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Published every Thursday morning.
For subscription, il,60 per annum,
Btrletjy lu ail vaneo ; .for nix months; *7?
couts! tor four months, ?50 cents.
Advortisomonts Inserted nt ono dollar
por square nf ono ?'toh or loss for tho Hist
insertion and fifty cents for each sub
sequent Insertion.
Obituary Nt?tjpos exceeding flvo linos,.
Tributes of ltespoot, OommunicnttonB of
a porsonai cnaraelor, when admisBablo,
i?nd Announcements of Candidates will
bo ohargod for a advortisomonts.
Job Pt'lntlmr nnatW and ohonplv nvAr.n.
Necessity compels us to adhere Btrlctly
. to tho requirements of Cash* paymonts.
Vs orkln? Ocra Hxif Me Tr?e mut I? Munt Pollow the Night th? ?ny, Thon CniM'l !V?I 'fheu He Vnlne to Any Malt.
-NO 40.
OVEN LIFTER FLOUR, po.- barrel, *5,90; por sack, 75o.
CALIFORNIA HAMS, per pound, 10o. '
WESTERN S. C. HAMS, por pound, 12Jo.
PURE HOG'S LARD, per pound, 10o.
PICKLED COD FISH, 7 pounds for 25c; per pound, 4c.
NEW MESS MACKEREL, 0 for '?5o.; each, 5o.
FRESH PICKLED PIG'S FEET. G for 25o.; eaob, 6o.
D. S. CHOICE BACON, por pound, 7^c
SIFTED BLACK PEPPER, 3 pounds tor 50n.: per pound 20c
SIFTED ALL-SPICE, 2 pounds for 25o.; por pound, 15o.
, BEST PURE SODA, G pounds for 25c; por pound, 6o.
N. O. GRANULATED SUGAR, por pound, 7o.
BEST A. SARDINES, por box, 6c.
NEW SALMON, very fino, per can, 15o.
125 pounds fino BURLAP SALT, per sack, 70o.
125 pounds WHITE SEAMLESS COTTON SALT, per sack, 76o.
DEVILED AXES, best steel, oaob, 85o.
PLAIN AXES, best stool, each, 75c.
.HEEL BOLTS, oaob, 5o.
CLEVISES, 3 for 25o.; oacb, 10c.;
PLOWS, scootors, per pound, 4-}c
PLOWS, all others, por pound, 6c.
PLOW STOCKS, ?1.00 to *U0.
Ono Car Load Best TIMOTHY HAY to arrives cheap.
STANDARD COTTON CHECKS, bolt, 5$c; por yard, Gc.
STANDARD ? SHIRTING, bolt, 4?c; per yard, 6o.
STANDARD $ SHIRTING, bolt, ?^c; por yard, Go.
STANDARD 4-4 SHEETING, bolt, Gc; por yard, G^c
EXTRA HEAVY DRILLS, bolt, 7c; per yard, 7?o. \
CALICO, 3, 4, 6, G and 7c per yard. \A
GOOD BLEACHING, per yard, Go. V\
? FRUIT OF THE LOOM, bolt, 8?c; por yard, 9o. - \\
4-4 FRUIT OF THE LOOM, bolt, Ojo'.; por yard, 10c. \
CUPS AND SAUCERS, unhandlcd, por sot, 20o.
PLATES, 5 inch, 30c por sot; oaob, 5o.
PLATES, d inch, 85c per sot ; each, Gc
PLATES, 7 inch, 40c per sot; each, 7c
JVOTTCJi'-All Accounts arc duo and must bo Bottled in Novembor.
O. H. Shumacher, Prop'r.
Will Cure Your . Dyspepsia.
Mr. J. N. Smith, for' twenty years an
oiigincor on tho Greenville and Columbia
II. lt., says:
"Tho Croscont Minoral Wator is curing
mo of along standing Kidney Troublo,
and I am bettor to-day than I have boca
for ton years, all through tho uso of this
wator, and my wiro, who for many ypars
has boon obliged to take medicino for
hor livor, has liad no occasion for any
medicine sinco UBiiig tho Croscont Wator,
and now feels Uko a now poison."
Loading citizons of (hoonvillo add tho
"Tho testimony of John N. Smith, re
garding tho wonderful curativo effect? of
tho'Croscont Mineral Water will bo of
f:reat valuo, foo no-man's word is strongor
n Oroenvillo than Ida."
C. IL Judson, President Fur mah Uni
A. II. Curoton, Muporintendent Cotton
Sood Mill.
Frank Hammond, President People's
H. O, Markloy, Carriego M'ait u fae turor.
T. C. Gowor, Proprietor Street Railway.
John H. Maxwoll, M. 1),
J. W. llowoll, M. I).
G. T. Swandale, M. I).
J. W. Karto, M. I>.
John Forguson, Grocer.
R. K. Allen it Uro., Grocers.
J. P. Miller, Grocer.
S. M. Snidor He Co., Jewelers.
G. 1). Barr) Stove Dealer.
John Uart, (iontractor and Pulidor.
Send for book of testimonials.
A ('aso of Crescent Mineral Water, con
taining 12 half-gallon bottles, will bo sent
by oxpress, prepaid, by us on receipt of
$4.00, and $1.50 a dozen will bo allowed
for bottloH roturnod at our oxpenso,
. If your Druggist has not obtained a
supply, ordor direct of tho
Greenville, S. C.
July 8, 1800
Important Notice.
NoTlCE is horoby givon that I will bo
at my ofllco, near tho Norman Park Hotel,
for tho winter, whore I desire all persons
owing mo by note or account, to call
and make immediate paymontor satis
factory sottlomont.
Octobor 28, 1800. 42-tf
O. O. WKI.I.S,
J. i., ona,
Groonvillo, S. (5.
Walhalla, S. C.
fells, Orr, Thompson & Jayues,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Laxo,
Walhalla. 8, C..
Special attention givon to all business
entrusted to our caro.
August 25, 1887. 34-a
Wm. F. ErvIn, Surveyor,
Land Agency
Commission Business.
Ofltco in tho Runic Building-,
Advice to the Aged.
As? nrtuKNInfirmities,suet? ?? ?I?*'
SUli bowoiM, wonk lttdnoy? ?ml Maa?
?ir Mm! torpid liver.
mm iii BV1R
i un s Pilis
tmvo * unod flo ?ff ?eton tliOMdorgraun,
.tlinnlatlne tito bowel*. fflvlt*K na? or?
??I OlHiUnrfOH wltho?* ntr*lutua or
griming, ?nd
(U> tho IctdnoyH, bladder ?nd livor.
They ?ri? adaptod to old or young.
Five Energetic
Salesmen to sell
Pianos, Organs and
Machines. None
but reliable men
need apply.
?lexan?er Bros. & Co.,
107 and lil Washington St.,
To tho Alllauoe.
To the Georgia Alliance : I have
invitations to ..address tho people
from tho counties that Ho botwcon
Haborsham arid tho soabourd, and it
is pliysioally impossible for mo to re
spond, ftnd tho elcotiOn is but four
ii ays off, I havo oonoludod, in lion of
speaking at two or thrco plaoos-all
that I could do-to eay to you
through tho press a part of what I
would say wero I to speak.
Though I address you by name, I
am speaking to all tho people of
Georgia. I am not separating you
and your interest from the interests
of thoso not members of tho Alliance.
In tho great warfare you arc in, you
hold the same relation to tho wholo
people aa did our soldiers in tho lato
wnj, to tho old and young, tho women
and ohildron who wore at homo.
You aro in a war. You havo declared
war against the enemies of tho
wholo peoplo. You roprcBont the
righta of all. You contend for just
ice toidi. It i? sufficient for me to
know, you were patriots in 'Ol, and
iro tho saino to-day. It is enough
lor me to know you aro tho same
Democrats who havo prosouvod tho
Uno principles of Jofforsonian De
mocracy over since we furlod our
Ung. I Bay, that a knowlodgo of
theso faots Should striko dumb the
nan who assails your organization ns
u'ldciuocratio, as unrepublioan, ns
lark lantern and midnight plottors,
is agents in disguise Of the black
Republican party.
If deliverance is not given to tho
nooplo by you, I seo no othor hope.
irou aro thc reservo forces-r-tho last
t)OSBiblo lovios-for you aro tho groat
jody of thc peoplo.
It ia oOjeotcd that you should not
3iitor politics, T,hat is to say your
monty is in politics-is nowhere olso
-and you must fight, but must not
nitor his territory. To make this as
?lcar as light, lot mo say tho monoy
power is your enomy; these methods
ire put into operation almost oxclu
dvoly by Federal legislation; Federal
legislation is dono by Ogress; Con
gress is controlled by "ho monoy
power; the peoplo oleot Congress;
.elections arc tho only means on earth,
diort of revolution by arms, by
which relief can como; you aro or
ganized to give that roliof. But, say
pour opponents, "you should not
?avo anything to do with politics;
/ow aro making a big mistake to
neddlo in politics; if you do, you
ire bound to go to pieces."
When you hear a man say that you
iced not hesitate to decide that ho
jannot reason logically, or that you
iro in bis way in politics, or that bo
mi?nos to tho enemy.
Y^ur m ssion is essentially politi
sai. It is to right our overturned
fhoViii-os; it is, in short, "to establish
justico, to insure domestic tranquility,
promote tho general welfare and sc
3uro the blessings of liberty to our
selves and our posterity." Thoso
suds for which our Federal govern
ment was founded and which it, tin
ier control of thc monoy powor for
thirty years, has almost destroyed.
Seeing, as your organization did,
?.hat tho fountain of our woes is in
mr financial systom, tho Alliance set
io work to pr?vido a remedy. You
?avo not maintained that it is per
:cot, much less a panacea. As soon
is it was born, it was set upon by
;ho press and politicians. Its pator
lity was enough for thom to know.
'Farmers 1 what do they know of
"What is ho to Hecuba, or Hecuba
to him?"
"No good can come out of Naza
reth " It r?ns kicked from Dan to
Beersheba. It was prcsontcd to Con
gress. It could not find a godfather.
'Tnko it away ! It ia unconstitu-1
.ional; it is undemocratic; it is pa
ternalism; it is class legislation; it
?viii break up existing political par
ties I"
And the majority, who, witt tho
minority buried your illcgitinuuo in
\ committco room, turned again iu
inisincsc, which was "to porfect" tho
tariff bill, to force ono class (your-,
selves, millions in number;) to roform
tho worst form of paternalism ever
ilovisod by man to rob his brother;
CO ro-onact probably thc most uncon
stitutional stntuto that was cvor
passed by Congress.
Your numorionl strength was noi
then known. It waa soon found out,
md the noxtmovemont mnde against
pott was to divido your forces. To
~. .; ? - '; *'. : . ?j ^ ^-r
offect that result four mothods were
adopted. One was to keep up thc
assault on tho sub/Vrcobnry plan; the
second was to attack tho characters
and good names of tho oflicors you
had chosen to load you in your great
struggle; tho third was to decry and
abuse you as disor?anigors, and tho
fourth wag to orgarii/o and put out
independent candidates to bea-., the
regular nominoes j who ropresont
thoviews of tho Alliance.
All leadem in groat reforms have
gono through "groat tribulations,"
and you aro not and will n*H bo an
exception. Old ruts worn d op aro
hard to got out of. Customs aro
strengthened by ago. Tyrants grew
bold and defiant by long reigns.
Tho men who livo by office abhor* a
ohango lest they bo exchanged.
Those who laok faith in a successful
result are timid; they halt betweon
two opinions, and at tho first sign of
division or weakness, join your ono
mics. Some flatter with "muoh fair
spoouh," persuado you of their ear
nest support, and, in tho hour of
Liiii?, desert you. ,
Your greatest danger is in internal
dissension and division. If you
stand together, your national strong th
is groat enough to restore and main
tain justico to all. At first, I thought
your requirement for membership
too restricted. On reflection, I con
sider it wise. You aro not politi
cians. You aro not office seokors.
Your rule is, thoroforo, wisc, booauso
it excludes from your bodies those
who might and woidd join to got
control for personal promotion or to
oreato dissension in tho interest of
your enemy. Consisting, ns your or
der does, of farmers, of ono distinct
producing olas?; being tho principal
tax-payers and burden^boarors, tboro
is no temptation to any of your mem
bers to provo traitor or dcBort to tho
enemy. And tho very limited se
crecy in your movements is' but a
proper safeguard against spies or
enemies who would avail themselves
of their knotvlcdgo of your pro
ceedings wore thoy conducted on the
house-top to sow dissension among
You havo been denounced for op
posing some mon who havo boon and
aro candidates for oflieo. This, too,
is an unjust complaint. You arc
not seeking offices. Thoy aro yours
to bestow. I say yours, because thc
farmors arc largely tho majority,
probably five to ono in Georgia,
You aro askod for office You have
opinion:?; you have a plan which you
believe will not only benefit thc ma
jority, yourselves, but tho minority
also, as much.
And whon the office seeker says ht
cannot and will not agreo with you
nor attempt to servo you ns you wish
he lins no more right to complain at
your refusal than ho would wore lu
to ask you to give him your walkin*:
stick for him to club you with it. O
all the arrogance, presumption, as
sured superiority, impudonce, solf
con?oit imaginable, that man is pos
sossed of these, who, whilo in opci
opposition to you, doniands of you i
position to support hi.n in order tba
ho may fight you.
Political questions aro alway
fruitful of differences of opinion
Your sub-Treasury plan is a good il
lustration; and thoso who oppose i
should not expoct those who favor i
i?.suncnder their opinions ns-litt]
children yield to thc judgment c
parents. You arc, not ohildroi
Yoii have acquired knowledge b
ago and thought and bitter expor
onco through long and pation
sufforing. Aftor thirty years c
pationt following, you havo detei
mined ' to bo lod no hinger, but t
lend. When thoso whom you hav
followed without questioning, sprin
boforo you to tako command of yon
column, it is time for you to doman
of thom, who and what they an
whether they are for you or agaim
you; not what thoy havo boon, bli
what they aro now. Ho who asl
for your leadership should bo tl:
whole-hearted champion of yoi
cnuso and ?'.Gt refuse to fight undi
your bnnnor.
Your motto is "Measures;
men." Men aro of no avail. Yo
oan find mon without looking. Yo
want, men who cnn say "shibboleth
and not"sibbolotb." You want loat
< era who are not frosh from tho cami
fires of your enomies. You wai
linen who have been true and faithf
fa evory position in which you hiv
piaced them, and who havo nover o
sorted y o ti. You* want men wi
have no concealment of any of thc
aots c\ nhcolod with a publio true
lt is your duty to inquire, and yoi
right to know, what'your . public
servants do anil why they do it. Tlio
trust is yours. You aro tho sover
eign, and they aro your agents. Tho
oreaturo should not bo permitted to
dofy tho creator; nor tho sorvant his
Tho most insidious attaok of an
enemy b to d-porgauizo tho rank and
file; tho i oat demoralising is to kill
tho officors in command. You aro
attaokod in both whys. Your chosen
leaders havo boon traduced, vilified
and slandered. The man who ...
saults tho reputation of tho pastor
injures his congregation. Tho man
who slanders tho father injures his
family. Tho man who vilifies tho
lenders in a great movement easts
obloquy on thoir followers. Could
Luther's oharaotcr havo boon de
stroyed tho reformation would have
boon rotardod-T-if not preventod.
Could Washington havo boon tainted
with oharges of- troason, tho Revolu
tion would havox, failed. I am illus
trating by example, I am not draw
ing comparisons. Bowaro of tho
friond who professos . friendship
amV assails your loaders in ono breath.
Bowaro of him who flattors tho
family while ho strikos to earth its
Thc insidious is moro dangerous
than tho open attack.' It is to di
vido you, your ranks. If you diffor
nmong yoursolvos ns to tho best plan
ior assaulting your enemy, lot no
one outside your organization roap
any advantago by it. Tho minority
?nay not appvovo of ali dota?B of
your plan, but h t is no reason for
dividing and surrendering to any
ono who opposes it. Your success
depends upon an unbrokon front.
You may depend on this, that you
must look for fidelity to your onuso
within more than without your or
ganization. . Discuss and diffor as
you may, but proservo unity of ac
Your 8ub-Trensury plan is bottor
?han any that has been suggested ns
a substitute. It is gaining ground.
Tho moro it is discussod, tho stronger
it grows. It stands far in advance
of tho banking, of tho whiskey
wnrohousc system and tho tariff.
Tho tariff of thirty years is crud,
systomized robbory for tho enriching
of a fow thousand, and yet ample
authority is found for it in tho con
stitution by those in control of thc
Tho whiskey warehouses bonofit a
few hundred, and they too. find shel
ter under tho constitution.
Tlio banking Kystom was devised
to enrich, and does enrich a few hun
dred thousand, at tho cost of 00,
OOOjOOU, and its constitutionality is
assumed and generally conceded.
Thc government bcoamo endorser
for tho Pacific Railroad for #100,
000,000, and that is adjudged consti
Until within a year past no lawyer
ever doubted tho power of a Stato to
regulate its own police and protect
its citizens against acts adjudged by
tho Stato to bo injurious to their
morals, but the Supremo Court in thc
original package cases, has dispolled
that flattering delusion.
Who, then, shall say beyond ques
tion that a statute that should pr?
vido for further extension of thc
financial system; for expansion that
would relieve congestion, and thc
congestion would prevent expansion;
for expansion when needed, and con
traction when expansion would bc
hurtful; for tho "protection" of mil
lions from the rapacity of a few;, foi
a stable currency; for tho preventior
of speculation in tho necessaries ol
lifo; for an increase per capita, oi
tho circulating medium, would bc un
constitutional ? In tho light of Con
grOfjsional bounties, to build inonu
monta, hold fairs, endorso as suroty foi
persons, lend monoy without intorcst
enlarge and dcopen inland creeks, t<
make a paper logal teodor, to ta:
State banks out of oxistence to mak<
room for a favored few, to pay $<12{
for a bond of only $100, to conduoi
tho fish business, to support sufforori
by fires and floods, to establish an<
support a weather bureau, to savi
Wall Street gamblors from bank
ruptoy, to scare 11 for the North Bole
and to do ma ly other liko deed?
wdio shall sot himself tip ns tho judi
cial authority to docjdo ox cathedr
tho unquestionable unconstitution
allty of our sub-Troasury plan ?
It is a lamontablo truth that ii
questions that can bo brought h;
construction under the powors c
Congress relating to finance and rove
nuo, to tho regulation of counnoroe,
to rights 6f and ?> "tho gcnoval wel
fare," it ia hazardous to tho roputo
tion of tlie boat legal mind to give
an opinion on tho constitutionality of
anyt stated position. Thoroforo, it is
on idle task-a wasts of time-to be
dismissing whether certain details of
your measure aro not constitutional.
Stand by your plan for relief;
pross it ou tho attontion of Congress;
demand its consideration, and let de
hnte determine not only tho consti
tutionality, but the practicability of
your moai uro as ono of relief. Take
no farmer's opinion ns your guido;
bo not disheartened by any one law
yer's opinion. Insist on notion "in
thc multitude of counsel." Relief
in some form will como. Division
of opinion on this mensuro may
bo your dofoat. You aro comforting
tho oncmy by this division and halt
ing. Already some of tho Northern
press have prediotcd your downfall
at tho hands of ono man. It may bo
that "ono man put ton thousand to
flight," but it is not roc?rdod in his
tory or fiotion that ono hundred
tiiuutmiid of as brovo, determined,
well-organisiod mon as you are, over
surrondorod to ono or ten thousand.
How McKinley's Bill Killed Hill Mc
WASHI??OTON, Novembor 8.-Dr.
R. H. Graham, who..has returnod
from McKinley's district, -recounts
somo interesting featuros of tho cam
paign. Tho Domoorats sent out a
number of young mon, with wagon
loads of tinware, to poddlc from
farmhouse to farmhouse, and exaotly
twico tho valuo of buckets, pans and
kottlos was charged. The honso
wives lifted their hands in holy hor
ror, and wanta i to know why a 26
cont, bucket had doubled its price
"Tho McKinley bill did it," was tho
cry in overy case, and it is of course
not necessary to say what tho womon
thought of both Maj.'McKinley and
his bill. They naturally told their
husbands. On tho other hand, tho
Republicans had printed contracts
for thc purchase of all tho sheep in
tho district, the purchase being made
conditional upon the election of Mc
Kinley. Tho prico offered for tho
sheep was $2 or $3 in oxcoss of thoir
real valuo, but this movo was mado
too lato, and after tho tin peddlers
had protty well covered tho distriot
and made thc first impression.
On te Atlanta.
Work on the Seaboard Air Linc's
road to Atlanta is progressing rap
idly, and tho next few months will
BOC this portion of its road oponod to
through trudie, thus adding nnothor
important competitor for tho business
lending to and out of that city.
Trains arc already running ns far us
Greenwood, and, ns fast os now mile
age is added, new schedules go into
effect. Tho Seaboard Air Lino,
which comprises ten roads, with
milcogo of 928 milos, starts from
Portsmouth, opposite Old Point Com
fort, whore it connects with tho Ray
Lino from Baltimore, and other steam
ship lines from Now York, Boston,
Philadelphia and other points. From
Portsmouth tho road Southwest to
Hamlet, N. C., whore tho Carolina
Control road, from Wilmington to
Rutherford ton, is connected with.
From Monroe, on tho line of tho
Carolina Control, tho Atlanta exten
sion, which nearly parallels the Rich
mond and Danville lino to Atlanta,
begins. Track-laying is already
completed to Athens, but no busi
ness is dono beyond Greenwood.
--*t?-- i
NKW OKI.KANS, Novombor 10.-A
special from Jackson, Miss., to tho
Associated Press, says : "Joo Jack
son, ono of tho Rubo Burrows gang,
confined in tho penitentiary boro for
somo timo, waiting trial for a train
robbery, and whoso trial was to havo
begun this morning in the Federal
Court, committed suicide by jump
ing from tho third floor of tho corri
dor of tho court to tho ground, n
distance of sixty foot. His neck was
brokon by . tho fall. Jackson had
provided himself with a largo knife,
and whon the oflicors unlocked h's
coll hf rushed out and esconded to
the upper floor, whore for somo time
ho defied thom. Finally, tho officers
"closed in upon tho prisoner, whoo
suddenly ho plunged from his lofty
porch to tho brick floor boncath to
moot instant death. Rubo Smith,
also an alleged train robbor, is under
going trial boforo tho United Statos
Judge to-day.
LONDON, November ll.-A colli
sion ooeurrod to-day on tho Groat;
WoBtorn Railway at Norton Fitz
warrcn Station, noar Taunton, bo
twc.cn a goods train and a special
train from Plymouth, which was
convoying paBsongora from tho
stenmor Marham Castle, which had
just arrived at Plymouth from the
Capo of Good Hopo. Ton porsons
wore killed and eight injinoo.
? M?i-?i.?.M<?lMliAliy?niTiii???.?.?^^
Destroyed by fire Jun? .
21st, 1887. 4
Re-Established August 11
<887. _ , '
[coNor,ui>WD inion LAST ISSUE;]
Relative to tho valuo of cotton
seed oil foi various purposes, the fol
lowing tcstimomy'givon by a loading
Northern physioian andanalyst, and
substantiated by othors, ?H intorost
The 'compounds of lard, st?arine
and cotton sond oil as a food, in ;ny
belief, is a product that contains a
greater variety of olemonts nccossary
to tho maintonanoe of human ooonomy
in a healthy state than either lard,
hoof fat, or cotton seed oil alono,
neither boing in themselves a porfcot
food product. Of tho valuo of lard ?B(
as a food 1 need'not s'poak, nor of
tho valuo of hoof fat for tho samo j
purposo, but of cotton sood oil loan "
say that by itself it is a valuable food ]
produot. <
I havo used tho samo in my pro? j
fessioh ns a substituto for ood-liVer
oil, whore tho latter was not woll
retained by tho stomach of my
patient with satisfaction to mysolf
and apparont advantage to tho.
patient. , I havo used it as a substi
tuto for fresh cream in still other
oases, where tho oroam did not soCm ,,
to bo well digested, witt? almost
invariably good results, and I havo
fed tho samo to ..> infants suffering
from wasting diseases in doses of
from ^no-half to ono teaspoonful
from four to B?X times oaoh day, and
have found tho sanio to check tho
emaciating process quite as well
gonorally as any othor food to which I
could resort.
I prefer puro ootton scod oil for
professional purposes to olivo oil, ^
though olive oil is now believed to
to bo largely extended by an admix
ture of cotton sood oil;
As an artiolo for many culinary
uses I prefer puro cotton seed oil to
oithor lard or medium grade butter,
having used tho samo (cotton seed
oil) in my own family as a butter
substituto in cooking moats and fish,
as woll as making gravies, oto. I am
also acquainted with its uso for simi
lar purposes in the families of others
of my acquaintance, and in no
instanco has my nttontion boon callod
to any objectionable results from said
uso. ?
Of tho exports- callod in to testify
as to tho merits and demerits of cot
ton socd oil as compared with lard,
nine-tontlis of thom boro testimony
to the superiority of tho Southern
product. This is now no .longer^ ??i
questioned; and tho Conger '?AW is V
not bnsod on thc thoory that, cotton
seed oil is unhealthy, but wholly on
the economio theory.
That it displacos so many pounds
of laid, reduces tho valuo of hog fat
and thereby injures tho Western
farmer. Tho bill is an attempt to
protect tho Western farmer against
the competition of a cheaper pro
duct. Will it do so?
Cotton seed oil is rapidly coming
into a favor undor r.n alian. Ti? uno
would havo boon slower but moro
certain if it had appealed to tho pub
lic on its own merits instead of as
olive oil or lari; and it .will ulti
mately triumph on its merits, lt
offers usu vaiuabio oil, at four to
five couts a pound, suitable for culi
nary or other purposes. No other
oil of this kind can bo ma<V* OB
oheaply. Thcro is nolaok of s't.pply.
If tho world noods it, wo cnn easily
turn out 140,000,000 gallons a yoar.
Moro than tho olivo oil and all the
othor table oil in use, onough to sup
ply tho world with a snbfiltuto for
alf tho lard used by it. < . ?
* Everybody understands that tho
olivo oil they use is simply cotton
scod oil; that tho lard is mainly cot
ton socd oil. They have simply to
take another stop forward, disoard
tho hypocrisy that because it bas a
different label on it, it tastes differ
ently. Tho pooplo of Italy have set ,
us a good oxample, using a great
doal ot cotton seed oil last year as
such and finding it plonsant. In
England, tho oil is largely used for
kitchen purposes under its truo name,
and to some oxtont in this country.
If tho manufacturers would go into
tho proselyting business and domon
strato to tho epicuros by praotioal
tests that aCotton seed oil is better
than lard and equal to olivo oil?, they
could got rid of all alinsos for their
produot and sell it o? its merits. It
will probably tako some yearn, how
ovor, to ovoroomo tho prcjudico of ft
name, but when it is overcome tho
cotton scod industry has a brilliant
future boforo it, to which Us pfwt
success will appoar as nothing. Tt
must ultimately win, and become tho
groat onlinary oil of the world. It
Will then sufllco to supply tho entire
civilized world, to food some 8,000,
000 to 6,000,000 cattle, to fertilise
and enrich our InndB, to add sorao
$80,000,000 to tho value of tho cot-.,
ton crop to tho farmer, and some
$76,000,000 to $90,000,000 annually
to tho wealth of tho South. One
poor business year has scarcely been
a set-back toan industry Uko this
l^vith so brilliant a future boforo it.

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