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K. A. TUOMl'SON. 1>. A. SMITH. ?. T. JAYHK?.
THURSDAY, NOV. 20, 1890.
The Legislature
Of South Carolina will convono in
annual BOBSIOU noxt Tuosday. In some
respects it will bo ono of tho most import
ant aOonivntt O? tho Guttural AbaOinbly in
tho history of tho Stato, bocauso of tho
gravo and weighty mattors that will
Hkoly domand legislativo action. Tho
various measures of reform, so long advo
cated by our pooplo, and extensively dls
CUBBcd during tho rccont campaign, which
t ailed anow to thom tho attention of tho
public, will como up for consideration
and solution.
Ever sinco '70, whoo tho Democratic
party rcdoomcd tho Stato from tho foroign
foo and native traitor, tho pooplo. havo
been demanding economy, retrenchment
and roform. Wo havo constantly urged
economy in public expenditures, reduc
tion 'Of Balarles and of ofllcos. Hut dur
ing all theso yoars thoro has boon little,
if any, change in our system of govern
ment, and consequently very littlo practi
cal roliof to tho pooplo from tho burdons
of taxation. The troublo all along hos
boon, not with tho mon who administered
bur laws, hut with our system of govern
ment. Tlio timo, however, lias at last
como "for a change, ami if tho present
Legislature earnestly undertakes tho
tnsk, however difficult it may bo, wo
-louk for much substantial i in pro veiner, t.
A largo majority of this Legislature liavo
boon elected on roform issues, mid conse
quently tho pooplo look to thom for
Borne measures of practical relief. If
much is dono wisely and well along this
lino, it vdll doubtless require a longer
session than usual; but the time and
. monoy would ho profitably spent could
tho desired purpose bo accomplished.
Without attempting anything like an
oxbaustive statement of these measures,
wo doom it propor to state some of Ibo
most important.
. First in importance, as we see it, will
bo thu question of calling a Constitu
tional Convention, to give us a new
organic law. Tho September Stato Con
vention declared Itself in favor of tho
call, saying: "We believe tho present law
a standing menace to our civilizat ion and
??pour educational institutions, and that
wo cannot obtain any great relief from
our burdensome taxes till this is done,
and wo havo lost faith in tho power to
amend tho present constitution so that it
will answer the requirements." Tho
reasons for tho call being many and
potent, tiley aro stated only in a general
way in tho above declaration. This is
Biifllcient to hujhvare the will of thc peo
plo^ij^?L4\Y??fr desire for a new draft of
VTfflforgaiiic law, made by our own peo
ple, to meet our present necessities, lt
is true that snould this Legislature
recommend the call hy the requisite two
thirds of the members elected lo each
branch, slill the question must he sub
mitted to thc pooplo at tho general elec
tion in I sir.!, and a popular majority then
declaring in the affirmative, the next ses
sion of the (Jouerai Assembly shall pr?
vido by law for calling the same. This
- course may ho long and tedious, yet it
will give ample time for thu pooplo to
discuss the needed changes, and sett le, in
a measure, upon some of the fundamental
principles of the new constitution.
Another important matter that will
claim attention is tile phosphate inter
ests of the State. It is probable that a
survey and classification of the phos
phate beds will be provided for, and a
system of mining, under rigid rules,
dc vised, lt is to bc hoped that no salo
of the Slate's phosphate beds will be
made, thereby enabling strong combina
Hons and trusts lo he formed, to tho
great detriment of the farmers who
wbuldjio foieed to pay higher juices for
their fertilizers. This phosphate busi
ness should be set lied on sound business
principles, and in such a way as to pre
j vent tho formation of trusts and com
bines on fertilizers. Capt. Tillman spent
scvoral days in Charleston last week
gathering dala ami information from
"headquarters" concerning the phos
phate industry. He is giving the matter
a personal investigation, so that he may
t bo able lo make some practical recom
mendation to the Legislature on the sub
It is probable that the law regulating
tho Railroad Commission will bo amended,
HO that larger powers will be given to
tho Commission to regulate tho railroad
trafile in tho Stale, and providing for Ibo
election of the Commissioners by the
people. This is a difllcult matter lo
regulate properly by legislative enact
ment, but tho best is expected in the
way of protooting tho rights of the peo
ple, without crippling or injuring thc
A hill will probably he presented to
abolish the board of Agriculture, and to
devolve upon the Hoard of Trustees of
Clemson College the duties now per
formed hy this board. The Agricultural
Stations and everything pertaining to
iv%?fc agriculture or mechanics or industrial
education will probably be put in charge
of tho Trustees of tho Clemson College,
thereby wisely making this institution
tho center thc system for imparting a
practical knowledge of the science of
Tho public school system of the Stato
Will likely claim attention. There is a
growing demand throughout tho State
that (he school districts be red maid to an
area sufficient lo allow one white and
one colored school separate in each dis
trict, and that the School Trustees bc
elected by the people. These districts
havo already been formed in Oconco
under tho careful supervision of School
Commissioner Stribling and the Hoard
of Examiners, and when once tho people
become familiar with the change it is
believed the new system will prove much
mero officient and satisfactory than tho
i old.
Again, the people look to this Legisla
' turo for some reduction of the largo sala
ries of Stato officers, and expect that rigid
economy shall govern all provisions for
public expenditures,
These and many other malters of im
portance will task to tho utmost the
capacity of our legislators, and insure
for them a session ol karil work.
frr . ; . " .
The new Masonic building, now being
erected in Chicago, will bo an architectu
SKR' ral marvel, lt is to have a frontage of
one hundred ami fourteen feet, will he
twenty stories high and the roof will be
nearly three hundred feet from tho levad
of tho street.
Judge Morton for Ite-Elcctlou.
Hoiis J. J. Norton, J migo of tho Eighth
Judicial Oirouit of South Carolina, will
bo roolootod hy tho ensuing Legislature
without ?ny opposition, so far na known
atproBcut. Hi? drat torin of four years
is drawing to a eloso, but ho will doubt
less ho mado his own successor for four
years moro.
His record as a Circuit Judgo has boon
a credit to South Carolina, a State which
stands in tho forefront of American
Commonwealths for tho learning and
uprightness of hor Judges. His deci
sion's in all appealed eases have stood tho
test of tho Supromo Court remarkably
well. In nlmost overy caso his rulings
and decrees havo boon affirmed, either
wholly or in part, reversal being a raro
oxcoption. Hut tho most of his opinions
hoing in such strict conformity to tho
law, very few aro tho number of appeals
(aleen fruin his decisions.
His services on tho bene)? for tho past
four years show that ho is peculiarly
llttod for tho duties of a Circuit Judgo
of South Carolina. With intellect and
learning, which qualify him to deal with
thc sootiest principies and must intricate
questions of thu law, Iiis patient and
pains-taking consideration of overy ense,
ran li liim high among the Judges of tho
Stato, which has always boen justly
proud of hor judiciary. His diligence
and accuracy, patience and urbanity,
firmness and dignity make him most
acceptable to tho bar in tho discharge of
tho varied and exacting duties of a
Circuit Judge, whether on the civil or
criminal side of the court.
Such is tho estimate placed upon his
character and ability as a Circuit Judge,
both by Hie har and the people of tho
Slate, that ?tis probable he will be elected
his own successor hy tho ensuing Legis
lature without any opposition.
Mr. J. II. Karie, Jr., for Superin
tendent of the Penitentiary.
The peuple of Oconco take great plea
sure in recommending Mr. J. lt. liarle,
Jr., of Fair Play, for the position of
Superintendent nf the Penitentiary. Mr.
Karlo is uno of our most enterprising
and successful young farmers. Having
received a liberal education at thc South
Carolina College, ho devoted himself to
farming, bringing to this most important
of vocations a well-trained mind and
enlarged business capacity. This tho
rough preparation has borne it? najural
fruit, and to-day Mr. Karie is 0110 of the
foromost young farmers-of tho county.
His executive ability is good, fitting Ililli
in a peculiar manner for tho responsible
duties of .Superintendent of thu Peniten
tiary, being about thirty years old, of
ripe judgment, superior business capa
city, and withal energetic and industri
ous, wo feel nu h?sitation in heartily
recommending him tu the approaching
Qoneral Assembly for election.
Mr. Karie is a prominent anti influen
tial Alliaiicoman, and the Oconco County
Farmers' Alliance is a unit in urging his
election, as is shown by the following
resolution :
No. 400,
WALHALLA, .S. C., Oetober.'ld, 1800.
The following preamble and resolution
from Fair Play Alliance were endorsed:
"PAM PI.AV, S. C., Sopter.ihor 21), 1800.
To the Oeonee Count ?i l'\tnncrn' Allitiure ;
Ata regular meeting of the Pair Play
Alliance, No 420, held to-day, tho fol
lowing preamble and resolution were
adopted by a unanimous vote of Ibis
"Whereas, our brother and President,
J. It. Karie, Jr., has decided tu become a
candidate for Superintendent of South
Carolina Penitentiary; therefore bo it
"Ueno! veil, That we heartily endorse
and commend our brother, J. lt. Karie,
.Ir., as a competent and worthy gentle
man for the olllce, having proven to us
to he a successful farmer, active in busi
ness, and a consistent Christian gentle
man. Wc ask your cn operation of tho
"Yours fraternally,
"Secretary Kail' Play Alliance, No. 420."
The above was presented to Oconco
County Alliance, No. 400, this ?lay and
unanimously endorsed.
J. H. SANOKUS, Secretary of Oconco
County Alliance, No. IOU.
Our Tugaloo Correspondence.
TI OAI.OO IIOMI:, S. C., Nov. If). '90.
DKAK COUHIKH : Tho lust rose of
summer has como and gone, and we
are enjoying the most auspicious lu
dinn Bummer extant after so much
inclement wet weather. Tho farm
ers are making good usc of it in
gathering the llcecy staple and other
crops. Indeed, tho weal lier is with
out a parallel, thc mercury register
ing away uti towards midsummer!
The delightful ripplinga of thc Tu
galoo, sparkling, musical and transpa
rent, make us lo feel that wc arc
largely compensated for our losses,
while thc temperature, is so inviting
that tho aquatic can en joy a plunge
equal lo surf bathing. Cleanliness
is next to Godliness, you know.
This reminds us that California pro
poses to give hor tourists a "surf
bath" in thc morning and laud them
among the snow and icc ?ii tho even
ing! Knpid tram?t and altitude
enables this fast agc to accomplish
and utilize this romantic feat, and
tho lovers ol' Saratoga and the
far-famed Niagara will lind a compe
ting interest in thc Golden Stale,
where spring never ends und winter
never begins.
This is an agc ol' improvement.
Let her roll. Thc Kl berton
Air lane is under contract for
a wide gauge. Thia will enable this
road to get better freight rates and
to ship through without change and
when this is mado a broad gauge and
connects with thc C. G. & N. road
at Klherton there will be a boom
along this linc. And what hinders a
road from Westminster to Andorson
villc, via Lowndesville lo McCor
mick, giving a competing linc willi
Elberton Air I/me ? lt" this is not
done Western Oconco and Anderson
will bc left. The timber, whit h
never will lie ll ti I i/.od until a railroad
is built, would go far towards build
ing tho road. The new road, C. G.
& N., soon to euler as' a great com
peting trunk line with thc Air Uno
and thc C. C. A., is another link in
favor of thc "Westminster and Mc
Cormick li. il." Two good terminais
ought to build a wide gauge road
when there would not bc a trestle
from Westminster tn Aiulcrsoiivilic
j-half thc distance. The foregoing
train of thought would nt forntor
titucs hnvo heon considered oxtromo
viows, hut now under tho tidal wavo
of progresa thoy seem to bo feasible
and practicable"
So tho election of Tillman never
could have taken placo until tho way
was paved undor tho promise of re
form, and now tho oleotton is ovor
and T>. U. Tillman is our Governor,
a moro quiet and satisfactory ro
sult never has taken place in' any
canvass "since tho war," and it
seems that instead of dividing tho
party we only st and tho moro united,
and tho Democracy of South Caro
lins means a solid phalanx, by winch
Independents aro buried too deon to
bo over resurrected by tho hand of
division, discord or disunion. And
now Tillman takes tho Gubernatorial
chair with as much grace as any of
his predecessors and more so, "inas
much" as ho promises a reform, a
long-felt need, all of which seem to
bo only casting their shadows before
coming events. Wo will see.
U. V. K.
Tokceua Hots.
To K KUNA, S. C., November 10, 90.
DKAH CouitlBR : Tho farmers arc
nearly done picking cotton and
gathering corn. Wheat sowing is
thc order of tho day, although seed
wheat is so scarce that tho farmers
uro deprived of sowing as much as
they desire, lt is thought that next
year will ho an unusual good wheal
The election passed off very
quietly at our precincts Tillman re
ceived forty-two, while Haskell oidy
received one. This a good showing
for this community and it can Ito
seen at a glamic that our people aro
pure Htraighiout Democrats.
?lr. W. D. Stribling is talking of
moving to Westminster in tho near
future. Wc have not yet learned
Iiis object, but wo wish him success
in whatever bc undertakes.
While in Seneca the oilier day wc
met up with our friend, "?lustier,"
and enjoyed a few hours conversa
tion with him. Wo lind that George
has a paying position in tho blore of
Adams Uros., and WO wish him suc
The railroad, which has so long been
talked about, is now being surveyed
out through this neighborhood, but
ibis little start does not remind us of
a completed road with its daily pas
We wonder why some good teacher
don't write to thc trustees about the
school at Gross Roads. This is a
good chance for some ope.
John King, of this neighborhood,
says he bas caught forty-two 'pos
sums this fall with one dog. This is
good hunting, and if any of the boys
think they can heat him, let them
Wc arc looking for a good lime,
for wo have heard of several wed
dings lo take place about Christmas,
and if lhere arc wc will have the
pleasure of bracing up and saying
"a chance for us yet."
Store Your Coll?n and (.'cl Your
Thc Codon Phnit this week will
say editorially :
It is important that every farmer
who stores cotton in Alliance Ware
houses should put sonic limit of ju ice
upon his product. In other words,
when you store your cotton, put your
price on it, and authorize thc mana
ger lo sell whenever a buyer oilers
that ligure for it.
This will greatly facilitate matters,
should ll buyer from a distance want
a lot of cotton of a certain grade,
and should look through the ware
bouse with a view of buying. Buyers
would bc induced to make special
trips to the warehouses, if they knew
that thc manager could sell them a
car load of cotton, after the price
was agreed upon, without having to
run around over thc country and
trade with a dozen diff?rent men
More than this,-if it were known
that tho manager had his cotton
graded, and was prepared to quote
prices on car load lots of any desired
grade, buyers from all over the coun
try would bc telegraphing to him to
know whether he bad certain grades
and nt what ligures.
In many cases, too, a eur load of
cotton cou Ul bo sold to a better
advantage-that is, at a higher aver
age price, than could bc bad for a
single bale or a half dozen bales.
In short, wbenover wo get our cot
ton graded and in car load lots, and
it is understood that tho manager is
authorized to sell above the limit
fixed by you, your cotton market
expands beyond tho limits of a little
inland town market, and takes within
its possible scope the markets of thc
Stales, ol' tho United States, of thc
Let the customers at the warehouse
in this county and in every county,
invariably put a reasonable price upon
their cotton when they store it, and
authorize thc manager to scii at or
above that figure.
In my judgment ibis practice con
tains tho germs of direct shipment
of colton to liurope. It is not out
side the range ol possibilities for
consignments of cotton to be made
direct from Alliance Warehouses to
Liverpool and continental points,
it is coining, und coming through
ibo channels of the Alliance.
The day is coming when tho mana
gers of Alliance Warehouses ulong
the Santco, Peedee and other nava
gable waters of our Slate will make
consignments of Alliance cotton
direct lo European ports as regularly
as tin" weeks roll round.
Kine fancy, you say? Well, never
theless, individuals now living in
ibis, Orangeburg county, have ship
ped their cotton to Liverpool direct
al their own risk, and for their own
individual accounts with very satis
factory results. If individual far
mers can do thin, why, pray, should
not the great Alliance Brotherhood
manage it with distinguished success?
lt is n far-reaching scheme; its possi
bilities are bewildering in their scope
-but tho day of destiny is dawning.
True, such a plan will certainly km.ck
out gome "Spots" that Wall Street
has put up; will probably "call"
nomo ".puts, and "put" some "oalls,"
that aro not on tue middle man's
programme-but then, the farmers,
tho producers of tho staple, would
enjoy a larger share of the benefits
of their labors.
Store your cotton; place your
limit on it; tako your placo in the
procession, and get ready for direct
trade in 1891.
President S. C. F. S*. Allianoo.
Road Tlilst
Thanksgiving and Christmas days
aro just nt hand !
Ono hundred fatherless, motherless
littlo ones aro in tlio Thorn well Or
phanage, Clinton, S. C.
Hore is work for tho Churches
and tho churchless, Alliancomen and
merchants, and everybody oise.
Who will tako caro of these or
They aro from all the loading de
nominations. They hail from Mary
land to Texas, from Massachusetts to
Yo good Christians, will you givo
them a Thanksgiving or Christmas
collection,-or norn ? Will you
send them a barrel of Hour, or a bolt
of cloth, or a box of sundries ?
Who can help pitying tho orphans
-one hundred of them ? Tender
hearted woman ! Moro is work for
you. And oven children may work
for children ! .Merchants, send thom
your remnants of BI?OCS or dry goods
or anything from a bushel of corn to
a barrel of molasses. And there is
.money that aimwereth all things.
Address Dr. Jacobs, Thornwell
Orphanage, Clinton, S. C.
Wo aro glad your eyes havo fallen on
our advertisement. What wo dosiro to
do in advertising, is to advise you of tho
fact that there is a wido dlfforoilOO be
tween tho new Hewing Machines wo havo
recently brought out, and tho Machines
of former mako. In offering tho Now
High-Arm Davis to tlio trade and tho
public, wo present a Jirst-clasn Machine in
every rexpeet-a Machino, tho appearance
and merits of which command for it tho
immediate admiration, which renders it
easy io seil. The construction is tho
nu>xl Himple. Tho decorations aro olegant
and artistic. Tho undeniable merit, of
Hie "Davis" is tho secret of it? success.
In short, it possesses all tho requisites
that clin be comprised in a first-class high
grado Sewing Machine. Wo dosiro to
establish wide-awake dealers in all unoc
cupied territory. If there is not a dealor
in your vicinity, write to tho Davis Sew
ing Machine Co., Dayton, O.
Not lu His List.
It is related of Dean Swift, that his
coachman once refused to l.elp him out
of a ditch into which lie had been thrown,
"beean... it, was not in tho list of instruc
tions." Neitlior is il in our list, nor
within the limits of tho space at our dis
posal, to tell you of tho great advantages
of tho Now Davis Sowing Machino and
its Vertical Feed, which is it? distinctive
feature. Wo can'simply say that it is
only necessary to seo this new feed method
in order to appreciate and understand its
great superiority. Call and soo it at
Alexander Uros. & Co., Greenville, S. C.
New Advertisements.
-Carry tho Largest Stock of
Consisting of Cashmeres, Henriettas,
Flannels, Worsteds, Calicos, a large va
riety, cheap.
Don't fail to sec our Kyswio Suiting.
Same price as Calico, but nicer.
.Jeans, Drills, Sheeting, Shirting, Plaids
and Denims cheaper than ever.
We especially ask a trial of our Ashe
ville siioe. livery pair warranted.
In Shoes wo can (it, any ono from tho
"Timid Wee Toddler" toa No. IS ?ro
gan, and just here we will stato that wo
aro carrying tho largest stock of Shoes
ever brought to this town.
Clothing cheaper than over.
Hats for all.
In (Jrocerics we carry a very largo stock
of Flour, Macon, Lard, Coffee, Sugar,
Pico, Molasses, ?Vre, at lowest prices al
Try Luck Tobacco, 5 plugs, ?lOc. Tho
finest Tobacco in tho South for thc
Tho Old Kchahio Jell Davis, 2 plugs
for '2.ric.
Alliance Puff Smoking Tobacco, 30o.
per pound.
In Hardware we carry a largo stock of
Plows, Axes, Nails, Horse ami Mule
Shoes, Pocket ami Table Cutlery, (?ross
Cut and Hand Saws, Him Knob Looks,
Grindstones, Harb and Ribbon Wire, Tiro
and Hand Iron, Thimble Skeins, Ac.,
cheap as the cheapest.
Rubber and Leather Pelting kept con
stantly on band.
Stoves and Tinware at prices *o suit
tlio times.
Soon to arrive ono car load of Hay and
A full line of Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Turpentine, Putty, Window Glass, Paint
Brushes and White Lead.
Harness-al! kinds and prices.
Agency for Chattanooga Chilled Plows,
Buggies, Poad Carts and Wagons.
A full supply of Machine Oil, Axle
Grease and Mineral Castor Oil.
Harness, Sole, lipper and Lace Leather
cheap. , '
Don't fail to see our line of Furniture.
Bedsteads from cheapest to nicest. Bu
reaus for all ami beautiful. Bedroom
Sot* remarkably cheap.
CoflillS trimmed :?t all hour?.
A full line of ("rockery, ?Jlasswaro and
('all and see our beautiful Toilet, and
Tea Sets. They are beauties.
Everything in Canned Goods constantly
on band.
Wanted, r?,(HK> good Cross Ties.
Highest market price paid tor Country
Give us a call and wo will guarantee to
please von. ,
T. N. Carter & Co.,
VV"oi?tiTfiin?t<ei,?> H. C.;.
November 20, 1W?0.
Master's Sale.
. Court of Common Pl?us.
F. M. I illillinna et vs. Nancy J. Allon
et al.r-Partition of tho ?eal Katata of
I. H. Hamburg,'deceased.
PURSUANT to tho dooroo of tho iiono<
rabio James Aldrich, Judgo of tho Second
Circuit, In this comm, I will offer for
salo, at puhlio outcry, on FRIDAY, tho
12th day of Dooombor noxfc. at Walhalla
Court IIouso, in Oconoo county, during
tho logal hours ot salo, that certain lot
? or parcel of land, situate on Main stroot
in tho town of Weat Union, in said
county, containing two acres, moro or
loss, adjoining lands of Isaac Wi ck li lie
and others, hoing tho land originally
purchased by Mary II. Wardlaw from
Mary Cary, now deceased, and convoyed
by Kirban! T.owis, Judgo of Probato of
said county, to said I. S. Hamburg, by
deed dated Novombor 7, 1887, and re
corded in tho ofllec of tho Register of
Mcsuo Conveyances of said county, in
Book M, Pages 2V? to 277.
TERMS-Cash, purchaser to pay for
Master Barnwell county.
Novombor 20, 1800. 40-41
I Wibi. SELL, to tho highest bidder,
J. on tho first MONDAY in December,
if not sold before, at tho Court House in
Walhalla, at 12 o'clock M., TWO LOTS
in Walhalla, lying togcthor, containing
li vc and a half acres, .djoining lands ot
John O. Hicks and others. Sold as tho
property of David Duncan, deceased.
TERMS OF SALK-Ono half cash;
halnnco on a credit of ono year, with in
terest from day of salo, secured by a
mortgage of tho premisos. Purchaser to
pay extra for papers.
8. F. K. COWAN,
Attornoy in Fact for tho Heirs.
November Kl, 1800. 45-8t
??w From injury by tho ??Fly" by
fl A Tv top-dressing with
U?l? O Kit EA JJ IT IC.
One hag per aero will larcely increase tho
yield of grain and straw.
Santa Claus
H. D. A. Biemann.
At tlie git-up-aud-git. .some folks display;
I am really quite disgusted,
Mr. Biemann has so many goods that ii
makes me sick,
And Hie first 1 know I'll bo busted.
Now, I haven't commenced to collect my
Hut at Riemann's i am bound to trade,
Ile luis oponed a lino line of Christmas
Ami they say lie is all the rage.
Ile is running a Sania Claus trust of Iiis
While 1 am left out in tlio cold,
His stock iii enormous and ever so fine,
And he calls me a chestnut, I'm tobi.
When I make up my mind to bo a dude,
Tho fun will have just begun,
You can bet your pile I'll set the style
lu nineteen hundred and om;!
My occupation will then bo gone,
I'll have no business to run,
II. I). A. Biemann wi M serve tho world
Hy nineteen hundred and one!
(?ive mo a call before buying elsewhere.
Assignee's Sale.
JL vember 22d, 1800, at ll A. M., at pub
lic outcry, at the store of Robert lt.
Cailiak, in the town of Sonccn, the as
signed stock of goods of said Camnk,
consisting of Millinery, Fancy and Dry
doods, Shoes, ito. Until tho said date
bids will bc recoived to sell nt private sale.
November 0, 1800. 44-3t
State of South Carolina,
Oconee Oomit.y.
Complaint |
Robt. A. Thompson, Adnu
R. M. (?rant, 1 Maintins,
John \Yr. Neal, Charles Neal, [
Hoirs at law of J. it, Neal,
Silas M. Neal, hoirs at law
of A. P.jfeal,
Defendants. ;
To the above named Defendants: .
Yoe are hereby summoned and rctpiir
d to answer tlio summons and complaint
in this case, which is herewith personally
served on you, and to ?servo a copy of
your answer (o Ibo said complaint on tho
subscribers at their ofllco, at Walhalla
Court House, South Carolina, within
twenty days after the service iioroof, ex
clusive of tho day of such service; and
if you fail to answer the complaint within
the time aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this
case will apply to tho court for tho relief
demanded in the complaint.
lMaintil?s' Attorneys.
October 215, 1800.
(h.s.) Rion A ito LRW is, J migo Probate.
To the heirs at law of A. Bickens Neal,
deceased, Charles Neal, John W. Neal,
Silas M. Neal, Defendants:
Tho petition, summons and complaint
in (his caso have been tiled in tho Oftioo
of the Court of Probate Ly (boneo
county, South Carolina, for the sale of
tho real estate of James Neal, deceased,
and for a final settlement of the estate of
tho said James Neal, deceased, in tho
Court of Probate and tho discbarge of
Hie administrator of the said estate.
Plaintiffs1 Attorneys.
October 28, I800. 42-0t
TflAOI M.\nK.
(bMlly First Mfl AbMy?.
NORMAN DRUG CO. have exclusive
sales of these celebrated (Hasses in Wal
MOOKI:, the only manufacturing Opticians
in tho South, Atlanta, Ga.
Punnu ANT to jiidgniontoi forocIOBuro
and dooroo of salo In tho following enti
tled rases, I will sell, on salesday in
DI?CEM11KR NEXT, to tho highest bid
dor, in front of Walhalla Court HOIIHO, at
public outcry, dilling tho legal hours of
salo, tho following described real catato,
John T. Adair ot al.,
Mary E. llynl ot al. .
A 1,1, that piece, parcel or lot of laud,
situate, lying and being in tho County of
Ooonco, in tho town of Walhalla, S. C.,
on tho North sido ol' Main Stroot, to-wit:
Ono half aero front lot on Main Stroot,
designated on tho plan of said town ns
LOt No. ol; and ono acre In tho rear of it
and tho front lot of W. I?. Hell, designat
ed ns Lot No. 1(1.
TERMS OF SALE-One-half cash and
tho remabidor on a credit of ono year,
with intorost from day of salo, credit
portion to bo secured by bond and mort
gage of tho premises. Purchaser to pay
extra for papers.
Jane E. Todd ot ol.,
John W.Todd ctol.
A ni, those several parcels or tracts of
land situate in Oconco county, South Ca
rolina, lying on waters of Cano Crook in
said county, belonging to tho estato of
A. Todd, deceased, that is to say:
Tract No. I, containing eighty-two and
ono-half acres, adjoining lands of James
McCary, Hen Kutlodgo, J. C. VonLoho
and Tract No. 2 of said lauds. . .
Tract No. 2, containing ono hundred
and four and one-half acres, adjoining
lands of James MoCary, Mrs. M. A. Cox,
and Tracts Nos. 1 and 8.
Tract No. .'1, containing one hundred
and tlprty-fivo acron, adjoining lauds of
James McCary, Charles McAlister and
Tracts Nos. 2 and 1.
Tract No. 4, containing ono hundred
and live acres, adjoining lands of Dollie,
Charles McAlister and Tract? Nos. 3 and
Tract No. 5, containing ono hundred
acres, adjoining lands of I hillie, James
McCary, Charles McAlister ami Tract No.
TERMS OF SALK-One-third cash Mid
tho remainder in two installments, on ono
and two years limo with interest from
tho day of sale, with leave to tho pur
chaser to anticipate such payments; but
if not paid, said deferred installments to
bo secured by bond of tho purchaser and
mortgage of tho premises. I'urchaser to
pay extra for sapors.
Mrs. Laura Dodd,
Thomas I.. Dodd ct al.
Ai.i. that pico?), parcel, plantation or
tract of laud, lying and being in the
county and State aforesaid, adjoining
lands of Anderson Ivester, J. C. Von?
Lebe, Mrs. Margaret J. Gibson, Wm.
Wald and others, on waters of Seneca
River, known ns bot No. l t of tho Ger
man Settlement Society lands, containing
one hundred and forty-three acres, moro
or less.
TERMS OT SALE-One-third of thc
purchaso molloy in cash on day of sale,
and the balance in two equal annual in
stallments, on a credit of ono and two
years respectively, secured by a bond of
tho pun-baser and mortgage of tho pre
mises. Purclinsor to pay extra for tho
. Master.
November?, ISM). -li-lt
Mrs. Laura Dodd,
Thomas L. Dodd et als.
jPURSUANT to an order In the abovo
entitled case each and t any tho
creditors of the estate of George W.
Dodd, deceased, are required to como
forward and present and provo their
claims on or hy tho 2(lth day of Decem
ber, 1800, (?rile barred from participation
in the assets of the real estato of . said
Novombeni, 18D0. -It-It
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0. XJ. REID.
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Schumacher's and Bank.
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ness. Respectfully,
Receiver's Sale..
E. II. Cleveland and others, ) 7?//I for
against >
J. R. Cleveland and others. ) Helle/, dc.
PURSUANT to nil order of tho Court
1. of Common 1'leas, made in this oaso
by Judge Norton at July Term, 181)0, I
will soil to tho highest bidder, at Walhalla
Court House, on Salesdayin DECEMBER
ONE TRACT OF LAND belonging to
tho estufo of Eli Clovoland, deceased,
situate in Goonoo county, near Soncoa,
lying on Reedy Fork Crook, containing
ono hundred and soventy acres, moro or
less, and bounded by lands of Tims. A.
Patterson, ostato of K. II. Clovoland and
others. This tract is improved. There
aro sixty acres probably in cultivation,
with fifteen or twenty acres of creek bot
tom on the place.
TERMS OF SALE-Ono-thlrd of tho
purchase money to bo paid in cash, tho
balance in ono ami two years in equal in
stallments with interest from dato. Tho
nurohaso money to bo secured by tho
bond of tho purchaser with a moitgago
of tho premises. Thc purchaser to pay
extra for papers aud recording tho name.
Receiver of tito Estate of KU Clovoland,
November 0, 1800. MM
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