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1 i:, K m b;
l'ub??shciVevoi'y T.huniday morphi^.
For subscription, 'por annum,
Btrlotly in ad vang?; for six months, Vi
cents; for four months, 50 co nts.
Advertisements inserted at ono dollar
per Btpiaro of ono inch or los? for the Hist
insertion and fifty con ts for oaoli sub
sequent Insertion.
Obituary Notices oxceodin? llvo lines,
Tributes of ltospoet, Communications ol
a porsonal ubaractor, wbon adinissahio,
and Annouucomonts of Candidates will
bo charged for as advortlsomonts.
Joh Printing noatly and ohoaply oxoou
Neoosslty compels us to ?dhoro siTlotly
to tho requirements of Cash Payment*.
V? '?'bino OwirHeli Me 'I'rim mid It M ?mc V?lU?r Ma the Kljjfct tho Dan I'kou ?ntt?>t Not Then M* ?a A^?Sus,
WAfjSftA?j?i?, S?u?tt CAKOfclKA, NOVICMBElt 1?, 1800.
VO?JVMR Mt?4-NO 45.
WLL MID www lliii:
Dry Goods, Notions, Boots, Shoes,
Hats, Clothing, Hardware, Crockery
and Groceries. Come and see my
Goods before you buy.
Your.? Respectfully,
Rooms to Rent.
Under this bond wo havo Flnnnols, Sorgos, Brillantines, Vonoclnns, Henriettas,
Cashmeres, Ginghams, Cantons, Bleached and Unbleached Drills, Ac.
Under this hoad wovhavo Dross Trimmings in Silks and Volvote, Volvot and
Silk Ribbon, Corset? for Ladies and Misses, Hosiory, Gloves nnd Underwear, Hut
tons, Dross Ducklo*, &c.
Tho largest and best solccted stock in Oconee. Como and seo latest styles and
prices hoforo you buy. "
- . ~
Of o very stylo from tho lowest grado to tho best.
For Mon, Women ? nd Childron. All kinds, from tho cheapest to tho host.
Como and sec thom.
Nield & Harrison
Will Cure Your Dyspepsia.
Oip OP ?IQftl?Y (S?SBS-?F
Mr. J. N. Smith,, for twenty years an
ongineor on tho Greenville nnd Columbia
H. lt.. savs :
"Tue Crescent Mineral Water is curing
mo of Moog standing Kidnoy Trouble,
and I am better to-day than I havo boon
for ten years, all through tho uso of this
water, and my wifo, who for many years
has boon obliged to tako medicino for
hor livor, has had nb occasion for any
medicino since using tho Closeout Wator,
and now feels Uko a now porson."
Loading citi'/.ous of Greonvillo add tho
"Tho testimony of John N. Smith, re
garding tiio wonderful curative offeots of
tho. Crescont Minorai Water will ho of
f;ro?t valuo. for no man's word is strongor
n Greenville than his."
C. II. Judson, President Furnian Uni
A. li.Curoton, Superintendent Cotton
Seed Mill.
Frank Hammond, President People's
II. C. Markloy/Carriago Manufacturar.
T. C. Gower, Proprietor Street Hallway.
John H. Maxwell, M. D.
J. W. llowoll, M. I).
G. T. Swandalo, M. I).
J. W. liarlo, M. I).
John Forguson, Grocer.
H. F. Allon & Bro., Grocers.
J. 1?. Miller, Grocer.
S. M. Snidor St Co., Jewelers.
G. D. Barr, Stovo Doalor.
John Hart, Contractor and Builder.
Soud for book of testimonials.
A Caso of Crescent Minorai Water, con
taining 12 half-gallon bottles, will ho sent
hy oxprosB, propald, by us on receipt of
$1.00, and $1.50 a dozen will ho allowed
for bottles returned at our oxpenso.
If your Druggist has not obtained a
supply, ordor direct of tho
Groonvillo, S. C.
July 3, 181)0
Five Energetic
Salesmen to sell
Pianos, Organs and
Machines. None
but reliable men
need apply.
Alexanfler Bros. & Co.,
107 and lil Washington St.,
NoTlCE is horoby glvon that I will bo
at my office, near tho Norman Park Hotel,
for tho wintor, whoro I desire all persons
owing mo by note or account, to call
and make immediate paym nt or satis
factory sol denicul.
October 23, 1800. 42-tf
o. fl. WKI.I.S,
j. f.. ouu,
Groonvillo, S. C.
nOIlT. T. .TAYNK8,
Walhalla, S. C.
Wells, Orr, Thompson & Japes,
Attorneys and Counsellors at La\oy
Walhalla, S. C.
Special attention glvon to all business
on misted to our enro.
August 25, 1887. 84-a
Wm. F. Ervin, Surveyor,
Land Agency
Commission Business.
O?lco lu tho Bank building,
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick
Headache, Biliousness
And all diseases arl Bing- from a
Torpid Li ver and Bad Digestion.
Tho natural roanlt tm rood anuatlta
ami ??lt.! noon, noa* amall t ?fe*au?
ly ?nur conf u? and o?ny to HWRIIOW.
tim ?
'?\f!f: ,':.f.,?nJ>"M resident W. CT. If
"ilio KLHCTKUPfllSK in n pnnnceu for
'SUnOM hrnln fntlKUO nnd ?rnnrnl OnOIUtyr,
. ll. a duty lo say: try tho H <0TItOI'O18K;,;
li**, K. W. E?lrann?la.8nmtor,8. C,?ay/<:
.? '. !.. Im* Moil tiftliiKtlio KbKOTUOPOISl-: for
inna for (fVoral monilin, ?Hu nt present lier
..Ita in excellent,"
.'Vn\&.'i.?W*7? Fre?. Sibley Mill?, Ancrum,
. ii inUrn, imilntiiomitliotiiMnu per cent, better. I
.. ?t.-iiinu nd Its U80 toolUlmll?rly nacotcd."
T. ,T. llfirUnwA/, Chnrlcaton, fl, c., niv.it
brea week? uno of tim KI.KOTlloi'OlBK re'
IWv?q mo of chronloBolatlco."
Hr. Wm. N. Kin?. SU W. 44th Ht., Kow
Vi rWOfiyiit "llmvntouml tim Kl.liOTUOlMlHI?
II-, wonderfnlt .H'iMvft ?Kent. I would con
iit?t,,,yi ? ollcnppluaimiocd with.
IfOT.e. K.^t^rrmpr. |l?t?/hnpno vi? ?Ayr?
Cur month*' usn of tho KI.kct?l0W)IBK
:? ?torca mo to health from a complication of
i '?? !it hltlB,frnt?rfh, riytipenttln, nnd torpid liver,
lin i-, ftalq of 40tb?. In weight."
Lee new Advt rthenunt next Imuo.
Tho Mau Who'Found America Run to
Earth by Bill Nye.
nm FBANKUN'B iiunaiiAUious TKN
Wandering about tho othor day
and waiting for Otero to como forth
and dance at tho Edon Museo, tho
manager said, all of a suddon, as ho
noticed that I . was being mistaken
for a now wax figuro, and that I
scorned embarrassed by tho way peo
ple, especially strangers, wore feeling
of mo and wondering if I woro hol
low : "Como up stairs with mo. I
want to show you something. Did
you over go into tho work room whore
wax figures aro mado V"
"Well, take tba olovator with mo.
Otero will not dabee yot for an hour
and you can soo tho whole business
-studio, work shop, etc,-in that
time, and you will enjoy it just as
muoh ns you would remaining hero
with that vaoant and guilolcss look,
hoing constantly taken for Henry
Irving or tho deathbod of Napoleon."
JSo I'said yes wo would go. I had
novor watchod tho process, and very
fow people, as I understood it, woro
pormittod to go into tho mysterious
chambers whore groat mon were
made and unmade oven quicker than
tho newspapers could do, it. Tho
principal works-wax works, I may
.wy, or tableaux foundry - would
scorn to bo faoing Twenty-third street,
ono floor above tho entrance. Quito
a numbor of people aro busy there
all the timo adding now figures and
tableaux to tho great collection in
tho halls below. Every time a mon
aroh croaks and a now President if
elected tho genius of tho was sculp
tor up th oro is called into uso, and
boforo you knftw it^h? hoad of f
now ropub??o, in a neat fitting suit of
clothes, is inserting his nioe pink
hand into the bosom of his frock
coat and trying to look far away,
While people arc watching him earn
ostly in the great group of poten
I was first introduced to tho main
wax worker and artist of tho whole
establishment, whose name I wiso 1
had scoured, because ho was so cour
teous and obliging. Ho showed mt
all about it, so that I could now d<
it mysolf if at any time I sh o ult
decido to retire from literary pur
suits and giyo mysolf up entirely t(
Tho artist of whom I speak makei
heads and hands and finishes up thc
job, while another artist, whoso nanv
I did not got accurately onongh t<
print, unless I could at. once escape
makes tho bodies. Tho process i
very simplo indeed. Anybody couh
do it. It is ns easy us running i
paper or perfecting tho tariff so a
to ho generally agreeable
Tho soulptors were working on :
group of Christopher Columbus
Tho artist has seized upon tho happ;
moment when Columbus ia just abou
to discover America, and ho is dobat
ing in his own mind whether or no
there is anything in it. Ono cnn se
readily by his deop, earnest look thn
it is a problem in his brain which h
has not yat settled whother it wi
pay him to discover a country whic
will introduco tho uso of pin
tobacco and freedom.
Columbia was at this timo ver
poor. First ho had sought to scout
a concession from thc Legislature. (
Spain, hut in Spain it costs ns muo
to got n just appropriation ns it dot
in Alhnny. Ho wont on to sho'
f lint if ho did not discover Amoric
somo ono else would, and that tl
result would ho that somo less dosen
ing and far plainer man would g<
his pictures on tho American greei
backs. Hut pooh ! pooh 1 said xl
Legislature, seeing that Columbi
had no moans with which to promo
legislative action, and he hoing
plain man, entirely ignorant of wh
thor n bill lind to go to its finn! pas
ngo or over to tho Smithsonion Inst
t ut ion, wns guyed mid fooled wil
by mon who should hnvo known bc
tor until his money wns gone, ni
our best Indian tribos woro waltli
impatiently all tho time to bo di
"Ailis lr somo gront chiof won
8ny nftor vainly sonrching tho hoi
zon, "nnothor day lins went hy ai
my peoplo remain undiscovered. A
gront speech to tho pnlo fnco, whl
I have prepared for tho Four
Kondor, is still in manuscript for
Day after day goos by and wo get
reliable European nows. Uah I"
y.-.-7vf-r ,,v,;i : i;| ; .,:J-i-i , m >77T"?i ii-,. --i,.- .?.T-,,.
Ho would thou ont ? light break?
fruit of maize, get married, and tak
ing bis pross glin on ins shoulder go
out and, shoot a onnvabbaok muskrat
for his luncheon. Columbus, as ho
will appear at the Edon Musoe, bas
a dark but pleasant face and pleasant
whiskers. I took bis lu??id hi my
hand and iookc? into his stoady,
gentle eyes. Also into his vacant
The hoad and face of tho figures
aro made.first in olay, as a soulptor
would do:it. It is fun. I made ono.
It was pleasing, but tho man it re
sembled I novor mot. He was a
stranger to me. When thc clay is
HU Ilic i?n t ly hard to uso for that pur
pose a plaster mold is made from it,
in sections, of course, so that it may
bo easily romoved; thou tho molted
tlosh-colorod wax is poured hi until
it has attained a thickness of from
an eighth to a quarter of an inch,
and thou it is allowed to harden.
After sufficient time for this tho bust
is removed and numbered and cata
logued, so that it may bo again called
into uso yoars hence if anything
should occur to bring up this figuro
to the publio notice. Tho World's
Fair now, of course, at once attracts
attention to Columbus and his group
of rooky pic biters from Spain.
Hero wo see them in all their wanton
wilderness and freedom. Columbus
had not got his olothcs on yot when
I saw him. Ho has a good figure,
though, and a nice pink torso. Ho
wns 60 yerra of ago at the timo ho
had this torso taken, I boliove.
Tho bodies of thc ontiro Columbus
group had been made, and with cheap
ribbed underwear on them they stood
in a little convention at ono ond of
tho room. Sonto wcro kneeling,
somo were standing and some wore
in other attitudes that would havo
looked heroic if the drapery had
been a little more oxtonsive. The
bodies and limbs are made as fol
lows : First they aro modeled in clay
in tho position exactly that tl oy aro
KT asstimo" wh~?r?~"coinplct ed." ^Tio?
tho mold is made from this and then
tho wax is put in iirst, followed by a
heavy coarso doth, three thicknesses
of which aro used to givo strength
and firmness of oharaoter to the sub
A lady was cngngod in dressing
tho figure of Columbus. Sho at
tonds to tho costuming of all thc
wax people. She was just putting a
wad of excelsior into his bosom as I
entored. Another young lady has
the somewhat, monotonous job of
putting- on thc hair and whiskers,
ono at a time. Many think that thc
wax works wear wigs, but this is not
true. Eaoh hair is put into tho wax
by means of a little steel jabber, and
tho wax pressed down again to hold
it. It takes three days to put. thc
hair on a man like Liszt or Olo Bull
In gotting up a figuro of Col. Inger
soll, of course, ono day would bt
ample. In the Columbus group thort
is one sailor who has not shaved foi
a weok. This is effected by putting
tho beard in full, and then dipping
it to the propor length. Ho looki
quito life-like, and his irregular tooti
which, with his sandy, stubby board
give his a regular sea dog look.
Ferdinand will bo represented also
I saw his bust in beeswax. Ho wai
rather a plain man with a look o
anxiety which I attributed to a fool
ing of uncertainty about tho timi
when his now clothes would read
him from Grand street. Ferdinant
rescued himself from oblivion b;
giving his hand in marriage to Isn
bolla of Castile, on tho 18th of Ooto
ber, 1409. Fivo yoars later, Ford i
mind was proclaimed king on th
death of Henry IV, who was Isa
bella's brother. It is ?aid that, he
folks opposed tho marriage on th
ground that Ford, could net givo th
necessary bonds oven if ho got th
office of king; but he did, and gav
good satisfaction.
In 1492 Fordinand drovo all tb
Jows out of his dominion bcoaufi
they would not ndvortiso in a papt
with which ho was connected. ]
was in this samo yoar that Isaboll
fitted out two or thrco ships nocci
sary for .Columbus to go in and dil
cover A mo rica, and whon ho rcturnc
Ferdinand and Isabella obtained
bull from Pope Alexander coull rn
ing their title to all tho torritoi
thoy had then or might thereaftt
disoovor in tho Wostorn hemisphor
So Fordinand and Isabella had qui?
a lot of wild land for salo at tl
end of that year, which if they hi
kopt would now bo very valuabl
Take Minneapolis and New Yor
for instance; both of theso towi
wore then in their infanoy, and tl
group was cheap. Take tho lan
for, instance^ on which Trinity ob un
and Daly's billiard hall now stand?
Thoso lota aro worth nilUions of dob
lars,'dod y ot a few. years ago, they
wore secured by planting;tho Spon
ish flag oh our coast or buying a
State o? tho improvident red man
with a schooner of Tokay wino and
a red carnelian nose ring.
Isabella's bust ns;it Will appear in
this groat historical tableau will havo
a brunette appeal ance with blKok
hair. Sho will have a far off look:
and hollow legs. Sho was- having
heV mensuro taken for a throne on
tho day I visited hor. Isabella died
Novombor 20, 1604, and Ferdinand,
af tor pawing, up tho oarth with his
griof and making a perfect show of
himself nt tho grave, procoodod to
marry Germaiiio Do Foix* Sho was
niece of Louis XII of Franco, and
if sho had been a grass widow could
havo boon called Do Foix Grass,
whioh would havo been a bon mot.
Ferdinand dieu January 28, 16?6,
and had a marble prevarication placed
over his tomb, whioh wont on to
stato that it would bo a cold day
boforo Spain had another king with
as much pop and high purposes rna
Ford. had.
Tho eyes of. wax ligures aro of
glass, and aro fastened in by means
of rods whioh pass ?p through the
intorior of tho head and fasten \ tho
eyeball from the roar. Wax people
are noted for dignity and repose.
They have no brains, but they never
forgot to bc dignified. I bato digni
fiej^^olo. I novcr tried to bo dig
nified buf ui.v>, and that was two
weeks ago, I wore a handsome now
frock coat and suit of dark blue,
and a new, shining Russia iron silk
hat, to drive my family over tho
Finger Bowl road on Staten Island
and on to South Beach. I was
proud and haughty, dressed up,
serene and mentally vacant in order
to look dignified. People who saw
us driving thus afterward paid mo n
high compliment by telling my wifo
what a dignified and thoroughly
zh tfonrVjrjofo'ng^
Since that I have not tried to look
We had quito a fright not long
ago, and I might toll it here, perhaps,
as well as elsewhere, for I think tho
chief charm about a lotter, of this
kind is its informality, truth and accu
My wifo is not easily frightened.
She is a Chicago girl who married
beneath her station, so I am told;
but wo will lot that pass* Tho other
evening sho was comparatively alono
and reading "Throe Mon in a Boat."
Sho likes English humor, because it
is so puro and has such plain direc
tions with each book. She was read
ing it thoughtfully and, pray or full y-^
knowing that no ono could rood
English humor and not go away a
bettor man-when abo heard a heavy
footfall al ug the hall.
It-was not my footfall, for mino is
light. It would not wilt a maiden
hair fern-I tread so lightly-espe
cially at a lato hour. Tho tread
slowly approached. My wifo shiv
ered and bolted hor door, Tho stop
turned toward tho bathroom I Sho
had hoard of burglars coming into a
private residence, taking a bath, and
then going away-after stoaling a
few things.
Later ?he heard him slashing
around in tho bathtub at a great rate
and she was thoroughly soared. She
tried to call some of tho sorvar.ts,
but could not teach them. Finally
after what seemed like a thousand
years sho decided to seo for herself.
Sho could not wait. So with loudly
beating heart she opened tho door of
tho bathroom softly.
* * * * * * *
Thc light was low, but in tho bath
tub, just above the water, was tho
pale, still faco of a man !
lie had borrowed our bathroom
for suicidal purposes.
Whon I carno homo di was con
fusion. I was never so woloome. In
a brief excited talk I was told what
had hadponed. I took my trusty Eif
callibar and went to o door, listen
ing to see if tho d. J burglar had
revived. Ho had not. Slowly I
opened tho door and peered it.
To go back a little, I must add
that wo have a bust of Benjamin
Franklin at our houso whioh ovory
year requires washing. Tho help
had decided at a late hour to give
Benjamin a bath, and with heavy
tread had ?ourdit?tho bnthroon'i foi
U ' "fi
that purpose. So when the mistrese
of tho houso wont thore to discovoi
tho burglar alo found tho whit3 set
foatures of tho great man apparently
drowned in the bath.
Try it some time if you think it
improbable. You will bo surprised,
So no moro at presont.
Merits o? Cotton Reert OiJ
In tho discussion pf tho compound
l?rd bill boforo Cong?bss|th? r?lutivc
morita of hog fat and cotton seed oil
were thoroughly disoussod, and tho
(Southern product oarao off thevici
tor. Every expert chemical analyst
and othor exports testifl?d to tho
superior merits of cotton scod oil, to
its excollonco for homo uso, to itB
purity and to tho faot that it was
healthy and ?Yeo from all deleterious
Tho testimony of tho-Analyst of
the NeW York Hoard of Health was
to tho point, and ,ho reviewed at!
length tho relativo moritB of tho two
products, and tho various testimony
on tho subject* as follows :
Tho main quostion, as I understand
it, is, whother cotton scod oil, pro*
porly extracted or refilled, is a whole
some and nutritious article of food,
and whother it is a proper substance
to minglo ?Ith isrd obtained from
the fat of hogs, or with other fats,
in tho mun nf act uro of "lard nena
pounds," table oil, and tho like, for
uso as food or in tho preparation or
manufacture of food articles.
There doubtless exists on tho part
of many peoplo a prejudico that lard
should hp made of hog fat alone,
and table or salid oil from tho frmt
Of tho olive troo BOlely} but this
opinion is in reality based on no
good or sufficient reasons. Fats
obtained from a variety of animals
and a great numbor of plants havo
beep used from time immemorial in
the preparation of food, .and it is
unreasonable to suppose that those
particular fats and oils which we, in
this country, or in this part of the
doiDjJg,y.haye Jieon.-sceHgfAP)ed..LO,
uso aro tho only suitnblo ones to
employ. All over tho world vege
table oils are obtained by tho expres
sion of the seeds or fruit of plants
and used as food. From the cocoa
nut, Brazilian nut, walnut, almond,
and a wido varloty of othor vegeta
ble products, oils are oxtraotod and
employed in the preparation of food?
tn speaking of the vogotabio oils,
t)r. pd ward Smith, in his well-known
>vork on Foods* places cotton seed
oil at tho hoad of tho Hst, and says :
"Th?ro can be no doubt that wo
Iiavo in this product of socds of
plants, which soom otherwise to be
?solcss, a great storehouse of most
valuable nutritive material, and if
wo know but little of them in this
climate, it is bccaURO WC have tho
olive oil at hand, and aro bountifully
supplied with many kinds of animal
fats. It is, howovor, probable that
tho choapness of some of these vege
table oils, in addition to their ? deli
oaoy of flavor, will ero long force
themselves into notice and obtain a
placo among our foods." This was
written 1878, when tho manufacturo
of cotton seed oils was still in its
Professor. Wiley, chemist to tho
TThit?d States Department of Agri
culture, in Bulletin No. 10, on ?Food
and Food Ad ulternnts, quotes iYom
Allon'h well-known and standard
work on Commercial Organic Analy
sis, as follows J "Refined cotton socd
oil is of a straw or golden yellow
color, or, occasionally, noarly color
less. Tho density ranges fr?m .922
tb .920, and tho solidifying point
from Io to 10? C. Refined cotton
seed oil is usually very; free fron?
acid, and whon properly.propared is
of pleasant taste, and admirably
adapted for edible ard culinary pur-,
poses, f?r which it is now extensively
employed, both with and without
its nature hoing acknowledged."
As regards tho manufacture and
refining of cotton seed oil, it may bo
remarked that tho methods employed
are not materially different from the
procos made uso of in tho prepara
tion of olive oil. That co/. on seed
Oil lias for many years boon exported
to Italy and France, in which coun
tries it is largely employed for mix
ing tho olive oil, is a well known
. Speaking of cotton seod oil, Dun
ham J. Crain, Unitod States Consul
at Milan, roported ns follows, under
dato of Novombcr 10, 1888 : "Tho
seed oil industry is assuming consid
erable proportions. Soveralkinds cf
this oil were exhibited at tho Milan
exhibition in 1881, and classed among
nlttytng'tnvur o\\s. TheYc v/crc some
beautiful spooimens of sofismo oil
exhibited. * * * Thc importa
tion Of Cotton seed oil was fn*ro??t?d
|n! 1882, sjneo which t!iC demand for
oleaginous seeds h -4 ' increased. It
is therefore urged tln.t a duty should
bo imposed on all impo. ts of seeds
and seed Oils if it is to ho continued
on cotton seed oil. It is claimed
that tho duty on cotton seed oil lins
served no good purpose; that tho
M? P??kens in 184g,
Iii ?H i860,
Destroyed by f^?re June
Re-Kstab]l$hed August
mixing of cotton oil willi olivo oil
was ?>otprejudicial to health, and
that tho mixturo is now inaajv with
oils, from, lliix ami nuts, ami that
Competition coming from cot
ton oil hm? boon replaced by ? oils''
Of other seeds, and by nut oil*.
* * * It is felt that, frauds
dimih|?h, and tho public good bo
promoted when projiuliees^Qgaiufit
good soool oils disap^poar, and jjioy .
aro sold under their truo names*'
(U. S. Consular Reports, XII, 687.)
I am ?loroly of tim opinan tb*t
cotton seed oil, whether used alone
or commingled with other oils, or fata
is a porfeotly wholesome and nutri
tious food, and as easily digested
and assimilated.as any of the com
monly .omployod fats/ In support of
this viow,tho opinion of mnnbexlosa
writ ??vs upon tho ?ubjoot, and 6f
oxpoi ts; in ohomsstry and jdiyslology, ,
might bo adduoed, but I shall con
tent myself with citing two or threo.
lJattorshall, ? in his treatise on <4Food
Adulteration, remarks :
"As a result of tho publicity lately
given to thc subject of food adul
teration; a popular impression lias
boon produced that any substance
employed as an adulterant of, or a
substituto for, nh?ther is to bo
avoided per se. Perhaps tho com
mon bbliof that for all purposes cot
ton need oil is inferior to olivo oil,
and oleomargarine to futter, is th?
rtiost striking illustrations of thia
tOndonoy. Now, as a .matte; of facV,
puro cotton seed oil, as at pr?sent
found on tho market, is loss hablo to
ber onto rancid than tho prodnot of
thc olive, and for many culinary uses
it is at least quito as sorvicablo.
* * * The siilo of these products
under their true namo should ?tot
only bo allowed, but under some cir
cumstances oven onoournged."
Professor Wiley statod before tho
U. S; HOUBO Committee on Agricul
ture, nt tho hoarlng on the compound
lard bill in !?8S, iii ropiy to tho
question whothorfr?m his knowledge
of chemistry-, abd of medicino there
is any property-, in cotton seed oil
injurious to health, that th oro waa
not so far as ho knew. In roply to
the question, "Docs that statement
also apply to bcof st?arine used in
connection'with cotton seed oil in
tho manufacture of refined lard?"
bo ropliod, "Yes, sir; so far as I know
there is nothing in it injurious to
hoalth." Concerning jtjjdlgoatibilitv
?nd~th? caso wt?TvmMiit is assimi
lated, ho instanced a onao in which n
ni nt had boen glvon as a laxative and
had undergone perfect digestion,"'
shOwing. in his opinion, "that it was
very easily neted upon by the ??toV-V
tinal juicos," and '?vory easily assimi
lated)' and ho added *hat "it seems
to aot1 on tho digestivo organs like
>livo oil nreoisoly. In response to
the question, "Aro tho nutrifcl/o
qualities of cotton soed oil conallo
tko nutritive qualities of puro lard ?"
ito ropliod, "I should say that there
would bo little difforoneo as far as
nutritivo properties aro concerned."
Professor Wiloy analysed a largo
itumber of samples of so-called
refined lards compounded chiefly of
[/Cef st?arine, cottonseed oii, and
dog fat, and in responso to tho ques
tion. "HaVo you any boliof that any
if theso artlolos or spooimons * * *
ivhcn used as foods aro healthful or
iinhcaltbful to the human syatom?"
replied, "I have no reason to believe
iny of them are, any of tho ingrodfc
?nts in tho lards." And again, "As
Far ns medical and chemical knowl
edge extends those substances aro
tot injurious to hoalth." In reply
to ibo question, "What would yon
my of cotton seed oil when used
?lone aa an article of food ?" Ito
insworcd, "I should say that it was
perfcotly wholesome," and-ho gavo (
it as his boliof that it was fis wno.lo
lomo as olive oil or ihog lard or boef
Prof. S. Ps Sharpless, State assayer
tor Massachusotts, and a chemist
tvho has given much timo to tho
study of Tood adulteration, stated
luring tho course of tho sarao inves
tigation that ho know of Up property
injurious to hoalth ip cotton aced oil
ir tho reflnod lards which ho had
jxamiucd. Prof. Tl. Ogden Dolo
rous, of Now York City, states thr.t
refined lard mudo from stoam lard,
tioof st?arine* and cotton seed oil is
;<puro and wholesome," and that, in
bits opinion, "cotton tjcod oil is a
wholesome article of diet;" and
Prof, L. M. Norton, of thc Manya
ahusott;. Instituto of Technology,
states that tho compound lard mao)?,
by a woii known firm "is a porfeotly
?ood food material" and "is unobjoo
ttonablo in every rospeot, and does'
not oontnin anything which cnn bo
injurious to health."
These aro tho opinions whioh scorn
to bo almost universally held by
thoso who have investigated this sub
ject from a soiontific standpoint.
So for as I. know there is no evidence
worthy of tho namo'which remotely
tonds to show that cotton seed oil fs
not a wholosoino nnd nutritious food.
Tt han, as a matter of foot, boon used
for years both surreptitiously mixed
with other oils and fats or openly
?mploycd on its morita asa palata
blo and useful food. Throughout
tho cottcu growing States, hv hits
boon for n. long ' tit?o ..very, ?iyrgb?v*
used and thc medical faculty of thc
Arkansas Urvvorsity tftato tbatit is
preferred1 to tether fats in many
respects, "agreeing with tho moat
d?licat? stomachs, whether utiod in
baking or frying," and that "not one
Instance bas over boen given of
health being in any manner impaired
by tho uso, however free, of cotton
seed oil as food."

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