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? tam
The Building to be Desi?
Cotton Factory and t
the Necessar
'?&Tho building will bo similar in do
to n small modoi cotton factory,
[i^will b? oquippod with spcoimon
\t hines for thc work of tho various
jvjartmonts of a mill in tho manu
?ituro of cotton. Those maohiuos
ll ho sot up and equipped to ho
^orated. Hosidcs lectures and the
|udy of toxt-books on tho manufne
furo of cotton, each etude 't will be
jjoquired to analy/o tho construction
M caoli machino by taking it to
?f?ceos and putting it togothor again,
lis v/iil bo dono under tho direction
nu instructor, who will explain tho
^lotions of tho difforont parts of
j ninohino. A careful explanation
jil also bo mado of tho manner of
iting ti?e various niaohinos for dif
}cnt work
It is tho purpose of tho board to
rovido not only a complete course
ti textile instruction and training
>r tho regular students of ' tho Col
.ge who may wish to take the course,
. '.it special arrangements will bo
ado so that those already engaged
a cotton mill may go to this school
xor a day or a week or n month to
get special instruction upon sonic
point that stands especially in tho
road of the progress of an individual
who is otherwise making good head
way. Tbis will give an appropriate
opportunity for a IJC?S spinner, for
example, who is a bright, smart young
man, and who bas mastered thc ma
nipulation of tho machinery practi
cally, to got a week's instruction on
^tMo subject of calculating th.- drafts
nil Vii, twists of yarn throughout tho
"mil?1? This would Rt once put bim
in p ?oaition to take tho superintend
ono?' ?^ ?l rn^'> which otherwise lie
could d?ot.do
pi>0 ln,'?B?on will also bo made for
tbe Htin u^y ?^ dycBtuffs and their
usos ?i?An opportunity will bc given
for th'Ii? examination and determina
tion ofil3'"'t-10 vnu,? ot" ?ycstuffrt.
-it isM bitondcd that thc school shall
Im Jil,ll'i! valuable to the inanufac
oe mati mr
iLorors ?L ?^ t'10 ^t?llc aH wo'* aH 1,0
H&so .lPt(ieot)lo who aro working for
RL'icsB $ aiu^ wnK08, Manufacturers
Inuit questions relating to tlio
BLcturc of cotton, which tho
gpbor in tbis textile dcpartiucnt
KftisHistants will undertake to
[alfi's will bo analyzed and
nfflHiil upon somcwliat as the
B?es of the school now analy/.o
?HKors for tho oil mills and fer
/ works of the State. If is well
??K$?b that without this provision
j fertilizer business tins people
BESrStato would Huffer onortnous
jaaying for r. quality o?
ibey could not. be nure, of ge.t
j'ithotit tho aid that the State
Hpy>y its oxamination and analy
H?An equally effective oxnminn
mud report upon various dye
Snpannot but prove to tho ad
lige of the manufacturers of thc
^^?vould seem that a textile school
?filth Carolina would undoubtedly
iffirauct in importance to an ngricul
Hlqhooi ; next to agriculture thc
Mi facturo of cotton is perhaps tho
||l mportant in the Stale, it is im
|||'t from two points of view.
3U localise of the number of peo
Hroady engaged in il, and the
BfiiiHty that the number will be
|HHp)tly increasing for an indeli
iinii! in the future.
H Because it is tho occupation in
BHi moro of tho youth of the State
Book for profitable, employment
,'iny other.
e estabHsbment of this depart'
??will provide a means by which
?nih of tho Stale may hiv a
|ation of education and training,
SghJio basis of which they may
jpBP?Or"on<!? work with confidence and
flnHH a knowledge that they have
Ry. equipment necessary for sne
ll At tho present time many a
*ned as a Small Model
o be Supplied With All
y Machinery.
young man imagines that tho Now
England youth has some ndvantago
in tho way of both knowlodgo and
training. For this reason many
young mon from tho South go to
Now England to tako courses of
study in tho schools and courses of
training iti tho shops. Tho opportu
nity to acquire this knowlodgo and
training at homo cannot hut ho of
advantage to tho poople of tho South,
to tho manufacturing interests and
to tho Stato. Tho oxecution of tho
work for constructing a building for
this department and of equipping it
is in tho hands of tho executive com
mittee of thc Board of Trustees, of
winch Mr. 1). K. Norris is ohairman.
By authority of tho oxocutivo com
mittee, approved by tho board, tho
preparation of tho plans for tho on
tirc work was put in thc hands of
Mr. I). A. Tompkins.
It is expected that many of tho
machine manufacturers will present
samples of their machines to tho
school, and that when it is finished
thc value of tho property will bo
more than double tho expenditure in
consequence of gifts from machine
lt is tho intention to havo every
thing ready for tho operation of tho
school bli is fall.
Wc bclicvo with Col. A. K. Mc
Clure,of tlie l'hiladelphiaTimes, that
South Carolina is tho richest Stato
in thc Union in its possibilities. It
is not only tho richest in posibilitios,
hut it is also tho richest in achieve
ment. Its progress in cotton manu
factures is without parallel in tho
South. Its record in agricultural
development is phenomenal. And
yet tho extent and variety of its re
sources have hardly been touched.
We have succeeded in spite of our
selves, our lack of training, our ina
bility to make tho best uses of un
equalled natural advantages. We
have been preaching for years thc
importance of advanced agricultural
methods on thc farm and thc neces
sity of technical training in manufac
tures. Wc must havo both if wo
would hold our lead in theno two
great departments of industrial activ
ity. Clemson Col logo is supplying
thc State with educated farmers, and
Clemson College will also supply tho
State with fully trained and equipped
manufacturing and mnohanioal ex
The plans for tho school have
been entrusted to Mr. I). A.
Tompkins, of Charlotte, N. C., who
is weil li tied by training and expe
rience for tho wuilc. Wo publish ail
illustration of the Training School,
with an interesting and valuablo ac
count of tho lines upon which tho
School will bo conducted, and tho
work which it ia expected to accom
plish. In a no.-.'onal letter to tho
editor of Tho Nows and Courier, Mr.
Tompkins says :
"In my opinion it is ono of tho
most important educational advance
ments that can ho made in tho pres
ent growing condition of cotton
manufacture. I feel that wc all
ought to leave nothing undono to
qualify tho youth of our own section
for every position occupied in a cot
ton mill. There should bo no call
for any cotton mills to send to Now
lOiigland or to Old England, or any
where (ilse for young men qualified
to handle cotton mill machines, or to
keep tho operations of cotton manu
facture straight, in a mill. I go oven
further than this, and would Uko to
see Buch a system of textilo instruc
tion and training built up in tho
Southern States as would BO qualify
tho youth ol this section to ioad in
manufactures to a dogreo that they
would ho sought by tho cotton man
ufacturers of other sections on ac
count of their superior knowledge
and skill. It roally carno to pans in
Europo that tho Gormans, by a ays
tom of toxtilo schools, so qualifiod
many young mon In Germany, that
they were sought for in England for
their knowledge of ohomistry in dye
stuffs and oomplioated working of
many things iu oonncotion with
which England had mado no apooial
provision for the oduontion of hor
own youth. Tho tondonoy of Eng
lish manufaoturors to omploy Ger
man ohomiets and also Gormans in
ether departments, onuscd somo
alarm in England, As a consequence,
England has, within tho last ton
years, oxponded enormous sums of
money in tho establishment of spo
oial toxtilo schools.
"Tho city of Manchester, for in
stance, had three yours ago, whon I
was ovor thcro, spout over one-half
million dollars in tho establishment
and equipment of a toxtilo Behool.
Since then I have understood that
one-half mil'ion dollars moro has
boon cxpondod in its expansion. In
this country, wo must oithor go for
ward or fall bohind. Wo have
roached tho limit of what may bo
dono with picked-up knowlodgo and
with ignorant labor. Wo havo
roached tho point where tho rea!
competition betwixt tho South and
Now England mills bogims. Now
England is well aware of her neces
sities at this momont. By proper
education both together may bring
tho United StatcB to load tho world.
"An important toxtilo Behool haB
boon fouudod in Lowell, MOBS., and
tho State had mado tho necessary
provision to furnish ??25,000 cadi for
three other BCIIOOIB to bo located in
any cities which will givo an equal
amount, Tho Lowell Sohool waB
touimcu \Yi\dvy: this provision, and it
is understood that nnothoi OT? will
bo founded at an early date."
Tho man selected to become prin
cipal of tho Lowoll school waB taken
out of Mr. Tompkins1 oflico in Char
lotte, nnd waB ono of bia ongincors,
and wo navo no doubt that ho will
bo able to teach tho Yankees a groat
many things about cotton manufac
turing that they have novor know,
before. Howovor this may bo, Mr
Tompkins ia right whon ho says
"We have reached tho limit of wha
may bo done with pioked-up knowl
edge and with ignorant labor. I
wo intend to stay ahoad, wo must g(
ahead. Tho Trustees of Clomsoi
Collego havo appropriated ^12,50(
for tho establishment of a Toxtih
Training School, and tho Stab
ahould tnako tho moBt lihoral appro
priations tor ita support from yea
to year. It is the bcBt and surCB
movo towards industrial aupremno;
that has ever boon mado in Sont
Carolina.-News and Courier.
A Plain Common House Way to Hetti
tho Cuban Question.
(1) Tho starving people of Cub
munt bc supplied at tho earliest mc
mont with proper food, clothing nn<
If tho Spanish authorities oannc
supply them, then tho people of. th
United States must.
These supplies can be distribute
through tho "Hod Cross," or Amor
can and Foreign Consuls, or th
churches to whioh all tho people hi
Probably Cardinal Gibbons an
our United StatcB Roman Catho!
Archbishopa and Bishops can, if ri
quested, render much aid.
(2) Leave tho question of compel
nation for tho Maine to arbitratioi
(3) In regard to tho best way 1
stop tho fighting "in Cuba -kit tl
Government of Great Britain, Franc
Italy, Germany and Russia bo coi
(4) Thoro is not tho slightest ni
cosaity for taking fivo hundred or
thousand millions of dollars froi
much needed internal improvement
to bo used in killing perhaps to hun
(Ired thousand men belonging to t\v
Christian nations.-Goo. T. Ango
in Our Dumb Animals.
"I fool it my duty to givo you a truthf
iitatomout of what Chamberlain's Coli
Cholora and Diarrhoea Itomody did
writes J. S. Collina, of Mooro, 8. C. '
had a child about two yours old, th
had tho diarrhoea for two months.
tried all tho boat known remedios, b
nono gavo tho least relief. Whon th
romody carno to band, I gavo it aa (
rooted, and in two daya tho child w
complotoly cured." .Sold at H. B. S5h
merman A Co.'s, Westminster; W. J. Lu
coy's, .Seneca; J. W. Doll's, Walhall
Drug .StoroH.
.--. t*~-.
An adopt at bicyclying ought
make a good wheelright.
There's nothing certain about lue
except that it's bound to change.
Educate lour Jtowols with Cascarete
(Jandy Cathartic eurea constipation fi
ovor. 10c.. 2fie. If C. C. C. fail dri]
giata refund money.
Details of tho Arrangements Thnt
Have Boon Made.
Grout intorest is hoing manifostod
by tho veterans all ovor tho State in
tho "coming annual reunion to bo
hold in Charleston on tho 27th MI
S'ant. Tho railroads havo offered
vory cheap ratos for thoso attonding
tho reunion. For instance, thu round
trip rato from Columbia is oniy $'2.70.
In Charleston preparations aro bo
ing mndo for tho ontortainmont of
tho visitors. Ycstorday tho follow
ing oiroular was issued from tho
headquarters of tho South Carolina
division in Charleston :
For tho guidance of veterans,
sponsors and others visiting Charles
ton for tho annual reunion South
Carolina division, United Confede
rate Veterans) April 27th, tho fol
lowing information is puhlishod :
Veterans-Aa tho ceremonies com
moneo at 10 a. m., Wednesday,
April 27, and something of intorest
is proposed for every hour of that
and tho next day, veterans should
arrivo not latci than night of Tues
day, April 26. Tho morning trains
arriving April 27, will como in too
late for tho delegates to tako part in
tho first session of tho convention.
Tho convontion will bc held at tho
German Artillery hall, Wentworth
street, commencing at 10 a.m.
Tho hall, tho largest in thc city,
will not hold many more than the
delegates and alternates, HO it is pro
posed to havo a monster meeting,
where all tho Veterans, Sons,
Daughters and thoir friends can
gather in the afternoon, April 27, at
tho Citadel. This meeting will bo
called to order at 5 p. m. Tho Vet
erans, escorted by tho Sons and tho
fourth brigade, S. C. V. T., will
march up U> V?iO VAtadol. Tho pa
rade will bo formed on MctAinjgq
Btreet, right of South Carolina divis
ion, U. C. V., resting on Market
street, and will move punctually, not
nominally, at 4 o'clock. The follow
ing distinguished spoakors havo been
invited to address thia mooting:
Cons. Gordon, Hampton, J hitler,
Law, Bonham and others.
Tho convontion will assemble again
in tho ovening at 8:30 o'clock.
April 28, tho convention will hold
two sessions, one commencing at 10
a. m. and thc other at 8:80 p. m.
Registration-All comrades of
South Carolina division, U. C. V.,
and other Confederate veterans will
register at thc German Artillery hall
and receive their badges.
Bureau of information will be es
tablished at tho ?toro of .1. S. l'in
kussohn So Bros., 270 King street,
near Wentworth street, by thc Y.
M. li. L., who will cheerfully assist
thc visitors in securing boarding]
places and give any oilier informa
tion needed.
As tho city will probably bo very
much crowded, all comrades are ad
vised to make their arrangements for
board in advance.
Flags-Campa will plca.io display
their camp banners in the convention
hall and carry tho same in tho parado.
Any historic battlcflag will be
placed upon tho stage during tho
sessions of thc convention. The
bearers of such battlellngs-not tho
camp banners--will rojiort to divi
nion headquarters, board room, first
story, German Artillery hall, April
27, at 0:46 a. m.
Lunch-Lunches will bo served in
tho lower hall, under thc convention
hall, April 27 and 28, from 12 to 3
o'clock. Tho Daughters of the Con
federacy and other ladies will honor
us by aoSY?ng the lunches. Thoso
lunches wi" on'y hc served to Con
federate voterons wearing badges;
no impoj'''tion of others will bo per
mitted, only Confederate veterans
aro to 'co cared for and honored by
tho Jlaughtors of tho Confederacy
and their assistants.
ftpotOKorB and Maids of Honor
General headquarters of sponsors and
maid/*'of honor will bc at tho Mills
HoU{^?i Mooting street, corner of
Quel''1' Ladies and gentlemen of
tho committee will bo there to rc
ceiv,-5 them. All such as have no
other places engaged had best re
port ibero immediately on arrival in
tho city. A number can bo accom
modated at tho Mills House, board
$1.25 per day. No duties will bc
-.required of sponsors and maids of
/honor until 12 o'clock, April 27,
\ when they will assemble at tho Ma
sonic Temple, King street, corner of
Wentworth, register and receive
thV?r badges. They will assemble
there again in tho ovening of April
11'7, at 8.80 o'clock, to go in a body
tobo presented to tho convention.
Wednesday- afternoon, April 27,
thoy will assemble at thc Mills
1 louse, at 8.80 o'clock, to join tho
procession. Thoy will ride in tho
trolley oars, whioh will lcavo tho
Mills House at 4 o'olook.
A reception will ho ffivon ihn
sponsors and maids of honor Thurs
day night, April 28, and tho Daught
ers of tho Oonfodoraoy proposo to
givo thom a "tea" Friday afternoon,
April 20. Othor ploasuros for thom
will bo announood lator.
All information rolating to other
movements and dutioa of sponsor*
and maids of honor will bo given at
tho Mills Houso.
Tho position of sponsor to tho
camp, or othor U. C. V. organiza
tioi), is mordy an honorary ono, as
is also that of maid of honor, who is
chosen as a companion for tho spon
sor. Thoy will, ns representatives of
their camp, or of tho division, ro
ceivo tho attention and rcspoot of
Confederate veterans. Thoy havo
no duties xcopt ns specified, and
aro rooipionts of many courtesies at
tho reunions. At thogonoral H. C.
V. reunions only tho divisions aro
ontitlcd to a sponsor, and ono maid
of honor.
Tho sponsors of camps of Sons of
Confederate votcrans will ho troatcd
in all respects as thoso of camps of
Banners-As far as practicable
sponsors should bo provided with
banners, designating their camps,
this in addition to tho regular camp
banner. C. I. WAI.KKK,
A'ljt. Gon. and Chiof of Staff.
Poor Spain !
[HY J. s.]
A fow hundred years ago tho mr .t
powerful Nation in Kuropo, sho is now
ono of tho weakest, yot in hor weakness
?ho VJ .still proud and boastful. As an
"Old man in f>?coud childhood somotimos |
imagines bimsolr as activo and strong as
in young manhood, Vb Spoin in hor do
Iago thinks sho can hold Cuba, and oveTTi'
whip tho United States, while tho civi
lized world stands amazod at her folly,
treachory, and barbarian cruelty. Sho
is about to illust rate in hor conduct and
oxperionco tho truth of tho old provorb,
"Whom tho gods wish to destroy they
first make mad." Sho is also in the sad
plight dosoribod by Solomon, " Wo to
theo, O land, when thy king (or queen)
is a child." All tho existing conditions
wari ant tho bcliof that abo is destined,
if sho persist in oppressing Cuba and
measuring strength with tho United
States, to sink lower and lowor in the)
sealo of national importance. In a na
tion's dooadonoo thoro ip a1 "^vs a decay
of mon. What avails " eat navy
without groat naval ofilcora to command ?
In 1588, just 310 years ago, sho had a
grcator navy for that poriod than hor
present ono ia for tho present timo.
Philip ll, son of tho groat Emperor!
Charles V, was then tho King of Spain,
and Elizaboth roignod in England.
Philip nndortook tho wild schomo of
conquering tho latter country. He had a
navy of I ?it) war ships carrying a forco of
about. 50,000 mon. lt was named in tho
spirit of boastful confidence, "The Invin
cible Armada.'1 England trembled whon
abe beard of tho coming invasion. Quean
Elizaboth, to oncourago hor army,
mounted hor war horao, and rid.ng along
tho lines, harangued tho soldiors at Til
bury, declaring her willingnoaa to sacri
fico hor lifo to savo ber country. Tho
Invincible Armada carno on In a form of
a hugo oroscent roaching half way across
tho English Channol. Tho Spanish ma
rines thought of nothing but success and
oxpeotod soon to bold high carnival in
London, and to introduco among thoir
prospectivo English subjects, tho Jfan
dango danoo and tho bull light arena. A
littlo skirmishing with aomo Kngliah war
vosscls soon mado it apparent that tho
Armada was not Invincible. It loBt aovo
ral of its ships. Tho Spanish commander
bocamo demoralized, ordered li rotroat
by way of tho Oifcnoys around by Scot
land and Ireland, proforring an escapo hy
tho ocean rathol* than venture baok in tho
face of English troops. Hut in tho rotroat
ho encountered an unoxpectod and Invisi
ble foo in tho air, wrought up into a
long tom pest that utterly wrecked and
ruined tho Armada, changing it from
tho invincible to an Invisible ono. Most!
of ita aliipa woro sunk dooper in tho
ocean than tho Al ?uno waB rocontly sunk
in tho harbor of Havana by Spanish
treachory. In tho churches of England
to dennis of praiao in coiohrating deliv
erance from Spain woro Bung and "Mur
rio longland" was novor more morry than
then. Tho King of Spain, not to bo out
done in devotion, ordorod thanksgiving
to bo gi von that bia dofoat was no worsol
Ho was in tho mood of tho honost Dutch
man,, who, when bo fell and broke his
leg was thankful that lt was not bis
neck, A littlo historical rominisconoo,
like tho fato of tho Armada, sooais in
plaeo at thia timo. If thoro is to bo war,
whethor long or abort, Spain will suffer |
most, lose Cuba, sink lowor in national
lifo, and it may bo, roap tho full fruit of
hor wickedness in becoming, at an carly
day, like the nations of antiquity that lost
their exiatonoo bcoauso they lost their
-_-? ? - .
Ihicklou's Arnica Salve.
Tho host salvo in tho world for cuts,
bruises, Horao, ulcors, salt rheum, favor
sores, totter, chapped bands, chilblains,
corns and all nkin emptions, and posi
tively cures niles, or no pay required. It
ia guiuantoou to givo porfect satisfaction,
or monoy rotunded. Prloo 25 conta nor
box. For salo by I). H. Darby, Walhalla;
W. J. Lunnoy, Sonooa, and ll. li. Zim
merman, Westminister.
Our Navy In a .Nutshell,
I Chicago Timos-Horald.]
Our present effective lighting force
consists of four battleships of tho
first olass, ono battleship of tho soo
?>nd olass, two armored oruisors, 18
oruisors, 16 gunboats, six doublo
Lurretod monitors, ono ram, ono dy
namite boat, ono dispatoh boat, ono
transport and eight torpedo boats.
Tho Iowa weighs noarly 12,000
ions, and as ?0 tons ia the average
oad of a froight oar and 12 oars is a
%ood load for a locomotivo ongine, it
ivould talco 60 locomotivos to haul
the groat stool struoturo.
Tho powder used is brown and in
.-hunks tho sizo of a oaratnol. A
?barge for tho biggest guns woighs
)00 pounds and is hoisted to tho
?rcoch by a derrick, tho powder hoing
lowed up in burlap bags.
Armor plates aro tested by firing
itcol projectiles woighing from 100
o 1,500 pounds at thom from guns
diarged with 600 pounds of powdor
md at a di&tauoo of about a oity
Our battleships have a spcod of
From 16 to 17 knots an hour. Cruisers
inako 10 to 24 knots, while the moni
tors can travol only fivo to sovon
Tho biggest guns in tho navy aro
10 foot long, big enough for a man
,o crawl into ; 4 fcot in diamotor at
Jioir largest part and weigh 136,600
lound or thereabouts.
Thoro aro six roar admiral? in ac
tivo service Tho ofiiccs of vico ad
niral and admiral aro unfilled, BO
thero is no hoad of tho navy oxcopt
ng Secretary Long.
Barnacles form on tho hull ot a
ihip, impeding its spcod. A nix
nonth's cruise will dooreaso tho
ipeed of a ship 16 por cont, and it
nust go into dry dock.
Sixty-one merchant vessels bolong
o tiio auxiliary navy. These ships
ire subsidized and by contraot must
JO given to tho United Statos on
Some of tho guns Va tho navy can
Uro a shot 20 miles, fnrtbor Vi.an a
man oan BOO, for tho guns aro aimed
and Bighted by machinery.
Thc amount oxpondod by tho navy
department in 1897 was $84,661,640.
This is a largor Bum than ha? been
expended in any year since 1886.
In a hatti o tho woodwork and all
articles of wood aro oithor ntowod
bolow or thrown overboard lest tho
men bo injured by splinters.
The origin of tho navy depart
ment may bc said to dato from Octo
ber 18, 1776, when Congress author
ized tho equipment of two cruisers.
Tho fastest vessels in tho navy are
tho torpedo boats Porter and Du
pont, each of which can travel 27.6
knots an hour.
Battleships cost from $2,600,000 to
*3,750,000, and cruisers from $000,
000 to $8,000,000, A good torpedo
boat coats over $100,000.
Battleships aro for tho heavy work;
cruisers aro commerce destroyers:
monitors aro useful only for coast do
Tho Indiana could lie outsi de Sandy
Hook and throw 1,'200-pound flhois
into New York at tho rate of four a
Thoso artists who show smoko in
their pictures of naval battles aro
wholly w. ong. Smokeless powder is
All thc cruisors aro named in
honor of oitien, and the battleships,
except tho Koarflagc, in honor of
The "grog" ration was abolished
in 1803, and since then tho crow bas
been forbidden to drink whilo on
Marines aro tho polico on board
ship. Originally they wore employed
to provent mutiny among the Bailors.
Tho guns of a battleship can carry
from 0 to 12 miles, hurling a shot
woighing half a ton.
Only GO por cont of tho enlisted
men arc Americans, and a smaller
porccntago yot aro nativo born.
Projectiles thrown by naval gun?
aro shaped much as tho bullets shot
by tho ordinary rifle.
A big battleship has on board an
clcotrio plant capablo of lighting a
town of f>,000 inhabitants.
Tho boilors of tho Iowa havo a
hoating surface of eight aores and
hold 80 tons of water.
Groat liri lain has 294 torpedoes
and torpedo-boat destroyers. Undo
Sam bas only eight.
Fivo hundred and twenty-six men
and '10 officers aro required to man
tho emisor Now York.
Battleships aro covered with
armor of nickol stool from 6 to 7 in
dios tliick.
Wo havo four armored battleships
-tho Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts
and Toxns.
A submarine torpedo boat to bo
nown ns tho Plungor is now under
At present tho total onlisted foroo
i tho naval inalitia is 8,807 oflioors
nd ?non.
Behind tho heavy armor there is
padding of oither oom pith or
ocoa husks.
It costs $500 every tinio ono of tho
ig guns on hoard a ship is fired.
Tho Brooklyn and tho Now York
ro our armored oruisors.
Sailors aro paid from $9.50 to
12.50 por month and board.
An Aot of Congress in 1892 nbol
ihod flogging in tho navy.
Tho Amorican navy has practically
ll boon built sinco 1883.
A captain in the navy ranks with
colonol in tho army.
Tho oldest iron vessel is tho M whi
an, built in 1844.
Five battleships aro now undor
Wo havo tho only ram-tho Ka
Tho shipH aro painted white.
Tho latest sonsation in Engliah
)oioty has boon caused by Lord Ux
ridge, cldost son of thc Marquis of
mglosoa, tho head of tho Fagot
unity, and his young brido. With
io lattor, who is but 17 years old,
o has hoon attending . the public
moy dress balls at Nico, dressed w;
amboyant costumes. At tho Bal
0 l'Opera in Nico ho and his wife
)ok two out of tho twenty prizes fol
io most fetching costumes. Tho
thor eighteen prizes woro takon by
'oil-known demi-mondaines.
??If a King," said Heu- Bobel^ the
ocialist loader in tho RelCuSiy'agj last
'riday, "by tho graco of God, made
clean sweep in 18(50, tho people
[HO havo tho right, by thc graco of
lod, to do tho Bamo thing some day."
'hat is an interesting piece of pro
ljooy for tho War Lord to consider
1 his idlo moments. For, of course,
o, too, would bo included in tho
loan swoop, says thc Now York
?vening } tn. If Ilorr Bebel doesn't
K&L out ho will tako a holiday in a
Beauty ls Blood Dcop.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
oauty without it. Cascare ts Candy Ca
liartic cloan your blood and koop it
loan by stirring np tho lazy livor and
[riving all impurities from tho body,
login to-day to banish pimples, boils,
lotchos, blackheads and tint sickly
llious complexion by taking Cascarots
loauty for ton couts. All druggists,
atisfaotion guaranteed. 10c, 25c, COc.
Tho Now York Commercial: "Con
iiirront with tho growth of industrial
actorics in our Southern States
ionics an extension of railroad con
traction there, and it ?B believed
hat tho year 18?8 will Bee tho larg
!Bt incrcaso of mileage South of tho
*otomao and Ohio rivers, and possi
>ly also moro new track built than
n tho rest of the United States. Ono
latinate has placod tho now track at
1,000 miles, and it is certain that thc
urvoy of now routes baa boon rap
dly progressing South of Manon and
Mxon's Lino. Upward of $40,000,
100 in bonds aro said to havo boon
loatod, chiefly in Europe, for tboso
low constructions, all of which aro
lircotly attributal to thc dcvclop
nont of both tho agrioultural and
nanufacturing interests of thc
--4 ? ?
Everybody Says So.
Cnscarots Candy Cathartto, tho most
vondorful medical discovery of tho ago,
doasnttt and refreshing to, tho tasto, act
jontly and positively on kidnoys, livor
ind bowols. cleansing tho ontiro System,
lispols colds, cures hoadncho, fovor, ha
>itual constipation and biliousness.
Moaso buy ami try a box of C. C. C. to
lay; 10, 2o, 60 couts. Sold and guaran
ocd to euro by all druggists.
Tho woodsaw does not have to
.cBort to a toothpick after it has ex
ercised its tooth.
Wator your horse before you feed
lim. This is good stable manage
ment. Too ?nany farmers water
hom when it ?B most convenient.
Tho ICflcurial palace in Spain con
tains a cathedral, a monastery with
?00 collfl, 2 collcgoH, 8 ohapter houses,
1 libraries, and nearly 8,000 othor
A railroad man of Portland, Ore, ls au
thority for the story that twenty-five
ramps organized a meeting in u box oar
n a suburb of that city and after anima
,cd discussion dotted with patriotic do
damntions, resolved with ono accord to
>ffor thoir services as noldiors in tho ovont
>i win with .Spain, and, further, to on
loavor to got all tramps in tho country to
lo likowiBO. And thoy said soldiors-not
Royal un., .ca tho food pure,
waolssoiuo and d?!lctou5.s
At midnight on tho 30th of March
a sevoro oarthquako wnB folt in Cali
fornia. In Son Francisco tho glass
in windows was broken, tho plaster
ing on walls of tho houses was shaken
off, chimneys foll and glaeswaro in
Btoresnnd Baloons waa brckon. For
tunately no deaths ocourrcd from
falling debris. In tho hotols mid
boarding houses guests wore greatly
oxcitcd and rushed from their rooms
without dressing. Groat fear pre
vailed for tho rest of tho night.
Tho two-year-old son of W. JJ, Purgar
sou, of Holton, Miss., had whooping
?O?gh. "Aftor sovoral physicians had ? V
proscribed. for him^ without 'giving re
lief," writes nfiV'Furgason, "I porsuaded
my wifo to try a 25 jont bottlo of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. Tho first doso
had tho desired effect, and in forty/ jight
hours bo was ontiroly freo from all cough.
I consider your roniody tho best in tho
market, especially for ohihlron and re
commend it at all times.'' Tho 25 and
50 cont sizes for salo by J. W. Holl, Wal
halla; H. 13. Zimmerman & Co., West
minster; W. J. Luunoy, Sonooa.
Tho New Orleans Cotton Ex
change reports that over 10,000,000
bales have already been received,
which is thc first time the crop has
reached that point.
A choice lot of
Coin Brand Hams,
Boneless Hams and
Westphalia Hams,
Bologna Sausage,
Vienna Sausage,
Dutch Herrings,
Smoked Herrings,
White Fish and
Many other good
Cora, Bran,
Hay and Salt
new lot Ham
berg Edgings, and
Lawns and Prints
and other Dress
A Beautiful Uno ol Clocks
liirpliQOP' x' ^ ^ ^
Ul ulir 001>fc (h-ooeiles, for
" "A como ami got som o oft
CHj|iw(o?i thoy aro gone.
I M. NIrftry24th,18Q&

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