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Now Countios.
When tho extra session proposed, among other
things, to pass a joint resolution to chango tho
oonstitution so os to reduce tho prescribed aroa
of counties, wc opposed it, alleging the counties
wero small enough and (bat such a mensuro
Would bc another Bourcc of division. We arc
glad to say our tntlro delegation opposed thc
measure, and sorry to say our belief has been
Tori?cd. It would havo been belter cither to
havo postponed (ho measure, or better still lo
havo let caoh claim stand on i(s own merits.
There moy bo counties which ave too largo and
should bo divided, bul this could have been
dono by a sp?cial measure.
Wo seo from our exchanges thal new counties
oro projeolcd already in various sections.
Seneca City wants a court house; BO docs Pon
<dlclou; then ono is proposed nt Ninety Six; ono
in upper Greenville mid nt various other points
in tho Slolo. It will bo readily seon that thc
making of new counties will incrense slightly
lue Stale expenses aud largely thc county ex
penses, because llie expensive county moohincry
must bo kopi up in all of Hiern. Thc present
shape of the counties lb such in many instances
that thc divisions will givo no additional con
venience lo tho people In most instances the
new counties will bo long slipes, leaving most
of (ho people equally remote from cither court
house. Tn ko tito proposed court house nt
Seneca and if carried ibo upper part of tho
oounty would bo ns remoto ns ever, while by
running thc linons proposed in the Journal the
lower part would he in two or three miles at
some points aud ns remoto ns over nt oilier
points. Tho upper county would not ht nblo to
support a government and build its bridges.
At present wc havo about 035 square miles and
a population of nboul 10,000, ono half or more
of whom reside below I he proposed linc. Nearly
or quite three fourths of the properly lies below
tho linc, and wlien our wholo area barely gives
ti support lo public officers how could they livo
if tho counlics were reduced? Wo do not write
in opposition to Seucca or Pendleton or to our
own interest, for ono half or more of our pro
perty lies hclovr Hie lino. Wo write in opposi
tion to thc principle on Ibo ground that it will
reduce thc pay oed consequently thc competency
of officers in nil small poor counties without
Adding to tho convenience of persons in attend
ing oourt when necessary. Besides, wc do not
know thc reason, but still it has always been (ho
foot (hat lands in (bis Slate have commanded
higher prices than in tho great Empire Nt alo of
Georgia where small counties exist. Tho lands
in Georgia oro ns rich, or wo think richer, and
yet cross Tugaloo River and they havo iu tho
joist been held lower.
Our people lived without complaint forty years
with Oconeo and Piokens ns ono county and
really people so seldom have to attend court (hat
tho inconvenience was smalt. A person by an
carly start con now go from tho roniolcst part of
this county and attend lo business and return
.ho sarao day. Will it pay thou to divido and
(soresso expanses? Evon for a court bouso at
. Pendleton wo would bo unwilling to givo up
.ny part of this county, UDICBS it bo tho small neck
below Soncoa Kiter, for all (ho lowor part of the
oounty con oomo to Walhalla by a short ride and
by rail.
If (ho old syslcm of defraying county ex
penses wero rcslorcd wo would havo but little
objection to new oounlles. Our renders will
remember (hat jurors, witnesses, public officers,
freo schools and all county expenses, except
roads and bridges, publio buildings and support
of paupers, wero formerly paid by Hie ?tato and
a general tax for that purpose was leviod and
went into tho Slate treasury where it was dis
bursed, whilo now every county bears nil its
expenses. Our readers also know that now our
oounty taxes oro higher than tho Stnto (axes
and (hat Oconeo and Pickcns hnvo been rarely
able lo get along without Sn annual extra levy.
The reason is tho largo bridgo expenses in thc
upper counlics, ffh?rs we havo swift mountain
streams with extensive waler sheds.
Let us seo thc fruit of culling oil' tho lower
part of Oooneoby running a lino according to
tho old stock fenoo and by extending it so ns to
run nonr lo or above West Union, so ns to
straighten tho linc. Our wholo county assess
ment amounts lo $1,89G,G07, and of this sum
$1,201,000 lies below thc slock fence, leaving
fGul$G85,G07 abovo (hal line. It will be nt once
seen (lint nearly two thirds in value of Ibo pro
perly, of tho county is below thc Block fence.
U'Jio population ns estimated stands 0,204 below
tho proposed lino and 7,031 above, leaving (ho
upper, part a less number than required by tho
proposed amendment. Suroly then it would not
do to take tho elook fonoc, nor could it bo done
An tho way proposed.
Another fruit of a new county means an in
tercase of officers, willoh is unnecessary, mid if
PO, unwire, for while a proper number ol
efficient offloers to secure a full administration
of tho law?'ia-necessary, whenever thc number
goes beyond till? tho egcess is engaged in un
productive industry. Money spent for unneces
sary officers la money Imroed- up on. ovory
jUi.oory of govcrnmeoU
Wo throw out those suggestions as appltoabh
to new counties anywhere in tho ?State, but ar?
perfcotiy willing for tho people to doolde au<]
abide by it. ODO thing wo do wish that Um
question bo left out of tho present campaign,
Wo havo enough divisions already and to drag
this mensuro into the canvass would increase
them to tho benefit of no ono.
A Word to tho Democracy.
Tho party of tho Demoornoy labors at
present under many disadvantages, not tho
least of which is tho fooling of security un?
dor which they labor. Torn by dissensions
upon different subjects, without propor or
ganization and rolying upon past success, wo
do not seo that unity and determination to
win which in tho past has oommnndod soc
coss. Whoro thoro is a will there is a way,
but that way and will must fully appreciate
tho difficulties ahead and proparo to meet
them. Tho foot is, if success wcro assured
wo should work as if tho result was uncer
tain. Wo oannot got too largo a majority,
whilo wo should not forgot that a minority of
ono would bo fatal in tho . highest dogroo to
good government. Tho party represents in
South Carolina the oaueo of tho pooplo and
all tho pooplo hold dearest. Therefore let US
all bo up and doing, practicing tho ndago,
whatever our hands (ind to do, do it with all
our might. Wc cannot bc too zealous in a
good cause, provided our /.cal bo practiced
within tho bounds of tho law*
Tho timo until Ibo election is short and
jot it embraces much in a political point of
viow. Tho intorestfl of education, of morality,
of roligion, d'social and material prosperity,
aro embraced within it. Could thoro
bo any higher motivo to exertion than wo
now have? If not, remember that after tho
election is ovor tho opportunity will bo past.
Work, then, now whilo it is day, for tho
night cometh when no mun cnn work. It
will then bo useless to repino or complain,
for our defeat, if it como, will bo from our
own lukewarmness. Publie meetings and
public discussions accomplish much, but out
side of these ibero is a work for every mon
in tho party, for (hero is no man but can
exert an influence for good or evil. If no
effort bo made by individuals their infl-ioneo
is against us from their very want of activity.
In tho religious world not a few havo been
converted to Christ by |somo simple appeal
or expression of a child, who havo fit for
yenrs under tho droppings of tho sanctuary
and listened unmoved to tho most eloquent
appeals from tho pulpit. Wo ronda short
timo ago of a confirmed infidel who was
approached by a child with tho question,
'.Why don't you lovo Jesus-?" which worked
his reformation. Ho stated tlint his letters
rend in theso words, his thoughts nt his ellice
and on tho streets echoed them and his
dreams brought them to his mind, until for
tho take of penco he examined God's word
nnd became a Christian Tho sumo is (ruo in
tho political world. Many will not read
newspapers, nor attend public meetings, who
can emly bo reached and might bo net right
by some simple expression of an uneducated
neighbor or friend. To work to this end for
a few weeks can do no harm and may do
good. It costs nothing und may profit a
great deal.
Remember wc do not write in n spirit of
fear of defeat, for wo believe our success is
assured. Wo write to make it doubly suro
by every good citizen exerting Iiis influenco
for a causo representing tho integrity and
intelligence of tho State If nothing clso
can determino a man, or if bc bo ignorant of
tho true interests of thc Slato and which
party will best represent thom, or if ho
morely doubt how to volo in a party sonso,
let him weigh tho parties by tho men com
posing them and concludo accordingly. If
he find tho Dcmoorncy to cmbruco tho lead
ing men of tho Suite, who arc identified with
it by birth and properly, and that they aro
tho most intelligent and honest, lot him sup'
port its nominees. Who will deny but thc
Democratic party in South Carolina is com
posed of that class of mon fnr more than
either thc Republicans or Grccnbnckers? In
foot does it not embrace almost all our best
citizens? Wo would bo v. ?liing lo stand or fall
upon (ho decision of this question by any fair
minded man. Let us all then in season and out
of season, in public and private, ns individuals
and U9 a body, put our shoulders to tho wheel
and givo a Democratic majority in Oconcc
which will forever wipo out all future oppo
Our Common Schools.
Tho resignation of General Copers of tho
nomination of tho Democratic Convention ns
Superintendent of Education devolves on tho
Stato Executive Committee an important
duty. No offico on tho ticket is of grenier
importance to itho highest interests of tho
Stato, ns it concerns thc causo o? education,
which all citizens feel a deep interest in and
ono which nearly concerns religion and
general intelligence Tho office lins bcon put
in good condition by its former occupant,
Col. Thompson, and should bo so kept. Re
sides, (ho education of tho masses is essential
to tho preservation of free institutions and is
tho only thing promotive of that end. The
Slato has, since 187G, mndo rapid strides on
this lino and is devoloping greater fooling to
further advance this cause To secure this
much will depond on tho successor on tho
ticket ns well as to win success.
A good educational system well managed
is of moro importance than a good Govornor
and requires moro lober and experienco. If
wo could so diffuse education ns to moko our
people, while and black, a ronding people it
would do away with all this cnmpiiigning, ns
tho people would rend and form correct con
clusions and not on them. It would also
purify and elcvato tho press, as tho people
would demand for themselves and children
an.elevated and progressive literature
Wo hardly think (lint ovor ono third thc
voting population of this or any othor county
aro renders of newspapers, In such a condi
tion of society how cnn Ibo minds of thc
pooplo bo instructed? And without instruo
' lion how cnn they bo convinced as to tho bes
; pinn of government? It loaves tho m?sset
without a propor knowledge of tho nature o
government, except such ns limy gather fron"
contact with a fow and from stirring nddrossoi
nt public moutinga and from tho pulpit
Thoso soon pass away and prejudice or pas<
sion, rules tho day..
) Tho North' oro a rending pcoplo and thc
) effect is soon in ile power in tho govornmonl
I as Vfoll os in ?te progross in tho walks ol
i every productivo industry. Its agriculture
? with an inforior elimata outstrips ours. Itt
I manufacturing rosen roon aro pressed in thc
' fuco of a rigorous climate; its wining inioroU
aro n eourco of groat wealth.
All history shows that no pooplo has 01
onn grow rion or poworful or wiso without
education, whilo with it dovolupmont comos
under tho mos t unfavorable conditions. Col
Thompsou, in his ndmirnblo spoooh. pointed
to Scotland ns nn illustration and many othoi
countries, us well as to tho Now England
States, whioh havo long ehapod our national
legislation and led this country in ni ann fac
tures. Give us a good Superintendent ol
Education above ovcrything and good cont'
mon schools. Wo will thon bo sccuro iv
good govornmont and in progress in every
Ilciaioc&'nlic Maws Meeting.
Friday Inst was tho doy sat apart by thc
Domooratio State Excoutivo Cnramittoo foi
tho biennial mass meeting of tho Domocrntic
pnrty of Ooonoo. Tho day wa? delightful.
At an carly hour tho pooplo began to assem
ble, tho corrospondont of tho News and Cou
rier estimating tho number present nt 1,00(
persons. Tho speaking was in the grove
uoar Adgor Col logo.
At ll o'clock tho mooting was called tc
order by Maj. W. J. Stribling, County Clinic
man, who introdueod Col. Hugh S. Thomp
son, our candidato fur Governor. Col.
Thompson w ha was Buffering from a severe
oold and sore throat, mndo a most ad
mirable speech, cont fasting our present condi
tion with that whioh existed prior tn 1870
and taking a hopeful view of tho educational
problem ol tho timon. Cul. Thompson made
a highly favorable impression. As tim
spocoh in (ho main was vory much like thc
ono delivered in Anderson by him at thc
opening of tho campaign, wu shall not at
tempt to roport it for our oolutnns. lint nnx i
weok wo hopo to bo ablo to havo a full roport
of Col. Thompson's speech at Anderdon whio li
wo will 8prctid bofjro our readers.
Mr. Sheppard, tho candidato for Lieu lon
nnt"Qovornor, was introduced and doliveroti
a most effective speech.
Col. Lipscomb, tho oandidato for Socrotary
of Stato, mndo a spocoh whioh pleased his
audience finely and ho was cheered through'
Col. Aiken, our candidato for Oongross, wai
present, and wus called on to present hit
views un tho various subjects agitating thc
country. Col. Aikon's health has not bcci
good ol lalo, but ho wpoko with his usual ani
mation and powor. Tho must of bis re
marks was taken up in n dolenso (d' his volt
on thc naval appropriation hill. This von
brought him into the company of tho He
pub! cans und against thc almost solid vote o
tho Democrats of the Home.
Col. Smythe, ono of tho Slate Senator
from Charleston, was present and was InvitCt
to speak. Wo regret that nil the pcoplo o
thc county woro not prosont to hoar him. Hi
remarks were plain and pointed and inter
spcrscd with racy anecdotes mid well pointei
hits ut our political opponents.
Tho bund furnished good music for th
occasion. Good eider und decorum wero pro
sol ved throughout thc day.
(.'oust i I til I io it xx I /i sute II cl mc BI 1
Tho following is tho propose ! constitu
tionnl amendment, providing for tho fortnn
tion of new counties in South Carolina:
Strike out in Section 3, Article lt, c
the Constitution tho words "hut no nc
county shall bo hereafter funned of less e>
tent than six hundred nrul twenty-liv
square miles, nor sholl Any existing countic
bo reduced to u less extent th m six hun
drcd mid twenty-live squiro miles," an
insert in lieu thereof the following! "Prov
ded, That no new county shall bo forma
which has a population of less than on
one-li und red end twenty-fourth part, of tl:
.winde number of inhabitants of tho Stud
and au aroa less than four hundred Fquai
miles, nor shall any existing counties I:
?educed to s loss urea thou four bund rc
square milos."
BScsi&uutioii of* Hie flic m o
eratic t'otiiaty CD>nh mau.
WALHALLA, S. C., September j, 1882.
Tho Democratic Exccut'tvo Commitlco met t
dny and the Chairman, Wm. J. Stribling, aft
calling tho meeting to order, tendered 1
resignation to (ho cominillco r.3 County Chftl
man. Mr. Stribling slated that his reason f
resigning at (his limo waa that he had been i
formed by several persons since he had becoi
a candidato (ur tho Legislature that he u
elected county chairman on thc ground in p:
nt least of his not hoing a candidate for a
office. This being thc ease bc fell it bis duly
resign, expressing (bo hope that his resignad
would in nowise retard Hie cause o? Dcinocrr
in thc county. Tho committee after del ?be
lion concluded to accept (he resignation n
immediately prococded (o notify Wm, 1?. C?
bonn, first Vice President, of Ibo vacancy.
After transacting some oilier business
minor importance thc committee adjourned.
A Republican Township Mootir
WALHALLA, S. C., September 2, 1882
Tho Republicans of Wagoner Township i
nt tho Walhalla colored school hou9o to cl
eleven delegates to Hie county convention, wi:
will meet at thc court house September Otb.
Tho meeting was called to order by Ihlw
Evans, township chairman. Wm. A. Clark
. requested to act as secretary.
David Singleton was nominated as pcrmai
ohnirmnn. Mr. Blodgett offered a subsli
that the township chairman bo declared peri
neut chairman. After some discussion tho t
Mimte was adopted.
Mr. Dlodgctt moved that M. IL Pryce
olcclcd a delegate to (he county convention,
i A. Clark offered a substituto that thc chair
appoint a couunittco of tbrco persons to se
delegates to tho county convention. Subsli
1 M. IL BryOO, Elias E. Jenkins, Edward h'v
i David Singleton, Isaac Drown, Theo, 1). Pea
, .lohn Heid, John Keith, W. A. Clark, Tin
Singleton mid E. Paul Evans wcro oleoted d
' gates lo the county convention. On motto
Mr. lllodgctt each delegate! was instruoto
t appoint his own alternate.
. On motion of W. A. Clark, General Slolbi
was invited to address thc convention, whio
' did in n speech denouncing tho Democrat
i being enemies to Ibo laboring men, tho u
, I Issue ballots and tho eight box sohoino. I
On motion of Mr. Oreen Cleveland tho
' yendon adjourned. EDWARD EVANS,
1 Cliairint
WM. A. CijAUK, Secretary..
A TSew C/Oiuef.
MOUNTAIN HOME, Soptembur?, 1882.
1 Editors oj" thc Keoxcee Courier:
I nulioo an oditorial article in tho Seneca
Journal of last wook with a proposition uudor
tho proposed joint resolution by tho Oonoral
Assembly nmouding tho constitution, curv
ing ont u new county, as wild us it is vis
Tho writer of this article must havo boon
suffering under u montai halucination, which
young mon sometimos reooivo from an ovor
dose of lawn parties. I cnn attributo this
article abovo rcforrcd to to no other cause
than thin, for 1 know that tho writer, an
esteemed friend of mino, is above this selfish
motivo which perhaps might prompt others;
for instance, I know that neither tho desire
to mnko Seneca a groat "eoa port town,"
bringing tho patronage which usually arrives
to a journal thus located, nor tho doelro
to bo tho leader in tho formation of another
court house ring, (whon rumor says that tho
oounty is too much cussed with that articlo
now) could havo prompted thut generous na
ture, which has always exhibited itself above
such selfishness, to writo such nn article
I suspect that tho court houso upon which
tho writer has had his affection placed is not
to bo that whore law is to bo enforced by Ibo
power of judges, etc., but has been one whero
thc writer has been influenced by thc gent?o
cords of love, wiih only one pleader, without a
jury, and only one judgo of his faith and that
is a female. Such editorial on n gravo subject
could have, been prompted only by such en
tangling alliances.
This comet, which my friond lins drawn
across tho political horizon of Oconco is a
bubble or an air castlo which only lins
to bc pricked to BIIOW to tho people of Oconco
its utter folly.
Tho gravest subject which our people havo
to consider is taxation. With a county cqunl
in nizc to tho present county of Oconco, with
its spnrsc population and comparative pov
erty, it requires a taxation of 3 mills on tho
dollar on all tho property lo carry on thc
government. This taxation amounts to about
$7,000. If a new county ist) bo chiseled
out and a larger portion of tho territory to bo
taken from tho county, (hen tho taxation
instead of being $7,000 will bo $14,000,
because tho (arno people, having to support
only one government ns now, would havo to
support two witli tho additional expenso to
tho new county of having to build a court
houso, jail and poor houso farm, at a cost of
not loss than $10.000.
Small counties not only thus entail a larger
expenso for their government, but they arc
objectionable for t^o vornl oilier reasons. In
thc legislative council of tho State experience
dem?nstrales that they ure without that, in
flucnee which always at lends largo represen ta -
lion and wealth. If the course of legislation is
observed it will be seen that such counties
ns Charleston, Edgcliold, Richland, Anderson
and Greenville, whero (hoy have large repre
sentation and great wealth, direct and control
legislation to a great extent,
Thcro is only ono other way by which
small countios can have n prevailing voice in
legisla'i vc council und that is by keeping
trained, skilled and experienced mon to
represent them in tho Legislature. Tho
frequency with which tho legislators from
small counties, cither from onprieo or love of
change, ure changed, prevents their training
and thcrch.ro such counties aro generally
without influence in thc Legislature.
Thc proposition therefore to divido a small
and floor oounty in two still smaller counties
is an absurdity which lt is hoped the tax
payers ofOconeo County will noiihcr consider
nor act upon.
In addition to the abovo considerations smnll
counties usually fall under family influence
which keep down and restrain tho develop
ment of talent, which perhaps may bo willi?
I out tho pale of tho family circle. Some peo
ple in ii county ns large as Oonoo, with 035
1 squaro miles, now ndvanco ibo argument that
I its government is falling into tho hands of
families and il this argument is good now,
how would it bo when divided?
Oilier rearons as serious as those might ho
giren against this absurdity, but I do not
like to trosspass further on your space,
knowing that tho attention of our people has
only to bo directed to this matter for them to
put their solemn veto upon such a ridiculous
mid preposterous idea ns that contained in
thc proposition to divido our county.
Frosh Vogotablos, &c.
Mr. W. J. Sutiles, Walhalla, S. C. says:
"Pul mo down as a good customor fur Nor
man's Neutralizing Cordial. I have been
using it 0 or 0 years and can recommend il
for oholcrnmorbus, flux nnd all disorders ol
tho stomach produced from unripe fruits,
fresli vegotnblos, ito.
A Highly Favorable Report.
Thc Ohnr!eston Neus and Courier pub
lishes thc annual review of tho trudo ol
Charleston, which shows a mnrked improve
mont. Crop returns nro PO favorable os tc
more thou compensnto for (ho disaster ol
last year. Thc yield of wheat, onts one
corn for surpasses (hat of nny prcvioui
season in South Carolina. Tho business
of tho city for tho pi st year foots up 875, .
000,000'ngninst ST 1,000,000 last yeer
notwithstanding tho falling oil in receipt!
of ootlon owing to dimished yield of Ins
crop. Trade in neval Btorcs, ? lumber nut
phosphate rock exhibits a very heavy in
crease. Thc factories of the city nov
number 133, employing 4,450 persons, uni
a new faotory with 20,000 spindle? i
nearly ready to start. The condition o
truck farming, jobbing nnd railroad inter
cats is moro prosperous than for tunny year
past Thc oily debt has been reduced
$302,300 during tho last twelve months
and provision has already been made fa
tho payment of thc installment of debt ma
turing in 1883 and l?S l, while any in?reos
of tho debt for nny purposo is prohibits
by law.
t?MPOR'A, KAS, Scptembor I.-In tin
Democratic Stato Convention yesterday tl
J mnjority report favored tho repeal of tl
j prohibition laws nnd nt great longth slate
f (hosr ovils. A minority report was sui
' mittcd nnd, ofter on animated disoussic
which occupied almost tho entire forcnooi
was adopted willi very slight nmondmei
i and stnnds ns tho platform of tho eonvoi
t (ion. Tho platform favots (bc rcsubmissii
to tho voters of Knnsns of tho prohibition:!!
amendment to tho constitution nt tho gon
? ral election of State oflicers io Novombo
i II'M i.iiii iT Vi MVIII ?- i III' 'ai jj i"jj_ III i V'MI nj'*
oblo looks and fcolings of those confined at
desks or work tublos, oro caused by wenk
Stomach, Kidneys or Dowels. Parker's
O inger Tonio without intoxicating has
suob a bone?oient notion on tbeso organs
and so oleousos tho poisonous mattera from
tho system, that rosy chocks and good
health oro soou brought back again.-Ex
press, ?
Don't wnsto money on trashy extracts
when you oou buy a lasting perfume so do*
ligbtfully fragrant and refreshing as Flor
cstoo Cologue.
mr-rr i i i--.wmmmtf?mmmmm??H???
New Advertisements.
PURSUANT; to tho Dcoroes of Sul?s mndo
io tho following entitled canes, I will
soil nt public auction before tho Court HotiPO
door in Walhalla, S. C, on tho first MONDAY
in Octobor, 1882. between tho legal hours/of
sales, tho property hereinafter described,
upon tho terms in tho respectivo casos speci
David HolmOB against Mary L. Holmes, ot
al-Complaint for Relief.
ALL thoso throo Piceos, Parcels or Tracts
of Land situate, lying und hoing in tho
County and Stnto aforesaid, all throo Traolo
composing tho real estate of Warien H.
Davis, deceased,
Tract No. 1
Doing tho homo place and containing four
hundred and fifty acres, moro or loss.
Tract No. 2
Containing-acros, moro or loss, and
Tract No. 3
Cootaning -?cres, moro or los?.
Tho sep?ralo Tracts moro fully dosorihed
by plots of tho ramo, which will bo ou exhi
bition on day of snlos.
This lnnd is situated on Tugaloo Uiver and
comprises somo 75 or 100 neron of tho fioest
bottom li.nd ou tho river, all in cultivation.
Tho wltolo Trnot bo foro divinion adjoined
W. U. Smith, Lodon and othors.
Terms of Sale-Ono third cash, hillanco in
ono and two yours, credit portion secured by
bond and morlgngoof premises, purchaser to
pay extra for pupers.
D. rjioruann ct al, against P. L, .Maxwell,
ct ni-Complaint for Foreclosure
ALL that Picco, Pared or Trnot of Ltnd
situate, lying and being in tho County
and Stato aforesaid, on Toxnwnv Creek, nd?
joining lands of J. D. Hogan, Mrs. Julia S.
Maxwell, .Jackson Doaton and others, being
all tho tract conveyed to F. L. Maxwell by
S. K, Maxwoll hy deed dated 12th of May.
1800, except ono hundrod and forty acres of
i-aid Tract off of tho Northwesterly part
convoyed hy F. L. Maxwell to Julia S. Mus
well, containing four huudrod and ono aoros,
moro or los*.
Terms of Sale-One third cash, hillanco in
two equal annual installments, soourod by
bond and mortgage of premises, credit por
tion to boar compound interest, purchaser to
pay extra for papers.
John. AV. Gibson, Administrator ct al,
against Eliza P. Cain ct ni-Complaint for
ALL that Piece, Parcol, or Tract of Land
situate lying and being in tho County
and State aforesaid, on tho North sido of tho
middle prong of Rig Bonvordaru Crook, ad
joining lands of J li. Sitton, T. L. Gibson,
IC, P. Karlo and others, containing two hun
dred and four acres, moro or loss.
Terms of Sale-Ono half cash, balanoo ir.
ono year, willi bout! and mortgago of prom
iser, purchaser to pay ox tra for papers.
September 7, 1882. 42-4t.
Oconco Comity.
I^Y virtue of thc power conferred on us in two
) mortgages given lo ns respectively by Gus
0. Arve, viz : A first mortgage given to J. C.
M lok 1er on the Otb day of March, 1882, and a
second mortgage given to Crnyno, Jloylston ti
Co on thc 8lh dny of .March, 1882, of a Tract
of Land hereinafter described, wc will proceed
al public auction on (he first MONDAY in
Ootober next, within tho legal hours of sulo, in
Walhalla, at tho Court House, in Oconco county,
S. C., lo sell lo tho highest bidder al public
outcy Ibo Tract cf Land desoribod in said
mortgages ns follows:
All thal rieco, Parcol or Tract of Land
situate, lying and being in tho County of Oconcc
and Stain aforesaid, adjoining linds of L. I).
Chambers, Duffie and oihcrii, on Doran'u crook,
waters of Changa crock, containing two hun
dred (2SG) and oighty six acres, more or less,
being Ibo sumo Tract of Land bought by tho
mortgagor from Mary Halcbrooks and Miles
J. C. MICK LI;lt,
Agent and Attorney for Mortgagees.
September 7, 188-2. 42-4t
Vj OT IOU is hereby given that tho undersigned
ii County Commissioners of Oconio county
will be present nt Ibo Bridge on Little Uiver,
noar Mrs. Morgan's, on tho 22(1 of Soptcmher,
1882, and nt tho Horse Shoo Bridge on Changa
on thc '23d of September, 1882, for thc purpose
of letting lo (ho lowest responsible bidders tho
rebuilding of said Bridges. Specifications,
plans, fco., will bc shown on the day of lotting
out said bridges. Witness our hands and scnls
September 2, 1882.
\ L.s. y vir. w. MOSS,
(-,~J J, n. ST KELE,
Commissioners Oconco county.
J. S. VmtNr.n, Clerk B. C.
September 7, 188'2. 42-3t
AffonlAWantod. ThoC'nlmlnntlitKTrlnmitU
A completo Cyclopedia of household knowledge for Ibo
masses ; now re.nl v. NottiliiK lllco lt I ?.oln? flint I
l/)w prlreil, Illustrated, uncqtitilcKl In authorship.
Sond for Press notices and full particulars now. Outfit
nilli I M si ne lien kow to nell, f I'OO lo tictual ag?ntt. Suc
cess Kiiarauieod faithful workers Malo experience, IC
nnv. mil territory desired. W. If. Tliompnon,
Viibllpttw, 401 Arch Street, I'lillauolplila, l's. ,
42-1 m
September 7, 1882.
Apply lo W. O. WHILDEN,
Williamston, S. C.,
Or to M. N. SITTON,
Seneca, S. C.
August 31, 1883. 41-I.t
County Convention of the Union
Republican Party Nof Ocouoo
WALHAI,T,A, S. C., August 28, 1882.
?TOTICE is horoby glvon Mint a County Con-,
i vondon of tho Union Republican Party of
Ooonco County will bo hold nt Walhalla on
SATURDAY, tho Otb doy of September, 1882,
at ll o'olook A. M., for tho purpose of soleoting
delegates to tho Stato and Congressional Con
Tho convention will bo composed of fifty
delegates apportioned among tho several Town
ships as follows:
Seneca 12, Wagoner 11,
Ceutor 0, Tugaloo Or
Kcowco 0, Chnttuga 2,
Pulaski 2, Whitewater 2.
County Chairman.
August 81, 1882. 4l-2t .
Ooonee Oo-uirty.
By Richard Lewis, Esq., Judgo-of Probate.
WIII:I(KAH, John Orlasop has made suit to mo"
to grant him Letters of Administration or
the Estato and Effects of Stephen Ualdma/
deceased- d
These aro, thcrcTovc to cite and admonish air
and singular tho kindred and creditors of the!
said Stephen Baldwin, deceased, thal they be ano?
appear bofore me, in the Court of Probate, to"
be held at Walhalla, S. C., on Saturday, 10th1
of September, 1882, after publication hereof, ot?
ll o'olook in tho forenoon, to ehpw oauso, lr
any they have, why tho said administration'
should not bo granted.
Given under my hand and seal, this tho 80th'
day of August Anuo Domini 1882.
Judge of Probate of Ocouee County/
August SI, 1882 41-2fc
Ocoiicc County.
Bg Richard Lewis, Esq., Judge of l^robate.
\\' iir.ur.As, J. J. Norton has mado suit loma'.
IT to grunt him Letters of Administration of
thc Estate and Effects of Zara W. Creon, de
These aro, therefore, to cito and admonish all
and singular tho kindred and creditors of tho
said Zara W. Oreen, deocasod, that they bo aad
appear before mo, in thc Court of Probalo, to
bo held at Walhalla, S. G., on Saturday, 10th
of September, 1882, after publication hereof, at
11 o'clock in (ho forenoon, to show oauso, if any
they have, why thc said administration should
not bo granted.
Given under my hand nnd seal this thc 80th
day of August Anno Domini 1882.
Judgo of Probato of Ooonoo oounly.
August 31, 1882. 41-2t
Final Settlement
'?MIK undersigned respectfully petitions to tho
1 Probate Court of Coonee county, S. C., for a
final settlement of tho cstnto of James Willard,
minor, on Monday, thc 2d day of October, 1882,
and a final discharge therefrom.
August 31, 1882. 4l-4t*
Summons for
.Scrivin). I
S. P. Bendy,
Milley Grant, widow, Eliza
beth Weldon, Martha Brown,
Mary A. Palmor, Patten F.
Guessand Joseph Guess, heirs
atdaw, ami H. L. B. Connelly,
Grantee of George Grant, de.
To thc Defendants nbovo named;
V'OD aro hereby summoned and required to
X answer thc complaint in the nbovo stated
action, which is fited in tho of?ico of tho Clerk
of Common Pleas for Oconeo oounty, S. C., andi
serve n oopy of your answer to said complaint
on tho subscriber at his ellice on tho publia
square in Walhalla, S. C., within twonty day?
after tho servico hereof, exclusivo of tho day of
such service, and if you fail to answer tho
complaint within tho timo aforesaid, tho Plain
tiff in this action will apply to tho court for tho
relief demanded in tho complaint.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Walhalla. S. C.. August 20, 1882.
[L.*S.] J. W. STUHIMNO, C. C. P.
To tho absent Dofcdants, Milley Grant, widow,
Elizabeth VYoldon, Martha Brown, Patton F.
(?ness and Joseph Guoss, hcirs-at-law of Georgo
Grant, deceased:
You will tnko notice that tho complaint in tho
above stated action was filed in tho office of tho
Clerk of tho Common Pleas for Oconeo county,
S. C., on tho 20th day of August, 1882, and
that tho object of said action is ibo foreclosure
of a mortgago of tho real estato of Georgo
Grant, deocasod, mentioned mid desoribod ia
said comp'aint. S. P. DENDY,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
August 31, 1882. 4l-Gt
?YETTIE ?Fio?TO ??^?
Lemuel V. Pitts, ns administrator .of tho
personal estate of William Pitts, doooasod,
and hoir nt law of enid deceased, David
Pitts, Daniel Pitts, Reuben Pitts, Htiriott
Pitts, Sarah Herring nco Pitts, Amandi*
Pitts, Mella Pitts and Molinda Pitts,
Plaintiffs, against Emily fitts, Harriot
Pitts, Matilda Christian noe Pitts, Nancy
Liles neo Pitts, Keith Prico, Garvin S.
Pries, Turnor Cronshaw, Fannio dorman
noe Crenshaw, Alico Harrington nco Cron
shaw, Kinley noe Davis, Ellon Snwyor neo
Davis*, Alioo Cain noo Davis, Warron R.
Davis, Chorlos J. Davis, Ida Davis and IL
D. A. Riemann, Dofondants.-Summons?
for Relief.
To tho dofondants herein:
YOU aro horoby summoned nnd required
to answer tho compliant in this notion,
which is filod in tho offico of tho Clork of tho
Court of Common Pions for said county and
Stato, and to sorvo a copy of your nnswor on
tho subscriber nt his oflloo. on tho public
square, in Walhalla, S. C., within twenty
days after tho servico hereof on you, exclusivo
of tho day of such servico. |
If you fail tn nnswor tho comptant afore
said tho plaintiffs will apply to tho oourt for
tho rolicf demanded in tho complaint and
tho costa of this action.
Plaintiffs' Attornoy.
Walhalla, S. C., August 30, 1882.
[L. S] J. W. S r it i n r,t NU, C. 0. P.
To tho dofondants in thia notion:
Tnko notico thnt this notion is brought for
tho salo of tho roal o?tato of William Pitts,
lato of tho nbovo Stated co ?nty and Stato,
doooasod, in nid of tho personalty for tho
payment of his debts nnd for tho distribution
of tho bnlanoo of tho proooods of suoh
salo among his hoirs according to thoir re
spective interests. Also take notice that no
personal claim is mado against yon or any
ono or moro of you, Tho oom pl ai nt in this,
notion was li lcd in tho Clerk's office for said,
county on tho 30lh day of August, 1882.
Plaiuti?Y Attornoy.
August al, It?dl,, 4>Gi

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