp, tho grov
nnd earth below nnd heaven above, but
?over sowed a gray patch in the seat of yo
husband's black trousers. That i.-n't Ipi
That's revenge .
May bo "who tempers tho wind to t
?hort) lamb" not overlook tho poor worn
Who is married to a man who won't subsori
for his county paper. She is truly one not
bo forgotten.
Attention is directed lo tho law card
Mr. Henry Pitchford, who proposes lo pri
tico in Circuit and Probato Courts of t
State, tuid to attend to all legal business
trusted to Iiis care.
ifomo mon never loso their presence
mind, In Now York n man threw bis moth
in-law out of 11 window In thc fi Pt lt story 0
burning building, and curried 11 loather lj
down stairs in his arms.
lt i* not merely tho lack of money tl
pinches nnd paralyzes n preacher w hen
charge fails to m a ko provision (or bis sn poi
but it is thc feeling that hip pcoplo uro i nil
forent to bis wants, that they caro notb
for bim, that most effectuully crushes
8 pi rit. '
At this season of tho year every citi;
.should KOO that bis premises aro cleon 1
void of diseaso producing nuisances, li
wolls elennod out, rooms and cellars vet
lated, disinfectants applied whero nccil
fonces whitewashed, ?to Thcso uro mull
,that should not be neglected.
It will bo soon by tho proceedings of
.Committee appointed by tho various Sum
Schools in lown that wo oro to havo on 1
dny week, 23d instant, a Union Sum
School picnic nt John Kanfmann's pinn
mill, near town, It is proposed to make
pie-nio of asocial character, nod it will
.doubt bo enjoyed by ibo big folks 119 wei!
the. little ones. All our people aro invite*
Tho Firemen arc making ovory necessary
rangement for a pleasant limo on Friday l)(
1'rizes for tho two best shuts in thc company ll
been purchased, nnd also several prizes for
ladles. There will be a prlzo offered for
best croquet player, also for tho host 1
,dnnoer amongst tho smaller ones. Tho 1
ynay also expcot tholr share of fun in thc
pf climbing the' greased pole, eating club
molasses, &o. &c, for prizes. Our Fire
jjiavo never failed lo havo a good limo and
samo may bo cxpcoled this year.
TI10 May Party given bj tho intormod
nn'd junior olafiecs of tho Walhalla Foci
Collogo, on last Friday night, was gottor
andonrricd out in cxcollont stylo. Tito e
Vises of the ove.ning consisted of instrumo
and vocal music, chair dancing, steal p
nore and social conversation, in all of wi
(ho young pcoplo enjoyed tbomsolvos to
fullest extent. Tho party was brought
close willi cake and lemonade rofreshmc
lifter disposing of which tho collogo boll t
and tho party broko up and all retorne
their respective homos. Wo nro indobtci
Miss Ada Clabaugh and others for an lin
tion to bo prosont.
Wo understand that tho exhibition give
,W) ?. Clark's colored school ut tho A. M
Church on Friday evening lost was very c
i fabio and interesting. The exerei.-es 1
siStOd of singing, dialogues, speeches,
in which thc children showed au apt
and profloionoy which was astonishing.
Olork is doing n good work hero in Iiis sc
and the colored pcoplo should pnlronizo
liberally . by sending their children t
j^y?* excellent a teacher. Wo aro a strong boll
in the education of the colored ince,
regrot (hot wc could not ho present, so
wo might hav? been enabled to gi yo n i
extonded notice of this exhibition.
Wo ure informed by our County Auditor
that don. Connor, tho llooeivor of tho Groen
villa und Columbia Railroad, has written for
information ns to tho amount of taxes against
tho Bluo Ridgo Hoad for the prosont fiscal
year. It is hoped tho information it sought
with tho viow of paying thoso taxos, as tho
county has not for a number of years boon
ablo to oolleot "any tux from this road. If
this tax bo paid for tho pr?tent year, it will
bring to tho county tho following sums:
School tax, $173.G2; county tax propor,
$200.43; spocial county tux, $80.81-nggroi
gating tho sum of$520.80.
Our Wulhullu Dramatic- Club Will givo
a second entertainment in tho Court Houco
on Friday evening next at 8 o'clock. Tho
Tempor?neo Drouin, ''Throo Glusscs a Day,
or tho Broken Home," will ogaiu bc pro
8cntcd. Also, tho laughoblo farce, entitled
"lie fi ne tn ont," with several pieces of sc
leotod vocal music. Thc dub desire to
moko up enough money to build a substan
tial lenee around tito cemetery, Olid WO
' trust tho publie will again extend a liberal
patronage, as wo foci no hesitancy iu saying
that tho time will bo profitably spout to all.
Croat attractions in the way of bargains in
now, cheap and stylish dry good.", boots,
?lines, hats, notions, &c, ns woll as in a
superior selection of groceries, hardware,
queenswnre, &c, and ulso a full supply of
farm tools aro offered to tho trading public
by J. P. Micklcr athis old stand in West
Un inn, for cash or butler^ Mr. Micklcr ns a
merchant and ciliRCli wears woll, Ho has
been trading with our people fur a number
of yoars, Ima bought their cotton and corn,
sold them their goods und supplies, and has
constantly increased his trade, hy dealing
fairly and selling tirst class gooda. Ho wants
SOO bushels of corn now, and will buy your
cotton this fall at tho full market price. Seo
Iiis advertisement and then seo his goods and
prices before making your purchases.
Union Sunday School Pic Nie.
Tho committees appointed by tho various
Sunday Schools of Wal halla, to a? rango for
a Union Pic Nie, mei in tho lasv office of J.
Henry Pitchford, ?.MJ . nt 6 o'clock on Monday
evening, tl*o l2th instant. All thc schools of
tho town were represented.
On motion, Mr. C. 13. Watson was dilled
to tho chair and J. D. Ciippoltuonn requested
to uct ns Secretary, and thc meeting waa an-?
nrtunced as ready for business.
On motion, it waa
Jteaolvcd, That a Union Pic Nie bo held on
Friday, thc 23d instant, at Mr. John Kauf
mannes plaining mill, uccording to thc follow?
?og programme!
That there bc two belli runa; nt each church,
first ut 8 30 o'clock; second al 0 o'clock; that
at tho ringing of tho second bell, each Behool,
having formed u line nf procession, march
toward the grounds and moot ut or near Mr.
J. S. liaukniglii's store, and form a goncral
procession for thc grounds; that tho West
Union Sunday School bo requested lo join iu
ibo pic nie, and that the public generally aro
On motion it was
Jiesolvcd, That tim Walhalla Cornet Band
lie invited to head tho procession mid dis
course mu.-io during thc day.
On motion, it was
Jicxolvcd, That these proceedings ho banded
to tho K Kn wm; Coyttl EH lor publication.
Tho meeting then adjourned.
C. fi WATSON, Chairman.
J. D. C.\rri:i..\i.\N, Secretary.
A private letter from Crossmore Concordia
Parish, La.. April 27, gives sumo interesting
details concerning thu exodus of colored
people from that extensive cotton plantation
neighborhood. Tho writer says:
"Thc Kansas immigration fever BtHck tho
CoiorCd pcoplo on tho plantations ol' Tensas
Uiver l.i t. Tuesday, und several families
moved out to tho landing from Clayton's
place, Indian Village und Kimball's Ilayou
Place. This was an incentivo to thoso nt
Woicnmn and Windermere, and the majority
ol them followed. Them aro now 160 on
the landing; 50 at Hille. Point Landing, and
200 at V idalia awaiting transportation. Tho
crowd herc has hud no recruits since Wednes
day night last except one family. Tho emi
grants arc from Tensas Uiver, Woicnmn and
Windermere, with ttragglcrs herc and there
from Lnko St. John mid tho Island. Aa yet
mme have left plantations of Pittsfield, Crass
mero, Morven, Sillium, Oood Hope, tho Bayou
and the Ilorniilago. Only it few familios
remain on Windermere, Weicnma and Ciar*
mont plantation has lost fatuity, live working
bands, ami Paunia about thc sumo number.
Fcrrida has lost none, nor has any of tho
plantations on toward Vidalia. Spokan
started first on Lako St Jnhn, and now only
two or three families remain, whilo Smart
below nnd Castleman nhovo hero have lost
none al all.
.'In ordor to enable, thom to movo the no?
groes 11 uv H to a croat extent sacrificed their
property to designing mon. Thoy havo sold
cows for $5 anti $8, hogs for ?1 nnd #2,
chickens for 5 cents and 10 ccnt9 each, horsos
$12 and mules $5 nod $10. The feeling was
so high boro that designing mon who wished
to buy tho property of tho families had emis
saries in advance, frightening tho nogroos by
tho most ridiculous stories, whilo they fol
lowed nnd bought at ruinous figures. I
think, however, the movement, 1ms now about
spent ?ts forco. The whites concluded it best
to shut oft' all means of transportation, and
havo thus far succeeded, hut several who havo
observed tho situation closely hnvo concluded
it host to lot these pcoplo got away; thoy will
liston to no reason, and oro absolutely elotor*
mined to go. and wo aro afraid their presonco
will demoralize tllOSO who wish to I emilio by
exciting projudlco against the whites for try?
ing to prevent so sonsolcss an exodus."
OJbi-uLx*oli Dirootox'y.
Baptist Church-Kev. O. T. Gresham, pastor.
Preaching every Sunday nt ll o'clock A. M. and
on every Sunday except, tho first at 4 o'clock P.
M. and on ovory Saturday before tho first Sun
day at ll o'clock A. M. Sunday Sohqol every
Sunday morning nt OJ o'clock A. M. Prayer
meeting Thursday evening at 8 o'olook P. M.
Tho following appointments will bo filled by
Hov. J. J. Novillo for tho scoond quarter ending
fourth Sunday lu Juno: Old Pickcns Saturday
boforc tho fonrlh Sunday, at 3 P. M. and Sun
day at ll A. M. Fairview fourth Sunday al \
P. M.
Preaching in Ibo Presbyterian Church by Kev.
S. h. Morris, Pastor, on first Sabbath nt 11A.
M.; second Sabbath at 7J r. M.; third Sabbath
nt ll A. M. and 7.J P. M.; fourth Sabbath at 1\
v. M. Sabbath S?ho.ol ovory Sabbath at OJ A,
M. Prayer meeting lcclurp CY<?7 Wednesday
night at 7A r. M.
A Columbia oorroRpondont, writing to tito
Augusta Evening News, says! "Tho author
of 'Ashurst,' tho pmo njvoi of tho Charles?
tun News and Courier, is a lion hearted lady,
u vein ROO in Columbia, at tho timo of its oc
cupation by the Federal troops under ?Sher
man. When tho torch Was about hoing
applied to hor residcuco and sho uns urgod
to leave by the Fcdoral soldiers, who hold it,
oho Hatty rofusod, saying that sho would
rather bo burnt up with heir ubiidron and
perish in Ibo flames. An attempt was then
mudo to compel ber to lenvo hy force, ono
soldier even going so fur ns tn lay his hands
on hor. Hurling him bnek, rho dared all, i.t
tho peril of their livos, to repent tho insult.
Lost in admiration ut tho pluok of this
Southern woman, her house was pormittod
by tho incendiaries to remain unmolested."
Listen to this, yo hurd wot ked dorks, from
a Correspondent of tho New Orleans Times: I
would rather havo forty aoros of lund and a
log house, with ono room-ye", lind tho
woman I love, and s'nmq lattice work over tho
window, so that tho sunlight would fal)
checkered on tho baby in tho eimile, and n
few hollyhocks nt tho corner of tho hnufio' 1
would rather havo that, mid a nico path lend
ing down to tho spring, whoro I could RO und
boar tho water gurgling; would rather Iii o
thine und dio there than bo u clerk in ney
sloro or any government on cr.rth.
Married, on April 3d, by T. H. llimsoy,
Esq., on Tugoloo Uiver, Mr David N. Pills
to Mi s Salina Long, all of Oconco.
On tiic 8d day of May, by the same,
Mr. Win. lt lins to Miss Hinda Liles, till of
i Married, nt flair Play, S. 0., on tho
evening of May Otb, Miss Mary A., daugh -
ter of Mr J P. lludgcns, to Mr W. C.
I MoCarley, of Townvillo, S. C., by tho Ucv.
I J. lt. Riley.
Lnuronsvillo Herald picoso copy.
la tho fruitful source of many diseases, promt.
neut among wlilcfi aro
LOBB of Appotito and Nausea, tho bowels
aro costive, but somotimca altomato with
ioo_s0nosa,_Pairx in t ho j lend, accompanied
with fTliullBonsationin tho baoi port.Palu
?n tho right nido and dudor tho _shouidor>
bh?doT fullnessi_aftor_oating, ^?tli_a_diB?n?
olination to exertion of body ormind, irri
tability of tompor, Low opirita, Lons of
memory, with n feeling of having; nogloetod
aomo duty,^onoral_\vjearmoHs^Diiijiiii^8Bj
Fluttering at tho l?oart, Dote bofor? tho
?yea, Y^Uow_Skin, Hoiidaoho generally
?vor tho right oyo, fteutlossnoaantnight
With fitful dreams, highly colore tl Ul ino.
oro especially adapted to such
oases, a single dose effects
such a chango of fooling as to
astonish tho sufferer.
?re coniiioinirto'il from Rnbstnnco? that nro
freo from any proporllcH(lint cnn in juro
tho mont dolleuto organisation. They
ftenrcli, Clean.e, l'urify, and Invlgorato
the rntiro svMioni. Hy relieving tho en?>
Koi-fti'il Liver, they clon?te the blood
from not nu nd un li IMHO rn, amt iii un Impart
health and vi i ni 11 y to the body, eumina
the li owe I ? to act naturally, without
which no ono cnn foel well.
A Noted Divine says:
Dr. TUTT :-Donr Sir ; Vor ton years 1 hs ve boen
a ulm I > i to Dyspepsia, Constipation and Pilos. I .nut.
Spring your Pill* wrro recoinmnndoit to mo; I need
thom ( but with I it t lo faith). 1 nm II? B Woll man,
havo good appui ito, digestion perfect, reguhir stool?,
niles Komi, mid I havog.iiimil forty pounds solid lloab.
They oro worth thuir weight in ifold.
REV. lt. I* SIMPSON, J/mlsville, Ky
Their first cited is to lucrcnno tho Appetite!,
and CAURO thu body to 'Palco on ITcnh, thus Itu)
system IH H om i.shcil, mid by their Tonio Ac
tion on thu Directive Oreuns, Rog?la*?
Hioolu aro produced.
" Few disosses exist that ennnot ho redorad by re?
storing tho I.ivor to its normal functions, and fot
this purpose no romody lins ever bein invented that
has as happy an offoot as TU IT'.s I'll ,1 .S."
Ofilco 35 Murray Slrcot, Now York.
tr Dr.TUTT'S MANUAL of Valuable Infor
mation natl Uxcful Keceipta" will bu malled/TM
on application.
Iii,AUK by a singlo application of tht<i DYK. It hu
part? a Natural Dolor, aots Inatantanoonaly, and M
as Harmless as spring water. Hold by Druggists, or
?ont by express on rocolpt of $1. .'
Oftico, 35 Murray St., Now York.
March 27, 1879 20-ly
Elizabeth Counts, plaintiff ")
?lohn llydo, ns oxoeutor of |
thc last will of Mary A. I
Soogginft dcooascdi Sarah f bMI?'???8
A. Hide, wife of John H yde |
und yt i R Sooggins. tiefen? I
dantd. j
To John llydo, aa Executor of tho Inst will
of Mary A. Scogj-ins, deceased. Surah A.
Hyde, wife of John Uydo.unJ NV. ll. So^
gins, dofontlant8
YOU aro hereby summoned and required
to answer tho complaint in thia notion, a
oopy of which is hied in tho oflico of thc Clerk
of tho Court of Common Pleas, for tho County
of Oconco ami to servo a copy of your answer
on tho subscribo? nt their oflico ill tho town
of Walhalla, S. G., within twenty days nftor
tho sorvioe of this summons on yon, oxclur
alvo of tho day of corvice. If you fall to
anflwer thu complaint within that timo thc
Plaintiff will tnko judgment against you for
tho roliof demanded in tho cnmplnint.
Plaintiff's Attorneys
j Z^n. j J. W. ST1UUMNO, 0. C. P.
To W. Bi Scoggins, ono of tho Defeiulanta
npnko notico that tho numinous of which tho
J_ foregoing is a copy, and tho complaint
liomin woro flied, in tho offico of tho Clork
of tho Court of Common Picas for tho county
of Ooonoo, In tho Stato aforesaid, on tho 4th
day of April, 1870.
April 8th, 1870.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
April 10, 1.179 21-0
O&oo of County Auditor,
XMAY 0, 1879.
l)V an AtH Of tho Legislature, approved Do
iombcr 21th, 1878, I am required to iippoi.i'.
brou intelligent and discreet freeholders io
mob Township in thc County, who shall consti
tue a Township Hoard of Assessors for Heal
['.state. I therefore moko tho following appoint?
ncnts, viz:
Conter-W. J. Rix, S II. Johns and J. A.
Seneca-Sloan V St ri hiing, II. Y. II. Lowery
ind l?. P. Vernor,
Tugaloo-John S. Dickson, Wm. J. Slribling
ind O. I. Walker.
Wagoner-W. C Keith, W. J. Nevill and P.
F. Sharp.
Keowec-A. II. Grant, B, Frank Robertson
tind J. M. Cannon;
Pulaski-\V. ll. Thrift, Wm. J. Deal on mid J.
F.. Phillips
Chatlooga-Abel Robins, Geo. W. Synuncs
and W. A King.
Willi? Water-Jes3c Lay, Franklin L. Moody,
Jr., and Wm. Howland.
The persons appointed for the several Town*
Elli ps will meet together at some convenient
pince, lake tho constitutional oalh of office,
elect a chairman and thus become thc Township
Hoard of Assessors. Tho chairmen of the
several Township Hoards >hall together consti
tute the 0hUhty Hoard of Equalisation. For
tho purpose ot* organizing Said County Hoard
the chairmen of tho various Township Hoards
will meet in tho Auditor's Office on MONDAY.
Ibo 2d day of Juno, 1879.
0? 13. WATSON,
Auditor Qcouop County.
May fi, 1870 2t?
Oconee Oounty.
Uti thc Douri Common I* I eas.
Amanda H Liles, Plaintiff, against Win Henry
Liles, Frances M Liles. Charles L Liles, Wm
J Gowan, Wm Lat mer Whisenant? Mary Ann
Whisoiiiuit, David L Liles, Wm J Liles,
Chorlos O Liles, John D Liles, Jesse J Liles,
Mary Juno Frances Liles and Charles W
?Moat n, Defendantu ->COMPLAINT FOR PAWT?
TION., Km.im', Sw.
To (ho D?tendants i'? the above stated case
YOU ?nd each of you aro hcrohy summoned
and required to answer tho complaint in this
ictlon. which is filed in thc office of thc Clerk
if thc Court of Common Pleas in und for tho
bounty and State aforesaid, and serve u copy of
four answer on tho subscriber nt his o Di ce in
he Court House nt Walhalla, South Carolina,
?viihin twenty days rifler tho service of Ibis
summons on you, exclusive of the doy of scr
,'ico. If you fail lo answer tho compiuint within
hat limo thc plaintiff will apply lo thc court
or thc relief demanded in the complaint.
N. li. GARY,
Attorney for Plainliir.
April 2-Jlh, 187'.).
|i" s. JJ. W. ST it in LING, c. c. p
To Charles W Mn?o?, Wm J Cowan, David
Lewis Liles, Wm J Liles, (Muirles O Liles, John
I) Liles, Jesse J Liles and Mary Jane Frances
Liles, Defendants abovo named, who arc non
residents of this Stale-?
Take notice thal Hie summons and complaint
licreln is filed in thc office of (lie Clerk ol* the
Jourt. of Common t'lens at tho Coiirt House in
Walhalla, South Carolina, for the purposes
[herein set forth, and if you fail lo answer (lie
JOtlipluillt within I lie time aforesaid ( he 1' lain t i lt
(Vill apply lo thc court for tho relief demanded
in (he complaint. N. H UARY,
Plaintiff's Attorney, Walhalla,
Oconee County, S. C.
April 24, 1879 2S Ot
Sheriff's Sales.
]">Y virtue of nn execution to mo directed I
1) will sell, on MONDAY, sale day in June,
1870, at (lie Court House door in Walhalla,
act ween tho legal hours of sale, Hie following
described properly, lo wit:
ON IC Tract of Lund situated in Oconoc
County, containing 80 acres, more or less,
adjoining lands of W. J. Duffie and others,
levied on ns tho property of James lt. Cox
at the suit of Isoao Standridge.
Sheriff Oconoc County.
May 8, 1879 25-41
WALHALLA, 3. C., APRIL 29, 1879.
NoTlCE is hereby gii/cn that Hie Auditor's
Office will bo open to receive TAX RETURNS
from Jilnt 1st 16 Jnly SUtb, 1879.
Thc Auditor or his Assistant will attend at tho
following places at tho (imo iipeciftod for tho
rtssossmelit of Personal Properly, viz:
West Union, Monday, Juno Dili.
Seneca City, Tuesday and Wednesday, Juno
1 ot li and 1Kb.
Hird Abbolt's, Thursday, Juno 12th.
Sillon's Mills, Friday, Juno 13lh.
J. II. Sanders', Saturday, Juno lilli.
Fair Play, Monday and Tuesday, Juno ICI h
and 17 th.
Bachelors' Retreat, Wednesday, Juno loin.
Westminster, Thursday and Friday, Juno 19lh
and 20th.
Thomas Powell's, Saturday, Juno 21st.
Fenton Hall's, Tuesday, June 2-ilh.
Mrs. Barker's, Wednesday, June 25th.
MoDndo's Mills, Thursday, .1 une 2Mb,
William Rowland's, Friday, Juno 27th.
Lay's Mills, Saturday, Juno 28th.
Talley's Shops, Tuesday, July 1st.
High Falls, Wednesday, July 2d.
After thc 20th of July tho returns of those
failing lo return will bo made from tho best in
formation that can bo obtained and fifty por
cent, added thereto.
All malo poisons from twcnly-ono to sixty
years of ago, oxcopting thoao exempt by law,
aro requirod to return their polis.
Merchants, manufaoturcrs and hankers must
make their feturns fl rici ly according to law.
Knoll (ax-payor, except, whon impossible to
do so, must mnko their own return.
All assessments of poysonal properly must
bo "ibo Usual selling price of similar properly
on (lie usual terms at executors' or administra -
tors1 sates, nt Hie placo yyhoro Ibo rellim in
mado." ?. B, WATSON,
Auditor Oconeo County.
Moy \, 1879 24-81
?E?Y M TUE W?&(L(S>M
Ono teaspoonful of this Soda used willi sour
milk equals four teaspoonsfuls of tho
best linking Powder, saving
twenty limes its cost.
8oc package for
valuable information,
tf tho teaspoonful ia too largo amt docs not
produce good results at first, uso
less afterwards.
April 3, 1879 20-Gt
New Goods.
New Goods.
AT Greatly Reduced Pricos at tho
\yJ\.l^Lj Full Lino of NEW SPRING
CALICO beforo purchasing elsewhere.
DATS, (ofnil kinds)
J30 O TS ti- SHOKS,
LEA TH ER. and
Which wc will sell at tho very
Lowest IPrices for
Being dotormlnod to soil, it will ho an nd
vantago to tho public to call and see us beforo
tboy sell thoir p'roduco or buy their goods
somewhere else.
March 27. 1879 10
JOI{N 1?. HUHNS \- \ CEO. W. HAYS.
Have on hand a largo Stock of
II O O K I TV' ti S T O V K S ,
Such as
Which wo sell under a guarantee-prices rang
ing from $12 up. Wo keep a largo stock of
Plain, I'ressod, Rctinnod and Copper Ware,
which wo sell cheap for cash.
Wo aro prepared todo all kinds of work dono
in tho Stovo nnd Tin lino.
Roofing and Guttering modo n specially.
An examination of Slock and orders solioitcd.
Thankful for pnst favors, weare, respectfully,
April 17, 1879 22-ly
O o one o County,
Iii thc If curt Common Picas.
ll A Oilmer, Plaintiff, against ll M Payiio and
To H'M Payne and T ll Knox, tho Defendants
in tho abovo stated case
YOU and each of you aro horcby summoned
and required toans^or the complaint in Ibis
action, which is filed in tho office of (bc Clork
of tho Court of Common l'loas in and for tho
County and Stato aforesaid, at Walhalla, South
Carolina, and servo a copy of your answer on
the Huhscrihcr nt his ofhco in (ho Court House
nt Walhalla, South Carolina, within twoniy
days after tho scrvico hereof, exclusivo of (ho
day of scrvico. If you fail to answer .the com
plaint wilhih (hat time, tho Plaintiff will ((tko
judgment against you for tho sum of ono hun
dred and thirty-seven dollars, besides interest
and for tho costs of this notion.
N. li. CARY,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Walhalla, S. C., April 21, ?870.
Witness-3 \V STRini.iNO, C C P.
To H M Payno and T ll Knox, tho Defendants
above 'namoi
Tako notice, thal if you fail to answer tho
complaint Within tho timo aforesaid, (ho Plaintiff
will take judgment against you for tho sum of
ono hundred and thirty-seven dollars, besides
iuineV and Ibo cb?ts of this notion.
. N. Vi. CA RV,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
April 21, 187? 28-6t
Dry Goods.
Oils &
Painter's Sundries.
Stewart Sewing Machine,
Howe Sewing Machino,
Davis Vertical Feed Sowing
If you arc wanting to buy a
you should not fail to give us a
call, as wc arc ollering bargains.
Country produco of every de
scription bought.
Wc make a speciality in grocer
ies of every description, at Rock
Bottom prices.
J. E, Hendrix & Son.
April 10, 1879 21
Lo our patrons sud friends the fresh arrival of
our SPRING STOCK OF GOOUS, consisting of
the Latest Novelties of tho Soason, suoh as
Prints, Dress Goods, Lawns, Jaconets, Nain
sooks, Cambric and India Long Cloths, kv.
A beautiful linc of Notions, consisting of
Hid and Lisle Gloves, (all colors.) Fans, Fan
and Handkerchief Girdles, Silk Tics, Collars
and Cuffs, Hufllcs, Uuching and Collaret ?CM.
A full assortment of (Jeni,,' Furnishing doods,
lints of ail varieties, Straw, Wool and Foll;
Ploaso call and examine pur Stock, ns thon
you can form a belier idea of what wc have.
C. L. RE?D & CO,
Marett 27, 1870 10-ly
WALHALLA, S. C., April g, 1870.
'piIE Treasurer of The town of Walhalla will
1 have his books open for tho calloolian oj
taxes for tho fiscM year 1870, on tho lui ?Jay of
May, 1879, and all laxes not paid on or before
tho 1st day of Juno. 1879, will haVe tho penalty
of 20 per cent, added. Tho levy is ''fifteen
cents on cvo^y ono hundred dollars' worth of
real and personal properly.
Ry order of Ibo Council,
C. E. WATSON, Clork.
April 10, 1879 21-4
State of South Carolina.
Young Davis, Plaintif/, ns. William B. Davis,
C. D. Davis, Elizabeth B.. Elston, Letty
Ann Fisher, Laura J. Mashburn nee Davis,
John S. Davis, Effi.0 Loo Davis, Waltor Q,
pnvis, Mary D. Davis, Hattie Davis, Mattio
Davis, Wado H. Davis, Mary L, Holmes ?ed
Davis, Sallie B. Davis, Nannie M. Davis,
Harvey ?. D/dvis, Bontrice E. Davis, War
ron H. Davis and ClilTio II. Davis, Defend
ants--Summons for Partition of Real
Estate, Relief, d>c.
To tho Dcfondai.'s above named
YOU nrc hereby nmmoncd and roquircd
to answertho complaint in this action',
which is filed Mn tho oftico of tho Clerk bf
tho Court of Common Pleas for tho enid
county and to sorvo a copy of your answer to
tho said complaint on th? subscriber at his
ofEoo, on tho publie square in tho town c,f
Walhalla, in tho County npd State aforesaid
within twenty days after tho BOrvico horcof,
exclusivo of tho day of such service; and if
yon fail to answer tho complaint within tho
time aforesaid, tho plaintiff in this action will
apply to tho Court for tho relief demanded in
tho complaint. S j,P. DENDY,
Plaintiff's Attornoy.
Walhalla, S. C. April 2lst, 1870.
j rT.^s! j J. W. STRIBLING, C. O. &
To tho Absent Defendants-William H. Davbf
C. D. Davis, John S. Davis,. Eli/,abatli \\
npAKE notico that tho summons and conv
.JL plaint in this notion was fllod In tho ofiioq
of tho Court of Common Pleas foftCWneii
County, South Carolina, on ?ho 2lst day of
April, A. D. 1879, for Partition of tho Heal
Estato of Harvey Davis, doceaspd, (ind for
reliof, ko. ' ' '
Walhalla, S.C. April 24. 1879.
Plaintiff's Attorbey.
April 21, ttTO ? 23-0t.

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