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NO. ?7.
A whisper broko tho air
A soft, light touo and low I
Yet barbed with shame and woo,
Ah mo! a quiok and oagor car
Oaughl up tho little, monning sound;
Another voioo hud breathed it clear,
yVnd so it wandered round
From oar to lip, from lip to car,
Uutil it reached a gent?o heart,
And that-it broko.
_._ I
[Special to tho Courier Journal.]
Getting Woighod.
A Babylonian King Who Carried Things
to Extremes in Trying to Please His
Wife-The Man Who Thinks tko /Sab
bath a Vulgar Interruption and Drums
Jqr OuUomers-A Sight for the Whole
BROOKLYN, April 25.-Serv?aos in thc
Brooklyn Tubornaolo were opened this
morning with thc Hinging of thc hymn:
(<JosU8 shall rcigu wherc'or tho sun
Docs his successive journeys ruo."
Dr. Talmago preached tho following dis
course, taking his text from Daniel 5, 27
"Thou art weighed iu tho balance and
found wanting." His subjoot was
Babylon was tho paradise of architecture
Driven out from thence, thc most elaborate
structures of modern times aro only thc
evidences of her fall. After tho site of
Babylon hud bcon Bolcctcd, 2,000,000 of
men wcro employed for tho construction of
tho wall and principal works. Tho walls
of thc city wcro sixty miles in ciroumfer
cnoo. They woro surrouuded by a trench
out of v^hich had becu dug tho material for
tho coustruotioo of thc city. Tbcro wcro
tweuty-?vo gates of solid brass ou each
side of thc squaro city. Between every
two gotos a great watoh tower sprang up
into tho heavens. From each of the twen
ty-five gates on cither sido n streut, ran
through to thc gates on tho other side, go
that tboio were lifty streets, each fifteen
miles long, which gavo to tho city on
appearance of wonderful regularity. Tho
houses did not joiu each other on thc
ground, and between them wcro gardens
and shrubbery. From house top to house
top bridges swuug, over whioh thc inhabi
tants wcro accustomed to pass. A branch
of tho Euphrates wont through thc city,
over which a bridge of marvelous structure
was ?brown, and under which a tunnel ran.
To keep tho river from overflowing thc city
in times of freshet, a great lako was ar
ranged to catch thc surplus, in whioh the
water was kept as in a reservoir until times
of drouth, when it was sent streaming
down over tho thirsty laud. A palace
stood at each cud of tho Euphrates bridge;
one palace a mile and three-quarters iu
compass and tho other palaco seven and n
half miles in circumference. Tho wifo of
Nebuchadnezzar, having been brought up
amid tho mountains of Media, could not
stund it in this lint country of Babylon, and
so, to picoso her, Nebuchadnezzar had a
mountain four hundred feet high built in
thc midst of thc city. This mountain was
surrouuded with terraces, for thc support of
which great arches woro lifted. On thc
top of these arches flat stones wero laid;
then a layer of reeds and bitumen; then
two rows of bricks closely cemented; i hen
thick sheets of lead, upon which tho soil
was placed. The earth herc deposited was
so deep (bat the largest trees had room to
anchor their rools. All tho glory of thc
flowery tropics was spread out nt that tre
mendous height, until it must have seemed
to ono below as though tho clouds were all in
blossom, and tho very sky loaned on thc
shoulder ot thc cedar. At thc topan ongino
was eonstructcd, whioh drew tho water
from tho Euphrates, far below, and made
it spout up amid this garden of tho skies.
All this to please bis wife. I think sho
must have been pleased.
In tho midst of this city stood also tho
temple of Bolus. Ono of its towers was
one-eighth of a milo high, und on thc top
,of it an observatory, which gavo thc astro
nomers great advantage, ns, being at so
great a height, ono could easily talk with
tho stars. This templo was full of cups
qnd statues and censers, till of gold. Ono
imago weighed a thousand Babylonish
.talents, which will bo equal to fifty-two
million dollars. But why enlarge? Tho
city is besieged and doomed. Though
provisioned for twonty years, it shall fall
to-night. Sec tho gold and silver pluto
flash on tho king's table! Pour out tho
rioh wino from tho tankards into thc cups.
Brink, my lords, to tho health of tho king.
Drink to tho glory of Babylon. Drink to
tho defenders of thc city. Drink to n
glorious future. Startle not nt tho splashed
wino on Ibo tablo, as though it were blood.
Turn not palo at'tho clash ot tho cups, as
though it wcro tho clang of arms. On
with tho mirth!
Heel on thoir ohairs, and quarrel and curse.
Tho besotted king sags back on his chair
nod stares vacantly on tho wall. But that
vacant look takes on intensity. It is un
nflrightcd look. As ho gazes thc lords gaze.
Every oyo is turned to tho wall. Darkness
falls upon tho room. Thc blaze of tho gold
plato goes out. Out of thc black sleeve of
tho darkness a floger of licry terror tromblcs
through tho air and comes to tho wall,
oiroling about ns though it would write,
und thon with a sharp tip of llamo engraves
on tho plastering tho doom of tho king:
I "Weighed iu tho balanco aud found want
Tho bong of heavy fists against thc
polaco gatos followed by tho ornshing in of
tho doors. A thousand gleaming daggers
striko through a thousand quivoring boarts.
And now death is tho king aud his throno
a heap of corpses. An uusecn balanco had
been not up in tho festal hall. God swung
it. Nebuchadnezzar's opportunities on ono
sido of tho balanco nnd his sins on tho
other. Down went his sins; up went
his opportunities. Weighed, and found
wu ming.
There has been n great deal of cheating
iu this country by falso weights and meas
ures. Tho Government appointed commis
stoners to stamp thc weights und measurer.
Much of tho wrong hos been righted. I
speak of another kind of sonics. Wo all
havo been in Ibo habit of making mistakes
in our weighing ot men and things. There
is, indeed, only ono pair of bulanccs abso
lutely perfect, and tbut is eusponded from
tho throno of God Almighty. Oilier bal
ances got out of order. Tho chain breaks or
thc metal <s clipped or tho equipoise in
somo other way is broken, and a pound
docs not always mean a pound, and you
pay for ono thing oud get another, But
thc halnne.es of God never loso their adjust
ment. With them a pound is a pound, thc
right is right and wrong is wrong, and a
soul is a soul, and eternity is eternity.
God hos u bushel measure, a peck measure
and a gallon measure. Whenever a mer
chant measures a bushel of wheat, or Halt,
or oom, God weighs it immediately after
him. Tho merchant's measure may bc
wrong, but God's measure is just right, ll
n merchant mensuro a gallon of oil nnd
docs not givo thc proper quantity, God
measures it for him and says: "So many
drops too few. Recording angel, write it
down." If a farmer comes to town willi
apples for salo aud ho does not give full
measure, tho apples are immediately pul
into God's peck, nnd record is made ol
tweuty apples too few. Wo may cheal
ourselves and we may client our neighbor
but in tho Inst day wc shall lind that who1
wc learned ot BObool in our boyhood is true
that twelve ounces make a poiind ?nt
2,000 weight make a ton and 128 nolie
feet make ono cord of wood-no more, ni
But I om not now to speak of Lh<
weighing ol coffees ond sugars, but of th
weighing of principles, of individuals, o
churches aud of worlds. Many suppos'
that sin is imponderable; but it is henv
enough to crush a world. Yes, our cart
itself is to bo put on scales, with oil it
mountains ond valleys and 6cas. Yo
would think that tho Alps and Pyrenee
and Himalayas and Mount Washington
and oil tho cities on one t-'idc of thc scalo
No! God will nt lost seo what opportunitic
thc world hud, and what opportunities ai
neglected; and ho will sit down on th
white throne to seo tho old world weigher,
aud will BOO it risc in tho . balanco lighti
than a feather; and ho will cry out. to h
messengers who carry tho torch; f'Bu't
that world. Weighed and found wanting.
God is every day estimating ohuroho
Ile puts a groat church into tho scales, ll
puts tho ministry and tho choir, and tl
grand structure, that costB hundreds i
thornlands of dollars, on tho [?anio sido. G
thc other side of tho sonics bc puts tho id?
of spiritual lifo that tho church ought I
possess, or brotherly lovo, or faith, or sym
pathy for thc poor. Up goes tho gran
meeting house with its minister and ohoi
God says that a ohuroh is of much won
only os it saves souls; nnd if, with all yo
magnificent maobincry, you save but
handful of men when you might Bavo
multitude ile will spew you ouC his mout
Weighed and found wtintiug.
God is also estimating nations. Ho p
tho Spanish monarchy in thc scales ni
found it unsufliclent to cost it aside. I
put tho French monarch, with his Einpit
in thc scales. Napoleon cried out: US
what I have dono to cnlargo thc Boul
vards; I kindled up tho glories of t
Champs Elysees; I enlarged thc Tuileru
I built tho guilded Opera House." Th
God put on one side of thc scales thc Iii
peror, and tho Boulevard*, und thc Chum
Elysees, und tho Tuileries, and tho guild
Opera House, bul on Ihc other sido of t
scales ho put tho man's abominations a
the outrages ho had committed nguiust t
French nation. Down went the Bins;
went tho Emperor with all his surroundin?
"Weighed in tho balanco nnd fouud wai
Dut I want to becomo moro personal,
havo heard persons say thot ministers our.
to deal with persons in thc abstract, a
not bc personal. What success would
hunter have if ho went out to shoot n d
in tho obstruct? Ile puts tho butt of I
gun to his breast; lays his eyes along I
barrel; takes suro aim; draws tho trigg
and crush go tho antlers on tho roc
What if a physician oallcd into your ho
should treat your ailments in tho nbstrn
How long before tho inflammation woi
heal or tho pain be ossuagod? What fe
to talk about pin in tho abstract when ]
nnd I havo in our souls a malady that m
bo cured, or it will kill us, miserably (
God lifts tho balanco this morai
.Judgment doy is ooming. livery day ii
day of judgment. Wo aro t h is mom
being oanvasscd, inspcoted, weighed. ]
do not let us all get on tho vscales at 01
Wc will tako ono nt a time. Who will
on first? Hero is a volunteer. Ho ii
moralist-as upright n mon ns thcro is
Brooklyn. Got in brothor. What if
you havo in tho buudlo? Ho says; |'J.
my reputation for morality ond uprightness
und integrity." Leave that behind, lt is
not fair that you oarry a bundle with you.
Wo just want to measure you. llavo you
slandered your neighbors? You suy,
"Never havo 1 slandered thom," What
outrago havo you committed against sooi
cty? You soy, "None." So fur, so ^ood.
Havo your thoughts always been right?
You answer, "No." I put down ono mark
against you. Have you served dod ns you
ought? "No." Another mark against
you. llavo you loved thc Lord Jesus Christ
with all your soul? "No." Another
mark against you. Como now, bo frank.
Have you not, in ton thousand things, como
short of your duty? "Yes." Then I put
dowu tcu thousand marks against you.
Hiing mo a Inigo book, in which 1 may
(tinko record of your defects und neglects.
Do not jump out of tho scales until 1 have
examined them. You stand on ono side
with all your kindness and charities and
conciliations of behavior. Un tho otho
side I put just ono weight. By tho deeds ot
tho law sholl no flesh "living bo justified.'
Down goes thc weight, up go your good
works. "Weighed iu thc balance and fouut
Who will como next? Hero conics i
formolist, who gels on tho soaks-a mat
whose religion is made up of gunallo.-lions
8osturo3 aud outward proprieties. Brother
what is that you have in your pocket? II
says: "It is a Westminster Assembly Cute
chism." What is it you huvo in tha
other pocket? Ile says that is tho Heidel
berg Catechism. What is that you liav
Ho says it is n church record. Who
ore those books I seo scattered around o
your sido of tho scales? lio saya they or
Calvin's Institutes. My brother, wc di
not como hero to weigh booka, however goo
they moy bc. Wo want on this soal
nothing but your soul; your orthodox
won't save you. Men have gone to be
wilh n catechism in euch pocket. Th
forms of religion ure only thc scufToldin
for putting up tho spiritual house. Ala
if you hu vc mistaken thc scaffolding for tl
temple itself. "But I cross myself ever i
many times," you say. That will not stn
you. But 1 read u chapter every night br
fore 1 go to bcd. That will not save yo
"But I sit nt thc communion table." Th
will not save you. "But my mimo is dow
on tho church buok." That will not sa'
you. "But I have been a professor of r<
j ligion for thirty years." That will notsu'
you. 1 place on your side of thc balan
ull the edicts, ull thc religious counsels, i
tho communion tables that were ever hui
and on thc other side of tho balance I p
this hundred pound weight: "Having t
Jar m of Godliness, bul denying (he poi
ev thereof. From such tarn away
"Weighed in tho balance and found wan
Hero comes a worldling; you can r
mistake him. His eyes, bis hands, 1
I heart uro full of business, stocks, dividem
porcontnges, scrip, "buyer ten days" buy
thirty days." His happiness is success!
bargain; his eternity, so many feet dc<
He wants to go to Heaven, because win
there is so much gold it must bo tl
"money is easy." The most trcmendc
question ho ever asks himself is, "How I
can I buy these goods, nnd how high
price can 1 gel for thuin." Thc day is fi
of push and din, uurl he sleeps and swe
under a night mare of dollars. Thc Sa
bath is a vulgar interruption, and ho hop
on bis way to church, to drum up a n
customer. Day by day ho has been wci<
ing confections, weighing fruits, wciglii
meat, weighing ice or weighing cool,
knowing that bo all tho time was bei
weighed. I pile up beside him, on his s
of tho scales, tho hogsheads, and tho b
reis, and thc money vaults, and tho sto
house, ?nd thc cargoes, but nil theso g
lo tho worldling no additional weight,
thc very moment v/o were congratul?t
him on thc linc store, and the full blooi
stock, and thc princely income, God i
tho angels were looking upon ihc scale i
announcing tho solemn truth: "Wcigl
in tho balance and found wanting."
But I must go on faster and look nt
lost scrutiny. Wo aro passing on, heed
of thc most astounding considerations,
a moment tho ground mny break thro
and let you fall into the grave. The pu
of life, now so regularly drumming in
march, any moment may cry bolt! 0
a hair-hang bridge wo walk over
bottomless chasms. When wo goto bec
night we know not that wo shall seo
day dawn. When wo go forth from
homes wc" know not that wo shall rel
ogain. Dangers lurk about your path,
aro ready to break upon you from omb
lu a moment thc day of eternity may sv
open and invisible ushers conduct you
for reword or for retribution. A orowi:
glory is being burnished for your brow,
bolts ore being
Angels of light arc making ready to o
over your deliverance, or fionds of d
ness reaching up their skeleton hand
pull you down into tho ruin oonsuu
Suddenly the judgment will bo hero.
Angel, with ono foot on thc Ben and
other on tho hind, will swear by him
liveth forever that limo sholl be
Hark! I hear thc jarring of tho m
tains. It is tho setting down of thc bt
ces. Look! there is. something like n
from thc cloud. It is thc glitter of
shining balances. All tho un for;
souls of thc carib must got into tho si
They may strugglo to keep out, but
will put thom in. Let tho universo
on ond seo thc last great woighiug.
world moy havo weighed them and
nounood thorn moral. They may havo
weighed themselves and givcu a solf-gratu
lutory decision, but now God weighs thom
in unmistakable balances. On thia aide
of tho .seules aro placed tho souls of thc
unpardoned-their wealth all gouo: nothing
romains but tho naked souls of tho unfor
given. On tho other side of the scales aro
plaoed wasted Sabbaths, UI?B? tn proved priv
ileges, disregarded sermons, innumerable
opportunities of pardon. Hark! How
thc scales como down on this last sido,
loud no thunder! God, looking nt tho bal
ance, sholl announce, in thc presence of
man uud devils and cherubim and arch
angel, while groaoiug earthquake, and
crackling conflagration, aud judgment
trumpet, and everlasting storm shall ropoat '
it, "Weighed in thc balanco uud fouud
"But," you ask, "how, if wo repent to
day and como to God, will wo at last bo
weighed?" Yes! There is no escapo from
thc scrutiny. Thc wicked have been tested
aud driven away in their wickedness, now
let thc righteous get ou to tho balances.
"Oh," you say, "let mc off, I cannot stand
thc test." Get in yo righteous! "What!
with all my sin?" No lime to discuss tho
matter. Thc bell of judgment is tolling.
Thc balances arc adjusted-got in you must.
AH your opportuuitiea of being better and
doing moro good aro placed on ouc side of
thc soulos, and you get in ou tho other.
You uro too licht to bridge tho balance in
your favor. Ou your side are spread all
tho kind words you ever spoke and all tho
Christion deeds you ever did. Too light
Ou your eido arc all your prayers, all
your reputation, all your faith. Too light
yet! Get on this side and yo martyrs who
went through firo and flood-Wickliffe,
Ridley, and Lattin cr. Too light yet! Como
angels of God, and get on the scales, and
see if yo cannot turn tho balauco in favor
of tho saints; for tho righteous bo banished
with thc wicked. Too light yet! Hut at
this point Jesus tho Son of God, stops up
lo tho balances. Ho puta one sacred foot
on thc Christian's side of tho seules and
they tremble and quiver from top to bottom.
Ile puts both feet on, and down go thu
scales on thc Christian's sido with a stroke
that sets all thc bells of Heaven a chiming.
This Rock of Ages is heavier than any
other weight.
Rut oh Christian! you may not get off PC
easily. 1 piuco on thc opposite scale all
tho sins that you over committed and all
tho envies that hates and inconsistencies 0
a lifetime, but altogether they do no
budge tho scales. Christ, on your side
has settled tho balances forever. There h
no coudemnutian to them that aro in Chris
Jesus. Go free! go freo. Sins all pordon
cd, shookcls nil broken, prison doors al
opened. Go free! go free! Weighed it
thc balauccs and nothing wanting.
A Slap at the Bloody Shirt.
Mr. Talmagc Comes BacJe From th
South to Remark Upon thc Vigor am
Immensity of Stalwart Lying.
Mr. Talmagc directed his congregatioi
Sunday to sing, "My country, 'tia of thee,'
said his text-Judges, 1, 15-and contin
ued as follows; "To meet engagements ii
niue of tho Southern cities and to catch
glimpse of tho South land in tho sprin?
time, I made a trip two weeks long belo?
Mason and Dixon's line. I went cquippei
with questions and huugry for informatioi
on moral und religious and political subjects
I bad a grave to visit in Georgia, that c
my uncle, Dr. Samuel K. Talmagc, fo
twenty years President of Oglethorpe Uui
vcrsity. When thc wur for slavery brok
out ho lay down near tho socne of his use
fulness. Ho was one of those who aro th
adornment of tho Southern pulpit. Suol
men os Jus. II. Thornwcll and Smyth am
Duncan and Pierce aro to bc mcnlionc
with him. I went resolved to soo an
make a report of what I saw while Soutl
L had no political record to look after o
guard, for thc career of my usefulness ha
opened since tho war closed. My admira
Hon for thc Democratic and Rep?blica
parties, as parties, is so great that it woul
take one of McAllister's most powcrfi
magnifying glasses to catch n glimpse of i
American politics is rotten. That part
steals tho most which has thc heft ohano
(Applause) I found whilo South tl
most perfect proof thar, tho bulk of tl
stories wc get hero in thc North, distille
by special correspondents, aro sheer fnbri
cations and most, persistent attempts
misrepresent the real character of a !ar<
section of our people. There is no mo
need of governmental ospionago at Charlot
ton or Savannah and tim other Southe
cities than there is in New York or Rosto
Sumo people havo an iden that tho scnl
ment in tho South leans toward tho rc-c
tublishmcnt of negro slavery. Ahl t
people nrc nil heartily glud to get rid of
and tho plains now aro placed undo
better system of cultivation booauso it
gone Old plentere told mo that the wor
and anxiety and tho caro of looking uftcg
plantation of negroes is ult gone, and ni
all they havo to do is to pay tho wages
tho ond of tho month. Put it to ballot
the South whether or not you would hn
again tho system which prevailed heft
thc war and you would get a thunderi
negative Tho fight for slavery oloj
sixtcon yoars ago and those Northern po
tioinns who keep tho subject of Atnoric
slavery still rolling might as well try
malro tho Dorr rebellion in Rhode Island
tho attempt of Aaron Durr to found
empire a test for our fall election. 1
whole subjcot of American slav
is dead and damned. Tho nogro loves
work and his South, vyiicn wo heat
rivers draggod sod lakes to fish out colored
men who have been flung in wo get but
samplo otorics of what tho North is oxpootod
to boliovo of tho South, but they aro so
ridiculous as hardly to nood contradiction.
There is no maltreatment of tho colored
pcoplo, and as for Amerioan slavery, look
for it io your Northern, oities among tho
army of employees. Seo your fem?le
dorks. They nood your sympathy far
moro than tho workers of the rioo swamp
or tho sugar plantation. Find them ou
Fulton street, Brooklyn; Broadway, New
York; Washington street, Bostou; Chest nut
street, Philadelphia. Wo want reforma
tion in all these places to protcot tho weak
from tyrannical employers, and vic bad
better begin our charity at homo.
"Another impression is that there is an
hostility to Northern men who como to thc
South to nettle. Tho impression is that
they aro to bo ku kluxod or otherwise made
uncomfortable, lt is a lie. They want
oil tho help they oan got from tho North.
They want tho cotton spindles near tho
cotton fields and Northern men to manage
and Northern girls to tend thom. Of
course, tbe.ro is no moro admiration for
fools and braggarts there than hero. A
mau may go down to a Southerner as bc
works in tho field and begin bis solf-cxul
tanoo, "I'm from Boston, 1 am. Yes, I
marched through this very section with my
regiment; I remember killing a heifer on
your front stoop. What a good thrashing
we gavo you, didn't we, now?" Such ?
mon as that, to say tho least, would not
get a very hearty welcome, lie would not
be chosen a deacon in the church and it
would not bo surprising if ho moved off ot
tho most mobile section of a fenoo om
carno down without muoh altontion to tin
landing place. Yes, and I should bi
inclined to say ho deserved it. (Applause.
A Brooklyn man is as good as a Mobil
man if ho behaves himself. There is not i
moro hospitable pcoplo in tho world thai
tho people of tho South. (Applause.)
bring to-day a general invitation to you ul
and all tho North to go tho South and scttb
down. Iloraoo Greeley's cry of'Go "Wost
must be changed to 'Go South,' or rathe
added, for there is room enough all over
There aro fortunes by tho hundred to b
modo by thc first roon to go in to tukc pos
session of tho riobcB of tho South. Yoi
Northern workers, go down whore you oat
breathe. The fare is ouly $15, if you or
not too particular how you travel. Afral
of heat? You have hotter days hero tho
over are there. Of fever? Whcrovcr yo
go West, or South you havo an acolimatin
attaok, and it is only a different kind of
shako. (Laughter.) Stop cursing tb
South, and stop lying about her, and g
South and dovolop her immense resource
of mining and forests. (Applause.) Li
your Northern young men settle down wit
thc Southern young women, and under tb
magnolia grovo and thc orango trco put yoe
political feuds s3!cop in the cradle of
generation half North, half South. (Ap
plauso.) I hate to seo these stories of tit
Southern pcoplo gotton up and kept up fi
baso political purposes. (Applause
Another wrong impression is that tl
people of tho South aro antagonist
to the United States Government. Tl
pcoplo of tho South submitted to thc settle
ment of thc sword and arc submissive,
they 'cat fire' they keep a private platter
coals io o priv?te room. I sat down wit
thom and thc forks did not look as if tin
had stirred hot coals nor tho spoons
though they hod ladled fiery pap. Tl
men of tho South aro working up, and yt
can seo there men of forty and sixty yea
starting afresh in life. It is devilish in i
to call tho temper of thc South saturnin
I havo traveled a good deni and 1 have y
to find a man North who bas a fair grout
of complaint against the South. (A
plauso ) I wish that what 1 say may I
received in silence. I sometimes aime
wish for an invasion of foreign arms, to I
thc world soc what a united people wc a
at heart and how tho forces of Grant ni
Leo would march together and not a g ait
each other.
"If a half dozen politicians North ai
South would only consent to dio thc
would bo no moro sectional acrimony,
would only bo a ca60 then for the undi
takers. Wc would gladly fit up tho out
falquo and play tho 'Rogue's March.' "
An inquiry oomcs to us from San Vn
cisco, Cal., for tho children of a m
named Bushrod Carpenter, who aro si
posed to bo living in North Caroli
Bushrod Carpenter was tho son of ]
Nathaniel Carpenter, who died at K
and Queen County iu thc State of Virgi
in 1778. Bushrod had three broth*
named Nathaniel, Corydon and Willi
Fauntleroy, all of whom aro believed
havo died without issue. By deaths in
family, a large property, valued nt not 1
than pino hundred thousand dollars,
f?llen to tho children of theso four bro
ors, and as tho three others died with
issue, tho whole amount will go to
phildron of Bushrod Carpenter. He
brought into North Carolina whoo qi
young by his mother, tho widow of
Carpenter, and she is believed to huvo n
ried again hero. Thc matter seems w<
inquiring into, and if any of tho desi
dants of Bushrod Carpenter, or any pei
ablo to givo information concerning tl
will apply at tho office of this pnpor, t
can learn th? nnmo of tho gentle
inquiring for thom.-Haleigh Observer
LONDON, Moy 10.-A Gonova diap
says that eighteen persons wcro killed
wounded on Saturday, tho 8th instant
tho explosion of n dynomito magazim
Faido, belonging to tho St. Gothard rail
Tho Maino Law.
Tho Moioo Prohibitory Law and \Us
result? aro just now undergoing examina
tion. lt has becu upon tito stntuto book
about twelve years, and bas therefore boen
sufficiently tested to dotcruiiuo its practical
eflioienoy. "Docs prohibition prohibit?"
is tho question which may now bo intelli
gently answered. Tho results already at*
tai nod may bo til rited thus:
1. Drinking is uot suppressed, but it is
diminished. Tho statistics show that ono
tenth as much liquor, proportionately, is
consumed iu Maino as there was forty years
ago, and not moro than nm;--eighth us
much as in thc country at large to day.
2. Fifty years ago over two gallous of
rum were manufactured in the State to
cooli inhabitant. To-day tlicro is uot u
distillery or a brewery in thc .Stale.
3. Thc law has workod itself into so great
popularity tbut no political party or class of
men aro willing lo assail it. The only
question in thc minds of tho authorities of
thc State ia bow to make tho law moro effi
cient and thc prohibition moro oompletc.
4. Tho changes in tho rural districts aro
manifest, nud most gratifying. Thc troflio
in liquors in theso districts bas nearly
ceased, and tho number of drunkards is
greatly diminished.
5. The liquors which ore sold now aro
Bold io tho towns and largo villages. But
tho places at which they arc sold ure under
thc ban of tho law, just us brothels aud
gambling houses uro. Thc sellers of
liquor have to do it surreptitiously und by
evasion of the law aud concealment of their
business from thc publio eye. They must
skulk and dodgo and sell under luise pre
tences. Those who are looking for rum
cannot find it at every comer.
6. In tho cities there aro many cases of
drunkenness, but not many from tho nativo
population. Three-fourths of those ar
rested aro foreigners, who will have liquor,
and generally (iud out where it is to bo had.
7. Occasionally thc officials fail to
euforco tho law and open grog shops oro
seen. Dut they do not thrust themselves
into publio places, and do not put their
wares in thc windows.
8. Club rooms exist where men may
call for liquor and have it furnished to
them; but this is carefully veiled from
those who arc trying to enforce thc low.
0. Liquor sellers havo diminished in
number, and thc business hos lost what
little respectability it had.
These are the general facts; but humanity
is still tho same in Maino, and liquors oro
still sold ond bought, and used as beverages.
Tho reformation is great, but not total.
Meanwhile public sentiment is SO Strongly
in favor of prohibition that a stringent law
has just been passed, curing thc defects of
former laws, which hos so discouraged those
who have bceu quietly selling liquors, that
they must quit tho State or quit ibo busi
WASHINGTON, Al ay 12.-Mi?,
Frost, of Missouri, introduced a
resolution in the House to-day
calling on tho Secretary of State
for information as to whether any
oliieial notification or circular
letter was addressed by thc De
partment of ?State to foreign pow
I ors, or to Ministers or consular
agents of tho United States for
presentation to foreign Govern
ments upon tho occasion of thc
recent visit to foreign lands hy
Gen. U. S. Grant or immediately
prior thereto, in relation to said
visit, and if so, its nature and
character, and all correspondence
relating thereto.
lector Clark, of Georgia, tole
graphs io Commissioner Raun
from Atlanta to-day: "Deputy
Marshal Gaston has just arriv?e
with five more prisoners arrestee
in Rabun County. Ho report:
the seizure of three more distil
lories and that Revenue Agent
Chapman and Rosse were fire?
upon. Ton shots were fired, bu
no one hurt. A wagon and thro
head of stock were seized in on
of tho distilleries."
Thirty years ago lhere was hi
one pottery in this country makin
white and yellow ware, and not
mill to grind material. All th
flint and stone required was in
ported from Great Britain. No'
there aro 800 potteries in tl
United States, representing
total capital of over $6,000,00
Thc pottery craze of the last tw
or three years resulted in tl
erection of thirty new kilns
A Montana stage coach foil in
an abyss, making three complc
revolutions before striking tl
bottom, and killing the driver ai
four horses, but the two passe
gcrs inside were not dangerous

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