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XMM'rnJ ?MU? fe?i?t.U?Ui.;.,
Corn lu htgh priced and colton low.
Tho 27th will bo Thanksgiving Day.
Will wo havo a Constitutional Convon
,'!:' t\6np : '
Tho World's vislbio supply of cotton ls
2,480.818 halos:
Mr. J. P. "owler, Of Andornen, spoilt
last Thursday with tho old folks nt homo.
Tho Now York banks now hold in ro
Borvo $2^544,430 loss than tho logal require
ment. ,
Th? logal dispute botwoou tho oolorod
State Fair Societies nt Columbia con
Minister Lincoln will rOBlgn. Ho can
not stand the oxpenso of tho Court of St.
Jamos. , :?-v
In tho 7th District Miller's tiokot was
fatally defect i ve, and Col. Elliott goes to
Join Smith and Frank Slavln havo boon
sentenced to O10 month's imprisonment
for prize fightii g.
Ex-Soorotary '-lias is a candidato foi
tho United Status Sonato to succeed Mr,
Spooner, of Wisconsin.
Tho MoKiuloy bill has compelled Chi
cago packers to i ilse tho price of oanned
moats ono oont a p^und.
Thoro aro five hundrod and sixty-three
Fodoral pousionors in South Carolina.
Thoro aro niue in Oeonoo.
Mr. Harry H. Moase, a mombor of tin
Nowborry bar, spout last Friday in Wal
balla on professional business.
Tho Charlotte, Columbia and August;
Railroad's woodoo bridge at Augusta li
to bo replaced by an iron bridge.
Tho Qoorgia Contrat Railroad hai
bought tho Port Royal water front ii
ardor that nobody olso ..?ay uso it.
Mrs. t ien. Ervin, who has boon danger
?msly ill foi novoral days, was though* ti
ibo no bettor Wednesday morning.
Tho various School Dlstriotswill pleas;
.elect their Trustoos and notify tho'Sohoo
Coutinissionor of tho result, of said oloc
Mr. I>. A. Smith, of tho CouitiMt, is at
tending tho Stato Fair this week, Mid wil
visit relativos in Charleston boforo his rc
How soon can wo hope to annouue
that Jones, of Edgoflold, mid Turner, o
Spar?Aiiburg, havo gono to affiliate witl
Tom Woolfolk, of georgia?
J. W. Todd, Esq., of Seneca, has bool
?appointod by Gov. Richardson a dologat
to tho Southern Inter state Ininiigratioi
?Convention, whioh will bo hold in A she
ville, N. C., early in December.
Tho cor''- A s jury in tho Hornsby hoi
nny ; Columbia, has found a verdie
"that Miss Floronco Hornsby came b
hor death at tho hands of Wado Haynes.'
Haynes has boon committed for trial.
-Married, at. tkO-Eesldonco ot thO-.br.klo'
parents, Wodnosday ovoning, Novembe
5, 1890, by Rev. T. C. Ltgon, of Towi
vlllo, Mr. J. D. Rabb, of T.aurons count}
S. C., and Miss Mary Tribblo, of Ocono
Doh T. H. Domaroo, of Louisville, Ky
who is canvassing South Carolina i
behalf of tho Order of Good Templar;
delivered au interesting tempor?neo at
dross in tho Baptist church last Thun
day night.
Col. S. S. Stokes, of Union, Stat
organizer of tho Sons of Toiiiporanoo fe
South Carolina, visited tho Walhall
Division last Monday night. Ho is mal
lng a tour of tho State in tho intorost <
the temperance cause.
Tho State Fair is in progress this woo
in Columbia. Sovoral of our cltizoi
havo availed themselves of tho opporti
nlty to visit our capital city, and to st
tho tino display of cattle, poultry an
farm products of tho Stato,
Thoro will bo a school mooting at Wo
Stake church, on Saturday, Novombt
loth, at 2 o'clock i\ M., at which meet in
School Commissioner Macaulay and !
P. Strlbliiig aro invited to bo presen
Tho oiti/.oim of Wolf Stnko School DI
trlot aro urgontly requested to bo pr
Rocoi'tly, at tho clono of tho colobr
t ion ol a Buddhist festival in tho pr
vinco of S/.o-Chuon, China, a number >
organized mobs at tacked several Clil'i
(ian villages, burning tho buildings ar
looting their contents. Twonty hath
converts to Christianity woro killed du
tm; tho disl ui bance and their bod ii
thrown into tho Yang-tso-Kiang rivor.
Henry Clows, of Now York, in h
weekly financial circular last week, gi vi
the following quotations for wheat, cc:
and cotton for tho week ending Novon
hor 7, 1800, and for tho month of Novor
bor,' 1880: Wheat 1880, 25,712,578 bushol
1800, 21,235,531 bushols; corn 1880, 7,70$
530 bushels; 1800, 7,017,335 bushols; co
ton 1880, 2,070,001 bales; 1800, 2,300,1'
Tho Legislature of Georgia assomblt
in Atlanta on Wednesday of last wee!
Hon. Mr. Howoll, editor of tho Atlan
Constitution, was elected Spoakor of tl
House, and Hon. R. G. Mitchell ?
elected Prositlont of tho Sonate. Tl
Inauguration of Hon. W. J. Nortbo
Govornor oloot, took placo on Saturdn
HI? inauguration address is very inti
Application will ho mndo to tho Log
lal ure of Georgia for an act to amoi
the prohibition law of Hart county ai
pr?vido a "system to establish an age
in tho county of Hart for tho purpose
soiling liquor for medicinal purposes onl
and for other purposes." If tho anion
mont is made the sick list in that conn
will ho on tho Incrcaso.-Camomille R
Dlod, at lils rosidonco, near West, Uni?
Simd;/ morning, Otb instant, after
lingoriiig illness, Mr. J. F. Nesmith, ag
about 00 years Ho was a nativo of W
1 iamshui g county, and moved to Ocon
seven years ago. He was huriod Mond
morning on ids own place, near his re
dence, tho funeral services hoing cc
ducted by Rev. R. L. Dubio, attended
goodly number of sympathising fr?en
and acquaintances. ile loaves a wi
and th roo sons, to whom wo extend o
- . ? . til |j y
' >' ' ' ! \1 ''.'',
f^o....i i.".in ii iM.ii, numi i, n'?II m II wi mri' i ni' mu wnw
j mr. K. Doudy's fluo horse died Inst
Judge'Norton ls holding Courb?t Green
ville this week.
Hov. Mr, Holl ?nd hl8 wifo havo beou I? "Wal
halla o? iv visit to tho family of l'rof. Hieks,
A, statement is givoh to tho press that Col, J.
L. M. Irby, of Lauren*, ls to bs Governor Ttll
v.ian'e chief of stair.
A? usual, there ls to t>o a ?rand inaugural ball
whin Cloy. Tillman ls Inaugurated in Columbia
during tho session of tho legislature.
Tho Btato Alliance Warehouse la to be removed
from Greenville to Columbia. Tba member? ol
tho Atllanco will also establish a bank in Colum
bia to further their Interests. '
MiiJ. S. P. Dondy, mossongor for the
Stnto olooilon, and D. 6. Craig, Esq., mos
sougor for Fodoral olootton, loft Wednes
day morning'to'oarry tho oAloud roturm
to Columbia.
Mr. Wm. A. Holland, a drummer, has securer
a verdict In tho courts for 99,000 damages for la
jin toa received by him somo timo ago in tin
railroad acoldont on tho Air i,ino Railroad, bo
tween Toccoa and Tugaloo River..
In the recent tidal wave, Mr. Moonlight, Do
moorat, goos to Congress from Kansas, and Mr
Goodnight, Domoorat, has also boen elected U
Congress from Kontuoky, Tho groat tidal wavi
also brought In plenty of political Daylight
The country ls safe for the present.
Miss D. E. Petty, who lins boon touch
lng school for two years In Groonvilt
county, ls on a visit to tho family of ho:
father, Mr. J. K. Petty, in Westminster
She has had considerable experience as I
teacher, having taught soveral years li
this county.
Our friend, Dr. C. D. Smith, rocoivod i
handsome gold-headod cane Jon Monda'
of last wook, meson)ed to him by tho ott
k-.ons of Franklin, North Carolina, as i
token of esteem for his porsovorblg nor vi
eos in bohnlf of their railroad and otho
Mr. W. Harrison Knox, a nativo of Ocone
well and favorably known to many of our roat
ors, died at his home In Cross Anchor, Spartai
imrg County, 8. C., on tho 4th day of NovombOi
of oancor of tho stomach. Mr. Knox was fort;
five years of ago, and had lived an ordorl
Christian lifo for most of that poriod. Il
lcavos a family and numerous friends to moor
their loss.
Ex-Prosidont Clovoland took his pine
in lino on election cay in Ne .7 York an
waited patiently for an opportunity t
voto ana did vote. This was his duty.
Tho Now York "World" says that on th
enmo day (Job John C. Haskell, of Coluu
bia, 8. C., a member of tho National De?
ooratio Committee, was In Now Yor
and of cou ixe could not voto.
Wo gladly welcome to our town Mi
and Mrs. T. II. Downs and child, frot
Now Maven, Connect ioutt. Thoy cam
to Walhalla to esoapo tho rigors of tb
Northern climate during tho wiutt
months, whioh thoy-intend to spend hort
Thoy arrived last wobk and are ?OOup;
ing tho cottage residence of Mr. Y.
Norman, on Main street. Wo bospoa
for thom a hearty reception hy all ov
pooplo. ,
Tho "Old Folks' Con?oit," given .1
tho young pooplo of the Methodist churc
on last Friday night, wa* in all rospooi
a success. The programmo was an a
tractive ono and woll rondorod. Th
muslo and recitations wore oxcollon
Tho cost nines woro antiquo, unique, an
somo of thom quito amusing. Tho po
formancn baa hoon complimented on a
sides. A nico sum was raisod for tl
now parsonage.
Our friend, S.W. Hill, Esq., and h
lady, woro in Wal h al la Jost Thursday, c
tho w^y to their homc'ln Chick Spring
Grconvillo comity,' Ho is ono of tho ol
cst subscribers to jflio COUUIKH, havlv
taken it continually for forty yoai
Though an old man ho is halo and st ron
and rodo seventy-live milos tn his bug|
to reach his old homo at Highlands, 1
C., to vote tho Democrat ic ticket in ti
lato election.
Mr. J. Earlo Lowis! fino horso "Mn
fin" carried off first promium again
ho Atlanta Exposition. Ho took fir
promium for host roadster stallion, ai
also first promium for best standard br?
stallion and not loss than throo of li
got, .making ovor $200.00 in promiui
awardod to him and his colts. Mr. Low
was also (.warded tho first promium <
"Kitten,,; for host standard bred broi
maro and colts. This makes throo yea
in succession that "Margin" has scour
tho fli'Bt premiums in Georgia. ?)
Lewis will take his horses to tlie Std
It ?B publicly stated by Alliancom
that at tho mooting of tho Oconoo Couti
Alliance, hold last Saturday in Walha'
Court I loose, it was decided to est?bil
an Alliance organ for the county, to
published nt. Walhalla. It is said tl
Btock has hoon taken to tho amount
ono thousand dollars by tho mombers
tho Alliance. A board of di rectors w
appointed, consisting of seven mombo
who will ?co to tho purchasing of an oi
flt and establishing tho paper. It vi
also docided to pul. up a largo Alban
st uve at Seneca.
Mrs. A. P. MoClair has an interest i
rolic which she showed us recently. Il
a nowspapor, tho Commercial Advert?s
published In Now York, and dated Oe
bor 2, 1707. Tlio foreign oorrospondon
contains sovoral items of nows eoncoi
ing La Fayotte, and much inform?t i
regarding tho war thon waging botwc
Franco and Italy, and their aillo?,
lotter signed Jtonaparle. is written fri
Milan, dated August 1, 1707. Tho paj
is well prosorved. Tho long, strait
lot (AV $ in tho most, striking feature of
Tho following aro tho arrivals lt I
Norman Park Hotel for tho past wc
end in;; Tuesday, Novombor lltb: S.
Smith, P. P. Sullivan, Clovolane; L.
Patillo, Wt B. Hums, David R. Hoo!
E. D. Hatcher, Jas. H. Pilco, Atlan
lt. T. Hancock, Richmond; Sylvos
Piko, wifo and throo ohildron, ibid
port, Conn.; Goo. Hoary, Highlands;
W. Edolon, Ualtimoro; J. F. Fowl
Anderson; Col. T. H. Domarco, Lo?
villo; Miss josie Harrison, Mrs. M.
Harrison, s. M. Johnson and wifo. Ci
Harry H. I (lease, Nowborry {T. II. Dow
wifo and child, Now Havon ; T. H. Hug
liichSitiidi Howa>i> ?/iiii?M'II, j), W. Mon
Groonvillo; S. S. Stokes, Union; H. Ol
ningham, S. C. ; John S, Price, N. C,
M. Grier, Valdoata, Ga. ; John Small
liridgoton, N. J.j 6. K. Beacham, Ab
Died, at Central, in Piokons county,
tho residence of his sister, Novombor
1890, Mr. JOBSO J. Smith, nged about
years. Ho was buried on Tuesday,
instant, at Old Lobnnon, throo ml
bolow Pondloton. Mr. Smith was
youngest son of Capt, Aaron Smith,
Anderson county, and WSS favora
known bi th? pooplo of tbat oonii
whore ho has many relativos and frlon
Long boforo tho war ho went to To*
mid settled in Hondorson county mid i
oleotod Shorlff of that county sovc
lonna. During tho war ho wa? bn
wounded, having his right arm shrvtto
with a ?hot from tho enemy, boa!
hoing wounded in other portions of
body. Ho linlongod to the Western n?
mid was a brave soldier, After tho I
ho rot II i ned tO hi? llrttlvo ! ll me, where,
rc 'dod until lils death. His health 1
bc i poor for several years. Ho wns
.molo of Mr. D. A. Smith, of tho C
j ^ Mr. ti. W. Pratt lost a fino uoreo ??ies
Miss Selina Norman loft ouv town thftij
morning for a visit to her brother, Dr.
lt. E. Norman, of Middloburg, Fla.
Mesara. Kugone I/wia and Sam ?lokett havfl j
entered tho Clemson OoUogo, and have th*
honor of having their names enrolled as the first
student? of this institution. Thoy are to assis*
tho Prvsldrrt in 1:1? work mid tmstnm until the
collogo opens for tho xoguUr attendance of stu
dents, which will b? in about ono nvx? jv**.
They bogan work on MondAy, 6th instant
Henry Wright, colorod, W&B couvloted before
I Trial JilStloO Todd, at Heneen, last Friday of!
I buying seed cotton between sundown and sun. j
? rise, and also for trafficing- lu seed cotton with
out Keening a,book of registry. Ko was BOU-j
I toncctl to jail for thirty days in each oaso.
Tho Carolina Hotel, at Rook Hill, S. C.,
will pass into tho hands of Messrs. Nor
man bros., of our town, on the 1st of
January noxt for a term of years. "Tho
Carolina" is a large three story brick
struoturo, handsomely furnished, through
out, lighted by electricity and having all
other modern appointments. Mr. V. I*.
Norman, the present manager of the
popular Norman Park, will havo ohargo ?
of the Rook Hill house, while Mr. Cb A.
Norman, of Goorgotown, will conduct
tho hotel bore. Miss Nannie Dickson,
tho off! ol ont housekeeper of the Norman
Park, will go to Rook Hill with Mr. and
Mrs. Norman.
A frightful and dangorous accident
happened to Mr. Robert Huut on Main
Street in front of tho post ornoo on Tuos
day afternoon. As ne wont to alight
from his mule his foot caught ia the
nt hui). Tho mule became frightened and
ran about ono hundred yards, dragging
Mr. Hunt until tho nt i nm loat her broke
thereby freeing him and saving his lifo.
Fortunately he was bruised only slightly
for his escape was almost miraculous.
Tho bystanders say it was n most excit
ing incident.
Our Seneca Correspondence.
SKNKOA, S. C., November ll, '90.
Mr. R. M. Tribble and Miss Liz?
zio C. Yarborough wore married at
tho residence of Col. F. A. Hol e on
Sunday evening, Novombor 9th, by
Rev. Dr. Chas. Manly. Few per
sons know anything about it till next
Mrs. Kate Lowery, tho venerable
widow of tho late A. J. Lowery,
diod last night at ll o'clock; of pneu
monia. Mrs. Lowery was about 80
years old, and had boon a remarka
bly aotive woman all her long lifo.
She did not survive her husband
long. She will bo buried in Oak
Hill Cometery to-morrow.
It is expected that an Alliance
store will bo in operation hore be
fore a groat while. Wo are in
formed that this matter was decided
nt tho last county mooting.
Important changes will soon take
placo at the dopot boro. ' Mr. H. L.
Adams, who has been serving the
lt. Pv. company as its agont hero for
about eight yoars, retires, having re
signed, and will bo succeeded by Mr.
II. J. Gignialliat, agent at Easloy,
and Mr. O. Ramsay Doyle, the ope
rator here will suocoed Mr. Gignial
liat at Easlcy.
There is a groat demand for houses
boro now and no houses to supply
tho demand.
Rev. M. R. Kirkpatrick, of Clovor,
Sroach id last Saturday night and
unday in tho Presbyterian church,
and evoryono who heard him was
ploasod. An efllort will be made to
secure him as pastor. T.
Our Westminster Correspondence.
WKSTMINSTKK, S. C., Nov. ll, '90.
DKAK COURIBU: The elootion is
over, and wo have all cooled down
and gone to work just Uko wo did in
tho good old timos when evorybody
was lionost; and I don't hoar of any
one being hurt or disappointed.
We aro having a fine spoil of
weather for gathering the orop, and
ovory ono is making good uso of it.
Crops aro very good too. It is said
that there is a very fine orop of
opossums in tho neighborhood; and
as ehiokens and hoof are very scarce,
thoy como in very well.
'I bero aro still some improvements
going on in Westminster Mr. John
Carter's dwelling is being repaired
under tho akillful workmanship of
Mr. Jeff. Waldrip. This will bo a
handsome building when completed.
Tho Town Council havo extended
tho strcot loading from tho school
building noross the railroad to Main
Street, which add something both
in convenience and appearance.
Tho machine shop of Messrs.
Diokson ?fe Terrell, in commotion
with a foundry will soon bo operated
by ton experienced hands. This
looks like business.
Mr. J. II. Elrod & Co. havo pur
chased tho proporty known as tho
Stribling stand. They aro making
soJio improvements which adds very
much to tho appearance of tho place.
Mrs. J. D. Diokson and hor threo
sweet little girls, of Greenville. i?re
visiting their many friends and rela
Mr. Sam. P, Smith, formerly of
tho firm of Dr. Mitchell, is upending
a fow days with his many friends,
Tho sohool scorns to bo very pros
perous and ovorybody well pleased.
78 pupils aro in attendance. Mr, S,
P. Stribling, principal, Missos Shol
don and Harton, assistants, have
about 20 in oach department. Thoy
give praotioal illustrations on blaok
oard, or othorwiso, on oach recita
tion. Tho public session will oom?
monee tho 1st of January. It seems
that o very bod y is interested in the
Rev, M. R, Kit'kpJrtrlpk trenched in
the Prcsbytorlan ohuroh boro last
Saturday morning.
Roy, Cooke poached on Sunday
and Sunday night. Ho will proaoh
at Baoholor on the 4th Sunday and
Saturday boforo.
Rov. Miko McGoo will preach in
tho Baptist ohuroh boro on tho 8d
Sunday in Novombor. p.
WASHINGTON, Novombor 7.-Tho
full roport of tho Commissioner of
I'elisions, issued to-day, shows that
twonty-fivo widows of Revolutionary
soldiers' woro drawing ponsions at
tho 0I080 of tho last fiscal yoor.
Tho oldest of theso is Anulo Maria
Young, aged 98, widow of Jacob
Young, of tho Pennsylvania troops
in tho Revolutionary war, and Susan
Kurtis, also 98, widow of Calob
Kurtis, of tho Massachusetts troops.
Thc youngest is Nnnoy A. Groon,
agod 72, whoso husband was in tho
South Carolina troops, Flvo of tho
number still resido in tho States in
whoso troops their husbands served.
A I*ttor ?roiu Piedmont, 8. C,
PIBDMOXT, S. Cy November 10, '90.
DRAR COURIR? : Probably a few
dot? from our town will bo of into
rest to some of your roadorfl, as
there aro quite a number of families
hero who came from Oooueo.
Xf?id?F tuO SUp0fV?6?0iS of Col. H.
P. Hammett, President, and Capt.
Jas. P. Ilor, Superintendent, the
work of tho Piedmont Manufactu
ring Company is progressing aa nicely
and smoothly as could bo desired.
All the maohinory iu tho new milt is
now in operation aud is doing lit nt
class work. They have just comple
ted a rook dam across tho rivor. Tho
workmanship is first class in every
particular and is quite an improve
ment on the former, which waa con
structed of wood. Thoy aro also
constructing a large warehouse on
the Anderson side, which ia searing
completion, and when finished will
hold several thousand balos of cot
Tho recent frost has ohanged the
forest and vogotation growth from
its green color. They now prosont
the beautiful colors of yellow, green
and red.
Notwithstanding tho recent
changes of weather, there is compara
tively littlo sickness in town nt pro
Our sohools have resumed their
work. Wo have two, ono on each
sido of the rivor. Thoy aro both
under good management and in a ,
flourishing condition.
Sammie, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.
M. Whitraire, formerly of Oooneo,
died a few days ago from billions
Rev. T. C. Ligon proaohed. his
farewell sermon at this place last
Sunday to a largo and attentive con- *
gregation. He has served tho peo
ple of Piedmont for four years, dur
ing which limo ho has done earnest
and faithful work, and it is with
much regret that wo havo to give
him up. Tho people aro already
wondering who they will havo for
thoir preaohor next year.
Quite a number of our young mon
visited Charleston during Gala Weok.
They roturned much pleased with
thoir trip. Thoy have boon busy
since they roturned telling others
what they saw and hoard. They are
getting off jokes on each other about
how thoy noted w,hilo there. The :
best that we havo hoard on any of
them was a young man going to a
livery stable to engage a turnout to
drive to Sullivan's Island.
As this is my first attempt, and
-foxloaotJhid^^^ j
basket, I will oloso. M. W. W.
Our Uteliland Correspondence.
RICHLAND, S. C., Nov. li, 1800.
DEAR COURIKR : In our last week's
communication we obsorvo $iat you
substituted tho word sorriest for so
verost, which exactly roversed our
sentiments, but wo remember that
wo wroto very hurriedly on bad pa
por, and it must havo taken several
minutes of your time to reduce our
manusoript to readable form. Of
courue wo will pardon tho error as an
unintentional one.
Mr. J. P. Stribling has boon quito
siok for a few days, but ?B now im
Mr. Wm. Hayos is said to bo im
proving slowly.
Miss MoMahan; who lives at Mr.
J. J. Ballonger's, is not oxpeotcd to
livo. Sho has been very low for
some time and wo aro informed that
her caso has developed into consump
Mr. Jno. V. Stribling is devoting
the most of his time to work on Mr.
T. B. Wyly's now house, which is to
embrace many improvements original
with him.
Miss Luoy Stabling's school im
proves slowly,
Mr. Samuel Pryor, a young man
naturally almost blind, who wont
from this neighborhood to Cedar
Springs Instituto soveral years ago,
is to begin instructing a class in in
strumental music at tho Academy
next Monday and will continuo ns
long os his patrons desire his services.
Ho will dovoto about ono hour to
instruotlon of oaoh pupil every other
day. Rates, three dollars por month.
We think ho is a worthy young man
and wo hopo ho will get up a class
hero that will pay him well for his
Capt, II, Lr Coo has boon appointed
Superintendent of bridgos and tres
tle?, oto,, from Atlanta to Charlotte
This promotion will allow him moro
timo to bo with his family, and ho
will now begin to reap somo coward
for his long continuod oloso applica
tion to business
Mr. T. H. Hughs, togothor with
Col. Jno. S. Vornor, has aoccptcd a
genoral agonoy for tho Valley Mutual
Insurance Company and ho loaves
to-day for Columbia, whore ho will
take nhargo of an office for tho man
agement of businesd in this State.
Mr. E. D. Foster caught a very
largo owl tin a fitool trap last wook
And Shot another yeal onlay, Ho
takes ibo crtko fo~ Scalping hawks
and owls.
Tho woman's missionary quilting,
which took placo at our houso on
Friday lagt, was a very pleasant oo
oasion, mid wo think ovory neighbor*
hood-'should have some such organi
zation for Booial as well as other im
provements, H.
- . . .
IHK Railroad Project.
Tho Baltimore /Sun, of November
8, says : "Tho Charleston, Wilming
ton and Norfolk railroad has been
inoorporotod with a capital of $6,
000,000. John C. McNaughton, of
this oity, is President, and the head
quarters of the now company, for
the present, at least, will be in Bal
timore. Tho railroad is to form a
now insido Atlantic coast route, and
it is claimed will shorten the distar.oo
between Northern oitios ?nd Charles
ton and points furthor South about
ono hundred miles compared with
existing lines. A meeting of the
company was hold yesterday, and
the purchase of tho chartors of tho
Mt. Pleasant, Santoe and Little
River railroad in South Oaroliun,
and of the Portsmouth and South
Mills railroad company, in Virginia,
authorized. Those charters, with
the company's own, give it the right
to build between Norfolk and
Charleston 805 milos and branches.
A contraot was make with tho Caro
lina Construction Company to build
the road, and work has begun.
"The officers, in addition to Mr.
McNaughton, Presidont, a\*o R. Dun
can Harris, of New York, Vico-Pro
sidont and-Treasurer; Carroll Foster,
of Philadelphia, Seorctary, and tho
following dirootors : Ex-Governor
Thomas J. JarviB, of North Caro
Una; Hon. Thomas Pinokney, of
*?outh Carolina; C. W. Kennedy, of
I'll il adelphi ?; R. Duncan, Harris, of
Now York; J. C. McNaughton, of
Philadelphia; Hon, J. L. Delano,
Ohio; Gen. T. A. Huguenin, Charles
ton; Hon. A. S. Cadwallador, Yard
loy, Pa.; Lowis C. Maus, Philadol
phia; Lowis A. Conwell, Philadol
Sida; Wm. A. Hazard, Now York;
arroll Foster, Philadelphia; M. J.
Ramsoy, Philadelphia; Hon. A. J.
Hoddor, Now York, and James
McKennn, Philadelphia. Tho com
pany will issue $6,000,000 of first
mortgage bonde. Tho Carolina Land
Company has been organteod by tho
Bnmo stockholders, with a capital of
$1,000,000, and tho Carolina Con
striction Company, with a capital of
$250,000. Of tho railroad companies'
capital, $500,000 has boon sub
Wolf Stake Milan*! !
Ry request, a meet in/; of this A bianco
is called to moot on tho 15th instant, at
i P. ii, All mombera aro requested to
moot on this dato, as business of import
ance will bo beforo this Alliance for
transaction. O. R. D. Ruims,
J. W. RKKDKU, Seorotary.
Why Is It?
Wo have, in our oxporionco, mot
Imlhtiov" oT in??*'"hT ovory* Iniagi habl? ??i??
of business; but tho happiest, most ener
getic, and agrooablo follows aro tho agents
of tho well-known and popular "Davis
Sowing Machino." Thoy are as happy as
tho day is long. Thoy mako ovorybody
witli whom thoy havo dealings fool tho
samo. Why is it? Thoy aro mon from
tho ordinary paths of lifo,' chosen moro
for their honesty and respectability than
on account of mechanical skill, because
this "Davis" machino is thc vory aomo
of mechanical simplicity and requires no
skill in its manipulation. One hour's
operation in a customer's house amply
[lomonstrntes this fact and its advantages
become at once apparent. It does not
tako tho lady long to dcoldo In favor of
this machine, finding, ns she doos, that
she can do work on lt that would bo
impossible on machines of tho undo,
feed pattern. Any lady who has any
knowlodgo of tho Davis and other ma
shines, will toll you without hesitation
that tho Davis is incomparably tho best
Not only will it perform moro than don
bio tho work possiblo with any other
machin?, but tho work is dono with hali
tho oxovtion and with au oaso that is as
pleasing as it is surprising. Sold by
Aloxanaor Bros. & Co., GroonvlUo, S. C.
Male School
Torms, with a slight diff?rence,
tho samo os last session; For further
particulars address
Septombor 4, 1800. 85-tf
Dodson & Hill's
Fine?! mcldes,, Vii *
J. J. Norton & Oo.
ruff usn
Absolutely Pure
A' cream of 'tartar baking powdor.
Ugliest of all in leavonlng strength.- V.
?, government lief ort, August 17,1880,
Followlujr, Schedule in Effect November 2?% 1800.
OVEN LIFTER FLOUR, per barrol, $5.00 ; per snok, 75o.
CALIFORNIA HAMS, per pound, 10o.
WESTERN S. C. HAMS, per pound, 12Jo.
PURE HOG'S LARD, per pound, 10e. v r
PICKLED COD FISH, 7 pounds for 26o.; por pound, 4c.
NEW MESS MACKEREL, 0 for 25o.; each, 6o.
FRESH PICKLED PIG'S FEET, 0 for 26o.; onoh, 5o.
D. S. CHOICE BACON, per pound, 7^o.
SIFTED BLACK PEPPER, 8 pounds for 60o.; por pound 20o.
SIFTED ALL-SPICE, 2 pounds for 25o.; per pound, 16o.
BEST PURE SODA, 0 pounds for 25o.; per pound, 5o.
^OWrm?lJND COFF^f"pe7(^iIn^20?. "
N. O. GRANULATED SUGAR, por pound, 7o.
BEST A. SARDINES, per box, 5o.
NEW SALMON, vory fine, per can, Mo,
125 pounds fino BURLAP SALT, por saok, 70o.
126 pounds WHITE SEAMLESS COTTON SALT, per snok, 76o
200 pounds LIVERPOOL, full woight, por snok, $1.10.
DEVILED AXES, best stool, each, 85o.
PLAIN AXES, boat stool, oach, 75o.
HEEL BOLTS, oaob, 6o.
CLEVISES, 8 for 26o.j oaoh, 10c.
PLOWS, scootors, per pound, 4?o.
PLOWS, all others, per pound, 6o.
PLOW STOCKS, $1.00 to $1.10.
Ono Car Load Rest TIMOTHY HAY to arrive, oheap.
STANDARD COTTON CHECKS, bolt, 5?o?; per yard, Oe.
STANDARD 4 SHIRTING, bolt. 4?n.; pnr yard, 6o.
STANDARD g SHIRTING, bolt, 5Jo.; per yard, Oo.
STANDARD 4-4 SHEETING, bolt, Co.; per yard, 0*o.
EXTRA HEAVY DRILLS, bolt, 7o>, por yard, 7$o.
CALICO, 8, 4, 5,0 and 7e. per yard.
GOOD BLEACHING, per yard, 6o.
J FRUIT OF THE LOOM, bolt, 8Jo.; por yard, 9o.
4-4 FRUIT OF THF LOOM, bolt, Ojo.; por yard, 10o.
CUPS AND SAUCERS, unhandlocl, por sot, 20o.
PLATES, 6 inoh, 80o. per set; oaoh, 6o. *
PLATES, 6 inoh, 85o. por sot ; oaoh, 6o.
PLATES, 7 inch, 40o. per sot;-oaoh, 7o.
O. H. Shumacher, Prop'r.
500 Head Sheap,
500 Head Goats,
L0,000 Chickens,
di tho Corn, Fodder and Peas you
havo, and
$100 REWARD.
s Ninety
want to pay for tho above named
ad CLOCKS, whioh will bo oarriod
) your homo by
ho wi i i give you tho vory 'lowest
rices with tho best terms.
||| D. A. Biomann?
.V.-. : v ? ' '\:\'
JJ OK tho name and address of any nor?
son who will buy a Sewing Machine.
This is no humbug, but a fair squaro
offor, and no mattor whothor it is a high
or low priced Maohino, or whother lt is
a time or oash salo, your reward of il.00
will bo paid as noon as anio ls made. Ad
dress mo at once.
Agent for tho Singer Manufacturing Co.,
Greenville, S" O.
Now Machinos oxohangod for old ones.
July 81, 1890.
1)LACE ooiiudns 240 acros, moro or
. loos; 40 sores good bottom swamp
land, all dried and in cultivation; half
tho placo ol*!?rod ; well tim bored; nines
noyor boon out; good buildings; ?ylng
four milos. North of Wost Union and Wal
halls, on' North Cano orook, adjoining
lands of VonLoho and ethers.
Will oller tho ahovo named place at all
timos until salosday bi December next
for tWO~tuli'ds. yft&tif UiO Ofcuvf ?bini rn?
ono and two years time, with lawful hi
Iv?vsi. if noe Bold at that time will sell
for oash before tho court houso door to
tho highoat bidder. Debt against tho
placo to bo nettled first.
For Bale by J. M. CALLAS,
West Unk??, S/O.
September 18, 1890, 3?4U

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