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^ W Li'J Li LB titi: fl
.-?Y KKITI1' SMIT" - C?' WAMIAUA, SOUW1 ?^a?^TM?ll^-?-~:_-r-%
Jato President of thc National Phar
maceutical Association of thc United
"States, 6ays :
"Brown'? Iron Bitters has ft
li CAN y sale, ls cu ncc iU il to kc a fino
tonic; the character of the manu?
facturera Is a voucher for Us purity
and medicinal excellence."
President Baltimore Pharmaceutical
College, says:
"I Indorse It ns ft fine medicine,
reliable as n strengthening tonic,
free from alcoholic poUulut.
D., Professor of Pharmacy, Dalli
more Pharmaceutical College, says;
" Brown's Iron Hitters ls n safe
sud rcliablo medicine, positively
free from alcoholic poisons, and can
be recommended ns a tonic fur uso
amour: those who oppose alcohol."
Secretary Baltimore College of Phar
macy, says .
" I Indorse lt as an excellent
medicine, a good digestivo agent,
and a non-Intoxicant itt tho fullest
one of Baltimore's oldest and most
reliable physicians, says :
"All who have used lt praise Its
standar,! virotes, ion! the well
known character of tho house which
makes it is n sutucicnt (ruarantea
. f its being all that U claimed, for
they are men who could not be in
duced to offer anything risc but a
reliable medicine 1er public usc."
A Druggist Cured.
lloonsboro, Md., Ort. ja, it**,.
Gentlemen I Drown', hon Hit
tcT cured me ol* n bad attack of
Indigestion and fullness in the Stom
ach. Having tested it, I take pleas
ure in recommending it to my cus
tomers, and am glad to say it reives
entire satisfaction to nil."
CLO. \V. Hoi I'MAX, Druggist.
Ask your Druggist for BROWN'S
IRON BITTERS, and luke no other.
One trial will convince you. that it
is just what you need.
Of tho prosont Konoratlon. It ta for tho
Curo of thia dlaonso and Ita attendants,
TUTT'S PILL8 havo Rainod rt world-witlp
roputatlon. No Ito niody lin j over bo b ?
diBcovorod that acto BO goat 1 y o5 tho
digestivo Organa, gfvtnK thom vigor to as
eimilate food. Aa a natural result, the
Nervous ByatonTls Bracod, tho Mundos
ftrcTDovoiopod, and the Body Itob?at.
Olxillft? ixTticr? tE^oxroiTr,
M. HIV Ai., ti Plantor nt Bayou Morn, I.e., nays:
My plantation ls lu a malarial dlntrlot. Foi
no vor ni y on ru I oould not nrako bair a. crop ou
aooount or bilious dlaonaos mut oblllH. I was
nearly dlacourngod when I bogan tho uso ol
TOTT'S PILLS. Tho rooult wau nmrvoluunt
my laboroT soon bocamo bonrty and robust^
Mid I havo bad no fur thor troublo.
They relieve tho encoiued tf-I VP r, cl en 11 ?a
tho niuo,: ?Vom iiolnuiiouu iiuntova, mid
nunc Ilm bowuU lo ucl iintm-ully, with*
ont which no ono omi fool well.
Try tilla remedy fuii'ly, nn<l you trill arnln
? healthy DiscMllon, Ylaorouallorlv. PuT
?Hood, Htrotior Nervo?, and ? Sound 1.1 vor.
??rloc. OTCgnBh OlUeo, S5 Mun gy ? t., W. V.
Turf's HM OT
BLACK by a Minglo application of Hilt DYK. It
Impart? n nut a ral color, und nota lnntnntnneou?ly.
Sold liv Druggists, ornent by expresa on roctilpt
or One Collar.
Office, 08 Murray Street, Now York.
(Mir. S f'M-i-fi MAX V.U. vf Vatuahle\
Inform?t lon unit Utteftit Itecetpta I
tcUl oe munal SRZS on ajPiilioctCtoih/
July 13, 1882 84 ly
I Send to
_I A timmi, <4u.
For Illustrated Circular. A llvo actual Busi
ness School. Eslabttthcd twenty years.
Kichimond ?& JDniiville K. K.
Ounnd after tho 9th of July, 1882, tho
Passenger Train Service on tho Atlanta oud
Ctinrlottu Air Lino Division will bo os fol
Mail and Express.
No. 51. No. 53
Loovo Atlanta 2 40 P M 4 00 A M.
Arrivo Gainesville 5 04 P M 0 10 A M
Arrivo Lula 5 35 P M 0 50 A M
Ar liobunGnpJuno 6 11PM 7 41 A M
Arrivo Toccoa 0 48 P M 8 17 A IM
Arrivo Senooa 8 14 P M 0 20 A M
Arrivo Grooovillo 10 OG P M ll 03 A M
Arrivo Spnrtonburg ll 40 PM 12 24 P M
Arrivo Qastouia 2 06 A M 2 50 P M
Arrivo Ohorlotto 3 15AM 4 00 P M
Muil und Express. Mni).
No. 50. No. 52.
Leavo Chnrlotto 1 00 A M 12 50 P M
Arrivo Gostonia 2 02 A M 1 47 P M
Arrivo Spartanburg 4 81 A M. 4 06 P M
Arrivo Grconvillo 5 59 A M 5 29 P M
Arrivo Seneca 7 43 AM 7 10 P M
Arrivo Toocoa 9 18AM 8 39 P M
ArRabunGap Juno 10 00 A M 9 17 P M
Arrivo Lula 10 87 A M 9 54 P M
ArrivoGaincsvillo ll 06 A M 10 24 P M
Arrivo Atlanta 1 30 P M 12 50 A ?NI
T. M. R.TALCOTT, General Manager.
Ii Y. SAGE, Superintendent.
A. POPE, Geu. PUB. &Tioka Agent,
Waiting- Angels.
? Tho golden spires aro gleaming
Just ou tho other side;
I seo tho turrets glisten
Hard by tho flowing tide;
Tho pearly gatos aro opon,
The highways largo and freo,
And ange) bauds aro wuitiug
To welcome you aud mo.
Tho fadeless flowers uro blooming
Just on tho other sido,
Aud down Hfo'i> sliiniug river
Tho crystal waters glide;
Tho BODS of glory linger
lSencoth oaoh spreading tree,
And ungcl bands uro waiting
To wclcomo you und mo.
"NA7illi Joy wo soon sliull gather
Just on tho other sido
Whilo endless sougs of triumph
Come flouting o'er tho lido.
In Eden's stur-lit mansions
Our homo shall ever bo,
And ungcl bunds are waiting
To welcome you und mo.
Yes, waiting, ever waiting
Just on thc other side
Ueyond tho rolling river,
Across the surging tide;
Yes, wuiting, ever waiting,
Upon thc jasper sen;
Tho nngcl hands uro waiting
To welcomo you and me.
You may call u jay a bitd. Well, so he
ia, tn u measure-because ho's gut feathers
on him, und don't belong to uo church,
perhaps; lut otherwise ho is just us much
a kilman as you bo. And I'll tell you for
why. A jay's gifts und instincts und feel
ings and interests cover the whole ground.
A jay hasn't got any moro principle than a
Congressman. A jay will lie, a jay will .steal,
a jay will deceive, u jay will gossip, ajay
will betray; and lour times out. of five n jay
will go back on his solemnest promise.
Tho sacredness of un obligation is a thing
which you can't crum into uo blue-jay's
hcud. Now on top of nil there's uuothcr
thing: a jay can out-swear any gentleman
in the tilines. Vuu think n oat cnn swear.
Well, a cat cnn; but you give n bluc-jiy n
subject that culls for his reserve powers,
and whero is your cutt' Don't tulk lome
1 know too much about this thing. And
ibero's yet another thing: in tho ono little
purtieular of scolding-just good, clean,
out and-out scolding-a blue-j.iy cut? loy
over anything, human or divine. Yes, sir,
u jay is everything that a mun is. A jay
oun cry, u jay cun laugh, 11 jay cnn feel
shume, 11 jay can reason and plan mid dis
cuss, a jay likes gossip and scandal, n jay
has got a sense of humor, li jay knows
when he is un uss just as well as you do
maybe better. If u jay ain't human ho
hotter take in his sign, that's ull. Now
I'm going to tell you u perfectly true fact
about some blue-jays.
When 1 first begun to understand jay
language correctly, there was a little inci
dent happened herc. Soven years ugo the
hist mau in the region, but inc, moved
away. There stands his house-been empty
over since; 11 log house, with a plank roof,
just one big room and no more; no ceiling
- nothing between tho rafters nud the floor.
Woll, ono Sunday morning I was sining
out hero in front of my cabin with my cut
taking the sun, und looking nt tho blue
hills, und listening to the leaves rustling
so lonely \n the trees, and thinking of thc
homo away yonder in tho States, that I
hadn't hemd from in thirteen yours, when
u blue juy lit on thut house, with an acorn
in his mouth, and euya, "Hello, I reckon
I've struck something." When ho spuko
thc acorn dripped uut of his mouth and
rolled down tho roof, of course, hut ho
didn't cure; his mind was all on tho thing
bo had struck, lt was a knot bolo in thu
roof. Ho cocked his head to one side, shut
one eye und put the other ono to tho hole,
Uko a 'possum looking down ?1 jug; then he
glanced up with his bright eyes, gave a
wink or two with his wings-which sign't
lics gratification, you understand, und says,
"It looks like u bolo, it's located like a hole
-blamed if I don't believe it is a bolo."
Then bo cocked his hcud down and took
another look; ho glances up perfectly joyful
this time, winks his wings und his tail both
and says, "?, this ain't no fut thing, 1
rcokuti! If 1 ain't in luck-why ilsa per
feotly elegant hole!" So he flow down und
got that acorn and fetched it up and
dropped it in and was just tilting his hcud
back, with tho heavenliest smile on hil
faoo, whon all of n sudden ho wus paralyzed
into a listening attitude and thut stnih
faded grnduu'ly out of his countenance lila
breath off'ti n ra/.or, and the queerest loo!
of surprise took its place. Then ho says
"Why, 1 didn't hour it full!" Ho cockei
bis eye nt thc bolo ugfiin and took a lon;
look, raised up und shook his head, steppet
orcund to tho other side of tho bolo une
took a look from that side; shook his boat
again. He studied awhile, thoa be jus
went into tho dctuils-walked round ant
round tho hole and spied into it from over;
point of tho compass. No usc. Now lp
took a thinking uttitudc on thc comb of tin
roof und scratched tho buck ot bis lieut
with his right foot a minute, and Antill;
soys, "Well, its too many for mo, that'
certain; must be n mighty long hole, how
ever, I uin't got no tiinc to fool ornum
hero, I got to tend to business; I reckon it
all right-olin 11 cu it, unywny."
So bo flew efl' und fetched another ucovi
and diopped it in and tried to flirt his cy
to thc hole quick enough lo seo whut bcoom
uf it, but hu wus too Into. He bold his ey
lluro as much us u minute; thou bu rniioi
up and sighed, and BUYS, "Cunsound it, 1
don't Bootu to understand this thing, no
way; however, I'll tucklo her nguiu.'' Ho
fetched another acorn and dono his level
best to eco what becotno of it, but ho couldn't.
Ho saya, "Well, I novcr struok no such a
bolo aa this before. I'm of tho opiuiou
that it's a totally now kind of a bolo."
Thou he beguu lo get mud. He hold in for
a spell, walking up und down the comb of
tho root mid shaking his bend and mutter
ing to himself; but his fcoliugs got tho uppor
bund of him pronentJy, mid he bioko looso
und cussed himself black in tho face. I
never sec a bird take on su about n littlo
thing. When ho got through ho walks to
hole and looks in for half ti minute, then ho
pays, "Well, you're u long hole and a deep
hole and u mighty singular hole altogether
- but l'vo started in to fill you, und d-d
if I don't fill you if it takes a hundred
y curst'7
And with that away bc went You never
nee a Lird work so sinoo you was born. Ho
luid into his work like a nigger, and the way
he hove acorns into that hole lor about two
hours und a half was one of thc most ex
citing and astonishing spectacles I ever
struck. Ho never stopped to look nny
more-ho just hovo 'em in und went for
moro. Well ut lust he could hnrdly fl ip
his wings, ho wus so tuckered out. Ho
eoines ti dropping down onoo more, sweating
KU? un icc pitcher, drops his acorn in und
says, "Now, 1 guess Iv'o got tho bulgo on
you by this time!" ?So he bent down fora
look. If you'll believe tue, when bis head
came up again ho was pule with iago. Ile
said, "I've shoveled acorns cuough in '.hero
to keep tho family thirty years und if I can
sec ti sign of one of 'em L wish I may lund
in n museum with a belly f?ll of sawdust in
two minutes!"
Ho just had strength cuough to crawl up
onto the rom I) and lean his back agin the
dumbly and then ho col leo It'd his i m pres?
sior.s and biglin to free his mind I see io
a second that what 1 took for profanity in
tho mines was only just ibo rudiments, us
you may say.
Another jay was going by and heard him
doing his devotions, und stops lo inquire
what was up. Tho sufferer told him the
circumstance and says, "Now, youder'a thc
hole, and if you don't believe mo go and
look for yourself." Ko this fellow went and
looked and comes back and says, "How
many did you say you put in lhere?" "No!
less than two tons," says the suliercr. The
other jay went and looked again. Ile
couldn't seem to make it out, so he raised u
yell and three moro jays come. They all
examined tho hole, they till made the suf
ferer tell it over again, then they all dis
cus sed it mid got off ns many leuthcr
headed opinions about it us au average
crowd of humans could have dono.
They called in moro jujs; then more and
more, till petty soon this whola rogion
'pealed to huve a blue hush about it. There
must huve been five thousand ol' them, and
such another jawing ?md ripping and cus
sing you never hoard, livery jay in the
whole lot put hi.-j eye to the bolo and de
livered a moro ohueklc-hcadod opinion
about ltic mystery (hun the jay that went
ibero boforo him. They examined thc
house all o ver, too. The door was standing
half open and ut lust ono old jay happened
to go and light on it und look ?ll. Of course
thut knocked the mystery gulley-wesi in it
second. There lay ihe acorns scattered all
over the floor. Ile flopped hi.s wings
and raised a whoop. "Come here!"' bc
says, "Couio hero, everybody; bang'd if
this fool hasn't been trying to fill up ll house
with noorna." They all conic a' swooping
down Uko n blue cloud, und ns each
fellow lit on tho door and took a glance
thc whole absurdity of the contract thut
that first jay hud tackled hit him home and
ho fell OYor backwards suffocating with
laughter and tho next jay took his piuco
and done thc same.
Well, sir, they roosted around hero on
thc house-top and the trees for an hour,
and guffawed over that thing like bunnin
beings. It ain't any use lo tell mo u blue
jay hasn't got tl sense of humor, because I
know better. And memory, too. They
brought jays here from till over tho United
States to look down that hole every summer
for three years. Other birds too. Anil
they nil could see tho point except nu owl
that come from Novn Scotia to visit the
Yo Setuito and ho took this thing in on
his way back. Ho said he couldn't sec
anything funny in it. But then he was ti
good deal disappointed about Yo Semite
t03.- Murk Twain.
Poul Ivy Notes.
Ci YO tho poultry a dust bath as often a;
(Iravel for fouls, lo promoto digestion
should bo accessible.
Sour milk will bring better returns it
eggs than when fud to pigs.
Ho not crowd too many hens in ont
house. If you du look out for disease.
l'lcnfy of fresh air is nt nil times essen,
tia) to the health of tho chickens, especially
in Hie su in in er.
Feed fowls systematically two or thrct
times a day and allow them plenty of exer
Keep plenty of fresh water and cleat
runs for tho poultry. Limo well tho floor
und damp places.
(Jive hons freo access lo limo in sonn
form, They must havo the raw material it
order to manufacturo sholls.
Clupesin chickens aro caused by ? nu ur
ber of very small worms whioh cling to tin
sides of thu throat. Tho most cflloion
remedy is a mixturo of cayenne pepper alu
sulphur overy day until rclioved, or pow?
dercd cumplior in pills tho si KO of u pit
lund is said tobo equally osgood. It
very bad QUSCS fumi^ato tho chicks witt
sulphur and give them tin oe or four drops
of carbolic acid ttl their water.
It io a mutter of surprise that moro
guin ca fowls oro oct raised. Seldom ia it
than they aro seen offered for salo in tho
market, yet tho flesh is delicious and would
at ono? beoomo popuUr. Tho fowls them
selves though somewhat less tamo than
other ohiokous, arc more prolific layers oud
with kimi ness and attention and setting
their i'ggs under couimou hons they eau bo
mudo to stay about tho place and como up
r?gulai ly for their food, liy all mcaul pay
more attention to theso birds, for in advan
tages tn bo derived from them, thoy aro
eenuin protectors of other fowls uguiust tho
deprodr.tions of hawks.
Tho Waltz
w no KAHN'S ins LI vi NO UY
Prof. j. 1'. Welch, who keeps a dancing
school ut Ton th und Chestnut streets, is
about to begin a crusulo against tho waltz
as ut present danood, which ho pronoutnes
to be immodest, vulgar and generally
demoralizing, lie said yesterday: "1 have
been a dancing master for tho past tcu
years, and havo mudo it a practico through
out that period to observo carefully all tho
elm ll gos in thu public taste, and to note
tho changes for bettor or worse in my pro
fession. I havo watched closely and
thought deeply on thc subject, and now I
havo no hesitation in saying that tho walt/,,
under whatsoever natue it muy go for ihc
limo being, is immoral. lt is tho only
dance that decent pimplo protest against,
and J. am happy to say there aro numbers
of careful fathots who will not ullow thou
daughters, to dance it, although it vast pro
portion ol' tho fashionable and a majority
ot tho middle and lower classes do liotsenm
awakened lo its iniquity. I have recently
been in consultation with tho Hov. Mr.
Wayland of thu lia pt ist Church at Broad
and Areli streets, und with others of thc
clergy, and they ogroo with mo that the
dancing ol'tho walt/, has fu'ly as dem?ralo
('/.lng nu elVeot io?its wuy aa have alcohol
I ami tob ti ceo .ii '.heirs."
"Do you hear many objections to waltz
ing nowadays'/"
"Oh, yes, any quantity of thom-and I
think th.; time is right to begin a crusade.
I don't think my efforts or those, of thc
clergy men who will toko part in tho good
work will* huvo uuy ?inmediato cfleet, but
when tho pcoplo begin to think, which
they will do when tho subject has had n
little agitation, they will soon act, and thc
Voluptuous waltz will gradually disappear.
Ten or (iftcon years ugo tho waltz was not
so objectionable ns at present. Dancers ol
to-day conic into altogether too closo con
tact, in the old time u gentleman mendy
touched a lady's waist, nt thc sanio timi
holding her right hand in his left. Now
he throws his arm clear around her form,
pulls her closely lo him, as though fearful
of losing her, brings his face iu actual con
tact with her soft chook, and ir? a word luigi
ber. Such action is altogether too familiar,
but still custom und society sanction it,
and instead of improvement for tho bettet
wo soc year niter year a marked advance in
thc improprieties ol' tho danoo. In tho old
days thu walt/, was comparatively modest]
now io is just tho reverso, and thc wallst ii
calculated to do intro injury to thc you np
than many ot' tho vices that uro preached
against from tho pulpit nut! deeply deplored
in private life."
"Hut suppose you succeed in abolishing
tho wall/., Professor, whero will you lind
any danoo to toko its placer""
'.Well when tho necessity arises a now
danoo will bo invented that will have nil
thc gliding grace mid thc glorious exhilar
ation of tho wilt/, without its delirious
voluptiousncss. My own intention is tc
substituto tho 'Minuet do la (Jour,' a dance
introduced by Louis XIV of Franco
which kept its placo in public esteem lot
odo I aries, but hus of Into years gone com
pletely out of uso. lt was: partially revived
in this oily in 1870, but wis allowed Ix
drop out of fashion again, principally foi
thc reason that thc ladies und gctitlemoi:
who duneed it were compelled by tho dic
tates of fashion to dress in court costume
which is expensive, and at thc sims timi
repugnant to tho republicanism of Ainorh
cans. Tho dance consists of marching
bowing und turning, and develops all tin
grace that ibo dancers possess. Its recom
mendation is (hut it is perfectly modes
and admits nf no hugging, such us wc sot
nightly in tho wall/,."
"You speak yith much force, Professor
willi regard to thc morality of tho wall/.
Do you speak from personal observation o
"From personal observation. 1 hovi
made it my practico for years to attora
balls mid parlies in order to keep paco ii
my teaching with tho popular demand
1 have no hesitation in saying that t nt.
tribute much of thc viou and Immorality nov
prevailing to thc insidious inlluonco of tlc
waltz. This may geom au overstraining o
tho point, but it is my honest conviction
L tell you that in thu higher circles yotlO]
ladies at parlies und b ills sro absoluter
I hugged-embraced would ho too wo dc t
express my moaning-lt j men who wer
altogether unknown to thom before th
j music for thc waltz begun to inspire th
toes of thc dancers, ls tills a picasen
sight to contemplate!'
.'Then, in tho lower classes tho Moons
of t in) da ncc is much moro shocking,
havo soon couples so closely interlocker
that the fa co of thc man was actually i
contact with that ol' tho pulpiluliug girl i
his anns. I haw soon kisses interchanged
amid thu whirl of tho maddening waltz.
"Tho persons interostod in thia crusade |
intend to send circulars to tho leading oler- I
gyiuou ond heads of tho great ecclesiastical
orgau8 und institutions of tho United
States and ask thom to aid in tho gruut
work. Dr. Wayland said ho would help
us iu auy way ho could, uud promised to
write to Mrs. General Sherman, tho author
ess of u book in opposition to waltzing,
asking lier assistance 1 also wrote to that
lady requesting her advice ns to tho con
duct of the crusade. Mrs. Sherman's book
takes tho ground that thc waltz is immod
est; that it detracta from tho purity of young
ladies who indulgo in it; that it gives to
tho young men opportunities for fumUiurt*
tics that should never bo allowed, and that
it is, in fact, demoralizing in the ox tro tn e.
Shu holds that no young lady should bo em
braced save by tho mu ti she proposes to
marry, oud that tho oloso contact of tho
I waltz is dangerous uud injurious to thc
I modesty and purity of womankind.
"There ure six dances now in voguo (hut
involve tho hugging principio of tho waltz.
They arc tho plain waltz, which was intro?
duced by thc Germans (who seldom, by tho
I way, take part in square dances); thc glide,
a very fashionable und pretty dance; tho
rcdown, which has held its own for many
goncrutions of dancers; tho Punish (half
march and hall" waltz), and tho threo step
galop. 1 entered upon this crusade, first j
because I thought tho waltz uu immoral
dance, nod second, because tho clergymen
whom 1 consulted thought tho initiatory
steps in this mutter should bo tukou hy a
mein ber of tho profession most deeply inter
Professor Welch in conclusion, said that
tho waltz step is in itself uoohj ctionablc,
but that tho closeness of tho partners, as
thc dance is now practiced, is worthy of
strong condemnation. Ho suggests that the
waltz Step bo retained, bat that tho part
ners ho widely separated by a very simple
expedient. This is, to cross und juill
handy. A possit.lo objection to this is
that it will not ii fiord to tho lady that sense
of supp?tt und protection that is derived
from tho pressuro of her partner's arin
about her waist. Tho Professor Baili that
he introduced this su lo of waltzing to some
of his higher classes last win.er and it waa
well and favorably received - Philadelphia
1 'ress.
[From thc Atlanta Constitution]
Avp OIB (yia?ltli'CBR.
Children are n grout trouble and a great
comfort, too. It don't matter how many
Ibero ure in a family, if ono goes urviy to
spend a week or n night ibero is a vacant
place ut thc H reside and at thc table and on
the piazza and everywhere about the house
and the child is missed, aud somehow we
don't feel right until tho missing ono comes
homo. That is u mighty pretty story about
thc poor Irish mother being persuaded to
give up one of her bairns to a wealthy lady
who had no children and wanted to adopt
one, und shu cried over (irst ono und then
another, nnd told uti their sweet little wuys
and sayings and finally gathered them all
in her arms ant. said: "Oh, my sweet lady,
kind lady, couldn't ye tako ono and lave it
with mci" How they do open thc hearts
of tho purcuN and give them something to
live for and work for-something that is
sweet un innocent und altogether natural.
I have always sympathized with those who
have not got them and I eau apologize for
their being sour and stingy nnd selfish, for
its human nature foi- the heart to bc like n
vino unto something, und if there is no
child they tie unto money. Tho love of a
child begets charity and opens tho purse
It is tho mainspring of alt industry nnd
economy and good conduct nnd ??ll honora?
hlo ambition. Tho world is working for
children, and it is our lovo for them that
puts down lawlessness and crime uud makes
us anxious to preservo good government
ind keep the peace with nubors and States
ard nations. Leta men stand in a great
city und look upon thc busy crowd Qa they
move to and fro and all in n hurry, ant] thu
secret of it is they ure moving nnd striving
und toiling for tho children. Even many
a poor, miserable- thief who is serving
his term in thc chain gang had a motivo
nwny back that thejudgo nor the jury
never knew of. Ho was stcaHug for the
children. I'm mighty sony for folks who
havo none, but I'm moro sorry for those
who h'ivo had 'em and lost und never had
any more to tako their p'.uces. I was sit
ting one night in my piazza talking to ono
of Georgia's noble men-a mun gifted nnd
eloquent-who om o had n little girl to sit
upen hts knee and fondle in his arms, but
now ho was childless and was grow
jug old-years of desolation hud passed
sinco her death, but that night my littlo
girl canto out in her night gown to kiss mo
good night, and mistaking my friend for mo
climbed into his arms and kissed bim.
When she was gono tho strong man bowed
his head ?ind wept like a littlo child, and I
have over since esteemed bim all thc moro
for his tenderness, t?omo times ho is called
sour and selfish ?iud sarcastic, but I know
whero his heart is, and that ho would
count honors and wealth nothing if ho
could but restore bin child. I had to whip
a dear little boy tho other day und
IT MOST lil l.I.HI) ME
mid that night ho put bis arm around my
neck und went to sleep so lovingly in my
bosom that I Mt like I could never do it
again. I've got ul I tho little chaps to work
now, picking pens in tho field und they
make n lively frolic of it. 1 havo promised
to pay ou> for their labor a cent tl basket
full and I havo graduated tho si/.o of tho
baskets to the si/.o of tho children, so us lo
keep em about c?en with ittoh other iu tho
work. Thoy pick ?while in tho morning
und in tito evening und uro getting rioh oft
of mo vory fust ut ton couta u day. Whoa
they carn their money they nave it
oil tho more and won't spend it for trifles
like thoy do that wo givo them. Moue?
earned is always better than monoy givon
j whether it bo a mutt's or a child's, lt
j Blicks closer nod longer, lt is a groat mis
i tube for n young man to fool ulong and bo
j waiting for his patrimony or for some rioh,
kin to die and leave him something, li?
is u spongo, u parasite, u fraud. lio can
livo und dio und never bo missed. A mari
who docs not cum his own liviug had just,
ns woll never been born. But children aro
not drones. lt's oEtonishiug how much
help they arc in tho family--how litany1
steps they stive us. They bring tho buttor
from tho spriug house and run tho sheep,
out of tho yard and run over to a uabors' to
borrow something, or pick tho vegetables,
for dinner, or catch thu chickens, or tnako
a lire in thc stove, or pick up chips, or
hunt up some eggs, or find their mother's,
scissors or spectacles and they aro always
merry bud sing around and keep us bright
and cheerful whether wc feel like it or not.
lt's amusing to sec how gushingly th?j
tuko up u tiling, and how diligently thoy
putsuo it and how suddenly they woor it
out and quit it for sotuothing else. JO very
day ia sumo new entertainment. For a
while they run slingshots, und then thoy ruu
cross-bows and shot ull my big nails away
hefi.ro I misssed 'cm; and then they made,
some acorn pipes and smoked rabbit tobucoo
us they call this
weed, and then they took suddenly to dig
giug a well ucar thu branch and stocking
it with dawlish and miuncrs, und then
they built a brick furnace und cooked their
dinner on it, and ono rainy day they all
dressed up in grown folks clothes aud
paraded nround und it dots look liko they
huyo exhausted ovorything, but thoy Invent,
-and all wu can do is to look on aud won
der what kind of a fit they will have next.
Whoa their ingenuity ploys out for a season
they full back und entrench upou tho
branch which is ulwuys a running and
Itlwtjys attractive and they build dims und
Hotter mills und omuls ?nd get their dot hes
wet, and then go in washing and hang 'em
on thc lushes to dry. There is not a frog
or a tadpole or a snake or u minner along
this brunch that don't know theso boys.
Sonic of 'cm gets stung by u wasp or a
yaller jacket most every day or steps ou a
nuil or limps uround with u stone bruise of
basa bile somewhere or falls out out of tho
swing or tho Hying maro or stumps a soro
tuo or cuts u Huger or tears their olothca
and comes to tko house for repairs. Whorl
they have struck a nev/ idea they can
hardly tukn time to cut, for they uro terribly
in earnest. It's a happy limo with 'cm now"
and 1 wish it would always bo. They ord
up with tho sun every morning and caa
say with poor Toni Hood.
Ile never rose ti wink too sootl
Nor brought too long a day.
Blessed childhood-how innocent aud
bright-no wonder that tho Scriptures toll
us that of such is thu kingdom of heaven,
and ''unless yo bo bo Uko ono of theso yo
can novor enter.'' BILL ARP.
Don't Wasto Vital Energy?
Tho most vigorous persons do not havd
ton much vitality. People generally inherit
u lack of it, or at least lind that much
vital enemy has been permanently lost ia
their childhood or youth through tho ig-*
noranoo or carelessness of their parents.
Oftcu it is impaired by wrong indulgonod
in curly manhood. Tho endeavor with all
persons should bo to husband what is left,
bo it m ?J uh or little. Therefore:
1. Don't do anything iu too groat a
2. Don't work took mauy hours a day
whether it bo form work, shop work, study
work or house wui k.
?J. Don't abridge sleep. Oct tho full
eight hours of it, and that, too, in ventilated
aud sun purified room,
4. Don't cut what is indigestible, not too
much of anything, and let good cheer ruler
tho house.
5 Don't fret at yoursolf or anybody else,'
nor indulge in tho blues, nor burnt into Hts
of violent passion.
G. Don't bo too much elated with good
luck, nor bu disheartened by bud.
Positively-bc self-controlled, cnltn and
bravo. Lot your bruin h:\vo ull tho rest it
needs. Treat your stomach right. Koop
a good conscience, and have o cheerful
trust lu (Jud for all things in both worlds,
Gool) ADVIOB.-A lady writes to '-iriok
Pomeroy'as follows:'Would I bo safo in'
marrying a man whom 1 love and who pro? '
fesses to lovo mc, and is handsome, well
educated and bas plenty of tho world's goods,
but is addicted to strong drink, but says ho
will abstain ofter murringo, whou ho hast
sowed his wild oaty'r" lam un Orphan, and
write you us a friend fur advice' Pomeroy
answers about ns follows: You had bettor
get into your own collin, pull down tho lid
yourself, und bo conooorutcd to your mother
parth, than manya mun who drinks. Thoro
uro thousands of poor women whoso lives'
arc wretched by listening to tho proiniso of
reformation nftur marriage If you do not
want to get into your collin, toko'
tho most obnoxious pieces of old meat that
you can find and take it to your bosom for u
husband rather than marry n m in who is
debauched, degruded und debused by strong'
Ono Hrm in Laurens County, S. C., has
threshed (3,590 bushels of outs.
Atlanta, Ga., hos organized aa cloclrio'
light company. Uapitul, 850,000.

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