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?w??iii?*ii?*, et? o.
THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1880.
??f* -For subscription, $1.50 por annum,
strictly tn advance; for six months, 75 cen/?.
fji?>?" Advertisements inserted al one dollar per
si/uare of ono inch or less for the first insertion,
and fifty cents for each subsequent insertion.
t?&m Obituary Notices exceeding five lines,
HYibubes of Respect, Communications of a per
sonal character, when admissable, and Announce'
ments of Candidates will be charged for as adver
J86Sf* Job Printing neatly and cheaply executed.
tPSf Necessity compels tts to adAero strictly
to the requirements of Cash Payments,
Tho CouniER will ohargo for all announce
monts, or resolutions of olubs endorsing any
oandldato or sot of candidates. The money
must accompany tho order in overy instance.
Tho Greenville Daily News.
Mr. V. II. Ueilloy has sold tho Nows to Messrs.
Luoas, "Richardson & Co. Mr. A. B. Williams,
formerly of the Charleston News and Courier,
is the editor. Mr. Williams is n young gen
tleman of fino literary attainments and BUIB
oiont ability to make a first olass papor.
Tho NOWB contains tho latest despatches, and
will, wo doubt not, tako a high position in
- ? -i
Tho Census.
Tho following persons hnvo been appointed
and commissioned as Enumerators of tho sovcral
Townships in this County, tho different Town
ships being numbered in tho order named as
census divisions from 120 to 127 inclusive, of
Census District No. 12:
Wagener Township-Wm. J. Nevill.
Center Township-J. li. Sanders.
Chut uga. Township-Wm. A. King.
Kcowco Township-J. N. Rutherford.
Pulaski Township-lames B. Phillips.
Soncoa Township-A. 0. Sligh.
Tugaloo Township-F. B. Doyle.
Whitewater Township-James M. Wini miro.
These appointments will give general satis
faction, as thoy embrace men competent to per
form the work assigned lo them and who will
give tho oountry a full and accuralo report of
our population and nil mutters embraced under
tho law. They have received their instructions
and will euler upon (heir work next Tuesday,
tho first day of Juno. Tho law requires that
tho enumeration should bo completed during Hint
month, so that (bo enumerators will bo kept
busy. Our people should afford thom every
facility in their work and answer all questions
put to thom promptly, and (ho law makes it a
misdemeanor in any poison refusing lo answer
tho questions, punishable by a fino of ono hun
dred dollars. They arc required to report tho
munbee, age, sex and place of birth of Ibo
cutiro population of thc County. Tho questions
upon agriculture number 101, developing infor
mation as to thc products of tho County, I ho
acres in cultivation, tho yield of tho various
products, the amount of milk, butter, cheese,
&c, made, tho growth of cattle, horses, mules,
tdiccp, goals, hog3, &c, and everything of inlc
rosl connected with tho farm. Tho manufactur
ing and mineral resources of (he County are
also to bc reported. There aro also special
schedules for special hades and avocations.
With tho amount of information required il will
bo difficult lo complete tho work in ouc month,
unless every facility in thc way of prompt
answers arc afforded.
Across tho Country.
Professional business called us to Pickens
on tho 17th instant. Wc traveled by private
convoynncc and thus enjoyed n good oppor
tunity to sec the growing crops and noto their
oondition. Wo did not seo n singlo field or
even patch of wheat but had rust on thc
blades, though ns yet none seems to bo on
tho stalk. Thc urea devoted to small grain
in both Pickcns and Oconec is pcrhups larger
than it has been in a number of years, and
apart from tho rust, the prospect was very
fino. Wheat has a good stand nnd height
nnd tho heads gcnorally ure long, but by
reason of tho rust a half crop ia hardly ex
pected. Oats have been sowed largely and
though low will yield a good crop with tho
exception of nn occasional fiold which has
rust. Tho lato raina will causo them to
streich up sufficiently high for harvesting and
tho crop will bo a great help to our fanners,
enabling them to bridgo over thc scarcity of
corn. Byo is sown to a very small oxtonl,
nnd with us is not a profitable crop, except
for tho purpose of improving tho land. Wo
do not remember that wo havo over known a
moro universally good stand of both cotton
and corn or a better prospect for a largo yield
nt this season than tho prcBcnt year. Tho
plants look healthy and vigorous und grow
off rapidly. Besides, tho thrco wcoks of dry
weather in tho oarly part of Moy havo ena
bled tho farmers to put all their growing
crops in good condition, and thc recent season
will havo tho greatest influonoo in pushing
tho growth of all crops. Wo think tho urea
in cotton is larger in thia county than during
any season sinco tho war. Wo ncod a good
crop year and hope wo aro about to ronlizo it.
Our pooplo nro putting all their enorgios to
their farms nnd with good seasons wo hopo
most of them will got clear of debt.
Gen. Grant.
At tho timo of our last issuo tho star of
Gen. Grant was on tho wnno, and his chances
for nomination for tho Prcsidonoy npponred
likoly to go oft* in a flash or to ond in
dofoat. AntWhird term associations wcro
hoing formed in tho North and West, wcro
holding meetings and passing resolutions
ogainat a third term as dangerous to the
liberties of tho country and a violation of a
procodont established sinco tho days of
"Washington. Tho New York Iferald do*
nouncod in emphatic terms tho nomination of
Grant, declared if nominated ho would bo
defeated, and advised Oonkling', Logan and
Gamoron, tho third torm Syndicnto, that their
only 8afoty from political death consisted in
loaving tho sinking ship of Grant and tnok/
ing on- to Visit or some other prominent
Republican. Since thon tho UlinoisGonvontion
has boon hold nnd has cloctod n solid Grant
delegation to tho National Convention, and
Ibo Herald, upon second thought, not only
nd vooatos his nomination, but declares ho is
the only fit candidato to load- tho Kopuhlicnn
party to victory. In ono wook from
apparent weakness tho strength of Grant
has so increased ns to almost insure
his nomination on tho first ballot. Tho
Herald has published tho vote claimed
for Grout by Stotos whioh havo hold con
ventions, giving him 323 votos, Biaino 253
and Sherman 08. Wo bolievo that 370
aro a majority and it is now alrnoBt oortain
Grant will roooivo tho Republican nomina
tion for Fresidont, unless a tidal untUGraot
wavo should blow up in a fow days. As
tho Convention is so near at baud this is
hardly expected. Wo cannot say wo re
grot tho prospect for Grant, for wo think
ho is more likely to bo defeated than ono
not exciting tho objeotions usod against
bim. If bo should bo olootcd his luto tour
through tho South and his speeches will
certainly prevent any oppression of our
Tho State Convention
Will meet noxt Tuesday, tho first day of
Juno. Tho Mxecutivo Committees of tho
Congressional and Judioiul Conventions
havo as yet made no call, and though most
of tho counties have appointed delegates to
theso conventions, still no nominations eau
bo made at tho State Convention. In foot
the constitution of tho party requires the
conventions to bo held in thc respective
districts and circuits, so that our Judicial
Conventions must meet in ono of tho coun
ties comprising this oircuit. Tho work of
tho Stuto (lonvcution is looked forward to
with much interest by tho people, and es
pecially its uotion ou tho propriety of nomi
nating Stute officers nt this time. Tho
nomination of delegates to Cincinnati is
of lilllo consequence, os tho South neither
has nor will have any candidate in thc
field, and their duty will bc, after confer
ence with delegates from tho North, to voto
for such candidates as aro most likoly to
omy New York and n fow other Northern
While tho "residential election is impor*
tant, our Stato election affects us directly in
ovcry important interest and is of much moro
consequence to our pooplo- Nominations nt
this oarly day wo think unwise, not only
because it gives us n long campaign and
tends to demoralize labor, but also because aa
yot wo have seen no nomo announced for
Governor who will both onthuso and unify
tho people At present Generals Ilagood
and Gary aro tho most prominent candidates,
and of theso Goncral Ilagood seems to havo
tho insido track. Holli theso arc worthy
citizens and havo done tho Stato good service,
but they do not seem to excite tho intcrost of
tho pcoplo of this section, though of courso
our pcoplo will support tho nominco whoever
ho may bc.
Oon. Gary is thought by many to bo too
aggrosbivo in discussion and Ilagood not
sufliciontly so, but both arc truo and tried
Wc want a candidato who will bring tho
pcoplo to tho polls, for our greatest difficulty
bas always been not so much in inferior
numbers, as in thc failure of the people lo
vote. Up to 187G this county polled 1,800
votos and in 1870 our vote approximated
2.G00. Tho samo was truo of othor oountios,
and our greatest danger Hos in failing to
nominato men who will bring out our full
If such a man ns cx-Gov. Pon y, with his
spotless record, his long service in thc walks
of public lifo and his old Union principles,
would accept thc nomination, wo think there
would bo no opposition o Herod to bis election,
or if Judge Wallace, Gen. Connor or Judgo
Kershaw and others would take thc field they
would bo easily elected and bring out tl full
Our people have no cause of objection to
any of tho candidates in thc field and, if
nominated, wo bolievo they will accord thom
a hearty support, but tho election is a long
time off and would it not be better to post
pone nominations to a later dny, when tho
strength of our candidates aro better known
and thc disposition of tho Republican party
is ascertained? Should thc Republicans deter,
minc not to runa State ticket still a full
voto of our party is ali important in order to
carry thc State in thu Presidential election.
Wo havo been almost confident that no
State nominations would bc nindo, but wo see
tho Charleston News and Courier, which
keeps well posted, says Ibero is no certainty
that tho convention, which moots next week,
will not make nominations for Stato officers.
It says only len counties havo expressed
opposition to earlv nominations and three
have favored them. Tho remaining counties
thus far heard from havo expressed no au
thoritative opinion.
Thc samojournnl says of 101 delegates so
fur chosen, Gen. Gary can count on only niuo
and Gen. Ilagood bas 6?xty, oighty-ono hoing
necessary to a choice
Several counties have not yet held conven?
lions, or not been board from, but it may bc
accepted as a fact that if nominations aro
mado next week, Gen. Ilagood will bo our
candidato forGovornor and Gen. Kennedy for
Lieutenant Governor. Thoy will make good
officers, and, if nominated, will receive our
hearty support.
Sinco tho abovo nrtiolo was put in typo
wo have received information through tho
Charleston News and Courier, that tho
County Convention of Charleston, held on
tho 24th instant, by a voto of 45 to 27
adopted thc following resolution.
ltcoolvcd, That it is the sonso of this
convention that it is for tho interest of tho
Democratic party to nominato Stnfo officers
in Juno.
Darlington has also instructed her dele
gates to voto for nominations in Juno.
According to tho tabloof tho News and
Courier fiftcon counties havo expressed
their proforcnoes in rcforonoo to nomina
tions for State ofiiocrs next week os follows:
Ton oountics, with an oggrcgnto voto of
42, oppose, and fivo counties, with an, ag
gregate of 30 votcB, favor curly nominations.
Tho uppor counties, in whioh Mos thc
obicf strength of tho party, opposo nomi
nations at this time, and their opinion
should have-groat weight.
Gen, Gordon and Ex - Go v. Brown.
Tho resignation of Oon. Gordon as United
States Senator from Georgia has oxoitcd both
astonishment and rogrct in that Stato and all
over tho country. Ho was ro-oloctod about
one year ago and had fivo years of his term
to Borve. Ho bas boon in public lifo twonty
years and ns an bonost, upright, fearless and
clear thinking man bad no suporior in tho
Sonato. Tho loss of suoh a man from the
councils of tho nation nt this timo is a public
calamity. Tho pooplo of South Carolina fool
little, if any, loss regret at his resignation
than bis immediato constituontB. Ho bas
been a truo and tried friend to our Stato in
timo of sore need and has always boen found
tho fearless adv?calo of constitutional govern'
mont. Our redemption from Radical misrule
was largely duo to his exertions in 1876, and
our pooplo will novor censo to honor him.
Tho main reason for his resignation is his
desire to retire from public lifo and dovoto
his limo and energy to his privato businoss.
During his service in tho Sonato ho has won
the respect and esteem of tho Democrats and
Republicans alike by his honest and fearless
courso and his loss is rcgrottod by that body.
Governor Colquitt lins appointed ox-Gov.
Drown to fill tho vacancy until tho meeting
of tho Legislature, when tho unoxpircd term
of Gen. Gordon will bo Ailed by election.
This appointment in sorno parts of Georgia
gives satisfaction, whilo in other sections it
meets with general condemnation. Thc news
of tilts appointment was recoived in Colum
bus with general indignation, mid it was
proposed to toll tho bells of thc city ns a
public lamentation of tho occurrence. In
stead of this a public mooting was called and
resolutions were adopted, tho preamble of
which set out that Drown is notoriously
known in tho history of our State as a mun
who betrayed tho State of Gccrgia into tho
hands of her enemies in tier darkest hours of
trial, and counseled and instigated measures,
which, had they provailed, would havo ?near*
cerated many of her best citizens within the
walls of n dungeon; would havo brought into
power a party inimical to tho interests of tho
State and tho good and rcspectahlo pooplo
thereof, and further, that ho is not a repro?
Bcntativo of thc people of this State or of the
Democratic party. Tho resolutions cxpross
regret at tho resignation of General Gordon
and dochiro that thc appointment of Joseph
E. Drown by tho Governor as Senator from
Georgia "is deserving of censure so strong
that wo fail to find words adequate to express
our indignation thereat." In othor parts of
tho Stato tho appointment gives satisfaction,
opinions hoing many and various, both in
Georgia and othor Statos. As Congress ia
is oxpeoted to adjourn carly in June, tho
tomi of Sonator Drown will bc vory short
unless tho pcoplo of Georgia, through their
Clouerai Assembly, endorso thc appointment
by electing him for tho unexpired term of
Senator Gordon. This could bo dono without
tho least surprise to us, for Jusoph 12. Drown,
though nt times ho may havo committed
arrors, has always had n strong hold on tho
pcoplo of Georgia, and few men have gained
und retained greater popularity in their
States than bo has lung enjoyed in Georgia.
Wc arc obliged lo thiuk Infi appointment a
good ono both for Georgia and the
pooplo of tho whole country. Senator
Drown is cautious, prudent and con
servative. Pew mon possoss or have
illustrated moro natural ability, wider
experience and sounder judgment in their
private affairs, or in thc management and
direction of all public matters which havo
some under their charge. Dy dint of energy
und porsovoranco he has risen from compara
tive poverty and obscurity to tho position of
:>nc of tho wealthiest and most influential
men in Georgia, to which State his reputa
tion is by no means limited. If he has com
mitted errors, no one emt deny but he has
done much for Georgia, and we believe his
labors in thc councils of thc nation will
prove both valuable and acceptable to thc
pooplo at large. Senator Drown is a native
of this county, nnd not of Anderson, as elated
hy thc Columbia HcyisUr. Ile was born on
Lmg Creek, in tho upper part of Oconcc
County, and lived hero until about grown,
when he removed to Georgia, to tho interest
nf which Stato his life and labors havo been
devoted. Ho married tho daughter of Hov.
Joseph Grishnin, nt ono limo tho largest land
holder in tho county, who finally sold his
possessions herc to tho German Colonization
Society of Charleston and removed to Georgia.
Scnutor Drown is a self made man, and
deserves great credit for thc high position
Ito has attained mainly by his personal ex
ertions. Ho was always a strong odvooato
oi temperance, or rather total abstinence,
nod has for many years been a striot mem
ber of thc Baptist Church. Decently he
dountcd fifty thousand dollars to tho
Thcologioal Seminary nt Louisville, Kcn
tuoky, an oot of bonuvolcoco which will
live to work out thc moral elevation of our
pcoplo for long years after ho has gone to
Sonoca City Itoms.
S KN KC A OITV, May 26, 1880.
Tho welcome rain como on Friday, tho
22d. lt continued to fall Saturday morn
ing just fast enough to impart n thorough
season to vegetation without injuring tho
land by washing.
Tho heavy and almost reckless expendi
tures of fm mers in tho purch-tsc of fcrtili*
zcrs and supplies renders timely seasons of
greater importance than UBiia).
Mr. Rufos (Jascy, aged 81 years, 8
months and 12 d iys, died at tho rcaidenco
of his son on Saturday morning, tho 23d.
Mr. Casey was born in Sporlanbnrg, but
has been a resident of this and Anderson
County for twonty years.
Tho Town Council havo onrollod 88 per
sons insido ibo incorporation ns being
subject to street duty. If this list is
oovroct I seo no reason why pedestrians
should not rejoioo in contemplating the
futuro condition of the streets and side -
Thc Rov. W. A. Hodgon will pronob at
Shiloh Chu:ul? on tho 5th Sunday.
Tho Superintendent of tho Air Lino mnil
routo has discontinued tho exchange of
mail nt this pince with tho 0 and 5 o'clock
trains on Sunday. This gives ''Undo
Dump" a olianoo to put on o fresh boiled
tliirt, P.
The General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church at
Charleston, S. C.
Tho Southern Qenoral Assombly of the
Presbyterian Church root in Charleston, S.
0" May 20th, 1880, at ll A. H. This As
sembly embraces tho States of Maryland,
Kontuoky and Missouri and ail Statos South
of thom. It oontaius 12 Synods, 68 Presby
teries, about 1,200 ministers, 2,000 churches
and 117,000 mcmbors. Tho delegates to tho
Assombly oro elected by tho Presbyteries,
each being allowed to sond ono minister and
ono oidor, whilst sovcral which aro vory
largo aro entitled to two ministers and two
oldens This giros each Assombly n mem
bership of about 150 delegates, and of tboso
thoro wero present 110 tho first day and tho
othord canto aftorward. Tho most prominont
members of tho present Assembly aro Dr, J.
L.Oirardcau, of Columbia, Dr. J. IJ. Kirk
patrick, of Virginia, Dr. James Woodrow, of
Columbia, Dr. Tims. A. Hoyt, of Nashville,
Drs. J. D. Rurkhead and J. S. Mooro, of
Tosas, Dr. James lt. Wilson, of Wilmington,
and Dr. A. W. Cliuby, of Macon. Among
tho dologatos aro two "full-blooded" Choc
taw Indians, who represent tho Indian Pres
bytery, which has about 1,000 church mern
hers gathered in by missionaries. .Ucv. Allen
Wright, tho minister, is n native missionary
to tho Choctaws and graduated nt Union
College and Union Seminary, New York, and
preached in the Presbyterian Church th?
second night during tho cession of the Assem
bly. Tho youngost member of thc Assembly is
tho pastor of thc Presbyterian Church ut
Tho opening sermon was preached by Rev.
Joseph ll, Wilson, D. D , tho retiring Modo?
rator, on tho text, "O Lord, I beseech thee,
sond now prosperity"-Psalms 1U>:20. Iii?
subject was truo church prosperity. Tito
prayer cf tho text is the utterance of thc
church for prosperity. But this prosperity
was not to como by miracle or chance. Tho
voice of prayer must risc to claim it. Tho
hand of faith most open to receive it.
I. What this prosperity is not. Not
automatic expansion, where mechanism taken
thc placo ol' lifo. Not extent of territory
grasped by a purulizedhttnd, for the primitive
chumbos possessed almost tho cntiro civilized
world. Not thc breadth of showy fotingo,
which at tho samo litre fails of tho fruitago
of saving truth. Not growing numbers, who
volunteor willingly and courageously but
turn their backs in ovcry buttlo where prill?
ciplo and true interests of tho church aro
involved, (or quality is moro potential than
qunntity. Nor is n wealthy church neecssa?
rily a prosperous church.
II. What it is. 1. Tho purpose and effort
to maintain Bound, well defined, evangelical
doctrine. 2. Unity, sympathy and co-opera
tion of nil ?ls integral parts. 3. Pico and
steady outgrowth exhibited in n propagating
Tho want of apace prevents a more full
outlino of this able sermon, truly nido in thc
mnrvolons simplicity of its langungo, depth
of thought, breadth and fertility of its ideas.
Tho first ?tom of business was the election
of a Moderator. Dis. James Woodrow and
Thomas A. Hoyt wcro put. ir, nomination,
which resulted in thc election of Dr. Hoyt by
n small majority. Dr. E. M. Green, of Poll
ville, Kontucky, was elected Assistant Clerk
This closed thc first day's proceedings.
Thc second was occupied entirely in read
ing thc reports nf thc executive committees
of education, foreign missions, home
missions, publication, tho appeal of
Rev. J. IO. W li i to, the letter of fraternal
greeting (Dr. W. lt. Durr) fr^m the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, n body
about tho size of the Southern Presbyterian
Church, reports of Union Theological Semi
nary and Tuskaloosa Colored Theological
Seminary and a numberless array of bills
and overtures. Then followed the appoint
ment by thc Moderator of tho various stand
ing committees on tho foregoing and other
subjects. These committees in their reports
prepare tho business for tho action of thc
Tho third day, like tho preceding, was
wholly occupied in reading the reports of the
Tru?tcos of tho General Assembly, reports of
committco on retrenchment, both majority
and minority, which were exceedingly able
in comprehensiveness and thought; report of
committee on tho Sabbath ntid of the Colum
bia Thcologioal Seminary.
Tho Assembly then adjourned in order to
give tho various committees timo to preparo
their reports for tho Assembly's action.
Those committees aro very largo and hold
meetings in which speeches aro made and
votes taken, as if they wcro tho body laking
final action on tho matter occupying its
attention. After thorough discussion a report
is prepared for tho Assembly'u consideration
If all tho committees cannot ngreo to tho
report, tho dissenting ones may submit
another to tho Assembly, called the minority
report. Tho Assembly may adopt cither, or
after discussion may adopt something entirely
All tho various committees havo been at
work sinco their appointment, and will bo
ready to report by Monday, when tho work of
tho Assembly will begin in earnest. Tho
first few days aro always spout in mapping
out and making tho necessary arrangements
for work. Prom tho amount of work occu
ululating it would acorn nt prcsont ns a tiling
well'nigh impossiblo to finish and adjourn
by tho closo of next week.
Allusion was mndo nbovo to tho prenching
of tho convortcd Indian, Rev. Allen Wright
Tho audience numbered perhaps u thousand
as ho preached on the toxt, "Go yo into all
tho world and preach tho Gospel to every
croaturo." lt was thc most impressive occa
sion I evor witnessed! His sermon 'VIP logi
cal and very fooling. Ilia voice waa gent?o,
persuasivo und attractive. Tho audience sat
spoil-bound with nwo ns if influenced by
mngiol N?vor can tho feelings which moved
our soul bo forgotten! Thcro stood a menu?
mont or trophy of tho Gospel's triumph.
Thoro stood ono who but for tho work of
foreign missions might havo boon ongnged in
wiolding the tomahawk, yelling his war
whoop, or with his ohooks painted dancing
around a tortured captive among dusky
warriors with human scalps dangling from
bin bolt! Rut instead thoro ho ntoud prench
ing tho Gospel, arguing that tho Scriptures
taught otcrnnl punishment, that tho hcuthon
rero lost boonuso not ono lived up to tho
ight wo poPBosBod, and upon this appoaling
iv tho broad of lifo in bohalf of tho porishing
cathou. No Christian could havo witnessed
hat eoono, lietoncd to that appoal and ovor
gain enid "I am opposed to foroign Mis
ions." M.
?art of a Sormoii Proaohod at
Double Springs, Oconeo County,
Third Sunday in May, by Rov
A. W. Mooro.
SURJKOT-Tho murringo of tho King's Son.
'IIB TBXT-Tho inimitable parable recorded in
lallhcw 22, Md.
Of courso wo could not develop thc many
real train? of thought in human nature aud
untan lifo suggested by the Supremo Teacher
dthiu tho compass of a few inspired verses,
ideation was specially called to Hie graphic
ioturo of tho human heart and its ceaseless
lanifestalions in human life.
1. Tho perpetual hostility of tho Jews lo
very higher manifestation of tho higher life
Ins deadly hostility culminating in thc crucifix
on of tho Lord Jesus-tho supremo manifesto
iou of life.
"And tho remnant took Ids servants and en
rcalcd them spitefully ami slew (hem." Wo
titnk of Zcchcriali, thc sen of Jehoiada, tho
rlest, stoned lo death between thc porch anti
lie altar; of thc opening versos in ono of thc
ublhncsl of thc prophecies, "Hear O heavens
ntl give car 0 earth, for 1 have nourished and
rough! up children ?nil they huvo rebelled
gainst ino;" of tho commentary upou thc Jews
y it Jew, who certainly never manifested a
isposltion to disparage his countrymen; ''and
thets had trial of cruel mookln?s and scottrg
ig.s, year, moreover of bonds and imprisou
tctll; they were stoned, they were awn asunder,
ere tciuptcd, were slain with thc sword; they
'antlered about in sheep skins ami goal .'kins,
ping destitute, ofllictcd, tormented, ot whom
tc world was not worlhyj (hey wandered in
escita amt lit mountains and in ileus und eaves
f tho earth;" wa think of thc baeoliinalian revel
nd the lascivious dabee and (lie depravity that
?ubi ilcmund, tho t\c\ ,\v::.y Hitit could give
ml tho depravity that could enduro (lie ghastly
cad of John thc La; list; of thc awful, dc
tutched spirit, rife III Hie..conrpiracy ngninsl thc
feof ibo Lord Jesus ?nd in the brutal mockiugs
nd inhuman bufl'elhigs timi terril le scoutings
pon thc trial aud around the cross; of thc
taddoncd Jews, acting more like beasts than
icu, stoning unto death thc holy Stephen, full
f faith and good works, whose face shown like
tal of nu angel; wc (hink how many of thc
arly Christians perished by the sword; of thc
mg roll of tho blessed martyrs; wc think how
very great reformation, whether of doctrine or
f life, must needs bo accomplished in thc
littst of lite most determined and persistent op
osiii' n.
The inherent hostility of thc world to a pure
nd gracious Christianity, embodying thc spirit
f our blessed Lotti and insist lng upon tho
ttrcsl life, is constantly outcropping in every
gc of thc world and in every phase of human
le. Its mani festal ious aro not always as
?olen!, bul its persecutions arc none ibo less
?alignant because more polite and relined.
?. Thc stolid indifference of thc great multi
idc to the invitations ol' God. "Hm (hoy made
?hl ol' it aad went their ways, one lo his farm
nd another to Iiis merchandise."
'J'iiis s'.olid indifference is os apparent, perhaps
lore remarkable now in titi.-- intensely secular
gc limn il was thru.
la litis land of Bibles and churches and reli
ions congregations, where a sermon ora prayer
looting i.i within rcaoli of every ene, lhere is a
real number who novel'hoar a sermon or attend
prayt r meeting. Of (he number that do al lend
ow many ooino into (he sacred prcinols lull of
ic sensual, worldly, Irrcvreut, un\yorshipping
[?iri?? How many arc busy with thc money
hanging and tho rolling of doves even in tho
There is a very lively inlrrc ! in political
ucslions, in all business questions, in all social
UOStio?lS, in scientific questions, a very tangible
itcicst In every!liing that pertains lu nur secular
ooation or lo our social advancement, bul (ho
iterest in our religious development, in eur
[lusciousness of dod, in tho cult i Villon of Ihc
Dnsclcncc, l ho real interest thal wo lui vc in
jligious methods of evangelization, i*.i religious
Derations, 0! 'now slight and feeble nnJ iluc
uiling. Are we not under Hie dominion of
tal worldly, superficial spirit, which impolis us
award in our way.-, lo our farm, to our tiiei'
liandisc, lo our Konsualism in (Ito habitual,
nalarming, apparently unconscious neglect, of
ic great invitation that descends lo us from out
f heaven and is being urged upon us by so
lany voicer?
3, Look nt tho unusual, unfriendly, irrational,
lolish conduct brought lo our view in Ute
>sson. Thc invitation grew out of kingly
race, lt was lo a feast Uley were invited and
ot to an ordinary feast either, but a marriage
estival, thc most joyful, thc most abundanf, thc
mst prof raelee! of all festivals-a festival
bounding in universal good cheer and in uni
Bisal good will-it was a royal festival and an
xlraordinury royal festiva!, thc marriage of thc
dog's Son, ihc heir apparent to Mic throne.
Every worthy motive seems to conspire to
iakc thom accept Hie invitation and to make
hem accept with elation. Tho honor was a
livilcgo and thc privilege was a duty. Tho
xen and Hie fallings were killed and tho wed
ing garments V?ero provided and all things were
They would not conic, though urgently ro
unded of tho invitation; they really had more
teasurc in proving oxen and in buying and
diing Iban in such an assembly as (hat. Where
tn thc parable havo an interpretation except i.i
ur religious conduct, in our altitude to Hie
[big of Kings and bord of Lords, in his wonder
il oiler of eternal life?
Wilora else can wc find conduct so blind, so
'consistentand withal so perilous? Wo aro Jn
ilod lo n heavenly festival, in I bo royal houso
old ol' thc universal king, our heavenly Father,
tc maker of all things, tho preserver of all
liiigit, a celestial banquet, whero thc manor
i scattered in abundant profusion ant] where ?he
taters of life-tho living waters aro forovoi
ashing from thc smitten rock, whero wc arc st
reedy, so urgently, so authoritatively invited te
itch a state, such companionship, even th?
eakcsl and tho poorest and tho most unhappy
dieu wo find ourselves so poor, so blind, so cn
jcbled, so dreadfully paralyzed in our spiritua
aturo that wo are constantly (urning away
urning down to our ohl worldliness and ott
ld wretchedness, can wo deny that ibero ls t
attirai, original, inherent, constitutional ten
ency towards tliOSO wer, sensual, godlos
bings-a tendency so strong, so decided and st
abilual ns has been conslanlly exhibited amit
ll ages of tho world and all stages of humai
Aro wo not ovorcomo with admiration of tho
wonderful teacher, manifesting so thorough a
comprehension of human nature, amt tho irre
pressible cflcots of his mighty doctrine in tho
development of lifodownlotho very lalcotpcriods
of tho goncrallous of man? And what a pioluro
of tho human heart docs ho present!
"Out of tho heart proceed evil thoughts,
murders, adulteries, fornications, (hefts, falso
witnesses, blasphemies."
His wholo system is based upon thc funda
mental principio, so unequivocally expressed,
"you must ho born again," a principio having
its obvious foundation in thc inherent, original
disorganization of human nature, its constitu
tional perversion and utter helplessness, without
tho quickening graco of Clod manifested to us
through our Lord Jo9iis Christ. If wo aro v'
accused of sad li tig too many things upon our /
human nature, which wo believe to bo proslralo .
and enfeebled, poor, blind, miserable and naked, /
aro not our accusers mulling upon themselves,,'
in tho light of their own characters und their'
own lives, mountains of guilt that will grind1,
them iuto powder? \
Let us magnify the grace of God which cometh
to us with thc full assurance in ibo Scriptures,
teaching us that "while all have sinned and
como short of tho glor) of Gol, in duo timo
Christ died for tho ungodly. Per scarcely for n>
right ons man will one die, yet peradventure for
a good man somo would even dare to die. JJut
Cod commendctb his love to usia that while wo
were yet sinners Christ died tor us."
4. "The wedding garment." According to
some of (ho commentators tho wedding garments
were all given by (he king. Tho material, tho
fashion, thc style of (hem was provided by tho
king. Lei us not Bupposo that wo can make a
garment so (inc in its texture, so perfect in ila
stylo sufficient for (hat puro and glorious pre
sence; "for tho king's daughter is all glorious
within; her clothing is of wrought gold."
"J. will greatly rejoice in tho Lord, my soul
fibnll bc joyful in my Clod, for he balli clothed
mo with the garments ol' kohat ion, ho bath
covered inc willi thc robe of righteousness.' For
as tho carib hrlugclh forth her bud, and as Ibo
garden causcth Ibo things Ibat ave sown Hierein
lo spring forlb, so (ho Lord doti will cnuso
righteousness and praise to spring forth beforo
all nations."
lt ts not our faith, our poor, feeble, fullering
faith; it is not our works, our selfish, imperfect
works; bul it is (bo new lifo, flowing in us
through Ibo smitten rock of our selfishness and
pride, subduing us, elevating us, sanctifying us.
lt is Ibo life of Christ within llio soul, working
out ?it patience and prayerfulness in thc purifica
tion of our character and in (ho rectification of
our lifo; il is a life feeding upon Ihc Avoids of
Christ and delighting in thc commandments ol'
Chris!, abounding in peace, coulent nient and ail
over deepening and au ever widening joyfulness,
(ho lifo, relining und glorifying our humanity,
Ihc life of (bc triumphant second Adam deliver
ing 1,'om tho first Adam, brought under Ibo
bondage of sin by Satan, it is Ihc godOikc, im
mortal life, surviving (he eatnslropho of death
and llowing on in over eulargingslvenms forever
and ever.
Tho County Convention, &c.
Mi:ssns. liiuTous: I desire to uso your columns
(o review the action of tho County Convention.
lt was supposed that il would he dilfioult to get
delegates to go lo Columbia, but alas! tho same
old thing-moro applications item positions to
betided. Kow taking this ns an index to tho
approaching oampaign, your columns no doubt
will bc crowded with candidatos, which, 1 trust,
will bring you in handsome returns. Wc want,
it is true, enough candidates out to make a lively
race, and not a "walk over," and, after elected,
men who will lill ibo places assigned without
fear or favor: tto more pampering lo newspaper
correspondents or pr?vale individuals, men of
common sense, who have thc courage (o execute
what they know to bc right.
In Ihc Convention ovorylhmgnppnrenlly went
smooth, yet there appeared lo lc an under cur
rent that was disposed lo run things to (heir
ad vaut age. 1 trust I nm mistaken in my opi
nion, for I have always contended thal thc peo
ple ol' this County generally acted untrammeled
by any cliques or combinai ions, and only my
suspicions were aroused and sustained by Ibo
unusual action (unusual, because, (hey had de
termined to send del?gales (o thc Slate Conven
tion without instructions) of demanding au ex
pression of opinion of tho delegates to (ho
Congressional Convention. It was an insult lo
their integrity and intelligence, and when they
patriotically replied (hat (hey Mould go for (bo
good ol' (bc Stale, evidently (he answer was
entirely satisfactory to certain parties demanding
such information. Tho "cat in tho meal tub,"
without this circumstance, might not have been
discovered and thc dissatisfaction never pro
lt might bc well for ceilain parties lo respect
our farming community and not iniposo upon
them too heavily, for if they should determin?lo
do it they bold in their bands thc scales and
they might not stiller an unjust distribution of
power, lt would bo well at least to consult them
upon certain topics before saying (hat (his
County in convent ion shall do so and so. I
favor (bc qualification of candidates and not (ho
personal man, and no matter to what profession
ho may belcng, if cmiiienlly fitted to (111 tho
place, then elect bim; but because a man is an
educated and intelligent farmer, ono who eau
cope with any set of men, lo put his "light
under a bushel," will not do at this limo. Tho
farmers of this Slate number uhout 75 per cent,
of tho wdiole population, and (ho remainder de
pendent upon their production for existence.
Then why should not they haven S.MAI.?. voten
in tho management of Stato and Nat ional affairs?
So give us iv just and indiscriminate chanco and
wc might, work on together a while longer.
Yours truly, A.
CHICAGO, ?May 21.-Tho Galona Gazelle,.
whoso editor is a personal friend of Grunt,
denying thc statements regarding his with
drawal, says: "0rant's nama lina novcv
pono beforo tho public i?3 ? candidato for
tho Presidency by any word or aot of his
own, and ho most certainly will not order
his mano to he withdrawn. A vory largo
class of American pcoplo have chosen to
make him their oandidato, aud if Ibo Re
publican National Convention nt Chioago
sccs fit to tender him tho nomination ho will
not declino it. Thia wc know to bo a fact,
and we publish it because it is well that tho
Republicans of tho country should censo lo
hold tho matter in doubt."
Hon. Iloraco Maynord, IlcpubHoatt, of
'Tennessee, hus been appointed Postmaster
G on ural.
Hon. 1). M. Key, Postmaster General,
has been appointed hy President lloyca
District.,Iudgo for thc Eastern District of

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