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lt. A. THOMPSON. )>. A. BMlTlt. H. T. JAYNKS.
Taking tho Bearing?.
Tho swooping success of tho Domo
nrftts In tho latO election WOO OS unex
pected as it W08 unprecedented. Tito
most satisfactory returns show that tho
llouso of Kojprosontativos lu tho Fifty
second CongroBs will contain 189 Demo
crats, 02 Republicans, and 50 Allionce
Tito present Republican majority {n
the .'Senate is fourteen, including tho four
now Senators from Idaho and Wyoming.
Anti-Republican Legislatures havo boon
elected in Illinois,. Kansan, Now York,
Now Hampshire, Wisconsin and South
Dakota, which will oleol Sonators the
Coming winter, Thora seems t bo a
little doubt about Now Hampshiro; tho
others seem assurod. Should Now Hamp
shire have nu anti Republican majority,
Uve Democrats will roplaco nve Republi
cans aftor Marah 4, 1801, making a dif
ference of ton votes, reducing tho Repub
lican majority to four.
Thus it is that tho Republicans oven
now need sorely tho count of Senatorial
noses from tho now States admitted by
thom last winter, since these Senators
alone provont, a Democratic majority ill
tho Sotiato.
Tho Northoru and Western Dem?crata
mado a clear gain of GO Congressmen,
while tho Southern Democrats gained 21,
and tho former did tho hardest fighting
for tlitir victories, and aro entitled to tho
highest praise and tho bestowal of tho
greatest honors. In tho 52d Congress tho
Northern and Southern Democrats will
bo about equally divided, counting Mary
land, Kentucky and Missouri ns Southern
: \Tho political responsibility resting on
tho Representativos from tho South is
gloater than it has bcon for years, and
tho futuro good of our party and country
demands that thoy and all of us learn
tho lesson nt once. Such a degreo of
prudence and conservatism must bo
shown as will si ay up tho hands of our
party associates in tho North, East and
West, (heat inroads havo been mado
into tho llopubliean rniik in nearly alt
tho States. Tako as illustration tho 75,
000 voters in Pennsylvania who declined
to endorso tho methods of Quay; tho
25,000 men in Massachusetts who en
dorsed tito pluck and statesmanship of
Wm. E. KiiBsoll ; tho 10,000 mon in Now
Hampshiro who protested against tho
ltopublicanism of Ulair and Wm. E.
Chandlor; tho 50,000 men in Ohio who
refused to sanction such a system of
itemized robbery as tho McKinley bill,
and tho 18(1,000 mon in Minnesota, Michi
gan and Wisconsin who havo reversed
their delegations in Congross. This
shows tho roBorvo powor of tho people
ill a most encouraging light.
It is evident that tho Alliauco has con
tributed in a very largo moasuro to tho
crushing dofoat of tho Republican party.
lt is almost certain that a largo majority
of tho Alliaiicemon elected to Congress
..viii vote steadily with tho Democracy, and
when they could not elect thoir own man,
thoy contributed to tho oioction of a
Democrat. Thus lt hecomos tho Domo
eratic party to study tho suggestions of
tho Farmers' Alliauco for tho Iud tennent,
of tho financial and other interests of
tho people. It might bo very unfortu
nate for tho Democracy should tho Alli
auco fall away before tho Presidential
election in 1802, because of discourage
ment, disappointment, or failure to
obtain in somo measure tho relief for
which tito farmers have banded them
selves together.
Lot us hopo that in wisdom and con
servatism Die Democratic leaders may
not bo found wanting.
Official Count.
(uncial Result of tho Election in
Oconeo County for Governor.
_|^ . ron oovKiwon.
West Union.
Sonoca .
Mrs. Parker's.
Fair Play.
South Union.
Tokeona .
Haley's Store ... .
Sittoh's Mills.
Tugaloo Academy.
Holly Springs.
Llttlo Hiver.
Jocnsseo .
Sal om.
High Falls....
Tho Commissioners of Stuto and Fedo
ral Flections met at Walhalla Court
House on Tuesday, 11th instant, and can
vassed tito voteB of Oconeo County in tho
election for State and County Ofllcors
and for Congres*.
For Governor the voto stood an per tho
aboyo table.
For other Stato Ofllcors: Tin? Tillman
ticket, 1204; tho Haskell ticket, 157.
For tho Legislature: A. Ziliiiii?j miin,
1201; J. L. Shanklln, 1201.
Por Probate Judge: Ki eh a rd Lewis,
For School Commissioner: N. w. Ma
caulay, 1218.
For County Commissioners: J. M. Hun
nicutt, 1218; W. N. Cox, 1218; A. Dear
den, 1218.
Constitutional Amendment abolishing
thoofllcoof County Commissioners-Yes,
5:?; No. 480.
For Congress: Goorgo Johnstone, 1840;
John R. Tolbert, t-7; W. W.Russoll, 4.
These figures show how nearly tho
Coonina arrived at tho correct count
last week.
Deputy Juan A. Mateos in tho Mexican
Qhafnbor of Deputies has presented n
bill which, if made a law, will cause
1 lo ee 1011 ri I is of tho clergy to loavo
Moxico. Nearly all tho existing Catholic
churches in Moxico bolong to the govern
ment, }li)d tho hill proposes that only
native priests bo allowed to occupy tho
pulpits. Nearly three-fourths of tho
priests aro Spaniards. A most exciting
debate is predicted.
"Lot Ita Hay? Voaco."
Tho past olght month? form an ooooh
in tho political hletory of South Carolina.
Nover before, except, perhaps, during
tho Nulliiloatlon strugglo, away book in
the thirties, and tho stormy days' of
socosslon in 18?0, havo tho pooplo gassed
througli such n seotidng campaign, or!
witnessed a moro potont r?volution in
publlo sentiment.
But tho roflootlou is picking that lt is
r.o'.v happily ov*r; and t'noro romains no
reason why tho broaohos should not sc if
bo healed on all sides. On tho contrary,
thoro is ovory incentivo to unity of pur
pose and oifort in building up for our
State such prosperity as stands at hor
vory doors knocking for admittance.
A feeling of soeurity in our political
condition is everywhere assorting itself.
Tho timo has como whon all our pcoplo
can diligently attend to their 'daily voca
tions without any of tho distractions
incident to an exciting political strugglo.
Tho 'smoko of tho hat tlc is fast disap
pearing as tho morning vapor boforo tho
rising sun; mid as in tho brightness of
tho noon-day splendor each is free to
work out his own destiny without lot or
Tho conditions for poaco and pros
perity aro propitious. Our industrial
rosourcos aro hoing rapidly dovolopod,
and a spirit of progress is abroad in the
land. - The Democracy is thoroughly in
tho saddle, and as in tho past, so in tho
futuro, may wo roap still more ami moro
of tho gracious fruits of "peace on earth,
good will toward mon."
Erskine College.
An effort is being inado to remove
Erskine College from Duo Wost. Hock
HUI, chest er and othor places aro mak
ing liberal offerts to chango the location
to their towns. Improvement, and pro
gress, ova? and all, aro vory woll, but wo
cannot account for thc spirit abroad in
tho land for pulling down and destroy
ing tho prostigo of our time-honored
institutions of learning. Erskine College
lias dono woll at Duo West in tho past.
A nunihor of tho favored sons of Oconoo
graduated at this institution in tho Hf tics,
and still larger numbers have followed lu
their footsteps sinco tho war. Krskiao
Colloge in enshrined Oil consecrated
ground, and wo hopo tho noble old insti
tution will escapo tho fangs of tho pro
gressionists. If it is money that is
wanted, tho generous peoplo of Abbovillo
mid adjoining counties will raise nil that
can bo justly demanded of thom.
Tho Voto Tabulated.
Tho following is a somi-ofllciiu state
ment of tho voto cast in the several coun
ties for Governor, in most of tho coun
ties full returns aro counted, bat oUlcial
declarations havo not boon mado:
Abbovillo. 2,170 111
Aikon. 2,180 331
Andel son. 2,078 202
Barnwell. 1,084 301
Beaufort. . ....
Mei kelcy. ....
Charleston. 1,180 522
Chester. 1,488 255
Chesterfield. 1,400 2 KI
Clarendon . 1,102 240
( 'ollet on. . ....
Darlington. 1,208 220
Fairfield. ooo 504
Florence. 1,240 510
Georgetown. 581 340
GreenvlUo. :$.177 102
Hampton. ....
Horry. 1,375 SOU
Kershaw. 1,:500 2 72
Lancaster. 1,057 4O0
Laurens. 2,002 81
Lexington. 2,300 48
Marlon. 1,780 749
Marlboro...,. 1,185 175
Nowborry. 1,050 . 344
Oconoo. 1,314 210
Orangoburg. 2,805 til?
PiokoiiB. 1,388 43
Richland. 1)87 835
Hpartanburg. 2,511 500
i Sumter. 820 751
Union. 2,078 ODO
'Williamsburg. 1,280 010
York. 2,000 107
Total voto (four
counties out).... 53,000 12,310
Tillman's maj. 41,500
Federal Thanksgiving.
WASHINGTON, November 8.-Thc
following proclamation wa? issued
to-day :
"Hy tho grace and favor of Al
mighty Cod thc people of this nat ion
havo boon lcd to tho closing days of
tito passing year, which basteen full
of blessings of peace and the comforts
of plenty. A bountiful compensa
tion has come to us for tho works of
our minds and of our hands in every
department of human industry.
"Now, therefore, 1 Benjamin liai
son, President of the United States
of America, do hereby appoint
Thursday, the 27th day of the prc?
sent month of November, to he ob
served as a day of prayer and thanks
giving, and I do invite tho people
upon that day to cease from their la
bors and to meet in their accustomed
houses of worship and lo join in
rendering gratitude and praise to
our bcnilioent Creator for the rich
blessings Ile has given to us UH a na
tion and in invoking a continuance
of His protection and grace for the
"? commend to my follow* oHi/ens
thc privilege, of remembering the
poor, homelcsf, and sorrowful. Let
us endeavor to merit thu promised
recompongo of our charity sind gra
cious acceptance of our praise.
"In testimony whereof I have
hereunto set my hand mid caused
thc seal of tho United Slates to be
affixed, Done at tho city of Wash
ington this 8th day of November,
in tho yoar ol our Loni one thou?
sand eight hundred and ninety, and
of tho Independence of tho United
Slates on hundred and fifteenth,
"By tho President :
"J?H. G. BLAINK, Secretary of
GRKRNVII.LK, November 7.-Pat
rick M. Connelly, the white man
whose skull was broken willi tin axe
by Sam Swinger, colored, on Satur
day night, died last night from his
injuries*. The verdict of the coro
ner's jury was that Connolly was
wilfully . murdered by Swinger, timi
that Swinger's accessory was a
woman. She has been arrested, but
tho man is at large.
Tho Charleston j/Vetcs and (fourier
has tho following strong artiolo on
tho political situation as detormlnod
by tho rocont election :
Tho Washington correspondent Of
tho New York Herald, in his lotter
which was published tho morning
after tho election, says that "tho
Domoornts having undoubtedly onr
ried the next House, tboro will bo
tho same scramble for tho high offices
that took place at the beginning of
the 48th Congress," and names tho
probable candidates for scvoral of
tho moro important offices, especially
that of Spoaker. Tho death of Mr.
Randall and Mr. Cox, and tho with
drawal of Mr. Carlisle to another
Hold of activity, wo aro told, loavo
tho practical choico for tho Speaker
ship limited to parliamentarians liko
Mr. Crisp, of Georgia; Mr. Mills, of
Texas; Mr. MoMillin, of Tennessee;
Mr. Breckenridge, of Kentucky; Mr.
Hatch, of Missouri, and Mr. i/jmim,
of Indiana-"gcntlemon who hereto
fore have bad an oxpericnoo ns party
lenders," and all of whom have made
good records in tho fight for tariff
reform, and against tho tyranny of
tho majority in the present House.
Tho contest for tho other offices
mentioned by tho correspondent,
namely, those of dork, postmaster,
doorkeeper and sorgonnt-at-arms, is
of comparatively little consequence;
tho "scramble" will concern only the .
candidatos and thoir personal frionds
in tho House, and it will matter but
littlo to tho Democratic pa *ty what
candidatos aro oleotod or what part
of tho country they hail from.
Thc caso is very different with
regard to tho Speakership. It may
matter very much to tho Democratic
party who is chosen to till that posi
tion and what part of tho country ho
hails from. Wo need not go into
this question at any length, as it is
very well undorstood alroady by
every intelligent and disinterested
Domoorat in tho country. Messrs.
Mills, MoMillin, Breckenridge, Crisp
and Hatch aro Southern men, and
while any ono of them would till tho
Speaker's chair with honor and
credit to himself, and doubtless as
acceptably to bis political opponents
in tho Ilouso ns any Northern Demo
crat in tho same position, tho elec
tion of any ono of them would be
an experiment which tho Democratic
majority in tho 52d Congress cannot
afford to make.
That majority will owe its exist
ence and its overwhelming strength
to tho fact that the recent campaign
was not conducted on sectional lines,
or decided by sectional issues. Nearly
half of its members will represent
Northern States. It, would bc to
tho best interests of the South and
of tho Democratic party that this
element should practically control
the organization of tho House and
take tho lead in all its legislation.
Wc think that it would be a mistake
to place any ono of tho Southern
members who have been named even
at tho head of the Committee on
Ways and Moana._The fa/Uj ftl9&yM
Southerner held that position two
years ago, and that so many Southern
men were on the committee with
him, gave tho Re blican orators
and organs the opportunity they
wanted to denounce the Democratic
tariff reform bill as a distinctively
''Southern" measure, and by their
appeals to sectional feeling and the
fears and pockets of thc representa
tives of Northern industrial interests
they defeated Mr. Cleveland's re-elec
tion, secured the present Republican
majority in thc House and postponed
the triumph of tariff reform princi
ples for four years, if not longer.
Whether tho postponement shall
bo longer than four years depends
now in part upon the conduct of
legislation in tho next House, and in
a larger part upon who shall be held
responsiblo by the country for the
character of that legislation. If a
Southern man should be elected
Speaker, his election would bo re
garded by the independent voters in
the Northern States, and by the
Republican voters who have voted
wi i h them for Democratic Congress
men this week, as evidence that the
influence of tho South is to predomi
nate in tho 52d Congress. The
Republican newspapers and Con
gressmen and stump speakers will
take care to foster this impression by
every possible means during tho next
two years, and especially during the
next Presidential campaign. What
th.- result would probably bo every
intelligent Democrat can answer for
Tboro is no room to doubt that it
would be to drive off a large number
of the voters in the Northern States
who voted for the Democratic ticket
this week-many of them probably
for the first time in their lives---and
so to endanger tho success of the
party in the decisive contest two
years hence.
Wbother wo can afford to take
this risk is a question which thc
Southern Democrats in tho 52d Con
gress may weil consider very seri
ously, and if they decido that we
cannot afford it, their duty to the
party and tho country will be per
fectly plain. They will insist on tho
election of a Northern Doui?orat as
Speaker, and the appointment of a
Northern Democrat to tho control of
every committee which shall be
charged willi the duty of shaping
political legislation. This will bo a
considerable sacrifice for the South
ern loaders to make, of course, but
with the lessons and experiences of
tho last Presidential campaign and
of tho last session to instruct them,
they will not hesitate to make it
unless they hold the success of their
party to be of less consequence than
tho temporal gratification of their
personal ambition,
[From tho Atlanta Constitution.]
While the Soul h and the honest
and pntriotio p?ople of tho whole
country aro rejoicing over tho over
whelming defeat of Republicanism,
there aro some facts that should be
borne clearly in mind-namely, the
conspicuous part that tho organiza
tion played in the contest in tho Re
publican States of tho Wost ?nd
iiwui i i ii? , ikUw-M.)??>? ^?ju?-?^-r^=r-.-se.?!: - ' -i-ia'!1"??"*
Northwest and tho importance of
t??o resulta tit?.-: hayo boon accom
plished through its agoney.
Tho AlUnnoo finds ready and ea
?or opponents among . disgruntled
) 01 noorat ?, and its, mission Eas, been
made tho target of misrepresenta
tion, but when that organization is
measured by what it lias accord
plished in tho Ron?biioan Staten, hy
tho power and influence it has ex
erted in politics, its importauoo to
tho South cannot bo overestimated.
Tho ioooid of thc o>T^i?aaiIoii iii
the eampnign that has just closed is
remarkable for tho unity, harmony
and porsistonoo with which it has
pressed its purposes. In tho South
it has practically merged itself in
tho Democratic party. In the West,
the stronghold of tho Republicans,
the Alliance did not mergo with tho
Democrats. It did hotter. It made
a squarcout fight of its own, and
aidod tho Democrats by crippling
tho Republicans.
Take, for iustanoo, tho Stato of
Kansas, where tho Republicans lind
a majority of 84,000, largor than
that of Pennsylvania. It was to op
pose and cvercamo this tromondous
majority that tho Alliance was or
ganised in that Stato. It could not
join thc Dcmoorats, for thou tho old
sootionnl cry would have boon raised,
but it went into tho State with a
platform of principles practically
Democratic in .heir origin and pur
pose, and in a very short time revo
lutionized tho Republican party.
This'rcsult cnn only bp ?ppreoiated
at its full worth by tho people of tho
It is a noteworthy fact that the i ^
Ropublican farmers of Kansas, as te
soon as thoy had imbibed tho Demo- m
oratio principles of tho Allianeo, bo- 1)!
carno exceedingly bitter against their
old. party, and thoy have managed to
demoralize and defeat it. Thus tho
Alliance has accomplished in Kansas
in a campaign of thirty days what
tho Domocrnts could not havo ac
complishcd in a enmpnign of thirty
years. To tho Republican farmers
of . Kansas thA very name "Demo
crat'' has boon iOr moro than twenty
live years the synonym of "robol,"
"traitor" and "coppornoad." It has
been tho koy to unlock the store
houso of their sectional prejudices
It is a pity that this should bo so,
and yet, in discussing rosults, it con
stitutes a fundamental fnct thnt enn
not be ignored.
Tho Alliance movement, howovor,
lins served to divert these Ropubli
can farmors from their war memo
ries and their sectional prejudices,
rind thoy have nt Inst discovered thnt
the prncticnl Democracy, which is
tho bnsis und strength of tho Alli
ance platform, is hotter suited to
their condition, their hopes mid their
aspirai ions than ' tho bitterness and
strifo of Ropublican partisanship.
Their point of view was so changed
that, when Colonel Livingston, of
Qeorgia, and Colonel Polk, of North
Carolina, Democratic Allianccmon,
wont into Kansas and took part in
thc campaign, their speeches were
cheered to tho echo by audiences
that had for twenty-five years and
rrp**f?j been voting tho RcimblicaiL
ucKeVJstraightout und without devia
tion. Thc canvass made by Messrs.
Polk and Livingston was necessarily
brief, hut they crowded a good deal
of effective work into thc space of a
few days, and there cnn bc no doubt
that thc speeches they made did a
great deal of good.
Wc have alluded to the amazing
results in Kansas merely to show the
nature and extent of tho Alliance
movement among the Republican
farmers in thc West and Northwest,
lt- shows beyond question thnt the
Alliance has a political mission in
that region. Its mission, and one
that it is carrying out with a success
that has no pnrnllcl in the history of
our politics, is to teach thc Rcpubli
can farmers to think for themselves
and to discuss politics freely, fairly
and unbiased by sectional prejudices.
Some of our Democratic friends
in Georgia arid clsewhoro deem it to
be their duty to antagonize tho Alli
ance movement. It would be
for thc whole country, in our opinion,
if all Domocrnts-especially South
ern Democrats-would work in har
mony with thc Alliance, and thus
aid it in redeeming thc Rep blican
farmers of thc West and Northwest
from the evil effects of a narrow and
blind.ng spirit of sectionalism.
Thc Tickets Printed Wrong.
COI.UMUIA, S. C., November 10.
Congressman Thomas Ii. Miller, col
ored Republican from the Seventh
District, who was seated in place of
Elliott (Democrat) just before the
adjournment of Congress, and who
received a majority of the votes cast
at tho recont oloetion, will be counted
out by the canvassing board. Thc
cause of Millor's loss of his seat in
Congress is that ho failed to have
his tickets printed upon tho paper
and in the exact form and size pro
scribed by thc State law regulating
elections. Tho law prescribes that
the tickets shall bo of plain white
paper, five inches long and two and
one-half inches wide, and contain
nothing supcrlluous, or they will not
bo legal. Miller's tickets were
printed on a brownish paper, smaller
than tho prescribed si/.e, and con
tained "Por Representativo" instead
of "Representative," in tisis caso be
ing considered as improper as on thc
tickets for Governor in Connecticut.
Kllory M. Brayton, who also ran on
thc Republican ticket, but who fell
far behind Elliott, made tho same
error In having his tickets printed.
Kl Mott's tickets were correct, but ho
fell far behind Miller. Congressman
Miller will probably make a little
light against being deprived of hi?
A.VI>KR80N, November ft.-Karly
this morning Larkin Cochrane was
seriously shot by Laurence Walker
in this elly, Tho ball entered Cooli
rane's cheek and II?IH not been found
yet. Walker was drunk and claims
that the pistol foll out of bis pocket
and shot tho boy accidentally. Others
say differently.' Dr. J. O. Wilhito is
attending tho boy, but the chances
arc lu> will die.
New Advertisements.
Innual Statement
-BY- . :
)ounty Commissioners.
.*> J. W. ?SIi El,OH, dork llonrd County
ommlsstonoi-s for tho County of Oconeo,
)Uth Carolina, do certify that Baid Hoard
\s boon lu session twolvo days during
io last Hsoal yoar and havo sorvod thc
-ninty tho uumbor of days and t raveled
i attonding tho mooting* of tho Hoard
id attonding to other duties required ol
icm as follows, to-wlt: i
Sorvod 70 days aud tmvolod 1535 milos.
Served 70 days and travolod 17-18 milos
Sorvod 70 days and travolod 1702 milos.
And that no accounts havo boon allowed
id ordered paid during the yoar except
ich os havo boon sworn to.
Clork of Hoard.
Novombor 13, 1800. 45-lt
WILL SELL, to tho highost bidder,
. on tho tlrst MONDAY in Docomhor,
not sold boforo, at tho Court House in
ralhalla, at 12 o'clock M., TWO LOTS
i Walhalla, lying togothor, oontaiiiinc
ve ami a half aeres, adjoining lauds ot
[>hn O. Hicks and others. Sold as thc
roporty of David Duncan, dcooasod.
TERMS OF SALE-Ono half cash;
dance on a credit of ono year, with in
irest from day of salo, secured by a
ortgago of tho promises. Purchasor tc
vy extra for papera.
Attornoy ia Fact for tho Heirs.
Novombor 13, 18110. 45-3t
ki?mri From hijury by tho "Fly" bj
A Tv top-dressing with
no bag per aero will larcjoly incrcaso th*
vlnbl of trrain and straw.
Santa Glaus
?. D. A. Biemann,
t tho git-up-and-git some folks display
I am really quito disgusted,
r. Biemann has so many goods that il
makes mo sick,
And tho first 1 know I'll bo busted.
ow, I haven't commenced to oolloo* mj
But nt Biomann's I am bound to trade
e has oponed a lino lino of Christmas
And thoy say ho is all tho rage.
'o is running a Santa Claus trust of hu
While I am left out in tito cold,
ifr?rtock"ift ?ttonnOuS UK d ovor s? ?tiio7"
And ho calls mo a chestnut, I'm told.
ben I make up my mind to bo a dude
Tho fun will have just begun,
on can bet your pile I'll sot tho Rtylo
In nineteen hundred and one!
y occupation will thou bo gone,
I'll havo no business to run,
. I). A. Biemann will servo the world
By nineteen hundred and one!
Givo mo a call boforo buying elsewhere
H. D. A.
Assignee's Sale.
. vomber 22d, IH1K), at ll A. M., at. pub
o outcry, at the store of Robert R
amak, in tho town of Seneca, tho as
gned stock of goods of said ( 'amak
msisting of Millinery, Fancy and Drj
nods, Shoos, *c. Until tho said dut?
bis will ho received to sell i.l private sale
Novombor (t, 1800. 44-8t
tate of South Carolina
Oconeo County.
obt. A. Thompson, Adnu.,
R. AI. Grant, Plaiiitil?s,
olin W. Neal, Charles Neal,
Heirs at law o' I. lt. Neal,
Silas M. Neal, heirs at law
of A. P? Neal,
I telendan is.
0 tito abovo named Dcfondants:
You aro hereby summoned and rcquir
1 to answer tho summons and complain!
i this case, which is herewith personal!)
irved on you, and to servo a copy ol
our answer to tho said complaint on thc
lbscribors at their offlco, at Walhalla
oort House, South Carolina, within
vonty days after tho service hereof, ox
usivo of the day of such service; and
you fail to answer thc complaint within
io time aforesaid, the plaintil?s in thu
iso will apply to tho court for tho roiiof
cluain lei 1 in the complaint.
Plaint in's' Attorneys.
October 23, 1800.
[L. S.I KIOKA SD Lu WIS, Judge Probate,
0 tho hoirs at law of A. Picketts Neal,
deceased. Citarles Neal, .lohn W. Neal,
Silas M. Neal, Defendant*:
The petition, summons and complain!
1 this case have been flied in tho Ofllcc
f tho Court of Probate for Oconoc
Minty. South Carolina, for tho salo ol
io real estate of Janies Neal, deceased,
nd for a tl ii al settlement of thc cstato of
io said James Neal, deceased, in thc
oort of Probate and tho discharge of
io administrator of thu said estate
Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
October 28, 1800. tvj-Ot
FORMAN DRUG CO. h:.vo exclusive
iles of these celebrated Glasses in \Val
alla, S. C. FAI'I.KNKK, KKI.T.AM A
foonic the only manufacturing Optician?
i the South, Atlanta, Ga.
UBI H'lilt ll ll^ilmM.*!.-?<??ll ii'.MM
Master's Sales,
PUHHUANT to judgmentof forec'Oeiut
and dooroo of solo lu tho following ontl
tlod caaos, I will Boll, on salcsday ii
DECEMBER NEXT, to tho highest bid
dor, In front of Walhalla Court Hons?, w
publio outcry, during tho legal hours oi
salo, the following described real oBtnto
to-wlt :
John T. Adair ot al.,
Mary E. Byrd ot al. "
AM. that plooo, parcol or lot of land
situato, lying and being lu tl o County ol
Oeonco, In tho town of Walhalla, S. C.
on tho North sido of Mair. Stroot, to-wlt
One half, aero front lot on Main Street
designated ?u tho plan of said town ai
Lot No. 51 ; and ono aero in tho rear ot V
and tho front lot of W. B. Boll, d?sign?t
cd as Lot No. 10.
TKHMS OF SALE-Ono-half cash ant
tho remainder on a oredit of ono year
with interest, from day of aalo, orodli
portion to bo scoured by bond and mort
gngo of tho promisoa. Purohasor to paj
oxtra for papers.
Jano E. Todd ot ol.,
John W. Todd ot al.
A l-l. those several parcels or tracts ol
land ie Cuito in Oeonco county, South Ca
rolina, lying on waters of Cano Crook ir
said county, bolonging to tho est atc o<
A. Todd, deceased, that ls to say:
Traot No. 1, containing eighty-two ant
one-half aorcs, adjoining lands of Jame:
MoCary, Ben Rutlcdgo, J. C. VonLolu
and Traot No. 2 of said lands.
Traot No. 2, containing ono hundroi
and four and one-half acres, adjoining
lands of James Met'arv, Mrs. M. A. Cox
and Tract? Nos. 1 and 8.
Traot No. 8, containing ono hundroc
and thirty-five acres, adjoining lands o
James McCary, Charles McAlistor am
Tract? Nos. 2 and 4,
Tract No. 4, containing ono hundroc
and live acres, adjoining lands of Dufflo
Churlos McAlistor and Traot? Nos. 8 am
1 5.
Tract No. G, containing ono ?l?ndrc*
acres, adjoining lands of Dufllo, Jame;
MoCary, Charles McAlistor and Traot No
TERMS OF SA LE-One-third cash am
tho remainder in two installments, on om
and two years timo with interest iron
tho day of sale, with leavo to tho pur
chaser to anticipate such payments; bu
il* not paid, said deferred installments t(
bo secured by bond of tho purchaser am
, mortgngo of 'ho promises. Purchasor t<
pay extra for papers.
Mrs. Laura Dodd,
Thomas L. Dodd ot al.
AM, that piece, parcel, plantation o
tract, of land, lying and hoing in tin
county and State aforesaid, adjoining
r lands of Anderson Ivestor, J. C. Von
( bebo, Mrs. Margaret J. Gibson, Wm
i Wald'Mid others, on waters of Seucci
Uiver, known as Lot. No. l l of tho Gov
man SottlemenCtiocioty lands, contaiuiuj
' ono hundred and if?rty-thrco acres, mor
or loss. ?
~ - .TK?Jf*r*F -s-^/^ffe-lttfrtTOf thi
purchase n^noy ia cash on day of salo
and tho balauco in two equal annual in
' stallment?, on a credit of ono and twi
years respectively, secured by a bond o
tho purchasor and mortgage of tho prc
mises. Purchaser to pay extra for Up
November 0, 18?K). -lilt
Mrs. Laura Dodd,
Thomas L. Dodd ot als.
IPURSUANT to an order in tho abov<
entitled ease each and overy tin
creditors of tho estate of Goorgo W
Dodd, deceased, aro required to corni
forward ami present and provo thoi
claim.- on or by the 20th day of Decom
her, 1800, or be barred from participatioi
in the asBotfl of the real estate of salt
November tl, 181)0. 44-4t
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Tennessee Wagons,
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Examino my stock.
Also, come and BOO "SAVlDGK'i
ABDALLAH," one among tho finest
.Stallions in the world.
A. W. Thompson,
Seneca, S. ?.
Sept ember ' 8, 1800. 80-tf
is al i no*! Ouiliploiv.
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nil in tho most popular colors.
Also, n full lino of
CLOTHING, latest stylos.
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ness. Respectfully,
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Receiver's Sale.
E. IT. Clovoland and otheus, ) Jii'J for
against ?
J. R. Clovoland and Others. " elie/, Ac.
jPURSUANT to an order of tho Court
of Common Pleas, mado in this case
hy .bulgo Norton at July Torin, 1800, I
will soil to tito highest bidder, nt Walhalla
Court House, on Balesdayin DECEMBER
ONE TRACT OF LAND bolonghig to
tho estate of Eli cleveland, deceased,
situate in Oconeo county, near Soncoa,.
lying on Reedy Fork Creek, containing;
ono hundred and sovonty acres, moro or
less, and hounded hy lauds of Titos. A..
Patterson, estate of E. II. Clovoland and'
othors. This tract is improved. Theroi
aro sixty acre? probably in cultivation,,
with llfteen or twenty aeres of crook bot
tom on tho place.
TERMS OF SALE-Onothird of tho?
liurchaso monoy to ho paid in cash, tim
balanco in ono sud two years in equal in.
stallmonts with interest from dato. Th?i
purchase money to bo secured by tho*
bond of thu pm 'chaser Vi\W\ ? ?.iortgsg'?'
(vf tho premises. The purchaser to. \)n??
ox tra for papers and recording- hbo sauiOi.
Receiver of tho Batato of EliiCtovollind,
November 0, 1800. <lll-4t
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